Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) - full transcript

After the death of her father under very suspicious circumstances, Ellie Grimbridge and Dr Daniel Challis decide to investigate the shady activities of Conal Cochran, the owner of the Silver Shamrock Novelties company. Before long, they discover Cochran's diabolical plot to brainwash the children of America into doing his bidding through a mixture of ancient rituals, technology, and witchcraft. This Halloween, wearing the mask of a skeleton, a witch, or a pumpkin can be deadly. Can Ellie and Daniel thwart the plans of the evil toy-maker?

[ominous music]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[tense music]


[tires screeching]

[music continues]


[dog barking in distance]

[music continues]

[dog barking in distance]

[music continues]



[music continues]

[dog barking]

[thunder rumbling]

[thunder crackling]

[rain falling]

[man on TV] ...leaving British
authorities still baffled,

and without
any substantial clues

nine months after the theft.

The Bluestone was one of 19,

believed to represent
the 19-year cycle of the moon.

It weighs more than five tons,

making its disappearance
a mystery indeed.

Derrick Smith, at Stonehenge.

[woman on TV] When we come back,
Trina will be here

to tell you what you can do
about junk mail.

Stay with us.

[jingle playing on TV]

♪ Eight more days to Halloween,
Halloween, Halloween ♪

♪ Eight more days to Halloween,
Silver Shamrock ♪

♪ Eight more days to Halloween,
Halloween, Halloween ♪

♪ Eight more days to Halloween,
Silver Shamrock ♪

[man 2 on TV] Yes, kids, you, too,
can own one of the big Halloween three.

That's right, three horrific
masks to choose from.

They're fun,
they're frightening,

and they glow in the dark.

[thunder rumbling]

[trash can rattling]


[rain pattering]

[thunder rumbling]

- [dramatic music]
- [man growling]


[man] They're coming.

They're coming.

[tense music]

[dramatic music]

[door opens]

Anybody home?


- Daddy's here! [squeals]
- Yay!

- Oh, hey.
- Oh, Daddy!

- [laughing]
- Daddy's here!


Children, we leave
our food at the table.

- Oh, I'm sorry, it's bad timing.
- I'm used to it.

- What'd you bring us?
- Dad, what did you bring us?

Well, wait. This, uh...
One for you. One for you.

[man] What's the matter?
Don't you like them?

Mom already got us masks.

Silver Shamrock.

Nice try.

[Kids] ♪ Eight more days to Halloween,
Halloween, Halloween ♪

- So, how you've been?
- ♪ Eight more days to Halloween ♪

- [beeping]
- ♪ Halloween, Halloween ♪

- ♪ Eight more days to Halloween ♪
- I gotta call in.

Drinking and doctoring,

- great combination.
- ♪ Silver Shamrock ♪

- [boy] Let's watch TV.
- [girl] Okay.

[harmonica music on TV]

[jingle playing on TV]

♪ Eight more days to Halloween ♪

- Turn that down.
- ♪ Halloween, Halloween ♪

♪ Eight more days to Halloween ♪

- ♪ Silver Shamrock ♪
- [man] Yeah, this is Challis.

- [jingle continues]
- When?

What's his condition?

All right, I'll be right in.
I gotta go.

His condition is stable,
but Dr. Castle had to leave early.

- So I thought I should call you.
- Sure, sure. That's fine.

Listen, he just walked up
outta the rain.

I swear to God
that's all there was to it.

- I just brought him here.
- [door buzzing]

- Do you have a room for him?
- Yes, 13.

[woman over PA]
Miss Scott, call admitting.

Miss Scott, call admitting.

- Hey, can I leave now?
- [doctor] Sure. I don't see why not.

Thanks a lot for bringing him.

- I appreciate it.
- Well, thank you, Doc. I was always--

- Jingle playing on TV]
- ...that when somebody needs help,

you help 'em. I mean,
unless there's gonna be trouble.

There's not gonna
be any trouble, is there?

I mean you never know when
somebody might be needing help.


It might be my time next time.

[man gasping, panting]

They're going to kill us.

All of us.

All of us.

100 milligrams, Thorazine.


[jingle continues on TV]

[car door shuts]

[insects chirping]

Who's next?


Except for him,
it's a quiet night.

I could use a nap.

[nurse] Doctors' lounge is empty.

Wanna take one with me?

[nurse laughs]

Pillows are in the cabinet and

there's milk and cookies
in the fridge.

I think I should have
married you, Agnes.

Ooh! Watch it, buster,
I play for keeps, you know.

[doctor] I'm serious.

