Hanayome no negoto (1933) - full transcript

Five friends make a pact to stick together through school, agreeing to graduate at the same time and to marry at the same time...

A Bride Talks in Her Sleep (1933)

A Shochiku film

A Bride Talks in her Sleep

Original story by Tokichi Uyama
Script: Akira Fushimi

Directed by Heinosuke Gosho

Sound recording by
Akio Dobashi, Yasu Hashimoto,

Yoshio Yamaguchi,
Shuntarou Ninomiya, etc.

Komura, a Company Worker -
Tokuji Kobayashi

and his wife Haruko - Kinuyo Tanaka

The Students: Saida - Tatsuo Saito
Enatsu - Ureo Egawa

Okubo - Kenji Ooyama
Hiyama - Reikou Tani

Bar Madam: Shizue Tatsuta,
Natsuko the dancer: Yumeko Aizome,

Wife next door: Chouko Iida
Her husband: Reikichi Kawamura

Thief: Takeshi Sakamoto
Raamen shop owner: Yoshiro Takayama

Bar girls:
Sumiko Mizukubo, Fushiko Fujita

On my cue then...

We were classmates, though through
a minor error he has become our senior!

Let's raise a toast to Komura!


Let's have a response!

I haven't had beer
for a while. It's good!

Whiskey's good too!


I agree! Hey, you...

- Bring whiskey!
- Aren't you overdoing it?

No no, it's fine!
Somebody's got the wallet!

Bring us the strong one!

No, don't!

Don't be so tight.
Let's drink and enjoy!

If you worry about the bill
you'll never succeed at work.

Come on! Drink!

Stop it! You know
how little I earn a month!

Let's not drink so heavily!

There there, Don't cry!

There is no sin!

Don't cry! Don't cry!


We're going to drink
your month's wages. Brace yourself!

Don't frighten me like that!

I'm serious!

Hey! Madam! Madam!

There's no need to call her.

We have business with her.


Did you want something?

You're pretty!

And you're an idiot!

What is it?
You're really going for it!

The bastard broke our agreement!

The 5 of us swore solemnly that we
would graduate and get married together.

That's right!

And he went and graduated on his own!

But it was impossible!

If you were going to fail exams
you should have taken me along with you!

Stop this talk about
'flunking' and 'failing'!

Exams are just a matter of luck!

Just because you passed There's
no need to think that you're the best!

It doesn't make you so special!

- Agreed?
- Agreed!

And on top of that to rush into marriage
ignored our sacred oath!

Fill them up!

When did he get married then?
That was fast!

It would be OK if he'd just keep quiet,
but he's always going on about her!

- No need to be embarrassed though!
- Have another drink!

Let's drink!

You're a bit out of control.

It's fine, isn't it?

Calm down a bit!

Let me drink!
I want sake!

Hey! Komura!

Your wife is called Haruko, isn't she?

How do you know her name?

I did some digging!

Not just her name...
I know she talks in her sleep!

Talks in her sleep!

Hey, how can you know that?

He said she talks in her sleep!

Don't spread silly rumours.

It's well known!
People talk about it!


So what kind of thing does she say?

It's not true.
That's just gossip.

There's no need to hide it!
I think you're actually delighted!

I'd like to hear her!

Come on. Let us hear her.

You must be joking!

It's just strange,
who'd like to be heard!

But surely it's OK between friends!
If we're really friends!

Taking a thing and splitting it
in two to share, that's friendship!

It is indeed!

A whore fell in love with a customer

Come on, we're good friends, so share!
Let us listen!

Yes, let us listen!

Sleep talk won't harm
anyone if it's heard!

Come on, let us listen!

Go on! Let us listen!

Well I understand your interest,

but a wife's sleep talk
must be reserved for the husband.

I can't let anyone else hear.

Is it OK?

Let's prove it!

Let's drink to sleep-talk!

Let us hear her!

If you want to hear it so much go
and find a woman who does it yourself!

Because that's really difficult to do!

- Madame, the bill!
- Are you going home already?

Yes. Have fun you guys.

Hey! This is no time to go home!

I want to go home,
I have no money for rent,

my head hurts and so does my stomach.

I shall not cry...

You've been abandoned?

It's a great pity!

- Hey, Madam!
- What?

What do you think?

- About what?
- You know ...

Oh, talking in your sleep?
It's supposed to be a good thing.

It's not supposed to be good,
it is a good thing!

I can't keep still
for thinking about it!

Let's go!


It's obvious! We're going to
Komura's place to make him let us listen.

Let's go! Let's go!

But they're newly married.

I feel sorry for them.

