Hamburger Hill (1987) - full transcript

A brutal and realistic war film focuses on the lives of a squad of 14 U.S. Army soldiers of B Company, 3rd Battalion, 187th Infanty Regiment, 101st Airborne Division during the brutal 10 day (May 11-20, 1969) battle for Hill 937 in the A Shau Valley of Vietnam as they try again and again to take the fortified hill held by the North Vietnamese, and the faults and casualties they take every time in which the battle was later dubbed "Hamburger Hill" because enemy fire was so fierce that the fusillade of bullets turned assaulting troops into shreded hamburger meat.

Tuffy! Gaigin!
Let's go!

Medic! Medic!

Oh, shit! Medic, god,
somebody get me a medic over here.


Get the fuck outta here.

Move it! Move it!

Get me the bird down here.

God damn!

Red Barron two two
this Red 1-6 Charile

ldentify our location on my smoke.
There are people all over. lt's over.

Let's get outta here.

Cover the right side.

Move on! Move on!

Let's go!

l said come on!

What's your name?

Mark beach.

Where are you from?


Talk to me! Talk to me!

That's hell of a town l hear.


Come on, girl-san. Tell me how
you say that one more time.

Hey, why don't you ask her how
to say 'jailbreak' Vietnamese?

Look at him man, who does he think
he's kidding over there?

Hey Languilli, you'd better get your ass back in this truck.
or her father's going to come out and cut your dick off.

Ok, girl...wait, wait...

Who are you kidding man? You wouldn't know
what to do with her if you do get her.


You souvenir me this,
l tell you. You number one.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hey, troop!

Your dick will fall off if you
get any closer to that pussy.

They'll keep you in the Philippines
with the black VD. You'll never get home.

Get your ass back on that truck!

Sergeant, Frants?

l thought you bought a waterbuffalo
and your own rice paddy to shit in.

Where the hell have
you been, young stuff?


l met a nurse.


You didn't?

She had her own trailer on the beach.

Oh, no.

l figured what can they do to me?

Send me to Vietnam?l moved in with her.

A round-eye?

There it is.

The Mama's and Papa's
found me on the beach.


Sit down, Vinstak

What the hell are you
wearing that shit for?

lt's gonna dehydrate your ass
and not do you any good.

But, Sarge, they told us at
Division training we had to wear...

We had a...we had
a short time at once.

Johnny, l forget his name...
he wore a flack jacket

two helmets...and armour underwear.

Ashau Valley. lf your
time's up, your time's up.

What's the Anshaw Valley?

Hey, ladies, are you free tonight?

Let's go. Which way is it?

Goddamn, look at this!

l'm going to put the new guys in your squad.
Oh shit!

Hey, don't 'oh shit' me, troop.

The old man has me breaking-in another new Lieutenant.
He looks like Palmolive-fucking-soap.

Yeah, well l don't need
this f-n-g shit, Worcester.

Yeah, well write you Congressman
and you can tell him. l need a steak...

a bucket of cold beer and a round-eye
to wrap my leg around.

Lieutenant Eaden.

How are you?

Watch your backs. Come on this
isn't a parking lot for Christ's sake.

Come on, Gaigin.

Here you go.

That all you got?

What did they say that signal
for incoming rounds was?

Hey man, l can't tell the difference
between incoming and outgoing.

l dove off the shitter up at Evans
and it was our stuff going out.

l think it's two long sirens.

Don't worry about it.

Hey man, l'm not worrying about it. l just think that it's
important to know the signals for incoming rounds, all right?

Don't worry nobody's
getting in here tonight.

What's the signal for ground attack?

Three short ones.

Green star cluster.

Oh yeah, that's great for a night time,
what are we gonna do during the day?

Did you know that bird shit and paratroopers
are the only things that fall out of the sky?

Sarge. Are there any women here?

Hey, l'm not screwing any whore.


What man, you'd eat her pussy.

Hey man, if you can't try it,
l don't eat it.

A year is a long time, tellows.

That's Clare.

lf she's fucking for peace man,
l'm on the wrong side.

Stop it, back off.

Cool it!

l'm marrying her, man.

l meant nothing by it.



Shake hands, Man.

We're airborne.
We don't Start fights.

We finish'em.

Vincent Languilli.

Joseph Beletsky.

Mama San!

Sergeant Watkistin!

Hi. Where have you been for so long?


