Halo Legends (2010) - full transcript

A collection of seven stories from the Halo Universe created by Japan's most creative minds. First up is "Origins" a two part episode showing the expansive history of the Halo Universe and the history of the 100,000 year long franchise timeline, told through the eyes of Cortana. Second comes "The Duel" Taking place long before the Human-Covenant War, it tells the story of an Arbiter, Fal 'Chavamee, who refuses to accept the Covenant Religion. Taking a turn to the Spartan side of the story "Homecoming" focuses on the tragedies involving the Spartan-II recruitment in 2517, and the Spartans coming to terms with their origins. Taking a turn in tone comes "Odd One Out" a non-cannon parody of the Halo storyline. "Prototype" tells the story of a Marine who goes against his orders to destroy an advanced prototype armor and uses the suit to buy time for civilians evacuating from the planet. "The Babysitter" tales of the the rivalry between the Spartan-II Commandos and the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers as they're sent to Covenant-controlled world to assassinate a Covenant Prophet. And finally "The Package" a two-part all CGI film follows Master Chief and an elite squad of Spartan-II super soldiers as they execute a top-secret mission to retrieve a highly valuable UNSC asset on a Covenant Assault Carrier.

Halo Legends - Animation Sci-Fi
2010 1080p [H264-mp4] English

WOMAN: Chief, can you hear me?

When I was born,
seven years ago...

I already possessed the entire
sum of recorded human knowledge.

It took me almost two hours to process
and understand all that information.

But I can't be sure which memories
are mine or even what's true...

what's real.

I've discovered a great deal
more information since then.

For an AI, I've lived
a very long time.

But now, after seven
human years...

I have finally come to
understand your role...

your place in the universe.

And how you came to be here.

The eons of human evolution...

invention, aspiration and war.

Always war.

The oldest, most enduring
of human practices.

A hundred thousand years ago...

a great civilization
existed in this universe.

Like all great civilizations...

they faced a sudden and
dire turn of events.

A threat to their
primacy from outside.

Something they never expected...

never prepared for.

A deeply alien threat they
called simply the Flood.

An unstoppable force,
an unquenchable thirst.

It devoured everything
it touched.

At first their technology, their
courage seemed like it might prevail.

But they waited too long
to see the threat...

to join the fight.

The Flood had spread
too far and too wide.

It fed on intelligent
life, and in doing so...

became ever more
intelligent itself.

The Flood was unique.

It used their very
strength against them.

They were the Forerunners.

The Forerunners were a wise,
highly intelligent, noble people.

And with a belief in
justice, in peace...

they bravely faced
the adversary.

They sought to sterilize it.

I can only guess some of this...

fill in the gaps.

But it was an impossible fight.

Realizing defeat
was inevitable...

the Forerunners made a decision
to destroy everything.

Ironically, they did this in
order to preserve life...

to create a future for
you, yet unborn...

knowing they themselves
would not survive.

In a desperate attempt to ensure that
they would be the last victims...

they built a secret weapon
of terrifying power.

It was called Halo...

an array of weapons scattered
throughout the galaxy.

Its effect would spread throughout
known space, destroying the Flood...

and every thinking
creature in the galaxy.

You see, the Flood fed on
sentient species to survive.

The device would destroy the
infection and its food supply.

A thousand other plans
were tried, and failed.

This was the last resort. Halo.

And finally, it was
over in an instant.

Every intelligent life form left
in the galaxy was obliterated.

But from the ashes of
apparent defeat...

a victory.

The Forerunners had cataloged,
stored and protected...

population samples
from the Halo event.

DNA, embryos, even
living specimens.

In order to repopulate,
restore the galaxy.

Once the galaxy was cleansed of
Flood, the threat sterilized...

they repopulated worlds...

rebuilt that which
they had torn down...

and reseeded life.

But the Forerunners
themselves were gone forever.

This destruction, this conflagration
was their gift to you...

and their sacrifice.

They left you to
reclaim your world...

to rebuild it with
your own hands...

by sacrificing themselves...


It seemed that life had
finally found its peace.


settled on the galaxy.

But it would be a
fleeting peace.

For the great sacrifice
was in vain.

The end of one war did not
signal an end to all wars.

It is a great irony that
the nature of war...

always reveals the true
nature of those who fight.

And from their earliest days,
humanity began to fight...

war after war.

It swarmed over the earth and
there was no ending in sight.

In the midst of the
desire to shed blood...

you accidentally stumbled upon
the seeds of your salvation.

A great hope.

But you found something
else, as well.

The seeds of your destruction.

