Halloween Party (2019) - full transcript

A college student unwittingly releases terrifying entities from her school's past via a Halloween themed computer meme.

Oh, God.


That's a nice bathing suit.


Oh, God.


Dude, I am so jealous.

Let me see.

Oh yeah, Ko Samui.

Why did you come back
from Thailand...?

Who's that?


Why did you come back
from Dylan?

I know, right.



Save yourself.

I love that.

That bird painting.

Yeah, the prison market.

A prisoner painted that.

Birds mean freedom.


Man, I should paint birds.

Zoe, what am I doing.

I hate nursing,
I can't be a nurse.

I told you that last year.

Everyone on your shift
is going to die.

I would save some.

Like Dylan.

I would save Dylan.

Ugh, God.

It stinks in here.

Yeah, I dunno about this room...

You have a guest!


Not now Bubbles,
shut the door.

Darren Danowski,
HIV negative.

She said shut the door.

She seems nice.

Is this where
the roofie party's at?

The what party?!

Hey you guys can roofie me...
just no photos.

See ya, guys.

Okay, I'm okay with photos.

Really nice chat, Zoe.

Okay, we'll see you later,


Umm Zoe, you have a serious
bro problem in this building.

Do they have spray for that,
or traps?


Court and...



You must know him,
that YouTube guy.

He had the viral video.

He was the baby farting
in the bathtub.

Wow, husband material.

They're the Kappa Pho guys.

They're having that
huge Halloween party.

We should go!

No thanks.


A Halloween Party for Grace.

What the fu...

With ghosts and goblins
and vampires.

But what are you
really afraid of?

Hey Zoe, you have a virus!

I've seen that.

It's a Halloween meme.

A what?

You're supposed to write
in your worst fear

before the counter goes out.

Otherwise it comes to life.

How does it know my name?




How do I get rid of this thing.

Just let the timer run out,
a scary clip comes up.

Well, you said my fear
would come to life!

It's a meme.


Okay, that was dramatic.

You know
if you put your fear in

you don't see the video.

Well, how would it know
my worst fear?

It's a meme.

It knew your name didn't it.


That's true.

That's pretty good hacking.

What's the clip?

Uh, it's a witch.

It's bad.

I hate horror stuff.

You know spiders
don't go up there.

You don't know that.

They could.

It's warm.

And beautiful.

It's a dumb phobia.

what's your worst fear.


I'm a Lady Chuck Norris.

You're fucking scared
of everything...

- Lies...
- Tell me.


Ooo, you're hiding something.

Tell me.

Fucking tell me.


It's pigs.

- What.
- Yeah, oink oink.

Those things.

Oh my God, that's so stupid.

Every Halloween
my brother gets a pig mask

and chases me...
worst fucking nightmare.


Pigs are not scary.

At least spiders are like,
you know, evil.

Pigs are...

Dude, they're pink.


I got it one Christmas.

Farmer Dell?

Still fucking freaks me out.

They're people-ish,
they wear clothes, they talk.

But they're still pigs.

Hooves and tails.

And those little black eyes.




And now you have a pig phobia.

No, I got that after.

After what?


I'll tell you but.

It's fucked.

You know my spider story,
you have to tell me.

Okay so, growing up,

there was this farm
down the road.

And there was this mean
old drunk farmer, Mr. Hannaman.

And for whatever reason,

Hannaman didn't always feed
his animals.

And if pigs don't eat,
they go crazy,

they'll eat anything.

So one night,
Hannaman, drunk as a monkey,

sitting on the barn fence,
screaming at his animals...

Falls in and the pigs eat him.

They eat everything.

They opened the largest
and found the farmer's teeth.

Even his leather boots.


Okay, so now you're scared
of pigs.

No. Wait.

So a couple days later
dad goes down to the farm.

The pigs are gone.



No one knew.

The fence was fine.

Gate was locked.

But I can tell you this.

The woods behind our house.

Something was in there.



You could hear noises,
but they weren't animal sounds.

And then.

I saw it.

Behind our shed.

In the trees.


Those little black eyes.



No way.

And that's when it said
something to me.






You are a fucker!

Oh my God.

Shit, it's late.

Ugh, phone, where's my phone.

It's getting dark out
so no wonder

I believed your bullshit.

It's actually true.

Sure it is.

No I'm being serious,
I saw something behind my house.

- Pig people?
- Hey look.

I got one too.

How does it know our names?

What should I put.

I don't know.

Small dicks.

It should be that.

As if you discriminate.

Put in Pig People.


Don't you want to see
the witch?


Yeah, okay.


This is...

Zoe, your worst fear
is coming for you.

Yeah there's nothing scary
about this.

- We gotta go.
- Alright, alright, I'm coming.


Oh, no.

- Yo, what's up.
- Yeah, where you guys going?

Come on let's break down
some college barriers.

Turn down the bro dial, okay.

Can you turn mine down for me?

Saw your dial on YouTube,
no thanks.

I was 2 years old!

And I was in a tub!

It's from the yoga studio.

- Like the lobby area.
- Yes.

- Why would she take your shoes?
- I know.

- There's Vicki.
- I gotta go.

- Thanks for the ride, honey.
- Okay, byeeee!


Sorry, sorry, sorry, let's go.

