Hanele (1999) - full transcript

A drama focusing on the age-old conflict between faith, family and love in which every is hard. The lyric unfolds in Sub-Carpathian Ukraine in the 1930s. An enclave of Jews living there rigorously adheres to their ancient customs, religious rituals and tradition. Among them lives a young woman, Hanele. For love, however, she manages to break away from the faith of her ancestors and to even break with her family. But her decision also brings about a split with the entire community which then makes her feel the horror of damnation.


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My grandfather Abram ?afar was the
richest man in the whole region.

The great Abram ?afar from Polana.

People said that he would one day
give his three granddaughters

a wedding to remember.
The grandest that ever was.

"Their children's children are the
crown of the elders",

Pinches Jakubovi?, the Polana tailor,
would tell us.

He sewed little, but read much in the
learned books of the Cabbala.

Few could equal him in
matters of faith.

Grandfather owned half the land
and fertile herds in Polana.

We had a large house, a shop
and a tavern full of customers.

The silver menorahs inherited from

our ancestors added to the
splendor of our Sabbaths,

full of pious song, light and trust.

The years ran by like stags in the
meadows and our property melted away.

It slipped between our fingers and
no-one knows how it all began.

Perhaps circumstances and large taxes
were to blame for everything.

Grandfather himself was probably
to blame in some respect.

Her?e Fux and his son Salamon had the
worst of it on their conscience.

They were millstones around our necks,
they were like leeches.

We'll see who has more witnesses
in court this time.

Her?e Fux deceived grandfather.
He coaxed a large loan out of him, saying

that he'd buy an area of woodland.
But he bought a shop instead

with a tavern and lured away grandpa?s
clientele. He denied the loan.

There is no greater hatred in the world
than that between Jews.

The hatred between grandpa and Fux cost
grandpa a horrendous sum of money.

It dragged on for years, even beyond
the grave.

I'm going to Mukachevo.
I'll get the best lawyer.

I'll go alone. You don't have
a lucky hand.

Praise be to the Lord
our God, King of the World.

You who created the fruit of the vine!

Grandfather lost the case against Fux
again. And the next one.

He had to sell off his land.

Etelka received a dowry of 200,000,
and B?linka got enough at least

to marry a Mukachevo furrier.
There was nothing left for me.

Four people like the living dead:
Poor, blind, leprous and childless.

Customs inspection! Open up!

Well, well, what's your name, Jew?

- Well?
- Josef ?afar.

- So, where's your tobacco?
- What tobacco?

- Please, no! There's nothing here!
- Here, lieutenant!

The poor wretch didn't have time
to hide it in a safe place.

You're coming with us. Come out of there!

Esteemed sir, please accept
hospitality at our table.

- Let's go, Jew. Move it!
- At least some wine to refresh you.

- We're going to the command. Move it!
- No!

You cannot refuse a little refreshment.

Turn the key twice.
And bolt the door.

You could do well out of this, sir.
And I could also do well out of it.

- How much?
- Ten thousand.

- When?
- Now.

- That's not enough.
- Fifteen, then.

- Not enough, Jew.
- I haven't got any more here.

Three, four, five, six, seven, eight,

nine, ten. Fifteen thousand!

- There's nothing to do here. Boring!
- Do you play cards, sir?


Would you like a glass
of something stronger, sir?


- For country! - For king!
- To the king!

Do a miracle, Lord, I beg You!
Our Father, have mercy on us.

What a beauty!

Such a beauty!

A beautiful girl in this house!
A wondrous beauty!

- Who are you hiding from us, Jew?
- You jest, sir.

- No! I saw her!
- Where? Who?

- There!
- There's no-one there, sir.

- Yes there is! - Believe me, sir!
- You're lying.

I must see her. I'll kiss her hand and
then we can have a little dance.

- Bring her here!
- There's no-one in there. - In there!

Kill me, but leave my daughter alone!

You want us to kill you, Jew?
I'll fulfill your wish,

but first you have to show me
your young lady. Let's go!