There were many sacrifices.

Humankind was mired in
horrific conflict...

meaningless bloodshed...

leaving the great Earth
eternally scarred.

But finally...

you looked up from the blood and
from the dirt and from the dying...

to the stars.

You had not given up on the idea
of reaching out, yearning...

seeking a new horizon...

and finding a new space
to grow and prosper.

For the first time, all of humankind
was united in a shared vision...

a common goal.

You realized that this once great
planet was now too small for you.

There were too many souls...

and so little a world.

So you sought other worlds.

Worlds where you could escape
your addiction to destruction.

But the worlds you found
were never enough.

Never enough to satisfy
the age-old instincts.

Speed and distance did nothing to
separate you from your nature.

Old resentments, ancient
squabbles reemerged.

History began its
terrible repetition...

and once again, man fought man.

Like a virus, war was
always lurking inside you.

No matter how hard you
tried to suppress it...

it just fought
harder to get out.

It always got out.

Humankind had always looked to the
stars, to the heavens for answers.

Sometimes you didn't like
what you found there.

And while the galaxy
revealed few answers...

it was more than willing to
confront you with new questions.

But there has always been one truly
unifying force in human history...

one call that would
always unite you:

The emergence of a common enemy.

That enemy was the Covenant.

When this new foe emerged and
declared war against humanity...

you finally united,
under a single banner.

And the weapons you so
carefully constructed...

to control your own baser instincts
were now aimed not at yourselves...

but against a deadly opponent...

in pursuit of a shared goal:

The very survival
of your species.


Then, as if awakened by the
arrival of the Covenant...

a darker, far more ancient
threat emerged from its slumber.

Darkness born in eons past...


Became a threat to
all life once again.

And humankind and
the Covenant...

who had drowned for so long
in each other's blood...

were united, if only for
the briefest moment...

against a terrible enemy
they both shared.

Righteous souls
continued to fight...

believing that they could
defeat the darkness.

And as they fought together, they
stumbled together into peace.

This galaxy is vast.

Its wonders and beauty
are almost unfathomable.

But the galaxy also
hides dark secrets...

some of which have lain dormant
since the beginning of time itself.

There is a danger in secrets...

both in seeking and in knowing.

Some things are meant
to be hidden from view.

You see, some mysteries
defy understanding.

And sometimes even the things
we think we know are untrue.

Some secrets should
remain untouched.

Secrets can tempt your
primal instinct...

and lead you again into war.

The Halos were one such secret.

Chief, can you hear me?

I wonder why humans
must continue to fight.


I wonder if warriors will ever
disappear from this world.


There will always be warriors...

and there will always be war.


You know this is a
trap, do you not?

Coming was foolish.

HIERARCH: Your words of
dissent are troubling to us.


We ask so little in return
for the gifts we offer.

Tell me, Arbiter, is faith
too much to ask in exchange?

Harka has chosen the path
of the Great Journey.

Why must you resist?

The Journey will take us farther
than this simple Covenant.

It will deliver us to godhood.



There is only one path for you.

Why must you deny the Journey
that we all must take?

The Journey is a lie!


Is it now?

- HAN: You're dreaming, my love.
- What?

Forgive me, Han.
L am distracted.

Can you not simply serve?

Perhaps, but only when you know
who you are actually serving.

Now I'm not so sure.

You uncertain?


Han, you should leave,
just for a little while.

I'll never leave
you. I'm your wife.

And you are the general.
My place is at your side.

You are stubborn to a fault.

I could say the same of you.



ARBITER: Useless.

Focus. We are fighting Elite,
the right arm of the Covenant.

The gifts of the Forerunners are nothing if
you don't master the skills to wield them.

Master them you will, for we
are the men of Sanghelios.

Never forget that honor.

ALL: Sir! Yes, sir!

ROE: Walk with me a
moment, Arbiter.


ROE: I must ask you.

ARBITER: Ask your question.

ROE: Tell me, Arbiter, why do you
insist on provoking their patience?

They have given us
formidable gifts.

Your status is at risk.

This heresy will strip
you of your rank.

There is no rank without honor.

We were strong.

Sanghelios was strong
before this Covenant.

And we could be
strong once more.

But we have strayed.

We live not for honor
but for power.

Listen to yourself.

This talk is not just
heresy, it is treachery.

You are putting your
bloodline at risk.

And what of your wife?

What of Han? Arbiter.

To protect the future of our
clans, please, please join.


And now the game begins,
and I must play.


I know they will come in
force to challenge me.

And I will not turn away from
them. I will answer their call.

ROE: It's not too late.

