Halkaa (2018) - full transcript

Halkaa (Relief) is a unique take on a slum child's heroism, aspirations and dreams. The child protagonist, Pichku fights for the basic problem that he faces everyday; defecating in the open among others.

What's so funny?

We were all apes in the beginning.

And, we also had a tail.

We'd roam naked in the jungles.

Yes, Pichku.

And the grown-ups? They too?

There were not clothes to begin with.

They'd take a dump out in the open?

Of course. We were apes.

And what would we eat?

Fruits, leaves, small insects.
We'd eat them raw.

Then came a big change
and we learned to grow our food.

-What did we learn?

We had to settle down
because of farming.

We built homes
because we had to settle down.

Then we built machines, computers.

Soon the entire world was connected
through the Internet.

Now, we can watch the entire world
on a cell phone which is so small.

Now imagine,

those apes who roamed
the jungles versus

us who has the entire world
on their cell phones.

Ever wondered how we got here?

They must eat dry fruits.

No. Let me tell you. Education.

Education teaches us
to see beyond our problems.

-You guys have any problems?
-No! No!

-Wow! No one has any problems.

That's a good thing.

Pichku, speak up.

Stand up. Now tell me. Very good.

Let me tell you.

He can't do it in the open.
He craps inside his house.

Be quiet. Be quiet, children.

-Tell me. Pichku.
-Sit down!


-Where are you going?
-Pichku, wait!

They say villages are normally

nestled near river banks.

Though I've never seen a river,

but it must be true.

Take my neighborhood for instance.

It's situated right next to a river.

The only difference is
that this river is made of steel.

People go to a river to bathe
in the morning.

But in this river...

they relieve themselves.

In fact,
the people in my village know

each and every train's timetable

better than the rail ministry.

And you know what,

Some leave behind a lingering
fragrance for the Rajdhani

while some leave it for the Duronto.

Get up, guys. Or we'll have to
clean up in Gorakhpur.

-Maybe you don't know...
-The train's coming.

...but the fragrance from
every home in this village

travels all over India.

Stand up, every one.

Not my fragrance though.

I do it from my home.
Comfortably. At ease.

Ramesh, I'm taking my mother
to the hospital. Will you come along?

Spare me, I don't have the time.

I'll pay you.

Then I'll take you wherever you want.

Mom, get my lunch box ready.
It's getting late.


-What's the incense stick for?

It's Tuesday.
So mom asked me to burn them.


Are you telling the truth or did
you do something at home again?

No, dad, I swear.

You're a grown-up boy now, okay?

Get my food.

Didn't you wash your hands?

Are you trying to teach me?

I am your father.

That's my father.

Had I not been born,

you could've never become a father.


He thinks he's smart
just because he's a grown-up.

In fact, it's not just him.

That's what all the grown-ups think.

I still remember the day

when my mom made me wear pants,
and said: "You're a big boy now.

You shouldn't roam around naked."

Since then no one in this slum

has seen me naked.

But boy, look at this guy.

So Bapu, why don't you tell me
who is wrong here?

The grown-ups who sit naked
on the railway tracks.

Or me?

-Bittu, my bro. Do it properly.
-What happened?

You come down and do it then.

-Anna, get to work.
-What do you think you're doing?

Aslam never listens to me.

Will you get back to
work or just fool around?

Bittu, work faster.

Late again, aren't you.

Ignore him, Rani.
It's become a habit for him.

You're no different.

Damn you.

-Pair of bulls and village belles

Makes my heart go restless

Move aside.

Pichku, move aside.

-Bunnu, what's wrong with you?
-Hold on, Mom.

Did you ask him to pray today?


Mom, give me some more gravy.

In a minute.

Did you tell him?

Remember you said it's Tuesday,
and I must pray...


-Of course. Did you do it, son?
-Yes, mom.

He lit a dozen incense sticks.

Because it's for free.

He's no longer a kid.

Stop covering up for him.

-Your pampering will spoil him...

From now on, you can pamper him
and I'll scold him.

He should get scolded.

Else someday,
he'll get out of hand.

My dear son,
the day I catch you red-handed,

I'll parade you naked in the streets.

Just remember, I am your father.

