Halloween Hero (2020) - full transcript

A retired police officer loses his wife to a violent attack. While trying to live with the heartbreaking loss, He has to deal with a community infested with crime. He is considering suicide when he meets a poor young child who comes to his door to trick or treat. This will be a Halloween night that will change both of their lives forever. Who will be the hero this Halloween?

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

Hey, get out of here.

Stop right there.

Don't move.

What do you want?

You want to shoot me?

You wanna shoot
me, just shoot me.

Pull the trigger.

Forget you, man.

Forget you.

Who do you think you are?

I have the gun.

Forget you, man.


Whatever you want,
just take it and get out.

You wanna kill me?

You're gonna
do what I say, partner.

Shoot me then.

I keep it real, and shoot...

You wanna kill
me, shoot me then.

Good night.

Turn around.

Turn around.

Now you move, and I'm gonna
shoot you in your head.

Start moving to the house.

You know what, I
got news for you.

You're not going in my house.

Shoot me right in the
back of the head right now

'cause if you're
not gonna do it,

I'm gonna take care of you.


You wanna kill me?


You wanna kill me?

Take the gun.

Take it.

Right here.

I'm gonna leave.

Come on.

Pull it.

Pull it.

Get the hell out of here.

Words can't express

how much I miss her.

If only I could hold
her hand one last time.

If only I could
have her next to me

so I can listen to the melody

of her heartbeat.

But as a flower,

my love has faded away.

Lord, why have you taken her?

Taken my love from me?



Did you hear that?

Uh huh.

Sounds like it's behind us.

So, it's Halloween night,

probably trick-or-treater.


I've been waiting to go
trick-or-treating all year.

So have I.


It's a bat, it's a bat.

It's a bat.

It's gonna get you.

Did I get you?


That thing is made
of rubber, isn't it.


Well didn't you
guys come here to talk

to talk to me about something?

Yeah, do you wanna
go trick-or-treating with us?

Yeah, we're
gonna get lots of candy.

Yeah, we're gonna
raid the whole neighborhood.

You should definitely
come with us.

Well, I'm making
dinner for my grandma.

I can't really come.

Where's your costume?

Well, I don't really have one.

Oh, well,

we're going to rate all the
candy in the neighborhood.

Yeah, maybe even
in the other neighborhoods.



I'll probably come out later

and stop at a few
houses nearby, but bye.

All right, we're out of here.

Yeah, bye.


Can I help you?

Trick or treat.

I'm sorry, I don't
celebrate Halloween.

I usually turn the
light out every year.

It's not a good time for me.

Where's your costume?

We couldn't afford it.

We're too poor.

Where's your bag?

Couldn't afford that either.

Who's your parents.

They're dead.

Who are you living with?

My grandma.

Where's your jacket?

I don't have one.

You know, my wife
has a extra jacket.

Let me get it for you, okay.


This is my wife's jacket.

Oh, thank you.

Maybe that'll keep you warm.

Put that on.


I can gather a
few things for you.

Just wait a minute, okay.

Oh, thank you.

You know, hold on,

I might have some
money for you too.



Hold on one sec.

I'll be right back again.


Here's some money.

Thank you.

Yeah, you know what?

Anytime you need anything,
come by the house.


Tell your grandma I said hi.

Bring her by too.

Be safe.

Have a good night.

Okay, Lord,

maybe you did still
have a purpose for me.

You got me another night.

I'll wait one more night.


Hey, leave her alone.

Get to your house.

Next time, I'll put a
bullet in your head.

I'm sorry I wasn't able

to get you the
costume this year.

It's been hard

with the price of
my medications,

with my social security.

Dinner was great, honey.

I left you some on the stove.

How was your time
trick-or-treating, honey?


Tell me why, dear?

Well, I don't really
wanna talk about it.

Well sometimes it's good

to talk about things

instead of holding them inside.

Did you get any candy?

Yeah, I got some candy.

I met a nice man

and he gave me some candy,

and a jacket, and some money.

That was the good part.

Oh wow.

Does this man, he live close by?

Yeah, pretty close.

Bad news is,

some man tried to grab me,

but the nice man
came to rescue me,

and I ran off before
the fight started.

Oh no.

Were you hurt?

No, I'm fine.

I don't know what this world

is coming to these days.

