Handsome Siblings (1992) - full transcript

Durring the Tang Dynasty, a kung-fu tournament was held once every 18 years with the winner declared the leader of the land until the next competition. But a tournament with such high stakes brings out the best, and worst, in the various competitors and leaders.


According to legend,

the Supremes reappear every 18 years
to punish the evil and reward the good.

A strong and valorous person
is selected to perpetuate

the line of the emblem of justice
and its legendary techniques.

He took charge of the martial arts world
and got rid of all the evils.

He was handed down the highest realm
of the Iced Jade Stance

which is the Iced Flaming Palm
that contradicts the Sword of Love.

We are the Seven Great Bandits
of the Yellow River.

Give us all the food!

Leave all your money to us.
All women lie down.

All men, get lost now.

-Ma'am, quickly escape.
-They're so scary! Let's go!

-Let's go.
-They are scary.

-Let's go. They're too scary.
-They are scary.

Are you still not leaving?

-Where did they go?
-What the hell is it?




-All right.

-I am hungry!
-Don't do that.

-No way, I have to eat fresh hands
-Don't eat it.

and fresh legs.

Fresh heart and fresh gall.
Let me eat. I'm starving.

Hold yourself back. These are bandits.

They are dirty and smelly. Don't eat them!

It's fine. I can brush my teeth
after eating them.

If you eat any of them,
everyone will know that

you are Big Mouth Lee,
one of the Ten Great Villains.

Don't eat them.

Yes, then they will know
that you're To Kiu-kiu.

They'll be scared if they know
we're the Ten Great Villains.

That's right.

What's wrong with him?

He was scared to death!

-So he will taste bitter then.
-That's right.

I give up!

Don't die! Please don't die!

Please leave some fresh meat for me.

I'm Mad Lion from the Ten Great Villains!

You are so selfish!
You only care for yourself!

You promised to treat me a nose!

It's dirty and it won't be delicious.

That ear is dirty too.
Why did you eat that then?

I will wash it first.
You're so troublesome.

Come on. Eat the hand.


Is he hungry? He's drooling.

Another one was scared to death!

Actually, it's a lotus root!
He thought it's a hand!

No one eats human flesh in this world!

Yifa Palace?

The government granted seven million taels
for the China East's flood.

Fourteen million taels were donated
by the salt merchants and the people.

There were 84 armed escort companies
responsible for transporting the fund.

And 200,000 taels were offered
as your fee.

But you plotted against it
and killed 276 soldiers,

164 armed escort guards,
and stole the money,

causing 470,000 victims from
the China East to die of hunger.

So you deserve to die, right?

Lady Yifa, we were framed.

The money was stolen by Twin Demon Dragon!

Are they part of the Ten Great Villains?

Of course.

So the Ten Great Villains
deserve to die then.

They are the accomplices.

No need to explain to her!
Wicked Canyon is a restricted area.

Who is she to come and arrest people?

We have this!

-The Warrant for Justice?
-The Warrant for Justice?


I was given this Warrant for Justice
by the Supremes three days ago.

Now, I'm the Martial World Supreme.

You want to kill us before getting
to the bottom of things? Bring it on!

-We won't fight back.

Don't blame me then!


Mr. Yin!


-Mr. Yin!
-Mr. Yin!

-Lady Yifa.

I'm just a barbarous martial artist.

But you're a person of noble birth.

When we got married five years ago,
many said that we're not compatible.

But these five years have been
the best time I've ever had.

If reincarnation is real,

I would still marry you
in the coming lifetimes.

I have come with our son.

I just want you to calm down
and stop this massacre.

I know you are a friend of Big Mouth Lee.

Will you not uphold justice
because he is your friend?

He is my friend. I know him very well.

Mr. Yin!

I know he is innocent
without any explanation being made.

I'm not here for him, but for you.

I don't want you to keep making mistakes.

The Divine Monk made this place
a restricted area 170 years ago.

He said that even if ten wicked villains
escaped into Wicked Canyon,

they should not be killed

in order to give them a chance
to turn over a new leaf.

Let those ancient men
follow the rules of 170 years ago.

If so, I have to stop you.

No one can stop me from doing anything.


We'll break our ties now.

Our relationship
as husband and wife ends today.

Iced Jade Stance?

Fine, you've won. I'm leaving now.

But in 18 years, my disciple will come
with the Warrant for Justice.

He will slaughter all the villains here!

-Mr. Yin!
-Mr. Yin!

-Mr. Yin, how are you?
-Mr. Yin, how are you?

-Mr. Yin!
-Mr. Yin!

He was hurt by the Iced Jade Stance.
His nerves were injured.

Luckily, I am here.

-I have given him a Defiance Capsule.
-Can he be saved?

He will live.

But he has lost all consciousness
and is now in a vegetative state.

He is a kindhearted man.
If you don't save him, I'll kill you!


If you kill me,
I won't be able to cure him.

How about this?
Let's raise his son together.

Teach him all our martial arts skills.
That will do.

But Lady Yifa has treated us like this.

-Kiu-kiu, how about turning her son--
-Only you will come up with such an idea.

Listen, we will teach her son
all the bad things

so that he'll piss his mother off.

-Let's do it!

He's the one.

He has soft bone structures
and a good figure.

He is a good candidate
to learn martial arts.

Of course!
He was chosen out of thousands of babies!

Give him a name.

I'll give him a name then.

This is Yifa Palace.
His last name will be Fa.

I want him to be perfect and stainless.
I'll call him Fa Mou-kuit.



I will surely catch you.

I'm over here!

Where is Wicked Canyon?

Just over there, not very far from here.

What? How far?

It can be a mile or ten miles.

Damn you!

Who wants to enter Wicked Canyon?

Tell me!

Damn it. What are you looking at?

Why didn't you answer me?

-It's your turn.

Why do you want to go to Wicked Canyon?

To do bad things!

Tell me about it.

To kill, rob, assault, and loot.

I have done every sort of crime
that you can think of

-Did you exaggerate?
-No way!

I'm the notorious robber, Ko Chi-sum,
I don't need to exaggerate!

Have you ever lied to yourself?

Sure, I always tell myself
that I am handsome.

Have you ever masturbated?

Damn it! Every man masturbates.

Have you ever killed yourself?

-Are you fooling me?

Pick it up.

I mean my hand!

Hold it!

Why did you hit me?

I didn't! You're holding both my hands!
How could I?