Why do you look so startled?

No reason.


You made jasmine incense today.


Mom, please tell dad
to build a toilet at home.

Like I said before, if you
don't want to do it in the open,

then use the public toilet.

But it's worse than the railway tracks.

It takes only a minute.

Cover your nose like this.

I feel like puking.

-That place makes me puke.

Then come with me in the morning.

At 4 a.m.?

Get some sleep.

Mom, please ask dad
to build a toilet at home.


And where will we live?

I meant behind our house.

I've already picked a spot.

Go to sleep.

Look, they are playing with their sacks.

Eenie meenie miney mo!

Catch a bad chick by her toe!

-You lose every day.
-She won today.

Boss, my wages.
I'm in a hurry.

-I'll come back later.
-You're always in a hurry.

You hardly work. Huh?

How much is it?

Thirty rupees.

Thirty rupees.

I'm paying 20 now. Take it.

Or leave it.

Here you go.

Wait, my son.

Money. Fork it over.

I don't have any.

Want a slap? Hand it over.

Here. Now go.

Wait, Pichku.

-Does your father drink?

-Does he gamble?

Then why does he take your money?

He saves his money and spends mine.


He's saving up to
buy his own auto-rickshaw.

Are you going to take a dump?


Pichku, open the door.

Pichku, open the door.

Else first, I'll break open the door
and then break your bones.


It's not even Tuesday.

Why did you burn incense sticks today?

Stop this charade!

Why are you holding your pants?

The buttons are broken.


I'll teach you a lesson today.

-Come on...

Let me carry some water.

Forget the water.
I'll take you to the river today.

-Let me carry some papers.

-Caught with your pants down
-Pichkoo got caught!

-Let go!
-Come on.

Come on.

Don't miss this auspicious moment!

Pichku, my son, bless you.

-Caught with your pants down in public
-Come on.

Your reputation has gone for a toss

Looks like the only solution
Is to set your bowels in motion

Just go and crap

Go on tiptoes lightly
Let it swell, let it spill

Quick! Just go and crap

Free advice doesn't come easy
So learn this lesson

In this bunch of naked buffoons

Keep your briefs on and celebrate!

Just go and lose it
Just go and crap!

Son, it's okay, just do it

Oh child, just go and crap!

Yours is an open secret

What if word reaches the town square?

They may come in a procession

Riding like grooms on horseback
To teach you a lesson!

You'll realise too late
You're at the wrong wedding

You're at the wrong wedding
So celebrate!

In this bunch of naked buffoons

Keep your briefs on, celebrate!

Just go and lose it
Just go and crap!

Son, it's okay, just do it
Just go and crap!

Dear, just go and crap!

You're in for a coronation
In the wide open, celebrate!

Oh sensible one in this bunch
Of naked buffoons, celebrate!

Congratulations for inviting
This trouble for yourself

Oh sensible one in this bunch
Of naked buffoons, celebrate!

Keep your briefs on, celebrate!

-Keep your briefs on, celebrate!
-Sit down.

-Why are you covering your nose?
-Do it.

Do we cover our nose
when we come here in the morning?

-Take your hand off.
-He is right.

Pull your pants down and sit.

-Didn't you hear me?
-Make him a throne.

Your throne's ready!
Now sit down.

Please leave, I'll do it.

We'll wait right here.

-Is anyone busy?

Did you Dear that?

Like I said, I am your father

and I'll straighten you out.
Now, sit down.

The Gorakhpur will soon say hello to you.

-Sit down.
-In a minute or two.

-Pull your pants down and sit.
-Come on.

Sit down.

-Sit down, Pichku.
-Sit down.

-Sit down.
-Come on.

-Don't be shy.
-Come on.

Why are you feeling shy?

Sit down, Pichku.

-Pichku, no pressure?
-It's not that hard.

Keep your legs closer
to create pressure and it will come out.

Pichku, look at me.

Hold your legs tight like this
and you can do it.

Come here, son.

Go, pat his back like this
and make it easy for him.


-Yeah, that's the spot.

-It's okay?
-Not me, him.

Go on.

-Go pat him here.
-I won't.

Come here.

-Does it put pressure if you pat here?

