Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) - full transcript

Six years ago, Michael Myers terrorized the town of Haddonfield, Illinois. He and his niece, Jamie Lloyd, have disappeared. Jamie was kidnapped by a bunch of evil druids who protect Michael Myers. And now, six years later, Jamie has escaped after giving birth to Michael's child. She runs to Haddonfield to get Dr. Loomis to help her again. Meanwhile, the family that adopted Laurie Strode is living in the Myers house and are being stalked by Myers. It's the curse of Thorn that Michael is possessed by that makes him kill his family. And it's up to Tommy Doyle, the boy from Halloween, and Dr. Loomis, to stop them all.

Uncle Michael, please don't hurt me.


[Screaming Continues]

[Gasping, Screaming]

[Screaming Continues]

[Screaming Continues]


[Screaming Continues]

[Gasping, Screaming]

Oh, no!

[Rapid Breathing]

- Push!
- [Screams]

- Push.
- [Screaming] Oh, God, it's coming!

- Jamie...Jamie, one push!
- It's coming! [Screams]


- Push, push. Push.
- [Screaming]

- [Screaming]
- [Low, Heavy Breathing]

[Baby Crying]



Please give him
to me.

Please give him to me.

[Gurgles, Grunts]

Oh, please, my baby!
Please give him to me!

- [Crying]
- [Mother Sobbing]

Damn you!

[Man Narrating]
When Michael Myers was six years old,

he stabbed his sister
to death.

For years he was locked up
in Smith's Grove Sanitarium,

but he escaped.

And suddenly, Halloween
became another word for mayhem.

One by one, he killed
his entire family...

until his nine-year-old niece,
Jamie Lloyd,

was the only one left alive.

Six years ago, Halloween night,
Michael and Jamie vanished.

Many people believed them dead,
but I think that someone hid them away.

Someone who keeps Michael,
protects him,

tries to control him.

And if there's one thing I know,
you can't control evil.

You can lock it up, you can burn it
and bury it and pray that it dies,

but it never will.

It just rests awhile.

You can lock your doors
and say your prayers at night,

but the evil's out there,

And maybe, just maybe,

it's closer than you think.

- [Door Slams]
- Jamie!

- [Crying]
- Come with me if
you want to save your baby.

- [Door Slams]
- [Whimpers]
- God, he's coming.

- [Panting, Gasping]
- No! Oh, God! Come on!

It's okay. Come on.


- Come on.
- [Baby Crying]

- [Panting]
- [Baby Crying]

Y... It's that way.

No. No!

Save your baby!
Go! Now!

[Baby Crying]

- [Whimpering]
- [Water Dripping]

[Door Slams]



Choking, Gasping]

[Screaming, Choking]

[Baby Crying]

- [Door Slams]
- [Thunderclap]

[Baby Crying]


[Baby Crying]


[Crying Continues]


[Crying Continues]


- Hey! What're you doin' in my truck?
- [Muffled Shouting]

- What the hell are you doin'
in my truck? What?
- [Muffled Shouting]

[Shouting Continues]

- What?
- [Screams]

[Bone Cracks]

- [Gasps, Screaming]
- [Engine Revs]

- [Thunder Rumbling]
- [Panting]

[Tires Squeal]


[Crow Cawing]



- [Deep Voice] Danny.
- [Screaming]

- [Knife Unsheathing]
- Kill for him.
- Mommy!


Mommy's here.
What is it, baby?

The Voiceman.
He's here.

No one's there, sweetheart.

But I've seen him!
He says things, bad things.

Like what?




- Good night, Danny.
- Good night, Mom.

[Rain Falling]

[Man On Radio]
It's Back Talk with Barry Simms.

We're in the second hour
of a special Halloween edition
of Back Talk, and I'm Barry Simms.

Tomorrow night, we will be
coming to you from Haddonfield,

the town that has banned
Halloween since 1989...

when infamous serial killer Michael
Myers and his niece, Jamie Lloyd,

and about a dozen cops
were killed in an explosion.

We have a caller waiting.
Who's next to talk to me?

[Female Caller] Uh,
I know this may sound crazy, Barry,

but I really think
I'm in love with him.