[both laugh]

[ominous music]

[nurse humming]

[music continues]

[bed frame squeaking]

[music continues]

[Agnes] What are you doing
in here?

[Agnes screams]

[screams continue]

[music intensifies]

A man...

A man just, just...

A man just... He just...

All right, all right.

[Agnes sobbing]


[indistinct chatter]

[siren wailing]

[indistinct chatter]

Hello, Linda. Dan.

I won't be able to pick
the kids up tonight, something--

[Linda over phone]
Damn it, you promised, Dan.

My ex-wife.

[Linda continues on phone]

No, no, Linda, it's nothing
like that at all.

If you'd just relax
for a minute, I--

I am relaxed.

Two men died here tonight.

No, it wasn't an accident.

Listen, I'll tell you
all about it later, all right?

- I really gotta go.
- [Linda] Dan, you promised.

Sure. Sure. Saturday night.
That'd be fine.

They can both stay
with me all night.

- [Linda] Great.
- Tell them I'm sorry. I di--

10 AM, Saturday. Please.

I really gotta go.

- Bye.
- [Linda] Bye.

[indistinct chatter]

[recording] If you would like
to make a call,

please hang up
and try again.

[ominous music]

They're going to kill us.

[music continues]

Is this my father?

Ma'am, I wouldn't.

- Not yet.
- [woman] Let's get it over with.

Yes, that's my father.

What happened?

Oh, some crazy man.

Killed himself
in the parking lot right after.

Drugs probably.

Is that it? My father's
dead because of some crazy...

The whole thing is
under investigation.

I'll bet.

[officer] You've had a hard night,
and you've come a long way.

When you feel better,
I'll have some questions.

And maybe some more answers.

[slow music]

[woman over PA]
Dr. Rusfield, call admitting.

Dr. Rusfield, call admitting.

[woman crying]


Look, Challis,
I'm only the assistant.

Just tell me what
you know, Teddy.

Not much. It's taking a while.

The guy was just
a pile of ashes.

I know the sheriff
thinks he was on drugs.

That doesn't make any sense.

I've seen lots of
people on drugs and

the man was in complete control.
He looked like a businessman.

He had to be one strong

I can tell you that.

You don't pull someone's
skull apart

without a little lower arm strength.
Know, what I mean?

Teddy, just do me
this one favor.

Check this one out yourself.

Now, I can't do that.

- It's gotta go through--
- Please.

This thing's really got you.

I've been with that
hospital for eight years.

Somebody just doesn't walk in--

I'll see what I can do.
No promises.

Thanks. Thanks.

I was always good at
moonlighting, wasn't I?

Oh, the best.

- Hey, do you still have that...?
- Yes, uh-huh.

You do?

- How you been?
- Okay. You?

- Okay.
- Sierra Mesa still making you

- drink your ass off?
- Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Thanks again.

Hey, you gonna be all right?

[cartoon music on TV]

Hey, Charlie, can we
have another station?

You got it.

[Halloween theme music on TV]

[man on TV]
The immortal classic,

followed by
the big giveaway at nine,

brought to you by...

[jingle music]

- ♪ Two more days to Halloween ♪
- [Dan] Come on...

- ♪ Halloween, Halloween ♪
- ...come on, come on.

What's the matter?

Don't you have
any Halloween spirit?


- [crowd cheering on TV]
- [whistle blows on TV]

[TV announcer speaking

- Hi.
- Hello

My name is Ellie Grimbridge.

I know.

- Dan Challis.
- I know.

One of the nurses told me
I could find you here.

I saw you at the funeral.
Thank you.

I'm sorry about your father.

Did my father say anything
to you the night he died?

Yeah. He, uh...


He said,
"Tell Ellie I love her."


you're a bad liar, but...

- thank you anyway.
- Wait a second.

I saw something that night.

I don't know. Your father came
into the hospital and he--

I thought he was crazy,
out of his mind.

He's hangin' on to
a Halloween mask.

He wouldn't let it go.

And what he said was...
"They're gonna kill us all."

And in a little while,
he was dead.

And I don't know
what the hell is goin' on.

- [doorbell ringing]
- [door creaking]

Papa really loved this place,

but business was getting bad.

I suppose you shopped at
the new mall like everybody else, huh?

The kids were keeping him going.

They'd come in after school.

He'd let 'em play with
the stuff right in the aisles

like used to
when I was little.

The question is, why would
anybody wanna kill Papa?

He was a wonderful man.

I've been doing
some detective work.

My father kept
excellent records.

"October 18:
Merchants council meeting.”

He was there. I checked.

"October 19: Football game."
He was there too.

"October 20:
Pick up more masks."

[Dan] Yeah.

