Hanataba mitaina koi wo shita (2021) - full transcript

A twenty-two-year old man and a twenty-two year old woman miss the last train departing a station in Tokyo and become acquainted. Thus begins a five-year long romance, which develops, blossoms and goes through its cycle. The two are in love and live for the moment. They feel they are content and contemporary and there for another and shun the feelings of longing, nostalgia or even dreaming. The director began working on the film assuming the actor and actress would be his leads and has cast them here.

- Here.
- Thanks.

- Ready?
- Yep.

Look at them.

They don't truly like music.


Music is stereo, not mono.

Your left and right earphones
play different sounds.

They're listening to
two different songs.

It's like a BLT.

If you eat the bacon and lettuce
separately, is that a BLT?


You share a pork cutlet bowl
and one person eats all the pork.

The other person had?

- Egg and rice.
- See?

Whatever that couple
thinks they're doing,

they aren't listening
to the same music.

You know those mixing consoles
they have in recording studios?


They have all those knobs and buttons.

All of them exist to make the sound
more three-dimensional.

Musicians and audio engineers
all work into the dead of night

eating takeout as they try to get
the sound just right.

And to think someone would
listen to left and right separately...

the sound mixer would throw
their takeout onto the console.

Like, "Screw it!"

Maybe they want to listen together.

Everyone has their own phone.

You could wear separate earphones
and press play at the same time.

Isn't sharing one thing the point?

You can't share it.

Love, that is.

Each person has their own love.

It's one person each.

Those two don't get that.

I should tell them.

- Change of mind?
- Yeah.

By the way, did I leave my earrings
at your place last night, Mugi?

I don't think so...

My parents have been asking,
"When are we going to meet Kinu?"

What do you say?

Right. Better figure out a date...

Maybe the sink or the bathtub?


We Made a Beautiful Bouquet

My name is Kinu Hachiya,
a 21-year-old college student.

If there's one thing
I'm sure of in this world...

it's that toast always falls
butter-side down.

So I try not to expect too much.

I rarely get excited about things.

The National Museum
is having a mummy exhibit.

It may not look like it,

but inside,
I'm sobbing with tears of joy.

It happened last week.

My two-year-old
"College Girl and Ramen" blog

had reached 1,500 daily views.

That day, I was trying
yet another a new shop.

My ratings

With Tenjiku Nezumi's comedy show
hours away, I stopped by Omotesando.

I felt people staring and realized.

Of course, that's when

I run into Tominokoji,
who I once went on a date with.

Been a while.

He'd clearly forgotten my name.

On our previous date,

he'd also taken me to a BBQ place
when I was wearing a new sweater.


Guys who seem suave
are usually just looking down on you.



Be right back.

- Later.
- Later.

Come on.

It's freezing.

- Where to?
- Let's see...

The last train was leaving.

Should've gone to
the Tenjiku Nezumi show.

Worst night ever.

Worst all-nighter ever.

At times like these,
I like to remind myself.

The semi-finals of the 2014 World Cup.

Host country Brazil loses to Germany,
allowing seven goals.

Brazilians around the country
were completely devastated.

At least I had it better than them.
My life is peachy in comparison.

For now, I'll just focus on mummies.

I won't wish for anything more.

That's when it happened.

My name is Mugi Yamane,
a 21-year-old college student.

Rock paper scissors
never made sense to me.

Rock beats scissors,
scissors beats paper.

That much is fine.

But paper beats rock? Please.
Rock would easily rip paper.

Why do we humans accept
such nonsensical rules as fact?

Life is absurd.

A flyer for a 320 million-yen condo
stuffed into the mailbox

of my 58,000-yen a month apartment.

Funniest thing yet this year.

I've been in a bit of a funk.

The reason is clear.

I'm burnt out.

Three months ago, I was checking out
my neighborhood on Street View

when I found a miracle.

What the...?

No way! Seriously?

Okita was excited about
seeing his friend on Street View.


I treated him to dinner.


That's awesome.

I treated him too.

How momentous.

Him too.

Cool. When was this?

I was on top of the world.


Unai, Unai...

Check it out. It's me.

Will I ever feel
such excitement again?

Tenjiku Nezumi Show

Crap, I missed it...

Someone once said letting go of
everything on earth gives you wings.

My flight seemed imminent.

That's when it happened.

They needed an extra girl for a mixer.

Karaoke bars designed not to look
as such are filled with tech workers,

who are hooligans dressed up
not to look as such.

In the end, fate rewards action.

And they love that line.

Pictures for Instagram
are a girls-only affair.

Wait. Hide the cigarettes.

Sorry, sorry.

Before you know it, some old man
is telling you about his surgery.

they took it out
and connected it to my intestines.

Had my lymph nodes out, too.

Why on earth did I agree to come?

Ramen rankings

I always ask myself the same thing.

Unai's friend?

Yes. Where is she?

Scooch over.

Where's Unai?

- What?
- Where's Unai?

She stayed home because
the moon is unlucky or something.

She's a bit of a spiritualist.

What's up guys?

Hey! What's going on?

Hey guys!


Take the back seat.

Mom: Can you pick up
some toilet paper?

- Crap, the last train's leaving.
- Come on, we'd better hurry.

It's leaving any minute.

- Tomorrow's work.
- I have something, too.

Pardon me. Sorry.

Here. Go ahead.

Thank you.

I need to charge?

Insufficient funds.