Let's kill this.

...decides he's going to try
and do a back flip,

from the poles.

Oh, you're kidding.

How'd that end.

- Not well.
- Oof.

So, Buddy does his back flip.

Lands on his head.

But he's so drunk, he gets up
like it never happened.

Oh my God.

So, I don't know how you do it,
but I normally go in sections.

Start in dresses and then work
your way that way.

Sounds good,
I'm a counting tornado.

Don't know if you'll
be saying that at 2 A.M.



Oh my God!

What the fuck?!


For fuck sake.




Are you okay?

Why don't you come with me.

I'm not sure.

- Do you want this?
- It's like a snout.

What did you just say?

What did you say?

Did you just say "snout"?

Let me see that.

It's a crime scene
photo, Gracie.

I want to see it.

Grace, you coming?

I don't feel well.

They're gonna record these soon.

Sounds good.

You're going to get kicked out,
and they're not going to let...

Hey Charlotte,
I got a mom, okay?



I'm sorry.

Can you tell Davies
that I'll be there tomorrow.

Um, Spencer?

Hey, Special!


Oh my God, look!

It's... it's... it's a girl!

Oooo, a girl!

A live one!

Why aren't you pixelated?

Please accept
my beautiful virginity.

Can I smell your hair?

Can I put your hair
in my mouth?

You read my texts.

Okay, you are good.

Either he's good,
or you need to update your iOS system.

Never text on the campus wi-fi.

I don't...

They're just saying
you need to update your phone.

Sorry, my friend didn't mean
to be a jerk, she...

I don't know if I can help you.

What are you looking
for exactly?

Can we sit somewhere?

So she didn't type Pig People.

She let the counter run out.

And then you said a witch?

Yeah, and something like

"your worst fear
is coming for you".

- Who tweeted this?
- The name's on there...

LaPointe, I think?

I talked to him on the phone,
he's a real reporter.

- It's definitely a pig.
- Yeah.

I called the police about this,

And both times
they listen politely

and then someone from
Victim Services calls me back

and asks if I need to talk
to someone.

So clearly,
I am crazy conspiracy girl...

You know how she died, right?

- Yeah, I heard...
- Mauled.

Partially consumed.

Obviously, it's just some guy
who knew about Zoe's pig phobia.

But... mauled?

I mean, sounds like an animal.

It's a pretty fucked up

Yeah, I'd say so.

So have you ever heard
of this 'virus' or whatever?

Yeah, last year,
at the Shit-the-Bed-Party

I think someone was talking
about it.

Yeah, I was at that.

Greyson House,
that's Zoe's dorm.


I dunno, this shit's
just pretty weird.

It's definitely weird.

Let's see what we find.

So how did it know our names?

Scanned your email?

But it was my name
on Zoe's computer.

Keyboard patterns?

I've never used her computer

There's nothing in MemeCulture.

Let's check the boards.

Nothing on T Malware,

"But What Are You Really
Afraid Of"...

- Is this a camera?
- Yeah.

We do the
live feeds for bio-sci.

Those are duck eggs.

Ducking cool man.

Here we go,
missing persons report...

- Missing persons?
- No citations.

- They're not here.
- What's not there?

Oh, Scrute,

they're like myth busters
for the internet.

They have a Google reference
on the meme,

which is pretty recent,
which is huge,

it's related
to a missing persons report.

But there's nothing
on the Google side.

See those semi-colons
in the code?

That means
there was other code there.

- I have no idea...
- It means it's good.


It's 'clip art'.

It can alter Google.

I couldn't do that.

This whole lab
couldn't do that.

Okay, so what does all
of that mean?

It means shit's weird.

You said
it was on her phone, right?

- Can I see that?
- Police have it.

But it was also on her computer.

That's still there.

- Can I see that?
- Yeah.

- Now?
- Why not.

Okay, let me just get
some stuff.

- Stuff?
- Nerd stuff.

Yeah, get all of the nerd stuff.

Whoa a girl, take a photo!

Yeah, I heard that before.

I'm gonna start this up, okay?


- You alright?
- Yeah.

No, I just haven't been here
since so...

I won't be long.

Find anything yet?


But I just started, like, now.


I'm not that good.

What the...

Fucking Gestapo!

They trashed the closet!

- Who?
- Cops!

Why would they come back?

- Are you sure it was them?
- Better be them.

Someone's been in here.

Could you call them?

No, I can't call them,
they think I'm nuts...


They never re-key dorm rooms.

Check it out.

- Duck camera.
- Yeah.

Look, there's an app,
you just put it on your phone

and then it's motion-activated.


Just keep it, it's the lab's,
it's super cheap.

You can put it in here

and then if someone comes in
you'll know.

Thanks, Spencer.

You are full of surprises.

Nerds will
surprise you for sure.

I really like that you identify
as like an '80s nerd.

Are you kidding,
those are my favourite movies.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off,
Breakfast Club...

They're so good!

I think it's 'cause they're
will-they-fuck movies.

But I guess like,
all movies are.


Oh, will-they-fuck movies.

My friend Bob has this theory
that every movie...

Well, pretty much every story...

comes down to that one question:
Will They Fuck.

And it keeps it compelling.