That's the kind your
father had in his hand.

"October 21:
Dinner with Minnie."”

Minnie Blankenship.
He never showed up.

He never called.

You've been busy.

I think my father
ran into trouble

somewhere between here

and Santa Mira.

Santa Mira?

Where they make those.

- Oh.
- Little place. Not too far away.

Maybe they know something.

I'm not going back to LA
until I find out

what happened to my father.

Linda, I can't get out of it.
I'm really sorry. I...

- [Linda] You're gonna sit around--
- No, just a bunch of doctors

talking about boring stuff.

The kids don't even remember

- your name!
- Linda, Linda take it easy.

I'll be back to take 'em
trick or treating, I promise.

- And you haven't even told me--
- I'll call--

...where you're going this time.

No, I can't remember
the name of the hotel.

I'll call you Monday.

- I gotta go. Bye.
- [Linda] Wait a minute!

[siren wailing]

[man on TV] We'll be back
with more "Dance Party"”

right after these messages.

[jingle music on TV]

♪ Two more days to Halloween,
Halloween, Halloween ♪

♪ Two more days to Halloween,
Silver Shamrock ♪

- [jingle fades]
- [ominous music]

- [Ellie] I think it's the next exit.
- [Dan] Wait a minute.

Yeah, that's it.

Then we go about 10 miles
and turn right on 33.

[Ellie] What I wanna know is
why they put their factory

out here in the middle of nowhere.

[Dan] Listen...

Santa Mira founded in 1887,
farming community.

Grew up around a large dairy.

After World War II, a wealthy
Irishman, Conal Cochran

converted it into a toy factory,

Silver Shamrock Novelties.

Now given over to
the manufacture and

sale of Halloween masks.

Largest in the world.

Proud community.
Predominantly Irish.

Irish Halloween masks?

In California, you never know.

[music continues]

I feel like a goldfish.

Company town.

[music continues]

[camera whirring]

[Ellie] I'm not ready for this.
We need a plan.

[Dan] Okay. How about this?

We go back to that gas station,

see if they know anything.
We could, uh...

pose as a couple of buyers,

maybe rent a couple of rooms
in that motel.

That way at least
we'd have some place to talk

without the whole
town watching us.

Good point.

[bell clanging]

- [birds chirping]
- [dog barking]

- Ah. Good evening to you.
- Say, partner, uh,

Do you happen to know is there
a vacancy here in this motel?

My wife and I need a place to stay.

You've come to the right place.

It's cozy, it's quiet,
and the price is right.

Keep him happy
just for a minute.

[man] Shower's good.
Put in new pipes last year.

[doorbell ringing]

[birds chirping]

- [man] Any bags?
- Oh, yeah.

Light packers, aren't ya?

We've had a lot of practice.

[car approaching]

Ah! There's Mr. Cochran now.

A great man, Conal Cochran.
A true genius.

[upbeat music]

[boy] Daddy!

[woman] Watch your driving, honey.
You could've killed that man.

I didn't hurt him!

Hey, sorry about that.
Glad it didn't hit ya.

And great big thank you for
pickin' it up. You all right?

- No problem.
- Hey, Buddy Kupfer, San Diego.

This is my wife, Betty.

Pleased to meet you.

And right there's Little Buddy.

- Is it busted?
- No.

Don't you dare go in the street!

Do you hear me?!

I gotta go.

[man] I'll be checkin'
you in now, sir.

I filled out the register.
I left 40 dollars under the blotter.

- That about cover it?
- Oh, heavens, yes.

Thank you, sir.
Have a pleasant stay.

[car approaching]

Mr. Kupfer, I presume?
Your rooms are waiting.

Damn factory!

Got their orders all screwed up.

Now I have to stay
in this dump again!

[Buddy] Oh, that's great.
Hey honey, it's a freebie!

[door opens]

This place is a zoo.

I saw Cochran.
His car, anyway.

And your old man
stayed here on the 20th.

I was right! We'll go
directly to the factory.

Whoa. Hold on.
Slow down, slow down.

It's getting late.
I could use a drink.

Let's take our time.

It's okay with you?

To stay, I mean?

Yeah, I think these, uh,

clothes could probably hold out
for at least one more day.

Maybe I ought to
get another room.

That would look sort
of suspicious, wouldn't it?

What I mean is, if you'd...

feel more comfortable...

I could sleep in the car.

It'd be better than
this floor, anyway.

Where do you wanna sleep,
Dr. Challis?

That's a dumb question,
Miss Grimbridge.

[distant bells ringing]

[bells continue]

[woman over PA] It's six o'clock.
It's six o'clock.



