Halloween Is Grinch Night (1977) - full transcript

The evil Grinch who stole Christmas is back to steal Halloween! It's Grinch night and all over Whoville, a horrible storm has started which gives the Grinch a chance to have some fun. But he's soon foiled by a young boy who's on his way to the Uphamisim.

[instrumental music]

[blows whistle]

[music continues]

[male narrator]
It was a mighty
gorgeous sunset.

It was truly
a beautiful sight.

All the friendly,
small house tops of Whoville

glowing bright
in the changing light.

All the Whos who
lived here in Whoville paused

and smiled
as the sun sank down

and the purple shadow
of Mount Crumpit crept across

the farmlands beyond the town.

It was a mighty peaceful sunset

until old Josiah
happened to sniff.

sniff sniff sniff

And he whispered to his wife..

Mariah, will you also
take a whiff?

And Josiah and Mariah

[both sniffing]

[male narrator]
And they said..

I wonder if..

[male narrator] But they really didn't wonder.

They knew it was terribly true.

They knew that the sour-sweet
wind was coming back

and what the sour-sweet wind
would do.

[wind howling]

Inside, children.

thud thud thud

[instrumental music]




thud thud thud


[dramatic music]

♪ I suggest we stay
indoors tonight ♪

♪ I suggest we lock
ourselves in tight ♪

♪ Tonight you know
won't go quite right ♪

♪ You can tell
by the smell of the wind ♪

♪ It sounds like
another one's coming ♪

♪ Another Grinch night
might commence ♪

♪ I wouldn't go out
on a night like this ♪

♪ For a dollar
and fifty cents ♪

Always starts when
that sour-sweet wind

begins a-howlin'.

Sour-sweet wind
across the tree stumps

on the wrong side
of Punkers Pond.

Then that wind wakes
up the Gree-Grumps

from their sleep inside
the tree stumps

and all the Gree-Grumps
start a-growlin'.


And that growlin'
and that howlin'

runkles and grunkles
up the pond.

♪ And that's why
I'm suggesting ♪

♪ To all you ladies
kids and gents ♪

♪ I wouldn't go out
on a night like this ♪

♪ For two dollars
and fifty cents ♪


'Cause when old Punkers Pond
gets runkled, grunkled

by that howlin'
and that growlin'

that always disturbs
the Hakken-Kraks.

And the Hakken-Kraks
start a-yowling.

And the yowling
of the Hakken-Kraks

plus that runklin', grunklin', howlin', growlin'

always irritates The Grinch.

And then that Grinch starts
in a-prowlin'.

[instrumental music]

♪ So I suggest
we stay indoors tonight ♪

♪ Our problems are immense ♪

♪ I wouldn't go out
on Grinch night ♪

♪ For six dollars
and sixty cents ♪♪

Mm. It's a wonderful
night for eyebrows.


Now where is he?


[door creaks]

It's a wonderful night
for eyebrows.

It's a wonderful night
for teeth.

It's a wonderful night
for Grinch night.

Their troubles
will now commence.

Oh, I wouldn't stay home
on a night like this

for sixty dollars
and sixty cents.

Max! Max, go bring the
paraphernalia wagon.

[instrumental music]


[male narrator]
While Max was obeying
his master's command

in the cave of
Mount Crumpit's bleak peak

the sweet-sour wind
swazzled over the land.

And in the home of Josiah
and his good wife Mariah

they just stood there
and no one could speak.

Until finally,
Euchariah said..

Grandpa Josiah.

And Grandpa Josiah said..

Yes, Euchariah?

And Euchariah said..

Grandpa, we've stood
and we've stood

and stooding just stooding

'produces no good.'

The least we could do
is find out without doubt

'whether or not
the Grinch iscoming out.'

And so I suggest, we don't
stood here like sticks

call the Grinch Alarm Center.

Dial area code 5-1-9-0-0-6.

Excellent suggestion,

Area code 5-1-9-0-0-6.

[dial tone]

Line's busy. Very busy.

Ah, here he is.

[Samuel on phone]
'This is not a recording,
this is me in person.'

'Your Grinch alarm warden,
Sergeant Samuel S. McPhearson.'

'It is my duty to inform you
if conditions improve'

'or if they worsen.'

'I have infiltrated
his territory'

keeping sharp eyes
upon this schnook.

And I'm focusing my focusella
to take still another look.

[Samuel clicks tongue]

'Conditions are worsened.'

[dramatic music]

Hurry up, Max,
I'm raring to go.

[instrumental music]

♪ I'm going to be
the guest of honor ♪

♪ At the exclusive
Grinch night ball ♪

♪ Gonna be the only dancer ♪

♪ In the Whoville town hall ♪

♪ I might enter the ball
quite small ♪

♪ Or I might go in
quite tall ♪

♪ But I assure you
nobody but nobody ♪

♪ Is going to dance
with me at all ♪

♪ When I enter
front and center ♪

♪ At the exclusive
Grinch night ball ♪♪

[thunder rumbling]

[Grinch laughing]

Ready. Giddy-up, Maxie.



