Hands of a Gunfighter (1965) - full transcript

A reformed gunman returns to his earlier life seeking justice when the Castle brothers shoot his friends.

Translated and Improved by
Marapottan Pinroy

Galloping horse

Dan Murphy heading this way.

We will be expecting him.

Think we will put up here for tonight.

Are you sure thats really him?
- i am sure

-Then Let's go.



Don't make a move, Dan!


(Suspense music)

(Header music)



Let's go now, Dan.

We have drive to town buy a gift
for Margaret and Pat.

Aren't you coming?

What's wrong?

Just had my nightmare as usual.

You mustn't think about it any more dan.

We still have everything in the world to
make us happy

You are right dear

Andy, come put your coat on!
No I wont
No papa has to put on his first

Mama, wait race me to the wagon.
You cant catch me?


I caught you!

Now.. Here you go!



Well now, This is the place margarett

Close your eyes and dont open
until I tell you to.

I a big surprise to show you to.



Is it alright? Can I open my eyes?
Yes you can open them.


You like it?
Oh It's simply marvolous, Pat.

Pat, we will be able to swim in the river.

And thats where we put the hen house, huh!

It's wonderful, Pat.
And I'm so happy.

Well you haven't told me
if I have painted it well.

You do not like?

How so silly. Yes, offcourse i like it.

Hello Miriam!


That is a cute little house.
All it missing is the doll.

I can give you the bows
for the porch.

Pat, don't listen to him.
Now I understand.

You want to make yourself the little man in front
from her, huh?

Hi Margaret.
Hello dan.

Something wrong?

How are you, Pat?
What's up?

But if it is Charlie Castle.

Annoying as always, right?
Why don't you let him defend himself?

Oh, sure...
Too child.

You feel very safe, right?

Do you think that always
they are going to get you out of trouble

those three thugs
What do you have for brothers?

I'm wrong?
What do you think, nosy?

I will have to give you
some spanking if you don't go.

Come on, be a good boy.


It is not always good to go unarmed,

You keep it up, boy.

I've already told you before.

The opposite is starting a career
that carries death around.

Let's leave that.

You like?

The truth is that I have never seen
nothing like it.

Well, when is the wedding?
In three days.

Do you want to see the house inside?
No no no. Not now, another day.

Let's go to town, I have to buy
some provisions.

Andy, come on.
Yes Dad. I'm going.

I'm going to see Alex
you go buying things.

Dad, I'm going with you.

Boys like you must not step
never a salon.

You better go help mom.
Dad is right, Andy.

Goodbye, Miriam.

Goodbye dad.
Goodbye son.

(Suspense music)

One moment, hero.

I have found out that you wanted to give
some whipping Charlie.

Why don't you try me?
You don't lack courage.

Or do you lack?

Why are you unarmed?


-It's useless, boss.
He's just a coward.

-It may just be
a peaceful man.

Can't shoot?
Too easy.



Hi Alex.
Give me a beer.

What's up, Dan?

I saw you chat with the Castles.
What did they want?

You can already imagine it.
As usual.

They enjoy teasing people.
What have you told them?

Richard is a quiet man.
I like it that way.

Well buried is forever,
Dan Murphy.

Yes, it is well buried.

But patience has a limit.

I just saw your girl and Pat.
They have shown me their new home.

What about the house?

They have painted it
between yellow and orange.

Then, to break the monotony,

they have put a little green
on the windows.

The green windows?

I have to tell you the truth, Alex.
I found him a little effeminate.

Come on, it makes you throw up.

After all, they are
those who have to live inside.

Three days to go, right?

It turns out to think that there will be
to put on the new suit.

You tell me?

I will have to search through the trunks
my wedding dress.

It will be tight too.


Luckily the daughters get married
just once.

-Just a moment!

There is nobody here?

I drink it all.

Today I will not
mind getting drunk.

I'll start with this.

-You can leave the money
on the counter.

-Hi, boss.
From what I see, it's a party.

-I think so, friend.
Today my daughter is getting married.

Margaret, are you missing a lot?
Pat is coming.

I'm coming, dad.

What is said a great day.
We can celebrate, right?

