Halloween Horror Tales (2018) - full transcript

An anthology of four horror tales.

- It has been confirmed

that it was an apparent homicide.

Sources also say the
residence was burglarized

with most notable items
stolen being a clown costume

and makeup kit.

A neighbor is quoted as
saying the victim worked

as a clown at children's parties.

And finally, there is no
information at this time

as to whether there is
any connection between

this case and the escape
last week of a patient

at Orchid Wood Psychiatric Ward.

We now return you to your
regularly scheduled programing.

- I've lived in Barnum all my life.

It's been my whole world, you might say.

Barnum can be a really nice place

but it also has a darker side.

Some strange things have
happened here over the years.

One such tale involves a
rather sinister character

masquerading as that most adored
of children's entertainers.

A circus clown.

Historically, clowns
have been a great source

of fun and amusement.

These zany court jesters have entertained

both royalty and commoners alike.

But clowns can have a dark side too.

In fact, some clowns
can be downright deadly.

Such is the case in a
sinister little story

called "Die Laughing."

- Hello.

Oh hi, babe, I was just
looking at your picture.

No, I don't know if I got the job.

Yeah, the interview went pretty well

but they didn't make me an offer.

They just said they'd get back to me.

It's all so frustrating, lately.

Don't worry about me,
though, I'll be all right.

Things have to turn around
eventually, don't they?

Miss Rusa is just a mean old
bat is all it comes down to.

So how did your trip go?

Are you going to be getting home today?

I can't wait to see you.

Well come by if it's not too late.


Love you.


Miss Rusa, what a pleasant surprise.

- You can skip the niceties, sweetie.

Do you have the rent for me yet?

- No, not yet but I'll
have it for you real soon.

I just need a little more time.

I'm between jobs right now.

- You know, there are other people

I could rent this place to.

This is a good location and
I got people interested.

I want my money,

otherwise you better start
looking for a new place.


- Understood.

- I better be hearing
from you soon, missy.

- You will.

- I want these yards cleaned up good!

They're both a mess, understand?

- You got it, Miss Rusa.

- Good.

For what I'm paying you
fellas, you better have it!

It's highway robbery, if you ask me.

- Don't worry, Miss Rusa,
you'll get your money's worth.

- I better.

- What a grouch.

- You said it, Bill.

Well, I guess we better get to work.

- Yup.

- Hey, you!

What're you doing back there?

You def?

I said, what're you doing back there?

Hey, get out of there!

- Hello?

Hello, anyone home?

- Yes.

- Just letting you know,

we're gonna be out here
working on the yard.

- Joe?

Hey, Joe, you still out here?

You better not have knocked off early.

Miss Rusa will chew us out
if it's not finished today.

And we need this job.


- Johnny!

- Run!

- Miss Rusa!

Miss Rusa!

- No!

- Hey, Lisa, it's Shawn.

I have bad news.

I'm stuck on the side of the road.

My car broke down.

I believe I'm on Route Two.

Could you do me a favor, though?

Could you call the
Williamsons and tell them

I'll just be a little bit late?

I'm waiting for the tow truck.

But make sure to tell them
that Buzbo will be there.

All right.


All right, thank you.

- Oh!

- Let me guess,
wild turkey on the rocks?

- Well, no, I'll just
have a Shirley Temple.

- You know what
they say, if you don't drink--

- People love movies.

They provides a voyeuristic escape

that just can't be found elsewhere.

People love their movie stars too.

Especially those from the past.

But it can all become too easy

to get wrapped up in cinematic fantasies.

That's the case in a twisted little tale

called "The Horror Hostess."

- Hello.

Oh hey!

Yeah, I'm getting ready now.

I'll see you in about an hour.

Okay, thanks, bye.

- Just a few more spots.

- Sure thing, hun.

- I can't tell you how much

I appreciate this opportunity, Jeana.

It means so much to me.

- Oh, it's my pleasure.

I only wish I could pay you a
proper makeup artist salary.

You do good work, Katie.

- Thanks.

I really mean it.

Just to get a foot in the door.

I love the horror genre.

- Well that makes two of us.

- So cool, even just to
be a small part of it.

There you go, all done.

- Great.

- Oh, I gotta get to class.

I gotta be there in 20 minutes.

Good luck with the show today

and I hope you have a
really exciting interview.

- Oh, thank you so much.

- And there you have it.

That was a scene from "Technopath,"

the new stalker movie
starring tonight's guest

at the Horror Pad,

scream queen extraordinaire,

Rebecca Blaze!

So how are you doing tonight, Rebecca?

- Excellent.