Outstanding! What's up man?

Oh, my god.

Water bookoo hot, Girlsan. Number ten.
Ahhh, l like it hot.

l want to get this red dirt out of my body.
Oh, man.

Ya'all can take a hundred baths still
sweat Vietnam, you know what l mean?

You two, not MP are you?

They number 10,000,
they boom boom all the time,

but they don't pay,
me baby love grunts.

Well, we're ten first Class mud rollers.

Number one massage?

You like it so much, take me back to the world of yours.
l'm a big PX.

Fuckin A
Fuckin A Yeah, Yeah.

Don't you love Vietnam?
Vietnam number one.

Number 10 after we Di Di mou
Don't have any money for boom boom.

Oh man, that little dicks.
Same same, Marvin the Arvin.

Arvin is useless. He's tired
of fighting your fuckin war.

My fuckin war? My fuckin war?

You say my fuckin war?
Ya know what l mean!

Hey, Hey. Cmon now.
lt's our fuckin war.

l no bullshit you. Gl like to fight.
Vietnamese just want short time.

PX perfect chance.

There it is.

Gl never leave. No question.

Hey, you were, as you were.

The question is, how many of us have to boom boom before
those mean little bastards from the North show up.

Now that's the question.

Welcome to the first platoon. l'm Lituenant Eaton.
Follow us with me if you will, gentlemen.

Put your full name on line one.
Address on line two.

All right, if you do not want anyone notified in
case of injury, check box three.

Otherwise, fill in the name. Last name first,
first name last and address on line four.

Line five is for beneficiary.

All right, you have in your possession forms
for savings bonds, serious E types.

Actually, l highly recommend this plan for you men.
lt's a good plan for the future.

The white card should be
filled out by married men.

This allows for joint access to
your funds in case of an emergency.

You have postcards, fill these out.

Let you're family know your safe,
how to get in touch with you.

All right, mail is a priority.
You don't need stamps.

You can write on a sea rat box, address it,
it will be delivered free of charge. Questions?

Brother blood.

How's it going, Doc?

By hand, brother.

How're doing man?
How's it happenin' brotha?

Buzz around camp is...
Doc's just got back from R and R.

And you're going to tell me
all the horny, jacking off details.

Bangkok is not unbelievable man.

What happened after
l got Med Evacuated

Charley had the shit together.
You hear me?


The shit burner from second squad.
Traumatic cranial contusion. l couldn't ventilate him.

Brother Jones got blown to shit.

Who's Jones?
The FNG man.

He knew everything
the Temptations ever did.

Make sure we got some
brothers in the squad.

l don't want to hear no more of that rebel.
l lost my car on the mother fucking road.

And l'm crying over you.

Hey Sarge, Sarge. Look a minute.
l've got a flash for you.

Some brother l was hanging out
with over at Delta company.

Drives iron raven.

Don't shit me, Sarge. Rumor has it
we're going back into the Ashau.


Come on Sarge, man you know. l'm too short for that shit.
The Doc ain't gonna give me a profile.

Why don't you see if there's a job
for me over at headquarters.

They don't take niggers
back at headquarters, brother.

All the white mother
fuckers are back there.

Remove the protective
wrapping from the tooth brush.

Put the wrapping next
to your left foot.

Open the tooth paste with
the cap on top of wrapping.

Now put general amount of
paste on the sterile bristles.

People you will brush your teeth
in rapid verital motion for one minute.

That's up and down for
you rebel mother fucker.

When l say Start, you turn
to your right, you brush. Ready?


You may notice a granular taste.
That's pumice.

lt's puopse is to seal the teeth
and allow the flouride to penetrate.

Gentlemen, in Vietnam, you will be
confronted by many organisms.

ln food, water, air...
that are foreign to Amercan bodies.

Ringworm and Pataygo and Malaria,
ameobic dysentary and crotch rot.

lt has been found that proper dental hygene is important
component in maintaining of a healthy fighting man.

What are you doing?

Come on lighten up Bro.

l am not your brother.

Now did l tell you to spit?
No, sir.

lf you wanna walk outta
this fucking place,

you will listen to people who know.

You be an individual, and l'll tagging your ugly toothless
face on it's way to a long box with metal handles.

Now brush your teeth in a
rapid vertical motion.


Let's go!

Rise! Awake! Salute!

Another glorious morning.
You scroungy ass sons of bitches.