Lord, protect us from
dishonor and shame!

Open the door! Do you hear?

She's sick.
She's got small-pox. You'll die!

Shma Israel...

She's still a child!

I give thanks to You, O Lord,
for the miracle you have performed.

Come here, stinking Jew!

Get on the floor!

Long live the army! Long live the
military! Vivat! Long live the king!

To the homeland! Down in one!

Good girl...

Well I never!
You? Smuggling tobacco?

I know, a dowry for Hanele.
You meant well.


Take this uniform to Pinches
and tell him to clean it.

It has to be like new tomorrow morning.
And I want to see my face in those boots!

Water which has passed through the
human body has much impurity.

A person thus tainted
ceases to be a human being.

He remains a wraith forever.

Praise be to the Lord,
Lord of all worlds.

A feather proved that
grandfather was indeed dead.

They covered his eyes and mouth
with shards of baked clay.

Then he was sprinkled with wine
and Jerusalem earth.

As spring water washes away
all impurity and abomination,

the Lord purifies his Hasidim,
casting out from His midst a dead,

impure body, now without its spirit
which has gone to its Creator.

Listen to what I'm about to tell you.

A rabbi was walking on the road when
a respected man drew up in a carriage.

The man was a goy, we know.
You've told us this before.

- I've told you already?
- At least a hundred times.

The man in the carriage asked
the rabbi to sit next to him.

- They rode together to the crossroads.
- And there they saw a Cross.

- The goy took no notice.
- Why did you ignore the Cross?

- Why? I don't believe in anything.
- Stop. I want to get down.

I would have traveled with someone
of another creed, but...

I'm afraid to travel with a man of no
faith - he is capable of anything.

Yes. A person like that is
capable of anything.

- You know that the world is round?
- Round?

Round like a ball.
Lejb Abrahamovich said so.

- Where did he get it from?
- Students in Mukachevo told him

when he was a cobbler there.
And the world turns according to Lejb.

- The world is round, ?lojme.
- And it turns.

The Fux girls are showing off
in front of the house. What happened?

- Dad...
- He lost.

He lost the most costly trial with Fux.
There can be no more appeals.

Everything will be all right.

Shut up!

Four people like the living dead:
Poor, blind, leprous and childless.

Won't I have died twice?
Who'll have me without a dowry?

With a tavern where no-one drinks,
a shop where there's nothing to buy,

and a debt burden for a house?

Dad became a poor wretch
in an empty house.

And I was left with all the chores.

Let me go, ?lojme! Stop!
I've got to get on with my work!

I need to buy some matches
and a bit of soap.

Lejb Abrahamovich was talking
nonsense at the river again.

What people discovered and
stuff like that.

Won't you come to the river tonight?

- No.
- Please!

Go and feed the chickens, Hanele.
I'll serve ?lojme myself.

- Soap and matches, was it?
- Yes.

Yeah, matches! He keeps hanging
round Hanele.

Oh, please!
?lojme is quite nicely turned out.

Why wouldn't he be? His dad goes to
Brno or Bratislava in the summer

and begs in the marketplace. Ugh!
- So, what does that make us?

We don't beg.
Let us praise the name of the Lord.

?lojme Kac? Haven't we had
enough misfortune already?

The son of a parasite, a beggar,
and the daughter of Abram ?afar!

You've got to keep your eye on her.
You have to go everywhere with her.

Unhappy nation of Israel!
Again there is heresy in your midst.

A new golden calf.
A new idol, a false science.

Mark my words, man came from animals.

Lejb Abrahamovich told us that the world
was older than our epoch.

It was all Lejb's fault. In Mukachevo
they unhinged him for good.

Every 100 years they find something
new. Tomorrow it'll be another story.

Lejb's not alone. There are plenty
of skeptics here.

- There's supposed to be something in it.
- Unbelieving nations!

You use science to vainly seek what was
revealed to us thousands of years ago!

- Science is for infidels.
- May the Almighty liberate us.

You forget that the Lord scattered nations
much greater than ours like sand.