He's so untamed,
so uninhibited.

- He's everything
I've ever wanted in a man.
- [Barry] Mm-hmm.

[Barry] You know, this is good.
I can see the tabloids now.

"Psycho Lays Nympho:
The Best Sex He Ever Dismembers. "

Is this the type
you always fall for, lady?

Any other serial studs on the list?
You know, Bundy? Manson?

What about that Dahmer guy?
I bet you could really cook with him.

[Female Caller]
No, I just want Michael.

I wanna know
what's behind that mask.

[Thunder Rumbling]


Now, we've got someone who actually
claims to have seen that Michael Myers.

Come on.
You're on Back Talk next.

I was only eight years old
when I saw him,

but I was one of
the lucky ones.

- [Thunderclap]
- I survived.

[Barry] There is help out there
for people like you.

It's called electro-shock therapy!
Come on.

You don't really believe
that Michael Myers is actually alive.

Michael's work isn't done
in Haddonfield.

And soon, very soon,

- he'll come home to kill again.
- [Thunderclap]

But this time
I'll be ready.

[Male Caller] Michael Myers
was not killed in that explosion...

at the Haddonfield
Police Station.

The CIA abducted Myers from his cell
and killed everyone
to cover up their tracks.

- [Typewriter Keys Tapping]
- [Barry] Why would they do that?

[Caller] That's obvious.
They wanted the ultimate assassin.

Myers is now on the government payroll.

No one controls Myers, not even the CIA.

He took out eight agents
while they had him at Langley.

They couldn't control him,
so they packed him up in a rocket
and shipped him off to space.

- Thank you. Thank you!
- [Male Caller] You don't want
to hear the facts, man!

- Thank you very much.
- That's the situation,
is that the Cl...

[Barry Imitating Game Show Buzzer]
Michael Myers in space.

- Come on! Next.
- [Male Caller #2] Barry,

what happened to that
psychiatrist of his, Loomis?

- I heard the old quack was dead.
- Not dead. [Laughing]

Just very much retired.



Terence, come in.

What a night!

Not even so much as a sign
for five miles on that road.

That's the beauty of the countryside.
I thrive on it.

[Barry Continues On Radio]

The lines are open,
so give me your best shot...

- at 1-800-968-7825.
- [Jamie Whimpering]



So who is responsible for getting...

this Halloween rally thing

[Female Caller #2] We are, the
students of Haddonfield Junior College.

[Barry] But why go to all
the trouble of throwing a soirée?

So what if Halloween has been banned
in Haddonfield? Who gives a damn?

[Female Caller #2]
We do! We live here.
It's time we got on with our lives.

That's what tomorrow night is all about.
This town is dying, Barry.

[Barry] I've heard Michael Myers
blamed for a lot of things tonight,
but this is a first.

He's actually killed
the economy!

[Female Caller #2] Tomorrow night
is going to change all that,

especially after you do
your broadcast live from campus.

[Woman On Phone] You have reached
Haddonfield Emergency Services.

Due to severe weather conditions,
all circuits are momentarily busy.

- If this is not an emergency...
- [Female Caller #2] Uh, yeah.

[Barry] You gonna get up there
on the stage with old Bar?

- [Female Caller #2] Uh, yeah, I will.
- Yeah?

Well, I'll see you tomorrow night.
This is Back Talk with Barry Simms.

Give me a call
at 1-800-968-7825.

That's 1-800-YOU-SUCK.

So come on, all you boogeyman
believers out there.

Give me a call.
Call me tonight.

To old friends,

- [Chuckles]
- to retirement,

to new beginnings.

Old friends.



I want you to come back
to Smith's Grove.

You should know
that it's not wise...

- to play Halloween pranks on me.
- It's no prank.

You're the one I've chosen, Sam.
I want you to come back.

I've buried the ghosts.
I've buried them in this, this...


I don't want to practice
medicine any more.

[Jamie On Radio]
They're coming! They're coming!

[Barry] They're coming,
they're coming. Don't tell me.

Your name is Joan...Joan of Arc.
You're also hearing voices, right?

[Jamie Weeping]

Now, who's coming?

[Jamie Gasping]

Michael Myers.