Did we miss it?

Looks like it.

Next train's at dawn...

Do you know any 24-hour bars?




Thank you.

Do you have work tomorrow?

Not until the afternoon.

- Where do you work?
- In publishing.

Publishing? How impressive.

It's only a small company.

And you?

I have tomorrow off.

Nice. Any plans?

Not quite sure yet.

Don't look.

What's up?

We have a legend in our midst.

A legend?

He's that dog lover
and soba noodle connoisseur.

Is he famous?


Don't you watch movies?

Of course I do.
People say my taste is pretty obscure.

Like what?

Like The Shawshank Redemption.

- I've heard of that.
- It's so moving.

Is it, really?

Last year, I watched
Kiki's Delivery Service.

Just last year?

- With that kid actor?
- Right.

- The live action one?
- I did, too.

How could they be talking about this
in front of the legend himself?

I guess it's people like them who are
responsible for all those remakes.

- We're off.
- See you.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Good night.

I thought I owed it to him
to say something.

In truth, I was just as excited
as he was.

Can't believe we saw Oshii.

Mamoru Oshii was in that bar.

You know him?

Whether you like him or not,
everyone should at least know him.

Indeed. He's world-class.


It all started with Mamoru Oshii.

- Also...
- The hand cream?

Right. She put on all that hand cream.

Only to use a hand towel.

Right? I was so confused...

Ouch. Something stabbed me.

You live near Tobitakyu Station?

Yes. I always transfer
at Chofu Station.

We might've passed each other
at the station then.

That's true.

Oh, thanks.

Here you go. Two highballs.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.


I'm Kinu Hachiya.

My favorite phrase is
"Free noodle refills."

I'm Mugi Yamane.

My favorite phrase is

"A crowbar-like object."

That hits the spot.

Notice how earphones always
end up like this?

- Me, too. See?
- They get all tangled up...


I've read most of
Hiroshi Homura's work.

I've read most of Yu Nagashima's work.

Although, I usually have to
wait for paperback.

I use the library.

Who else do you read?

- Shinji Ishii.
- Yes.

- Toshiyuki Horie.
- Yes.

Tomoka Shibasaki.

Hiroko Oyamada. Natsuko Imamura.

Of course, Yoko Ogawa and Yoko Tawada.

Also, Otaro Maijo and Aki Sato.

You, too?

You, too?

You use movie tickets
as bookmarks?

I do, indeed.

You know that bar cero's Takagi runs?

Roji? I've been there.

My friend met Takagi in person
and became a cero fan.

She pawned off all her
collectible Yuzu gift cards.

There was this show Tenjiku Nezumi
did at the Lumine theater.

Yes, I'm aware.

I had a ticket but I couldn't go.

Me, too.

I accidentally missed it.


You weren't kidding.

We might've met at the show
if we had gone.

You're right.


But if we had gone to the show,

we might not have met today.

Maybe so.

So these were our tickets
to meet each other today.

I see.

Do you listen to Ikina Yoru Denpa?

Naruyoshi Kikuchi's radio show?

Yes, of course.

Sorry, I cut you off.

I'm going to use the restroom.

It's to the right of the entrance.

Okay. Thanks.

I used to be really into gas holders.

Takashimadaira has good ones.

Also, Roka-koen, Chitose-karasuyama,
Minami-senju among other spots.


I used to take videos of them, too.

I edited them and all.

You made a movie?

- No...
- I want to see.


It's 3 hours 21 minutes long.

That's like The Return of the King
but only with gas holders.

I know. It interests me
much more than The Hobbit.

Really? Want to go watch it now?

Sure, I'd love to.

Go ahead.

There you are, Mugi.

Why are you here?


I went to the karaoke bar,

but they said you weren't coming
because the moon was unlucky.

What's that supposed to mean?

Someone was pulling your chain.


Are you with someone?


Drink with us. Right, everyone?

- Sure.
- Drink with us.

What's an "unlucky moon" anyway?

Who knows?

Weird, huh?

Give me a minute, okay?

My friend says I can
stay over at her place.

Sorry, I'd better go now.


- Bye.
- See you.

Hey, Mugi?


I was hoping for a chance
to talk one-on-one with you.

Excuse me.


Excuse me, I...

You need more money?


I was going this way anyway.

My friend's apartment is nearby.

That's a lie.

Seriously? Let go.

- Come on.
- I insist.

Can I ask you a favor?

I want to go to a karaoke bar
that actually looks like one.

Bought those 350 ml cans
of beer at the convenience store

A night walk just you and me

The clock says its midnight

Ever heard of chronostasis?

You said, never heard of it

It's when the clock
seems like it's stopped

You know that feeling?

Ever heard of chronostasis?

Never heard of it.

It's when you look at the clock
and think, "Hey, that's my birthday."

You know that feeling?

- Awesome. Cheers.
- Cheers.

Let me see...

Amiko Here was pretty good.

"Picnic," right?

That one blew me away.


Imamura hasn't written
anything since, has she?

Yeah. I hope she does soon.

The other day, I was being swayed by
a train when the person next to me...

Where other people would say,
"I was riding the train,"

he said, "I was
being swayed by a train."

Let me ask you.

There's something I never understood
ever since I was a kid.

So there's rock, paper,
and scissors, right?


How on earth does paper beat rock?

It'll rip.

I know someone who's been
wondering that for years.

Nearly there.