Darn it, I give up! I'm leaving!

-I'm not going to Wicked Canyon!
-You can't go!

You can't go. You're poisoned
because you touched my hands.

-What will be the effect?
-Your penis will rot.

Don't scream or your ass will rot too.

What should I do?

It's fine. I have the antidote.

Open your mouth.

It's sweet!

Of course. Medicine is bitter,
but poison is sweet.

Don't make fun of me.
You are killing me, sir!

Don't call me "Sir"!

Aren't you the leader?
What's your name then?

He is the only disciple
of the Ten Great Villains.

The villain of all villains!
The most wicked ones in Wicked Canyon!


Just make it easy
and tell him that I'm Siu Yu-yee.

He doesn't know who Siu Yu-yee is.

If he doesn't know me,
I will chop him to death!

Well, I'll apologize to you then.

-You don't have to.
-Siu Yu-yee!

Mr. Lee and Ms. To are looking for you.

How ostentatious. Sending a messenger.

-Come with me!
-All right!


You want me to join
the Martial World Contest?


Besides joining the contest,
you have to find two people for us.

That's right.

Which two?

Actually, we were not called
the Ten Great Villains.

We were once called
the Ten Heroes of Yangtze.

-I'm Yangtze One.
-I'm Yangtze Two.

-I'm Yangtze Three.
-I'm Yangtze Four.

I'm Yangtze Five.

Screw you! I'm Yangtze Five!

-You're Yangtze Five. I'll be Yangtze Six.
-Keep quiet!

Yangtze River had a severe flood
20 years ago.

The government granted
one million as the disaster relief fund.

Ten of us were responsible
to transport the money.

That's right. Yangtze Seven and Eight
are Twin Demon Dragon.

They robbed the money
which put us in deep shit.

-Did the eight of you fight them?
-We were knocked out!

Why didn't they poison you?

That's the vicious thing about them.

They made us the scapegoat!
Many righteous people wanted to kill us.

-All right!
-All right!

We've decided to let you
go look for those two bastards.

Wait a minute.

-I'm not a hero of Yangtze.
-Yes, you are.

Which Yangtze am I?

-You're the "Rear Waves of Yangtze River."
-That's right.

-It's a good chance to return the favor.

An eye for an eye will only make
the whole world blind. Forget it.

Even if you won't find them for us,
you should get the Warrant for Justice.

-That's right.
-If someone else gets this warrant

and invades our valley,

-we will all be finished.
-That's right!

Since it's an important task,
let's go together.

-You mean "Us"?
-Who is "U" and who is "S"?

-"U" stands for you, Mr. Lee.

-"S" stands for To Kiu-kiu, right?

-That's right.
-What a joke. We should all go together.

-You go.
-You go.

-How can it be just the two of us?
-That's right.

-Uncle Lee, why don't you come with me?
-We think you two should go.

-That's right.
-Agree to it.

All right. Even if we go,
people can easily recognize us.

If you're willing to go,
I'll cure your mouth and your eye.

-Can you?

It's just a little tougher
compared to cold.

What? Just a little tougher
compared to cold?


-Why haven't you in these 18 years?

You've never asked me to.
I thought you like it as special traits!

-Damn you!

-I won't treat you then.
-No. Please do.

-Treat us.
-Who said "Damn you" earlier?

-I mean damn us all!
-Damn what?

Damn... I mean...

-It's us. It's the two of us.
-That's right.

Mr. Medicine Pot.

I will leave Wicked Canyon soon.

Then, Wicked Canyon
will have one less villain.

But by your side,

there will be one less kindhearted person.

I don't know why,
but I feel like you're a relative of mine.

Whenever I talk to you,

you never reply.

But I can't help feeling that
you have something to tell me.

I hope that someday, you'll talk to me.

After I leave,

you should take care of yourself.


I feel great after the treatment!

-I can see things better now.

-What is it?
-To enter Martial Arts City,

-we need the invitation card.

-Let's find an invitation card.

-Hey, both of you can handle it.
-What is it?

This is my first time leaving this place.
Let me have fun.

-No, it's dangerous out there.
-What fun?

-It's dangerous to go around on your own.
-That's right.

No worries. I have a badge
of Wicked Canyon.


You scared me!

-No one will dare bully me!
-You're right!

I'll get going.

Be careful. Meet us at the gate
of Martial Arts City in three days.

-All right. See you later!
-Be careful!

Hey, I looked so horrible
with that tongue.

I had an ugly eye. I looked uglier.

No, you looked pretty.
But you're prettier now. So pretty.

-Yes, pretty.

You're laughing at me, Mr. Handsome!


-Let's go!
-Let's go, Mr. Handsome.

Ma'am, we have caught a guy
who is better looking than a beast.

So, I brought him here for you.

He looks like shit! Is he edible?

Wake him up!

I am awake!

He is quite good looking.

This is my palace.
These are my concubines.

Little man, if you make me happy,

I will let you live!

After having me,
you won't need this bunch of trash.

Do I look like a woman
who turns a man into a piece of trash?

Don't you know how to wash my legs?

I am sorry!

The water is getting cold.
I'll change it for you at once.

At once? I will make you
an emperor at once!

You are annoying!

-Take this man for a bath.

I'm done.


You're just done soaking in it.

-You take a bath with your clothes on.

Come on.

I'm taking a bath,
but you are here staring at me!

How can I undress?

Besides, I have never shown
my penis to other people!

And I can tell you this,



I am still a virgin!

I have to see it then.


-What's this big thing?
-Don't take it out!

I don't want to embarrass you
and I would feel shy too.

Your hand?

No, my hands are here!

Why did you bring a fake hand with you?

Here's the thing. Before you caught me,

some women kidnapped me
and they said you'd catch me.

They gave me this fake hand
and told me not to show you my penis,

but to show you the fake hand instead--

You are from Yifa Palace.

Listen up!

The Young Master of Yifa Palace
was ordered to surround the place.

Surrender yourselves within an hour.

-Or you'll be killed.
-What should we do?

Clear the place.



All right.

Since there is no one around,
I'll take a dump first.

Hey, wait!

Watch out!

It's you. Thank goodness.

-You are really something!
-You are mischievous.

I think you can help me
to escape this place.


You could actually hide yourself
in such a disgusting toilet.

You're a genius!

I'm willing to be your sworn brother.

I'll call you my brother then.