It keeps us wondering
if the main characters

are going to do it or not.


Not us.

I didn't mean like that.

- No, of course not.
- Sorry.

I just...

people that are not.

Me, or You, or real.

Good thing
we're not in a movie then,

so we don't have to worry
about that.



Oh hey, Bubbles,
it's still kind of...

I just wanted to say
I was really sorry.

Zoe was really great.

I was stoked she was going
to be down here this year.

- Thanks, bud.
- Hey, Special.


- You guys old friends?
- BFFs.

I just wanted to check in and...

That's my name.

- Spencer?
- I see it.

Why is my name
on your computer?

"But what are
you really afraid of"...

- What is this?
- How does it know he's here?

- I don't know, I...
- Okay, let me try this...

Just let me do...

Hey it's my name so,
out of the way Special Needs.

Okay, don't fart around,
just put in your worst fear.

Dancing pumpkins!

I want to make sure we get this.

- What am I afraid of?
- The counter's running out.

- What could be worse.
- You have to be honest.

Stop freaking me out.

The clock's ticking,
20 seconds.

I don't know what I'm scared of.

- Yeah, you do.
- Okay, hurry!

Your worst thing, come on.

Oh, my God.


Why didn't you just put
in your worst fear?

- I did!
- Really.

The Exorcist?

Yeah, that movie fucked me up.

It is really scary.

we named our cat Captain Howdy.

Okay, that's actually amazing.

Thanks for the 1990s, Atari,
spooky, spooky meme.

It is very scary.

See you later, crocodile.

Okay, bye.

- Everything okay, did it work?
- No.

Which is kind of impossible.

I don't know,
I've got to take them back,

see what's going on.

Alright, let me help.

I'm just over here,
so I'll see you...

You don't want a ride?

Well, I'm in the Grotto,
I live right around the corner.

I got my mom's mini-van.


Hey, Court.

I wrote you after Zoe's service.

Yeah, sorry, it's, you know...

If there's anything that
any of us at Kappa Pho can do,

just let us know, okay?

What you are doing
for Halloween?

Uhh, not really sure...

It's the big Kappa House
Halloween party,

- you coming girl?
- Uhhmmm...

It's the biggest
party of the year.




- Come early!
- Thanks, I probably will.

Spencer, sup brah?

- Court.
- Looking sexual!

- Cool.
- You come by too okay broheem?

Hey, Gracie.

Ask me who.

Ask me who!


You, that's who.


- Holy shit.
- Yep.

Uh, you know him?

I do know Court, lucky me.

- Seems into you.
- Can you walk me to my car

because he actually
gives me goosebumps.

- Douchebumps.
- Yeah, exactly.

That whole Bro Posse.

They're magnificent,
Court's magnificent actually.

He's like the alpha-bro.

He reminds me of a Centaur.

I guess.

Are you really going
to their Halloween party?

Are you kidding.

I'd rather be eaten alive
by birds.

I'm totally going.

- Oh, yeah?
- Oooooh, yeah.

Gonna hose myself down
with Axe.

Watch Entourage.

Practice giving
my bro-hemes high fives.

It's gonna be great.

Sounds great.

So you went to school
with those guys, hey?

- Bet that was fun.
- It was super fun.

And they gave you the name

Yeah, Court himself, Grade 7.

It could have been worse.


Oh we had a kid named

Even his mom called him that.

Oh my God.

Thanks for helping me
with all this.

At least now we know it's not,
you know, real.

The Halloween virus?

I know I sound like
a crazy person

but I actually started to think
that it worked.

It didn't work with Bubbles.

He put in his fear
and he still got the witch.

Well, I'm pretty sure
Bubbles' worst fear

isn't The Exorcist.

And how would you know that?

I've known Darren Danowski
since we were five.

I know his worst fear,

it was the whole

The Tall Man.

The Tall Man?

That's what we called him.

When we were little he used
to watch us at the playground.

Oh my God that sounds like
an after school...

Seriously, it happened.

Alright what would he do?

Just watch us.

But this one day...

He started coming towards us

Oh my God.

He came right up.

Right into the sandbox
and grabbed Bubbles screaming.

Took off with him.

And today Bubbles would
probably be on milk cartons

but Toomy's dad drove up
and Tall Man let him go

and ran off.

He didn't come back to school
for months.

Man, you just made me
feel sympathy

for someone
named "Bubbles-in-the-Tub".

I know, right.

I'm gonna look at this stuff

and get back to you right away,

- Okay, thanks Spencer.
- Yeah.


See ya.

...harnesses all
the power out of a galaxy.

Now, think about
how far our civilization

has advanced in only 100 years.

Now, think about planet A,

with an extra 5.5 billion years
of evolution,

think of how much more different
things are for them...

No, no, no, no, no, no.

- Jesus!
- Bubbles?

He's coming.

He's coming.

He's coming.

He's coming.

He's coming!

Who is it?

What's going on Mr. Danowski?

Who do you see?

No! Don't open it!

What on earth is going on!

You can't!

You can't!

You can't!

It's Pardeep!

What did you do Pardeep!?


Would you like chicken
on your chimi-cheese?



Can I help you?


What can I help you with?

Sorry, can I get a chimi-cheese
and a coke.

No problem!

