Hana-tsumi nikki (1939) - full transcript

Hideko Takamine is a student at a Christian school in Osaka. A new student, Misako Shimizu appears, and the two become friends, despite their very different backgrounds.Miss Takamine had been a child actress on screen since 1929, but she was moving into young adult roles by this point. Still, it must have been an easy decision to give her one last "early adolescent" role; the Tokyo studios were as hesitant to monkey with Miss Takamine's star persona as American studios were with Deana Durbin's, Shirley Temple's, or Judy Garland's. This movie, based on a novel by Nobuko Yoshiya, is pretty sentimental and not especially deep. There are some lovely images of street scenes in Osaka, particularly the sequences of paper umbrellas in the rain. Cinematographer Kazuo Yamazaki's images were a bit fuzzy in the copy I loooked at, but sharpening them in my mind's eye produced visions of beauty.

Toho Eiga Co. Ltd

Based on the book by Yoshiya Nobuko
Hanatsumi Nikki (Flower Picking diary)

Takamine Hideko

Ashiwara Kuniko

Directed by
Ishida Tamizo

English Subtitles: Maya Grohn


Tomorrow you will join the girls.

Don't rinse out.
You gargled.

Eiko, don't.

I'm doing it slowly.

Conveniently I saw nothing today.


Sada Mitsuru-san,
has come from Tokyo.

Shinohara Eiko-san,
is in the same class as you.

Yoshino Kazuko-san.

Aka Yotamono Kazuko,

Oota Katsumi-san.

Azusa Shizue-san.

Okabe Sachiko-san.

Tsutsumi Chieko-san.

Hayashi Takeko-san.

The bus is coming.



Take a seat.

You, please.

I'm OK, you can take it.

Thank you.

Osaka buses are comfortable.

Everything is good in Osaka.

Your name was...

Sada Mitsuru.

Sada Gi-ichi

I'm back.

Welcome back.

Were you alright at school alone?

Kajiyama sensei showed me
the whole school.

That's the female teacher I met.
What a beautiful lady.

- Where's father?
- Father has many things to do.

- It's his successful transfer, isn't it?
- I think so.

Brother's mitt.

God, how did it slip into our things?

I feel sorry for brother.

But why?

He was left all alone in Tokyo.

He can't eat
good food in lodgings can he?

Perhaps not.
He can't expect much.

I wish he'd come to Osaka with us.

He certainly likes his food.

Your brother has an important job.

You must study hard for
the honour of your previous school.

You don't have
a shoe locker yet, do you?

Until you do,
you can use mine.

Thank you.

See? Like this.

Your shoes and mine
are good friends.

Let's go.


Can I call you so?

I'm Eiko.
They call me Ei-chan.

Poèmes saturniens
by Paul Verlaine

How nice!
You sound just like Kajiyama-sensei.

You spoiled our praise.


Kajiyama-sensei's first name is Fuyo.

Fuyo flower.
(cotton rosemallow).

I know. It bloomed
at my house in Tokyo.

It's not only our class
Kajiyama-sensei is in charge of.

She's in charge of the senior class too.

What is that?

This is a tag showing
I'm in charge of the library.

Kajiyama sensei
is in charge of the library too.


Not our bus.


Ei-chan is always with Sada-san.

It's because she's new.

Why don't we walk back together?

No, it's too hot.

OK. Goodbye.

They don't need to walk.

She's showing Sada-san
around Osaka. In this heat.


Mitsuru-san, where
did you live in Tokyo?

Me? Ushigome.

Where Kagurazaka is located

As a child at night I went
to the Kagurazaka festival.

Ei-chan, have you been to Tokyo?

I was in Asakusa till
the third grade of elementary school.

It was in the back of Kannon-sama.

I see. That's why Ei-chan speaks

fluently the dialect
of Tokyo as well as Osaka.

Ei-chan, don't you miss Tokyo?

I'm an Osaka girl now.

But I still remember the good taste
of kirizansho from Nakamise.

Do you like kirizansho so much?

I love it.
I'll ask my brother to send me some.

Your brother?

Yes, he's staying in Tokyo.

It's a hymn.

Are you a Christian?

No, but my mother is.
So naturally I went to Sunday school.

Tuck in.

I'll go to church.

- Is that Amen?
- Amen? Oh, father.

What makes you think so?

A new friend invited me.

I'll go anywhere
if she says so.

You found a good friend.

Listen, Mitsuru-san.


Do you believe there is a heaven?

Why do you ask?

I want to know.

I don't know.

If Mitsuru-san believes there's a heaven,
then I'll try to believe too.

Because if so I can meet Mitsuru-san
in heaven after I'm dead,

I'd like to believe heaven exists.

Me too.

If I can play with Ei-chan in heaven after
I'm dead I'd like to believe heaven exists.

Let's talk more at my house.

This is it.