And where do we pat to make it stop?

-Spiced peas.

The snacks seller is here.

Looks like it will be a while.
Get some snacks for the kids.

-Uncle, please...

-Hey, do you have any money?
-No, I don't.

Give me some cash if you have it.

This is getting
expensive because of you.

Such an auspicious event,
don't be such a miser.

-Come on, Uncle Ramesh.
-Give us money.

Come on, Ramesh. Don't be shy.

Yippie! Let's have bhel!

Don't make it too spicy!

Squeeze some lemon.
Make it spicy.

He his running away!

-Pichku is running away!
-Hurry up, Uncle.

Pichku is running away!

-Pichku ran away. Run.
-Catch him.

Catch him! Catch him!

Wait, Pichku.
Where are you going?

Wait, Pichku.

Where are you?

Are you crazy?

Everyone knows this place is haunted.

-Not just one, there are four ghosts here.
-Be quiet.


-Ghost. Ghost.

What are you doing here?

But no one comes here.

Why did you come here?

-Well, I...

We were playing hide and seek.

Couldn't you hide someplace else?

-Go hide somewhere else.

Try to understand,
I gotta take a dump.

Then do it.

I can't do it when someone's around.


I don't like doing it in
front of someone, now go away.

What's your name?

Gopi. Now leave.

Well, Gopi, I'm leaving.

One more thing.

Now what?

I am Pichku.

Will you please leave?

Take your time.

I am trying to save every penny

so I can buy my own rickshaw.

And this kid makes me
spend everything I earn.

Today, I had to give
a treat to everyone.

Everyone was making demands.

With chili, without chili.

And what did I get in return?


Had he done it in front of everyone,

it would've made me so happy.

I would've been proud.

Here's your tea.

Being so shy won't help him.
How will he move up in life?

Will he rot here for the rest of his life?

Let him come home.

I'll break every bone in his body.

There was no need to make a scene.

Your boy's 10 years old now,
but still shits at home.

The only kid in the entire
neighborhood who shits at home.

Then build a toilet for him.

What's the need to build a toilet?

The government has laid those
long railway tracks.

Here we are! At your destination.

Have you lost your mind?

Keep it!
Save it for your auto-rickshaw.


Don't cry, my child.

Mutthu's toilet

Who is it?

Go look.


-What are you doing here?
-I... I...

I've killed and buried
four people out here.

If I ever catch you here again,

I will bury you too.

-Who is Gopi?
-I met him here yesterday.

Bring him to my shop tomorrow.

Or else I'll bury him too.


Come on.

I've been to the tracks at least
40 times in the last couple of days.

Even the trains don't
come so regularly.

Unani Medicine

The doctor gave me this medicine.

It worked for a day.

But after that,
I've been passing stools regularly.

Son, mortals make these pills...

but my potions are made...

by the Creator Himself.

I have a cure for every problem.

-But why has he called us?
-We'll find out.

And repeat after me...
Tell the lord,

-"I'm fine, I'm fine, I..."
-But why are you taking me to him?

Glory to you, Goddess Jogeshwari.

Not now, son.

-Come with me.
-Go home and take it.

Keep taking it until you feel good.

-What the hell is he doing?
-Baba, he is Gopi.

Don't let me catch you there again.

He said you have buried four people
out there.

If I ever see you again...

then he'll be the fifth;
and you, the sixth.

-Are you new around here?
-I may be new around here,

but I'm not new to this world.

Shall I tell the police?

Then you'll be rotting in jail
for the rest of your life.

-You'll go to the police, huh?
-Shut up, Gopi.

Forget about the police. I'll go
and tell everyone in the neigborhood.

You won't be able
to set your shop anywhere.

Let's go, Pichku.
You were scared of him?

Son, listen...

Son, listen. Listen!

-Hello, Uncle.

-See how he's following us.

-He's a fake, and you were scared of him?

-He will come to us for mercy.
-Wait, kid. Wait. Listen...


Come here.

Kids, I didn't bury anyone out there.

There are no ghosts either.

I spread that rumor.


So that I could do my morning rituals...
without any disturbances.

Baba, you too?

Shh! Don't tell anyone.