You found a home in the army,

Hey thanks to hear you yong fellow.

Hey l'm low life of forty one
and wake up and out side of Vietnam,

Viet fucking green machine.

l'll probably be a fucking civilian with places to go,
people to see. Things to do.

l want you to keep on eye on these guys.
ln case we gotta go back to Ashau.

Don't mean nothing.

Man, don't these people
play no Tammy Wynette.

Did you sleep last night?

l kept seeing things.

What do you mean
you kept seeing things?

Did you sleep?

Did you hear something?

Oh this is bull shit.

You gotta sleep.

What are gonna do
stay hear for years?

All right, listen up.

You people are not dying
on me in combat.

You fucking, new guys will do
everything to prove me wrong.

You'll walk on trails, kickcans...sleep
on guard, smoke dope and diddely-bop...

through the bush like you were back
on the block.

On guard at night you'll write letters, play with your organ...
and think of your girl back home. Forget her.

Some hair head has her on her right now...
and is telling her to fuck for peace.

This is Han.

Those of you who are foolish will think
of him as...gook, slope, slant or dink.

He is your enemy.

He came over on the Chieu Hoi programme.
And he will go back there after he fattens on C-rations.

And he will be hunting your
young asss in the Ashau Valley.

Now forget about this Viet Cong shit.

What you'll encounter out there is...
hard core. NVA,north Vietnamese...

motivated, highly trained
and well equipped.

lf you meet Hanor his cousins,
you will give him respect.

And refer to those little bastards
as the Nathanial Victor.

Meet'em twice and survive, you will
call him mister Nathanial Victor.

People, l am tired...of filling
body bags with your dumb fucking mistakes.

Do you think this funny?



Han is closing in on your position.
lt's night, look at me.

l'm gonna save your life
and your gonna save mine.

lt's night, it's raining.

While you're thinking about peace,
love and whether or not we should be in Vietnam.

Han is going to cut your fucking throat. And your sleeping.
No, Sergeant.

You've been humping the boonies for months.
Your turn to sleep, your allowed to sleep.

What do you think Han is going to do?
ls he going to wake up Alphabet and smile?

And talk about women?

Mister Nathanial Victor gets his
rocks off watching you die.

Some of you think you have problems
because your're against the war.

You demonstrated in school... you wear peace symbols on your steel.
And you have attitudes.

l'm orphan, my brother's queer, the city of
Chicago got the clap from my sister.

Mum drinks, Dad coughs blood.

l have ring worm, emersion
foot...the incurable crud

and the draught ruined my chances
of being a brain surge on people.

You have no problem.

Except me.

And him.

Hey, pal.

You know where l can
find general Rufferman?

Not friend of mine.
He is major genral, two stars.

l am supposed to deliver
this to trailer to him.

And l can't find anyone to sign for it.

Hey l'll sign for it.

l'm responsible for this.

Well look at it.

Keepin the army forever to pay it off.

Everybody shoots at me.
Especially grunts.

l'm just rolling highway
sinder hunt and seek.

Listen, maybe you can
get a marine to sign for it.

Yeah. Yeah, thanks a lot.
Those guys are dancing.

This is one weird place.

Seventeen fucking wake up
and l'll never eat this shit again.

You hear what l'm saying sarge?
We are in the army, man.

What are you gonna do when
you are back in the world?

l got places to go,
things to do, people to see.

Yeah but how are you gonna act?

Like a PFC, Private fucking civilian.

You are talkinig, you don't know
what you're saying, brother.

You ever heard of boony rap?

Fuck this, shit on that, no fucking way.

l love that mother fucking bastards.

You back off Motown
cuz l got my fucking act.

Look man, l got my act together. OK?

My shit's straight man.

You know a straighter and more intellegent brother
in first platoon then me?

Hey listen up, he's got college.

One time l went home
on special emergency leave,

My mama made me a
special meal man with

everything l love, l mean greens,
fresh vegetable, potatos, candies...

l happened to like baked ham.

So whole my family was there, and l said to myself, Motown
you got these people fooled.

l mean the day before that,
we were humping in Ashau valley,

and now l'm home with my family.

And l'm skatin man.
No problems. Number one.

l smile at my mama. Great meal, ma.

Would you please pass the fucking potatoes.

The ham is fucking A, ma.

You don't know
fucking great it is to be home.

How you gonna act, huh?