Where are the Babylonians? Where
are the Romans?

But we live because we observe
the Commandments of the Highest.

Tell Lejb that I'm warning him.
If he keeps on with this nonsense

the village and the rabbi
will have to act.

- What do you say to that?
- This has to be stopped, now!

- It's not only a ball but it turns round.
- Wouldn't the houses collapse?

- No, we've got proof.
- Yeah, from goys. - Jews as well.

- What's that?
- Wait, watch this.

The houses won't fall and the water
won't pour away.

- Why do we have earthquakes, Lejb?
- Why earthquakes?

Why do they happen?

Everyone knows that land stands on
water, in which there's a big fish.

- His tail flaps, causing an earthquake.
- Kids' fairytales.

- The papers write that...
- Can you read, Lejb?

Wolf read it to me. He goes to the
Hebrew school in Mukachevo.

- What did he read to you?
- That Polana is full of thick-heads.

They get fleeced by the rich and
slog away for them for a pittance.

The Fuxes have everything and we get
nothing. But there is hope.

It's called Palestine.
The return to the Promised Land.

A new life. And brotherhood.

Atheism has penetrated Polana.

- Something has to be done.
- I know. But what?

The regional chief says there's no
cause for official intervention.

Crazy Lejb, prattling cobbler! Scoundrel!

I wouldn't give him any more work.

He's got to pay his debts. And those
schismatics who listen to his stories.

- They can go to ?afar instead.
- They won't buy much there.

If someone wants a piece of soap,
he has to cut some from his own.

Run them into the ground!

Now, listen carefully.

A wise rabbi asked some learned men
where God lived.

- What did the scholars say?
- They just laughed at this question.

The world is full of wonderful places.
He created them, He can choose.

So, what then?

The rabbi said: No. God lives where
man allows him to go.

The desire to bring Jews together in
their ancient homeland under Mount Zion.

That's Zionism. And Palestine, our
eternal home, is our destination.

Work equality. For everyone.

- Any questions?
- Do you think that the earth turns round?

Yes. Everyone knows that now.
Except people in Polana.

Away with the darkness of lands
where only a few are privileged.

- You eat pig meat, student?
- I'll smash your face, you oaf!

We have to found an organization
in Polana.

False prophets.
Schism in the Jewish faith.

Woe to the children whom the father
rejects, and to the abandoned father.


Well? Are you coming with
us to Palestine?

- No way.
- Prettiest girl in Polana doesn't want to?

- You like it here so much?
- The hachshara doesn't even tempt you?

- Never heard of hachshara.
- Well, we'll see about that.

A group of about 20 boys and girls
go to find work in a different town,

they live together and share everything.

- They learn Hebrew in the evenings.
- They sing songs and dance together.

- They're starting a hachshara in Ostrava.
- What are you waiting for?

- We'll send some instructors to Polana.
- We'll be back soon.

- Shalom, Hanele!
- Shalom.


Does anyone call out shalom
to the Fux girls? No.


- What are you doing here, ?lojme?
- Don't look at me like that.

You're avoiding me.
I can't even get to talk to you.

Let me go!

You know we can't do that.
My parents would get mad.

Go home, ?lojme!

You know you're not allowed
to kiss me like that!

Like what?

The world doesn't turn round
and Lejb is a fool.

Has everyone forgotten the oath
the Lord settled upon us

when he scattered us to all
four corners of the globe?

Do not demand to return
to the Promised Land,

wait until the arrival of the Messiah.
He will take you there.

Those who lure you there before Him
will make God's chosen people

just one of many nations.

They provoke the Lord's anger and
nations will rekindle their hatred of us.

What's going on?


- Get under the covers!
- Paupers!

Wretches! Bastards!

- Who did this?
- Who do you think?

- We never had broken windows before?
They deserved it! - What for?

Just look around you.
Not one window spared.

- Brother stands against brother.
- They put paraffin in the well.

- The community is split.
- Salamon Fux sent for the gendarmes.

Think of your neighbor!

What are you looking at, Pinches?
Don't look at me.