All residents of Santa Mira,
please clear the streets.

Curfew is now in effect.

[door creaking]

Please confine your activities
to your own homes.

Thank you.

Have a very pleasant evening.

[bells continue]

[birds chirping]

[ominous music]

[insects chirping]

[camera whirring]

[dog barking in distance]


[camera whirring]

[camera whirring]

[music continues]

- [clanging]
- Oh, Jesus!

[stammers] Mister,
I didn't mean to scare you.

Saw that bottle.
Thought it looked pretty heavy.

I ain't got no diseases.
You mind if I have a drink?



Thank you.

Hey, just a second.
You, uh...

You happen to know anything
about this Cochran?

Cochran. [scoffs]
Do I know anything?

He made Santa Mira
what it is today.

Dried up,
little pile of nothing.

Let me tell you something,

He brought in every damn
one of them factory people

from the outside.

You think he'd hire me?
A local boy?

- No way. Turned me down flat.
- [lighter igniting]

You haven't got a dollar
you can spare, do you?


Thank you.

All I can tell you, mister,

is watch out.

You seen the TV cameras yet?

He's watching you, friend.
I guarantee you that.

Hey, Cochran,

- fuck you!
- Ooh, sh, sh, easy, easy.

It's all right, it's all right.
It don't matter to me.

He's probably listenin'.

And if he is...

I got one thing to say.

It's the last Halloween
for that lousy factory of his.

Some pretty wild
shit goin' on in there.

I--I--I heard rumors.

- Like what? What'd you hear?
- This year...

I'm gonna get me

about a case and a half
of Molotov cocktails.

Burn that son of a bitch
right down!

Last Halloween for them.

Last Halloween.

[ominous music]

♪ Two more days to Halloween ♪

♪ Halloween ♪

♪ Halloween, Halloween ♪

♪ Two more days to Halloween ♪

♪ Halloween ♪

♪ Halloween,
two more days-- ♪



Halloween, Halloween.

[dramatic music]


What are you--

[chuckles nervously]

Fellas, I was just kidding.

You know that, you know that.
Just kidding!




[blood dripping]


[doorbell ringing]

[insects chirping]

[car horn blares]

Oh, sorry.

- I didn't mean to scare you.
- [car door closing]

Are you picking up an order?

- Huh?
- Are you picking up

an order at the factory?

- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, I figured.

There's no other reason to be
in this godforsaken place.

All I can say is
good luck to both of us.

They may make great masks,

but ever since they
started big volume business,

the little guy has to stand in line,
you know what I mean?

- Mm.
- I gave up ordering by mail.

But I hate trying to
deal with 'em in person.

You can't win.

Oh, you know,
I hate to say anything, but,

the merchandise
is slipping.

I mean, my four-year-old
was throwing

the thing against
the wall, granted.

But the trademark
shouldn't just come right off.

[Ellie] Yeah, I see what you mean.

By the way,
my name's Marge Guttman.

My shop's on Union Square in
San Francisco, you can't miss it.

- Okay.
- Why don't you look me up?

- Yeah. Thanks, I will.
- Bye.

[zipper opening]

[water running, stopping]


[orchestral music
playing from radio]

- [Teddy over phone] Hello?
- Teddy.

I tried you at home.

Why would I be at home

when there's something
like this cooking?

- Get it, cooking?
- Got anything?

No. Someone made
a colossal boo-boo.

We've been doing an autopsy
on part of the car.

Seat, dashboard, something.
Just plastic and metal shavings.

Two days wasted because
somebody mixed up the envelopes.

Where are you calling from?

Santa Mira.

The Rose of Shannon Motel.
I'll check back with you tomorrow.

All right, Sherlock. Ciao.

[knocking on door]

[calm music]

[music continues]

[Ellie] Mmm.

[insects chirping]

[soft music playing on radio]

[jingle music on radio]

♪ Two more days to Halloween ♪

- I don't believe this commercial.
- ♪ Halloween, Halloween ♪

- ♪ Two more days to Halloween ♪
- It never stops.

[tuning radio]

[soft music on radio]



Are--aren't you just
the least bit tired?

No. [giggles]

Wait. Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

How old are you?


I'm older than I look.

[both chuckle]

[Ellie] Mmm.

[orchestral music on radio]


[music continues]

- [zapping]
- Oh!

What's that?

Who cares?

- [music continues]
- [squeaking]


[ominous music]

[intense music]

[car approaching]

What the hell was that?


[dog barking in distance]


[Ellie whispers]
What's going on?

I don't know.

Oh, my God. That must be Marge.

- Who's that?
- A lady I met.