-Watch out!
-Hey, pulling the same trick again?

You're always on your guard.
I admire you so much!


I smell the aura of death.

Set up the formation.

The holder of the Warrant for Justice,
the master of Yifa Palace.

The female bandit and her accomplices
commit lewd and lascivious conduct.

The Young Master of Yifa palace,
Fa Mou-kuit, was ordered to kill you.

Young Master,
don't dress in a lady's clothes.

If the master finds out,
she will blame us.

If she finds out, I'll punish all of you.

No one should tell her.


Am I pretty?

-Very pretty.
-Very pretty.

Stay here. I'll take a look.

She's so pretty.





I will kill anyone who dares save her.

Stop! Stay where you are!

I will chop you to death! Go to hell!

Talk things out.

I will kill her if she refuses
to give me her invitation card.

Go to hell!

I'll kill you!

-In this martial arts world,

everyone can claim to be a martial artist.

But not anyone
can have the invitation card.

-It represents one's identity.
-Damn you!

There's blood!

-With the invitation...
-You can enter Martial Arts City.

In Martial Arts City...

You can compete to be
the Martial World Supreme.

-Being the Martial World Supreme...
-You can control the world.

Damn you!

As long as I'm alive,
the invitation card stays with me.

If I die, I'll take it with me.

I'll break it!

Let's see you kill everyone
with the invitation cards!

I'll chop you!

I'll chop you!

I'll chop you!

I'll chop you!

Who else has the invitation cards?

Damn! They left so quickly!

-What is it?

We should have used a pretty lady
to seduce them instead of this.

-Where is the pretty lady?
-Right in front of you.

-You mean you?
-You said I am a beauty!

All right. Pick up the invitation cards.

-Do you really mean it?
-Yes, pick it up!

-Swear then!
-Damn you!

Here comes our guest!

The invitation.


-You came from afar. Please take a rest.

Hey, will anyone recognize you?

I guess not. We look so different now.

Besides, we haven't shown up for 18 years.

-No one will recognize us.
-That's right.

-Excuse me, you look familiar.
-Damn you!

Do you know everyone
in the martial arts world?

That's right!

Why are you so rude?

-Could you be--
-Yes, we're the Rudest Warriors!

-Mr. Rude, Ms. Rude, and Sir Rude.
-That's right!

-Nice to meet you.
-With respect.

-You first.
-Damn you!

If you greet me again,
I'll hang you up and kill you. Move!

You're ugly! Don't get in my way! Move!

Calm down.

Hey, you look familiar to me.

-You know how to use foul language.
-You spoke it fluently.

This girl looks bitchy.


Your reputation precedes you, Yat Wo-fung.

-Thank you for the trouble to travel here.
-Don't mention it.

The Divine Monk of the North Sea
thinks highly of me

and made me the judge
of the Martial World Contest.

It's an honor for me.

-Great. This way, please.

There are so many nosy people
in this martial arts world.

That's right and we have to fight them
one by one. That's so tiring.

That's not all.

-What is it?
-What is it?

"Here are the rules of the association.

First, no one can enter
Martial Arts City without an invitation.

Second, there are gold, silver,
and copper levels of invitation.

The treatment differs.

Third, the candidates can advance
to the next round through fighting.

Fourth, those gold-level candidates
will go through a background check

and be the candidate
for the Warrant for Justice."

Who made these rules?

-It's troublesome.
-That's right!

-There is a man who is staring at me.
-Where is he?

Over there.

-A woman is staring at me.
-Where is she?

They look like Twin Demon Dragon.

-Test them.

She is winking at me.

No reaction! Let me do it.

She is not winking at you.
She has one blind eye.


-Don't you recognize me?

-How is it?
-They don't recognize me.

-With respect.
-With respect.

-With respect.
-With respect.

Dear friends,

I'm Kong Bit-hok.

I welcome you on behalf
of Martial Arts City.

It's dinner time now.

-Please sit

-according to your grade.
-Who's that with a big stick on his head?

Don't you know him?

He is the master of
Martial Arts City, Kong Bit-hok.

In all these years, he has done
so many good deeds to the world.

He sponsors all the fees for this event.

Who is the one next to him?

A pretty girl.

You really think the baldy
is a pretty girl?

-With respect.
-Don't mention it.

Forgive me if we couldn't serve you well.


That's so nice of you!

-Lee Yung, this is my son, Yuk-long.
-How are you doing?

Your son looks great.
He is a great talent.

-I think he will be the winner this time.


My toilet friend!

-Don't bring up the past.

Your invitation is with me. Here.

Have you forgotten? Here, take a seat.

-Yuk Long!

He is my savior.

I fell down the slope two days ago.

He was the one who saved me.
This is my father.

-What's your last name?
-Your Father.

His last name is Your Father.

Just kidding. I will tell him myself.

Ms. Tip is here. I'll attend to her.

-Please don't talk nonsense.
-Help yourself.

Ms. Tip, you have a gold invitation.
Please go up there.

-I'll lead the way.
-Thank you.

-Let's have a drink first.
-Let's eat.

Have a drink first?
The dishes have turned cold.

How rude of him
to make us wait for so long.

-Screw it!
-Brother, hold on.

It's rude to let others wait.

But it's equally rude
not to wait for others.

Damn it! You teaching me a lesson
isn't considered rude?

This person is worth waiting for.

-Look, here he is.
-Here he is.

She seems to ignore me.
Let me pull another trick.

Don't mention it. Help yourself.

-Mr. Fa.
-Mr. Fa.

-Mr. Fa.
-Mr. Fa.

-Hi, Mr. Fa.
-Mr. Fa.

Greetings, Mr. Fa.

Mr. Fa, please come in.

-Mr. Fa.

Great, he is finally here.
It's better to be late than absent.

It is better to die than to starve.
Let's eat.


I am used to...

I'm bumping into the man
who saw me changed.

...drinking, eating,
and doing things alone.

I'm here to tell you
that I won't be eating with you.



Wait, haven't I seen this girl before?

Why is she disguising as a man?

We're here to eat,
not to listen to your speech!

-This world is full of bizarre people.

There are all sorts of people
in this world.

I always thought you were a mute.

Eat up!

I'm Monk Blackie,
the Divine Monk of the North Sea.

May I know your name?

Checking my background? Fine!

I'm Tin Dou-fung,
Master Yaya of the Songhua River.

Haven't heard of me?