Just look at Fux instead.
He's the one hanging round our necks.

Ignoring debts from one day to the next
and then getting his lawyers onto us.

He's threatening court action. Don't say
you knew nothing about it.

- Lejb might be right.
- He talks rubbish.

But your business is rising
from the dead. Here's your flour.

The pillar on which our world
stands is being felled.

The selection of people for the
hachshara requires utmost care.

Each new member brings two sets
of clothing and a blanket.

Shared accommodation is arranged.

Everyone's earnings
go into a joint coffer.

Everyone pays for his journey to
Ostrava by himself.

There will be exams at the end of term.
He who is considered competent

will be able to move to Palestine.
The trip to Palestine costs 1,500.

Everyone has to pay for his own ticket.

No-one earns enough for that.

Who wants to register for the hachshara?

No-one from the Polana galuth
is registering for the hachshara?

Will no-one see Palestine,
the land of fortune and work?

Will no-one taste the grapes
from the land of Canaan

of which each one must be
carried individually by two men?

So no-one wants to go?

I will.

Hanele ?afarov? is registering.
Praise be to the name of the Lord.

Is anyone against?
No. Hanele ?afarov? is chosen.

You'll be there all on your own.
Aren't you afraid?

That's the lot of my parents,
to grow old and end up alone.

Hanele! I know you're awake.

I have to see you, even if it costs
me my life.

This is the second night I've come.
I'll wait until morning.

It'll be dawn soon. If you don't
come, I'll do something drastic.

I don't yet know what,
but it'll be for good.

You're making me wait a long time.

I send you messages, you don't respond.

You're leaving soon, to somewhere
far away...

You kept Ostrava a secret!
Where did you get the money?

Quiet! You'll wake dad.
I got it out of my sister in Ko?ice.

You're ashamed that my dad begs
on the streets!

- You betrayed me!
- No!

Let me go!

You betrayed me!

You betrayed me!

But I still love you.
I want you as my wife.

Promise me you'll come back.

That you'll marry me.

- Let me go!
- I can't live without you!

You're beautiful. I saw you.



Forgive me.

Please, don't be angry with me.

Don't be angry with me.

Forgive me.

No, ?lojme!

I'll find you!
Even if I have to go on foot.

The last Sabbath at home.

Dad smelled the spices

so that he wouldn't forget the
fragrance of the Promised Land.

Then he dabbed spirit on his brow
so that it would remain clear,

on his heart, so that it would be good,
and neck, so it would be sturdy.

Have a good week, father,
have a good week, mother.

- Gite woch.
- Gite woch.

Always remember you are
the daughter of Israel.

If you meet goys, no matter
how rich and powerful,

show them the respect they deserve,
greater than they deserve,

but don't forget that you are a royal
child. A daughter of the chosen nation.


- Haven't you had enough for today?
- Why? It's light work.

They'll leave without us, hurry up.
And don't be so shy.

You're always alone, like a nun.
Have you got a boy back home?

- Who's taken my bra?
- Here it is.

I get so irritated. Don't you?

No. It's too quiet at home in Polana.

- What's going on? Turn the lights on!
- It's after lights out.

You can talk to me.
I know you get letters.

- It's serious, isn't it?
- No.

They were talking about you
at the Critics' meeting.

They said you avoid the others,
that you're not sociable.

Thank you.

Slovakia, or Sub-Carpathian Ukraine?

- Sub-Carpathian Ukraine.
- They still waiting for the Messiah?

- Yes.
- When is He coming?

- In the spring, the rabbi had a dream.
- Can I walk with you a while?

- I'm going to have a quick lunch.
- Can I lunch with you?

I go to the dairy for lunch.
It's kosher, pure food.

Ah, yes, of course...

I'm always doing that. Sorry.

Would you like some?
It's all kosher.

I guarantee it on my own head.

May I?


A traveler has to have tricks
up his sleeve...

I have to get back to work.
I'm sorry.

I have to ask you something.

- Has anyone said you have lovely eyes?
- Not really. I...