Arbiter. Cursed Arbiter.

Cursed Arbiter. Cursed Arbiter.

Cursed Arbiter. Cursed
Arbiter. Cursed Arbiter.



HIERARCH: So honor
is his strength.

Then we shall turn his
precious honor against him.

Draw him out and
defeat him publicly.

The badge of Arbiter will
become a mark of shame.


Persuade him, yes. Take away
what he finds so precious.

We'll show everyone how high
is the price of dissent.


Come in, Roe.

What's the matter?


Kill her.

Then he will have no choice
but to face me in battle.

I'm sorry.

We do this for the
Great Journey.


He is a demon.





HARKA: A shame that sword of
yours was too late to save Han.

Such a price for
your honor, Arbiter.

You are not worthy
to speak her name.

But I promise it is the
last you will utter.

There will be time for talk
when I rule in your stead.

And declare your shame, Arbiter.




NARRATOR: In 2291, slipspace technology
makes space colonization a reality.

In 30 years, mankind establishes
the lnner Colonies...

in the heart of the Milky Way...

and soon into the
outer periphery.

In the year 2525, the human race
encounters an advanced alien alliance.

This alliance called
itself the Covenant.

The Covenant decrees humanity
an affront to their gods...

and the Human-Covenant
War begins.

Within a decade, the Outer Colonies
are almost completely annihilated...

by the power of the Covenant.

In the face of direct attacks on the
Inner Colonies by Covenant forces...

humanity's only
remaining hope...

depends on a special unit of
genetically-augmented soldiers.

These soldiers were known
as the Spartan-lls.



They finally decide to give the
order to pull out and now this.

Damn it. It just ain't my day.

Mac, watch out!


Here they come.


Oh, damn it. This
just ain't my day.

What the hell?

Maybe this is my day.

All right, men. Let's welcome our
chief petty officer with some backup.

And stay down.

SERGEANT: How's Gamma-4?

Gamma-4 is gone.

Then that means this
planet is finished.

And it won't be the last, sir.

SOLDIER 1: I have the
main unit on the line.

MAN [OVER RADIO]: Rescue team
will be in accordance...

with the order to fully disengage.
Dispatching a rescue craft.

All active units
respond immediately.

Team Gamma here, roger that.
We are completely surrounded.

Copy that, marine.

We're dispatching a rescue
ship to your location.

But I'm afraid we can't exactly
give you curbside service.

Sending coordinates for extraction point.
You're going to have to make your way...

- Wait a sec.
- What?

I know that voice. Ls that you?

Daisy. That's you, isn't it?

DAISY: Ralph.


BOY: Where do we go now?
RALPH: I don't know.

- Anywhere but that place.
- BOY: Yeah.

I don't wanna think about what
they'd do to us if we did go back.

We're not gonna be
your toys anymore.

RALPH: She's right. We're
sick of your training.

DAISY: We're leaving
and you can't stop us.

DAISY: What would our moms and
dads think of us if they saw us?

RALPH: It's been seven years.

I wonder if they'd recognize us.

Not because we've grown up but
because of what's been done to us.

All of those years of training.

All those horrible surgeries
and the augmentations.

But everything's changed
now. And not just us.

You really think
you can go home?

It doesn't matter. I'm
going. L have to.

It's the only home that I have.

I guess tomorrow
is goodbye then.

DAISY: We won't be able to see
each other anymore, will we?

MAN [OVER RADIO]: Of the five
escapees from the facility...

only suboect Joseph-¤
22 has been captured.

The search for the other four
is a Priority-Red directive.

Repeat. The search for the other
four is a Priority-Red directive.


Not again. I'm getting
off this rock.

And I'm not going home
in a body bag either.

I'm gonna create a
diversion. Keep low.

You make a run for the
extraction point.



Jesus, they're everywhere.

All the more reason for us to move as
soon as we see the extraction craft.

That sounds like a good idea to
me. I'm gonna go find us a Hog.


DAISY: Don't you dare slow
down. SERGEANT: Heads up.

You okay down there?

They're here.


Notice any resemblance?

The secrecy of the Spartan-ll
program could not be jeopardized.

But the disappearance of 75
recruits for the program...

would've created
difficult questions.

But if the children
never vanished...

there would be no questions
to ask, would there?

The clone lives a
life in your place...

the life that was
originally meant for you.

Come back to the facility, 23.

It is where you
belong. It's home.

DAISY: Sarge, are
you all right?


I will be as soon as
we're out of here.

DAISY: Look, I'll cover
you. Go on ahead.