Look, someone, anyone, help me.
Dr. Loomis, are you out there?

Can you hear me, Dr. Loomis?
I need your help.

Please, please. No, no, stop that.
What the hell is going on tonight?

Every loony in the state is calling.
What is this, a full moon?

- [Shuddering]
- I guess Halloween
brings out all the wackos.

I can't wait until
we get to Haddonfield.

- [Barry Continues]
- [Young Man Talking]

- [Old Man Talking]
- [Baby Crying]

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

- [Crying]
- Yes. It's okay.

- You're so good.
- [Electricity Buzzing]

- [Crying Continues]
- Shh, shh. Yes.

- It's okay.
- [Crying Diminishes]


[Door Slams]



[Raspy Breathing]


[Engine Revving]



[Engine Revving]

Leave us alone!

[Tires Screeching]


[Thunder Rumbling]




[Grunts, Panting]

[Winces, Panting]




[Twigs Snap]


[Choking, Shrieks]


[Gulps, Pants]

[Gurgling, Choking]


[Grunts, Coughing]


You can't have
the baby, Michael.

You can't have the baby.

- [Motor Whirring]
- [Screaming]

[Screaming, Whirring



of this Michael Myers...


Now, you stinking kids
got about three seconds...

- to get the hell off my property!
- [Kids Laughing]

- One! Two!
- [Laughter Continues]

[Woman] Doesn't Danny look cute
dressed up as his Uncle Tim?

Great. Now I've got
a six-year-old gang member for a son.


This is the famous Tim Strode stomach
pounder. You down for the challenge?

Good try, Dan man.
You better stick to orange juice.

Defacing my property.

I showed them.

- John, they were just kids.
- Kids, my dear Debra,
are what's ruining this country.

Everywhere you go
it's the same damn thing.

- There's no goddamn respect.
- Ahh! [Burps]

I rest my case.

Kara, you'll never pass that exam
on an empty stomach.

"Cognitive therapy
and emotional disorders. "

What are they teaching you in college
these days? The art of going crazy?

It's called psychology, Mom.

- Living in this house is enough
to drive anyone crazy.
- Oh, yeah?

Well, who the hell asked you
to come back here in the first place?

I better get Danny
to school.

Doesn't show her face around
her own family for five years,

then expects us to roll out
the red carpet.

You think going to college is gonna
make up for your mistakes, girl?

- [Debra] Would you please...
- Lay off her, Dad.

- Let's go, Danny.
- Kara, wait, please.

John, can't we just sit down for once
and try to be a family?

Sorry, Mom.

Oh, yeah, that's it, Debra.
Just keep slipping her the cash.

While you're at it,
I got a great idea. Here.

Why don't you give her
all of our goddamn money?

Why don't you leave her alone?
Nothing ever changes, does it?

When are you
going to wake up?

I got news for you, girl. Before you
came around, everything was going fine.

Until you landed on our doorstep.

You and that little...
bastard of yours.

I see only one bastard
in this house.

- [Gasps]
- Get away from her!

- You shut up and stay outta this!
- John, please, don't!

You ever talk to me like that again,
and so help me God... You understand?

Give me the knife, Danny.

Eh... Hey. Hey.

Make way for the Hardin County Express.
Where's Tim?

We're supposed to go over
the list of events for tonight.

- Oh, God.
- Another episode of Father Knows Best
at the Strode house.

What the hell happened this time?

- What's gotten into you?
- Just glad to see you, that's all.

- You guys okay?
- Tonight's the night we bring
some life back into this town.

Shit, Beth, why do we have to be the
ones to organize this friggin' fair?

I mean,
it's only Halloween.

How many times
do I have to tell you?

- It's not about Halloween.
- [Car Door Closes]

- I love you, Danny.
- I love you.

Give me a squeeze.



[Car Horn Honks]

Yeah. Okay.


Dr. Wynn, there's
something you should know.

Dawn, I'd like you to get
Dr. Loomis anything he needs...

files, tests, records of every
treatment we've ever administered...

to a former patient
of ours, Michael Myers.

Michael Myers?

Is something wrong?

I just received a phone call.
That girl, Jamie Lloyd?