Excuse me, I'm a doctor. Please.
I said I'm a doctor.

Don't trouble yourself, sir.

She'll get the best care
money can buy.

[engine revving]

Who's in charge of the patient?

- Why, Mr. Cochran, of course.
- [car approaching]

Mr. Cochran,
good to see you, sir.

Ah, good evening, Mr. Rafferty.

It's all over, my friends.
Just a small accident.

The lady's going to get
the very best possible treatment.

I promise you that.

Where are they taking her?

They're taking her
to the factory.

Sure, we've the most
marvelous facility there

for emergency treatment.

- What happened?
- [man] Misfire.

[whispering] No, no.

We can't afford to stick out.

Let's just go.

[engine revving]


What the hell were they
talking about?

- Something crazy going on here.
- You wanna leave?

Yes, very much.

But not until I find out whether

my father went to that factory.


[birds chirping]

[horn blowing]

[phone ringing]


Can you talk?

Sure. I just finished
sifting the ashes.

What do you have?

[Teddy over phone] It's what
I don't have that bothers me.

You know, I'm starting
to wonder if some--

Someone hasn't been
tampering with this stuff.

- Why?
- Well, that was a hot fire,

but there would have to be
some bone fragments or

teeth or something.

I've got nothing here to indicate
there was ever a body at all.

Just ashes and car parts.
How about you?

Listen, Teddy,
do me another favor.

Will you find out everything
you can about Conal Cochran?

He runs Silver Shamrock,
the Halloween mask people.

[Teddy] Conal Cochran.

All right, but this is gonna cost
you some serious dinners

when you get back.

I'm always ready for
dinner with you.

Liar. Bye.


[line disconnects]

[ominous music]

[dramatic music]

Oh, there must be
some mistake, dearie.

Mr. Grimbridge himself
picked up that order

on the 21st.
Here's his signature.

Thank you.

Do you remember
that transaction?

No, but you can talk
to someone who might.

Oh, Red...

these people lost an order.

Did you load this one?

Sure did. Last week. A man
in an old green station wagon.

That's right. Did he say
where he was going?

No, ma'am. Headed out
to the north, though. I remember that.

Thank you.

Would you care to make
another order, madam?

No. Let's go.

Well, hey.
How ya doin'? [laughs]

Buddy Kupfer and family,

- here to see Mr. Cochran.
- Yes, Mr. Kupfer. Welcome.

I'll tell Mr. Cochran
you're here.

When do we get to see 'em
makin' the masks?

- Real soon, Little Buddy.
- [Betty] Buddy, my feet are killing me.

[Buddy] Honey, come on.
The fun's just startin'.

I've seen enough.

- Let's get out of here.
- All right, all right.

Oh, wait! Wait.


so this is Buddy Kupfer
and his lovely family.

My friends,

Mr. Kupfer has sold more
Silver Shamrock masks

this year, by far, than
anyone else in the country.

And as for my other friends,
Mr. And Mrs.--

- Smith.
- Smith, of course.

Look, my apologies for that little
bit of a disturbance last night,

but I want you
both to know that

Mrs. Guttman is
going to be fine.

She's been flown to
a hospital in San Francisco.

- Thank you.
- And, uh,

about the confusion
over your order,

I'll just tell you one thing.

A replacement order
is being prepared

for you absolutely free.

The whole thing's on me.

- [crowd clapping]
- [laughs]

Is he incredible or what?

[Cochran] Now. How would you
like a guided tour?

[Buddy] Oh, thank you, sir.

Would it be all right if
my friends come along?

Oh, yes, I was just about
to ask them. If you'd like to?

We'd love to.

Come along. Come along.

[machines whirring]

The latex is heated and poured.

After that,
it's cooled and poured off.

Then it's all just a matter

of trimming,
painting, and packaging.

[playful music]

Oh, wow, this is it.
Hall of Fame time.

- What's famous?
- You really don't know?

Conal Cochran, the all-time
genius of the practical joke.

He invented sticky toilet paper.

- Oh.
- Oh, you must know.

The dead dwarf gag,
the soft chain saw. All his.

No, gee, I didn't know that.

And before that,
he used to make toys.

Remember that? When I had
one of those when I was a kid,

used to sit and
watch it for hours.

The man has always
paid attention to detail.

- [Cochran] Are we all together?
- [Betty] Yeah.

Oh, I want a mask.
Can I have a mask?

Just what I had in mind
for you, Little Buddy.

I want that one.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

Look over here.

Those masks haven't been
through final processing.

This one has.

- [chuckles]
- [Little Buddy] Whoa!

There you are.