-Drink what you want.


Here we have you, Margaret.
Your boyfriend is here.

Anytime, dad.

Hi, Custer.

Come on quickly, Margaret.
The judge is waiting for us.

Take care of this while I go back.

You heard me.

- Am I the master of everything?
-Yes of all.


Pat, do you want Margaret for a wife?
Yes, I want.

What about you, Margaret?
Do you want him?

I love you very much, Your Honor.

So in the name of the law
and from this moment on,

I declare you husband and wife.

What are you waiting to hug her?

With permission, huh?

Invite this friend.

-Thanks Alex.

-Happy children?



And Andy?
He's already asleep, let's dance.

I said drink.
Where are you going? Baby.

That's better.

Look at her, Charlie.
This can take away your grief.

-Leave her.

-Okay, I'll kiss her for you.

-It's okay, Johnny,
let's go from here.

- Make that face happy, Charlie.
Do you know what we are going to do?

Go to the living room.
We know the bride and groom and the father.

Why not go congratulate him?

-Yes, why not.


I have to tell something strange
what happened to me this morning.

-That you have drunk.

-And what don't you know
what has it cost me?


-I bet with everyone
that you are the judge.

-Just, you've been right too.
-Like I'm very smart.

-Come on, try to catch air
out there

if you don't want that tonight
make you sleep in the cool.


I can not anymore,
this has not been done for me.

No one does it like you.

I didn't know you as a dancer.
Me neither.

A bit more please.


Boys here it is
the lucky father.

-What do you want?

-Nice party.
Too bad we're not invited.

-Yes, I really don't understand it,
because we are clients.

Isn't that right, Alex?
-We just want to congratulate Margaret.


-Ah, the weapons.
Fair, Alex, you're right.

This is a party, guys.


Give me a beer please.

To your health.
Leave me alone.

You will regret it Margaret
and he will regret it too.

I said leave me alone.
Listen to me!

Say sorry.
Pat, drop it.

I don't want fights here
not worth it.

You, Charlie, go away.

Let's go.
Come on, Pat, it's all over.

I'm going to have fun for a bit.

Let's see, a little music.

(Happy music)

Can i have the honor
to dance with you?

Get out.

I have asked the lady.

Get out, I said.
I hope she answers me.

Dan, leave him, leave him.

I had been told that this
it was a quiet town.


Freeze Johnny
drop that gun.

You will sleep al fresco,
I think it will do you good.

Let's go.

-Let's go from here.
We will wait for a better time.

-I'm sure it will come.

-Please, gentlemen, let's not close
tonight with a long face

The incident happened.
The House invites.

(Happy music)

Yes Alex is right
let's have a drink.

(Happy music)

I have to tell one thing ...
-Leave me alone.


(Happy music)

Do you remember me?

We met last time
long time ago.

What do you want?
I have to talk to you.

Do it.



Do not worry,
I'll be right back.


I'm going to tell you one thing ...

-He doesn't tell me.
Hala, to sleep.

-Well, I have it
to tell someone.

Why did you come?

To finish a job
that started four years ago.

Speak up for once.

I come to you to settle an account
that you have pending with the law.

That means
What are you coming to stop me?

I warn you that it is not easy.

In this state
you do not represent the law.

I have not come for you.

It's the child
the one who will come with me.

What are you saying?

I'm not the one saying it, Dan.

You know better than anyone
that you have no right

to hold the boy.

You will not take it.

Think about it slowly.
I give you until tomorrow.

He will not take it.
Andy will stay here.

Please Dan
don't wake up.

I am able to kill that man
rather than let him take it away.

What would become of us
if we lost it?

I don't know, I don't want to think.

It's cruel and still I believe
what is necessary.


Try to understand me.


It is for your good.

Do you know what Andy
It means to me?

After what happened with Roger
that day...

Shut up!

You should calm down, Dan.

I know,
I know what you're thinking.

We had created a life
and we have tried to defend it.

Maybe it was selfishness.

But the thread was false
that kept her.

Sooner or later
it had to break.

Those are just words.
Andy ...

Andy died
died four years ago.

