Hamari Adhuri Kahani (2015) - full transcript

Hamari Adhuri Kahani (English: Our Incomplete Story) is a 2015 Indian romantic drama directed by Mohit Suri and produced by Mahesh Bhatt under the banner Vishesh Films and Fox Star Studios. The film stars Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan, and Rajkummar Rao. It is based on the love story of Bhatt's parents, Nanabhai Bhatt, Shirin Mohammad Ali and his stepmother.

Lying is a sin..

It's a grave sin.

I'm not lying.

Vasudha came to see me this morning..

It was around 4am.


...was wearing a red sweater.

But..She looked very ill and tired.

I asked her to sit down and rest.

But she refused.

Then she asked me a question.

- Did she?


She said "Where...
would Radha go after her death?"

I said that's an absurd question.

Radha would unite with
her Krishna after she's dead.

Where else would she go?

That's her final resting place.

She started smiling
after hearing my answer.

She came close to me and said...

..."Hari, always remember this."

"Don't forget this ever."

Then she just got up and
walked out into the sunlight.


Vasudha left you 21 years ago...

...and you're still
mourning her leaving.

You don't understand
that you didn't see her.

It's just your imagination.


Every 2 - 2 1/2 years you
say the same thing.

All you have to do is take a break.

Iam increasing your dosage.

Let's wait and see how they work.

Next patient please.

I don't need medication, doctor.

I am not sick.

Iam not insane.

Vasudha did come this morning.

At around 4am...
- Hari.

Hari, just let her go.

Just let her go.

Just let her go.
- She was wearing a red sweater...

Otherwise it will get worse...

...and my worst fear will come true.

You'll have to be sent
to a mental asylum. Get it.

Red color..
- Fine.

- Come on.

Hari, she's here to see you.

I'm Avni.

Saanj's wife.

Has something happened?

Actually, Avni and I...

...had gone to Singapore...

...for my company's work.

- While we were leaving, mom called..

- ..And said she wanted to visit the
temple since it was Durga Pooja.

That was the last
time we heard from her.

3 days..

Uncle, that's...

Would you like a glass of water?

Three days later,
when we returned home...

...we realized that
mom's gone missing.

- We had to inform the police.

- That's when we found out that...

...mom's dead body was found
on a deserted road.

3 kilometers away from Bastar.

- What was she doing in Bastar?

- It's a complete mystery for me...

Avni and the police.

I know what you were doing in Bastar.

You came to meet me.

That wasn't my imagination.

That doctor...

You paid a high price for
your indiscretions, Vasudha.

A shameless woman like her
was bound to meet this fate.


Brazen woman, her body
was found on a deserted road.


- SaanL
- Enough!

Not a word more.
- Saanj what are you...

She's my mother.

Saanj what are you doing?
- Keep your mouth shut...

...or I'll throw you out
in front of everyone.

Avni, why did you get him?
- Because he's family.

He's family?

Avni wanted you to be here.


She wanted that
we take you to Kashi...

...so you could perform
mom's final rites.

But the truth is...

...you're not even worthy
of touching her urn.

L...l'm not worthy?
- Yes.

I've more right on her than you.
- What?

She's my wife.

God has given me this right.

What...what right?

Now I understand why...

...she came to see me this morning.

She was wearing a red sweater,
wasn't she?

It was red, wasn't it?

Your mother's ashes
won't be immersed in Ganga.

Iam her husband.

I will decide..
- Get out.


Saanj wait!
- Get out.

Saanj, listen to me.
- Get out.

Get out.
- Saanj!

Vashudha won't be
immersed in Ganga.

- Hello, welcome to
Mumbai Police Control..

Avni, what's going on?

I'm sorry, Saanj.

You were right.

I shouldn't have brought him here.

I should've just...

He's disappeared with mom's urn...

...and he's left that.

"Son, your mother's ashes
won't be immersed in Ganga."

"l'm taking them where
they rightfully belong."

"Read this book carefully."

"l've written everyone's truth in it."

"As it had happened..."


Saanj! Good morning.
- Good morning.

Whose birthday is it today?
- Mine.

Happy birthday!
- Thank you.

And look what your father
has sent for you.

What is this?
- Computer.

- Very nice.

You like?
- Very like.

And papa?

Papa will be back soon.

Like I said, papa's far
away working for his country.

Work! Work! Work!

Mom what kind of work does he do,
that never ends?

Look what God has sent to wish Saanj.

- Red beautiful flowers, no?


Saanj. You got Scared?

Don't be scared.

Don't ever be scared of these sounds.

God talks to us through these storms.

He touches us...

...through the color of
these flowers and their fragrance.


Thank you, God!

Thank you, God!

You need to get to school,
and I've to get to work.

Let's go. Let's go.

India's most eligible bachelor
Aarav Ruparel is in town.

- Yeah.

By the way, who is Aarav Ruparel?

Huh? You don't know?

This man doesn't have a house...

...but he owns 108 hotels.

Read the newspaper.

You know what he says...

...that his permanent address
is the flight seat no. 1A.

How cool, right?

- He's going to check into our
presidential suite in the next 2 hours.

And you've been given orders
by the management...

to make it special and pretty.

Good morning..
- Good morning, Mr. Ruparel.

Welcome to the palace Hotel.


I could die for these.