Nearly there.

Nearly there.

Nearly there.

Nearly there.

We made it.


We made it to Chofu.

- Hooray.
- Hooray.


Oh, man. I fully stepped in it.

This is my place.
Sorry to make you run.

It's totally fine.

It's freezing.

Come in.

Excuse me.

- Come in. Sorry it's messy.
- Not at all.

Can I put this here?

Sure. Why don't we just
set it all down here?



Crazy how hard it rained.

I kind of enjoyed it.

Let me get you a towel.


- Make yourself at home.
- Thanks.

Here you go.

We have identical bookshelves.

After that, we watched my gas holder
movie, which I had never shown anyone.

It's Takashimadaira.

We got hungry, so I made us
some grilled rice balls.

Can I have another?


Can I have it?

Go ahead.

She had two of them.

They're tasty.

Five-minute nap, okay?

And fell asleep at the best part.

An hour later, she got up and said,
"Cool movie. Guess I'll head home."

I was sure I'd turned her off.

Hold the bus. Hold up, please.

- Sorry.
- Made it.

- Hey. There's...
- Yes?

There's a mummy exhibit
at the National Museum.

I thought maybe you'd like to...

I'd love to.

Welcome home.

Dear, Kinu's been out all night again.

What a waste.

Do you know what time it is?
Where have you been?

What a terrible waste.

Don't talk to me yet,
you'll ruin the moment.

I still want to bask
in the afterglow of last night.

If only there were
music for times like these.

His apartment was eight minutes away
from Chofu Station.

It was filled with guidebooks for
places he had no plans to visit.

We have identical bookshelves.

That's private...

Did you do these?


I was hoping to turn it into a career.

That was a joke. You get it?

I like your art.

Thin strands of rain came down,
illuminated by the orange streetlamp.

Listening to the rain,
I looked through his sketches

when he said very shyly.

You'll catch a cold.

And brought a hairdryer
from his bathroom.

The cord was just long enough,

and he started drying my hair.

My heart started pounding
with anticipation, but fortunately,

the hairdryer drowned it out.

She said she liked my art.

She said she liked my art...

She said she liked my art...

She said...

she liked my art...

Sorry I'm late.

Mummy exhibit

Okay, then.

Shall we?

Wasn't it incredible?

Yes. It was beyond words.

Look at this one.

Ready to order?

Let's see...

All you can drink.


There's this man who lives
in the house next to us.

He looks just like Ryu Murakami.

And his wife is a dead ringer
for Eiko Koike.

Like the TV show Cambrian Palace!


I've got to see this.

That's a miracle.

It's unbelievable.

It's getting pretty late.
Should we head home?

I guess so.

Let's go.

Cambrian Palace, that's funny...

Oh, have you read Golden Kamuy?

Yes. It's so intense.

We ended up talking about
Yoriko Hoshi, vaporwave,

and Mamagoto's Watashi no Hoshi.

We refilled our drinks three times.

Before we knew it,
it was time for the last train.

Does he think we're just friends?

Is it just that our tastes
are similar?

People say you end up being friends

if you don't tell them how you feel
after three dates.

I felt the need to act.

If thinking about someone
when you're apart means you like them,

she definitely applied.

He was nice to servers,
always stayed in step with me.

There really were
nothing but positives.

Had fun today. When are you open next?

Next time, I have to confess.

I decided to confess
before the last train...

and took her gas holder watching.

This is quite...

Wow, I must say,
this has exceeded my expectations.

I underestimated it.

"Girl meets gas holder."


I got a great picture.


Eight hours until the last train.

How can I make the mood romantic?

The movie lineup looks promising.


Shimotakaido Cinema, too.

Of course.

We always talk about stuff like that.

Three hours until the last train.

So when it comes to bread,

are you a five-slice
or six-slice person?

Come on, make it romantic.

Two more hours.

You're right. It's you.

You're in a band?

We're just starting out, though.

"Awesome City Club"?

Yes. Give us a search on YouTube.



do you guys have any
romantic-type songs?

Basically, a love song.

We do.

Cool intro.


I've got this.

One hour to go.

You guys.

You're no music fans.

Left and right earphones
play different sounds.

Sorry, you see...

The way sound mixing works is...

For the next hour or so,

he lectured us on the mixing
techniques of an audio engineer.

That can have a dramatic effect
on how you experience the song.

The last train's about to leave.

I suppose so.

Here you go. One chocolate sundae.

We didn't order this.



Oh, dear.

Sorry. We punched in the order wrong.

It's okay. We can, you know...

- We'll have it.
- Yes.

Thank you very much.

- Thanks.
- Thank you.

Looks delicious.

It really does.

It's not small.


Miss Hachiya.


Will you be my girlfriend?


I'd love that.

White jeans are a turnoff for me.


If the person I was dating
wore white jeans,

I'd like them a little less.


I promise not to wear white jeans.

Is there something on your end?

In the game Uno.


"You forgot to say uno, draw two!"
People who say that.

That turns me off.

Okay. Understood.

I'll never say that.

That's all.


Good night.

Good night.

It's red.

The light stayed red for a while.

The light still stayed red.

There was a button.

Thank goodness for push buttons.

One more thing.

I rather like frequent
displays of affection like this.


Within the next week,
we visited the Hara Museum,

had deep fried oysters in Ningyocho,
and had Tamu draw our portrait.