Her body was found
this morning near Haddonfield.

Beth, who's that guy
who lives across the hall from you?

Why, you interested?

Yeah, right.
He's always staring out his window.

- Last night, I caught him watching me.
- That must be Tommy.

On a weirdness scale of one to ten,
he rates about a 13.

Supposedly, some scary shit
happened to him when he was a kid.

Messed up his head pretty bad.
He's harmless, though.

- He's probably just lonely.
- [Tim] Or horny.

- Something you probably
haven't felt in a while.
- Tim!

Happy Halloween,
Mrs. Blankenship!

Best part about living
in that boardinghouse...

is that crazy old lady wouldn't hear
a truck drive through her living room.

[Jamie On Recorder]
You've gotta listen to me!

- They're coming! They're coming!
- [Barry] Mm-hmm, yeah.

So they're coming, they're coming.
Don't tell me. Your name is Joan...

Joan of Arc.
You're also hearing voices, right?

- [Jamie Weeping]
- Come on. Now, who's coming?

It's Michael. Michael Myers.

- [Static]
- Look, someone, anyone, help me.

- Dr. Loomis, are you out there?
Can you hear me, Dr. L...
- [Static, Recorder Stops]

[Voices Rewinding]

- [Static]
- [Jamie] It's Michael. Michael Myers.

[Bus Station Announcer]
...your attention, please.
Bus 611 from Pontiac...

[Jamie] Look, someone, anyone,
help me. Dr. Loomis, are you out there?

- Can you hear me, Dr. Loomis?
I need your help.
- [Announcer Continues]

- God, please, help.
- [Announcer]
May I have your attention, please?

Bus 34 from Peoria,
Russelville and Gardner...

with through service
to Chicago, Illinois,

will be arriving
in five minutes.

Ticketed passengers
please wait inside the door...

until arrival
of bus number 34.

Can I help you, sir?

Can you tell me if a bus arrived
from Pontiac last night?

Sure did.

- Are you looking for someone?
- Thank you.

[Baby Crying]

[Crying Continues]

- [Crying]
- Jesus.

[Baby Coughing, Crying]

Shh! Shh, shh.

Shh! Shh! No.
Shh, it's okay.

- It's okay. It's okay. It's okay, man.
- [Crying Continues]

It's okay.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

[Crying Continues]


[Camera Shutter Clicking]

[Woman Talking
On Police Radio]

What's that?

It's... his mark.
He's come home.

[Camera Shutter Clicks]

♪♪ [Rock Music On Radio]

♪ Come and see me♪

♪ Can't you see me ♪♪

- ♪♪ [Continues]
- Yo, check it out.
Tonight's gonna be killer.

Kara, I swear. One of these days,
you're gonna get lost in that thing.

L-I can't find
my term paper.

So copy someone else's.
I do it all the time. It works primo.

Oh, shit!

Looks like your little boy
has got himself quite an imagination.

He's been having nightmares.

I think it's cool.

- Must be some nightmares.
- [Girl] Beth, we got work to do.

Hey, are you
gonna be okay?


I need to see a doctor.

- What seems to be the problem?
- Uh, it's my baby.

- There's been an accident.
- What kind of accident?

Get me a doctor, now!

- [Phone Dial Pad Clicking]
- Security?

- Dr. Loomis?
- Yeah.

Dr. Loomis,
thank God you're here.

I'm sorry.
I don't know you, do I?

I'm Tommy. Tommy Doyle.

- Laurie Strode, Jamie's mother,
- [Baby Crying]

Was baby-sitting me
the night when...

Tommy Doyle. Uh!
What are you doing here?

Please, I need to know
the truth.

You heard her last night,
didn't you?

Michael's come home,
hasn't he?

She is the last
of his blood line.

- No, Dr. Loomis, she's not the last.
- [Crying]

Oh, God.
There's a family...

relatives of the people
who adopted Laurie... the Strodes.

They're living
in the Myers house.

- Dr. Loomis, about Michael...
It's just a theory of mine...
- [Nurse] That's him.

Meet me... tonight.
9:00 at the campus rally.

Uh... Tommy, wait!

