Halloween (1978) - full transcript

The year is 1963, the night: Halloween. Police are called to 43 Lampkin Ln. only to discover that 15 year old Judith Myers has been stabbed to death, by her 6 year-old brother, Michael. After being institutionalized for 15 years, Myers breaks out on the night before Halloween. No one knows, nor wants to find out, what will happen on October 31st 1978 besides Myers' psychiatrist, Dr. Loomis. He knows Michael is coming back to Haddonfield, but by the time the town realizes it, it'll be too late for many people.



( Music playing )

Black cats and goblins

and broomsticks and ghosts.

Covens of witches
with all of their hosts.

You may think they scare me,

you're probably right.

Black cats and goblins
on Halloween night.

Trick or treat!

( Owl hooting )

Girl: My parents
won't be home until 10:00.

Boy: Are you sure?

We are alone, aren't we?

Michael's around someplace.

( Qiggles )

Take off that thing.

- Let's go upstairs.
- Okay.

( Qiggles )

( clock ticking )

Boy: Look, Judith,
it's really late. I got to go.

Judith: Call me tomorrow?

Yeah, sure.

- Promise?
- Yeah.

(clock chiming )

(Judith humming)


- ( Screaming )
- ( Stabbing )


( Breathing heavily )


( Thunder crashing )

( rain pattering )

( thunder crashes )

You ever done anything
like this before?

Only minimum security.

I see.

Man: Their driveway's
200 yards up on the right.

( Thunder crashes )

Nurse: The only thing that ever
bothers me is their gibberish.

When they start raving
on and on.

You haven't anything
to worry about.

He hasn't spoken a word
in 15 years.

Are there any special instructions?

Man: Just try to understand
what we're dealing with here.

Don't underestimate it.

Don't you think we could refer
to it as him?

If you say so.

Your compassion
is overwhelming, Doctor.

What do I give him when we
take him in front of the judge?


He'll barely be able to sit up.

That's the idea.

Nurse: You're serious
about it, aren't you?

Man: Yeah.

You mean you actually
never want him to get out?

- Never. Never.
- ( Thunder crashes )


Then why are we taking him up
to Harden County if you're just...

Because that is the law.

Here we are.

Since when do they let them
wander around?

Pull up to the main gate.

- Shouldn't we...
- Go on, move!

Stop here.

Shouldn't we go on up
to the hospital and...


( Screams )

( tires squeal )

( panting )


Are you all right?

- You all right?
- Yes, I'm okay.

He's gone. He's gone from here.

The evil is gone.

Right, I've got it.

( Door opens )

Don't forget to drop the key
off at the Myers place.

I won't.

They're coming by to look
at the house at 10:30.

Be sure to leave it
under the mat.


( Car starts )


Hi, Tommy.

- You coming over tonight?
- Same time, same place.

Can we make jack-o'-lanterns?

- Sure.
- And watch the monster movies?

- Sure.
- Will you read to me?

- Can we make popcorn?
- Sure, sure, sure.

( laughs )

You better hurry up.

How come you're walking
to school this way?

- My dad asked me to.
- Why?

I have to drop off a key.

- Why?
- He's gonna sell a house.

- Why?
- Because that's his job.

- Where?
- The Myers house.

Tommy: The Myers house?

You're not supposed
to go up there.

- Yes, I am.
- Uh-uh.

That's the spook house.

Just watch.

( Heavy breathing )

Lonnie Elam said
never to go up there.

Lonnie Elam said
that's a haunted house.

He said awful stuff
happened there once.

Lonnie Elam probably
won't get out of the sixth grade.

I've got to go.
See you tonight.

- Bye.
- Bye.

J" I wish I had you
all alone J".

- J " Just the two of us... J"
- ( Heavy breathing )

( continues singing )

- I'm not responsible, Sam.
- Oh, no.

- I told them how dangerous he was.
- You couldn't have.

Two roadblocks and an all points
bulletin wouldn't stop a five-year-old.

Well, he was your patient, Doctor.

If precautions weren't strong enough,
you should have told somebody.

I told everybody!
Nobody listened.

There's nothing else I can do.

You can get back in there
and get back on that telephone

and tell them exactly
who walked out of here last night

and tell them exactly
where he's going.