Then, one windy March night,

we gave up on some terrible movie
and slept together for the first time.

I stayed over three nights in a row.

I skipped school
and job hunting guidance.

We stayed in bed and did it all day.

We did it here.

And here.

Wait. What are you doing?

- It's okay.
- What are you doing?

It's okay. Just relax.

On the third day, the fridge became
empty, so we went to a café nearby.

Here we are eating pancakes
as if we hadn't just done it.

Here, I'll give you some.

On the fourth day, we both had work,
so I finally went home.

- You look crazy.
- Do I?

For some years, I had been reading
a blog called "Survival Rate of Love."

The author, a woman named Mei,
had apparently taken her own life.

To me,

she had been a writer who
seemed to be speaking to you directly.

Her writing always had
a similar theme.

The beginning is
the beginning of the end.

Separation is implicit to
meeting someone.

Sooner or later, the party has to end.

All lovers can do is sit across from
each other, share what they love,

and bask in that sad truth together.

Mei had written that she was in love,

and that she intended to
keep the party going.

That was one year ago.

"Though the survival rate of love
is but a few percent,

I will beat the odds."

The writer who had once
jokingly wrote that was now dead.




Check it out.

I got us fish and rice bowls.

How good does that look?

They were about to close.
Looks tasty, right?

You disappeared without a word.


Let's eat over there.

I wonder if Mei had witnessed
the death of love.

Did she follow in
its doomed footsteps?

There's no way to know

and no reason to expect
a similar experience.

All I knew

was that our party had just begun
to great fanfare.

Restaurant Sawayaka

Customers with the number 247.
We're ready to seat you now.

- This way, please.
- Hey, Kinu?

I don't think we'll make
the bullet train in time.


Maybe next time?



Smells great, huh?


I see this flower all the time.
What's it called?


Apparently, when you ask a girl that,

the flower reminds you of that girl
for the rest of your life.

That's according to Mei.

Is that true?

Tell me, then.

I wonder if I should.

Come on, tell me.

What comes after "ma"?

Take a guess. Want this topping?

Sure. So it's "ma"...?

Kaito Aoki photo exhibit

This one is a mountain stream.

I shot a mountain stream,
turned it vertically,

and changed the shutter speed.

How impressive is that?

Mugi. Over here.

Hey, Mugi!

- It's been a while.
- Indeed.

- You doing well?
- Yes.

- This is Kinu.
- Hello.


So are you guys like...

She's my girlfriend.


Like the work?

It's brilliant.


I bet you're wondering what's up
with the matching fedoras.

Kind of.

The more pretentious...

the bigger the hat?


Hey, Mugi.

I like her.

Who'd have thought
you'd get a girl like her, right?

Hey, Kaito. Take their picture.

Good idea.

- Ready? Good looking couple.
- So true.

How much faith would it take
to get matching tattoos?

Don't you have as much faith in us?

Who knows? You might cheat on me.


The first time I saw her cry
was that summer.

To make up for her slow start, she had
been job hunting around the clock.



Interview go well?



It went okay.

I see.

What were you up to?

Me? Just working.

For my portfolio. So Kaito can
introduce me to that publisher.

I see.


Keep at it.

I will.

Okay, then.

Good night.

Good night.

Hold on, Kinu. Don't hang up.

Are you crying?

You went out wearing that?

She had been dealing with
one stress interview after another.

The system we have
in this country is insanity.

Why are you the one fired up?

It's my fault. I'm just too weak.

That's not true.
It's that interviewer.

He's an important man.

That may well be true,

but he's the kind of man who'd feel
nothing reading Imamura's "Picnic."

None of that matters in job hunting.

Why don't you just quit?

It's not even what you want.

My parents nag me at home.

Thanks for the food.

To them, you might as well be
a thug if you don't join a company.

Just live here, then.

I wish.

Move in with me.



- What a view.
- Amazing.

We'll redo the floor here.

Remember, the station
is 30 minutes away.

Maybe set up a table here.

Good idea.

- You sure?
- Or here.

Ready, go.


- Slowly does it.
- We're clear.

Comfy, huh?

- Ready?
- Do it.

- Success.
- Success.

The apartment was 30 minutes
from Chofu Station

on the banks of Tama River.

It was the start of
our new life together.

Check it out.

They look so good.

On October 29, we found a bakery
run by an old couple nearby,

which made tasty noodles-in-bread.

- Good?
- It's amazing.

- You weren't kidding.
- Right?

So good.

On November 1st,

I began doing illustrations for
websites at 1,000 yen a spot.

On November 1st, I began working
part-time at an ice cream shop.

The manager was having an affair.

After work, we'd meet at the station
and walk home together.

Those 30-minute walks home
became more precious than anything.

- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.

On December 24th, we gave
Christmas presents to each other.

Are you kidding me?

Thanks, I love it.

Me, too.

On December 29th,
we munched on snacks in bed

as we read Land of the Lustrous.

We were bawling.

On New Year's Eve,
I skipped visiting my parents'.

Instead, we cleaned the house,
had soba noodles...

and visited a small shrine
nearby to pray.

Look, Mugi.

At the end of our first year together,

we adopted a cat.

He's so adorable!

What are you doing here, bud?

We named the cat.

Time for dinner, Baron.

Hear that, Baron?

Naming a cat is one of the most
sacred things you can do.

Taberu no ga Osoi
literary magazine

In spring, we graduated and began
making a living with part-time jobs.