Yes, we replace you.

We had come to believe
that it was ours, that it belonged to us.

But there is a law
that goes beyond our affection,

of our feelings.

I took what had been taken from me.
I know.

I know and I understand you.

It really is like
our son,

because it has grown together with us.

We deposit in him
all our love

maybe because it started
to mitigate our pain.

But it is not ours.

You and i know
that his father is Roger.

That man killed our son.

What can we do? Run away?

Time will pass, Andy will grow,

but the law will always be there
willing to take it from us.

(Suspense music)


As you move, I'll kill you.


(Suspense music)


Don't run, come, come.

Custer come on
Take, take.

Let's go.

Don't step on me
get off me.

Hey Custer, do you have anything
what to tell me about your new mistress?

Yes I understand.
You love her, right?

She loves you too.



What happen?
Custer says he loves you.

I love him too.

You heard it, Custer,
you can be calm.

You see?
It doesn't take much to be happy.

A beautiful woman, a raised house
with your own hands,

a piece of land to work

and a faithful dog.


Doesn't it take much?

What are you talking about, Pat?
Much for what?

To be happy.
It depends.

Women sometimes
they do not understand anything.

Listen please,
Does Dan Murphy live near here?

I don't know any
that is called like that.

I think now
his name is Richard Marky.

Follow the river bed
next is his cabin.


Margaret! I have to see Dan.
Something wrong?

I don't know, but the stranger
who arrived last night knows his name

and is a representative of the law.

I have sent you
down the longest road.

I have to let you know
before it arrives.

Good morning, Miriam!
Hello Pat!

Hello dan!
What's up, Pat?

How are you?

Hey dan i don't know if
it will be important,

but the individual
who arrived last night is coming here

(Suspense music)

What has happened to you?


Tonight I had the visit
from the Castle brothers.

I can help you with something?
Not at all, boy, you already have.

Thanks for your notice.

Now go away
must be when that man arrives.


I'm feeding the chickens.


(Suspense music)

We are leaving!

-Bye, Dan, good luck.
Thank you.

Goodbye, ma'am.

Learn to write soon,
so we will hear from you.

Yes mom.
Kiss Me.

You have to be good, huh?
Sure it will.

Good and brave,
Right, Andy?

When are you coming to see me, dad?


Coming Soon.


Goodbye, my son.
Come on, Andy.


Goodbye! Bye, Mom!

Goodbye Andy!

Goodbye dad!
Goodbye son!

Remember that Dan
stay away.

It's advice.


Wait for me a moment.
I'm going to talk to the sheriff.

I'll go see Mack.


What happened to you?

Johnny's brothers
They were at my house last night.

And good?
I come to report it, Fred.

I hope that as a representative
of the law you stop them.

Accused of what?

It was a brave retaliation
for my incident with Johnny.

Do not worry,
I will talk with them.

That's it?

What else can we do?
Judge them.

I'll try if you want it
but they will deny the accusation.

We would need
some other test

than your own testimony.

Isn't it enough?
For me if.

I've come to warn you.

So far i've held on
one after another his bravado,

but from now on
it will not be so.

I am the first who wants to end
with the attitude of those men.

If I had concrete proof,
I assure you that I would lock them up.

Do you have that proof?

Okay fred
I have nothing to say to you.

Warn them,
something tied my hands,

but that something ends
to leave in the diligence.

Now everything is different, tell him.

Tell them not to cross over
on my way.

Calm down,
you must be calm.

I already had it, Fred,
many years of calm.




Look what a beautiful town.

You will see how well you have a good time
when you go to school.

-And where is the school?

This man is called Roger,
he's the sheriff here.

You will live with him.


-You are...?

-I hope you are very well
by my side.

-Dad said
that I will be very well.

(Suspense music)

And the?

-He seems a very different man.

-Why didn't you bring him?
-For many reasons, Roger.

I could have brought a corpse
or the dead would have been me,

in which case we wouldn't be here

It is better to close the account like this.

-For me it is still pending.

-Good Morning.

I am used to it
to answer me.

Let me go.


You have learned to make a worse face.

Margaret don't like them
faces like that.