Very close, isn't it?

Ei-chan, welcome back.
You're late.

What are you doing?
Come in.

Just for a while.
Mother will worry if I'm late.

Your friend?

Mitsuru-san, as I told you before.

Come In. Welcome.

Treat us with
something good, mother.

Of course.

- A pretty girl. Who is she?
- My friend.

Ei-chan, that's a pretty girl.
Who is she?

My friend.

This is Mitsuru-san.


A souvenir for you.

- Have you been to the Kabuki theatre?
- Harima-ya was so good.

I'll go too.

I've brought Mitsuru-san at last.

What's up?

- I'm surprised.
- Why?

So many beautiful geiko-san.

They have lessons.

Because this is our business.

Are you going to be a geiko
when you are grown up?

No, I'm not.

Ei-chan is beautiful,
so I worry.

Don't you think this man
looks like someone?

He's handsome.

- Being nice he resembles someone.
- Who?

You don't know?

Don't dislike me please.

I'm OK here.
I can go home alone.

Here's Kajiyama-sensei's
house straight ahead.


I'll show you.

This is it.

I know Kajiyama-sensei's birthday.

- When?
- September 21st.

Don't tell anyone.

I won't.

I have a great idea.

Why don't we give a present
to sensei on her birthday? Secretly.

Don't tell anyone.

I'm so excited.

Me too.

Kajiyama-sensei will be surprised when she
sees the wall hanging of the Fuyo flower,

the same name as her.

She will be pleased.

I embroider your initial E
and mine M here.


Don't you think it's
too good to give away?


Don't cheat me by giving the gift
without telling me.

Of course not!

You wanted to give it
to her yourself, didn't you?

No. We'll do it together.


- I've been given this.
- I made it long ago.


Your favourite.


Brother sent them to me.

He said in his letter, give greetings
to the Osaka girl who loves Kirizansho.

- Please enjoy them.
- Thank you.

What does Mitsuru-san's
brother look like?

Fat or slim?

He must look manly.

I want to see him.

Ei-chan is interested
in many men.

You are mean.

Just joking.

Come on, hurry.


Good morning, ma'am.

Where is Sada-san today?

I feel relieved when I see you
and Sada-san are getting along so well.

She didn't feel any loneliness
as a newcomer.

Thank you on behalf of Sada-san.

Three new books.
Put them in their place.

Who is it?

Ei-chan, are you
still wearing the ring?

Because this is important.

- Finished.
- With initials?

Of course.

So, tomorrow.


That was so good.

I really liked that song.

you are a good flatterer.

You are mean.

Are you mad?
Sorry, Shinohara-san.

It's time,
Mitsuru-san promised.


is anyone there?

Yu-don, watch the front. If you see
a girl like yours, show her in.

- Is she a student of to-han (Miss)?
- None of your business.

Just watch carefully.

What's funny, Shinohara-san?

It's funny, you are
sensei at school

but when you are home
you are just a to-han.

It's so funny.

Don't be silly.

Mitsuru-san hasn't arrived yet.
But I'll present...


Today is sensei's birthday.

We considered hard.

Mitsuru-san will bring
a wall decoration.

This is for you.

For me?

Shinohara-san, you can't.

- Why not?
- Why not? Well...

A schoolteacher cannot accept
anything from a student.

I'm sorry.

I was stupid.

To-han, a young lady has arrived.

I see. Please.

- Good day.
- Welcome. It must be hot.

I've been waiting for ages.

I came on time.

Perhaps my watch was too fast.

Did you bring it?

Excuse me, ma'am.

What's the matter?

- I have something to do.
- I'll leave too.

No, I'll go back alone.

Wait, Mitsuru-san.


What's the matter?

What are you mad at?

If you think it's funny, laugh.



What are you mad at?

I'm sorry if I did something wrong.

I can't understand if
you don't say anything. Tell me.

I thought Mitsuru-san
and I were close friends.

What's the matter?

I am not your friend anymore.

Why not? Why ever not?

I've determined not to talk with you.

But if you insist,

I will just for once.

Do you remember the promise
we made at my house?

I didn't know you had
such a deceitful heart.

I happily embroidering the wall
decoration, as a gift for sensei,

with your initials and mine.

It was hard work.

However, you broke our promise,

you cheated me

by giving her a fine doll, which was
better than my wall decoration.

Without telling me,
you wanted to be

teacher's pet by
giving it to sensei.

No, it's not true, Mitsuru-san.

You've misunderstood.

I wanted to visit
sensei's house with you.

I was waiting a long time,
in front of her house,

then sensei found me.

Then, what about the doll?

I was going to
tell you about the doll.

I wanted it
to be a gift from both of us.

You can say
whatever you want now.

You are terrible person.

You blockhead, Mitsuru-san.

Enough. We are not friends anymore.

I don't know you.