Hey. Check this out.

It's a new literary magazine.
Natsuko Imamura has put out new work.

No way. You're right.

On April 13th, we read
Natsuko Imamura's new novel.

On June 3rd, I was being naughty
and day-drank as I ate dumplings

that we had bought
from Kuribayashi in Fuchu.

Hey, check this out.

Isn't this...?

Is that the lady from the diner?


- She looks awesome.
- Look at her go.

The server had gone blonde,
changed her name to PORIN,

and had become a famous singer.

For some reason, things started
making me feel the passage of time.

Here you go.

I'll find us a seat.

- Chocolate and raspberry for you?
- Yes.

Need three more spots done for
feature page. I'll pay 1,000 yen.

1,000 yen per spot?

For all three.

I'll get right on it.

Welcome home.

I'm back.

Bad news, my parents
are coming tomorrow.


Watch out, okay?

They're like two walking ad agencies,
coaxing you with catchy life lessons.

Entering the workforce
is like jumping in a bath, you see?

Could you save the pitch for later?

Not a ONE OK ROCK fan?

Oh, they're pretty good.

Why don't you two go see them?
I'll get you tickets.

What do you say?

I'm not saying you have to work
for a major company.

Just a regular company is fine.

I'm working toward the Olympics.

Are you?

It's athletes that compete,
not ad agencies.

Entering the workforce
is like jumping in a bath, okay?

It's a chore to go in at first,

but once you get in,
you're so glad you did.

Excellent point.

Don't get drawn in by her ad pitch.

Life is about responsibility,
you know?

It's from Hiro.

Hello? This is Hachiya.

Thanks so much for calling.

In a horrifying turn of events,

my father visited from Niigata
three days later.

You're a man of Nagaoka.

Firework making is your destiny.

Don't be unreasonable.

Tokyo's fireworks are so unimpressive.

It's time to move back home.

There's something else for me.

In that case,
we'll stop sending you money.

More money for the fireworks fund.

With my 50,000-yen allowance
turned into fireworks,

our coffee now came from
the corner store.

Good. Now lower the angle a bit.

Good. Keep it there.

Now lose the left one.

So where's Nana?

In Ginza.

She's good at hustling old dudes.

It's just temporary.

This content creator Okawa
is mentoring me.

We'll have more money
once I land an ad gig.


How's work going?

My rate went down recently.

I'm sure Nana can get Kinu a club gig.

Stay strong.

Conformity and obedience kill talent.

Hi, we have three spots
for 1,000 yen. Interested?

Thought we agreed on 1,000 per spot?

We'll find some free materials then.
Thanks anyway.

All done.


Hey, Kinu?

I thought I'd get a job.


It's a little late,
but I'll start interviewing.

And illustration?

I can do it on the side.

Once it takes off a little,
I can pivot back.

Is this about my mom?

Not at all.

Imamura came back after
a long break, didn't she?

Ahiru was great, right?

PORIN from the diner, too.
You see how great she's doing?

I thought it was time for me
to take the next step, too.

You disapprove?

No. It's not like that.

I just thought things would
always be like this for us.

They will be.

I'm just getting a job.
That's all that's changing.

Without money, we can't buy books
or watch movies, can we?

I guess.

I'm going to get a job.

Good luck.

See you later.

Bookkeeping Exam Prep Course

That summer,
as Shin Godzilla came out,

as did volume eight of Golden Kamuy...

And as Makoto Shinkai emerged
as Hayao Miyazaki's successor...

and as Shibuya Parco closed...

our job hunting continued.

It's hard being normal.

Okay, then.

Can we ask you to start
in the new year?


In December, as my girlfriend passed
the bookkeeping exam and got hired...

Thank you.

As the diner lady's hair turned pink
and SMAPxSMAP aired its last show...

my job hunting continued.

My girlfriend will start
working in January.

I was desperate to
get hired by then.

Please let him be hired.

But, New Year's came and went.

Ms. Ogata? We're ready for you.

Here's your patient ID card.

If you bring in last year's receipts,
we can help with tax forms...

Pardon me. I'm leaving now.

Good work today.

Good work today.

You never join us after work, do you?

I'll join.

Yeah? We're going business card
collecting at Corridor Street.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

They're here.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Oh, thank you.

Thank you. Nice to meet you.

- Oh, thank you.
- Thank you.

Let us buy you drinks.
What do you want?

Really? We'll have tequila, then.

Really? We'll have tequila, then.

Mugi Awesome. How about you?

Awesome. How about you?

I'm going to the ladies' room.

Hello? Sorry, I just
noticed your call.

So, Kinu.

Yeah? Where are you right now?

I got the job.

They hired me.


Seriously, congratulations.


It's a logistics company
for online retailers.

They're young but up and coming.

The best part is
I'm always off by five.

That'll give you time to draw.


Seriously, I'm so relieved.

Now that I have this job,
we can be together forever.

These last two years with you
have been amazing.

I want to keep that going forever.

My greatest aspiration in life
is maintaining our status quo.

We should get that Switch.

Yeah. Can't wait for Zelda.


We did get a Switch and Zelda,

but busy training for my new job,
we hadn't gotten past Zora's Domain.

- Come, Yamane.
- Yes, sir.

- We're off.
- Off you go.

His assignment to the sales team
had him working past 8 some nights.

He says that's just how it is
in the beginning.