- Probably going.
- I'm wasting my time.

Sam, Haddonfield
is 150 miles away from here.

Now, for God's sake,
he can't drive a car.

He was doing
very well last night.

Maybe someone around here
gave him lessons.

( Car starts )

(woman speaking
over loudspeaker )

Teacher: And the book ends.

But what Samuels
is really talking about here

is fate.

You see, fate

caught up with
several lives here.

No matter what course of action
Collins took,

he was destined to his own fate.

His own day of reckoning
with himself.

The idea is

that destiny is a very real,

concrete thing that every person
has to deal with.

How does Samuels view of fate

differ from that of Costaine's?

- Ma'am?
- Answer the question.

Oh, um,
Costaine wrote that fate

was somehow related
only to religion,

whereas Samuels felt that fate
was like a natural element

like earth, air, fire, and water.

That's right.
Samuels definitely personified fate.

In Samuels' writing,
fate is immovable

like a mountain.

It stands where man
passes away.

Fate never changes.

- ( School bell ringing )
- ( Children shouting )

He's got a pumpkin.

Yeah, how's the little witches?

Yeah, you have a pumpkin.

Leave me alone.

Boys: He's gonna get you.
He's gonna get you.

He's gonna get you.
He's gonna get you.

The boogeyman is coming.

- Leave me alone.
- He doesn't believe us.

Don't you know what happens
on Halloween?

Yeah, we get candy.

- ( laughs )
- The boogeyman.

The boogeyman. The boogeyman.
The boogeyman. The boogeyman.

The boogeyman.

( Boys laughing )

( breathing heavily )

( car starts )

He's on his way.

You've got to believe me, Officer.

He is coming to Haddonfield.

Because I know him.

I'm his doctor.

You must be ready for him.

If you don't,
it's your funeral.

( Train crossing bell dinging )

( train whistle blowing )

Girls: We're from Haddonfield,
couldn't be prouder.

Can't hear us now,
we'll yell a little louder.

We're from Haddonfield,
couldn't be prouder.

Oh, look at you.
Look at all the books you have.

You need a shopping cart
to get home.

( laughs )

Girls: Yay, Haddonfield!

Yeah, not funny.

You know, it's totally insane.

We have three new cheers
to learn in the morning.

The game is in the afternoon.

I have to get my hair done at 5:00
and the dance is at 8:00.

I'll be totally wiped out.

I don't think you have
enough to do tomorrow.


As usual, I have nothing to do.

It's your own fault and I don't
feel a bit sorry for you.

Hey, Lynda, Laurie.

Why didn't you wait for me?

We did. 15 minutes.
You totally never showed.

That's not true. Here I am.

What's wrong, Annie?
You're not smiling.

I'm never smiling again.

Paul dragged me into
the boys' locker room.

Exploring uncharted territory?

- It's been totally charted.
- We just talked.

Sure, sure.

Old jerko got caught throwing
eggs and soaping windows.

His parents grounded him.
He can't come over tonight.

Thought you were
babysitting tonight.

The only reason she babysits
is to have a place to...


I have a place for that.

I forgot my chemistry book.

So who cares?
I always forget my chemistry book,

and my math book,
and my English book,

and my, let's see,
my French book.

Who needs books anyway?
I don't need books.

I always forget all of my books.

I mean, it doesn't really matter
if you have your books or not.

Hey, isn't that Devon Graham?

I don't think so.

I think he's cute.

Hey, jerk.

Speed kills.

( Tires squeal )

God, can't you take a joke?

You know, Annie, someday you're
gonna get us all into deep trouble.


I hate a guy with a car
and no sense of humor.

Well, are we still on
for tonight?

I wouldn't want to get you
in deep trouble, Lynda.

Oh, come on, Annie.

Bob and I have been
planning on it all week.

All right.

The Wallaces leave at 7:00.

I'm babysitting the Doyles.
It's only three houses down.

- We can keep each other company.
- Oh, terrific.

I've got three choices...
watch the kid sleep,

listen to Lynda screw around,
or talk to you.

Boy, I was so mad.

( Chatter continues )

Want to go buy your own?

You've bummed plenty
off of me, girl.

- What time tonight?
- I don't know yet.

I have to get out of taking
my little brother trick-or-treating.