Thank you.

Who was that?

Here we go!

I forgot to introduce myself last time.
I'm Ivo Karad?i?.

- She doesn't attend Critics' meetings.
- She's strange. Lives in her own world.

In her own world, sure.
She's seeing some strange man.

I don't know who it is,
but he dresses like a goy.

We're all looking for something.
And we find it in the end.

Not in a foreign world, but
at home, in our hearts.

- You're homesick.
- I have to go.

Don't go yet. I want to look at
you for a while longer.

- And listen to your stories.
- It's not me, it's Pinches Jakubovi?.

He tells them to anyone he meets.
He believes he's the lamet vav,

one of the 36 holy men on whom the
future of the community depends.

He's waiting for the angel of dreams
to tell him that he is the chosen one.

Hasn't anyone told you people
in Polana about equality?

- About freedom and free thought?
- That we're equal to Christians?

Of course. That sense of inferiority
has to disappear one day.

That goys are our equals? Not that.

The whole world has recognized
Polana as its equal.

But Polana hasn't recognized the world
as its equal. Wonderful!

I'm knocked out. Defeated.
Crushed. Destroyed.

I'm yours.

I'm crazy.

I'm crazy for you.

Don't be angry anymore.

I adore you.

Dub & Arnstein Co. - Enamel crockery -
would like to offer you

its conveyance and the services
of its traveling salesman.

Hana ?afarov? is being expelled from
the hachshara for lack of discipline

and for entering into a relationship
with a suspicious person.

But she is not neglecting her work

She's not neglecting her work...
This isn't about work.

Our decision is final.

- They threw me out of the hachshara.
- What are you going to do?

I don't know. I'll go home.

- Would you marry me?
- I can't.

- Why?
- I haven't got a dowry.

Well, let me tell you something.

I'm not a Jew.

Yes you are. It's not difficult to tell.

My atheistic son was originally
called Isaac.

Look! We put a small salt
cellar in an empty napkin.


You'll have one of the kindest
men in the world, my dear.

But he's a stubborn-headed mule.
He always does things his own way.

I'm glad, my child, but
I'm also afraid

that my boy hasn't thought about
the consequences for you.

Do you believe he'll return to
the Jewish faith?

- And if not, will you renounce yours?
- Ivo wouldn't allow that.

But what if?
What will your parents say?

And the villagers?

It might be worse than I thought.

Has the world ever seen such beauty?
I'm so lucky to have found you.

My rose of Sharon,

I haven't felt this good for a long time.

Place me on your heart like a seal,
like a signet ring on your hand.

Wake up, lamet vav Pinches!
Hear the Word of the Lord,

Lord of the worlds whose anger
was soothed by your prayers:

The village of Polana will not be
crushed by an iron rod,

nor scattered like the desert sand.
It will be preserved, purified,

heresy will be wiped out,
the schism paved over.

But the Lord asks for a peaceful
sacrifice. One for the whole community.

Only one, but more terrible than
any other - death!

Death such as Polana has never seen.

Deliver it without hesitation,
lamet vav Pinches!

Death in Polana? Tomorrow?

Angel of dreams! I am the chosen one!

Lamet vav!

Listen Pinches, have you ever
heard the name Karad?i??

No, must be some Turk.

- He's not a Jew?
- No.

You think that no Jew could ever
be called that?


I didn't want to ruin the journey
by telling you this. But I'm afraid.

I'm afraid none of you will give way.
I wanted to stop outside the village.

I don't want them all watching
us arrive.

- They might take me away.
- Don't worry. I'm here with you.

- We'll find a compromise.
- This has never happened in Polana before.

- I can make a deal with anyone.
- You mustn't try to find me.

It'll be OK.
This is Europe, isn't it?

She's back from Ostrava with her
intended. Real leather suitcases.

Don't cause alarm. The less
commotion the better.

I'll come to find you myself. Tomorrow,
in a week, in a year. Even barefoot.

Don't leave me, my love!


This is Mr. Karad?i?, father.
This is my father, Ivo.