Would you like chicken
on your chimi-cheese?

No, thanks.

No problem,
that'll be 8.75.

Fuck sake.



- It forwards!
- What?

The virus, it forwards itself!

But only
if you get the saved screen.

So it didn't send an email
with Bubbles,

but it would've with you.

- The meme sends an email.
- Yeah, to a random contact.


Dorothy, that's Zoe's stepmom.

- She died like 2 years ago.
- Shit.

You wish that Dot
got the virus?

Yeah, we're trying
to capture it.

Is this seriously
why you got me out of bed.

That's just the beginning, look.

The clock's
ticking, 20 seconds!

I don't know
what I'm scared of!

Watch when I hit the contrast.


It's a rune.

A Rune, like from the druids?

Exactly like from the druids.

The cross is 'man'
and the box is 'obstacle'.

Literally 'those who hide'.

But figuratively,
it's a reference to those

who walk the darker side
or the hidden path or whatever.

It... it means demons.


Of course.

Dante uses it in The Inferno
to mark the debauchery

of the Venetian
masquerade balls.

What's with all the masks.

They look more drunk than Demon.

Yeah, you're thinking
of the Christian version,

like little horns and red suits
and stuff.

Demons actually
way pre-date Christianity.

Back in Dante's time
they weren't really considered

to be part of Satan's squad.

- What were they then?
- Demons were people.

People who had gone off.

They were said to be
'born of suffering',

creatures created 'of pain'.

Intense suffering,
if you survived it,

could turn you into
something powerful.

Suffering, from like, rats?

Or like from the cold?

You're shit at history.

I am shit at history.

Okay, it's medieval Europe,
so you got like Inquisition,

you got Famine, Plague,
pick your dinner party!

Okay, I get it,
things were tougher...

A little tougher!

- I suffer.
- How.

When my wi-fi is slow.

- Suffering's changed.
- Yes.

Okay, fine.

Well maybe that's why
we see less demons these days

"Those that hide their eyes,

those to take the earth
to ruin."

It's so weird.

It gets weirder, look.

Do you see something,
other than the witch?

Woah, what was that.

It's a frame glitch.

Let me bring it out.


4, 5.

That is scary.

Scarier than that witch.

The guys that made it?


So what does that mean?

Basically nothing.

It's your typical
blackhat bullshit.

Yeah, it seems pretty dumb.

Still, that's weird.

Cops. Upstairs.

- What?!
- What?!


Relax, it's not about us.

It's about the guy who died.

Someone died?

The guy who freaked out.

Wait what?


Ever heard of this thing
called "the news"?

- Holy shit.
- Is that real?

Is that real?!

Shit, sorry.

- He was your friend.
- No no, he was just...

We saw him yesterday.

What do you mean
he freaked out?

He said someone was trying
to kill him.

Then he went crazy,
ran off campus.

This doesn't say where he died.

At the playground.

Both times it appeared,
it was in Zoe's room.

So the meme connects
to her room somehow.

Or her stuff.

I mean, could it just be
the computer that's haunted,

or whatever?

I cloned the drive,
it didn't seem haunted.

What about back there,
all those cords and shit?

It's just cords and shit.

And dust.

I have no idea
what we're doing.

It's the closet!

We were in there
when Bubbles came over,

and Zoe was in there the night
that she died.

It is the fucking closet!

Okay, watch the screen.


It's the floor.

It's my name again.

It must be whoever's closest

- Okay, I have to answer.
- Yeah.

It's not... the mouse!

- Did you unplug this?!
- Shit.


Alright, you're good.

- There you go.
- Shit.

The keyboard's out!

Fuck sakes, Spencer!

I see it, shit! Sorry!

20 seconds, hurry!

Yeah, you're good.

Oh my God!



- Okay.
- Oh my God.

Oh my God, fuck.

Fucking hell.

The floor's the trigger,
I dropped a weight right on it.

A haunted closet.

Holy shit.

It drops half an inch here.

Dude, I'm not going in there!

Watch the screen again.

Just... just go slow!


Some are rotting.

This one's loose.

They bricked something up.

Like what?

Okay, so this overlay
has the original 14 structures

from 1860.

And you can see
the tunnel system

linking them all, here.

So these are the old
tunnels, right?

Yes, this network here.

Let me see if I can find this
on a better...

I played Dungeons & Dragons
down here once.

- Spooky!
- Stop trying to out-nerd me.

Yes this one's better,
you can see what's changed.

So Greyson House used to be
part of the old hospital?

Yeah, this whole area did.

Greyson, Lennox, Henry.

And when did it become
a residence?

Greyson House.



Before it was just a normal
hospital building?

Well, all the residences
were patient care.

And this whole area here
was pediatric,

and Greyson House was...


Oh my God.

- Wait, what's palliative again?
- Terminal.

So you're saying
that our dorm rooms

used to house dying children.

Some did, I'm afraid so.

Children that were dying.

Do you know anything about
this part here?

That was a cancer hospice.

Oh, that's right,

the last of the Balloon Babies
were there!

- What?
- Hold on.

This is roughly Zoe's dorm

and there's stairs
that go down to a sub basement.

But in the 2010 map the stairs
and the basement are gone.

Bricked up?