A Brighter Summer Day is ending.
How about Friday?

Friday is...

No good. I have a work party.

Oh well, we can go to
the movies any time.


Crap, that reminds me...

- Are those potatoes?
- Yeah. They're good.

- You're right. They're good.
- So delicious.

Hey, Nana. Can I ask you something?


Was it money that broke you two up?

What? He hit you?

That scumbag...

I don't think Kaito meant to hurt you.

People weren't recognizing his art
and that frustration just boiled over.

Mugi's a good guy.

Imagine having a matching tattoo
with your ex.

Nana misses you. Dinner next week?

They're letting me lead client
development for the Tokai region.

Is that right?

They want me to write a proposal.

Plus, I've been building
good relationships so...


Sounds great.

- Hey...
- Was it a play?

That thing you wanted to see.
When was it?

Watashi no Hoshi? Saturday.

Sunday is a work trip.

I'm leaving early for Shizuoka.

I see.

Okay. That's fine.


Fine. I'll go Saturday.

Why? I said it's okay.

It's not okay.

You got tickets, right?

It's work.

This doesn't give me
any pleasure, okay?

I hate having to say,
"Because of work."

I know.

Our lifestyles don't match up,
that's all.


What I mean is...

This is an important time.

- I know.
- Your face said, "Again"?

Well, it does keep happening.

What I'm saying is...

I said I'd go, didn't I?

You said, "Fine, I'll go."
Like it's a chore.


You've been saying "fine" a lot.

Don't look at me like
I'm being unreasonable.

Fine, I won't look at you like that.

Why do you have to say it like that?

There you go, policing my speech.

Can we just stop? This is so petty.

We've seen this play before anyway.

Oh, wait...

We'd been hoping it'd be revived,
weren't we?


This was good.
Why don't you take it with you?


Good evening, sir. Yes?

Saturday? Sure, I'll be there.

Give me a minute.

The first five years are the toughest.

Things will get easier after that.

Watashi no Hoshi

- Thanks for coming.
- Thank you.

How good is this food?

I'd move to Shizuoka
just for Sawayaka restaurant.

It's pretty amazing, yes.

Oh, thanks.

Thought you could use it.

Oh, sorry.

Playing Zelda?

Yeah. It's fun just
climbing the cliffs.

Right now, I'm fighting
Divine Beast Vah Ruta.

Want to give it a go?

Maybe not right now.

Of course not. Sorry.

You can leave the volume up.

I don't need to play right now.

Don't worry about it.

You've been working all day, too.

It's Christmas. Let's go shopping.

I said I wanted to watch a movie.

Taberu no ga Osoi

Winning the Game of Life

Good movie, huh?


One of my coworkers
is getting married.

Do you think about it?

Like when you'd want to.


I guess it never
really crossed my mind.

Maybe it won't hurt to
start thinking about it a little.


Any other movies you want to see,
or things you want done?

The balcony light.

It's out.

I forgot you'd asked me.


It's okay.

I'll take care of it.


Good night.

I didn't get it.

How could he bring up marriage when
we haven't had sex in three months?

I didn't get it.

Does she still think we're in college?

Doesn't she care about
our future together?

Maybe you guys just need
to spice things up a bit.

Like how?

You could use toys.

Don't be ridiculous.

It's been three years, right?


So all three-year-old couples
are using toys in the bedroom?

Oh, Kaji.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Notice of closing

Apparently, a truck driver
drove his truck into the sea.

Wait, what does that mean?

Not sure.

Did you get the driver's name?

Lida. Know him?

I looked for lost cargo with him once.
We're the same age.

They're setting up a response team.
You'll be assigned.

Komura, you come with me.


Our bakery closed down.

Just go to the one by the station.

Kaji: Did you think about
what we talked about?

This is bad. It's already making news.

The driver was arrested in Niigata
after dumping his truck in Tokyo Bay.


It wasn't just our age.
We were from the same area.

He had told the police...

"I was sick of doing mindless work."

"I'm not anyone's laborer."

Honestly, I envy him a little.

Must feel good to just
throw everything away.

You shouldn't envy him.

Life is about responsibility.

Huh, must be exhausting.

What's that supposed to mean?

Nothing. Good night, sir.

My greatest aspiration in life

is maintaining our status quo.

You still working? How about a drink?

Golden Kamuy is up to volume 13 now?

Yeah. It just keeps getting better.

Hold on a sec.

What's this?

I was thinking of switching jobs.


It's event planning.

A friend heard I liked movies
and asked me to join.

I'd be making a little less,

but I've been visiting them
and learning the ropes.

What about your clerical job?
What friend?

I've already put in my notice.

My friend is the president
of that company.

Hold on a second.

This is all news to me.


I don't get it.

You took the exam and everything.
How can you just throw it all away?

I hear what you're saying.

I just don't think
it's the right fit for me.

What does fit have to do with it?

Why event planning anyway?
Is that a good fit for you?

I can use my passions.

Your passions?

They organize things like
escape rooms based on manga,

and they do music promotion, too.

So kids' stuff?

I guess so.

But that's kind of their philosophy.

"Make play work and work play."


I know it's kind of lame.

All they do is drink tequila.

Work isn't a joke.

What if you join those layabouts
and things go bad?

I'll figure it out.

You're right.

You've been responsible
in your work

through all the hard times.

It's not hard. It's work.

I've been told to go to hell
and spat on by a client.