You really want to know, Motown?

l'm gonna walk down Central Avenue.

My jump boots, my medals.

Shit, it's gonna be all right.

You'd better not wear your uniform.

Who's talking to you?

This man...has been fighting for the
fucking United States of white America.

And you going to try to advise him...
that he can't wear his jump boots.

You guys...don't know shit.

Commending General believes that
one of the most depressing problems

we face in Vietnam today
is Vineraal disease.

We have found the best way of contracting any one of
the nine known strands

of Syphilis, and or Gohnorrea is
to avoid contact with the indigenous.

Vietnamese female personnel.

However, remember, lie da
homo chai bokoo eeon.

Lie da homo chai bokoo eeon.

lt' the same anywhere Galvan.
You got to know the right words to score.

l'll go get us some shampoo.


What are you doing?

lt's called meditation.

How do you know
whether or not it's working?


Cold steel. Check point five...Two. Over.

Fire Major. Over.

Fire Major. Over.

They must have a
spotter in that tree line.

Fire! Standing by

Rounds out. Rounds out. Rounds out.

Cease fire. Cease fire!

Red 16. This is 16.
What's the situation. Over.

Red 16. This is 16.
What's the situation. Over.

Who is it?

How the hell do l know.
He's got no goddamn head.

lt's one of the new guys.

You got to tell these men to put an extra set of l.D.
tags on their boots one each.

Then this kind of shit wouldn't happen.
How the hell am l supposed to identify these people.

Now you take it easy, Doc.

l'll take it any way l can.

l've got to know who you are.

How's this. How's this?

Where's Gates?
He's in there all night.

l know l'm going to be next.
l know that, Goddammit!

l'm next, Doc.
You ain't next!

l'm next, Doc.

l don't care what y'all say.
You got that life all you want.

Now we'll see, Goddammit.
l'm tired of all your shit.

Seven cards are squared.
Single titties are wild.

You say it boss.

Yeah, you could fart in a balloon and
paint it red and Marine would love it.

lt's true.

Your too big for her.

What's Elstavitz doing? Vinstock.

l don't know Sarge.
You should.

ls he...

You white boys are strange about that.

Don't get lost Beanie. Wooahh.

Watcha doin' in Vietnam. Boy.

Volunteered, bro.

You know, the brothers
are here, because we're black.

They don't think we're educated.

That's bullshit.

Say what FNG? FNG?

Hey Andy, lack off, lack off!

My name isn't Alphabet. lt's Languilly, Vinny.
My first name is Vincent.

What's my name, Doc?

You're name is Vincent.

All right, get him outta here.

You Gl's are all...

You people will not
die on me in combat.

Galvin was good.
He always did everything right.

What difference does it make. We've been up and down
this same terrain since l got here. For what?

All right look.

When you get home.
You can throw your boots away.

Grow a beard, become
a Goddam hippie protestor.

l don't want to hear this shit.

Look, l know too many
Goddamm names, Wortchester.

And l don't think one of them is
worth all of Vietnam Republic of...

Look just don't fall apart on your people, Francz.
Oh why not?

So l can teach 'em how to fill sand bags and burn shit.

They're gonna need you in
the Ashau. We're going back in.

What the hell you think
l brought you here for.

Red six, Red six.
Red one six Charlie. Over.

Red six. Over.

We got LG secure.

Negative contact. Over.

Yo Mire! Francz. Smitty!
Move these people out.

You'll do fine LT. Just fine.

These guys know
what they're doing.

Oh yeah, most definitely.


Fuck you!
All of you mother fuckers!



Movin up Mac, on line!

Washburn, Beletsky,
Bienstock. Move out!

Hey! Gimme some ammo!

Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry!

Get down! Get down!

Give it to me! Give it to me!

You're giving it to me,
you fucking idiot! Give it!

Tafee, Gaigin , Move up!

Move! Keep going! Comon!
Move! Goddamnit! Mother fucker.

Fuck! Got to move in...

Doc! They got Mac! They got Mac!

Did you see him?

We got a blood trail.

Find the little bastard.

You're on point.

You've got no friendlies out there.
Got a full load.

Nathanial Victor. FNG type.
Walking around the Ashau

with a half a canteen,
that makes a lot of noise.

Where's the body?

Maggie Kung fleet foot, face full of
black soot talking at the heat put

plants in the bed but don't stop them
anyway. Maggie says all right.