That's wonderful.

- What final process?
- Don't ask me.

[Cochran laughing]

Hey, Mr. Cochran,
just what is the final process?

I assure you it's just
a little bit of this

and a little bit of that.

Quality inspection,
the seal of approval.

You know, the usual.

And of course,

there's a couple of

trade secrets.

[laughs] I'd sure love to take a look.

Oh, sorry.

Not even a peek for
your best salesman?

Oh, just one little look.

Well you see,

Part of the inspection
process involves

volatile chemicals,
very dangerous.

I wouldn't want to put
anybody in any danger.

Oh, sure, I understand.

Now listen, I hope you and
your family will be able

to have breakfast
with me tomorrow morning.

I'd like your opinion on some
of our sales material.

- [Buddy] My opinion?
- [Cochran] Oh, sure.

Do you know he's one of
the richest men in the country?

And he got that way selling
cheap gags and Halloween masks.

Oh, God,
there's hope for us yet.

[Cochran] It's very valuable to me,
you know.

Your opinion has always
meant a great deal to us

- over the last few years.
- Oh, thank you, sir.

- Where's Little Buddy?
- Oh, there he is,

running down there.

[Cochran and Buddy laughing]

Into everything always.

Well, we like to know
everything there is to know.

- Like father, like son.
- Oh, yeah.

[ominous music]

Excuse me.

I think it's time we were going.

Oh, um...

See you later.

What's up?

I just saw a couple of men
who looked strangely familiar.

And there's another one.

They look an awful lot like the man
who killed your father.

[machinery clanging]

- Oh, my God!
- What?

That's Papa's car.

Wait, Ellie, Ellie. Don't.

Trade secrets.

- Oh.
- [both chuckle]

[music continues]

I saw it.
I know I saw it.

I think it's time
for the marines.

I'm scared.
I think we should leave.

All right.

You pack,
I'll call the police.

This place has to fall under
somebody's jurisdiction.

- Let's go soon, okay?
- All right, all right.

[door opens]

[music continues]

[upbeat music
playing on TV]


Operator, this is an emergency.

- I wanna--
- [recording] I'm sorry.

We cannot complete
your call as dialed.

- Jingle music on TV]
- Please hang up and ch--

♪ One more day to Halloween,
Halloween, Halloween ♪

♪ One more day to Halloween,
Silver Shamrock ♪

- ♪ One more day to Halloween-- ♪
- Yes, information. I--

[recording] I'm sorry. We cannot
complete your call as dialed.

Please hang up and check the number

- and dial again.
- [man on TV] Just one more day.

Only 24 hours,
but that's plenty of time

to pick out one big

[doorbell ringing]

[TV commercial
continues indistinctly]

[ominous music]

[music intensifies]



[intense music]

[glass shattering]


[tires screeching]

[music continues]

- Operator.
- [recording] If you'd like to

- make a call...
- Operator!

...please hang up and try again.

[car approaching]

[recording] If you'd like to make a call,
please hang up and try again.

If you need help,

you have to dial your
operator for assistance.

[music intensifies]

[dramatic music]

[tense music]

[ominous music]

[camera whirring]

[low music]

[door creaking]

Where's the girl?

Where is she?

Where is she?
Where is--

- [dramatic music]
- [yells]


Oh, Jesus. Je...



[music intensifies]


This was a rare piece.


Made in Munich,


I must try to get a replacement.

[tense music]

- Ah, Mr. Challis.
- Where is Ellie?

Mrs. Smith.

Ah, sure, I believe
she's resting just now.

Didn't take you long
to get here, Mr. Challis.

Dr. Challis, I should say.

It'll be morning soon.

Halloween morning.

Be a very busy day for me.

Being a medical man,
you should

find it quite interesting.

[music intensifies]

[door opens]

[inhales deeply]

[mechanics whirring]

The surprising thing is that
the internal components

were quite simple
to produce, really.

The outer features

took much longer to perfect.

But then, of course,
in the end it's just

another form of mask making.


Bless you.

Convincing, aren't they?

Loyal and obedient,
unlike most human beings.

[mechanics whirring]

[ominous music]

[Cochran] Those who went before me,
you know they...

they never dreamed
of anything like this.

- What is this place?
- Oh, can't you tell?


ancient technology.


A good magician never explains.

Come on, then.

You've still got time to
figure it out all by yourself.

[music intensifies]

From an ancient
sacrificial circle.



We had a time getting it here. [chuckles]

You wouldn't believe
how we did it.


It has a power in it.

A force.

Even a...



[music continues]

Oh, Doctor,
you asked about the girl.

Where is she?