Who gives a shit about having a job!

That's a poor kind of "friendship"!

Komura's smugness really pisses me off!

That's right! Come on, let's go!


Mr Saida!

Telephone call! For Saida!

Hello? Who is it?

Can't you tell it's me?

Aren't you coming?

It's Makko! Machiko!

Yes, of course.

Are you with the others?

- Can you get away?
- Well I wonder...

Come on over.
And don't speak so distantly!

Nobody's danced with me yet tonight.

I'm lonely!

Please! Do me
a favour and come over!

Will you?

Come on Saita, hurry up!

Yes, yes. Understood!

I'm so happy!

In exchange I'll make you
happy too! See you shortly!

Well, goodbye then.

- Call Saida.
- Saida, what's up?

I'm afraid I can't come with you.
Something urgent's come up.

Turn it down!

It's not a reputable place!

It was a young female voice.

This looks suspicious.

No, it really is important.

Also, I feel really sorry for Komura.
I want no part of it.

Are you sure?
You're usually the leader.

I've got some things left to do!

I can't hang around here
until I fail my exams!

Don't think badly of me, but I'm off.

- I won't hang around with you any more!
- Nor me with you!

- What's up?
- They've been betrayed!

Shut up!

Let those who want
to go home leave!

OK. The fewer the better!
Are you coming to Komura's place?

- Of course I am!
- Me too!


This is a pretty
big place they live in!

The rent is 28 yen a month
with three months' rent as deposit.

Something like that!

Okubo, let's see your best gallantry!

But remember we face
a double opponent! A married couple!

You can't tell what
newly-weds may do! Be wary!


Welcome back!

Hey, Komura!

Who is it?

Good evening.

You must be Mrs Komura?


Well, well.

We heard about you from Komura.

We thought we should drop by sometime

and by chance tonight
we were all together.

We felt we should offer our respects!

But, who are you?

We're your husband's classmates.

We are still...
registered at the university and...

Well to put it simply...

Following a regrettable
examination incident we are retaking...

and we remain for
another year at our studies.

Tell Komura,
he'll know straight away!

Hang on a moment please.

Komura, top mucking about and
get out here! The Band of 5

You're not out are you?

Where's Komura?

Well he should normally
be home about now.

So he's not home yet?

He said he was
dropping in on a relative.

Please come in.

That's a shame.

He'll be back soon.

Please come in.

Really? Well, OK then.

Nice to meet you.

I know my husband
is deeply obliged to you all.

Not at all.
It's lovely to meet you.

Now we've done the formalities
may I sit more comfortably?


It's a nice place you have here.
Where do you sleep?

Do you sleep in this room?

I'll just put the tea on.

Please don't trouble yourself.

This is nice,
those box-like furniture items!

The chest of drawers is really good.

And this is nice too!

They're all wedding gifts.
We had loads of things.

It made the room feel small.

Did you sell them?

No, we store them at my family home.

Well, that's pretty good!

Are these wedding gifts too?


But I don't drink sake at all.

What a waste...

Since they were given specially it
would be nice to be able to have some...

But he says he goes red
at even a sniff of sake.

But I can hardly throw it away.

It's a real problem.

Yes, that really is a problem.

Hey, we haven't brought any gift
but perhaps we can do them a favour...

Perhaps between us we could help out
by dealing with it for them?

By "deal with" you mean drink it?

Hmm well...

But like Komura
I'm not really good with sake...

It would be true friendship!

You can't stand by
and leave them in trouble!

Don't you understand
the meaning of friendship?

I shall renounce my non-drinking,
with passion!

I am marvellous!

Please don't take on
more than you can do.

Mrs Komura, please
don't try to stop him.

What we must do when
a friend is in need will be forgiven.

'He throws his body on the line
in order to drink for a dear friend'...

It's so noble
it brings a tear to your eye!

Let's do it with enthusiasm.

So perhaps I can ask you
to take it home with you...

We won't need to do that.
We'll deal with it here.

- The foreign liquor as well
as the Japanese. - Yes.

Mixing it is bad for you.

One must be prepared
to make sacrifices.

I'll make preparations for you.

Don't trouble yourself.
We'll sort it out ourselves.

But I...

We'll have it hot later,
for now we'll drink it cold!

Please don't put yourself
to any trouble.

But I must get you
some beer snacks to go with it.

There really isn't anything much here.

No, no.

Please don't do too much.

He'll be fine if he eats something.

This sake stuff, it just
evaporates! Like magic!



- There's sausage! Perk up!
- Sausage?

Sausage was exactly what I needed.

It's good. Really good.