Or else my years of hard work
will go to waste.

Fine, we won't tell anyone.

But we'll come there too.

Is there...

Is there any lack of space here?

Pick anyone.

Even we can't do it
if someone's watching.

He does it in his own home.

Man! Gopi, you're crazy.


You know what, Baba?

We'll divide the place into three parts.

One for him.

One for me.

And one for you.

Sir, you should build my toilet here.

Says who, huh?

Sir, I found this place,
so it should be my toilet.

Hello! You didn't discover a new planet.

There isn't room here for two toilets,
and you six want one each!

Sir, there's enough room near my house.

Hey, we're still talking to him.
Don't interfere.

We're already getting late.

Sir, listen. Why don't you build
one toilet on top of the other?

You could make two three floors
of toilets.

And how will you climb up?
There's no place to build stairs.

-Will you install an elevator?
-I've been living here for 20 years...

We'll build toilets for everyone.

All right? All of you will get a toilet.

-Eight, sir, eight?

-Eight people, sir.

Not eight, nine! Nine!

Sir, come with me. I'll show you
the space. It's nearby.

Sir, listen. Please, listen!

-What happened?

-You've hit the jackpot.

Your father is building a toilet.
Come on.


I've given you the advance.

-Forget about it.
-Just see the place.

How can I see it
if you don't show it to me?

The toilet should be nice.

Sir, this is my son.

He won't do it in the open.

So, I let him do it inside.

We have only one room in our house.

-We eat there...
-Okay, okay. How far is it now?

-I'll show you, sir. Come.
-Where... where are you taking me?

Come, sir. This way.


Come, sir.

-Move aside.

Move aside.

Get 6,000 first,
and then you can have 12,000.

Sir, keep six, give me six.
It's the same thing.


-Are you teaching Gopi our game as well?
-Just as wear our shorts,

-wear this sack too.
-But this is not a short.

This looks more like Anna's lungi.

-Anna's lungi?

Throw like this.

Now jump with the sack. Come on.

Don't fall down. Be careful.

-Look Rani's here.

-Rani's here.
-Gopi, let me show you...

-Guys, want to see something fantastic?

Come with me.

Those guys are sweeping the place.

What! Why are they sweeping the place?


I know, I know.

They are sweeping the place,
because they are school kids.

What do you mean?

I mean, schools teach them
what they don't know.

They are rich kids too.
I bet they don't know how to sweep.

Look at that boy.
He's simply skimming the surface.

Look at that. Look!

Gosh! They are playing our game.

What are you doing?

-Move aside.
-I won't.

What is this childishness?

-You're smelling really nice today.

I want to take a whiff of this fragrance.

What are you doing, Dad?

Nothing, son.

What's that in your hand?

It's the form for the toilet application.

You've come at the right time. Come here.

Tell me what I should write?


Here, your name, here, address,
and here, your phone number.

Here, right?

-Let's celebrate.
-Wow, son.


So who's playing Santa here?

Me! Because we're getting a toilet.

Mom, I have a friend, Gopi.

Even he doesn't like to do it in the open.

I'll give him a key to our toilet.

Is that okay, Mom?
Is that okay, Dad?

Okay, okay.

Have some shame. Tell him.

Listen, no one's building any toilet here.

Here, eat it.

Dad, didn't you tell Mom?
Don't you know, Mom?

Look... your "respected" father

is going to save that money
for his auto-rickshaw.

He won't build a toilet.



Why did you have to tell him?

If you care for him,
then build him a toilet!

Stop this toilet rant!
Will a toilet solve our problems?

Just keep saving money
for the rest of your life.

-What's going on?

There are kids here. Be careful!

Come, come. Careful.

What's going on, Pichku?

This was our toilet.
What's happening?

Come on, come on.

Somebody help him too.

Come, come. Careful.

Move aside, everyone.

Come, come. Careful.

Come on, let's run.


Don't be so serious, Baba.

We'll find another place.

Ten years.

I looked after that place for ten years.

I threatened and scared
so many people away.

Even terrorized them.

Now where will I go?

-Get up! You too.

Get out. I said get out.

-But what did we do?
-What did you do?

You did that what others couldn't
in the last ten years.