Attention, attention, all Whos.
This is Sergeant McPhearson.

And conditions, I'm afraid,
are now worser than worsened.

[thunder rumbling]

♪ How many times
have I said and said ♪

♪ How many times have
I said in my head ♪

♪ What am I doing here? ♪

♪ Why am I the slave of this
grinchy old crock? ♪

♪ And I say how I wish
I could turn back the clock ♪

♪ And have the fine future
I had once before ♪

♪ And again be an innocent
puppy once more ♪

In your puppy house beddy

with sweet
Auntie Woofy Wafoon

feeding you hominy grits

with a big silver spoon?

♪ What am I doing here? ♪

♪ Doesn't matter much how ♪

♪ But my dear old
Auntie Woofy ♪

♪ Wouldn't I fear very much ♪

♪ Care for me now ♪♪

[Grinch retching]

As you can see by the lights
flashing on this index

that's the Zindheimer disaster
and devastation

'rate of spread
calculating index.'

I am recording the intensities
and immensities

of the Grinch's current
antisocial activi-tities.

'And ladies and gentlemen,
let me tell you'

'the Grinch is working up
quite a score.'

'And unless I am misreading'

I think it's going
to soar up even more.

You know something,
Grandpa Josiah?

Do I know what, Eucharaiah?

You know, sir, this looks a lot
better without my glasses.

You put your glasses back on

and face the facts, Euchariah.

♪ As the Grinch creeps
ever closer ♪

♪ To your little
front yard gates ♪

♪ He's engaged
in grinchy practices ♪

♪ That every Who abominates ♪

♪ He defoliates depreciates ♪

♪ Deflating all
the things he hates ♪

♪ And frequently expectorates ♪

♪ Whoa-oh the acts
he activates ♪

♪ He castigates ♪

♪ He blastigates ♪

♪ And while all of Whoville
sits and waits ♪

♪ The fates that
it anticipates ♪

♪ His wagon wheel obliterates
and decimates and flatanates ♪

♪ Ten thousand little flowers ♪♪

Uh, missed one.


[The Grinch]
'Got it!'

[Grinch laughing]

You know something,
Grandpa Josiah?

Shh, shh. Euchariah.

Oh, my gosh!
Look what he's doing now.

'He's hunting down
the Wuzzy Woozoo.'

'The Woozoo at least
should have immunity.'

'He's the only one left
in our community.'


[instrumental music]


[instrumental music]

[dramatic music]



Gall darn bram bush.

'I got brickles
in the breeches.'

Phew! that was a
mighty tight pinch.

But the Wuzzy Woozoo
has eluded the Grinch.

'He's safe inside
a brickle bush.'

You know something,
Grandpa Josiah?

Do I know what, Euchariah?

- I gotta go to the Euphemism.
- The Euphemism?

No one goes to the Euphemism
on a night like this.

But I gotta.

Euchariah, don't be long.

[thunder rumbles]

♪ I suggest we stay
indoors tonight ♪

♪ Our problems are immense ♪

♪ I wouldn't go out
on a night like this ♪

♪ For sixty-six million
six hundred thousand dollars ♪

♪ And an extra
sixty-six cents ♪♪

[thunder rumbling]

[wind howling]

[dramatic music]

[wind howling]

Euchariah! Euchariah!

Where are you, Euchariah?

♪ He is wandering in the wind ♪

♪ While the Hakken-Kraks
are yowlin' ♪

♪ And the Gree-Grumps
are a-growlin' ♪

♪ He is wandering up
Mount Crumpit ♪

♪ In the sour-sweet
Grinch night wind ♪

Euchariah! Euchariah!

Oh, come home, Euchariah!

♪ No one comes home
through the wind ♪

♪ No one comes home
through the growlin' ♪

♪ He is lost amongst
the yowlin' ♪

♪ Lost forever in the darkness ♪

♪ Of the sour-sweet
Grinch night wind ♪♪

[thunder rumbling]

Darn these brickles, anyway.

I'll be sore for a month.

[thunder rumbling]


Where, where is that Euphemism?

Shh, shh, shh.


- Oh, a Woozoo.
- Shh! Shh!

Oh, a doggie.

Nice doggie. Poor lost doggie.

I'm gonna take you home
with me.

If I ever find it again.

Shh, shh, shh.

Brickelize me, will they?

I'll brickelize
the entire township.

I.. Who are you?

Euchariah Who, sir.

You're a rather small Who,
aren't ya?

Well, I do the best I can, sir.

Are you really the Grinch?

Am I the Grinch?

Sorry, sir. I have a slight

An optical condition
in which parallel rays of light

'from an external source
converge or diverge'

unequally in different

You know, sir, I like you much
better with my glasses off.

You put your glasses back on
and face the facts.

"Am I the Grinch?" Hah!

I'll show him.