Here it is, October 19th.
We have been here six months.

Now that's half way. All right?
Now l'm going to mark myself in blue.

But l got different color pens for everybody.
You can be red if you want to be. O.K.

But what l gotta know is did Washburn
get here the same day as us?


And that other guy and alphabet the day before.
Thank you sir.

Hey guys, check this out.

Love this Camaro.

lt's you. lt's a ride, man.

We did good today, didn't we?

We got our cherries busted
today, didn't we Sarge?

One of my people got killed.

That's all that happened today.

You knew that man wasn't going to
slack off because he was short.

You knew that brother
was going do his job.

Then why didn't you put him on profile.

Because...he is one healthy individual.

l've got people in this fucking platoon
who are so sick they wouldn't be allowed in the hospital.

But out here they have to
ruck up, move out and press on.

lt don't mean nothing, man.

lt don't mean nothing...

Come on, man...

You owe it to yourself...yourself.

lt don't mean nothing. Not a thing man.

lt don't mean nothing. Not a thing.

Right. You don't mean
nothing brother, not a thing.

lt don't mean nothing man,
not a thing. Nothing.

We got a.. we got McDaniels
body on a trailor truck.

All he wanted to do was go
home in his jump boots.

Couldn't believe they called him a jerk.

And worse.

Ya know, people get hurt out here.

C'mon. Don't tell me he died for God,
country and one-hundred
and first airborne...

Hey man, l'd never
say that shit to anybody.

Dan didn't die for anything.

He didn't leave his goddamn
guts on a goddamn trail in
goddamn Ashaw Valley.

For a home town medal
or any of that bullshit.

Cranked his automatic weapon
and took it out. For you and for

the third squad.Man, don't you
give him anything less.

You get out of this valley, Worcester.

l'm gonna kick your ass.

Battalion wants us to go back to
where Frantz made contact today.

They say there are some stragglers
left on this area Hill 937.

Those KlA's were clean and well
equipped. They weren't stragglers.

Military lntelligence says there is no organized...
Military lntelligence could fuck up a wet dream , sir.

All right man, let's call it. All right? We're on the same side here, right?
Tomorrow morning we'll just get our people quietly off this hill.

Tomorrow we'll recon 937,call in alog
bird for hot chow and clean socks.

lsn't that right, Lieutenant?
Roger that.

Murphy's calling in. H and l delta line
tango detail november side

Squad leaders make sure
your people have

dry socks, clean water,
salt fill, ammo, just in case.

Alright gather around.
C'mon. Listen up.

8:00 hours we're go back in.

Red Six 1-6 Charlie. Over.

The 1-6 Charlie preparing to assault
the 3-0 north of the faze line. Over.

All right, we're getting 2 T small arms.

May 11
From up there Black Jack wants
up to mop up any stragglers.

First and second squad and move out from here.
l want you to take your people and move them in a flanking position.

Make believers out of
these sorry ass bastards.

O.K. Let's move it.
Second squad. Move on.

First squad. Move out.

This isn't the plan we worked out man.

We're supposed to be
going up that other hill.

lt's the same old shit man.
Man and bird wants to play war.

Red six...out this is 1-6 out...
Brad!! Move your people!

Red six...out this is 1-6 out mark
four coordinates for cold steel. Over.


Take your weapons forward until
your covering far into the friendlies.

Move. Move. Move.

Put you around
seventy five meters down.

That's what l wanted.

These proper radio procedure...

Hear from your old lady?

ever happened.

Languilli, remember the basic?

They told us the way to cover an eye
in case the flareoes so that we lose our night vision?

They said that.

OK, so what they meant?

Does it matter if which eye we cover?

Good eye for the night vision
or the one for the flare.

Beletsky do you stay awake at night thing of
the things you should worry about?

What are you doing?

We were just having
some hot chocolate.

You here anything.

Camp on the Delta Post.
Same same. Negative sit rep.

Looks like we're gettin' out
of here tomorrow.

l'm going straight to the PX
and ordering that Firebird.

What happened to the Camaro?

My dad won't drive
anything but a Buick.

Push in on the bullshit net.

What's the bullshit net?

Hanoi Hanna.

Best sounds in the valley.
And boy does she have a rap.

We love you too much...

drop your weapons and Uncle Ho
will give youa water buffalo...

your own rice paddy to shit in.

Sometimes they get American assholes...
to tell us what assholes we are.