- Saving the treats for Bob?
- Funny. See ya.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Annie, look.

Look where?

Behind the bush.

I don't see anything.

The man who drove by so fast,
that one you yelled at.

Subtle, isn't he?

Hey, creep.

Laufie, dean.

He wants to talk to you.

He wants to take you
out tonight.

He was standing right there.

Poor Laurie.

Scared another one away.

It's tragic. You never go out.

You must have a small fortune
stashed from babysitting so much.

Guys think I'm too smart.

I don't. I think you're wacko.

Now you're seeing men
behind bushes.

Well, home sweet home.

See you later.

- Bye.
- Bye.

(wind blowing )

( screams )

Excuse me, Laurie.

Oh, Mr. Brackett.
I'm sorry, Mr. Brackett.

- I didn't mean to startle you.
- That's all right.

You know it's Halloween.

I guess everyone's entitled
to one good scare, huh?

Yes, sir. Nice seeing you, sir.

(girl laughs)

( laughter)

- Trick or treat.
- Trick or treat.

(children laughing)

Well, kiddo,

I thought you outgrew

(wind blowing )

( phone ringing )


( Crunching )


Who is this?

( Phone rings )


Annie: Why'd you hang up on me?

- Annie? Was that you?
- Of course.

Why didn't you say anything?
You scared me to death.

I had my mouth full.
Couldn't you hear me?

I thought it was
an obscene phone call.

Now you hear obscene chewing.

- You're losing it, Laurie.
- I already lost it.

I doubt that.

Listen, my mother
is letting me use her car.

I'll pick you up at 6:30.

- Okay, bye.
- Bye.

Just calm down.

This is ridiculous.

- Hurry up.
- Hi.

( Music playing on radio )

We just have time.

Yeah, Judith Myers.


Row 18, plot 20.

You know, every town
has something like this happen.

I remember over in Russellville,

old Charlie Bowles
about 15 years ago,

one night he finished dinner

and he excused himself
from the table

and he went out to the garage

and he got himself a hacksaw.

And then he went
back into the house

and he kissed his wife and his
two children good-bye

and then he proceeded...

- Where are we?
- Huh? Oh.

It's right over here.

Yeah, Myers. Judith Myers.
I remember her.

Couldn't believe it.
Such a young boy.

Are we lost?

Why do they do it?
Goddamn kids.

They'll do anything
for Halloween.

- Whose grave was it?
- Oh, I don't know.

18, 19...

Judith Myers.

He came home.

Still spooked?

I wasn't spooked.

- Lies.
- I wasn't.

I saw somebody standing
in Mr. Riddle's backyard.

- Probably Mr. Riddle.
- He was watching me.

Mr. Riddle was watching you?
Laurie, Mr. Riddle is 87.

- Laurie: He could still watch.
- It's probably all he can do.

- What's the pumpkin for?
- I brought it for Tommy.

I figured carving a jack-o'-lantern
would keep him occupied.

I always said you'd make
a fabulous Girl Scout.


For that matter, I might as well
be a Girl Scout myself tonight.

I plan on making popcorn
and watching Dr. Dementia.

Six straight hours
of horror movies.

Little Lindsey Wallace
won't know what hit her.

(coughing )

My dad! Get rid of this.

( Alarm ringing )

- ( coughing )
- Laurie, stop coughing.

- What's the matter with you?
- Oh, Jesus.

Annie: Just be natural.
There he is.

Just be natural, Laurie.

Hi, Annie. Laurie.

Hi, Dad. What happened?

- What?
- What happened?

Oh, somebody broke into
the hardware store.

Probably kids.

You blame everything on kids.

All they took was
a Halloween mask,

rope, and a couple of knives.
Who do you think it was?

It's hard growing up
with a cynical father.

- Aren't you gonna be late?
- Huh?

- I said aren't you gonna be late?
- ( Alarm stops )

He shouts, too.

BVG, girls.

- Bye, Dad.
- Bye.


Pardon me, I'm Loomis.

- Dr. Sam Loomis.
- Lee Brackett.

I'd like to have a word
with you if I could.

May be a few minutes.
I've got to take care...

it is important.

- 10 minutes.
- I'll be here.

What's the matter with you?