Good morning, Mr. Ruparel.

What are these flowers called?

Arum lily.

Arum lily!

Which means simplicity, innocence...

...true love.

They are lovely.

It looks like you love yourjob.


But how can you tell?

From the way you
arranged these flowers.

A person's character and
emotions reflect in their work.



Keep up the good work.

Thank you, Mr. Ruparel.

Good day.



Is there anything you
don't like about yourjob?

I didn't understand?

You heard me.
What do you hate about yourjob?

Plucking of these flowers.

Whether it's for humans or God.

These flowers are so delicate.

Even before they
Can blossom completely...

They are plucked from their branches

They've to pay a price
for our happiness...our sorrows...

...our love...

...our achievements...

---by getting plucked.

But nothing can be done.

For years, this job's
been providing for my family.

You're right.

A lot has to be
sacrificed to run a house.

It was nice meeting you, Vasudha.

Thank you, Mr. Ruparel.

And please put up the
"Do Not Disturb" sign on the door.

I haven't slept for 18 hours.
- Sure.

Leaving early today, Vasudha?

Where's your share for
the annual staff party.

Oh yes...

Ms. Chubby was saying...

that your husband
won't be accompanying you...

...to the staff party
again this year. Why?

My husband's not in the city.

The luxury taxi business
is so unpredictable.

He's either in one city or the other.

One city...or another.

I hope he hasn't got something
going on the outside.

Trilok, next time
stay within your limits...

...while cracking a joke.



Fire alarm!

Get going!

Everyone get out!
Fire alarm! Come on!

Come on! Hurry up!

Get everyone out!

Move out! Move out!
Clear the building!

- Yes, Vasudha.

I think that the guest in the
Presidential suite is still asleep.

He'll hear the alarm
and get out safely.

You're the hotel's security in-charge,
how can you...

So? Should I risk my life?

Die in there?

You stay here, I am going.

Save your life first!

Where are you going?

Evacuation's been ordered.
- Coming.

Sir...ma'am, fire exit to the left.
- OK, thank you.

Mr. Ruparel!

Mr. Ruparel!

Mr. Ruparel!


Mr. Ruparel,
there's a fire in the hotel, and...

Mr. Ruparel.

Apoorva, guess what?

Our drama was a success.

Get the staff to my room now.

And for God's sake,
put off the fire alarm.



This is the core team.

Good afternoon sir.

And that is head of security.

Sir, Trilok Sandhu.

Vasudha, this is Apoorva.

My childhood friend
and business manager.

And Apoorva, meet Vasudha.

- Hi.

The florist.

- Or should I call her a soldier...

...who has no connection
with our security staff.

Am I right, Mr. Manager?

Yes, Mr. Ruparel.

Of course I'm right.

I don't own 108 hotels by chance.

Before buying any new hotel,
I ensure...

...that all the systems in
the hotel are working properly.

And I am really sorry to say,
Mr. Bhatia...

...that a VVIP guest was rescued 10
minutes after the fire alarm rang.

The security systems and staff
should be replaced immediately.

Sorry, sir.
- Sorry, sir.

I'm done.

Sorry... Mr. Ruparel...
- You can all leave, thank you.

- Yes, Mr. Ruparel.

I'm very impressed with you.

- Putting others before yourself.

The entire hotel industry
business thrives on these principles.

And I am glad you believe in that.

Apoorva, I think we
should take her from here.

She can take our
new hotel in Dubai to greater heights.

- Of course.

From now on you won't
work for anyone else.

Double the salary...

...with all the perks included.

Thank you very much Mr. Ruparel.

It's a great offer, really!

It's not easy to
refuse all that money.

But my family's right here...

...and I cannot leave them.

That's why...

I never make the same offer twice.

But for you I'm making an exception.

The offer is still open.

You can come work
for us whenever you want.

Thank you.
- Alright.

Good day.

She should've taken my offer.

- Vasudha...

Why aren't you answering your phone?

Ohh...maybe I didn't
hear it in all the commotion...

Saanj's school called.

They took him to Bandra Crime Branch.


- Madam, where are you going?

- Wait. Stop!

- Saanj!

Saanj, are you okay?
- Yes.

Your son is very clever.

Even at this age,
he knows so much about computers.

At this rate...

...he'll soon be India's Bill Gates.

Aren't you ashamed?

You took a small
boy from his school...

...and brought him
to the police station.

What right do you have?

Is he a thief or a criminal?

What has he done?

Come, Saanj. Where's your bag?

I'll tell you who's done what.

Shinde, look after the boy.

Yes, sir.

Come with me.

You kept coming to us every
month to ask for our help...

...whereas you know
where your husband is.

You've been in touch with him.

For the last 5 years
you kept saying that...

...your husband went to Orissa
with an American Journalist...

...and never returned.

He disappeared. He's missing.

Isn't that what you said?

Yes, sir...

Then what's this?

This birthday card?

What is this?

Sir, that's my handwriting.

I write those letters...

...in the name of Saanj's father.

I lie...that his father's
out of the country for work.

That's the truth behind this letter.

You can punish me any way you want.

Punishment doesn't scare me anymore.

And I don't need to run from the law.

You shouldn't be running
from the law either.

But things will get
difficult for you...

...when your husband returns.

Because your husband
isn't driving some taxi.

He's a member of a terrorist group...