Excuse me,
there's a staircase here

and it's not in this map,

do you know what would have
happened to it?

Filled in, abandoned maybe?

it's one of the better books.

There's a whole section in 920.

"Balloon Babies
and Jelly Children

of the Northeast"

Are you kidding,
this can't be a thing!

What is this?

It was a
disease cluster in the 80s.

In the river basin, that area.

It was a chemical leak
that affected newborns.

Balloon Babies
and Jelly Children?

Named for the way their flesh
grew uncontrollably.

These kids
were seriously disfigured.

This is disturbing.

Most covered their faces.

Not one lived past their teens.

It's a very sad story.

These kids lived in Greyson?

They did.

Also, hang on.


My God.

The Halloween Party.

There's a documentary.

The DVD is missing,
but we do have it on 16mm.

We've got some portable
projectors and screens.

It's a bit dated,
but you might learn something.

Wow, just...


- Could we borrow all this?
- Yes.

This is a library.

Always wondered
how you guys worked.


How did people watch stuff
in the old days?

Seriously, people were basically
animals before Netflix.

because they were condemned

even before they were born.

But the lack
of safety enforcement

led to a chemical leak.

The chemists at the factory
were using a new dye

which contained a compound
called Fallocarbide.

Once it got into the river
and the surrounding groundwater

the compound broke down
into its component elements

some of which possessed
horrendous toxicity.

It affected an entire

You see Fallocarbide
wreaked havoc

upon the human fetus.

Oh my god.

And there were many children...

I am so fucking upset right now.

Those kids.

You know, I thought
I didn't want kids before,

but I can literally feel
my ovaries

going into my armpits.

Why are we watching this?

Why do you keep taking pictures
of it?

I... I don't know.

I... doesn't this disturb you
that these kids lived

in our dorm rooms?

It's nuts!


Hey, hey, hey,
I got something.

It forwarded?

Is that it?

What's that spinning thing?

Kind of a robot, it's putting
a shell on for a scan.

Spencer, we have to destroy
this thing.

After the scan's done
I'll kill it.

Do you think it actually works?

Do you think that
Zoe got killed by a Pigman

and then Bubbles' worst fear
just came to life?

I don't know,
but I'll tell you this,

if that happened to me,
I would not sit around

and scream like
I was in a horror movie.

I would drop everything,
get in the car,

and drive to fucking Cleveland!

- Airport.
- Even better.

The Halloween Party.

Looks like a birthday.

Um, can I ask you something?

Vagina spiders.


- Well what...
- Oh my god!

You typed it in and I was there,
and I've never heard of that

- so I kind of like wondered.
- Alright, fine.

When I was a little girl,

I fell asleep on the beach
one time

and when I woke up
I had a tummy ache,

and my sister told me that
while I was asleep,

a spider had crawled "up there"
and laid eggs.


they're real?!

- You're an idiot.
- What?!

You said you had a tummy ache!

It was old potato salad
or something,

my sister was joking around,
she was pranking me.

Aah, okay.


Anyway, I believed her
at the time,

and ever since then
I've hated crawly things,

I'm just scared of
where they'll go!

Yeah, that's fair.

What about you,
what's your worst fear?


That was fast.

What's the story with that?

Why do I need a story?!

Their jaws can crush
bowling balls!

They're killing machines!

It's just random.

I just can't believe
that we live in a world

where there's bears
running around, right now,

this very second, outside,

and we're worried about ISIS?

It makes no sense!

Did you just see that?

They were placed in a ward,

part of the palliative
care wing.

And the goal
was to keep them busy

to try to distract them
from their pain

and from their anguish.

An "intus etin" state,
which literally means

"to be born inside-out".

And yet he survived, placed
in a modified hospital bag.

Chronic bleeding.

Respiratory issues.

His entire life spent
in unimaginable agony.

And yet despite all that
showing a remarkable

will to survive.

To live.

Good lord!

Balloon Babies
are absolutely fucked!

- They're totally fucked!
- Oh my god.

Halloween, that is timing!

Spencer, look at this!

Do you see?

- Computers?
- Yeah.

That's something.

- We need to talk to someone.
- Him.

But gradually one by one
they died,

until all but a few bed-ridden
cases remained.

Got him.

Doctor Arthur MaCail,
he retired '09.

His wife
is a Doctor Barbara MaCail,

and two kids,
Leo and Alison.

You're like a superhero.

There's a phone number.

No way,
calling is way too intense.

He's like 70.

Okay yeah,
we'll send him a snap-chat.

You're starting to grow on me.

It's ringing.


Hello, Grace!

Doctor MaCail,
thanks so much for having us!

- Come in, come in!
- Okay, thank you so much.

Arthur will be up in a jiff.

Oh, we've just been
setting things out

for the children later,
but help yourself if you like!

- Oh, I'm fine.
- I'm good thanks.

Or would you like a fruit shake?

I've just had one!

They're fantastic!



Of course, I wouldn't have
been involved if not for Arthur.

Sick children are the saddest
thing you can imagine.

They are.

You're making it less sad.


It's a good shake, yes?

So good.

Right then,
so what about this photo.

Of course, they are in here.

My heart.

May I?

You can't remember
every patient,

but these children, I think
I recall every one of them.

They we're so young here!

