Hand Rolled Cigarette (2020) - full transcript

Chungking Mansions is regarded as a nest of crime in Hong Kong by many, but some embrace it as a safe haven. A retired British Chinese soldier, a young South Asian man, an encounter at Chungking Mansions. Coincidentally, they both offend the same gang boss. Here is a story of what has given them a new lease of life and how they rediscover themselves through each other's company.

At the transfer of sovereignty over HK
in 1997, the British Army withdrew.

and local conscripts were
disbanded at the same time.

The British Government granted high ranking
officers right of abode in the United Kingdom.

The remaining 1.500 ethnic Chinese
servicemen, with their families,

were abandoned to their fate.

They had no choice but to fend for
themselves in the handover.

In 1996, Robin's Nest, Sha Tau Kok.



Don't move!

- Sorry, sir!
- Don't move!


- Sir, Joe just took the two...
- Help me first!

- Call for backup.
- It's fine.

That's probably a stab detonator.

- My foot!
- Don't move!

- You're hurting me!
- You want to go six feet under?

I'll take you all down with me!

Give me a rock.

Oh Shit! Run!

- It's not a mine?
- It's a fake.

Son of a bitch!

You son of a bitch!

We almost died!

Sorry! Sorry!

Having fun on us?

What is this?

A can of sardines!

You out of cigs?
Give me a light.

Thank you, sir.

I don't get why people
dream of coming here.

I get it. If I was in their shoes,
I'd leave too.

I can't believe the Queen
won't even grant us passports.

You got enough stripes?

Making cash is more practical.

Lighter's out of gas again...

How much did you make today?

- Enough to buy you all dinner.
- Tofu, how's your exam?

What's kind of exam?

To join the police.
Waiting for the result.

You already failed three times.
Forget it!

I've always preferred
stability, isএটাat a problem?

Not at all!

You think it's easy to find
a steady job out there?

Am I right? Winston...

I've got no light.

Where's the lighter?

Let's start over.

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Oh dear!

I'm really sorry.
I am late.

No, you're right on time.
Let me introduce. This is Pickle.

- This is Boss Tai.
- Pleasure to meet you, Boss Tai.

Take a seat.

This is empurau from Malaysia.

Here, Boss Tai.

You've never had fish before?

What's your price?

Eighty thousand each.

Are they made with gold?

Take a look.

Look at the "rice" character
on the bottom shell.

It brings good luck.

Old geezers love shelling out
money to buy good luck.

Otherwise, you can just get
a snapping turtle.

We're not making
turtle herbal jelly here!

- We want a golden coin turtle.
- Go get the check.

Boss Tai,

I have the best price
within all Taiwan.

One can cost as much as
a few hundred thousands.

Eighty thousand is a fair price.

Fair, my ass!

What's the hardest thing
to get in this world?

The money from a boss' wallet!

Why are you here if someone's willing
to pay a few hundred thousands?

Why talk to us?

How much do you suggest?

Seventy thousand!

If you're going to waste my time,
go back to your hotel.

It depends on how many you take.


Chiu, the risk is the same
regardless of the amount.

He agrees on the price.

All right! I'm behind you on this.

A hundred.
When can we get them?

Once I get the deposit.

About a week.

Let's go for it.

- We've got a deal.
- Good!

Boss Tai! Chiu!

We'll make money together!

Let's cheers!

Boss Taআরnd Chiu,

I have matters to tend to.

I'm get going.
Enjoy your meal.

Boss Tai, thank you!

I just needed to
shake it out of him.

Is he your boss?


I just wanted to get the deal closed.
I want to make money too.

Boss Tai,

my commission…

I'll go to an ATM now.

There's no rush.
No rush at all.



Keep an eye on the turtle.


Good night.

Yes, I got the cash.

Remember to call me
when you get the good stuff again.

Thanks man. Bye!

You! Don't move!

Are you talking to me?

- Don't move!
- You giving order to me?