...that's spreading
terror in this country.

No...you're mistaken, sir.

Hari is...

Isn't that him?

He tricked four American
journalists and took them to Orrisa...

...to the jungles of bastar...

...where he shot them
one after the other.


Now this case will
become a political issue.

My bosses will want me to arrest you.

But I won't do this.

Because I know you're innocent.

But in return...

...you must inform us...

...whenever your husband
comes to see you.

You will have to assist
-us- in arresting him.

Otherwise...just like your father...

...ruined your life by getting you
married to this terrorist...

...you'll be ruining your son's life in
order to save your criminal husband.

How can I spend my entire
life with someone I don't know...

- Greetings.

How can I be with someone
I don't love...

Are you crazy?

How dare you utter
such things in front of me?

In our community,
marriage comes first...

...and then this thing you call love.

For a century our ancestors
have followed this...

...and everyone always will.

- Hari is a nice boy.

- He's cultured, like me.

- Marry him.

- You'll be happy with him.

Enough, Hari.

- It's done...it's done.


If you're so scared of
writing your husband's name...

...how will you live with
me for the next seven lives?

It looks so nice.

Now you're mine forever.

- Like father...like son!


His father was a priest in the temple.

And he would beat me up
every night with a shoe.

After he died, my son took over.

He said "Mother,
shave your head, it's our tradition."

Even after they're dead...

...men still control a woman's body.

Do yourself a favor.

Don't waste your life like me.

Don't let the fire
die before you're dead.

You're young, beautiful.

Go...marry someone else.

And throw your nuptial
necklace in some dustbin.

Take that leash off.

No, mother.

I don't have the courage
to take this off.

We are bound by our traditions.

How can I take it off?

I will wear it till I die.

Iam happy that my son's with me.

I'll hide him in some boarding school.

Take him far away from here.

I want to live for him, mother.


- Reputation.

- We can lose money,
but not our reputation.

- It's the foundation
of every big organization.

- Ours too.

And Mr. Bhatia,
I will never support someone...

...who can malign my reputation.

- Such people can't work here.
Fire them.

- Yes, Mr. Ruparel.

- Alright. I'll see you all soon.

- Yeah.

Thank you.
- Have a safe flight, sir.

Bye, Vasu.

- What's wrong?

- Your flowers don't look happy today.

Something's wrong.

No, everything's fine.

Come on, tell me, I'm listening.

Actually...you have already
answered my question.

So I don't want to waste your time.

By the way...
- Aarav, we've a flight to catch.


I'll just get our bags.

I want to hear that question.

I had changed my mind.

Thought I would take up
the job at your hotel in Dubai.

But, since you've
bought this hotel also...

...and your reputation
means everything to you...

...it won't be right
for me to even stay here.

My son was just 1 month old...

...when my husband left us.

I've been waiting
for him since 5 years.

But yesterday...

...the police told me that...

...he's a member of a terrorist group.

But I didn't know about it.

But now that I know, it scares me.

This news might
ruin my son's life.

So I thought of taking
up the job in your Dubai hotel.

Aarav, we'll get stuck in traffic.

Apoorva, when I reach Dubai...

...l want to see a beautiful
bouquet made by her in my room.

Mr. Ruparel?

I don't have any time
for your thank you.

I have to catch a flight.

I'll see you in Dubai soon.

Come on.
- Yup.

Aarav, what was that all about?

What happened?

What's wrong with you?

She reminds me of someone close to me.

- And now, ladies and gentlemen.

- Imperial hotel presents on stage...

...the sizzling, the ravishing,
the one and only...Rohini!


- That was our sizzling
performer Rohini.

- I hope you're enjoying this evening,
because I certainly am.

- Everybody,
please a huge round of applause.

Get lost!

Get lost from here!

- Why, Aarav?
Why do you enter the hotel?

I've explained to you so many times...

...that I am a cabaret artist.

They don't know that I have a son.

People will call
me old because of you.

Mom, I've got fever.
I was feeling cold.

That's why I came inside.

Where else could I go?

You know...

...l fled with you from
the hospital when you were born.

Because I didn't have
the money to pay the bills.

Your father didn't give me a penny.

He left nothing before leaving us.

It was really hard to find this job.

And I almost lost
it all today because of you.

If that happened,
what would we have done?

Where would we stay?

How would we survive?

Who do we have in this world?

- Me.

I've said it...








Naila Sarwar

I work in the hotel's
house-keeping department.

Nice meesting you.

Shehzad, we need to
go to Miracle Garden first.

- Okay, ma'am.

Why? Why not the hotel?

Well, our boss has already arrived

and he's waiting there for you.

- Good morning, sir.

Good morning, Mr. Ruparel.

Welcome to Dubai.

Thank you.

I know I'm a cruel man.

When it comes to work,
I spare no one.

Not even myself.

But the job at hand is special.

Come over here,
I want to show you something.

My Japanese designers want me...

...to plan the garden
of my new hotel like this one.

But I'm a bit confused.

Should I make an
exact replica, or not.

I mean, there are 40,000 flowers here.
It's stunning. It's beautiful.

But I still feel like
Something is missing here.

It lacks something.

Can you tell me what's missing?

There are no dried leaves here.

According to me, Mr. Ruparel,
a garden that doesn't have...

a few dried leaves, some
withered flowers, doesn't seem real.