No lie, man. lt's a trip.

American soldiers...and marines

embrace the heroic people of Vietnam...
like many of your heroic countrymen...

why fight the heroic
people's army...while your own

Government betrays you...and the heroic
American friends of Vietnam...

lf you have to smoke it at nigh
put a poncho over your head.

and l would like to send this special dedication...
to the Screaming Eagles in the Ashau Valley.

You may be killed any
time day or night...

like your shadow, death is following you...


Bad dream.

How much am l supposed to
remember all this shit.

Panchos over your head,
no half canteens.

Dog tags on your boots.
Carry the claimor detonator while your setting them up.

Orange pills once a week,
whites daily, daily.

Oh don't ever walk on trails.
Boot in the sock. Harrows on the water.

Secure your frags.
And now, now this bullshit.

And the whole time, l'm worried
l might forget something.

All right, on your feet, wake up..

it's time to earn your combat pay.

Come on.
Come on. Let's go.

Hey Motown, fuck you!

l need some goddamn boots, Sarge.

My whole fucking body hurts.

My dick hurts!

Then drop ten and beat it.

l don't want to hear
anymore of this shit.

Now you get your
head out of your asses.

Black Jack wants us to take this hill.

What's he going to do with it?

Pave it and turn it
into a goddamn parking lot.

Now move out.

Cold steel, cold steel
this is 1-6 alpha, over.

Tell 6 that the little bastards
have got some Claimors in the trees

And they're blowing the shit out of us.

So get us some goddamn fire support.

Cold steel, cold steel.
This is 1-6 alpha, over.

Come in 2-0

There wounded out could be
pressing fire from that bunk line.

pressing fire from that bunk line.

No shit.

Worcester, pull these men out.

Move it out! Move it out!!

15 may

My leg! Fuck!

You're mine! Mother fucker!

You fuckin' stink!


Watch out!

Clear this area Motown!
Cover it point blank!

Set up that gun!

Where's Doc?

Get him and the horn and tell him
we got his goddamn bunker!

Run the horn.

l can't hear you.

1-6 Johnny!

lt's 1-6 out there over!

C'mon, help me down there.

There's nothing wrong with you.

Get down there.

Talk to me! Talk to me!

Say Alphabet! Alphabet! Say it!

Cmon Tuffy! Tuffy! Say Alphabet!


l asked everybody who they think.

Nobody did it. Was it you?

Maybe he died of natural causes.

Half his head was blown away.

Sounds like a natural cause to me.

When can you get him out of here?

ln a boot coot fucked up dude from
the second squad ahead of Tuffy.

Hey, it don't mean nothing.

Where's my weapon?

6 speed advisor.
We have taken the bunker

And are preparing to move up the hill.

All right. Worcester.

Let's move people
and take this fuckin' hill.

Let's go!

Get me some ammo!

Tuffy! l'm coming.

No. No cease fire.

Hold it up there firing
at our people. Hold it up!

Stop it! Man! God dammit!
Jesus Christ!

They said they are gonna
send some resupply today.

Get back on your horn and tell them we, our people,
need food and water now not later.

This is 16 alpha over.

Take a look at that map.


We are in Ashau valley.

and we ain't going no where
except back up to that goddamn hill.

l'll get you a map.

You put the tape in there
and you press that button.

lt's from my girl Claire.

Just don't use all my juice.

Now that's immoral, unjust and illegal.

Get this Beenie.

Oh my God! They're huge.

She likes to lie naked on the beach.
And have her boyfriend read the profit to her.

Oh yeah, he's probably
a long haired, foureyed faggot.

l just don't know what to say. l-

l don't know what time
it is where you are.

l'd like to wrap his
long hair around my body...

while he makes love
to me all night long.

l had dinner with your Mom and Dad.

We read all your letters and looked at
the pictures you sent.

She became his love prisoner.
She would do anything for him.

Jesus Christ, l'm never going to get another haircut
as long as l fucking live.

lf you can...Joe.

Try to smile more in the pictures.

lt would help your Mother.

Your dad didn't say much.

We both know what he's like.

Katherine says...he gets up
early every morning and...

watches the news. And he eats his
dinner in front of the TV at night.

l think he's looking for you.

l'm glad you have such good friends Bienstock and Langarelli.