- Are you blind?
- Dare to say it again!

What's your name?


Leave me alone!

What the hell's wrong with you?
Setting a high price like that.

Asking for higher price
to raise our profit.

Let me tell you,
that's how business works.

- And how do we split the extra profit?
- Whatever you want!

As long as everyone's happy.

Your partner doesn't know, does he?

You must be joking.

This is between the two of us!

So what's it going to be?





All right, I'm going.

What about the interest?

All right, all right!

Get yourself a girl, pal.

Britain’s FTSE 100 index closed
at 5946 points, was down 3 points.

Germany's Frankfurt DAX Index
closed at 12.928 points, up 22 points.

France's Paris CAC index closed
at 4882 points, was down 13 points.

Other news in the next section.

This is a special news bulletin.

This is the sixth robbery
with similar handling in a year.

The most shocking one,

happened last September
at a jewelry store in Tai Kok Tsui.

Six perpetrators
of South Asian descent

and stole HK$54 millions
worth of jewelries.

Mani, if you have the balls,
you can make big money like them.

News like this just make
people look down on us more.

Stop Talking nonsense.

When have they ever tried to
understand us?

If we have money,
people can't look down on us.

And if you have guts,

you can make even more
money than me.

- Big brother...
- Why are you out here, Mansu?

We are working.
Go back to your room!

It's spicy.

Then you don't eat it.

It's yours.

I don't eat!

I don't eat it. It's yours.

I don't eat!

Big brother, I'm cooking.

This is all you have?

- I'll have more later.
- "Later"...

You've dragged this
debt out for too long.

I can't hold them back much longer.

Even if I can,

my partners aren't going to be happy.

They all listen to you anyway.

So? What happened to
investing in UFO catchers?

UFO catchers?

You should stick to catching chicks.

Two weeks is all I can spare you.

Only because you're a
long-time client.

If it were anyone else, they'd do more
than just sending due notices.


You'll take the responsibility
if I get caught?

It's hard to fina a new job.

Get to the point.

I need your help.

Lend me a million dollars.
It's for emergency.

How about a few hundreds of thousands?
I'll pay you back right away.

I'm not rejecting you,

but I don't have that much money.

How about this?

Let me ask the others for you.

Call me out for lunch some time.

Pick it up at opposite.

Can we stop using
the school bag?

Mansu is still a kid.

You're a grown man.

Do whatever you want.

You've already given me my share.

There's a big shipment
tomorrow that pays more.

Don't you remember?

We're partners!

Remember to call me
after you pick up the goods.


Why did you take my glasses?

- Want a present?
- Yeah!

- See what it is.
- I want it!

I know how to play it.

You don't know.

Temple Street

- Where's Kapil?
- I don't know, bro.

If anyone asks about
my whereabouts,

just say you don't know.

Keep an eye on the goods.

Find a place to hide.

Remember to stash the goods.


- What's wrong?
- My ball fell down.

- What?
- My ball fell down.

- Go! - What about my ball?
- Go home right now!

Get out of here!


Your bag seems so heavy.

Are you on the run?

- Stand right there!
- Stop!

Out of the way!

Stop running!


দৌড়ানো বন্ধ করো

What now?

Stop running!

Sorry! Sorry!

এক্সকিউজ মি!

Step aside!

G.I. Chiu.

Did you come to pay me?

- How do you know that I live here?
- Where's the brownie?

What brownie?

- Are you messing with me?
- Who's messing with you?

Tell that to Boss Tai.


We just saw the brownie
run into G.I. Chiu's place.

He doesn't let us in.


What's up, Boss Tai?

Did you see the brownie?

If Chook's considered as a brownie,
then I see four in front of me.

This is no time for jokes.

That brownie stole
my ten million of shit.

What shit?

The shit that kills you.

- Boss Tai.
- Be gentle.



- Know what private property means?
- Might as well show us!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Did you ask for my permission?
Poking around like this...

Chook. Are you looking for this?