Oh, Michael.

Bone problems I'm afraid.

And Laurence.

They loved their bricks.

Now that's a happy day.

That's how I like
to remember them!

"The Halloween Party"
what does that mean?

That's what they called them.

Why would they call them that?

- The masks, and the hoods.
- Of course.

For you it's just one day
a year,

but for them,
Halloween was every day.

It was a cruel nickname.

That's the photo right there.

Oh yes,
the older ones had a club.

With computers?

Yes, they were teenagers.

What would they do in that club?

I suppose whatever one does
with computers.

The staff appreciated it.

They were terrible to the staff
at this point.

What do you mean?

As they got older,
they became something else.

It happens
with the terminally ill.

I'm not sure that I understand.

Imagine being born disfigured.

Your home, the hospital.

Tied to machines
that are breathing for you

and pumping for you.

Your condition worsening.

Your flesh growing
out of control.

And your loved ones visiting
less and less often

until one day those visits
just stop.

These children felt
all of that.

We watched each one
lose everything.

It would twist them
into something no longer human.

A creature wanting to lash out.

At who?

At the company that poisoned
the ground.

At the city that let them.

At the people
who just wanted to forget.



They blamed us for their fate.

All of us.

And at the very end

they were no longer
sick children.

They were monsters.

What did you mean
at the very end?

They took themselves off
of assisted care.

The remaining five.

I imagine the pain
was too great.

- Suicide.
- Oh my God.

And I believe
it was time to let them rest.


Ah, thank you.

Arthur's up, shall we-

Doctor MaCail,
does this mean anything to you?


No, I don't know what that is.

Come, we'll ask Arthur.

Oh Darling, come, up we go.

these are the young people

I told you about
from the university

who want to ask some questions
about children's palliative.

Hey Doctor MaCail,
so nice to meet you.








Thank you so much
for having us!

Your home is beautiful
and Barbara has been lovely!

She made us a fruit shake
which was very good!

Well, we were just interested
in the work that you did,

in the documentary that you had,
many years ago, had the uhh...

Well, we enjoyed watch...

But we had some questions
about it as well,

so just kinda wanted
to talk about that and...

- Here try this.
- Okay.

That's good.

Sir, do you recognize
this image?










- We are so sorry.
- That's alright.

Attacks happen I'm afraid.

Thank you for understanding.

My dear,
would you wait a minute?

Of course.

I wanted to give you this.

Arthur gave it to me,
it's an Indonesian Garuda,

a talisman of luck
and protection.

Something tells me
you may need it.

In the end,
the children wanted to hurt us.

Bring that back,
it means something to me.

Thank you.

What the hell was that?!

L L L L!

- Sounded like hell, hell, hell-
- I know!

What was he trying to say,

- Could have been anything,

I swear a little poop
came out of me!

Maybe he was just in pain
or something?

He was definitely
trying to say something!

Spencer, those kids died
down there.

And when you hit the brick
it disrupts their grave!

- We need to tell someone.
- And say what?

Oh hey guys, guess what.

It actually turns out
that Zoe's closet

is the grave
of the Halloween Party.

Oh, who's that you ask?

Well, it's just a hacker group
of revenge-seeking demons.

You know,
some deformed teenagers

that, in a suicide pact,
poured their souls

into the world's scariest virus.

Which, by the way,
fucking works,

and will kill you
with your own worst nightmare!

It doesn't sound good.


We just leave it
and we hope no one disturbs it?

It's pretty hard to disturb.

We disturbed it.

Three times.

- Someone else will.
- That's not our problem.

Not if their worst fear
is airborne Ebola,

that's everybody's problem.

Spencer, we have to delete it.

And then we have to fix
the brick.

And we can't tell anyone
about it.

Not a soul.

You told someone!

Just a couple guys at the lab

and they actually helped me
catch it!

Why didn't you delete it
last night!

You need to destroy this thing
like yesterday!

Okay, it's done.

It's done.
It's gone.

It's deleted.

- It's gone?
- Gone.


- That was fast.
- It's not that hard.

You just go in and hit delete.

Problem solved.

Problem solved.

And that's all of it?

There's the email that
it was attached to,

so if we want to be super safe
you could drop me at the lab now

I'll go in and delete it
right away.

Tomorrow, we'll get some mortar,
we'll fix up the closet floor,

and it will be sealed for good.


This is going better
than I thought.

I might actually sleep tonight,
not wake up screaming,

being chased by the Pigman.

Chased by The Halloween Party.

Ugh God, exactly.

- Wow, those kids!
- They're fucked.

Seriously, I think something
finally beats bears.

You're insane,
bears are cuddly.

You're a crazy person.

My God.


Do you know
if Spencer's horror meme

is in the Box?

No idea what you're on about.

His Halloween thing.

- You don't know about it!?
- No.

It asks your worst fear,
and if you don't answer

before the clock runs out,
that fear comes to life.

Well, I doubt it because,
you know, real life.

The guy who died,
he watched it.

You think a meme
killed Darren Danowski?

You guys talking about
the horror app?

Susy Landlow was in the class
the day Bubbles died.

She said he came in
laughing about it.

An hour later, dead!

Okay, I need to see this thing.

I'd put the Shining Twins,

imagine them
running around campus.