I think he knew.
I'm sure he could smell it.

- No, he didn't.
- He did.

See the look on his face?

He always looks like that.

What are you gonna wear
to the dance tomorrow night?

I didn't know you thought
about things like that, Laurie.

You know, you could
ask somebody.

- No, I couldn't.
- Sure, you could.

All you have to do is go
up to somebody and say,

"You want to go to the dance?"

You could do that. I couldn't.

Well, you could ask Dick Baxter.
He'd go out with you.

I'd rather go out
with Ben Tramer.

Ben Tramer?

I knew it.

( laughs )

So you do think
about things like that, huh, Laurie?

Shut up.

He's cute. Ben Tramer.


- Okay, see you later.
- Bye.

Kids: Trick or treat, give me
something good to eat.

Trick or treat, trick or treat,
give me something good to eat.

Trick or treat, trick or treat,
give me something...

( knocks )

- Hi.
- Man: Hi, Annie.

- Come on in.
- How you doing tonight?

Annie: What time do you
want her in bed?

Woman: Be in bed by 9:00, okay?

- Have a good night, dear.
- Be a good girl.

- Bye-bye.
- Good-bye.

Does anybody live here?

Not since 1963 when it happened.

Every kid in Haddonfield
thinks this place is haunted.

They may be right.

- Look.
- What?

- What is that?
- It's a dog.

It's still warm.

He got hungfY-

Come on.
It could have been a skunk.

Could have.

A man wouldn't do that.

This is no man.

It happened in here.

She was sitting right here.

He could have seen her
through this window.

Standing on the lawn,
he could have seen inside.

You must think me
a very sinister doctor.

( Chuckles ) Oh, I...

I do have a permit.

It seems to me
you're just plain scared.

Yes. Yeah, I am.

I met him 15 years ago.

I was told there was nothing left.

No reason, no conscience,
no understanding.

Even the most rudimentary
sense of life or death,

of good or evil,
right or wrong.

I met this six-year-old child

with this blank, pale,

emotionless face

with the blackest eyes.

The devil's eyes.

I spent eight years
trying to reach him.

And then another seven
trying to keep him locked up

because I realized that what
was living behind that boy's eyes

was purely and simply evil.

What do we do?

He's been here once tonight.

I think he'll come back.

I'm going to wait for him.

I still think I should notify
the radio and television.

No. If you do that, they'll see him
on every street corner.

They'll look for him
in every house.

Just tell your men to keep their
mouths shut and their eyes open.

I'll check back in an hour.

"'How now, ' cried Arthur."

'Let no one pass this way
without a fight.'

"'Is that so?' said the knight
in a bold and haughty manner."

I don't like that story.

I thought King Arthur
was your favorite.

Not anymore.

Why do you keep them
under there?

Mom doesn't like me
to have them.

"Laser Man."

"Neutron Man."
I can understand why.

"Tarantula Man."

Laurie, what's the boogeyman?

( Phone ringing )

Doyle residence.

Annie: It's me.

Hi, Annie. What are you doing?

Making popcorn.

Having fun?
Never mind. I'm sure you are.

I have big, big news for you.

(growling )

- ( barking )
- Oops.

- Hold on a minute.
- ( Barking )

Hi, Lester.

I'm about to be ripped apart
by the family dog.

( laughs )

( dog barking )

Lindsey, get this dog
out of the kitchen right now.

(Tv playing )

I hate that dog.

I'm the only person in the world
he doesn't like.

So what is this big, big news?

What would you say
if I told you

that you were going to the homecoming
dance tomorrow night?

( Scoffs ) I'd probably say
you got the wrong number.

Well, I just talked
with Ben Tramer

and he got real excited

when I told him how attracted
you were to him.

Oh, Annie. Oh, you didn't.

Please tell me you didn't.
How could you do that?

I mean, how could you
just call him?

( Kids laughing )

What do you mean it was easy?

I can't believe it.

( Kids laughing )

Please tell me you didn't.

Oh, you didn't.

- Laurie.
- Oh, I'm so embarrassed.

- I couldn't even face him.
- The boogeyman is outside.

- Laurie, he's out there.
- Hold on.

Laurie, the boogeyman is outside.

Tommy, there's nobody outside.

Go watch TV.