This place is too beautiful.

And maybe that's why
it doesn't touch the heart.

Every beautiful thing
has some flaw in it.

Even the moon has craters.

But...why is this garden so flawless?


You answered my question so easily.

You surpassed my experts.

You okay?

Something went into my eye.
- May I?

Thank you.

Naila, I need a sim card.

I want to talk to my son.
Please help me get one.

Mama, l'm here.
- Saanj!

- I told you.

Now we can talk every day for free.

- Maddy Aunty took the
principal's permission.

Happy Diwali.

- Happy Diwali, sir.

- Happy Diwali, sir.

It feels like this place was
covered in darkness until now.

And this is the first time
this place has seen light.

But...how did you manage
all this in so little time?

We did it together, sir.

Otherwise it would've
not been possible.

But the idea was yours.

If the light hadn't been in you,
it wouldn't have reflected out here.

No matter how many times I thank
you for that, it won't be enough.

This is dim in comparison to
the light you've brought to my life.

You changed my life.

My son's too.

Iam a very selfish man.

I only do what makes me happy.

But I would never want
you to consider this a favor.

Or feel burdened.

I really mean it.


We'll miss our flight, Aarav.


Take care.


Can I click a picture of you?

Just one snap.

Guys...everyone gather around.

For a photo.
- Yes, sir.

For the hotel magazine.
Hurry up.


Come on, everyone back to work.

Naila, how often does
Mr. Ruparel come here?

Well...l've never counted.

You see, he leads an interesting life.

He comes if he wants to, or doesn't.

Sometimes once in three months,
or sometimes once in three years.

By the way, madam...
where do I keep these flowers?


- Yes, ma'am.

Please help me.
- Sure.

And the rest of the flowers,
where do I keep them?

Naila, will you take that
trolley to the other room.

I'll be right with you.

- Come fast.

- Vasudha.

Hi, Aarav.

- Listen, the photo I took of
you is a little out of focus.

Can you do me a favor?
Can you click one more...

...and send it to me right now?

Yeah...you mean, my photo?


For our hotel magazine.

I want to do a profile on you.


I'll click one and give
it to the management.

No, send it to me!

I'm waiting.

- Send it fast please.

Yeah. Ok.


It's all messed up.

Follow my instructions.

Look at this...

- I don't understand why...

a wealthy man like you...

...who owns big hotels
all over the world...

...is interested
in my 3-star hotel?

- And I've told you before...

this was the first property...

...built by my father
from his hard-earned money.

I've an emotional
attachment to this place.

So I can't sell this hotel to you.

-_- So")!-

Emotions and you.

I don't see a speck of
emotion on your ugly face?

What do you mean, Mr. Ruparel?

What's going on, Apoorva?

Is this a business meeting or...

...an insulting session?

You're humiliating me in my hotel,
in front of my people.

- Think about my age.

- I am a heart patient.

Leave. Please leave.
Go away.

I don't want to sell.

I won't sell this hotel.

Aarav, let's get to the point.

Fine, let's get to the point.

I don't know how you will do it.

But I want your hotel
in a month's time.

You will sign this
deal for 600 million...

...not a penny more or less.

And if you don't do that...

...then I'll use all
my influence to ruin you.

You and your family will be
begging on the streets of Kolkata.

This shock might...

...even cause a heart-attack
and you'll die on the streets.

Believe me...

...that'll make me really happy.

- I just can't get Bose's
reaction out of my head.

"What's going on, Apoorva?"

"ls this a business meeting,
or...an insulting session?"

- You should've seen his face.

I don't know why seeing the man...

...who humiliated me so much
during my childhood and hurt me...

...suffer today,
isn't making me happy.

That...that's your problem.

This is your problem.
You feel everything so deeply...

...there's so much sorrow inside you.

You are always full of pain.


Because you don't know
what your heart wants.

Mr. Ruparel,
the flight is ready for departure.

All the passengers have boarded
and we're waiting for you.

Okay, let's go.

- Attention please,
this is the final call...

...for the passengers travelling
through flight B-126 to London.

What happened?


Sir, the flight is about to depart.

Can we please proceed now.

Aarav, they're shutting the doors,
man. Come on.

- Aarav!

Aarav, we can't miss this flight.

You know the European
Division is waiting in London.

Come on, let's go.

Aarav, hurry up. Let's go.

We're not going to London.

If we're not going to London,
where are we going?

You asked me what my heart wanted.

These flowers have
answered your question.

We're going to Dubai.

- Any contact with him?

Who? Who is speaking?

Patil from Mumbai Crime Branch, ma'am.

No one's contacted me.

And how could he,
I haven't given this number to anyone.

It's not difficult for
the police or a criminal...

...to find anyone's number, ma'am.


...l'll be waiting for your call.
- Yes.

- Happy Diwali!

- Wow! What a performance!

Very nice! Very nice!

- Come on now give them
a big round of applause


Now, I'm going to
spin this bottle again...

...round and round...

It's spinning...it's spinning!

And stop!

Our next singer for the evening is...

Sorry, sir...

...whoever the bottle
points at...has to sing.

- But, it's okay...

...you're the...


It's pointless to run from the truth.

What truth?

You and my mother
have a similar story.

But after my father left us,
she fell in love with someone else.