It's fine. You must have heard
of my teacher's name.

He is Li Cham-foon,
Little Li Flying Dagger.

-Awesome, right?
-Sounds familiar.


With respect.

How absurd.
I'm sure one of them is Big Mouth Lee.

That lady is To Kiu-kiu.

The other one is Yin Nam-tin
and Lady Yifa's son.

Both of them fought
in Wicked Canyon 18 years ago.

Both were seriously hurt.

After that, Yin disappeared
together with his son.

Yin is either dead or seriously injured.

The Ten Great Villains
are indebted to him.

So, they would surely raise his son.

I think he should be the one.

That's great. I can disclose his identity
that he's from Wicked Canyon.

Just a few words
and I can easily have him expelled.

Let's get down to business.
I need you to sodomize Fa Mou-kuit.

Why should I?

He's the only one in the martial arts
world who can be a match for you.

Do that and ruin his reputation.

He can't be
the Martial World Supreme then.

That way, the position will be yours.

-I don't need to. You can do it.

-I won't free at that time!
-Are you that busy?

I have to blow the whistle

to inform her to lead someone
to catch both of you in the act.

You're right. What if he's a girl?

A girl? I'll be free then.

I don't need to blow the whistle.
I can do it myself.


That depends if you're his cup of tea.

That's right.

Use the Three Sexual Treasures!

That would be the Horny Wine,
Soul Powder, and Flame Mattress.

If he doesn't have sex upon contact
with these, he'll bleed to death.

You are so clumsy!


-What did you see?

I can't hold it anymore.
Let's talk when we get back.

Stay outside!

Keep watch!


Damn it, you scared me.

Little girl, your breasts are big.

Can you let me touch them?

Can you let me kiss you?


What are you doing? Where was I just now?

Nothing. You said
you're going to leave first.

Yes, I want to leave.

What did you say?

What have you just said?

I put in so much effort to raise you up
for the past 18 years.

Uncle Lee.

Now that you're all grown up,
you're actually asking me to leave!

It's rare that in these 18 years,

I actually feel like
making love to a sissy.

You want to have her for yourself.

Fine, I'll give you my blessing!

I'll go!

-Let's see if you dare to face me.
-It's not like that.

Let's see if you have
the cheek to face me.

This is what you get from raising a son!

Uncle Lee!

-What is it? Why are you crying?
-In these 18 years,

my eyes have betrayed me
and revealed my true feelings.

-Look me in the eyes!
-I am looking!

See how I respect you!

I could see it.

-I respect you.
-I could see it!

I treat you as my savior.

-My relative.
-Thank you.

-And a saint. I didn't expect you...
-Don't say that. It's my fault.

You have evil thoughts about my lover.

And you want to make love to her.

-I was wrong.
-Are you even human? Tell me!

I am not!

-Go now!
-I am leaving!


One more thing.

-I'll ask you to come in if he's a man.
-All right.

That's all.

Siu Yu-yee? You bastard!

-Come out!
-What's the matter?

I said I wouldn't compete with you.
It's not like I couldn't stay to watch.

Are you out of your mind?
Tell me why I should let you stay.

Let me stay. If you don't know,
I can teach you the technique!

I know every technique,
but I can't do it with you around!

Why not? When I was surrounded
by hundreds of people,

-I could--

-Cut the crap. Move aside.
-Stop bothering me. Hide elsewhere.

Go now.


What's the matter?

-Somebody is in...
-What is it?

-Come on!
-Follow me!

Why haven't you asked me
the reason I'm in your room?

Why did you enter my room?

I'm in your room?

-This glove is very nice.
-Speak up. Why did you enter my room?

The reason I entered your room...

What's the matter?


Let me!

Don't go touching around,
or I will chop your hands off.

I got scolded again.

Whatever you say. Anyway, I--

Don't touch me!

I didn't!

This fake hand touched you.
My real hand is here.

Everyone is here for only one reason.

I can tell you the reason.

It's him!

-Recently, in Martial Arts City--
-Little girl.

Your breasts are so big. Can I touch them?

Recently, there's been a crazy sodomite
in Martial Arts City.

Follow me!

His targets are men!

He drugs them first,
rapes, and kills them after that.

I've tailed this victim to this room
and hid in the wardrobe.

I just wanted to eradicate evil.

Take away your fake hand.

I'm sorry!

Your breasts are so big. Can I touch them?

I think he has been drugged
with the aphrodisiac.

This rapist...

Not rapist, he is a crazy sodomite!

He is very despicable.

He was lucky to be able to escape!

I came here with Yat Wo-fung
to get rid of this bastard.

Oh, my breasts!

Assaulting men
when you couldn't get the girls?

Are all women dead to you?

Cut the crap. Give him the antidote.

He's been severely poisoned.
I think a normal antidote won't help.

Try my...

Where are the breasts?

-Have you found it?

I couldn't find the big one.
Take the small one for now!

It's so big! How would he swallow it?

Take it with the wine.
It's easier to swallow.



-Why would it turn into such a mess?
-Take off your fake hand!

All right.

Sometimes, it's hard to tell
the real and fake apart.

You are really lucky!

Shoot! His lust is gushing out!


Little girl, your breasts are so big.
Can you let me touch them?

Since we are busy,
I'd better take him away.

Stay right there!
Answer my question first.

Yes, I should make it clear first!

According to the statement of this victim,

the sodomite has a birthmark on his chest.

We are the only men left.

To prove my innocence,
I'll show everyone my chest.

Mr. Fa, how about you?

That's right. Let's remove our clothes!

-You're despicable!
-Remove them!

Make him temporarily dumb.

Mr. Fa.

There are only two ways left.
First, show us your chest.

Second, I will take him back
for treatment.

What do you think?

Since you remained silent, that means
you agree to let me take him back. Right?

Go ahead!

That's so kind of you.

See you later. Let's go!

Let's go!

Uncle Lee, you are in deep shit!

But I have no antidote for you.

If you don't make love,
you're going to die.

-Aunt To!
-Coming. It's ready.

You're ready? I'll leave this mare to you.

Let's go. One, two, three.
Let's go! Hurry!

Can he handle that horse?

I think so.
I've screened through the horses.

She is obedient and quick.

I guess we'll have to wait
for about two hours.

Thank you. I appreciate it so much!

I will take a bath and get changed first.

That quick?

-Uncle Lee, why was it so quick?

It's an animal. We have no affection.