[Baby Crying]

[Dog Barking]


[Washing Machine Humming]

[Washing Machine Chugging,

[Alarm Buzzing]




Uh, Mrs...
Mrs. Strode, uh...

- [Panting]
- Is everything all right?

- Who are you?
- I came to help your family.

[Baby Crying]

[Crying Continues]


Shh! It's okay.


You like that name?

- [Panting]
- Yeah, I think it suits you.

[Baby Crying]

[Crying Continues]

It's okay.
It's all right.

- [Grunts]
- I won't let anything happen to you.


[Loomis] This force,
this thing that lived inside of him...

came from a source
too violent,

too deadly
for you to imagine.

It... It grew inside him,

contaminating his soul.

It was... pure evil.

What makes you think
he'll come back here?

This house is sacred to him.
He has all his memories here.

His rage!

Mrs. Strode, I beg of you,
don't let your family...

suffer the same fate that
Laurie and her daughter suffered.

[Bus Engine Roaring]

- [Children Giggling]
- ♪♪ [Car Radio: Rock]

Uh, I'm coming.

Yes, I'm coming.

Get ready. Oh, yes!
Yes! Yes!

Yes! Yeah, I'm coming, all right,
and you'd better be there.

The Halloween Harvest Fair.
Let's do it.


- [Computer Keyboard Clicking]
- [Phone Ringing]

Strode Real Estate.

John, something terrible
has happened.

- What do you want now, Debra?
- A man came by the house,

a psychiatrist
by the name of Loomis,

and he told me about the terrible things
that happened here in our house.

What the hell are you doing, talking to
strangers, letting 'em in our house?

John, they found Jamie Lloyd
this morning. Somebody killed her.

[John] I don't know
what you're talking about.

You gotta stop watching
those damn TV talk shows.

I'm getting the children out of here,
at least until I know what's going on.

John, I want you
to come with us.

[Scoffs] You know...
You know, Debra, you've lost it now.

You know that, Debra?
You've just lost it.

The reason you moved us
into this house...

Your brother could never sell it because
of what happened here, could he?

And you knew.

And you didn't tell us, John.
You knew.




[Debra's Breathing

[Phone Rings]



- [Voiceman] We want the child.
- Who is this?

[Phone Clicks Dead]

[Panting, Grunts]


[Gasps, Panting]



[Grunting, Panting]

Oh, Michael.

Mom? I'm home!



[Dog Barking]




Mom? Are you there?

- What are you doing here?
- [Gameboy Beeping]

I'm your neighbor from across
the street, Tommy Doyle.

What are you doing with my son?
And where's my mother?

Uh... She wasn't here
when Danny came home.

- Danny, go downstairs.
- But Tommy's my new friend.

He knows
all about dinosaurs.

Do you know whose room
this used to be?

[Door Latch Clicks]

Hi, Mrs. B!

[Baby Crying]

Uh, you don't really expect us
to stay here, do you?

I want you to watch your house.
You can see everything from that window.

Do you know how insane this is?
Who am I supposed to be looking for?


- [Crying]
- Shh! There.

- It's okay. It's okay, Steven.
- [Crying Continues]


- Kkffffff!
- [Microwave Oven Beeping]



Not now, Danny.

- [Baby Crying]
- [Microwave Oven Beeps]

- [Sighs]
- [Thunder Rumbling]

- [Crying Continues]
- [Tommy] Here you go.

- [Crying Grows Louder]
- [Tommy] What?

No. Come on, man.

[Crying Continues]

Here, l-let me try.

[Crying Continues]


- There. [Chuckles]
- [Crying Stops]

- See? All it takes is a mother's touch.
- [Coughing]

[Tommy] Runes are
a kind of early alphabet...

that originated
about 500 B.C.

They were symbols
carved out of stone...

or pieces of wood,

used in pagan rituals to portend
future events and invoke magic.

Among the ancient druids,
Thorn represented a demon...

that spread sickness, brought death
to hundreds of thousands of people.

According to Celtic legend,
one child from each tribe...

was chosen to be inflicted
with the curse of Thorn...

to offer the blood sacrifices
of its next of kin...

- on the night of Samhain.
- Halloween.