Jeevan Rane.

He was madly in love
with my mother, but...

...alcohol ruined him.

He even lost his job because of it.

- But even in that
painful poverty...

...we would find our
moments of happiness.

- We would get so happy when she
would steal food for me from that club.

- And alcohol for Jeevan uncle.

- The world saw that as theft,
but to us it was love.

- And then one day
that incident took place...

...which completely shattered us.

- What happened?

Show me your bag,
- Why?

- I said show me your bag.

Let go.
- What's wrong?

Sir, I told you before...

...this woman steals whiskey
bottles from our bar.

He's lying. I didn't steal anything.
- Show me your bag.

I don't steal.
- Give me your bag.

Look, sir.
- Hold this.

You thief!

Let her go. Let her go.

Let him go,
he hasn't done anything.

It's my fault.


- Let them go.
It's my fault.

Let them go.

- She often faced
humiliation in that hotel.

- But she was never so
disgraced as she was that night.

- When we were returning,
Jeevan uncle did...

...what many people in our
country do due to poverty and grief.

- Stop the car.

- Stop. We need help.

- That was the scariest
night of my life.

I saw a weak man get destroyed
because of his shame.

That night I swore to be successful...

...and took my first step
towards becoming successful.

But this success doesn't
take away the pain.

That pain still exists...even today.

That day when I made
you talk to your son...

...and saw the happiness on your face.

I realized that pain reduces
when you give happiness...

Sorrows reduce when you give joy.

Vasudha, I want to make
a deal with you.

I want to give you all
the happiness in the world...

...in exchange for your pain.

Vasudha, it's your love...

...that made my heart
see the light beyond my darkness.

Thank you.

I love you a lot, Vasudha.

"Now you're mine forever."

Sir. Sir, sorry to disturb you, sir.


What is this?

"Naila, by the time you wake up,
I would've already left."

"Don't ask why."

"My condition is like the
traveller wandering in the desert..."

"...that sees water,
but it turns out to be a mirage."

"Just a figment of his imagination."

"Last night I was deceived."

"So...l am leaving without
informing the management."

"Look after yourself, Naila."

"Thank you."

Vasudha, where are you going?

Away from you.

Me...or my love?


Because you're mistaking
your lust for love.

What did you say?
- Yes, Mr. Aarav Ruparel

The world is like a toy shop for you.

You can buy anything you like.

But I am not for sale.

You did all this to escape
your lonely and boring life.

And I was such a fool to think that...

...l had come here for my own needs.

Iam not some coin
lying on the street.

I belong to someone else.

Do you get that?
- No.

I don't understand
these big talks, Vasudha.

All I understand is this.

You know me really well, don't you?

Understand me.

But do you understand yourself?

No, Vasudha.

You love me too. A lot.

But you will never say it.

You will yearn for me,
but never express it.

You'll keep running from me.

Wander in that desert in your heart.

You want to come closer to me.

Wrap your arms around me and cry,
make a place in my heart!

But you won't do it.

But I'm not like you.

I can't live without
telling you that I love you.

That I need you.

What could hurt me more...

...than knowing that life
scares you more than death...

...love scares you, not loneliness.

I can't fall in love.

I can't feel anything.

Go away.

You're wrong about me.

I'll take you back to your home.

But first I want to
take you somewhere, Vasudha.

After that you can
make your decisions.

A failed attempt to commit suicide...

...another failure.

Jeevan uncle couldn't
endure the brain trauma...

...and slipped into a coma.

Doctors said he'll have to
spend the rest of his life like this.

He even told mom to take him off
all his life-support systems...

...but mom didn't agree.

And I still remember what she said.

She said "Love is a responsibility..."

"...and only the
fortunate ones get it."

For the last 20 years,
she has spent

- hours here everyday
to hear his heartbeat.

She even says that Jeevan uncle...

...gives her marks for
her piano performance.

- Sweet, isn't it?

So how many marks did
you get today, ma?


Zero marks and it's all your fault.

My heart was saying that
you're somewhere close...

...and so I couldn't impress him.

Who's this wandering
soul that feels like a kindred spirit?

Ma, I've brought her here today...

...so that you can defend my case.

I want to give her and her son...

...the life that you and I never had.


I want to marry her, give her love.

But she doesn't trust me.

You can call this a plea, if you want.

But the heart doesn't
stop for everyone.

Even heartbeats have rules.

We're told the story
of Sita from childhood.

We're taught to be like her.

But no one talks about Radha.

Whereas she's the one revered
along with Krishna, in every home.

So think about it.

You won't get this time back again.

Life doesn't give a second chance.

Love's in front of you.

Don't run from it.

What good will that do?

Make you pious?

Become Sita?

But you've always been that.

When will you become Radha?

I don't have the courage
to see you leave.

Apoorva will take you back
to Mumbai by the next flight.

I'm not coming.


No one has ever given me
as much respect...

...as you did today,
in front of your mother.

I'm tired, Aarav.

My past has cornered me.

Can you help me forget my past?

I don't know how to live.

Can you teach me how to live?

I don't know how to love.

Can you teach me what love is?



Don't forget to come tomorrow morning.

I've called my lawyer over
for something important.

For what?


Divorce papers.

Read them properly and sign them.

Next time, I want to meet
Saanj as his legal guardian.

I don't like hiding things.