It's just Tommy.

Oh, please tell me you didn't.
How could you do that?

Look, it's simple.
You like him, he likes you.

All you need is a little push.

Well, it won't hurt you to go out
with him, for God's sake.


No, no.

I just made a mess of myself.
I've got to call you back.

Oh, yuck. Lindsey.

I need a robe.

(Tv playing )

( breathing heavily )

( shatters )

This ain't ever coming out.

(growling )

( barking )

Lindsey, Lester's barking again

and getting on my nerves again.

( Dog whines )

Never mind.

Guess he found a hot date.

(jingle playing )

What about the jack-o'-lantern?

After the movie.

What about the rest
of my comic books?

After the jack-o'-lantern.

What about the boogeyman?

There's no such thing.

Richie said he was
coming after me tonight.

Do you believe everything
Richie tells you?


Tommy, Halloween night,

it's when people play tricks
on each other.

It's all make-believe.

I think Richie was
just trying to scare you.

I saw the boogeyman.

I saw him outside.

There was nobody outside.

- There was.
- What did he look like?

The boogeyman.

We're not getting anywhere.

All right, the boogeyman can only
come out on Halloween night, right?

- Right.
- Well, I'm here tonight.

I'm not about to let anything
happen to you.

- Promise?
- Promise.

Can we make
the jack-o'-lantern now?

Let's go.

( Pounds )

( flips switch )

Oh, terrific.

( SighS )


Who's there?

Paul, is this one
of your cheap tricks?

Guess not.

No tricks for Annie tonight.

( Groans )


Lindsey, come out here!

I'm in the laundry room.

The door won't open.

Man on TV:
Spread out, everybody.

We're gonna try to figure out
the shape of this thing.

Holy cats. Hey.

Yeah, almost a perfect...

( phone ringing )

- We finally got one.
- We found a flying saucer.

Oh, Lindsey, get the phone.
It's Paul.

- ( Rattling )
- Lindsey!


Paul, don't hang up.

( Phone ringing )


Hi, Lindsey. This is Paul.

- Is Annie there?
- Yes, she is.

Get her for me, will you?

She's washing her clothes.

Look, just tell her it's me, okay?


Annie, Paul called.

Annie: Ow!

- You locked yourself in.
- I know.

Pull my foot. I'm stuck.


( Clatters )

Now promise me you won't
tell anybody about this.

( SighS )

( phone ringing )

She got stuck in the window.
She'll be right here.

- Hello.
- Paul: Hi, Annie.

- Oh, hi, Paul.
- Stuck, huh?

All right, cut it out.
It could happen to anyone.

Sure, stuck in a window.

Yeah, but I've seen you stuck
in plenty of other positions.

My parents are gone.

Oh, that's fabulous.
When did they leave?

- About half hour ago.
- Oh, utterly fantastic.

( laughs )
Why don't you just walk over?

You come and pick me up.

Well, I can't come now.
My clothes are in the wash.

- Won't need 'em.
- Oh, shut up, jerk.

God, I've got a shirt on.
That's all you ever think about.

I think that's all you
ever think about.

That's not true.
I think about lots of things.

Now why don't we not stand
here talking about them

and get down to doing them?

Man on TV: Lock your doors,

bolt your windows,
and turn off the lights.

Don't go away
'cause here's a scene...

I'm scared.

Well, why are you sitting here
with all the lights off?

I don't know.

Well, come on, get your coat.
We're going to pick up Paul.

I don't want to.

Look, Lindsey, I thought
we understood each other.

I want to stay here
and watch this.


If I can fix it so you can watch
TV with Tommy Doyle,

- would you like that?
- Yeah.

Well, come with me.

- ( Giggles)
- Come on, hurry up.

( Iaughiflg )

( breathing heavily )

( doorbell rings )

Annie: Hi, Tommy.

Hi. Come on in.
We're making a jack-o'-lantern.

Lindsey: I want to watch TV.

Laurie: Annie, I'm in here.

Man on TV:
And now the horrifying conclusion

to "The Thing."

Oh, fancy.

This has not been my night.

I spilled butter
all over my clothes.

They're in the wash.
I got stuck in the laundry room.

I want to tell you something.
I'd like you to call Ben Tramer

and tell him that you
were just fooling around.