But I will change
to your little dove.

-Harder, come on.



Come on, Alex.

(Suspense music)



(Suspense music)

Who was it?
Who was it?

-I was fighting with Pat when Alex
shot him in the back.

-Why didn't you avoid it?
Why did you let them kill him?

-I've arrived late,
everything had already passed.

Nothing could be done,
I swear.

-I'll kill Alex!
I will kill him!

(Suspense music)

Let's go.


Hey you.
Where is Alex?

-He and Pat are in custody
for Charlie's death.

-Thank you.

-Well what do we do?
-Now I'll tell you, let's go.

Please Sheriff
let me go see Margaret.

I already told her that she is alone
and she knows nothing of what happened.

I give you my word that I will return.

Listen, son, if I have stopped you,
I have done it for your sake.

Revenge is a bad thing

when they are in between
the Castle brothers.

You are not responsible at all
of Charlie's death.

Does that mean I can go?

I advise you not to move from here

until they calm down
cheers up, boy.

Thanks for the advice,
But I must go

I'll come see you tomorrow, Alex, I'm sorry
that you find yourself in this situation

because of me.

I did it because it was fair.

Come on, boy, go see Margaret.
She will be uneasy.

What will happen to him, Sheriff?

Only the judge can say.

But considering
the circumstances,

I hope it's not
too severe.

Did you hear, Alex?
Everything will be fine.

(Suspense music)



Let's go from here.





(Sad music)





(Suspense music)



It is a fire.

And near Pat's cabin.

I'll see what happens.

(Sad music)


Fred, open the door.

-You heard it.
And don't try anything, it would be useless.

Be careful Johnny
you're going to regret this.

That man
he has murdered my brother.

-Justice will say whether or not it has been
a murder.

-I am now justice.

Take care Johny!




(Suspense music)

Johnny, Davy,
get me out of here.

Please, Johnny!
Get me out of here! Johnny!

Get me out of here, Johnny!

You will remember this, you cowards.

(Suspense music)

Here is what you deserve.

-Listen to me well.
You will remember me, I will kill you.

I swear I'll kill you!

-There's fire
at the sheriff's office. Come on.

(Suspense music)

The sheriff's house is on fire.
Warn more people.

(Suspense music)

Do not shoot!


(Suspense music)

How are you up?
It is Sunrising.

What has happened?

They have killed Margaret,
Alex and Pat.


Who was it?

I'm sure all of this
It is the work of the Castle,

although they made people believe
who shot Alex

when he tried to run away.

And why to Margaret and Pat?

I hope to know right away.

What are you thinking?

Please Dan no
intervene in this,

I only have you.

Do not worry.

Go to sleep,
It's too late.

What are you going to do?

I repeat, do not worry.


(Suspense music)


What's up?

-You have to go to town
for more wire.

Well, I'm coming.

-I'm going to the ranch while he comes back.
You get on with this.

Get down from there!

what do you want?

I have come to give you an award
for your feat last night.


I am unarmed.
Pat was too.

What do you say?
I do not know what you're talking about.


This is downloaded.

And this, this other,
with a single bullet.

I'll give you a chance

it's like a game.

You will see.

Show him.

Now you will take one of the two.

And if you are lucky ...


(Suspense music)

Come closer Davy
you are a bad shooter.

And still hopefully
You only have one bullet.

(Suspense music)

Do not be nervous.

(Suspense music)

You still have two chances.

(Suspense music)

Pat and Alex killed Charlie!
They deserved death!


(Suspense music)

Soo! Soo!


(Suspense music)

Skipper, come on!

They killed Davy!

(Suspense music)

You stay here.
I'm going to town to see who it was.

(Suspense music)

Do not yell.

Where is the?

It came out this morning.

Come on in.

Call him.

I already told you that
He's gone.


we will wait for you.

(Suspense music)

Who are you looking for?

Come out, I'm unarmed.

Where are Johnny and Slim?

Why do you want to know?

Where are they?

Get out before
of losing patience.

Don't make me kill you.
I didn't think he was capable of using a revolver.

Okay, don't be mad.

Johnny went to town
Slim is by the fence.