Sometimes I wonder if
I was born to apologize.

But it's not hard. It's work.

What's wrong with that client?

- He's an important man.
- No, he isn't.

Or maybe he is important,

but he'd feel nothing
reading Imamura's "Picnic."

To think such a man would hurt you...


I might not either anymore.

I never got past volume seven
of Golden Kamuy.

I can't remember Land of Lustrous.

I'm envious that you still read them.

Then read them.

Relax once in a while.

None of it relaxes me.

I only have the energy
to play Puzzle & Dragons.

But you see,

it's all so we can make a living.

So it's not hard.

You talked about
using your passions,

but to me, that just sounds like
you're taking life lightly.

Why should money matter
if we love each other?

It's for us. We may not
love what we do...

I don't want to do what I don't love.

I want to enjoy life.

Then let's just marry.

Let's marry. I'll be the breadwinner.

You stay home.
No need to work or do any chores.

Just do what you want.

Is that a proposal?

Did you just propose to me?

Wasn't quite what I'd imagined.

Forget what I said.

I'm sorry, too.

Tea might've gone bitter.

Tastes about right.

What've you been watching?

This show called Master of None.

Visitors with the number 11.

Thank you. Good luck.


Congrats on the opening.

Thank you.

- That look suits you.
- Really?

- It's been a blast.
- Has it?

Has Kaji hit on you yet?

No way.

See? He's surrounded by pretty girls.

Good point.

Over 10,000 likes on Instagram.


- Impressive, right?
- Yeah.

- Per person?
- Yes.

- How many people do they have?
- I wonder...

- Look, she's finally awake.
- At last.

Why? What happened?

We came here, you had one drink,
and got plastered.

You got up in his face like,
"What do you think of me?"

Then promptly fell asleep on his lap.

There he is!

Good job today.

Thanks for everything.

Seriously, thank you.

You okay?


Want to grab some ramen?

Come on.

Kaji: See you tomorrow, then.

See you tomorrow.


Kaito has died.

He had gotten drunk, slept in the tub,
and never woke up.

Whenever he got drunk, he'd propose
that we all go to the beach.

After the vigil, we had his favorite
ginger tempura soba noodles.

I wanted to stay up all night
talking about Kaito.

I'm going to bed, okay?

But she went off to bed early.

So instead I gamed a little.

Went for a walk.

Had a little cry and went to bed.

The next morning...

Nana texted me...

She started to say something.

See you later.

But I just didn't care.

My boyfriend lost his friend.

He wasn't a bad guy,

but he'd always hit on girls
when he got drunk.

He had once been abusive as well.

Of course,
I was sad about his passing,

but I couldn't share in
my boyfriend's grief.

I hated myself for that.

Nana texted me...

So I tried to talk about it
the next day.

See you later.

But it was too late.

None of it seemed to matter anymore.

Don't you ever think
you can use one of your lines

To brush off my feelings

Can't play nice anymore
don't want to be an outsider

I have to change now

I'll take my dangerous words of love

And use them to throw you off balance

I want to feel you closer
not watch like some outsider

It all begins here



Could you turn down the mic a bit?

In the end, we broke up.

But in a different universe,
we could've gotten married.

You get used to the parts of them
you don't like.

You get used to the negative feelings.


Once you think of breaking up,

you can't stop picking at it
like a scab.

Love is a perishable thing.

There's an expiration date.

Past that date, you're just passing
the ball around, aiming for a draw.

It's like they say,

when you're lonely in a relationship,
the loneliness is compounded.

I don't want you and Kinu to break up,

but dating and marriage are different.

Maybe you should find someone else.



Now for the ring exchange.

First, groom to bride.

To symbolize your love,
the bride and groom may now kiss.

I'm thinking of breaking up with Kinu.

I'm thinking of breaking up with Mugi.

We barely talk anymore.

We don't even fight.

I just feel empty.

But I have no clue
how to bring it up.

I can't just say,
"This isn't working."

We're in our fifth year together.

It's like a mobile plan.

They make it purposefully hard
to cancel, hoping you'd reconsider.

"Don't end this.
You'll regret canceling now."

In any case, I've decided.
After this wedding...

we're breaking up.



I want to end it...

on a happy note.

Tell him, "Take care!"

Tell her, "I hope you find happiness."





Follow us to the after-party.

Ever been on a Ferris wheel?

Haven't you?

Don't think so.

Funny what you find out
after four years together.

Want to ride it?

Shall we?

Look at all these wedding favors.
Maybe they have Omi Beef.

Aren't we here to enjoy the view?

You like night views?

They're okay.

Honestly, I don't see
what's so enchanting.

You're more enchanted by mummies.

You seemed pretty excited yourself.

That was for a different reason.

Well, it was our first date.

Inside, I was grossed out.

Well if you ask me, that gas holder
movie was hypnotic.

Weren't you fully asleep?

I totally was. I was deep asleep.

You totally were.

Stay, I'm already in too deep

I've been evasive for so long

To be honest, I long to see you

I can't help it, how do you feel?

I want to change course of the future

Your hand is so tantalizingly close

I try my best to be closer to you

But somehow you seem out of reach

- Who are you?
- Who are you?

- What do you mean?
- Someone tell me

Guess we should head home.

Guess so.

But first...

First, maybe we can...

Go to our usual spot?


This way.


It's okay.

Look at that smile.

It was a fun time.