What happened to the bad man?


I don't know, I just ran
off when I saw the fight.

I was scared.

I would've
been scared too, dear.

I'm just glad you're okay.

God must have had a guardian
angel with you tonight, huh.

He always does.

Sometimes I wish
your parents were still here.

They would have went
trick-or-treating with you

and you wouldn't have
gotten in this mess.

Well, we can't question
the bad things that happen.

I wish that too.

I miss mom and dad.

I miss them too, dear.

It's getting late.

Maybe you should go to bed.


Give your Gigi a hug.

Honey, do you know
where my belt keepers are?

You gonna wear
your vest or what?

I'll be right back.

Just a quick canine sniff.

Nothing serious.

Don't forget your magazine.

You're gonna need bullets.


I might be retired now,

but I got more
years on then you.

It's Halloween, you never know.

I wanna get going so
I can get back to you.

Well at least
take it with you.

Throw it over top
if you need to.

All right, I'll take it.

I'll be right back.

I love you.

Love you too.

I'm sorry there's not
much for lunch, honey.

I didn't have much food.

I'm still short
on the rent money.

We might have to
be moving, dear.

Why do we have to move?

Where will we go?

Maybe to the homeless shelter.

I don't know.

But I don't wanna go
to the homeless shelter.

I don't know
what else to do, hun.

But I'm trying my best.

I know you are, grandma.

Times are hard now.

The only thing we can do

is just pray.

You're right.

That is all we can do.

And he says I have til Friday

to pay what I owe him.

I'm afraid I won't
come up with the money.

I'm trying to get us
into the section eight,

but there's a long waiting list.

The doctors say I only have
six months to a year to live.

That's horrible.

God will take care of us.

I just don't know how.

All we can do is pray.

We just have to
keep trusting in the Lord.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I came to check on you,
see how you're doing.

Oh, I'm doing okay.

It looks like you
got home safe, huh?

Yeah, thanks to you.

Sorry about that.


Can't really ask why.

Bad things happen in life.

They just happen.

Yeah, they do happen.

Well, you don't have to
worry about him anymore.

I think the cops got him.


That's good.

That jacket keeping you warm?

Yeah, thanks.

Where's your jacket?

I never get cold.

Even in the winter, I
wear these cutoff shirts.

My wife used to cut
the sleeves off for me.

Well it's only the
beginning of fall,

so it's not getting too cold.


We might have to be moving soon.


Where are you going to go?

I don't know.

Grandma's sick.

The doctor.

She's sick?

Yeah, the doctor says she's
only got like six more months.

Well, maybe she'll live
a little longer than that.


If God's willing.


Whatever God's will is.

Sometimes he does things
that we don't understand.

Sometimes he takes people

that we don't think
need to be taken,

but he's in charge.

So we just have to
follow him and trust him

even when it's hard.


Even when it hurts.


Well, I gotta get going.

I got some things I need to do.

So tell your grandma I said, hi.

I will.


All right, see you later.


I'll be right back.

I love you.

Dear God.

Please help grandma to be
around for a long time.

Please help us find
a place to live.

And thank you for everything
that you've done for us.

And you are all we have,

and continue to provide for us,

in His name, amen.

Hey, how you doing?

I just came to
tell you it's final.

We're going to be moving.

Grandma tried to find us a home,

but there's an eight
month waiting list,

so we'll be staying at the
shelter in the meantime.

Don't worry.

You two don't have
to go to a shelter.

I have a guest
house in the back.

There's two rooms.

You won't be staying
in here with me.


Your grandmother will
have her privacy.

There's nothing to worry about.

Go talk it over with
your grandmother

and we'll make arrangements.

I'll help you move yourself in.

I don't know what to say.

You don't
have to say anything.

You go back and tell
your grandmother

you have a place to go.

Thank you.

Everything's gonna be okay.

Thank you.

I'm here for you
and your grandma.

Now go get your stuff packed.

Thank you.

Hey, by the way, I'm Michael.

I'm Rachael.

Rachael, wow,
that's my wife's name.

And my grandmother's Alice.

Okay, you go
tell your grandma.

Grandma, grandma.

God answered our prayers.

We don't have to go
to a homeless shelter.

What do you
know about this man?

What's his name?

His name is Michael.