-What did we do?
-Get lost.

-I don't want to see you again.
-Come, Pichku.

-Let's go, Gopi.

Get lost. Don't come here again.

Unani Medicine

Pichku... do you see that?

That building under construction.
Over there.

-And that tower next to it.

That's where I used to live before.

That's where our slum was.

Don't you miss it?

Why would I miss it?
It wasn't the Taj Mahal.

But there was a toilet in my home.

I miss that.


Your own personal toilet.


-Shall we build our own toilet?
-Are you joking?

-No, honestly.
-But it will be expensive.

Gopi, we'll save money,
and then build one.


Sir, here's the file.

Okay, let me check it,
and then I'll get back to you.

Solanki, where's the file for that slum?

We want to meet the officer
who gives money to build a toilet.

It was right here.

This toilet is driving me crazy.

Sir, this toilet is the reason
that your car's parked outside.

Get lost.

Oh, yes. We know this guy.

Hello, sir. Don't you remember us?

-Don't you remember us, sir?

Yes. Aren't you America's new president?

Stop joking, sir.

Remember you came to distribute forms
for the toilet application in our slum?

-Take our form.
-Sir, form.

-Did you get the money?

-Have you got the money?
-Aren't you supposed to give us the money?

Yes, I will...

but you must give something in return too.

Honestly, sir, we'll build a toilet.

-Honestly, sir.

Honestly, sir.

Sir, we'll build a toilet. I swear!

We've even picked a place.

Wow! Tadpoles trying to swim the ocean!

You want to take me for a ride?

Sir, we're being honest.

-We'll build a toilet.
-Get out.

-We swear!
-Get lost, you pieces of shit.

How dare you call us pieces of shit?

How dare you?

You're the piece of shit
who's making money from shit.

-You exploit the poor to make money.


-Catch him!
-Run, Pichku! Run!

Stop! You have the nerves to call me
a piece of shit!

-Run, Pichku! Run!

Delhi Shelter Board

-Coming, Mom.

Look at this!

Stop rubbing salt in the wound.

I got 6000 rupees
without breaking a sweat!

-Isn't that something to be happy about?
-Big deal.

This is what being street smart gets you.

This is theft.

If 6000 seems like theft to you,

what about the scams that amount
to billions?

-Yes, Mom?
-Go inside.

What are you going to do next?

Do you think I can build a mansion
with 6000 rupees?

-At least you can build a toilet.
-And how will that benefit us?

-Do you want to fall sick?
-You're a strange man.

On the contrary,
a toilet will keep sickness at bay.

You two don't see the big picture.

Son, come, have some.

We'll build a toilet, all right?
But there are three of us.

Your darling son will spend
the whole day there,

and we have to hold our poop
to wait for our turn.

And the next thing you know, we are
having stomach aches and fallen sick.

But don't we hold it when we walk
all the way to the railway tracks?

-Every day?


Stop giggling, Mother India.
Make me some tea.

Yes, my Lord.

-Look, I found a purse.
-We'll sell it to the junk-seller.

Let me see what's inside.

-What's in it?
-There's no money.

-Show me that.
-It's a bad day today.

Not a single bottle in sight,
no wage either.

Look, he's throwing something for us.

What is it?

Hurry up.

What happened? Where are you going?

What is it?

-Where did it go?
-Find it.

-Move, let me see.
-Move. Move.

Find it.

Find it.

I found it.

Wait, that's mine.

It's mine. It's mine.

Back to his mischief again.

Give it back, my friend gave it to me.

Give it back.

-Aslam, you're too much.
-Show me what is in the box?

-What is this?
-Give me...

What is this?

What is this?

Open this one too.

Give me too!

Open it.


I'll keep this box.

-What's in it?
-Anna, take your sack.

What's in it, Pichku?

Show me.

Aslam, that's mine. Give it back.

-Give it back.
-It's mine.

Give it back. Give it back I said.

-Glory to...
-Mahatma Gandhi.

-Glory to...
-Mahatma Gandhi.

It's Gandhiji's happy birthday today.
Let's go.

-Come, children. Stand in a line.
-Take it.

-Slowly. Don't push anyone.
-Thank you.