How long do you think I should take?

I just got it over with to cure
the poison. What do you expect?

-Seriously? We--
-Don't go over there. He stinks!

That horse was for you to use to go
the town so that you can find a brothel.

What? You mean it was for me to ride
to the town and find me a hooker?

-Why didn't you tell me?

I did it with...

-With respect.
-With respect.

Damn, they get to do it first.

They really look like Twin Demon Dragon.

-I will question them!
-Don't act recklessly.

We can't prove if they are really
Twin Demon Dragon.

I'll come up with a way
to verify their identities tonight.

Let's go.

Sorry, I'm late.

Don't mention it. Please take a seat.

Now, the drawing of lots
for the competition begins!

The competition begins!

Cho Sheung-fei of Kai Luen Clan
against Au Yeung-wah of Ng Tung League.

-How embarrassing. Eliminated with a kick.
-Let's go!

There's a seat!

-Serves you right!
-Serves you right!

-Stay out of this!
-Stay out of this!

-No sympathy!
-No sympathy!

After a long battle,
the Top Six have emerged.

They are Chan An-chong of Dim Chong Clan,

Kong Yuk-long of Martial Arts City.

Siu Yu-yee, a young hero.

Kong Bit-hok,
the master of Martial Arts City.

Fa Mou-kuit of Yifa Palace,

and Mo Tin-chong from Tin Shan Clan.

Mo Tin-chong, how dare you come
and join the competition?

I thought raping women is your duty.

What? How can you accuse me of that?

You can say anything you want.

How would you know of the things I do?

Tin Shan is a big place
with a limited population.

There are 16 villages,
120 men, and 49 women.

On the 15th of last month,
you were drunk and kicked up a stink.

You injured the Chan brothers
and assaulted their sister.

All the people in Tin Shan know it.

Who are you? Why do you know so much?

All the messengers are my informants.

I receive more than 3,000 letters
through pigeons post per day.

I feed the pigeons with
more than ten tons of corn per day.

How would I not know
of the things that happen in Tin Shan?

Well done.

-Are you Chan An-chong?
-I'm not qualified. Excuse me.

Congratulations, the four of you
can enter the finals.

Master, will Siu Yu-yee
or Fa Mou-kuit win?

It doesn't matter who will be the winner.

Siu Yu-yee will help us go against
the Master of Yifa Palace.

Master, my future is in your hands.

As long as the four of you
are the final contestants,

you will be the new Martial World Supreme.

A father won't even trust his own son.

"Nowadays, people are going after
fashionable and fancy clothes.

Who will appreciate
my different noble sentiments?"

"There's no hope for my personal affairs.

I have to prepare the wedding gown
for others instead."

What did you say? Are you thinking of men?

Don't you know it's forbidden
to recite such a poem?

I don't know what it means.

But you kept reciting it.
So I learned it from you.


Right, that Siu Yu-yee is awful.

How should we punish him?

-Especially his eyes, they're wonderful!

When he stares at you,
it makes your heart beat so fast.

I really want to dig his eyes out.

But he is so lovely,
I can't get angry at him.

"Meet me at the ruin, now."

Fa Mou-kuit.

Your Honors!

I have no choice but to summon you over
late at night. Thank you for coming.

Don't say that.

Fa Mou-kuit.

You are great at martial arts.

In terms of character, you are perfect.

Because of that, you're envied by others
and surrounded by enemies.

You're now in deep trouble.

Watch out!

Be careful!

It's you?

Stop screaming.
We have reached the ground.


Are you all right?

I must have injured my face
because of the fall.


Where did you go? Don't leave me! Hey!

I am here.

Thank you, miss.

That's right.

Since the time I met you
at the thief's den,

I told myself

you are the one.

You're the one
I've been waiting for in my life.

Hands off? Let me tell you
a more touching story.

Let me tell you this. You are very pretty.

Ever since you left me,
I've been closing my eyes

because I was afraid I couldn't
see you again when I open my eyes

and could only see
some random people in front of me.

I wish...

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

Are you okay?

I'm fine. It's true.

I've just talked too much that
I didn't get to swallow my saliva in time.

-It's blood.


When love is deep,
blood is thicker than water.

When I saw you again in your room,

you held back on your attack.

That's when I knew.

You're too kind to me.

And I was thinking to myself,

even if I have to die,

I have to die with you.

Right now, God has fulfilled my dream.

But it's a shame.

My dream can't come true.

Falling for my trick now?

What is your dream?

That is...

to have my lover in my arms.

Her chubby lips...

I could kiss it...


That's too much of me.

But it doesn't matter!

Actually, many people will leave
this world with their dreams unfulfilled.

So, I--

For this kiss, if I can leave here safely,

I will marry you!


I won! Let's retreat.

If my dream comes true,
I wouldn't mind dying.

Right, I just recalled.
I have the antidote.

Get it for me.

Go lower.

Go lower. Not that one.

Not that one. Go higher.

Go higher. That is the one.

Thank you.


Chew it and feed it to me.

There's a kind that needs
to be chewed, but not this.

It's great!

What's the matter?

Nothing. Something is hurting me.

When I go out at night, I always
bring candles to avoid getting lost.

Light it up, please.

Hey, there is a wall.
I will go and take a look.

It's wet! There must be an exit.

I'll give it a try.

Sure enough. Come with me.

I won't forget the things I promised you.

Wait for me.

We've walked for so long.

You said there's good stuff.

We've arrived. It's just over there.
Come over here.


Come on. Get ready. It's opened!

-A woman?
-Yes, she is pretty!

-Women are great, but not to us.
-Not for us.

Right, Mr. Pimp.

Just call me Pimp.

-No, we should call you Mr. Eunuch.

-We appreciate your gift.
-That's right.

What do you mean? Are you refusing to pay?

-Great then. Go on.


-This is it?
-It's her?

Yes, you can relive your dreams.

-We're not interested in women.
-We're not.

What? Play the guessing game.
Let's see who goes first.

-There's no need for that.
-No need.


Back then, you were so crazy over her.

-Back then?
-She was your lover.

Why are you so corny?

Of course I am when I see my old friends.
Twin Demon Dragon!

-Twin Demon Dragon?

Take a good look at us!

The sexy and pretty To Kiu-kiu.

-Handsome Big Mouth Lee!
-That's right.

-I don't know you.
-Neither do I.

Bastards! You don't recognize us?
I'm sure you'll recognize the money.