Don't be scared.

Don't hit me!
Don't hit me!

Don't hit me!

Got nothing to say?



I'm dead out there.

I thought you're mute.

I beg you…

Let me hide here for a while.
I won't stay long.

Did you steal a lot?

Just a small batch.

A small batch?

Then why did a whole
crew come after you?

- I don't know why.
- Where's the batch?

- It's with my friend.
- Call him.

He's not answering.

Centre for Harmony and Enhancement
of Ethnic Minority Residents

Please help me.

I can let you hide here.

- For a million dollars.
- I'm just hiding out here for a while.

How much do you think
they'll pay for you?




Let's make one thing clear.
It's not my business if you get caught.

Do you have anything to eat?

- Hey, I'm paying you a million...
- Have you paid it already?


Everything good? Where are you?

Jerk brownie!
You took my food?!

The noodles were too bland.

I'm sorry.

I'm telling you now,
other than the toilet and the sofa,

don't touch a damn thing in here.

What about the TV?

You goddamn brownie,
your Cantonese is pretty good.

I have a name, you know.

It's Mani.

Sure... Brownie.

- Big brother!
- Mansu.

Where are you?

I'm working.

Has anyone come to our flat?


Not even our cousin?


All right,
take care of yourself.

Remember to have some food.

I'll be home soon.

Look at you...


Your neck's really stiff.

I live a tough life.

I think I'll quit this soon.

Can't make any money?

This city is different
from what I expected.

You were just too naive

and thought you were in heaven.

I want to move back to
the Mainland China.

Can we still be friends?

The water's gone cold.

No! No!

I don't have your stuff.
I don't know where they are!

It's got nothing to do with me!

- Where's Kapil?
- Kapil? I don't know!

I don't know where he is!

Don't beat me!

- I knew you'd say that.
- I'm serious!

- I KNEW you'd say that!
- I really don't know…


Don't beat me!
I really don't know!

- Come on!
- One, two!


One, two!

Does that feel nice, buddy?

- Stop beating me!
- Does that hurt? - It hurts!

You're always with them.
You don't know shit?!

I just hang out with them.
I don't know where they live!

- We don't live together.
- No! No!

- Where's Kapil?
- I don't know!

Where's Kapil?

I really don't know!
Where's Kapil?

Where's Kapil?

He is dying.

I told you so…
This is not your home!

They are locals.
All of them are homies.

Who are you?

I live upstairs.

What's going on?

- Calm down.
- No big deal.

It could be a big trouble, trust me!

- You know where's Kapil?
- Get away!

Do you know Mani?

You didn't ask for permission.

I was nervous.

You goddamn brownie.

Let me tell you again, you have to
obey me as long as you're here.

- OK?
- Yes, sir.

There's beef in that.

It's pretty good.

You've been in my room?

Where's the turtle?

I don't know.

I really don't know.
I didn't go in.

Everyone knows you're in trouble.
He hasn't called you?


Is he going to sell you out?

My cousin wouldn't sell me out!

So he's family.



If you touch my stuff again,

I'll kill you.

Come out!

I'm giving you another chance to breathe.

How will you return the favor?

Boss Tai, I already gave you
Kapil's phone number.

Hooligans work with fake phone number.
Should I believe you?


- So you don't like to breathe.
- Hold on, boss!

He has a cousin, called Mani.

- Let him go...
- Thank you, boss.


After another 15 minutes in there.

No! No!


U.S. stocks surged,
but HK stocks could not keep up.

Hong Kong stocks
continue to weaken.

RMB FOB price fell
to this year's lowest.

Further down to the level of 7.173.

Today's market
atmosphere is tense again.

Is the market outlook
optimistic or not?

Is it entering a rampant pattern?

Or look at the downward trend?

My opinion is that after opening
lower and the market crash last Friday,

in fact, the overall trend
of Hong Kong stocks is weak.

There has been a slight
rebound in the past two days,

it has already given up today.