No, no, no...

Don't... don't...


I'm not dead! I'm not dead!

It's me.




It's me, Vasudha.

L'm hungry-

Do you have something to eat?

I'm hungry.
Do you have something to eat?

Do you have something to eat?
I'm hungry.


Where are you going?
Where are you going?

There's no food at home.
- Huh!

No food at home.

Go. Come back soon.

Madam do you need something?


- The number you've dialled is not
accepting any calls at this moment.

- Please try again later.

- Thank you.

I've yearned 5 years for this love.

What happened?

Vasudha, I'm your husband.

The police were saying...

...you're a terrorist.

If I don't tell them...

...that you're back...

...then they will arrest me too.

Then Saanj...

You believe the police.

You never bothered to
ask me my side of the story.

What happened to me?

Vasudha, I was taken prisoner...

...along with those Americans.

When we were heading towards Bastar...

- on the highway.

- They attacked our
car and took us hostage.

- They scared me, threatened me.

"Kill them. Come on."

Forced me to kill one
of those Americans.

- They shot the entire thing on video
and sent it to the police.


- They would thrash me every day.

- Tell me to forget my past.

- And I was one of them.

- One day those beasts...

...camped at Father
Peter Dayal's hermitage.

- I told father my story...

...and asked him
for his help to escape.

- He helped me.

- Come on. Fast...move.

- And we all escaped.

- But the entire area
was rigged with land mines.

- They caught us again.

- And to punish us, they shot Father
and me in the leg.

- They kept me locked in
the same room for years.

- Remember, when I was leaving,
and you were praying for my safety.

- Those were the memories
that kept me sane.

- Kept me alive.

- I swore that I
won't die at any cost.

- And I'll return home.

- God answered my prayers.

- The place where they were
camping was hit by floods.

- And I got another chance to run.

I kept running.

- It took me months to get here.

No one believes me.

No one.

You don't believe me either.

I do now.


Arrange for a car.

We'll get out of here.

Leave this city.

We'll start a new life...

What's wrong with you?


Who's calling you at this hour?

Who is he?

Who's calling you?

Who is he, Vasudha?

Who is he?


I work for him.

He wants to marry me.

Aren't you ashamed?

Your father taught
values all his life.

How could those values
give birth to such a woman?

I want to strangle you.

Kill Saanj and myself too.

If you feel nothing for me,
what will I live for?

It's all...all over!

Didn't your conscience stop you?

Didn't your God stop you?

Didn't our memories stop you?

Which memories, Hari?

The time when you forcefully...

...tattooed your name on my arm.

Just like a master brands his pet.

We'd been married forjust a year,
when you disappeared.

Can you imagine the loneliness...

...that I felt in the last five years?

Do you know how I raised our son?

But you're so engrossed
in your pain...

...that you can't see me.

Because if you could, Hari...

...you wouldn't have asked
me to run away with you.

And what's the point
of running away, Hari?

We can't escape.

So Hari...

...stop thinking about me.

Go to the police station
and tell them the truth.

Iam sure you'll getjustice.

For Saanj's sake.

His future is at stake.

Wow, Vasudha...

...you took Saanj's name.

But it's that rich boss of
yours that you're thinking about.

You're restless to see him.


Have you slept with him?

Have you slept with him?

I love him.

A lot...



Hari, come inside.

Hari, don't go anywhere.

Leave me!

- Let go!

Go to your boss.

Hey...how dare you hit your wife?


Go to your boss.

Sir, he's my husband.
- Leave me!

Go back to your boss!

Go back to your boss!
- Hari!

You haven't seen the news.

Aarav... here.

Sources from Mumbai Crime
Branch have confirmed...

...that the person arrested
last night for a scuffle...

...with his wife and the police...

...is Hari Prasad.
- That's Vasudha's husband.

And he's a member of
the same terrorist group...

...that killed 5 American
journalists 5 years ago.

The police have been
looking for him for 5 years.

Hari Prasad was arrested arguing...

...outside his Azad
Nagar Home in Andheri.

Aarav...the police was here.

They want to know
if Vasudha is involved.

It's high time, man.
I think you should just...

Should do what?

I think you should just tell...



Hari...is innocent.

He hasn't done anything.

The police took him away.

Aarav, save him.

Aarav, save him.
He hasn't done anything.

He's innocent.

Aarav, save him.

Aarav, save him.

Save him!

- Mr. Deshmukh, I want to know...

...whether this country will be
run by law or by your will?

What happened?

She says her husband is innocent.

He's been framed.

He didn't commit the
crimes you're accusing him of.

So let's get to the point.

You're the Home Minister.

Elections are just around the corner.

I'm sure you'll need donations.

Name your price.

You will get the
money within the hour.

Keep the money and release Hari.

The further he stays from
these political games, the better.

But, Mr. Ruparel, Hari isn't innocent.

We have evidence against him.

Mr. Patil,
you seem to be a sensible person.

You can continue working
for your department...

...without becoming puppets
for these politicians.

So please...don't give them
your shoulder to target this woman.

Because this entire charade
is only to stay in the headlines.

You're absolutely right.

I ordered Patil to
arrest her husband...

...and give the news to the media.

What to do? Elections are close.

I need to be in the headlines.

And another truth is...

...her husband came
to the Crime Branch today...