Where is the charity fund you stole?

I get it. Both of you are the members
of Ten Great Villains.

Not just the two of us.
It's the four of us.

It's like cutting an orange.

So many people are here!
Are you treating us to supper?

Big Mouth Lee and To Kiu-kiu,
welcome to Martial Arts City.

Hey, he's talking to you. Answer him.

We're the real Twin Hidden Wong Shan.

-We've been putting up with you!
-That's right.

-He is Big Mouth Lee.

-Arrest him!

-After them.

Hey, are you done?
Hurry up or they'll be killed.

Both of them are the Supremes?


Let me kill the villains
from Wicked Canyon.

There's mutual hate between me and them.

That's right.

My family planned to go to the capital
to have a better life.

We passed by Wicked Canyon
and my entire family was killed.

Step back. Let me kill him.

Lose Trace Bomb from Wicked Canyon?

Why did you use Lose Trace Bomb
to help them get away?

Why didn't you use Fatal Bomb?

I was planning to use Fatal Bomb,

but I don't know who put
Lose Trace Bomb in my pocket.

All right.
I'll get to the bottom of things!

-Why are you getting in my way?
-Let me do it.


Damn it!

No one is allowed to leave here.

Ma'am, you are really powerful!


Your Honors?

Martial Arts City is a place
to compete for the Supreme position.

All hatred and grievances
can only be settled on the stage.

It's the regulation
of the martial arts world.

If you don't abide by it,

that renders the reason
for coming here meaningless.

Everyone has to abide
the Supremes' orders.





Lady Yifa, you have graced us
with your presence.


My disciple, Fa Mou-kuit,
has good martial arts skills,

but he is too young and inexperienced.

I'm here to watch over him
so that no one can play any tricks on him.

Lady Yifa, someone is making
a move on him already.

Who is he?

Siu Yu-yee, the guy
you have just brought here.

Siu Yu-yee?

He seems to be so close to Mr. Fa.

I'm afraid that Mr. Fa
wouldn't be able to kill him tomorrow.

I've put in a great effort
to teach Fa Mou-kuit for 18 years

so that he can be a new hero
of the martial arts world.

If he dares defy me,
I won't spare his life.

Yiu Yuit, don't get angry.

Just guide the youngsters.

He may not listen.

But after taking Deadly Pill
from Yifa Palace,

he will obey my orders.

If he couldn't find the antidote
within 24 hours,

he would bleed to death.

If so, Fa Mou-kuit
will surely defeat Siu Yu-yee.

City Master, Fa Mou-kuit will be
the new Martial World Supreme.

You'd better think of some ways
to assist him.

Fa Mou-kuit has great martial arts skills.

We wouldn't dare scheme anything.

But we are afraid that
Siu Yu-yee will get the position.

I'm going to find Fa Mou-kuit now.
There's no need to see me off.


Thank you, Lady Yifa.

She has just taken our Mad Flower Wine.

She seems totally fine.

Mad Flower Wine is a chronic poison
which is colorless and odorless.

She'll slowly lose her martial arts skills
after taking it.

But after using her power,
she won't be able to regain it.

She'll be left with only
30 percent of her power

and she'll get out of control
when she gets an emotional shock.

You are indeed the Poison King
of Twin Demon Dragon.

You're the Thousand Face Demon King.

We've been disguising as the Divine Monk
and Kong Bit-hok for many years.

Nobody could tell.

Both of you are awesome.

No need for flattery.

Prepare the weapons
to deal with Yifa Palace quickly.

Yes, Father.

What are you doing here?

I want you to try your best
to defeat me in tomorrow's fight.

Why did you turn out like this?

I don't mind telling you this.

I have successfully learned
the Blue-faced Demon Stance.

In tomorrow's fight,

one of us will die.

I won't go easy on you.

If you refuse to do your best,
don't blame me then.

In Pak Hiu-sang's outline
of Ancient and Modern Divine Skills,

the Blue Column consists of Blue Sword,
Blue Fist, and Blue Jade Palm.

There's no Blue-faced Demon Stance.

Don't believe the rumor.

The contents of the book
were compiled six years ago.

At least 200 stances were not recorded.

Trust me.


My master said that the outline
is absolutely complete.

What the hell are you doing?

Your face...

There's no Blue-faced Demon Stance
in this world.

You were trying to deceive me?

You wanted to die in my hands?


That's right.

I was lying to you.


since that day...

For this kiss, I am totally yours.

-Stop talking.
-I can't.

I want to tell you
everything I wanted to say

before I die.

Please stop.

I think it's worthwhile
to die in your hands.

But I am afraid that
if you show mercy to me,

you will be scolded by your master.
You know that, right?

You are going to die,
but still bearing me in mind.

No matter what you say,

I can never bring myself to kill you.

Don't cry,

or I'll cry too.

She is so sincere to me.
How can I lie to her?

I have to tell her the truth.

What did I teach you in these 18 years?

There is no good man in this world.

Don't think of yourself as a woman.

Don't fall for any men.

Stay as a pure virgin.

After taking the Warrant for Justice,

practice the divine skills
to reach the highest realm.

Expand our school of martial arts.

Fulfill your master's dream.

But you are crying for this man!

You shed tears for a villain
who comes from Wicked Canyon!

You have let me down!

I'm sorry. Please calm down, Master.

I don't have a disciple like you.

I will try my very best
in tomorrow's fight!

All right.

Eat this.

The Deadly Pill.

You must defeat Siu Yu-yee tomorrow.

Without my special antidote,

you'll die of poison tomorrow.

Thank you for raising me
in these 18 years.

-I will eat it.
-Mou-kuit, don't!

See you tomorrow.

Why did you do that?

There are four finalists,
and you'll be divided into two teams.

First team, Siu Yu-yee
against Fa Mou-kuit.

Second team, Kong Yuk-long
against Kong Bit-hok.

The competition begins now!

Please make a move.

Fa Mou-kuit!


-Don't touch him!

The rule of the competition is that
no third party can intervene.

And you assaulted him!

Even though you're the previous
Martial World Supreme,

that's no exception!

Even if the martial artists
don't blame you for that,

Mr. Yin wouldn't forgive you.

Who is Mr. Yin?

The one who pledged undying love
with you at Dai Ming Lake.

The person who cut ties with you
outside of Wicked Canyon.

To end our relationship?

Not only that.
You even gave up your own son.