Thanks for having me on the show, Jeana.

- Oh, that clip was so exciting.

Tell us a little more about "Technopath."

- Oh, it's a cool little slasher movie

about a psychotic maniac
stalking young coeds.

Great special effects, great cast.

The fans are going to love it.

- Well you certainly have become

a real fan favorite in the genre.

Horror has been good to you, hasn't it?

- Oh yes, it has.

The fans are amazing.

I don't know where I
would be without them.

I do it all for the fans.

- Well, right now, we have another treat

for all you fright fans out there,

a clip from the indie horror
flick, "Blood Carousel,"

starring my extra special
guest, Rebecca Blaze!


- And we're out.

- Thanks again for doing the show.

- Of course.

- We have just a couple more
questions after the clip

and that will be it.

- Cool.

- Although,

if you could hang around
for awhile after the taping,

I'd love to pick your brain some more.

- Sure, why not?

- Oh, great.

Care for a refill, hun?

- Sure.

- To the horror genre.

I love classic horror
from back in the day.

Those fright film stars were great.

Such elegant men and women.

They exuded and amazing onscreen radiance

which gave the genre
that intangible quality

that can't be found anywhere else.

Of course, today's cinema is great too.

I mean, I can't wait to see
"Technopath" in its entirety.

- Well between you and me,

it's actually pretty stupid.

I just run around and
scream and show some skin.

It's just your standard T and A flick.

But it should be enough
to impress the simpletons.

- Simpletons?

- Yeah, you know.

My fans.

- But you said you owed it all to them.

- I do.

They're the ones that
keep buying the crap.

- Care for another drink, hun?

- Hey.

I was drinking that.

- I think you've had
quite enough, young lady.

You know, if there's
one thing I can't stand,

it's a phony.

- What?

- A phony.

Someone who pretends to be one thing,

but in reality is the exact opposite.

- Who are you calling a phony?

- Why you, dear.

You have absolutely no
respect for the horror genre

or its fans.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

- Listen, bitch,

I worked my ass off to get where I am.

I don't have to take any crap from any

low rent Elvira wannabe.

- Now, now, dear, temper, temper.

And no name-calling, young lady.

- That's it.

I'm out of here.

- Oh, no, no, no, dear.

I can't let you leave.

Not now.

- What did you say?

- I said, I can't let you leave now.

- Screw you, bitch!


- Well, hello gain.

You know, I really love the horror genre

far too much to let you go.

- What're you talking about?

- Oh, you really wouldn't
understand, you silly little tart.

It really is the purest art form,

exploring the depths of fear,
terror and the human soul.

- You're crazy.

Bitch, you spiked my drink.

- Now why would I do that?

Now that's a real horror scream.

Definitely your best yet.

- There you go, as gorgeous as always.

- Oh, thank you, Katie.

- I gotta cruise.

- Oh, late for another class?

- I will be if I don't hurry.

Hey, how'd that interview
go with that actress?

Rebecca Blaze.

- Actually, she was quite a letdown.

That woman just didn't have the passion

that she should've had.

- That sucks.

- Yeah, it does.

But on the bright side,

I came up with a whole new show intro.

It's a real scream.

- Cool.

Can't wait to see it.

I'll see you later.

- Nature has a way of being evil.

Take the Venus flytrap for example,

where it devours its prey.

Man hasn't been kind to nature, though,

with chemicals and what have you.

This time, nature strikes
back in a nasty way

in a story called, "The Bad Flower."

- There, that should do it.

Oh no.

What have I done?

I can't believe I mixed
Venus flytrap seeds

with sunflower seeds.

Oh well, it won't harm anything.

- Damn big ugly things.

Why anyone would want to
plant such a freaky thing

is beyond me.

Maybe they'd like a little
taste of my weed killer.

- What do you think you're doing?!

You're killing my plants!

Stop it!

Stop it!

- Get your hands off of me!

Those plants are blocking
the sunlight to my plants,

so they deserve to die!

Why do you grow such ugly things anyway?

- Those are my plants!

You can't do this!

- As far as I'm concerned,
they are on my property

blocking the sun to my plants,

so back off!

- I said, stop!

- I warned you.

- How could you?

How could you?

- Maybe next time you'll
learn not to mess with me.

And get rid of those
damn things before I do.

- I'm so sorry she hurt you.

I tried to stop her.

She's so mean.

I hope she gets what she deserves.

Oh no.

My big sunflower's gone.

What happened to it?


I should've guessed.

This time she's gone too far.

It's time I paid her a visit.

- Carolyn?


Maybe she's in the garden.