For the time being,
the trend is mainly to weaken.

See if we can
consolidate at 23000.

The news comes out.

Poor market response.

It may has the opportunity
to test the low of 22500 points.

After all, the current
situation is not clear.

Those cigarettes have gone stale.

Let's analyze the uncertain factors,

and focus on Sino-U.S. relations.

How long will the stock market
be trapped by local factors?

Big firms are less optimistic.

The latest review is from
Bank of America an it is pessimistic.

Indeed, these political market
conditions are more volatile.

The two sessions will close soon.

Trump threatened to introduce
specific sanctions details last night.

I need to go toilet.

Worried about the deterioration
of Sino-U.S. relations...

What happened?
A fight?

I have to meet
the teacher at school…

Thank you miss.

Did Kapil call you?

I have to go.

What about my money?

I won't stop you from
getting yourself killed.

Something's happened.

- Something serious?
- My young brother got in a fight.

You've got minions out there?

My real young brother.

Can you help me, sir?

- Please.
- I barely know you.

Please, sir.

Are you Mansu?

You brother asked me to come.


And you are?

I'm his parent.


I'm his relative.

Mansu beat up two kids
at the school concession stand.

We weren't fighting.
We just had body contact.

It wasn't your first time.

Apologize to your teacher.

The school is considering expelling him.

It's not that serious.
Don't blow this out of proportion.

Go on.

Say sorry for your trouble.

As you can see, he won't
get along with other students.

- The other kids fear him.
- How about this?

If he won't change his ways,
I'll bring his big brother here.

Then you can do
whatever you want with him.

- Sir!
- It's minimal force. It's fine.

- Apologize.
- I'm sorry...

- Say it!
- I'm sorry...

- I can't hear you!
- Sorry. - To whom?

Sorry, miss.

Hear that?

Let's go!

What matters most...
is whether you fear him.

The other kids...
Who cares?

Sir, you can't talk like that.

Goddamn brat.

You think you're tough?

Stop it!

You people don't deserve my help.

I'm not afraid of you.

I'm afraid of you, all right?
The whole world's afraid of you.

Swim your way back to your country.
Or just be a beggar.

- I want to see my brother.
- He doesn't want to see you.

What do you have to say to him?

They won't play with me.
That's why I hit them.

You dummy. The more you fight them,
the less they want to play with you.

Let's go.

Look at yourself. You got snot covering
your mouth and now you can't speak.

Are you coming?
One, two, three!


This is payback.

- I want naan.
- Order it yourself.


Naan, please.

- Get me a milk tea.
- And a milk tea.


Where are your parents?

It's just for a few days.

What about his mother?

I'm not his father.

It's just for a few days.

A few days!


Hey! Hey!

- Do whatever this lady says.
- OK.

- Don't let him wander outside.
- Sure.

No! No!

No! No!

Let me go!

What did the teacher say?

He can stay in school.

He's not answering the phone.

Can you stop tapping your foot?

Tell me where Mansu is.

He's safe.

I think it's a heat stroke.

But it'll get cold in the water.
What if it catches a cold?

It's a cold-blooded animal!

What have you done in school?

It says here we should
use electrolytes...

When will my fish tank get delivered?

Told you in few days.
Can't wait?

Hundred and fifty dollars.

Why that much?
The shop at the corner sells it at $90.

You know him.
Why didn't you tell me?


Tofu is getting married.

Thanks, Wood.

Stop messing with it.
It costs way more than you can afford.

Now can you tell me where Mansu is?

How many relatives do you have?

Just Mansu and Kapil.

He's doing an apprenticeship
with my friend.


- What is he learning?
- Nothing illegal.

Mansu's a smart kid.
No one taught him cricket.

He picked it up on his own.
I want him to join a school team.

That's wishful thinking.

How do you know he'll get in?

I'll get him into university.

He's really your brother by blood?


Why are you so dorky?

Change into this.

- What's up, Boss Tai?
- Come clean up your mess.