Look who's talking.

When was this?

Maybe three years ago?

Time sure flew by.

Man, this is ancient.

We're so young.

It sure was fun.

It was fun.

Okay, then.

Let's talk.

Let's talk.

It can wait.

It should be now.

- Right here?
- I think that's best.

Today was a good day.

Four years...

These four years were so much fun.



It's been...

a long journey.

A lot happened between us.

Despite that...

At least for me, personally...

every moment with you has been...

Oh, there's this other picture I saw.


Thanks for everything.

That's really all I can say.

I'll take all the good memories

and hold them close.

You should, too.


As for the apartment, I'll move out.

I couldn't afford the rent anyway.

You can choose if you want to
keep living there.

I'd like to take Baron,

but I'm sure you do, too.

So we'll talk about that.

Plus, Baron may have something to say.

What else?

The furniture, utilities...

So, yeah.

Anyway, about our time together...

I'm so grateful for it.


I don't want to break up.

We don't have to.

Let's get married.

We'll get married

and keep living our life.

It'll be okay.

You're only saying that
because it was a good day.

We'll backslide.

So what if we do?

Married couples are all like that.

They lose romantic feelings...

but they get married and it works out.

Despite a change in feelings,

they tuck that away
and keep living their lives.

You and I can...

Lower our expectations?

Lower our expectations and say,
"I guess this is as good as it gets"?

You're okay with that?

I am.

You can't expect
to be in love forever.

You'll never find happiness that way.

We fought all the time because
our feelings got in the way.

If we become a family now,
we can make it work.

We'll have kids, call each other
"Honey" and "Dear."

Can't you just imagine it?

The three or four of us will
hold hands, walk along Tama River,

go to the department store.

Buy a minivan, go camping,
visit Disney Land.

We'll take our time,
live out our lives.

And despite our history

we'll have become that happy couple.

It'll be as easy as breathing.

Let's become those two.

Let's get married.

Let's be happy.

You may be right.

I see your point.

If it were marriage.

If we became family.

That's right.

This way.

Thank you.

All you can drink, please.

- Make that two.
- Certainly.

Which seat would you like?

How about you?

Okay, then.
Why don't you take that side?

Okay, you take that side, then.


I was surprised.

Me, too.
I didn't expect to run into you.

Do you see Hitsujibungaku often?

- This was my second time.
- Was it?

Who else do you like?

I listen to Hakushi Hasegawa.

Recently, I've gotten into
Soushi Sakiyama.

Sakiyama? I saw him play at Bay Camp.

- You did?
- He was incredible.

I had tickets, but then I got the flu.

We might've seen each other
at Bay Camp then.

You're right.

I'm glad we met today, though.

I'd forgotten to get your contact.

I'd been kicking myself, too.

But last time, we didn't quite click
as much as now, did we?

It was a bit awkward.


But after we met last time,

I found myself wondering
what you were up to.


Pretty constantly, honestly.

Me, too.

I was wondering what you were doing.

Pretty constantly.

Good thing we met today.


What are you reading right now?

What about you?


Oh, I'd been wanting to read this.

Me, too.

Shall we get ourselves some drinks?

What's that you're reading?

And you?

- Here.
- Thanks.

And that's how we broke up.

You know,

there's this thing I tell myself
at times like these.


At the 2014 World Cup,

Brazil lost to Germany 7 to 1.
Remember that?

I remember.

I tell myself "At least I'm better off
than Brazil after that game."

Do you know what Brazil's captain
Júlio César said after they lost?


Following his team's historic defeat,
Júlio César said the following.

"Our road here has been beautiful."

"We were so close."

You hear?

But finding a new apartment
took some time,

so we lived together
for another three months.

Sometimes we'd have dinner
or watch movies together.

I have a confession.

I actually had hamburger steak
at Sawayaka after that one time.

Yeah? So did I.


Here we are drinking bubble tea
despite already having broken up.

So in all honesty,

did you ever cheat on me?

Cheat on you?

Wait, did you?

Not once?

Never crossed my mind.

I see...

Hold on.

Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.

Why would you throw paper?

I'm a grown-up.


The cat became mine.

You'd rather be with me, right?

Ready, go.

It's chilly.

- Thanks.
- Yep.

- Ready?
- Let's go.

You needed something?

Yeah, I want some new shoes.

Let's take a look around.

- This way?
- What shall I get?

I think so.

What kind of shoes shall I get?

- I'll pick one out.
- Really?

I need a decent pair of dress shoes.

Today, I ran into my ex.

I think those were the earphones
I gave him.

We'd listen to
SMAP's Taisetsu together.

If SMAP hadn't broken up,
would we still be together?

Such a silly thought
ran through my mind.

Today, I ran into my ex.

I wonder how she felt about
Kinokoteikoku's hiatus

or Ikina Yoru Denpa ending.

How did she react when Natsuko Imamura
won the Akutagawa Prize?

Or when Tama River's floods
made the news?

He had dried my hair when I visited
his apartment the first time.

It had rained like this.

Those rice balls were tasty.

I wonder how that couple
from the bakery is doing.

I wonder if they managed to
buy toilet paper.

There was this bakery
we used to go to.

Craving that noodles-in-bread,
I looked them up online.

It was the second miracle
in six years.


Check it out.

Can you believe it?

Masaki Suda


Screenplay: Yuji Sakamoto

Directed by Nobuhiro Doi