-Come in line.
-Thank you.

Take this.

-Thank you, sir.
-Pichku, I have a small task for you.

-Up for it?
-What's the task?

You've to get tiles.
Will you do it?

-Will you pay us?
-Of course.

Come to my shop in the evening.

-Now hurry up.
-We'll be there.

Keep moving.

Come on, hurry up.


Hurry up, this way.

This one... and that one too.

-Pichku, Pichku... Look there.
-What happened?

Pichku, go.

Where are you going? I was just joking.

Okay, Mr. Kapil.
This is your first day.

Yes, sir.

-All set?

And remember, any customer that comes here
shouldn't go empty-handed.

He shouldn't go back empty-handed.

-Got my point?
-Yes, sir.

Pichku, look.

-It's an entire bathroom here.
-Oh, yes!

It's a western toilet. Got it?

You don't have to squat on it.

-This is how you sit.
-Like this?


Good evening, sirs.

I didn't do anything.
He asked me to come inside.

-Let's go, Pichku.
-Wait, sir. Wait.

-Let's go.
-Go where!

It's my first day.
Let me practice my pitch. Stand aside.

So, sir, which one do you prefer, sir?

This one or that one, sir?

Sir... look... look at the finishing, sir.

It is made of... fantastic material, sir.

And, sir, it is... it is artwork,
you know.


And watch the shape.
And watch the curves, sir.

Sir, this is not... this is not a toilet.

It is... it is door
which opens to heaven, sir.

-What's the price for it?
-It is priceless, sir.

But we have to put a tag
on it so that we can...

Hey... speak in Hindi.

-Not every customer knows English.
-You're dangerous.

Yes, sir. Sure, sir.

Sir, this toilet is...
yes, it's... priceless.

Whenever you'll sit on it,
you'll welcome a new day.

You'll flush your past away,
and plan your day ahead.

-It will be fun.
-That's fine, but how much will it cost?

Just a minute.

-It's... 29,000 only.

-Only 29,000.
-Twenty-nine thousand!


Twenty-nine thousand
for this piece of crockery!


Pichku, do you know
what we can get for 29,000?

We can build a brand new hut.

-Come on.
-What's the last price you can offer?

Nothing at all. I was only practicing,
now you two get lost.

Can't we get it for, like,
200 or 300 rupees?

Dear, sir, in that range,
you won't even be allowed to sit on it.

Now you can leave.

Have a good day.

Your friend studies here!
Let's go that way.

-Let's go.

Oh, wow, there are balloons too!

Must be someone's happy birthday. Come.

Who are you? What are you doing?


Even I can see it's a balloon,
but what are you doing here?

-We wanted to see the kids.

Are you done now? Now run along.

Get lost, come on.

I said go.

He's just a guard, but he's behaving
as if he owns the school.

-Do you want a thrashing? Get lost.

Sir, why have you parked
right in front of the school?

What's inside?

It's the props for the drama.

You mean for the play.
Fine, you can drive it in.

Pichku, Come on.


Go straight and then take a right turn.

Close the gate.

Hello! Wait!

What I had never seen before
Even in a picture

I'm seeing them in glimpses now

This dream is as real as it gets

Let me fill myself with its fragrance

I see windows in the sky

And clouds for stairs

And from a high balcony above

Fairies seem to sprinkle

These sweet scents

These sweet scents

They're blissful, they're heady

They're floating miracles

These sweet scents

These sweet scents

Look, Gopi, it's peeing like us.

-You guys!

What are you doing here?

Why are you dressed like us?

And why do you look so dirty?

-Look at his hair.

-Rohan, come quickly.
-Yes, sir.

-Come on. Come on.
-What if someone sees us?

-No, no, no.
-Come on.


Dreams playing hide-and-seek

They were hiding
I found them, now it's my turn!

This colorful castle, rows
And rows of flowers

My wide eyes can just stare
And stare without tiring

They just touched me

And ran ahead, so I

Just impulsively, ran behind them agog

Found the dreams in some boxes

Which I sorted away safely

Only to open them
When I feel alone again!

There are windows in the sky

And clouds for stairs

Fairies showing me the way
Calling out with

Sweet scents
Oh, these sweet scents!