The sacrifice of one family meant
sparing the lives of an entire tribe.

For years I've been convinced
there must be some reason,

some method
behind Michael's madness.

The druids were also
great mathematicians and astronomers,

but the Thorn symbol is actually
a constellation of stars...

that appears from time to time
on Halloween night.

Whenever it appears,
he appears.

[Tommy Tapping Keyboard]

- [Cries]
- I think that's why these people,

whoever they are,
are after Jamie's baby.

- [Crying]
- To make it Michael's final sacrifice.

[Cries Softly]

Where are you going?

- To find the only man who can
stop him before it's too late.
- Oh, no. Where's Danny?

- Danny? Danny!
- Mrs. Blankenship!

- Oh!
- Have you seen...

Danny, don't ever walk off without
telling me where you're going!

Take him upstairs.
Lock the door and wait 'til I get back.

And, Kara,
whatever you do,

don't go back
to your house.

During the autopsy we found this.
It's placental fluid.

- You mean to say th...
- I estimate she gave birth
no more than 24 hours ago.

Then the question is,
where is the baby?

I think l...
I may already know.

[Siren Wailing In Distance]

[Crickets Chirping]

Do you know why
we celebrate Halloween?

Because that's when we go
trick-or-treating and get candy.

Oh, well, yes, but...
a long, long time ago...

it was a night
of great power...

when the days grew short...

and the spirits of the dead
returned to their homes...

to warm themselves
by the fireside.

All across the land,
huge bonfires were lit.

Oh, there was
a marvelous celebration.

People danced
and they played games...

and they dressed up
in costumes,

hoping to ward off
the evil spirits,


- the boogeyman.
- [Thunderclap]

What's the boogeyman?

- Come on, Danny.
Say good night to Mrs. Blankenship.
- Good night, Mrs. Blankenship.

He hears the voice, you know.
Just like the other boy
that lived in that house.


- What are you talking about?
- I was baby-sitting
with him that night...

little Mikey Myers that
lived across the street...

and that's when the voice came,
the night he murdered his sister.

Michael heard a voice?

It told him
to kill his family.


[Students Shouting,

- Where the hell's Barry? Let's go!
- Don't get star-struck on me now.

We got a real agenda here, and Barry
is gonna help us get the message out.

Hey, look.

Helloooo, Haddonfield!

[Crowd Cheering, Hooting]

- Barry!
- [Announcer] WKNB presents...

Back Talk with Barry Simms,

- live from Haddonfield, Illinois,
the home...
- Barry!

- of Michael Myers!
- [Crowd Hooting, Shouting]

- [Engine Revs]
- [John] Whoopee!


Debra! I'm home!

Thanks for the dinner.

We... Come out, come out,
wherever you are.

She actually left.

I know what's going on.

It must be...
the boogeyman.

Ha! Here I come,

'Cause, you know,
I am really scared.

- [Sighs]
- [Washing Machine Chugging]

[Washing Machine


[Water Sloshing]

[Chugging Continues]


What the hell?
The power's off.

[Machine Stops]

[Groans, Grunting]


[Screaming Continues]

- [Screaming Continues]
- [Electricity Crackling]

[Gurgling, Choking]

Tell me, kids, how's it feel
to finally pull Halloween...

out of the proverbial
Haddonfield closet?

What we're saying here is
we will no longer...

let the powers that be
control our minds.

For years,
Halloween has represented everything
that's wrong with Haddonfield.

But Michael Myers
is long gone.

There is no boogeyman!


Does she get this riled up
in the sack, Tim?

I bet she wears crotchless
panties and barks like a dog.

Beth, what do you say, honey?
You and me, uh...

[Beth Scoffs]

As I was saying,
we have to stop acting out of fear.

Just look at Tim's family.
They live in the Myers house.

- You do?
- We do?

Uh... yeah, we do.
Great house.

- Hmm. I see.
- Strong wood.

You mean to tell me
you actually live...

in the house of the most
brutal mass murderer in history?

This is The Barry Simms Show.

And when we return,
we'll be comin' at you live...

from the one,
the only Myers house.

How's that for a Halloween
shock-fest? Woo-ahh!