SERGEANT: There's no way I'm
leaving... DAISY: Just go. Now.

Step on it.

DAISY: Let's go.



Faster, faster!


- Daisy!
- Chief!

RALPH: I'm coming.
Stay right there.

There's no time. Go, Ralph.

Get that ship out of here now.


DAISY CLONE: Sometimes
I have this dream.

Always the same dream.

I dream I'm strong.
Stronger than anyone.

Like you. Just like you are.

Here. L want you to have this.

But why me?

I don't know, to be
honest with you.

I just... Something
tells me that I should.

I want you to take it.

RALPH: My clone. He
was... He was sick.

I think I killed him.

Don't do this to
yourself, Ralph.

You did what you had to do.

So did l.


GUARD: Transport to base.

Custody of Daisy-23 and
Ralph-303 restored.

Subject's ETA, one hour. After
making contact with their clones...

the remaining two escapees used
their small arms to commit suicide.


RALPH: This is Charlie-1. Sending
new rendezvous coordinates.

Prepare to disengage.


MAN: What? He
slipped and fell?

- 1337, wasn't it?
- You think he'll be okay?

MASTER CHIEF: This kind of thing
happens to him all the time.

Well, 1337 is still a Spartan. He's
been trained with the best of them.

There's no need for concern.

MAN: If you say
so, Master Chief.

It wouldn't be the first
time he fell off a Pelican.

- But still, I am a little worried.

Oh, no.

Hey! Wait for me! Come back!

Don't leave me behind!

I'm gonna have to rendezvous
with them somewhere.


I wonder if these
natives are dangerous?

Hey, look at that. It's the
junky old robot that fell.

Ha-ha-ha. L am not
some junky robot.

Even if you don't wanna know,
I'll tell you who I am.

I am one of the strongest
warriors in space.

I am Spartan-1337.

- L wouldn't stand there if I were you.
- It's not safe.

1337: How dare they ignore
my awesome heroism.

Fear not. I am the strongest
warrior in the... Oh, no.


I'm fine. That was
just a few dents.


He doesn't really get along
with strangers all that much.


ALIEN 1: So where is the
accursed group of Spartans?

ALIEN 2 [ON RADIO]: On Cronkee, the
fourth planet of the Unicon system.

ALIEN 1: Excellent. This is
the perfect opportunity...

to show those Spartans a thing
or two about Covenant power.

- Bring out Pluton.
- Yes, sir.

ALIEN 1: Yes. It is the finest
bio-warrior ever created.

Now go to the planet Cronkee
and demonstrate our might.

ALIEN 2: But Pluton's weapons are
still in the experimental stage.

They'll be enough to
vanquish the humans.

Don't you think a real battle
will be the best way...

to conduct our little test?

If that is your wish.

I will get you at long last,
Master Chief. Now go, Pluton!

- PLUTON: Guh.
- Not "guh." Go destroy them!


No, not over here.

- He's over that way. He's over there!
- Huh?

Don't "huh" me. Go that way.


I need a vacation.


1337: Chief, respond please.
Can you hear me? Chief? Over.

There's some strange

- Hello? Can you hear me?
- BOY 1: We can hear you.

1337: Not you. And I thought I
told you to stop following me.

- BOY 1: Robot, look.
- I told you I'm not a robot.

What's that?

BOY 2: Sure is a lot ofjunk
falling from the sky today.


Covenant? It's dangerous.
Get out of here!

- As far as you can.
- BOY 1: Okay.




Chief, this... Stop it. Stop it.



BROTHER: Are you
guys all right?

- Hey, look. It's big brother.
- BOY 2: And big sister.

Any of you know
what that thing is?

It looks like he almost
blew up the mountain range.

He fell from the sky. All of a sudden, he
and this giant monkey started going nuts.

BROTHER: Don't worry. Your big
brother is gonna take care of it.

Yeah. Well, he might be a
little tougher than you think.

We don't have much choice. We'll
just have to try our best.

SISTER: Yeah, you might lose.

BROTHER: Why would you say that?
Give me some credit, will you?

It must have been scary.
Are you sure you're okay?

I'm kind of hungry.


BROTHER: All right,
let's do this.


1337: I'm not gonna lose.
No way can I lose.

I am Spartan-1337.

No one else will
say it, so I will.

The fact that I never give
up is one of my good points!

Hey, look. The rain stopped.

The robot's back.

1337: What's that?

BROTHER: Apparently they used to
travel between the stars with that.

1337: An old UNSC frigate.
Must've crash-landed.

SISTER: I hear that we were
all born inside there.

BROTHER: Mama raised
us all by herself.