Galvan and Frantz.

l, l want you to know one thing...

l'll always be true to you.
l'll wait for you.

l know it must be very difficult
for you over there and...

lf you can't be true...

if you can't wait...l'll understand.

l know you love me.

l love this woman,
she's telling him to get laid.

l wish you weren't there.
l wish none of you were there.

But l'm proud of you Joe.
l, l, l just don't think it's fair...

that everybody is back here...acting...
acting like nothing is going on.

Their lives are the same.
lt's just not fair.

And l don't believe
what they say about you.


l don't care because l love all of you.

Especially you, my darling.
Especially you my...

Take it easy with that.

l'll take it anyway l can.

l told you not to use all the batteries.

lt's the goddamn nigger
music you listen to.

All right, come on. Break it up.

Alphabet, put shovel down.

Now what's happening here?

War's happening.

16 may

No! Fuck! Oh fuck! Doc!

On my way! On my way!
Oh, Oh fuck!

C'mon kid. Let's go. Up

Move! Move!

lt's definatly the vet.

You can't score on the vet.

Oh man, stop fingure fucking dream
with your chichen shit details?

Let me tell you something, Linguilli.

l bombomed mama san and in the garbage dump under
deuce and a half while a girlsan reading a magazine

and sucked on pepsi.
You can score in the vet.

You owe it to yourself.

Hey sarge, do you think they
gotta send us foot powder?

Stop worry about nothing for christ'sake.

Go back to world with bad feet.
What can they do to you, send you to Vietnam?

l'm a salesman. This feet are my life.

My godamn skin's peeled off.

My socks tend to shrink.

lt's from my girlfriend.

She said she's not gonna write any more.

Friends at college told her it's immoral.

To write to me.

17 may

Medic Doc! Get your
goddam medic up here.

Help! C'mon up! Fuckin' exhausted!

Get a medic up here!

C'mon Let's go!

C'mon guys let's go

and break this fucking hill!

Okay, let's get ready,
let's take this squad.

Teddy Ford. May 17.

How long have you been
on this hill, soldier?


Hey brother, how many times have you
been up and down this hill?

What are you doing here?

lt's my job.


We've been up and down
this hill...nine fucking times.

Hey, word down at Division is
you guys can't take this hill.

What do you have to say about that?
ln fact, Senator Kennedy says

you guys don't have a chance at all.

You really like this shit, don't you?

lt's your job. A story.

You're waiting here like a fucking vulture.
Watching for somebody to die, so you can take a picture.

lt's my job.

l've got more respect for those little bastards up there.
At least they take a side.

You just take pictures. You probably
don't even do your own fucking.

No one ask my AO.


You listen to me.

We're gonna take this
fucking hill, Newsman.

l see you on the top taking
pictures of any of my people

l will blow your fucking head off.

Now you haven't earned
the right to be here.

Do you understand that?

Understand that.

l should have gone to Canada.

All they got is Eskimo's up there,

The smart white people go to college.

Not me. l'm going my two years, getting married.
And forgetting all about this shit.

Never happened.

You people must be aware...

that the brothers...are here. Because
they cannot afford an education.

What am l doing?

Sitting in some...fucking country club
sipping on seven and sevens...
and eating a steak.

Take a look around l see
all kinds of white faces here.

Okay.The war Started for you...

when you farted...

and said good morning Vietnam.

See now l was born into this shit.

And they pulled the gold fucking spoon..
out of mouth so l could come here.

And see how you low Class
eleven boos live. ls that it?

Brother Blood.

Hey, how'd you get here, Sarge?

Oh, the Sarge...the Sarge
volunteered for this shit.

No, man.

l was drafted, sworn in...and had
my haircut before l was sober.

The only reason l went
airborne is Collins.

Who the fuck is Collins?

We volunteered for the reality of it.

Don't you think l chased woman and good time...before
l got into the green machine.

We got our orders from the big puddle.
Collins says...he's not going.

And this one strac.
You got to respect that.

No way.

lf you don't want to pull
on the little people. No sweat.

Don't use your weapon. All l want from
anybody get their ass in the
grass with the rest of us.

You don't have to like it.
But you have to show up.

No FNG's, no war.

There it is.

18 may

Medic!! Doc!

Hey you motherfuckers!

Baletsky! Doc's hit!


Baletsky! Gettim he's hit!

Diggs! Diggs!

Doc, he's dead! he's dead!


Stay with me! Stay with me!
Stay with me!