Welcome, sir.

Welcome, Hanele.
Welcome, daughter.

Life passed so slowly here without you.

Put Mr. Karad?i? in grandpa?s room.

I must get you some food!

Make up the guest room, dear.

What a marvelous nose! And
Pinches said Karad?i? wasn't a Jew!

I love you to death, Ivo!
Never forget that.

Hani?ka must have told you
that I want to ask for her hand.

But we have to clarify something first.

I hope Hanele told you of our misfortune.

I gave my daughters a large dowry
but I cannot give much to Hanele.

I know Hani?ka hasn't got a dowry,
Mr. ?afar. I'm not asking for anything.

I make enough money to look after
a family. Don't worry.

You love my daughter, don't you?


There, there!

You haven't forgotten me, then?

There is one thing... Unimportant for
me but perhaps not for you.

Hani?ka says we won't be able
to resolve it. I think we can.

We have to try to come to an
understanding. I'm not a Jew.

- I don't understand you, sir.
- I'm not a Jew.

You're not Jewish?


- Have you been christened?
- I have no religion.

Does that mean you don't
believe in our one and only God?

No, I don't.

That's even worse, sir.
What do you hope to find here?

Please, Mr. ?afar...
We're not living in the Middle Ages.

I recognize equality, freedom
and free thought.

Modern education explains the world
through reason. Not faith, but science.

Science will unravel all the mysteries
of life and one day... wait, please!

That's not what's important.

I love your daughter, she's everything
to me!

You can't ruin the happiness of two
people because of a mere notion!

Excuse me, I'll be back in a moment.

Let me have Hana! You'll never
regret it.

You say that you're not a Jew.
You are mistaken.

Your parents were Jews. So are you.
Whether you like it or not.

Even if you do blaspheme.
You know what it would mean for us

if our daughter married someone
who had renounced his faith?

You must know what misfortunes
we have faced all our lives.

But what is that compared to
what you have in store for us?

I would be less than leprous,
I would be deader than dead!

Why leprous and dead, if your
daughter wants to marry a decent man?

Return to the faith of the elders, sir.
I'd be the happiest man alive.

I will celebrate my victory over
my enemies.

If only you knew what
it means to me...

I'm offering you a solution,
and I mean it sincerely.

I understand that it would be difficult
to continue living here.

Sell everything and come back
with us to Ostrava.

I'll be a good son-in-law to you,
you'll never regret it.

I thank you very much, sir,
but I cannot do that.

Return to the faith of the elders.

I'd do anything for your daughter.
But that is the only thing I can't do.

- Is that your last word?
- My last word on this subject.

- Mr. ?afar...
- Yes?

- I'd like to speak with your daughter.
- You can't. Hanele is asleep.

- She's asleep already?
- We go to bed early in the winter.

- Why are the doors locked?
- We lock up at night.

Hani?ka! Hana!

- Where is she? I need to talk to her.
- She's asleep. There's no-one in there.

- You're lying! My driver's in the kitchen.
- I speak the truth, sir.

- He's taken your cases to the Fuxes.
- You deny me a bed in your tavern?

- You'll get a better room at the Fuxes.
- Where is your daughter?

You have no right to imprison her.
You know she has come of age.

Where is she? Hana is old enough
to make her own decisions.

I'll find her.

I want us to get along.
Give her to me.

At least tell me where she is.

All right. You want violence,
you'll have it.

I'll come for her.


Hani?ka! Hana!

Welcome, kind sir.

- Will you be wanting supper?
- No, thank you.

- Is my driver here?
- He's in the kitchen.

Please send him to me.

He came courting, that's for sure.
But they couldn't decide on a dowry.

God knows what she put into his head,
but he wasn't fooled, and he fled.

I will need you for the whole night.
I'll pay you well.

We're going to watch ?afar's house
all night. Hire four men.

Ruthenians. Make that six.
Right now!

Hurry up!

- We'll see in the morning.
- Perhaps he'll change his mind.

That was ?lojme Kac from the village.