1337: Mama?

You kids should stay
behind. This is my fight.

BROTHER: Don't worry about it. We may
not look it, but we're pretty tough.

SISTER: Though, we're
no match for Mama.

1337: Mama, huh?

BROTHER: When we were still
little she fought off a bunch...

of bird-headed
pirates by herself.

1337: That sounds like
one heck of a mama.

But you know what?

I'm one heck of a mama myself.





I did it.

I did it!

BROTHER: Oh, no. We'll be done
for if he reaches full strength.

- We gotta stop him.
- Yeah, and that's gonna be the hard part.

Less talk, more action.




BROTHER: This isn't
good. He won't budge.

SISTER: We're totally screwed.

BROTHER: What else can we do?

1337: We're doomed.

Well, don't jinx us!

1337: I'm just kidding.

We gotta do something.

Hey, what the heck is that?

BROTHER: Oh, as if he'd
ever fall for that.

SISTER: He did fall for it.

1337: He did? He did. Now
let's get out of here.




Whoa. What's happening?


1337: No way.


1337: Is that a
Slipspace rupture?



That was Mama.

SISTER: I told you, no one
was as tough as Mama.

MAN: Master Chief, radio contact
has been reestablished.

try to contact 1337.

There's another AI
living on this planet.

- I've lost contact with it.

But I'm pretty sure I felt it just
tinkering with the Slipspace drive.

She's another Al it
seems. Just like I am.


- You want me to collect her?
- No. Let's not do that.

It's a very old AI construct. You
might say something of an antique.

- She seems...
- Seems what?

Happy. If I'm understanding correctly,
she seems to be happy here. Hm.


BROTHER & SISTER: We're home.

MAMA: Were you playing as cavemen
again? You really do like that game.

BOY 1: Mama, you're not gonna
believe what happened today.

MAMA: All right, all right. You
can tell me all about that later.

BROTHER: Mama, just what
did you do back there?

MAMA: That's not
important right now.

By the way, dinner is ready.

GIRL: I'm hungry.
MAMA: I thought so.

- Now go wash your hands.
- KIDS: Okay.

MAMA: And clean
behind your ears.

1337: Mama.

hear me, 1337? Come in, 133¤.

This is 1337. I hear
you clearly, sir.

Head to the rendezvous point
immediately. ¤endezvous ASAP, over.

Huh? Roger that, sir, but
I may run a little late!




WOMAN: Sarge,
look at the moon.


It's funny.

I never noticed how beautiful
the moons are here.

You think anybody noticed?

GHOST: Stay quiet.

The BioFoam's working, but
you're still bleeding.

WOMAN: There's something
I've always wanted to know.

Your call sign, "Ghost,"
what does it mean?

GHOST: Stop talking.

You've gotta hold tight until
the medevac gets here.

WOMAN: You finally have an excuse
to show that you care, and...


Let me ask you something.

Just one last thing.

It won't hurt, I promise.

- What was I to you?
- GHOST: What do you mean?

You're a soldier.

A soldier with a promising
future ahead of you.

You're a soldier.

- WOMAN: And you're a ghost, aren't you?
- What?

Feelings pass right
through you, don't they?

So cold and unforgiving in every
choice you made in battle.

Pure soldier.

- L think that's what let us trust you...
- Don't talk. Save your strength.

I don't need it.

I need you to be strong.

Strong enough to do what you've
never done in your life.

Can you be strong enough to
allow yourself to be...?

Can you just be human?

LIEUTENANT: Damn it, man, what
are you still doing here?

- Command has declared a retreat.
- We can't pull out.

The civilians may be on their way out, but
there's a core of engineers out there.

- I'm not leaving them behind.
- Lt ain't up to you.

Cole Protocol's been
enacted. Let's move it.


COMMANDER: The shuttles.

LIEUTENANT: lf this fighting keeps
up, we're gonna be as good as dead.

We gotta stick it out and
pray they get us some evac.

Let's go.

- Who's left behind?
- What?

Answer me, soldier. What's
the name of the group?

It's the Hades Corps.
They're at Hangar 1030...

and they're not leaving until
they destroy the prototype...

of some weapon system.

The demolition squad.

I should have known.


SOLDIER 1: If the Cole
Protocol's been enacted...

why the hell are we
stranded on the frontline?

We're pinned down here, and
now the sarge is missing.

We're screwed.

SOLDIER 2: No, we were
sunk from the beginning.


SOLDIER 2: On his
last assignment...

our fearless leader let his
entire platoon go down.

They got wiped out in a single
firefight. Sarge didn't even flinch.