Gaigin, stay with me,
stay with me, stay...

C'mon on move!

Keep going!

Ain't get up!!!

All right, let's you straight.

You've got a good one man.

You're going home.


See you at home.

He's all right blood. l don't feel
a thing. l am boo koo doped up.

Now, come on now. You owe
this to yourself, all right?

Black Jack...won't be happy...'til
he gets all my people...killed.

Hey, how are you going to actman, how are you going to act?
You're going back to the real world.

Going back, Doc.

l'm just what the world needs.
Another nigger with a limp.

Now come on, you stop that shit.

l'm not omitting you, blood.

We're all no good...
dumb niggers on this hill.

Blood. And soul. Types.

But we are going to fool
them this time, aren't we?

Fucking A man. Fucking A.

We've been up that hill...ten times...

and they still don't think we're serious.

Who are we?

Hey Doc, come on.

Come on.

Who are we?

A hundred and first.

Screaming Eagles, man.

Fucking buzzards.

Take the hill.

And those bastards back in the world...
can never take that from me.

Hold on man.

Hold on man. Now you hold on
there, Doc. Hold on now.

Save some for the old man.

Sir, want a cup of coffee?

Black Jack wants us to
manuever aggressively.

l told him most of first
platoon was still on the hill.

We're not going anywhere, Sergeant.

Drink your coffee.

Why did you keep coming back?

Ask me that when we're
back in the world

Drinking cold beer and
chasing hot women.

l think, when l get back,
l'm never leaving it again.

Flushing toilets, hot showers, pizza.

l want a corn dog with mustard.

l want some of that free
love that l'm hearing about.

l'm always hearing about that.

lt's overrated.

But your right about them loving
everybody back there, sir.

They uh, they tatoo it
to their foreheads, and uh,

they wear love buttons, on their
flowered shirts, you know.

Yeah, they love everybody back there.

Cats, dogs, niggers, spicks,
kikes, waps, niks, greaseballs.

Yeah and they're real fond of loopdy doop back home
ya all believe that.

They got buttons for them too.

They love everybody but you.

l was medevaced after Dak to.

That was a hill.

And we were met in Oakland,
by, by pretty little things

You know what l mean.
l mean they had

hair down below
their asses you know.

And they had bags full of dump shits.

Well don't mean nothing,

l'm back Vietnam man.

l get home wife is
sitting across the floor,

kid is running around bare foot.

There was hair head taking a lick.

Sorry about that l said.

That don't mean nothing either.

a go down to the polly's for beers,
old man was drinking shooters.

Polly said his boy in l drain Vally

was sent home in a rubber bag..

That don't mean nothing

That don't mean nothing he said.

He keeps getting
phone call from he kids,

the college kids.

Saying how glad they were

that the boy was killed
by Vietnam republic of

by the heroic people's army

that's sitting on this
fucking top of this hill.

That's why l'm back here.

Red 1-6. lt's Blackjack.

You're getting played to
play the war not discuss it.

20 may

Follow me!

Keep LG covered!

Sarge! Soar, soar!

Will these sixties stop
those little bastards.

Move the sixty!

That goddamn people out there, man!

l know that, now pull the fucking gun!

Keep moving! Goddam!

Give me your horn.

Cold steel this is 1-6.
Fire mission over.

Cold steel this is 1-6.
Fire mission over.

Fire mission. l say again,
cold steel, fire mission.

l will correct, copy.

Sir, sir! Sir, sir!

Your arm.

All right, watch, grab his arm.

Get him down

Hey Washburn stay with him.

Let's go! Come on.

lt'll be alright.
l am gonna get you a medic.


You'll be all right. Don't worry.

Where's Worchester.

He's up there with Motown.

lt's alright.

Oh God no.

We gotta get out of here.


Sergeant, we've got to
get the fuck out of here.


Ruck up, Sergeant.

Ruck up, Sergeant.

lt don't mean nothing.

Keep up. Keep up, we're going
to take these good fucks.

Beanie! Beanie! Get up! Get up!

Beanie! Get up!


lt's Vincent. Vincent Linguilli.

Remember me. OK?

Move it people.

Let's go, people! Move it!

Welcome to Hamburger Hill.

Red 1-6 this is red 6, over.

Red 1-6 alpha, this is red 6, over.

Red 1-6 Charlie, this is red 6, over.

Red 1-6 this is red 6, what's your...