Right in there.

And your friend, Miss Guttman.

[Dan] You killed her.

Oh, no, no. Miss Guttman was
the victim of a misfire.

The others...

What you really need to see
is a demonstration

and there's one
coming right up.

[ominous music]

[Buddy on monitor]
Mr. Cochran will be right along.

[Betty on monitor] I don't like
this place. It gives me the creeps.

[Little Buddy on monitor]
I have to go to the bathroom.

- Mommy!
- Relax a minute, will you?

Mr. Cochran'll be here.
Then everything will be fine.

He just wants my opinion

about some television
commercials or something.

You know,
I still can't figure out

why they won't take
my orders for next year.

You know how I like
to work ahead and

well, they're just not
interested at all.

Maybe they're not going to
have Halloween next year.


Ha, ha, ha.

All right, roll it.


[beeping, whirring]

[jingle music on TV]

[man on TV]
It's time, it's time.

- Time for the big giveaway.
- This is just the same old stuff.

All you lucky kids with
Silver Shamrock masks,

gather 'round your TV set.

Put on your masks and watch.

Honey, don't get too close,
you'll ruin your eyes.

[man on TV]

Gather 'round and watch.
Watch the magic pumpkin. Watch.

[jingle music continues]

[chuckles] I think this whole thing

is a big joke.

I mean, look at that.


I mean, look.


[Buddy] Betty.

[Betty laughing]


[distorted jingle music]




[Buddy continues screaming]


[Buddy yells]

[distorted music continues]

[jingle stops]

[ominous music]


[jingle music]

♪ Happy, happy Halloween,
Halloween, Halloween ♪

♪ Happy, happy Halloween,
Silver Shamrock ♪

♪ Happy, happy Halloween,
Halloween, Halloween ♪

♪ Happy, happy Halloween,
Silver Shamrock ♪

[man] It's almost time, kids.
The clock is ticking.

Be in front of your TV sets
for the "Horrorathon.”

And during the big
giveaway at nine.

Don't miss it.

And don't forget to
wear your masks.

The clock is ticking.
It's almost time.

♪ Happy, happy Halloween,
Halloween, Halloween ♪

♪ Happy, happy Halloween,
Silver Shamrock ♪

♪ Happy, happy Halloween,
Halloween, Halloween ♪

♪ Happy, happy Halloween,
Silver Shamrock ♪

[man over speaker]
Hurry home. It's almost time.

All those lucky kids with
Silver Shamrock masks,

hurry home for the big giveaway.

It's almost time. Hurry home.

[jingle music continues]

[children laughing]

[music fades]

- [man over phone] What city, please?
- The number for Santa Mira,

the Rose of Shannon Motel, please.

- [man over phone] 555-2462.
- Thank you.

[smooth music playing on radio]

[phone ringing]

[recording] I'm sorry. We cannot
complete your call as dialed.

Please hang up and
dial again. This is a reco--

[line disconnects]

[phone ringing]

- [man over phone] Hello?
- Roger?

Did I wake you?

- [Roger over phone] Yeah.
- Oh, sorry.

Listen. I've got something
down here

- I'd like for you to look at.
- [Roger] What?

- [ominous music]
- I know I could be wrong,

but I don't think it's
a car part at all.

Maybe you've seen
something like it.

How's tomorrow afternoon?

Tomorrow afternoon?
Okay, great. Thanks, Roger.

[Roger] Bye.

[line disconnects]

[music continues]

[music continues]

Oh, my God.

[woman over phone] May I help you?

Operator, can you get me the sheriff--

[dramatic music]






[smooth music playing on radio]


[insects chirping]

Enjoy the "Horrorathon," Doctor.

And don't forget to watch
the big giveaway afterwards.

Why, Cochran? Why?

Do I need a reason?

Mr. Kupfer was right, you know.

I do love a good joke.
And this is the best ever.

A joke on the children.

But there's a better reason.

You don't really know much
about Halloween.

You thought no further
than the strange custom of

having your children
wear masks

and go out begging for candy.

[ominous music]

It was the start of the year
in our old Celtic lands

and we'd be waiting

in our houses of
wattles and clay.

The barriers would
be down, you see,

between the real and the unreal.

And the dead might
be looking in

to sit by our fires of turf.


The festival of Samhain.

The last great one took place
3,000 years ago

and the hills ran red...

with the blood of
animals and children.


They were part of our world,

our craft.


[Cochran] To us, it was a way
of controlling our environment.

It's not so different now.

It's time again.

In the end,

we don't decide these things,
you know.

The planets do.

They're in alignment.

And it's time again.

The world's going to
change tonight, Doctor.