Go and warm yourself up, sir.
Nothing's going to happen now.

- What's going on? Chasing spies?
- Spies? Of course not.

- The girl! They won't let him have her.
- Crazy fool!

- You heard what happened at the ?afars?
- Yes. - Come on, then!

I'm not going.

Did I hear you correctly? You refuse
to help us in our misfortune?

- In this village's worst hour?
- Yes.

Woe betide you, Pinches!

- Anything happened?
- ?afar came out for a moment.

Then he took a few men into his house.
Otherwise, nothing, sir.

Is all this song and dance because
of me?

Where is Mr. ?afar?

Lend an old man your ear
for a moment, dear sir.

I'd be glad to, but I'm in a hurry.
I'm looking for Mr. ?afar.

I've come for my bride Hana.

- No-one has the right to hold her.
- Josl ?afar is coming.

Hanele's also coming.
The girl with gazelle's eyes.

We are here to bless you.

So the whole village can
arrange her wedding.

It'll be a wedding this
land has never seen.

It'll be a baldachin like none other.

I thank you, but I cannot
meet the condition you set.

You must know what suffering Moses'
people have endured

from the destruction of the Temple
to this day. And you say there is no God?

Oh, there is, sir!

How could we survive if we weren't
sure that God exists?

He gives us the strength to survive.
This is no human strength.

- Please...
- And you ask that one of us declare:

"I am leaving for a world of
rejoicing and delights.

You will all die in despair, for there
is no retribution. There is no God".

No, sir. You cannot ask this of us.

Never say again that there is no God.

You say you don't believe, that you
don't know Him, haven't found Him.

Go back to your people, Isaac,
we will help you

with prayer and advice.
- Thank you for your good will.

I promise to speak about
everything with you.

But now I must find my bride.
Then I will have time for you.

It would be a calamity for the village.

The first to turn away from God
for as long as Polana has existed.

Please understand, it's just
a formality.

Kill him, the dog! Kill the mangy dog!

- Kill him!
- Drive him into the ground!

What on earth are you doing?
Go home! Stop that!

- I also want to tell you something.
- We're not interested.

- Just a few words.
- We don't want to hear anything!

Robber of children!

Stone him to death!


Stop that, ?lojme. Don't you dare!
Come back this minute!

Don't worry. Go!



Anyone who takes a step further
will be shot!

- Ivo!
- I'm here, Hani?ka! I'm coming.

What are you staring at?
Let's go home!

Have no fear. I'm not your enemy.

- I've come for Hana ?afarov?.
- We won't let you have her!

She's not yours. Nor mine.
Let her decide for herself.


Kill him! Kill him now!

Yes, kill him!


Who are you, sir?

- Ivo!
- I'm coming, Hani?ka!

Go home!
In the name of the law, move along now!

Move it!

Be off with you!

Open the door, do you hear?

Hani?ka! Hana!

Come on, Hani?ka.

Come on, Hani?ka.

Goodbye, mother.

Goodbye, father.

You say no-one threatened you
and you only shot as a caution?

And no-one placed restrictions
on your freedom?

You hid in the barn of your own accord,
you could've left whenever you wanted?

We know. No-one ever
tells on anyone else here.

- May we go, sergeant?
- Yes, we've got your addresses.

You accompany them, gentlemen.
Walk on ahead of them.

- You didn't want the sleigh to come here?
- No.

It would have been shorter.
May things turn out as they ought.

Don't support me, Ivo.
I'll manage on my own.

God in heaven said:
I will sprinkle you with spring water

and you will be pure and
freed of all abomination.

Behold, the sacrificial kid
which cleansed the village.

She alone for everyone's sake.
A death as never seen before.

We will be united once more,
heresy will be wiped out.

The Lord is inscrutable.

Thank you, gentlemen.

A shade of sorrow and bead of hardness
will remain in Hanele's eyes forever.

And it appears true that the
distant reverie, eternal anxiety

and the sorrow of thousands of years will
one day be inherited by Hanele's children.

And their children's children.