-There they are, ma'am.
-Okay, Ramesh.

Run, Gopi!

-Stop you two.

Rohan, stop there!

Come... Come upstairs.

Parents and dear children.

Please be seated.

Rohan, would you like to say something?

Yes, ma'am.

I am going to give you a surprise here.

These are my friends,
Pichku and Gopi.

We met today for the first time,
but I've been observing them

and their friends for the last few days.

They pick garbage
from the garbage dump.

They even play in that dump,

without worrying about the stares
of passersby.

They live in the moment.

They've taught me how to be happy.

We litter our streets
and they keep it clean,

yet we never say them, "Thank you."

Pichku, Gopi,
I want to thank you today.

Thank you, friend.

I got my prize. What do you want?

Who is it?

What are you doing here?
And what's that in your hands?

It's the wall for our toilet, Baba.

Get down, Baba.

There's more.

Give us a hand.

Fine, I am coming.


Baba, inaugurate it.

Take a seat inside.

-Isn't it nice?
-How is it?

Covered by walls on all sides,
and the open sky above.


All it's missing to make it a heaven
is a toilet bowl!


Ma'am, you can get this
at a discounted price.

-What's the discount?
-Ma'am 20%. Take it.


-This one.
-You like this one.


-Excuse me, ma'am.

Sir, I see you're back.

-So, is this your choice, sir?

-Very good choice, sir. It is made of...
-Stop... Not again.

Haven't you practiced enough?

How much will it cost?

-Sir, it's...
-Hey. Don't say that it's "priceless."

Just tell us the price.

Sir, it's 10,000.
Do you want to buy it?

That price will make anyone constipated.

You know what?
There's a cheaper one behind.

It's only 7000. Take that.

Now that feels better.

-Pichku, that one's nice too.
-No, I want this one.

Please reserve it for us.

Don't give it to anyone.

Come on, sir. How can I do that?

If a customer comes and pays for it,
I'll have to sell it, right?

Also, it's high on demand,
and this is the last in stock.

We'll save money.

When we have enough,
we'll give it to you.

-But please take care of it until then.
-Have you lost your mind?

How will we manage 10,000 rupees?

We can't dream of it.
It's beyond our means.

Come to your senses.

Let's get out of here.

-Okay, Mr. Priceless, see you later.

-No, I want that one.
-Ten thousand is a big amount.

-How will we arrange it?

Hold on.

Look. You're my first customer.

So what you can do is that you can buy
that toilet seat in my name.

You'll get a 25% employee discount too.

-What do you mean?
-What I mean is, you can get it for 7500.

-Sevety-five hundred!

-Here's the advance, 850.

Eight hundred fifty.

-How much is this?
-Three hundred.

Now count what's the advance.

Eleven hundred fifty.

So, you've paid me 1150;
you've to pay me 6350 more.

And, as you can see, I've already
noted it down, with my signature.

-Give us the receipt.
-You're so excited for the receipt, huh?


-How much do these cost?
-They're free for you, sir.

Come on, Gopi.

The tears are yet warm
Lightning streaks through the eyes

There's an itch in the head
That wants to be scratched

The tears are yet warm
Lightning streaks through the eyes

There's an itch in the head
That wants to be scratched

Courage is riding

On the two little wheels of labor

Courage is riding
On the two little wheels of labor

-The horizon doesn't look so far away!


-Hey, good man
-Luck will shine upon you

Now that so much is going on
In that little head!

-Hey, good man
-Luck will shine upon you

Now that you've put this burden
On your little head

People build their dream castles

They build them so grand

But we write our dreams with little pens

And they are just as grand

I have seen this world, so it must be real
They must be building it somewhere

Maybe I can see it if I soar to the sky

Courage is riding

On the two little wheels of labor

Courage is riding
On the two little wheels of labor

The horizon doesn't look so far away!

-Yes, Mom.

Pass me that pillow.

-Hey, good man
- Luck will shine upon you

Now that so much is going on
In that little head!

-Hey, good man
- Luck will shine upon you

Now that so much is going on
In that little head!

-Hey, good man
- Luck will shine upon you

Now that so much is going on
In that little head!