Instead, you adopted an orphan,
Fa Mou-kuit.

Fa Mou-kuit?

There will be different endings
for different stories.

The flower blooms and fall, Fa Mou-kuit.

The flower blooms.

Fa Mou-kuit.



Do you feel sorry to Mr. Yin
now that you've recalled the past?

Even I regretted it
and now I have a clear conscience.

Well said!

Was that the reason you attacked him?

Don't you know
that he is your son with Mr. Yin?

My son?

He is my son?

Yes, he is your son.

No, he isn't.

He is!


He isn't my son.

He is your son.


He isn't my son!

You haven't been a responsible mother.

Now, he's been seriously hurt by you.

Are you even human?

How can you face your own son?



I don't have a son
who grew up in Wicked Canyon!

I am not human!

I am not human!

I didn't do right by my son!


She is so weak now. Make a move quickly.

Witch, you have done so many bad things!
How dare you kick up a mess here?

I didn't do right by my son!

I didn't do right by my son!

I ruined my own son!



The antidote is here.

Kong Yuk-long, you...


Arrest them!


-We'll settle this another day. Let's go!
-Let's go!

They escaped again!

My son and I joined forces
to subdue the witch

for the sake of the martial arts world.

If any of you wants to blame me,
please come forward.

I will offer my humble apology!

-Mr. Kong did the right thing!
-Mr. Kong did the right thing!

Since Siu Yu-yee and Fa Mou-kuit quit,

let's have City Master
and Kong Yuk-long fight

to decide who will become
the Martial World Supreme.

Wait a second.


I'm your son. How can I fight
for the position with you?

All right. I hereby announce that

the new Martial World Supreme
is Mr. Kong Bit-hok.


-Greetings, Your Honors!
-So, they are the Supremes!

Everyone, based on the selection results,

Kong Bit-hok is the champion,

but we can't hand him
the Warrant for Justice.

That's because someone informed us
about the crimes that he had done.

I have an account book here.

A young warrior endured humiliation

and stole it from Black Widow's den,
the notorious robber.

"On March 21, Kong Bit-hok ordered us
to rob Dragon Armed Escort Company.

We got 800,000 taels
out of that two million taels.

On July 14, he ordered us to kidnap
the daughter of Qin Pak-man of Shandong.

The ransom was three million taels.
One million went to us.

The girl was killed.

On November 7, Kong Bit-hok informed us
to rob Sichuan disaster relief fund.

The amount was ten million taels.
We got half of it which is five million."

You were doing dirty business
with the robbers.

Kong Bit-hok, you deserve to die!

-Supremes, I was framed!
-You were not framed!

This book was given by your own son.



I'm tormented by my own conscience.

You went too far.

Although I'm your son, I can't continue
watching you put others in harm's way.

Father, confess now.

You! You bastard!


-I'll beat you to death!
-Go on!

Beat me to death.

As long as you're willing to stop,
my death is nothing.

Father, repent now.


-Father, are you okay?

You betrayed your own father!

Father, you are so healthy and young.

If I didn't betray you,

I would have to wait a long time
to be the next Supreme.

You should just die.





My father is dead!

You killed my father!

Don't be too sad.
You put righteousness before your family.

We will support you.

Everyone, Kong Yuk-long
is the owner of the Warrant for Justice.

He's the new Martial World Supreme.

No way. I'm weak in martial arts.
I can't be the Martial World Supreme.

You can because I said so.

Are you a virgin?


-That settles it.
-That's right. You're a virgin.

We can help you access
the Life and Death Entrance.

After you master the Iced Flaming Palm,
the highest realm of the Iced Jade Stance,

-you'll then be invincible.

Greetings, Martial World Supreme.

-Greetings, Martial World Supreme.
-Greetings, Martial World Supreme.


Now, we are teaching you

the Iced Flaming Palm,
the highest realm of the Iced Jade Stance.

I made it. I finally mastered
the highest realm of the Iced Jade Stance.

Iced Flaming Palm.

All thanks to us.

You must have exhausted your vital energy.

Let me make arrangements for you to rest.

We are not only exhausted.

We can't even protect ourselves right now.

Arrange for people to protect us.

Of course!


I've always believed in the golden rule
to kick someone while he's down.

This blow has broken three of your nerves.

You have lost all your power.

Why did you do that?

You are too tired.

You have to maintain justice
every 18 years.

You've been doing it for years.

I will be the Supreme forever,
there'll be no more selection from now on.

-You're so vicious.

If I were vicious,
I would have killed both of you.

Here are one million taels for you.

Use it for your old age. Get lost now!


He who fights and runs away
lives to fight another day.

It's better than nothing. Let's go.

-Yuk Long, they--

Is that the way to address me?

Right, Your Honor!

Why did you let them go
instead of killing them?

Are you a fool?

Use your brain and think.

I'm now the Supreme.

If I kill them, there'll be gossip.

-Yes, Your Honor!
-Put the word out.

Tell the people they got one million taels

and that they are powerless now.

They upheld justice for so many years.
They surely have many enemies.

Let their enemies kill them.

Then, I'll avenge them
and give them a grand burial.

Everyone will praise me
for my righteousness.

What a terrific idea!

You are my uncle and my master.

If you are obedient to me,
you'll be rewarded.

Yes, Your Honor!

Remember what I once said?

That I'll surely marry you.

That was only a joke.
Don't take it seriously.

There's a fine line
between a joke and a promise.

There's a fine line
between life and death too.

If a couple deeply loves one another,

even before they die,

they'll stay a couple
for the rest of their lives.

I hope I can stay married to you
in every lifetime.

Let's start from this lifetime.



-Let's do the ritual.
-That's right.

Yu-yee, I feel so cold.

After the ritual and drinking
the wedlock wine, you won't feel cold.


Mr. Yin, they’re performing
the wedding ceremony.

Bow to the heaven and earth.

Bow to your parents.

Bow to each other.


Why are you crying? It's a big day.

Damn it, you crybaby!

Touch wood! Bad luck! Go away!

Honey, you know I won't live past tonight.

Why are you still marrying me?

You are the only one I want to marry.

I feel contented to be able
to be your husband for one day.



Who's making noises out there?

We'll check it out.

I feel so cold and it's very dark!

Don't be afraid!

There are many people outside.

Aunt To, please hold her.

-Let's take a look.


-Stop right there!

You can't kick up a fuss in Wicked Canyon!