Hey, Carolyn.

- Yes, I'm working on the
account right now, sir.

I'll have it on your desk
first thing in the morning.

What's that?

Oh yes, the changes have been made.

Just the way you ask for them.

Okay, sir, take care.





I think it's time for a nap.



Help me!

I can't breathe.


- What the hell was that?

A walking plant?

Who's gonna believe me?

No more stopping at the bar after work.





- Can't believe there have now been

four murders in this town.

- And to think, the
first one was right here

in my own backyard.

It scares me.

- I know but you know as well as I do

that Mrs. Thorn deserved it.

- Oh Cindy, even Mrs. Thorn

doesn't deserve to die like that.

- After what that which did
to you, you're just too nice.

- But those terrible murders.

That poor guy playing basketball.

I hope they catch the killer soon.

I'm afraid to even come out here

and sit in my own garden for very long.

- Speaking of your garden,

did you ever find that plant
that Mrs. Thorn ripped out?

- Oh, you mean my nice, big sunflower?

No, I never saw it again.

- I remember when you
first started growing that.

- What is it?

Cindy, what's the matter?

- That sunflower,

I thought you said it was gone.

- It is gone, Cindy.

- Turn around.

- Cindy, stop playing games.

- Turn around.

- I don't believe it.

I just don't believe it.

It's been gone.

Now it looks like it
was never even dug up.

- Maybe someone's trying
to play a joke on you.

- But the only one who
would do something like that

is Mrs. Thorn and she's dead.

- I don't understand it.

- I have to go in for a
minute, do you want anything?

- No thanks, I'm fine.

- Okay, I'll be right back.

- Carolyn!



- Cindy?

- Carolyn, help!



Carolyn, help!

- Stop!

Stop, you're killing her!

Cindy, are you okay?

Are you all right?

- I'll be okay.

- Oh no!

Your lighter!

Cindy, where's your lighter?

- It's in my purse, on the table!

- You want someone, take me!

I'm right her, come and get me!

Take me!

- Our final story

brings us a series of brutal murders.

A lethal hunter ravaging a small town

and a group of people

headed for a blood-drenched encounter,

all in a strange little tale

called, "The Hunt."

- Somebody!

- Elizabeth!

- Okay.

So now, Mr. Linden,

you claim not to have
seen anything at all.

- That's what I said.

- And you're not sure that
you heard anything either.

- Nope, not sure.

- Mr. Linden, can I be frank with you?

Several other people,

farther away from where
the murders took place,

are positive they heard a
woman screaming for help

and if that's the case,

then it's hard to believe that a woman

screaming right outside your doorstep

didn't get your attention.

- I told you, I ain't sure what I heard.

Coulda been coyotes for all I knew.

- Coyotes, huh?

There have been several
very brutal murders,

all in close proximity to your place.

- The police already questioned me.

They was here all day yesterday.

- Well now I'm questioning you.

- I can't tell you nothing else.

- Okay.

Then I guess we're done here.

Something I can help you with?

Can I help you with something?

- Dang kids.

Always messing up property.

- The unholy beast must be laid to rest!

- Get them out of here.

- Okay, folks, show's over.

Let's move it back, please.

- Jimmy Rogers, Beacon Post.

Is there any hard
evidence in the case yet?

- I have no statement
to make at this time.

- Why has this investigation
been taken over by the FBI?

And what about all the
reports about conflicts

with local law enforcement?

- I said I have no statement.

- And what about all the
talk about a monster?

About a monster roaming the town?

How much longer do the people have to wait

before they get some answers?!

- You, get out of here!

- Screw you, Cyrus!

- So I take it there is
something I could help you with.

- Maybe.

- I must say, you got
here pretty fast on foot.

- I'm familiar with the area.

I grew up around here.

- So what can I do for you, Mister?

- Johnson.

Darren Johnson.

- What can I do for you, Mr. Johnson?

- You're the FBI agent

investigating the murders
in town, aren't you?

- That's right.


Leanna Stark.

What can I do for you?

- Do you have any leads
to the killer's identity

or where they might be?

- That's confidential, Mr. Johnson.

My investigation's ongoing.

Do you have any information for me?

- No.

It's just I don't think
it's a normal killer

that we're dealing with.

- What exactly does that mean?

- Well, it may not be something
that you're expecting.

- Mr. Johnson, do you
watch the local news a lot?

- Yeah, as much as the
next person, I guess.

- My guess is a little
more than the next person.

"It" may not be "something" I'm expecting?

Your local reporters and
the townsfolk around here

have some wild imagination

and if you're here to feed
me more of that vampire crap,

you can save it.