I heard Ei-chan
became maiko-san

So she quit school?

It seems so.
What a pity.

Is it true?

- Really?
- It's true.

She fought with you,
so perhaps she lost interest in school.


This library tag was
worn by Shinohara-san.

She was your best friend.
She would be pleased.

Ei-chan wouldn't be pleased.

I broke off with Ei-chan.

Hurry, find it.

Didn't you find it yet?

Look for it carefully.

Aren't you ready yet?

- What are you looking for?
- A ring.

My most important bead ring.

Bead ring? Silly.

Here it is.

See you later.

Ei-chan, you look so pretty.

Not Ei-chan anymore.

Oh, yes, it is.


Mitsuru-san, dinner is ready.

I don't want any.

What's the matter?

Mitsuru-san, good news.

Father's urgent work is done now, so
he'll take us somewhere nice on Sunday.

- Where are you going?
- To Mt. Shigi to pray.

- That's nice.
- I'll buy a souvenir for you, Gen-san.

I'm so happy,
but maybe you'll forget.

Remove that stupid toy ring.


Take care.

Come back soon.




Welcome back, sir.

You've got a telegram, sir.


Ichiro has been drafted.

Brother will go to war?

In our class. now, six girls
have brothers sent off to war,

including Sada-san.

I wish I had a brother,
but we are all sisters.

It's not exciting.

Is Sada-san's brother
a private first class?


Second class?

Recruit, isn't he?

Sada-sun's brother is a second
lieutenant in the army, infantry.


Does Ei-chan know that
your brother is going to war?

No. It's all right.

What's up?

You are lacking in courage.


OK, I'll go,
wait for me.

You couldn't either.
You just talk big.

I haven't enough courage.

Let's go together.

Please eat.

After she went to the mountain,
she's been sick.

She must be exhausted.

I envy her. I want to
be sick and stay in bed.

Here's the tea. Enjoy.

Ei-chan, we have good news today.

What news?

Sada-san's brother was drafted.

Mitsuru-san's brother is in Tokyo?

He's already arrived in Osaka.
He'll leave 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.

Ei-chan, are you all right?

Don't force yourself.

Leave me.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.



Whose is it?

Let me give a stitch.

Sada-san's brother will go too.

You quit school,
her brother is leaving for war.

Sada-san looks so lonely.

If you have time visit my house.

Thank you.


I've had enough.

Have another drink today.

Mitsu, bring a beer.

- Here you are, mother.
- Thank you.

Mitsuru, serve sake to your brother.

OK. Give me some.

Mitsu-ko, well served.

- Yo-iwanwa (Osaka dialect)
- Now you're an Osaka girl.

How about your friend
who likes kirizansho?

Oh, it's raining.

I heard she left school.
Isn't that so, Mitsuru?

Who allowed her to go out?

Someone, go and pick her up.

Omitsu, what are you doing?
Do something, clear the room.

What have you been doing,
in the rain?

You are wonderful,

You became maiko-san,
but you never forgot your friend.

Do you think Mitsuru-san
will accept this?

Of course she will.

Leave the matter to sensei.

A headache?

I feel ill.

Hey, come someone.


I'm alright.


I'm OK, really.

Are you alright?

Hei-don, come, help.

Take care of yourself, sir.

Mitsuru, work hard.

Please, take care of her.

What's the matter?

Well, no. I'm happy.

Mitsuru-san's brother, banzai.

Sensei, my brother will fight well.

Yes, he will.

Shinohara-san's senninbari
is going with him.

Sensei, I want to meet Ei-chan.

I want to apologize to her.

Ei-chan, are you in any pain?

I don't care if I die.

Stupid. Don't say that.

Mother, does heaven
really exist?

Don't talk about dying.

You talk in your sleep.

Do you want to see Mitsuru-san?

Even if I want to, Mitsuru-san
won't come to see me.

Mitsuru-san, Do you believe
there is a heaven?

- Why do you ask?
- I want to know.

If Mitsuru-san believes there's a heaven,
then I'll try to believe too.

Me too.

Because if so I can meet Mitsuru-san
in heaven after I'm dead,

I'd like to believe heaven exists.

If I can play with Ei-chan in heaven after
I'm dead, I'd like to believe heaven exists.

Shinohara-san, how are you?

Thank you.


I'm sorry.

You can forgive her, Shinohara-san.

Mitsuru's brother was so pleased
with your senninbari.

Good. You are friends again.

Sensei, will you accept the doll.

I wrote the initials of Mitsuru-san
and mine on the ribbon. Please.


I will accept it, thank you.

I'm happy.

Sorry, madam we couldn't do better.

- Mother...
- What?

Heaven exists.

How strangely you talk.

Sensei, will you sing
my favourite song?

That one you sang to me at your house,
before I broke up with Mitsuru-san.

I'll sing it.



Translation: Maya Grohn
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