Don't get in our way! We've put up
with Twin Hidden Wong Shan for years.

We have to chop them to death.

You are Twin Hidden Wong Shan?

-The holders of the Warrant for Justice.

Why do you fear these small potatoes?

We were tricked by Kong Yuk-long
and lost all our power.

Hand over these two and one million taels
or we will kill you too.

-One million?
-That's right.

Kong Yuk-long were afraid we would die
and gave us the money.

So, we're now being chased by them.

Damn it. Give me the money
and I will handle it for you

-Give it to him.
-Come on.

Thank you. Let's go, Yu-yee.

-What is it?
-You promised to handle it.

I promised to handle
your funerals only. Let's go.


If you try to fight against
Big Mouth Lee and me,

who has a higher chance of winning?

I think we have an equal chance.

We either die together or lose everything.

If you are willing to leave...

-Give it to me.
-I need to give it back?

Come on.

Take the money
and divide among yourselves.

I won't pursue this matter.

Fine, I'll take it as due respect for you.

-All right.
-Take it.

They are going to get married still?

-I think she won't make it past tonight.
-Stop talking.

Can you say something nice?
"Can't make it past tonight"?


-Well, she will die before dawn.

We were the ones who messed things up!

No matter what, we must save Fa Mou-kuit.

It's useless. The only antidote
was eaten by Kong Yuk Long.

-There's no hope.
-That's right.

Not exactly. As long as
there's the ultimate internal strength,

you can force the poison out of her body.

You have lost your skills.
That's just utter bullshit.

Yin Nam-tin?

He is a powerful warrior.


His nerves are damaged. He is a vegetable!

It's useless no matter how powerful he is.

That's where you're wrong.

He's like a treasure chest
without the key.

As long as we can find the key,
we can make use of his power.


I will teach you
how to stimulate his nerves.

Use Yin and Yang Shift Stance
to drive his power to your body.

-Then, you can save Fa Mou-kuit.
-That's right!

Father, this is an emergency.

If you agree with us using your power,

just give me some hints.

Thank you, Father.

What are you waiting for?

-Father, what did you say?
-Your wife is very pretty.

Mou-kuit, Father said you are pretty.

Can the power be transferred that way?

Sure, you can try.

-Great, let me try.

-Luckily, I didn't touch you.
-You wish!

Honey, tell Father I'm feeling better now.

I will.

I'm glad you feel better now.

Father, why didn't you take back
your power?


Mr. Yin is dead.


-Mr. Yin!

He knew Lady Yifa is dead.
It's meaningless for him to live on.

He gave up all his power
so that you have more power to avenge him.

Avenge what?

You said Kong Yuk Long
mastered Iced Flaming Palm.

-We're as good as dead.
-That's right.

Yu-yee, don't go!

Actually, besides the Iced Flaming Palm,

there's another more powerful skill
called the Sword of Love.

The Sword of Love?

This will only work when a couple
with deep affection use it.

It can increase their power tenfold.

You can surely use it since you could
go through thick and thin together.


Can the Sword of Love
really defeat the Iced Flaming Palm?

I don't know. Both of us are men.
We have never tried it before.

There's no other way.
We have to give it a try.

Even if we don't go to him,
he'll find us eventually.

Honey, whatever you say.

Remember. The deeper your love is,
the greater your power will be.

Hey, it seems interesting.
Let's practice it as well.

-How envious.
-That's right.

Are you a loving couple?

-What if we're not?
-That's right!

I can't teach you the Sword of Love.

-How about the Adulterer Sword?




Welcome, Martial World Supreme.

Long live Your Honor.
May you unite the martial arts world.

Dear all martial arts warriors.

I'm now the Martial World Supreme.

I will do my best
to help the martial arts world.

That's right.

A few days ago,
he disclosed the real identity

of Twin Hidden Wong Shan
to be the Twin Demon Dragon.

Also, he captured six
of the Ten Great Villains.

Today, we'll eradicate evil
and attack Wicked Canyon!

We swear to wipe out all the villains!

-Your Honor is wise.
-Your Honor is wise.

All right. Now, let's have
the Martial World Supreme

to demonstrate his Iced Flaming Palm
on these men.

All right.

Don't come near me!


Now, the White Guard has turned dark
and the Dark Guard has turned white.

How dare the two of you came back.

You're not dead yet.
Of course I have to come back.

Kong, you even killed your own father.

How are you qualified
to be the Martial World Supreme?

Don't argue with them in public.

-Get me the wine.

You must have misunderstood His Honor.

Please take a seat
and I will explain it to you.

It's all right.

We'll listen to your explanation.

-His Honor admires both of you.
-You flatter me.

Here's a toast for both of you.

You used Mad Flower Wine
to kill my mother.

Now, you should taste it yourself.

Impossible. It has only been a few days.

Why have your martial arts skills
improved so much?

We train every day

instead of plotting
against others like you.

Don't think your disciple will give you
any benefit after becoming the Supreme.

He will kill you right after killing us.

No, he wouldn't!

Yuk Long, tell them you wouldn't!

You helped him to kill his father
and my master.

He took away the Supremes' power.
You know so many bad deeds of his.

He'll surely kill you.

No, Yuk Long wouldn't kill me!

-Yuk Long, I'm your master.
-Cut the crap!

Tell them that you wouldn't kill me!

Let's go!

Let's see how far you can go!

-Come with me!
-All right.

Why didn't you kill him there?

I don't want to hurt innocent people.

Let's wait here for him.

Will he not show up?

I think he's nearby.

I didn't expect you to have mastered
such a wicked sword stance!

This is the Sword of Love
which can defeat your Iced Flaming Palm!


I do want to experience it.

The Flaming Fire Palm is really powerful!

Looks like I have to give you my love.

Looks like there's no reaction.

Let me do it.

How is it?

-What else do you have?
-Let's go!

Leaving so soon?


-The Adulterer Sword!
-The Adulterer Sword!

It's powerful!

It's time.

Give me love.

It's not enough! More.

These warrants have harmed so many people.

-Let's throw them away.

Let's keep them.

If our son and daughter
won't listen to us,

we will beat them with these warrants.

Let's go.

Both of them are a perfect match!

How envious!

We have practiced the Adulterer Sword.

-Let's practice the Sword of Love--

-Why not?
-You have done that with a horse.

You can do it once with a dog.
We'll be even then.

Damn you!