...and accepted his crimes.

And matter of fact,
we have a written statement also...

...which also bears his sign.

You can ask Mr. Patil.

- Yeah, he's right.

I tried talking to your husband.

I also told him the
consequences of this statement.

But he said...he's doing
it for your happiness.

So that he can stay away...

...and you can be happy
with Mr. Ruparel.

I see...so that's the case.

I thought I was a lowly man.

I was using her husband
for my own benefit.

But this is just amazing.

We're all the same.

Right, Mr. Ruparel.

A poor man's wife
is everyone's missus.

Listen...take my advice.

That obsession of love in your eyes...

...has ruined many kings and emperors.

So don't ruin yourself
for these stupid emotions.

Well...l'll forget everything you said.

What do they call it?

Consider it a child's obstinacy.

Do you understand?
- You?

Okay, I'm done talking.

Let's fight.
- Aarav.

Get ready to fight the biggest
battle of your life, Deshmukh.

Because I promise...
I will get Hari out...

...even with his signed statement.

No matter what means I use,
right or wrong...

...he will come out.

And you'll just watch.

Aarav, let's go.

Aarav, come.

Vasudha, let's go.


I want the best lawyer for this case.

Robin Salve.
He handled Mehta's case.

But we'll have to pay a
huge fee to get him on this case.

He doesn't like such
anti-national cases.

Money is not the problem, Apoorva.

Just get him.

Lets go.

Everyone's fighting because of me.

Hari put the noose around his neck.

You're prepared to
fight against the world.

And I'm just watching
everything like a coward.

With a hope that
everything will be fine.

But I'm done with this cowardice.

I won't build my world
on Hari's dead body.

After his sacrifice..

I can never be happy with you...

I have loved you a lot...

...and I can't do this.

To build a heaven for myself

...l can't push you in this hell


I did what you asked me to do.

This hotel now belongs to you.

I apologize for my
indecent behavior.

You were the owner of this hotel...

...and you always will be.

- In light of all the evidence...

...the court finds Hari Prasad
guilty under section IPC 302...

...and gives him the death sentence.

- To be hanged till death.



Hari, why didn't you say something?

Hari, tell them everything
that happened in Bastar.

Tell them about Father
Peter Dayal, Hari.

Hari, tell them the truth.


- Mr. Ruparel, this is Robin Salve.

ACP Patil wants to talk to you.

I don't understand.

- Sir he wants to meet you.

- He wants to see you.

He") me?


Because even the universe
helps true lovers...

So I decided to make a small effort
in trying to unite Vasudha and you.

Vasudha came to see Hari every day...

...and pleaded with him to
withdraw his statement.

But Hari has been treating
her like an animal.

He shunned all her efforts.

I spoke to Hari after Vasudha left.

Why admit to a crime
you never committed?

Why do you want to
hang from the noose?

Because I don't have a choice.

I want my wife back.

She's mine.
I will get hanged for her.

And I know her well.

Seeing my condition,
she will never go back to that man.

He might be rich,
but he can't buy her soul.

I control her strings.

And I will control her all my life.

Never let her go.

Centuries of values
are imbibed in Vasudha.

She won't live in peace.

She will live in guilt that she
betrayed me for the rest of her life.

She will pay for her
lust with her husband's blood.

I will never let
those two be together.

That woman suffered for five years...

...and now she'll live
on a false belief, that...

...her husband sacrificed
himself for her.

And I will control her all my life.

Although Deshmukh sir would
never want this truth to be revealed.


By going into the jungles of Bastar.

You will have to
meet Father Peter Dayal.

If he gives a statement
in Hari's favor...

...then this case will be over.

And you'll have to do it soon.

Because the court has already
given Hari a death sentence.

You have to take his confession...

...because the court can
never deny his statement.

Do me a favor,
cancel all my programs.

Make arrangements
to go see Father Peter.

Take Vasudha's signatures on the plea.

We'll have to appeal for
Hari in the higher court.

But I don't understand the reason
behind you going to that jungle.

This country's laws don't
work in those jungles, Aarav.

That place is rigged with explosives.

That entire place is goddamn
filled with land mines, Aarav.

I'm sorry.

I'm not going to let you go, man.

We'll find someone else for this job.

I'm sorry,
I'm not going to let you go.

Didn't you hear what Patil said?

No one should find out about this.

I'll have to go personally.

And remember, Apoorva...

...l've to do this myself.

I don't want anyone
else on this journey.

I cannot risk anyone's life.

Just make all the arrangements.

So finish it off.

What's the point of going
the distance to commit suicide?

Have you seen the newspapers today?

Our shares are falling, you know that.

And it also states that
you're supporting Hari...

...because you have an illicit
affair with his wife.

And that his kid
may actually be yours.

I want you to file
a case against this paper.

I want this newspaper
to shut down permanently.

Who all are you going
to fight against, Aarav?


Are you crazy?
Have you lost your mind?

And now you want to walk through
fire for the sake of your love.

Why, Aarav? Why?

It took me a lifetime to understand...

...that we can only love someone,
when we stop loving ourselves.

Life is not like a business,
where it's just give and take.

I just want to give now.

So don't fight with me please.

And make arrangements for my journey.

On one condition.

I'm coming with you too.

Even I have the right to give love.

I'm coming with you.

Make sure all the stuff is over there.