- I can't.
- Yes, you can.

No, he went drinking with Mike Godfrey
and he won't be back till late.

You'll have to call him tomorrow.

Besides, I'm on my way
to pick up Paul.

Wait a minute.

If you watch her, I'll consider
talking to Ben Tramer

in the morning.

- Deal.
- ( Laughs )

I thought Paul was grounded.

He was.
Old jerko found a way to sneak out.

Listen, I'll call you
in an hour or so, okay?


- Bye.
- Bye.

The old Girl Scout
comes through again.

(whistling )

J " My Paul J".

J " I give you all J".

J " No keys J".

J " But please, my Paul... J"

(whistling )

J " Oh, Paul J".

J " I can no longer stall J".

J " Oh, Paul J".

J " Oh, my Paul J".

J " I can no longer stall J".

J” Really, Paul J".

J" My Paul... J”

(whistling )

( Squeaks )

( Qasps )

( gasping )

( horn honking )

( horn blaring )

( horn blaring )

Attention, captain to crew.

Stand by to reverse polarity.

Standard class A security
will be maintained upon landing.

And until further notice,
all hands will wear sidearms.

That is all.
Artificial gravity off.

- Cut primary coils.
- Primaries cut, sir.

(whispering ) Lindsey.

- Lindsey.
- Where are you?

( Both scream )

Laurie, it's the boogeyman.
I saw him outside.

It's the boogeyman.
He's outside.

I saw the boogeyman.
He's outside.

- I saw the boogeyman.
- Oh, Tommy, stop it.

- But I really saw him.
- You're scaring Lindsey.

- He's over there.
- Tommy, stop it.

Now, there's nobody out there.
There's no boogeyman.

And if you don't stop all this,
I'm gonna have to turn off the TV

and send you to bed.

Nobody believes me.

I believe you, Tommy.

( Scoffs )

- I'm not afraid.
- Bull.

- I'm not.
- Then go in.

- Chicken.
- Go ahead, Lonnie.

Go in.

(Whispers ) Hey.

Hey, Lonnie.
Get your ass away from there.

- Jesus.
- Are you all right?


Nothing's going on except
kids playing pranks,

parking, getting high.

I have a feeling that
you're way off on this.

You have the wrong feeling.

Well, you're not doing very much
to prove me wrong.

What more do you need?

It's gonna take more
than fancy talk

to keep me up all night
crawling around these bushes.

I watched him for 15 years

sitting in a room staring at a wall,
not seeing the wall,

looking past the wall,
looking at this night.

Inhumanly patient.

Waiting for some secret
silent alarm

to trigger him off.

Death has come
to your little town, Sheriff.

You can either ignore it
or you can help me to stop it.

More fancy talk.

Doctor, do you know
what Haddonfield is?

Families, children,
all lined up in rows

up and down these streets.

You're telling me they're lined up
for a slaughterhouse.

They could be.

All right,
I'll stay with you here tonight,

just on the chance
that you're right.

And if you are right,
damn you for letting him go.

( Lynda giggles )

Okay, this is what
we're gonna do.

First we go inside, right?
Then we'll just talk a little.

Then Annie will distract Lindsey.
That's when we go upstairs

to the first bedroom on the left.
You got it?

Okay, first I rip your clothes off.

Don't rip my blouse.
It's expensive, idiot.

Then you rip my clothes off.

Then we rip Lindsey's clothes off.
Yeah, I think I got it.

Totally. ( Laughs )

( cans rattle )

( laughiflg )

No. No.

( Squeals )

Bob, put me down.

Put me down.
This is totally silly.

Put me down.

- Hey, it's totally dark.
- Yeah.


Annie, we're here.

I wonder where they went.

Oh, Annie probably took
Lindsey out for something.

( Door closes )

Let's look for a note.

Let's don't.

( MoanS )

( howlS )


- He's gonna get you.
- No, he's not.

Hey, nobody's getting anybody.
Stop scaring each other.

Everybody's having
a good time tonight.

All right, you guys,
what's next?

- Let's make more popcorn.
- No, we've had enough.

Why don't we watch
the rest of the movie?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

( Phone ringing )


Doyle house.

Hi, Laurie. What's up?

Just sitting down
for the first time tonight.