Must be upon arrival
and bad news awaits you.

I advise you not to try to see him,

it's a bad time.



Johnny went to town to find out
who killed Davy.

It was you?




Do you want to know who did it?

It was me,

I did not want to do it.

It is you I come looking for.

You deserve an award
for last night's feat.


Stay there.


Don't try anything, I would force myself to do
what I don't want.


Get out of there, Miriam.



Watch out!






Hello Andy!

-Stop that horse,
put him with others.

-Okay, boss.

-Go on, give it more rope.

What are you doing, Andy?

She is learning to gallop.

-What are you going to call him?
-Custer, like my friend's dog.

-It's a pretty name.
Does it obey you?

-I know how to treat horses.


in a few days
you will go to school.

-I'm very happy,
so I will learn to write.

-Hey, do you know
when will my parents come?

-Soon very soon.

(Suspense music)

I hate the rain.

I don't understand why once
you told me that without the rain

the man would have lost
part of your happiness.

I think there is nothing sadder.

It must be in the barn.

Put something on,
don't go out like that.

(Suspense music)

What? Happy now?

What's wrong?

What's going to happen to me, nothing.

Let's go Dan
let's go from here.

This house
it is full of memories.

Help me Dan
I will do my best because you forget,

but you have to help me.

I want the boy and I'll have him
even at the cost of killing Roger.

Bring that bottle!

It has you badly used
this shortcut of sheep.

Is there room for me?

Because you are leaving?
Do I have the plague?

Out of here!

Do you want to answer me?

Is it that I bring the plague?



(DRUNKED) Why are you waiting for me?
You're drilled, Dan.

I'll get you something to dry off.

I am sick of lamentations.

Dan ...

Yes, I have drunk. I am wet.
And that!

A man has the right to drink

Miriam, you think of yourself.

In you and in all your faults.

If I'm like this
only you are responsible.

Please, Dan.
Dan, Dan, Dan!

Just once!

You know if Andy is not here
It is your fault.

With your tears and ...
Your reasoning.

You have taken it from me!

I wouldn't be happy with us

If i just wanted
that I would have come for him.

I swear he didn't take it.

I'm here...


And you whimpering
because I'm drunk. Drunk.

Leave me alone for once!

(Sad music)




Have you seen my wife!
Yes, it was this morning.

Said something?
No, she just bought a few things.

I remember now.

I think i saw her
at the stage stop.

Thank you.

Hey Tom, have you seen my wife?

Yes he left this morning
in the diligence.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

Only you can help.

I don't see how or why.
Let him come.

Dan has to see Andy.

There is a law.
If he comes, I'll stop him.

You are the law.

Try to understand

Accident or not,
Who can give it back to me?

I quite do
with not stopping you.

You know you could.

You don't feel sorry for anyone, do you?

Now she has her son.

He thinks he has touched the sky
by getting it.

But it will have a punishment.

Mack, take her.

Take her from here
Before I lock her up

-Please, ma'am.
It will have its punishment.

Andy can never have him.
Shut up for once!

-Let's go.



-Tell me, sir.

-You will have to watch from now
all the entrances of the town.

I'm sure from one moment to another
we will have a visit from Dan Murphy.

(Horse galloping)

What's up, Richard?

-Dan Murphy is coming this way.

-Gather the men quickly.
I wait for you at the ranch.


Hey, buddy.


Don't know where the sheriff is?

I can't assure you, but if not
he is here, he will be at his ranch.

Do you know where it is?
Yes thanks.

You're welcome.



Go with him,
tomorrow I'll come to see you again.

And dad?
As well. He will also come.

Andy, come on.


Were you looking for me?

I also looked for you a long time.
We are in luck then.

You have the opportunity
to settle the account.

Drop your weapons, Dan.
It's advice.

You will have to come and take them off.

I'm warning you
for your own good.

This is your last chance.

Don't try to face yourself
back to law.

You seem very confident.

You were not so much

when you shot at close range
against my son.

Now i'm trying
to save your life.

I will end yours
Even if it's the last thing I do.

(Suspense music)

Drop the weapons.


Andy, don't go out.