- How far to your house?
- Half a mile.
But I don't know if my folks...

Good. I'll meet you there in five.

- What about the kids?
We're supposed to throw candy.
- Phone!

Relax your crack, sweetheart.
Quick tootle around the old household
and we'll be back.

Pull the van out back so that I can
sneak out of here nice and quietly.

Oh, no. No, no, really.
You're too good to me.

Thanks for putting me
in the middle of this cheap-shit
country bumpkin outfit, Paul.

I really appreciate it.
My fans expect better than this.

You tell that penny-pinching
whiner Mike Sarducci...

that when I get back,
I'm gonna cut off his balls...

and wear 'em as earrings.

Where's the goddamn van?

Oh, no, I'm trottin' out
for a cheeseburger.

I'm taking the show
to the real Myers house...

where we should have gone
in the first place!

Ten minutes in that house and I'll have
every fruitcake medium in the country...

calling in trying to channel the spirit
of that pussy, Michael Myers.

Sure we can do another show about him.

Kick the audience in the face enough,
and they'll lick you all over.

I'll call ya later.

Where the fuck...

- [Grunting, Gagging]
- [Tearing Sounds]

[Clicking Switch]

What happened
to the lights?

You really think
Barry's gonna show up?

Let's hope not.

Sorry he turned out
to be such an asshole.

It's okay.

Where is everyone?
Mom? Kara?

They're probably at the fair,
which is where we should be.

Beth, um, what you said before about
Michael Myers living in our house?

Is that
really true?

It was a cold Halloween night.

He stood in the shadows
watching through the windows...

as his sister and her boyfriend
made love.

Then he crept inside,
picked up a butcher knife,

she turned around...
and he stabbed her!

- Cut it out, Beth!
- [Thunderclap]

I really didn't know that Michael Myers
lived in my house, okay?

It freaks me out.

I'm sorry.

I was just
foolin' around.

It's okay.

- Let's get the candles.
- Just a minute.

[Children Shouting,
People Chattering]

[Little Girl]
Mommy, it's raining.

It's raining red.

Mommy, it's raining red.

It's raining.

[People Shouting,

It's warm.

[Drop Of Liquid

[Tree Branches Creaking]

[Branches Creaking]

[Little Girl Screaming]

[Children Screaming]


Dr. Loomis,
it's happening.

Where's the baby?

[Both Moaning]


Your sister would kill us
if she knew we did it in her bed.

Hey, it was
your idea.

I am bad, aren't I?

Only when you wear crotchless panties
and bark like a dog.

[Both Laugh]


- Where you goin'?
- I gotta take a shower.

- You know, to stay fresh.
- [Giggling]

Watch out for the boogeyman.


Hey, Beth, can you bring
a towel in here. I'm freezing.

Where are you
when I need you, honey?

[Shower Curtain Rustling]

Thanks. I'll be in
in a minute.



Hold on a second, Danny.


[Phone Ringing]

- Hello.
- Mom? Wait... Who is this?

- No, this is Beth.
- What are you doing there?

Do you know where
my mother is?

- She's not home.
No one is. What's wrong?
- Is Tim with you?

He's in
the shower.

I'm across the street.
I can see you.

I want you to listen to me.
Get Tim and get out of that house now.

- Kara, what is going on?
- Beth, look out!
There's someone right behind you!

- [Knife Striking]
- [Gasping]

- [Gasping]
- [Beth Screaming]

- [Screaming]
- [Knife Striking]


No! Danny, no!




[Labored Breathing]

- [Gasping]
- [Distant Scream]




[Poker Clanks On Floor]


- Danny?
- Mommy?

It's okay.

Danny, run!


[Kara Screams]


Don't move.

Stay right there.

I'll come and get you.




The baby.
Where's the baby?

Please, open the door!

Please, open the door!


Please, Tommy, help us!

[Pounding On Door]

Help us, please!

Help us, please!


Get 'em upstairs! Now!

- Where's the baby?
- He's gone.

- Who else knew I had the baby?
- No one.

No. There had to be
someone else.

- Who knew?
- Nobody knew except me and...

Danny, come to me.