You'd just fall in love.

I'd put dinosaurs!

Fight them
with construction equipment,

I would Michael Bay up
that shit!


Can you get in
to Spencer's horror app?

No, it's in the Box.

Where's his laptop.

I can get in there...

Okay, text me.

It's starting already.

Gah, that's all we need,
more kids in masks.

No kidding.

Okay, text you
when it's deleted.

- Okay bye.
- Bye.




- Everybody.
- Don't be...

Who answered it?
Who answered it?

- Did you see a witch?
- There was a-

Did you see a witch?

No, I typed clowns
and saw little dancing ghosts!

- It said 'saved'!
- It said 'saved'!

- Not a big deal man!
- Sorry, Spencer man.

It forwards!

Garret, Garret, okay.

- Garret.
- Forwards?

An email?






Guys, I'm so stoked for tonight.

Like, I want to die tonight.

I'm not even kidding.

I want to die of booze.

Do you think we got enough?

Garret, my son, there's enough
liquor in this room

to get the Russian army drunk.

Fuck you!

I see your point, Michael.

We could always use more.

We can always use more!

I'm worried it's going
to catch on fire or something.

It could happen.

Gentlemen, I predict 100 years
from now,

they're going to be singing
folk songs in the mountains

about this Halloween party.

Dude, I am so pumped.

Yo, want some punch.

No, I can't be slurring
when handing candy to children.

- Sounds like a wager to me man.
- Candy?

This Halloween
let's give out soup.

Yeah, he's right here.

Hey Garret, someone for ya bro.

Spence, what's up homeslice.

Spence, whatcha drinking pal.

Heya Garret,
have you checked your phone,

did you get an email?

Uhh, no, no,
phone's upstairs I think.

You look like you're going
to have a heart attack, Spencer.

Have some relaxing punch, dude.

I'm good, thanks.

Whose is this, can I?

Our house is your house,

Just bear with me alright,
this is important.

Can you bring up your email?

- What's going on brah?
- Ooo.

- Is this about that horror app?
- No way!

- It is isn't it!?
- It totally is, isn't it!

What horror app?

The meme, you know the one
that got Bubbs!

There's this witch
that's so scary

it actually drives you insane,
is that right, Spence?

That sounds totally real.

Okay, just put your password in
but don't hit enter.

Because then the whole thing
is going to...

- Shit!
- Is that it?

What's this?

Dude that's it, I told you!

But what are you really
afraid of?

- What the hell is this?
- Listen to me.

You have to put your
very worst fear

before that counter hits zero.

And you have to be honest.

Fucking awesome!

What happens
if he doesn't do it,

does he die?

Is this really the thing
that Bubbles did?

Seriously, he dies?

This is the greatest moment
of my life.

Fucking awesome!

I don't know
what I'm afraid of!

Put 'sex with Ribicki'.

You're not afraid
of nothing tiger!

Will you guys shut up!

Garret, just focus alright,
the key is honesty.

Can you just do it?

No man, it's in your name.

When was the last time
you were really scared.

A movie maybe?

- I dunno.
- 20 seconds, Schmitty.

You gotta go deep okay,
when were you scared as a kid.

I don't know.

Come on, worst childhood memory.

There's got to be something.


- our deck?
- The deck!

The deck is high?

- You're scared of heights?
- No.

What is it about the deck!

- I fell off!
- Is that your fear, falling?!

- No.
- 10 seconds!

What about the deck scared you?!

- I was pushed!
- Who pushed you?!

- I...
- Who pushed you?!

- 5...
- What are you scared of?

- 4, 3, 2...
- Type it in, type it in now!

Dude, where's the witch?!

Is there no witch?

That's lame.

There's no witch unless
you let the counter run out.

What the fuck was that, Spencer?

Did you make that thing
to embarrass my friend?

- No! That thing is real!
- You come in here,

you mine for personal info,
and then you pull that shit?!

No, no man, that's real okay,
and it sends a random email

- to a random contact...
- Woah...

"A Halloween Party for Spencer"!


- Woah, woah, grab his arm...
- What?!

What are you doing?!


We want to see
that witch Special.

No, Court,
you've got to let me go.

You don't understand okay!

I don't have to do anything,
Special Needs.

What the fuck!

Garret, Garret, Garret,
please, come on man,

just type for me okay,

just type The Halloween Party,

You know what?

I think I want to see
that witch too, Spencer.

C'mon, you can't let it run out,
don't let it run out guys!

- 3...
- No, no!

- 2...
- No!


That's lame.

Jesus Christ.

All this, for that?

You are such a dick.

Don't tell me,
now you're going to die

because your little virus
said so, is that it?

No Court, I'm not gonna die.

We all are.


We all are.

Oh, whatever.

Dude, he had the ending.

I mean you gotta admit
that was a good ending.

We all are.

We all are.

We all...

- Arrrre.
- Will you shut up!

Hi, this is Grace.

You're phoning me?

What's wrong with you?
Okay just text...

Yeah, kids are out,
I'm going to get my costume.

- What are you again?
- Surfer-Werewolf, dude.

- What are you?
- A garbage bag.

Of course, you are.

Don't open that door yet,
I gotta drop some heat!