Well, I guess that's why they call
him the Ghost, then, isn't it?

And why the brass always decides to
put him in charge of demolition jobs.

Because he's not
even human. Argh!

SOLDIER 1: Come on, don't
die on me. Come on.

I can't believe these sons
of bitches left us behind.

SOLDIER 1: This is it.


- L can't believe it.
- Oh, my God.

It's the prototype suit.

- But who the hell's driving it?
- GHOST: Ghost to Hades Corps.

Fall back immediately.
Ignore the Covenant.

I'll hold them off.

Nobody's dying here.

You heard him. Let's go.

You idiot. He's not supposed
to be testing that suit.

He's supposed to destroy it.

you hear me, sergeant?

What do you think you're doing?

Your orders are to destroy the
suit and all related data.

- You are disobeying direct orders.
- No, sir. L am following my orders.

Explain yourself.

I have destroyed all the data...

and I'm using the time left on this
suit to safely evac my people.

I'm not leaving till
every one of my men...

- are safely off...
- That is not the plan.

- I am ordering you to stand down...
- There's no other choice.

The mission cannot
be jeopardized.

And I am still responsible
for these Marines.

Wait, sergeant.
Ghost, listen to me.

GHOoT: I lost my entire
platoon. Every one of my men.

And that's when it happened.

That's when I truly
became a ghost.

Just a shadow...

surrounded by death.


The suit has a
staggered countdown.

In order to trigger final detonation,
the system requires a voice command.

You designed it that way
for a reason, didn't you?


GHOST: Just get my
men off this planet.

This is Ghost. Over and out.


GHOST: What's the matter,
Ghost? Why can't you move?


GHOST: I made up
my mind that day.

The night I let my platoon die.

I looked up at those moons,
and something died inside me.

A conscience is something
that gets in the way.

That's all the soul
is: an obstacle.

Something to overcome.

I canot atone for failing
to protect them.



SUIT: Countdown contingent.
Voice command required.

Speak the voice command
exactly as displayed.

WOMAN: Let me ask
you something.

Just one last thing.

It won't hurt, I promise.

What was I to you?

GHOST: What do you mean?

You're a soldier.

A soldier with a promising
future ahead of you.

You're a soldier.

- WOMAN: And you're a ghost, aren't you?
- What?

Feelings pass right
through you, don't they?

So cold and unforgiving in every
choice you made in battle.

Pure soldier.

- L think that's what let us trust you...
- Don't talk. Save your strength.

I don't need it.

I need you to be strong.

Strong enough to do what you've
never done in your life.

Can you be strong enough to
allow yourself to be...?

Can you just be human?

If not for your sake,
for all of us.

If you would just allow
yourself to feel something...

maybe you wouldn't be
a ghost any longer.


Voice command authorization.

Be human.


GHOST: And for one last
instant, I'm human again.

COMMANDER: Transmission
from orbit around Algolis.

Cole Protocol enforced.

All weapons, prototypes...

and accompanying navigational
databases eliminated.

The soldier I previously recommended
for military court-martial is...

I rescind and redact that
portion of my earlier report.

That soldier is officially missing in action,
lost during heavy combat on Algolis.

He demonstrated honorable
conduct, not only as a Marine...

but also as a human being.

We're heading for rendezvous with
the UNSC Heart of Midlothian.

Over and out.





Hey, easy there, Berger. What
do you think you're doing?

- What?
- They're Helljumpers.

Every one of those guys
are ODSTs from the 105th.

They're in a whole different
league. Let's go.

Unh. Aw, come on.

BERGER: I wanna hear
what they're saying.

MAN: No.

O'BRIAN: I don't get it.

How did everybody
conveniently forget...

that I'm the best shot
this side of Eridanus?

Getting assigned to
backup is a bunch of B.S.

DUTCH: Contingency. It's
an important mission.

If the first sniper misses,
they take the shot.

I don't miss. I never miss.

This sucks and you know it.

I'm nobody's babysitter.

Especially not some
farm-boy moose hunter.

I hate to be the one to
break the bad news...

but you weren't selected to be the
primary shooter on this mission.

So it seems they want
your farm boy to do it.

I guess that makes you the
backup. Sorry, O'Brian.

I'm the backup?

- And the shooter is a Spartan.
- DUTCH: What?

And that means this mission
just got escalated.

MAN: This is
Spartan Cal-141...

who'll be the ranking
officer on this mission.

I realize that is
highly unusual...

and you have strong
feelings about Spartans.

You will keep those feelings out of
the mission and follow the plan.