[Wind Whistling]

[Wind Whistling]

- Danny, no.
- [Thunderclap]

No, please.

Careful with the girl.

- [Thunderclap]
- Kara!


Mrs. Blankenship!
Oh, God, hurry! We have to...

Hello, dear.


Where is she? Where's Kara?

- I feel like I've been drugged.
- We have been drugged.

Why are they doing this?

Why didn't they
just kill us?

It's his game...

and I know where
he wants to play it.



[Woman Screaming]

[Brakes Squealing,
Doors Opening, Closing]

- [Cocks Gun]
- [Snickers]

- Dr. Loomis, you know
that can't stop Michael.
- Nothing will stop Michael.

But Wynn...

- Dr. Loomis...
- You stay here.

Don't go anywhere
until I come back.

Wynn. Huh.

- [Door Opening]
- Ah! [Chuckling]

I was getting worried, Sam.
I was afraid you wouldn't make it.

[Woman Screaming]

Why... now?

Because you were
the first one to see it,

and you recognized
its power.

- Michael?
- Evil.

Pure... uncorrupted...


are... a madman.

I've had my failures,
but this baby... Jamie's baby...

We are at the dawn
of a new age, Sam.

And I'm asking you
to join me.

I thought...

- Michael was a monster, but you...
- [Thud]


We're ready for you,
Dr. Wynn.


Well, we'll give Dr. Loomis
a little time to think about it.

Maximum security.

[Woman Screaming]

[Door Knob Rattling]


- Kara.
- [Shrieking]

He walks amongst us,

He's come back and...

he's very angry.

How does it feel to be damned?


Oh, shit.


Tommy, is that you?


- Tommy?
- Kara! Kara!

I'm in here!

I'm in here!

- Are you there?
- Get back!



Tommy? Are you okay?

Tommy, are you okay?


Oh! Oh!
Oh, God! Stop!

Oh, God!
Ohhh! Ahhh!

Let go of me!

[Steam Hissing]

[Hinge Squeaking]

[Woman Speaking,

[People Talking,

- I've never seen genetic
engineering on this scale.
- [Woman] Exactly.

The recombinant DNA repercussions alone
make this procedure a breakthrough.

Especially the splicing instruments.

It's based on
Dr. Wynn's research.

[Wynn] Okay, okay, okay.
You can take that off now.

Halloween is over.

I want to talk to you
about this research.

[Indistinct Talking]

Will someone do
a quick check on him, please?

[Indistinct Talking]

[Baby Fussing]

[Baby Crying]

There's Danny.

[Both Grunting]


[Door Opening]

[Heavy Breathing]

[Door Closing]



[Man Groaning, Gagging]



Danny, come on!

[Man Screaming]

Oh, God!

Run! Come on, Danny!





- The steam room!
- Go ahead!

H-Help me, please!
Help me! Help!

[Screaming, Grunting]

Bones Crunching]

Go, go, go, go!


Go! Go!

Quick, in here!
It locks!


Go! Go!


You've won.


[Heavy Breathing]


He's yours.

[Heavy Breathing]

[Baby Crying]

[Tommy Grunting]



[Kara Grunting]

[Kara Grunting]

[Grunting Continues]




Leave her alone!


Mommy! [Whimpering]
Mom! Mom!

Mommy! Mommy!

Mommy! Mom!

- Mom! Help!
- Danny!

Get in there! Go on! Get in!


- Come with us.
- No, l-I have a...

little business
to attend to here.

[Chains Rattling]

[Man Screaming]

[Wind Whistling]

♪ Come and see me ♪

♪ Can't you see me ♪

♪ It's so easy ♪

♪ To believe in you ♪

♪ I believed in you ♪

♪ Your intention ♪

♪ My addiction ♪

♪ Fear no evil ♪

♪ You'll be safe in here ♪

♪ I was saved in here ♪

♪ And fools shine on ♪

♪ Where fools shine on ♪

♪ Come and see me ♪

♪ Can't you see me ♪

♪ Come and see me ♪

♪ You'll be saved in here ♪

♪ And fools shine on ♪

♪ here fools shine on ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ And fools shine on ♪

♪ Where fools shine on ♪♪