Even though we don't
know him very well,

God has given us a
placed to stay, grandma.

I don't know what else to do,

but I guess we are going to
have to accept his offer.

I don't want us on the street.

Like you always said grandma,

we have to trust him things.

I'm gonna go pack up
our stuff, grandma.

Thank you so much

for the nice man

who's done this for us.

And please, please help grandma

to get better.

And please let us
live long lives.

Thank you again for everything.

In Jesus name, amen.

I promised I'd never
sleep in this bed again.

But here I am.

I've been starting to read
your Bible a little bit.

I met another Rachael.

But, I'm starting to see that

things do happen for a reason.

Bad things can turn into good.

I still miss you.

And I'll always love you.

Now I know you would
want me to do my best

to take care of
this little girl.

That's what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna protect her

and love her

like I tried to do for you.

Is that all you have?


Well, there's a few big
things at the house.

We need your help with those.

Okay, we'll get all that.

Here, come on in.

Let me close this.

I know I need to do
a little bit of work,

but I'm going to finish
all this for you two, okay.

Oh, this is nice.

This is my door over there.

And this is your entrance.


Your own private entrance.

You doing okay, grandma?

Hey, let me get
that box for you.

Thank you, sir.

All right, we're heading in.

Just follow me.

It's small, but you
do have two bedrooms.

Oh, it's more than enough.

Thank you.

You two go
check the bedrooms out.

They're upstairs.

Come on.

How wonderful.

This is my room?

I feel like a princess.

Hey, I hope you don't mind.

I got you a few
things for you room.

Hey Rachel.

I got a surprise for you.

Now these were my wife's
when she was a little girl,

she didn't have a lot of money.

This is all she had.

So they meant a lot to her.

They mean a lot to me.

And I thought who better
to give them to than you.

Thank you.

Take good care of them.

I will.

Thank you.

I've never had a
dollhouse before.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

This is the greatest
day of my life.

That's the best news
I've had in a year.

Grandma, you ready
to see your room?

Oh, thanks.

Come on.

My parents used to love
to play this game with me.

happened to your parents?

They were in a bad car crash,

a big semi truck crossed
the line hit them.

My grandmother was
babysitting me that night, so.

I'm sorry to hear that.

What happened to your wife?

Well she was in a
bad accident also.

She went to work one night,

and didn't make it home.

She was a police
officer like I was.

Your parents and her, they're
in a better place now.


We're gonna see
them in Heaven eventually.

They're there watching
down on us right now

and they're probably
smiling and happy.

Well we can finish
this game later.

I have to call the
mechanic about the jeep.



I'll meet up with you later on.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Oh hey, Rachael.


What are you all doing?

Me and my grandma

are gonna go get some ice cream.

Do you want anything?

No, I'll pass on
ice cream this time.

Thanks for offering though.

I would give you a ride,

but the jeep's
still in the shop.


Did you call a cab?

We're just
going to be walking.

We're fine.

Y'all be safe.

Have fun.


Okay, bye bye.

I know it's been a long time

since my last visit.

I just couldn't find
the courage to come by.

It's time for me to move on.

I have a purpose again.

I'm a father now.

I've decided to adopt Rachael.

I just wish you were
here to help raise her

into the woman that you were,

a strong,



so perfect.

I love you with all my heart.

I'll see you soon

when I walked through
the Gates of Heaven.

It had been a while
since grandma passed on,

but life's been good.

God's done so much for me.

And now I find much pleasure
in taking long walks.

Michael had adopted me

and we spend lots
of time together.

It's like God handed
me me a father.

I knew we wouldn't
be just friends,

but family almost
my first met him.

God has raised me
up from low to high.

But when we didn't have
much, we still had a lot,

God and his love.

We have a new life
now, a better life.

And we will always love.

What would we do without God?

We wouldn't even be
alive without him.

Even nature appreciate love.

I feel energy and happiness now.

God gives to those who need

and everyone who asks.

No one is like our God.

He is perfect.

Though I couldn't see what
God has in store for me,

I never gave up, and I had hope.

That Halloween,

God sent a hero to rescue me.


Michael, there's a man outside

in a car.

He pulled up

and he tried to sell me drugs.

I told him I'd be right back.

I just came to you.

I didn't know what to do.

Wait here.

I'll be back.

Get out of the car.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.