♪ Um kha pah pah
um pam pah pah ♪

♪ Um kha pa dee pah pah ♪

♪ Um kha pa dee um pah ♪

♪ Um ka um ka um ka loonka ♪

♪ Ip zing troika ♪

♪ Pah dee maro um pam tusk ♪♪


"Am I the Grinch?"
Out of my way, small Who.

'I got bigger things to do
than to waste my time'

'with you on Grinch night!

Giddy-up, Maxie!
Next stop, Whoville.

[Grinch laughing]

So with the sweet-sour wind
still a-howlin'

now the Grinch was really
prowlin', and Euchariah

watched him go a-clonkerin',
skonkerin', skomkaponkerin'

toward the helpless town below.

And he thought about Josiah,
Mariah, Obediah and Bethiah.

He would have to
save them somehow.

He would have to save the town.

He would simply
somehow have to stop

that Grinch from getting down.

And suddenly Euchariah knew
precisely what he had to do.

Stall for time.

[instrumental music]


And what does the rather small
Who want this time?

W-w-will you please scare me
some more, sir?

I-I sort of like it.

Look, kid, I gave you
the two dollar treatment.

'You're not worth
a first class grinching.'

'"Am I the Grinch!"'




Euchariah! Euchariah!

Where are you?

[instrumental music]



Okay, you asked for it.

'Quit fumbling
with your glasses.'

Put those glasses on
and get up here.

Y-yes, sir.

[snaps fingers]

'Come on.'

Come on!

'Closer, Euchariah.'

'That's a nice little Who.'

'Now closer.'

Closer. Closer.

And Euchariah with a courage
he had never known till then

Euchariah Who with a courage beyond the courage of most men

with the sour-sweet wind

stood before the gruesome Grinch and said..

Do your worst.
Bring on your spooks.

Shoot the webs.
I will not flinch.


[dramatic music]

♪ Euchariah Euchariah ♪

♪ This is it hah
this is it hah ♪

♪ Grinch is gonna get ya
Grinch is gonna get ya ♪

♪ Mitchen Bi paha la ♪

♪ Euchariah Euchariah ♪

♪ You shall die-ah
you shall die-ah ♪

♪ Grinch is gonna get ya ♪
Grinch is gonna get ya ♪

♪ Grinch is gonna get ya
Grinch is gonna get ya ♪

♪ Mitchen Bi paha la ♪

♪ Gonna get you ♪

♪ Mitchen Bi paha la ♪

♪ Hah ♪♪

[dramatic music]

'Enjoying yourself?'

'Take a little walk.'

♪ No I wouldn't step here ♪

♪ And I wouldn't step there ♪

♪ I would only step 'round
with the greatest of care ♪

♪ And it's hopeless to try
to escape through the air ♪

♪ It's high-flyin' spooks
we are every which-where ♪

♪ We look after your back ♪

♪ We look into your face ♪

♪ With a gruesome member
of the unhuman race ♪

♪ We're a grizzly gruzzly
ghastly disgrace ♪

♪ Yes it's quite
like those spooks ♪

♪ We're all over the place ♪♪

[intense music]

'Enjoying yourself?'

'Take a spooks tour.'


[intense music]

[music continues]

[music continues]

sniff sniff

[air hissing]


You know something, Mr. Grinch?


Well, sir,
as I knew it would, sir

the sour-sweet wind
is dying down.

- No wind ever blows forever.
- So what?

Well, sir, according to all
available statistics

when the sour-sweet wind
stops howlin'

that always stops
the Gree-Grumps growlin'.

Yeah, I know, I know.

And when the Gree-Grumps
stop their growlin'

Punkers pond stops
runklin' runklin'.

And when Punkers pond
stops runklin' runklin'

that always stops the Hakken-Kraks from yowlin'.


And when the Hakken-Kraks

stop yowlin',
you know what that stops.


That always stops
the Grinch from prowlin'.


Well, I'll be grinched.

Well, I'llbe grinched.

Come on, Max.

[instrumental music]

Come on, Max,
turn this wagon around!

[blows raspberry]


[Samuel on radio]
'Attention, attention,
all Whos.'

This is Sergeant McPhearson
reporting to you

once more in person.

'And I can report
that I've never had thought'

that I'd ever report

a report of this sort.

[mellow music]

I'm sure gonna miss
that Grinch night ball.

But that wind will be coming
back some day.

I'll be coming back some day.


Look, Mariah, there's Euchariah!

What an unusual way to come back
from the Euphemism.

[instrumental music]

♪ The nasty sour-sweet wind
has blown away ♪

♪ All the Gree-Grump
growlin's growled itself away ♪

♪ Gone is the Grinch
up the mountain far away ♪

♪ Hey gone is the Grinch
that Grinch has gone away ♪

♪ Sing halle hallelujah
Grinch has gone away ♪

♪ Sing halle hallelujah
sing tra-la-pullyea ♪

♪ Sing whoozaza pullyea
up the mountain far away ♪

♪ Sing halle hallelujah
Grinch has gone away ♪♪

[dramatic music]

[instrumental music]