- What mess?
- Your bald turtle.


Boss Tai.

Just arrived?

This way.

Find his cousin!

He gave me a bunch of dead turtles.

What am I supposed to do?

I told them!

There's risk in transporting them!

Refund his money.

You are telling the same
damn thing I said before.

What the hell do I need you for?

Look at your buddy...
Are you in cahoots?

- That is no guarantee!
- What did you say?!

Listen to me.
Ship another batch over!

Who says that I have to take it?

Refund the deposit.

- Double it.
- Triple!

You hear that?

Otherwise, you won't
make it back to Taiwan.

That's all the mercy
Boss Tai can spare.

You hear me?


Are you nuts?

Boss Tai!

Son of a bitch!

Go to hell!

Do you think I don't understand Mandarin?
I grew up with Shaw Brothers movies!

The fortune teller said...
there'd be blood this year.

What about the money?

He's dead. What can I do?

I did this for you.

Don't I deserve compensation?

- I haven't gotten a cent from you.
- Great.

Then deduct your commission.

- Leave!
- What's wrong?

Get the hell out!
I don't have time to fool around!


What's going on, sir?


What did I do?

What did I do?!


Hey Wah.

- What's the matter?
- I need your help.

We're at Wood's shop.
Come over. Tofu is getting married.


What happened?
Stay away!

- Don't get angry...
- I don't want to hear your voice!

Next turn is Wah.

Come on.

You couldn't shoot on the target
after years. Awesome!

Tofu, I am not you…

...practicing shooting skill everyday.
- It's time to test yourself.

- You can come here anytime.
- Exactly.

Step forward if you're near-sighted.
Step back if you have presbyopia.

Step back if you have presbyopia!

Go on!

The dodge shots!

- No good! To the right!
- Still no good!

- To the left!
- Still no good!



- Let's talk outside.
- Why can't you talk in here?

Come on.

Don't fall for his shit again.

- You're not qualified to fall for my shit.
- Are you in trouble again?

People die when he's in trouble.

I'll call you later.


We're all old friends here.

Why don't you invite him
to the wedding?

If you want to invite him,
put on your own wedding.


It's me. Mani!


Open the door please.
I left something important here.

It's not mine!

- The bag's not mine!
- It's not yours?! - Trust me!

- It's not mine!
- It's not yours?!

I didn't mean to lie to you.

It's Kapil's bag!

You bastard!

I didn't mean to lie.

The money I owe you...

I'll work...
and pay you bit by bit.

Did Kapil call you?

He's dead!

I saw his corpse myself.


- Don't joke about that.
- You think I'm joking?

Your brother's
at this address.

Go find him.


- Did those guys kill him?
- Get out of here!

- What do we do?
- There's no "we". It's just you!

I don't know who I can trust.

Everyone's shit.
Nothing good.

- Can I do anything to help you?
- With what?

I'm over a million dollars in debt!
How can I supposed to get it?

How can you help me?

Sir... I have eight kilograms of coke here.

Stock markets around the world plummeted today.

The decline in Hong Kong stock market is larger than in other places.

The Hang Seng Index fell 13.7%,

dropped by 1.438,
closing at 9.060.

The lowest
in twenty-six months.

It's ten million…

Calculated by index, it is the day that
HK stock market has fallen the most.

How do I pay it back?

U.S. President Clinton gave a speech
in Chicago ten minutes ago

Tonight the New York Dow JonesIndustrial
Average opened at 40 points dropped.

the largest dropped by 180. Fell below 7000.

My condolences.


Look what you've done!

Look! That's enough!
We should go!

He got Winston killed!


Chief didn't know
the market would dive.

Winston killed himself because he
borrowed a loan encouraged by Chiu!

You're a single man. He's not!
He got a family! Bastard!

That's enough!

- Let's go!
- Calm down!

- Hello?
- Where are you?

I'm walking to you.

Bring the stuff to the van.
Don't hang up.