Yes, sir.

Sir, all the arrangements
have been made.

All of it?
- Yes, sir.

I'll follow it up.
- Yeah. - Okay.

Aarav, I'll see you in the car.

- Okay sir.

Everyone, please.

What are you doing?

I had heard...

...that God comes to earth
in human form...

...to help someone.

I've seen it today.

Thank you.

I should be thanking you.

I was a shattered man...

...who was trying to
complete myself with money.

Then you entered my life...

...and made me whole again.

I had many addresses...

...but not a home.

You gave me a home...
in your heart.

Thank you for giving this wandering
traveller a refuge in your heart.

Can I take a picture of you?

- Listen, do you know him?

- Father Peter Dayal.

That's him.

- My name is Peter Dayal.

I declare that
Mr. Hari Prasad is an innocent man.

- Well done, Aarav.

- With this confessional video, we
can easily put a stay on the sentence.

He'll be out ofjail soon.

He'll be a free man soon, Aarav.

Send it to me right away.
- Yes.

- The entire village
will bear witness to this.

Aarav, send it.

- I just don't get you, Aarav.

What you did today will set Hari free.

And you will lose
Vasudha forever.

But you're still happy.

A true love story has no end, Apoorva.

There's a voice in
my heart which says that...

...even the entire universe
cannot separate us.

We're meant to be together.

Just watch...

...one day we'll be together again.

I don't get you, man.

Apoorva...stop the car.

What happened?
- Stop the car please.

What happened?

That fragrance.

We'll be there in...
2 hours from now.

Yeah, I'll call you back.


- Vasudha!

- Vasudha... Aarav!

- There's been an incident!

Vasudha, Aarav's no more.

I knew Aarav.

He would've wanted
this crowd to live for Ruparel...

...and our focus to return to our
work, which he loved so much.

With that spirit, we want to get
the entire company together..

...to celebrate his extraordinary life.

And his various accomplishments.

He tried to break an eternal bond.

It's good that he's dead.

God exists, Patil sir.

He exists.

No, Hari.

A God that makes true love lose...

...ties a pious woman
to a fraud like you forever...

...makes her your prisoner...

...only you can believe in such a God.

Because the God I believe
in will punish you.

He will free Vasudha
from your clutches.

Now go...

...your empty house is waiting for you.

- Vasudha!



Where's Vasudha?


She left.

She's gone and left something for you.

Go, take a look.


- "L was shocked to see
that nuptial necklace."

- "l couldn't understand how
the meek woman I had branded..."

- "...with my name,
could actually leave me."

- "How did she muster such courage?"

- "This thought drove me crazy."

- "And just like a parched
man sets out to look for a well..."

- set out to find her."

- "And after 2 years of searching..."

- found her on the streets of
Kolkata during the Durga Festival..."

Glory to... Goddess Durga!


This is your father.

He's come to meet us.

Take his blessings and go out.

We need to talk in private.


Go out.

Stop this charade.
That's enough.

Remember this?

Or did you forget it like your past?



I've forgotten all about it.

Why did you bring it along?

To tie me?

How will you tie me, Hari?

With rituals and traditions?


Or with the charade
of your fake sacrifice?

No, Hari.
These things can't tie me down now.

And how will you forget this?

You can hide it under your sleeve,
but how will you forget it?


This body is mine!

This breath is mine!

You're mine for generations to come.

You think you can change that
after sleeping with someone else?

You're my Vasudha.

You're my Vasudha!

He touched you, didn't he?

Where? Where did he touch you?

Did he touch you here?

Did you enjoy it?

You had fun, didn't you?

So you've shown your true colors.

Revealed who you truly are.

Wear this.

Wear this or I will kill you!

Kill me.

That's what men like
you have done to women like me.

You either killed us in the womb...

...or right after birth.

What strange tradition is this?

Everything belongs to you.

I've to wear your
vermillion on my forehead.

Your nuptial necklace around my neck.

My wrists and your bangles.

My womb, my blood...

...my milk...

...and the child takes your name.

Everything is yours.

So what do you have that's mine.


You're talking too much.

I will kill you.

I will kill you, Vasudha.

Kill me, Hari. Kill me.

Because I'm speaking out after ages.

I can't stop now.

Silence me.

Because I can no longer
live caged by your dead customs.

Have you seen the light of love?

I did, Hari.

When Aarav touched my soul.

That light...gave rise
to a new feeling inside me.

Maybe that's why he came into my life.

All of us enter each
other's lives for a reason.

You came in my life
to take me to my love.

Goddess has sent you...
to set me free.

Cut this body. Set it on fire.

And take my ashes...to him.
- No.

He's waiting, Hari.

You've come here
to take me to my love.

You will take me to my love.

Hari, kill me!

Hari, kill me!

Hari, kill me!

Hari, he's waiting for me.

Hari, kill me!

- You can't leave me!

Hari, kill me!

You will come back to me.
- Hari, he's waiting for me.

You'll be mine again!

You will come back to me.

- "L spent 21 years
living with this lie."

- "But Vasudha never returned."

- "And when her final time arrived
she set out to meet her Krishna."

- "But she couldn't reach him."

- "l am going to complete
Vasudha's incomplete story."

- "Because the one that ties
you down, gets tied up too."

- "My salvation is tied with hers."

You okay?