The Mighty Bag shall wait

until you finish
your horrible shi...

Oh fuck...



Go away, I'm in the zone.

I can totally see you, man.

What do you want,
a brown potato?

I'll toss you one,
straight from the cooker,

you know, I will.

What, I gotta close the door
when I take a crap now?


Yo, O'Brian?

Yo, O'Brian,
you here?!

Hi, Spencer!

Hey, do you wanna help?

It's a lot of fun!


You want to help?

Actually I'm leaving, Violet,
I just wanted to let...

you know...


How long has that kid
been there?

Which one?

Do you mean the boy
with the skull mask?

No, no, no...

Who is that?

Holy shit!

Who is that?!


Get back!


What are you doing?!

I said get back!

Back or I'll brain you!

I know who you are!

I'm Greg!

It's Greg!

Do you know, Greg?

I didn't do anything I swear!

Greg, you scared me!

It's Halloween!

Well take it down a notch,
okay Greg?

Take it down!

What is going on?!

Spencer, where are you going?



Oh my god, Jonesy.

You fucking scared me, buddy!



- Where were you?
- I was asleep, holy shit!

- Holy shit.
- Where are you?!

I don't know, I came to my room.

I think I gotta call my mom.

Have you seen them?

No, but they're coming, fuck!

What are we going to do?!

Okay, remember what you said.

If it was you,
you'd get in the car

- and drive to Cleveland.
- Airport.

- Even better.
- Let's do it.

Visa, passport, cash,

I'll meet you at the van
in 5 minutes.

It's at the parking lot
behind Henry House.

- 5 minutes.
- 5 minutes.


- I saw them!
- Me too!

- Cleveland!
- Fuck, yes!

- Wait!
- Fuck!

- Is that one of them?!
- Run it over!

- No, I can't just run it over!
- Run it over!

- What if it isn't one of them?!
- Run it over!

Oh, my god.


Okay, okay.

Okay, okay, okay, okay.

There's no service!

Spencer, Spencer!

What the fuck are we gonna
do, what the fuck?!

We need to get off campus!

Spencer, Spencer!

- Keep it down.
- Okay.

I need you to keep it together,

- Okay.
- Okay?


Okay, I have one percent.

Okay, where's your phone?
Where's your phone?

It's in the van.

Shit, what's in your backpack?

- There's this.
- A charger.

That's good, that's good.

- And this.
- Duck camera.

They're infra-red,
we could see in the dark.

But it needs your phone.

we need to charge my phone ASAP,

look for an outlet.

- Hey.
- What?

There's a door.

Why the fuck is there no outlet.

Shit, phone just died.



Come on!

Oh my god.

The old hospital.

Oh my god.

- Fuck.
- Shit.

It's dead.

Let me try.

It's the boy from the book!

Come on, let's go!

What are you doing?!


Let's go!

Grace, come on!

He's beauti...

Is it following us?

Where's the lighter?!

- Where's the lighter?!
- I don't know!

Okay, okay.

Red glow!

An outlet!

- Give me the charger!
- Okay.

We're going to die down here.

Then our audience
won't find out.

Find out what.

Will they fuck?

I've been here before.

I was stoned here at frosh,
we played D&D down here.

Hey, if we put a camera
on the end of this

we could literally see
in the dark.

And the light won't attract
those things.

Do you know
who else paints birds,


It means they want to be free.

Spencer, they bricked them up!

The balloon babies
just want to be free?


That's all they want, remember?

That old guy, he said freeeee!

I thought you were saying
that he said fleeee!

We have to get to Zoe's room,
we have to free them!

The HUB isn't far from here.

And the stairs to Greyson
are right after that.

Bring up the app for this.


Holy shit, that is fucked.

Okay, which way.

That way.

We're back in
the main tunnel system.


The Foundry tunnel
is straight ahead,

and the stairs to Greyson
are right after.


Oh my god, oh my god!


Fuck, what is that?!

Someone's there.

Pan the camera, pan it!

Oh, my god.

Okay, okay.


Okay, I think
that's the door up there,

- and over there...
- What is that?!



Rotate the stick!

Rotate it!

I thought I saw someth...

Oh, my god.





You coming?


Ummm, you know, I'm just...
I'm going to be late.

I just...
I have to do something first.

Okay, see you there.


Oh hello, Grace!

Dr. MaCail, I just wanted
to return this to you.

Oh goodness, thank you.

Well, I hope
it did you some good.

It did, thanks.

I also wanted to let you know
that everything

is going to be okay now.

They're free.

- I'm sorry?
- We released them.

And I think that
they're at peace now.

Released them?


We took down the brick.

- Are you mad?
- What.

Why do you think
we bricked them in?!

To protect us!

To protect us all!

Do you realize
what you've done?!

Save yourself.

No, no, no,
after the sea.

No, no, that is ridiculous.

She's my
favourite, she's my favourite.

No, no.

No, no!

We have to go back!

We have to go back
or we're all going to die!

Please, listen to me,
listen to me,

we have to land this plane,

I know that I sound like
a crazy person

but I can't sit down
because this thing, on here,

is going to kill us all!

Listen, we have to talk
to the pilot...

I used to have nightmares,
them crawling inside me.

Spiders! Spiders!

They're crawling up my leg!