Satellite recon shows radar
and magnetic signatures...

on high end in the
Arc star cluster.

These signatures indicate
a complex of buildings.

It's a logistical base.

The Prophet you are targeting is
in control of this entire sector.

Our mission is simple. We
want this Prophet dead.

We take out the Prophet, we will
stop the Covenant chain of supply.

If we achieve the goal
of this mission...

we will able to buy ourselves
months of tactical advantage.

And we will do all of this
with minimal risk to the UNSC.

Hmm. Other than to
this group, of course.

Cortez, fill them
in on the details.

Right. You'll be flying into the atmosphere
with a Leonid-class meteor shower.

Meteor showers are a regular
occurrence on this planet...

so that means entry and
landing should go unnoticed.

Calculations show reaching the target
will take a 14-hour fast march...

from your entry point.

Once you reach the target...

take out the Prophet as soon
as he steps off that ship.

Then you are to gather all data relating
to the unidentified alien ruins.

What do you mean,
they're not identified?

The architecture is not

and it sure as hell
wasn't built by humans.

They predate both sides.

This site is of the
utmost importance.

We photograph everything.

That will be all, master
sergeant. Rejoin your men.

You will be dropping in
precisely five minutes.

With this mission, there is
no room for delay or error.

Good luck, and Godspeed.




CORTEZ: Dutch, come in.

right. Where's O'Brian?

Over there.



CORTEZ: His oxygen tank.

Dutch, get the gear.

We gotta get him out of there.


Are you guys nuts? Why are you
throwing me around like that?


DUTCH: We lost Checkman
in the atmosphere.

- What?
- And we almost lost you too.


CORTEZ: Their logistics and
refueling base is here. We're here.

The Prophet will be coming
in at exactly 0800.

Hmm. Everything depends on us getting
a clear shot from this location...

and we've got to hit him as
soon as he's exiting that ship.

It's two miles
from the target...

and should give us the
elevation for the shot.

It's pretty far...

but it will give us enough
cover to make our extraction.

Assuming that the Spartan
can make the shot, that is.

DUTCH: And if we don't make
it to the target in time?

CORTEZ: There won't be
any second chances.

O'BRIAN: It's a long-ass march.
DUTCH: Then we better get marching.

O'BRIAN: Wanna take
the lens cap off?

CORTEZ: Knock it off, O'Brian.



















O'BRIAN: I'm not
crippled. Put me down.

You bitch any louder...

and this place will be
crawling with Covenant.

Shut your mouth!
He just got lucky.

DUTCH: That's twice.

Twice he had to save
your dumb ass already.

You could at least
say "thank you."

O'BRIAN: Man, those
are some stairs.

CORTEZ: The shuttle will be
touching down in two minutes.

After all this, he better be
everything they said he was.


CORTEZ: Take him out!







Take the shot. O'Brian, now!

You're the only one
who can do it.




It's the data on the ruins.

Tell them...

to get it to Halsey.

She'll know.

No, you give it to her.


We both know that's not
gonna be possible.

Heard about what you
guys did down there.

Took out a Prophet...

and stopped the Covenant's supply
chain dead for the sector.

They say a Spartan died there.

Went down faster than a new
bood on his first day.

I thought those guys were
supposed to be unbeatable.

Huh. I guess he didn't have what it takes
to hang with the Helljumpers, huh?

Shut up.


What's your problem? What
is the matter with you?

What'd I say?



CAPTAIN: The Covenant has
captured a high-priority package.

Spartans, it's your job to infiltrate
enemy space and retrieve it.

Mission window: 10 minutes.

The target is equipped
with a location beacon...

but you'll have to get close to read it.
It's a weak signal with a short radius.

A stellar magnetic field is
preventing the Covenant fleet...

from making a Slipspace jump.

You'll be flying in with
EVA booster frames.

When you reach the Covenant fleet,
find the signal, find the ship...

find a way in and
grab that target.

The Covenant doesn't appear to realize
the full value of what they've acquired.

And that's the way
we wanna keep it.

Complete the extraction before
they figure out what they've got.

All right, Spartans, you
have your orders. Good luck.

ALL: Yes, sir.

What is it, Master Chief?

MASTER CHIEF: What happens
if we run out of time?

Our only choice will be to
annihilate the Covenant fleet...

the package and
your entire team.

Is that clear enough?

MASTER CHIEF: I understand.

WOMAN [OVER PA]: Spartsn team,
the moment we break stealth...

commence operation.

Five, four, three, two, one.

Disable cloak. Booster frame.


Optimize mobility.