- You might be better off keeping
an open mind about things.

- I might be better off
getting a good night sleep

before I file a long and
tedious report with the bureau

and then I'll be better off finding out

who is committing these sick murders.

And then I might be better off

getting out of this dead end town!

Now I'm gonna ask you again,

do you have anything to share?

- No.

Nothing to share.

- Stupid hicks.

- Hey, who's there?

I said, who's there?

- Don't play games
with me, I'm warning you!

You better tell me, or else!

- You're crazy!

Get out of here!

- You better start talking
or you'll be sorry!

You know where she is and
you're going to tell me!

- I don't know what you're talking about.

- You lie!

- Get out of here before
I call the police.

- You're hiding that woman.

That thing.

- I said get out of here.

- I know how to deal with it.

- She'd kill you.

She'd kill us both.

- What's the problem here, gentlemen?

Mr. Johnson, drop the piece of wood.

Now I'm gonna wanna word with you.

Mr. Linden, stay where you are

because I'm gonna wanna
word with you as well.

Have a seat.

Did you knock Mr. Linden to the ground?

- I might have.

We were having a discussion.

- A discussion?

Looked more like a heated argument to me.

If I catch you assaulting Mr. Linden,

or anyone else for that matter,

I will cuff you on the spot.

Is that clear?

- Yes.

- Good.

Now what's with the wooden stake?

- You must know the answer to that by now.

- Oh yes, I forgot.

You think the killer's a vampire

and let me guess,

you're here to kill it
with a wooden stake.

- I don't care if you believe me or not.

I know the truth.

- I seriously suggest

that you don't go waving
those things around at people.

It might be bad for your health.

Now, Mr. Linden,

have you got something to share with me?

- It's Camille.

She's the one.

- Camille?

The one who's committing all these murders

is a woman named Camille?

- No, not a woman.

- You too?

You're gonna feed me this crap too?

- It ain't crap.

- All right, Mr. Linden,

why don't you enlighten me?

- One morning, close to sunrise,

I heard a rapping at my back door.

There she was.

This woman with a blanket thrown over her.

Her face just peeking out from under it.

She looked nervous.

Like someone was after her.

Kept looking up at the sky

as if something was
gonna fall down on her.

She said she needed help.

I asked her what's wrong

but she wouldn't say.

So I said, "Come in."

But she hesitated and asked
me if she was invited.

I didn't think nothing of it.

Just said, yes, she's
invited and brought her in.

She said she was traveling
by foot around the country

and needed a place to stay for a few days.


nothing happened that day.

She stayed in the spare room

with the shades drawn and the door locked.

I thought she was just tired.

The next night, I heard a scream
not too far from the house.

And I went outside

and through the graveyard.

And that's when I saw her,

feeding on that first hiker.

There was blood everywhere.

And that's when she saw me watching.

She said she'd do the same
to me if I said anything.

I said nothing to nobody.

Since then, she's been hiding
out in my old tool shed.

I guess she likes it better there.

I kept hoping she'd leave,

go to some other town.

- He should he help responsible!

- Why don't you take me out

to this shed of yours, Mr. Linden?

- No.

- I'll make him take us out there!

- Stay out of this!

- I can't!

She'll kill me!

She'll kill me!

- Don't even think about following me!

- Get out of here!

Leave it alone!

- Drop the gun, Mr. Liden, now!

- Hello?

- Elizabeth!

Elizabeth, no!



Come on, come on!

Elizabeth, come on.


- Drop the wood.

- She killed my wife!

- Well look at you.

And I thought vampires were nonsense.

Just a bunch of crap.

Here you are.

In the flesh.

You've certainly done a number
on these people, haven't you?

And now you're gonna do something for me.

You're gonna help me out.

Wrong answer, bitch!

See, I've got lots of ammo

and though I may not be able to kill you,

I can torture you all night long.

Are you ready to listen
to what I have to say?

I'll take your silence as a yes.

I want out of this rat race.

People think my life is exciting,

like on TV.

Think again, sister.

My life is going through the motions.

Long hours,

no recognition,

lonely nights,

ex-husbands that don't
wanna pay child support

when they're supposed to.

That's my life.

But not anymore because here you are

and you're gonna get rid of that for me.

You're gonna take away the pain

and I'm gonna have total freedom,

just like



are you gonna play ball

or do I have to fire off another shot?

Easy now.

I hope you've got a good bedside manner

because if I feel more
than a few pin pricks,

I'm gonna start blasting away.

- So you see,

that one was my story.

Like I said,

some strange things have
happened here over the years.