The bastard Komura's thing
was drinking whiskey with sausage.

Or so they said but
that was unfounded gossip.

It was. Totally unfounded.

Good evening!

Anybody home?

Good evening.

Thanks again for lending me
your gramophone the other day.

No problem.
It was good timing for us.

It's just what we wished for.

My husband really likes
listening to naniwabushi ballads.

which is fine, but listening
to high-falutin' stuff...

He got all depressed,

had a fight at work

and came home in a foul mood.

And then his listening
to those naniwabushi

made me really anxious for him...

That's why I was really relieved
when you came to borrow it from us!

Oh! I see.

So I was looking for some
good records and I've found these.

Thank you so much
for going to all the trouble.

The gramophone needs coaxing
to make it play properly.

But I'm quite good at it...

Hey you! If you're
not really gentle you'll break it.

Hey auntie, fancy a drink?
It's good foreign stuff!

Go get her a cup.

It's fine.

Please, come over here.

Well, excuse me then...

- I'll just put this here.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

Students these days are so kind
and tactful. It's very pleasant.

You should do "go-henpai".

He's not able to drink much.

I am unable to drink!

Don't say that.
Let me pour for you.

Stop, stop!

Clever lad! You liked
that gramophone, didn't you?

Auntie, give me some please.

Of course!

I like chubby guys a lot!

You know what to say, auntie!

Don't keep calling me auntie.
I have a name!


Nami-san? Well then
Nami-san, how about a drink?

Thank you.

I forgot! I brought the record
specially so let's play it.

No, it's fine.

But I won't get in the mood without it.
Let's listen to it.

Our gramophone is a very
good one, it's imported!

Good evening.

Good evening.

Actually my wife is at your place...

Is she?

She's such an open
and friendly person,

but I'm sorry she's troubling you.

Could you ask her
to come straight home please.

I see. OK.


Let's drink to auntie...
excuse me, to Nami-san.

You're good looking. I'll bet you're
a womaniser who makes the girls cry!

Darling! Darling!

What's up?

Welcome home.
We've got visitors.

Hey Komura! Where did
you drop in on the way home?

We've been waiting ages.

It's no bother to us but
your poor wife was lonely.

Anyway hurry up and come in!

When did you come here?

Straight after "that"!

We wanted very much to listen
to that matter we discussed.

We came specially en masse!

Take that look off your face!

Mrs! Mrs!

He's really good at bringing
little gifts for his missus!

Leave it out!

- Have a drink!
- I'll take those!

- Hey! Stop it!
- Allow me!

And the Mrs,
let's have a glass!

Welcome back!

Your husband told me to ask you
to come home straight away.

Did he? The bastard always
interrupts me when I'm having fun.

I'll show the bugger.
Have you got a weapon?

Have you got a baseball bat?
Something to hit him with?

No violence please!

Stay out of it!

If I let him get away with it
he'll be difficult in future.

Those stories make him think
he's the hero! Out of my way!

Come on, Komura,
it's fine, surely?


Mrs! Please don't mind us!
Feel free to go to bed!

Oh no.

Staying up late is bad for you!

If you're going to lay out
your futon I'll be happy to help!

Stop that!

It's really bad
to keep her up so late.

It's really bad for her.

We can't do what we came to do!

So hurry up and
get her to go to bed.

That's not a good idea.

- Then I'll put her to bed!
- No!

He's well known for being
good at 'putting to sleep'

Well, have another glass!

You pour for me!

That's the last train to your place.

We don't need to worry about that.

Don't worry. It's got lots
of electricity... and zooooom...

It stops and starts!

Don't you worry!


I can't!

You all know that I can't drink!

Yes, we know.

If you won't drink with us
I have an idea.

- I'll tell everything!
- Stop it!

It's you who's the strongest
drinker in our group!

Shh! You can be heard!

Who's being loud?
This is my normal voice!

Well which is it? If you're not
going to drink, go to bed!


OK, OK. Just a little.

Do it properly!
Drink whiskey!

Drink. Do a party trick!

If you don't go to bed
our plan won't work!

You're going to entertain us
with a party piece! I'll do one too!

Yeah? What are you going to do?

- I'll perform a ballad!
- A ballad?

It'll be much better than that record!

Ten times better!

Then appeared Akeji Mitsuhide...

My superb baritone
suits that rather well!

OK. I'll do one too!

It's a "kouta" (ballad).
It'll be superb!

Chin-ton-sha a



... sake .... take .....

You're terrible!

Singing like that
will give people the shits!

- Don't do that in public!
- Applause please!

Now it's your turn!
Get on with it!