Plasma rounds.


device is activated.

SOLOMON: I've got a reading.

KELLY: Are you sure?
SOLOMON: No question.

Back me up, I'm going in.

Their shields are down.

The signal's coming
from that cruiser.

KELLY: Hang on, Solomon,
wait for the Chief.

SOLOMON: No time.
I'll take my chances.

KELLY: All right, if we're gonna
do this, let's make it fast.

MASTER CHIEF: Positive read from
the first scan. Something's off.

KELLY: Hurry, Solomon.

SOLOMON: Gotcha.



- Kelly, it's a trap.
- KELLY: No.


ALIEN 1: They took the
bait. Three have perished.

The rest are only
a matter of time.

We must always show our
superior strength.

Anything less and they
will exploit our weakness.

Weakness. You have faced these
lowly creatures in battle...

while your battalion perished.

That tells me only one thing.

You have not the heart
to die with honor.

ALIEN 2: Commander, two
survivors detected.

CHIEF: Kelly, look.

KELLY: I'm getting
multiple readings.

MASTER CHIEF: They're decoys.
They know what we came for.

ARTHUR: How do we
find the real signal?

already told us.

What we want is in the
heart of this fleet.

The flagship.

KELLY: Syrup
formation, 2 o'clock.

them. Stay on target.

ALIEN 2: Four enemies

They know.

Will you run away once more?

They will be here.
I shall face them.

You overestimate them.

They cannot touch this ship.

THEL: I pray that
you are right.

formation, now.

Concentrate Gauss cannons
on a single point.

FRED: Roger. KELLY: Roger.

FRED: Shields at
maximum charge.

KELLY: They're still with us.

- I'm hit.
- ARTHUR: I'll hold them back.

I'm losing it.



MASTER CHIEF: You've gotta
eject. I got your six.


MASTER CHIEF: You secure?
KELLY: Give me the turret.

Now I got your six.

get on with it.

FRED: Gauss cannon
charge, 85 percent.

KELLY: They're
advancing position.

FRED: Ninety-one percent.


MASTER CHIEF: There it is.

Launch all missiles.

Gauss cannon, fire.

FRED: This thing's toast.

let them have it.



FRED: Looks like this
is the right ship.

KELLY: We got three minutes.
MASTER CHIEF: Let's sprint this.

Don't fall behind.

KELLY: Copy that.
FRED: Copy that.




ALIEN 2: Three units
passing Sector 25.

Stop them. Seal all hatches.

FRED: I got it.

- ALIEN 2: The enemy is advancing.
- No.

Where is the major?


FRED: Go. L got this.

All right, the great
journey ends here.

Focus on the mission.

We get the target.

ALIEN 2: Commander,
they're getting closer.

Getting closer, are they?

Not for long.

KELLY: Chief.

Break off the entire block.

ALIEN 2: But, commander,
our brothers have...

ALIEN 1: Silence.

Let them die with honor.

KELLY: Chief.

Go get her.





- It's you?
- Yes. I'm here to take you back.

- Sleep well, doctor?
- HALSEY: No thanks to their driving, yes.

to be in one piece.

Maybe your luck has
rubbed off on me.

make our own luck...

but I'll always be there
when you need me.

Don't make a girl a promise if
you know you can't keep it.

- Still, thank you.
- Sure.

- Dr. Halsey...
- HALSEY: It's not a proper rescue...

until you get us out
of here, right?

We need to move fast.



HALSEY: John, wait.

of time. THEL: What? No.

ALIEN 2: We're clear of the
magnetic interference.

Stand by for Slipspace jump.

They're trapped
in Delta section.

Separate the moment we jump.

ALIEN 2: But what of the
major and his group?

No matter.

He is already shamed.

His only path now is
death or arbiter.

THEL: I had him.

Commander, you fool.

A thousand hells await you!

scuttling the ship.

And us with it.

But we make our own
luck, remember?

are you suggesting?

HALSEY: What else?
We improvise.

we've got company.

Can't you do anything?

Can't this bucket go any faster?

What's happening?

FRED [OVER RADIO]: Cutting it
a little close, aren't we?


KELLY: Doctor, are
you all right?

Yes, I'm fine.

FRED: These Covenant rigs fly like
rocks. It took us a bit to get rolling.

KELLY: Incoming.

Welcome back, Spartans.

HALSEY: You really are
lucky. You know that.

lucky enough.

We lost two Spartans today.

Solomon and Arthur.

And that Elite we
encountered, he was strong.

I have to be stronger.

HALSEY: We all have
to be stronger.

Something tells me this
is just the beginning.