( laughs )
Hey, is Annie around?

I thought she'd be home by now.
She went to pick up Paul.

Well, she's totally not here.

She probably
stopped off someplace.

Have her call me
when she gets home, though.

I have Lindsey here and I want to know
what time to put her to bed.

Okay. Later.

- Have a good time.
- We definitely will.


Lindsey is gone for the night.

- Hey, now that's wonderful.
- ( Laughs )

(Tv playing )

(moaning )

( phone ringing )

Lynda: Shit. Not again.

I can't help it.
The phone keeps ringing.

- And I can't keep you interested?
- Just answer the damn phone.

I can't.
What if it's the Wallaces?

Get Annie in trouble, you know.

( Ringing SÉOPS )

Let's take it off the hook.

(moaning )

Oh, fantastic.

- Totally.
- Yeah.

- Want a beer?
- Yeah.

Is that all you can say?


Go get me a beer.

I thought you were
gonna get me one.

- Yeah?
- ( Chuckles )

I'll be right back.
Don't get dressed.

( laughs )


( SighS )

( door creaks )



Lynda, you asshole.

Okay, Lynda. Come on out.

Well, did you get my beer?

( Chuckles )

Cute, Bob. Real cute.

See anything you like?

( laughs )

What's the matter?
Can't I get your ghost, Bob?

( laughs )

All right, all right.
Come on, where's my beer?

Well, can't you answer me?

Okay, don't answer me.

Boy, are you weird.

Well, I'm gonna call Laurie.

I want to know where
Paul and Annie are.

This is going nowhere.

( Phone rings )



( Qasping, moaning )


(moaning )

All right, Annie,

first I get your famous chewing,
now I get your famous squealing?

( Moaning, choking )

Annie, are you all right?

(moaning )

Are you fooling around again?

I'll kill you if this is a joke.



(dialing )

( ringil19 )

Sleep tight, kids.

( Doorbell buzzes )








All right, Annie.


All right, you meatheads,
joke's over.

Come on, Annie, that's enough.

It most definitely stopped
being funny.

Now cut it out.

You'll be sorry.

( Laurie whimpering )

( Qasps )

( sobbing, whimpering )

( screams )

( screams )

(whimpering )

( sobbing )

( screaming )

( groans )

(whimpering )

Help! Somebody help me, please!

Somebody help!

Oh, God, help me!


Please help me!



Oh, God, help me, please!

Hello? Hello?

Hello? Help me!

Can you please help me?!


Can't you hear me?

Oh, God.


Help me, please!

(whimpering )

The keys.

Oh, the keys.


Tommy, it's me!


- Who is it?
- Tommy, open up. It's me.

Yeah, okay.

Tommy, please!

Tommy, hurry up!

Tommy, please!

- Tommy!
- ( Pounding )

Tommy, please!

- Tommy, get upstairs.
- What is it, Laurie?

Get Lindsey
and lock the bedroom door.

- I'm scared.
- Do as I say!

- It's the boogeyman, isn't it?
- Hurry!

( No dial tone )

( tapS )

Oh, no.

Please, stop.


( Qasps )


( sniffles )

Where were you?
I went to the Myers house.

I found the car. He's here.

- Where?
- He's three blocks down.

You go back around
the back of the houses,

I'll watch the front.

- Go on!
- All right.

Tommy. Lindsey.


We're gonna take a little walk.

- Was it the boogeyman?
- I'm scared.

- There's nothing to be scared of.
- Are you sure?

- How?
- I killed him.

You can't kill the boogeyman.

( Kids scream )

Get in there. Come on, Tommy.

Now lock the door.

(whimpering )

( shrieks )


( Qasps )


( panting )

- ( knocks )
- Tommy.

Unlock the door.

Come here.

Just listen to me.

I want you to go down the stairs
and out the front door.

I want you to go down the street
to the Mackenzies' house.

I want you to tell them
to call the police

and tell them
to send them over here.

- Laurie.
- Do you understand me?

- Yes.
- Go do as I say.

( Screaming )

Tommy: Come on! Come on!

( Choking )


(whimpering )

( breathing heavily )

( gunshots )


it was the boogeyman.

As a matter of fact, it was.

( Music playing )

( heavy breathing )