Give me a break!
Can't you go home?

Is it just me? Who else?

Look it's impossible.

Come on! If you don't then
we'll need to move to the path of pain!

Remember when you
were a student and you...

That girl in the coffee-shop.
Omichan, was she called?

Wait! OK, OK I will.

There's no need for blackmail!

- Drink! Get on with it!
- I will!

Come on then!

Come on! Yes, come on!

- What should I do then?
- That's easy!

Your speciality is that monkey thing!

- Eh?
- Well?

Here, I'll lend you this!

Put your heart into it!

Mitsukoshi department store hat box

OK then. Here I go.

Do it!

And now,

in response to popular demand...
the special performance

See the monkey

Here, have a drink!

It's been a while since I did that!

Your party piece is pretty good!

It's worth seeing.

If we show him in Asakusa
we'd make good money!

Come on. You promised.

Now go home.

We're not leaving.


That's ridiculous!

Our objective remains and
we cannot leave until we accomplish it.

But you agreed...

- Go to bed!
- Put her to bed!

- But...
- Darling!




You go ahead and go to bed.

It's a bit odd...

Don't say 'oi'...

Call her name!

'Haruko' or 'Haru-chan',
or something.


Haru! I'm coming!

Spring, oh spring! Southern romance...

What did you say?

Hey! What's up?

Hey Komura,
you can't call her "oi"!

What's the matter?

I'm completely fed up!

Fed up?


There's no need to do
that monkey impersonation!

And what's this?

I saw you!
I saw from the other room!

I'm so disappointed in you!

What's this then? Well?

Err, well it's...

It's this sake. I'm not used to it
and it's gone to my head.


You deceived me.

You drink a lot!

You only act like a gentleman
in front of me.

No I, errr

You're a Mr. Hyde,
a gorilla... a chimpanzee.

(still punning with 'Haru ya')

Hurry up and get her to bed.

Go to sleep

Go to sleep like a good kid

It's cold.
You should go to bed.

Go back next door, Hyde!

I'll catch a cold
and it'll be your fault!

Don't say that!

You'll have to take the day off work
tomorrow and I'll look after you.

I'm going to bed.

Let me go to bed!

Pass the ball!


Well? Well?

I've had a good idea!

Let's leave them here
and go to the apartment to sleep.

Apartment? What apartment?

Their apartment!


Come on! Let's.
Let's get ready and go.

You danced a lot tonight!
You must be tired

After so much dancing
my insomnia might be cured!

I'll just go and get changed.

What's up?

Are you there?

- They seem to have gone out!
- Where?

To the house of those newly-weds
we were talking about.

- To hear the sleep-talking.
- They really got obsessed with it!

They shouldn't have gone.
They're making a nuisance of themselves!

But it's a chance for us tonight
with nobody to interrupt us.


Hey. What are you doing here?


You've come to sleep here?

This is Saida. He's part of
the same group as the other three.

This is my wife!

I'm Saida! Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you!

Is this the place?


What happened to Okubo and Enatsu?

We left them looking after our place.

Well good night!

Good night!

That's the sleep-talker.

Oh yes!

We might be able to hear her!

How disgusting!

Don't mess around!

What's this?

That... that...

Stop it! I don't like it!

Don't try to trick me!

Did you hear?

It's bad for the heart!

It sure is!

I got over-excited!

The blood's gone to my head.

There's no way
I'll be able to sleep tonight!


So you've seen me?

You're a smart kid.

Best keep quiet.

You're a thief, aren't you?

Shut up!

Violence will make
it bad for both of us.

Mitori Apartments

Meji milk!

I wonder what happened to them?

We'll give them a shock!


- What's up?
- There's nobody here.

That's strange.
Maybe they went home.



This is odd!

The door wasn't locked, was it?

No, it wasn't...


Look at this!

What a sweet face he's making!

I don't like it!

What happened?

It's morning! Wake up!

What time do you think it is?
Get up!

Hey! Why are you so...

What the hell happened?

A burglar...

We've been completely fleeced!

- Did you say robbery?
- Yes.


Untie me too!

Where did they get in?

Over there.

Don't worry, Mrs.
It was only our stuff he took.

What about your brand new formal outfit?

Everything's still here.
Nothing's been taken.

Really? That's a relief!

Hey, hurry up and give me a light!

- Goodbye!
- Goodbye!

- We'll wear these then.
- OK

Don't worry about sleep talk.

and get on with
your studies, guys.


Don't pawn the clothes!

I must get to work!

But it's Sunday today.


Oh... I see...

On Sundays we don't accept callers

The End