I'm on my way.



Where are you?


You don't trust me?

Don't worry.

I deducted what you've owed me already.

You're a new man now.


Call me if you need cash.

I owe him my life.

No if's,

no but's.

It's about loyalty.

Don't ask why.

Don't ask how.

Ask what?

How much?

What's honorable.

You need this money
more than I do.

I don't want Mansu
to follow my footsteps.


Not everyone can make fast money like this.

I'm actually really scared.

I can tell.

Don't worry.

Lay low for a while.

I'll have someone
look after your brother.

When it's time,
I'll tell you where to find him.

She's my friend.

Her business is legit.

Please say thank you
on my part.

You guys are good people, actually.

Can you tell?

How about you?

What will you do?

There is always a way out.

I'll start over.

It's easier for people like you.

Shitty luck doesn't see race.

It's fair.

Light it again.

You can smoke after all.

What do you think of me?

You're all right.


Being all right
has its advantages.

Take it.

- Hello.
- Chiu.

- Is the kid being good?
- He is a good kid.

Your business is running good?

So far so good.

I will leave for a while.

Where are you going?

Are you Okay?

I'm fine.

When will you be back?

I will call you once I'm back.

Don't want it?

I want it.

Let's keep in touch. Goodbye.


You killed my cousin!
Go to hell!

You're Chiu?


I'm Pickle's brother.

I've been looking for him for days.

I haven't seen him, either.

Is that so?

You're his contact in Hong Kong.


I hear you've got
some money now.

- What are you talking about?
- Where are you now?

- I'm travelling.
- When are you going to visit me?

I'm occupied right now.

Then your friend
may have to die.

What friend?

What's his name?



You shithead.

All this time, you never
offered me a cigarette.

While he's still breathing...

Don't keep me waiting.

I'll go look for him.

I'll tell him you're looking for him.

Tell him now.

Chook, he brought two other guys.

Let them come up.

What is this?

You brought bodyguards?

He's looking for Pickle.

- Friend of the turtle man?
- My name is Bamboo.

Wait. We'll talk
about turtles later.


Where's my stuff?

You screwed me over
with outsiders?

I'll pay you whatever I owe you.


Pay me with the market price.

- Since you like my stuff so much,
- Boss Tai! - have some!

Have the whole bag!
Take it!

- Take it all!
- Hey!

If you want to put on a scene,

do it later.

Let's talk.

Don't you know
you're on my turf?

My partner's missing,

and I haven't gotten a cent.

Shouldn't I be pissed off?

You sent me dead turtles,
after I paid you.

Shouldn't I be pissed off?

There's no point to talk then.

Talking bullshit!

You're supposed to be a boss.

This is how you're responsible for your men?

Mr. Bamboo.

Can we work together?

- Let's talk.
- You son of a bitch!

We don't have shit to talk about!

Look around.

The coke I have here
is worth over a hundred million!

Golden coin turtle…
is just chump change.

You think about it.

He killed Pickle.

Mr. Bamboo.

Think about it.

Chook killed Pickle.

Now that he's dead,
I think we're even, right?

It's fair.

Don't let small things
get in the way of business.

Harmony brings wealth.

Now, this is what I like to see!


The money flew out of
my left pocket,

but now it's back
in my right pocket!

The fortune teller said there'd be blood.

You like being pals
with this brownie?

Sir, I didn't tell them anything.

You guys are putting on
a dog-eat-dog show.

Don't move...

No one's ever...

rolled me a cigarette before.

6.01 precision tube...

Two-stage recoil spring...

Added an airtight.

- On high quality suppository glue...
- Welcome.

High clapper.

Added matte word.

Added a matte base.

Chiu left this for you.

High clapper...

Effective range of 20 meters.

- This is a hard gun to modify.
- Guys...

Look at this.

This is to certify that Winston,
the borrowe's loan has been fully paid off.

HKD 22.513.654

Indemnifier name: Kwan Chiu