I'm glad you'll be
able to watch it.

[eerie music on TV]


happy Halloween.

[music continues]


[machine beeping]

[eerie music on TV]

[glass shatters]

[tense music]

[phone beeping]

- Cochran.
- [man speaking indistinctly]

Oh, yes, yes, of course.


[Cochran] Tonight's just for fun.
A way of saying

"thank you" to all
our good customers.

Mr. Cochran.

[man over phone] I have good news
for you. Hold on just a moment.

[music continues]

It's always a pleasure doing
business with you. It is indeed.


[chuckles] Oh.

43 share.
You think so?

[music intensifies]

Good. And I hope
the little ones will be watching.

Don't forget to tell
them to watch

the big giveaway at nine.


Thank you for calling. Goodbye.


Camera two.

[music continues]

[music fades]

[footsteps approaching]

[dial tone]

[phone ringing]

- [Linda over phone] Hello?
- [whispering] Linda, Linda...

[Linda] Dan, where the hell
have you been?

- Shut up, shut up, Linda.
- I waited all night.

Shut up. Listen, listen.

You have to get rid of
the masks, the Silver Shamrock--

[Linda] The ones I gave them?
You want me to what?

[stammers] Santa Mira.

And they killed Buddy Kupfer
and his whole family.

- They killed him.
- [Linda] It's not enough--

[man] We've lost him.

No, we haven't.
You'll see.

[buttons clicking]

No, no, no, I'm not drunk.

Linda, listen. You have to
get rid of the masks.

- Just--
- [Linda] You want me to what?

You're just jealous because

- they love me more...
- Linda, Linda, listen.

Go to hell!

[line disconnects]

- [phone ringing]
- [footsteps approaching]

[footsteps approaching]

Ellie. Ellie. Ellie!

South corridor.

- [tense music]
- [beeping]

Come on.

[door opens]

[music continues]

[music intensifies]

[music continues]

[whispers] Wait here.

[machines beeping]

[music intensifies]

[music fades]

-[man on TV] Time, it's time.
- Jingle music on TV]

Time for the big giveaway.

Halloween has come.

All you lucky kids with
Silver Shamrock masks,

gather 'round your TV set.

Put on your masks and watch.

All witches, all skeletons,
all jack-o'-lanterns,

gather 'round and watch.

Watch the magic pumpkin.


[jingle music continues]

[wires buzzing]

[jingle music continues]



[rumbling, jingle music continue]


[distorted jingle music fades]


[ominous music]

[rock and roll music on radio]

[woman on radio] Here in the eastern
valley we're expecting overcast skies

and 50 percent chance
of rain through Monday.

It's presently 74 degrees
at 8:48 PM.

[jingle music on radio]

[man on radio] Clock is ticking.
Hurry home, kids.

And happy Hallowee--

[radio clicks off]

We've gotta do something,
call somebody. Huh?

[ominous music]

Ellie, you all right?

[dramatic music]


[tires screeching]



[ominous music]

[intense music]




- [crowbar clattering]
- [sighs]


- Oh!
- [intense music]



[insects chirping]

[breathing deeply]


[suspenseful music]

- [intense music]
- [yelling]


[ominous music]

- [bell dings]
- [engine revving]


Your phone, your phone,
where is it? It's life and death.

Hey, don't I know you?

♪ Happy, happy Halloween,
Halloween, Halloween ♪

- Jingle continues]
- [Dan] If it goes out it means

the death of millions of people,
everyone watching.

Don't you understand that?

If--Well, say it's a bomb, then.

Say--say whatever you want.
Say whatever you like.

Just get if off the air.

Please! Just--I--

No, no! I can't prove it!

You've gotta believe me!
Believe me!

Take it off the air now! Please!

You've got to, it means--

♪ Happy, happy Halloween,
Halloween-- ♪

[man on TV]
Please excuse the interruption.

We're having technical problems.

Please stand by.


- Jingle music on TV]
- [man on TV] It's time. It's time...

[man 2 on TV] We are experiencing
technical difficulties.

Please, stand by.


[man on TV] ...masks.
Gather 'round your TV set.

Put on your masks and watch.

All witches, all skeletons,
all jack-o'-lanterns...

[Dan] The third commercial,
it's still on. Please.

Take out the third channel,
the third channel.

It's still running.
Stop it, please.

For God's sake, please stop it.
There's no more time.

You've gotta... Please, stop it.
Stop it now. Turn it off!

- Turn it off! Stop it!
- [jingle music intensifies]

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
Stop it! Stop it!

Stop it!

[voice echoing]

[tense music]

[music continues]