-Hey, good man
- Luck will shine upon you

Now that so much is going on
In that little head!

Where do you go these days, son?

My child, once your father
buys his auto-rickshaw,

we'll build a toilet for you, okay?

Eat it.

Tea's ready, just pour the milk.

-Shobha! Shobha, did you go out?

I've given the money to Uncle Sudhakar.

So he was alone at home.
Where did you hide it?

-What? Can't you smell the stench?

Come inside.

Yes, it is stinking.


-He's getting naughtier by the day.
-Yes, Mom.

-I haven't done anything.
-Look, look. Look at his face.

How he's trying to act innocent.

-I'll slap...
-Don't hit him!

Maybe it was an emergency,
that's why he did it.

Pichku, I've tried to make you understand
so many times.

Why don't you listen to me?

-Tell me.
-I didn't do anything, Mom.

See, I haven't even lighted
the incense sticks.

So where's this smell coming from?

-Tell the truth, son. Where is it?
-I swear I didn't do it.

Okay, don't cry.

Look around! Check!


Here. See for yourself.

You're the one who brought it,
and you're scolding my child.

Stupid people, they do it anywhere.

-Pichku, go wash it.
-Why should he do it?

You brought it, you clean it!

-Ramesh Ram.
-That's him.

You took money to build a toilet,
didn't you?

-Did you build it?

But you got your share.

Now you read this notice.

Build a toilet, or pay back 12,000.

Why should I pay back?

Oh, God. What's this?
But didn't you get only 6,000?

-Not those slippers again.
-Wait, mister.

-At least clean it first.

Wait, I'll tell you.

Listen, the new officer is very strict.


I got only 6,000,
so why should I give 12,000?

Then build a toilet.

We're prepared to pay more
to settle this once and for all.

We have a new officer,
don't even mention such a thing.

What kind of a joke is this?

Somewhere it's mentioned six toilets,
somewhere it's eight.

Show me one.

We're in trouble now.

I won't let anyone swindle this money.

-Solanki, come here.
-Yes, sir.

-Did you serve everyone the notice?
-Yes, sir.

Look, I don't want you
to return the money.

But the next time I come here,
I want to see a toilet in every home.


You guys need the money. Take it.

But you must use it properly.

I am warning you again!

I won't let anyone...


the government's money.

-He's the right guy.
-Zero corruption.

I want a toilet in every home, got it?

The tea's gone cold.

I am crazy about you

-Sir... how are you?
-You two? Again?

You won't mend your ways, will you?

-Pichku, let's go to the new officer.

-Listen, listen.
-It's okay. We don't want a toilet.

-I beg you. Come on.
-We'll go and tell him.

Come on, son. Come here.

Forgive me. We all make mistakes.


Look who's here, sir. Hot tea.
Shall I give them too?

-Have it, son, please.
-Here you go.

-Have some bananas too.
-Take it, Pichku.

Take it, son.

Why bother him for such a small task?

-We want the money for the toilet.
-Of course, son. You'll get it.

-Listen, Solanki.
-Yes, sir.

-Bring a form.
-Give it.

-It's okay. I already have it.
-Wow, sir. They already have it.

I see. Wonderful.

What is this?

"Ali Mehendi Zaidi."


What's wrong, sir?
Why are you laughing?

What's wrong, sir?

The address on your ration card
is Lucknow.

Sorry, it's my mistake.

He said,
"Go! Build your toilet in Lucknow."

It's all your fault.

Don't lose hope. We'll find a way.

Let's go, Pichku.


-We don't want to see you again.


Wait... Kids.

Five times seven is thirty-five!

Five times eight is forty!

Five times nine is forty-five!

Five times ten is fifty!

Hurry up.





Come here.


-Let's go.

Come here.

Oh, my!

Wow. Did you hit a jackpot, sir?

-Now, what's the balance?
-Just a minute.

-You still have to pay 3150.
-Can't you cover it for us, Mr. Priceless?

I gave you an employee discount.
That's all I can do.

Besides, you've almost paid
the full amount.

Now don't lose hope, okay.

All the best.

"...connect it with this pipe."

Such a big pit!

And then water gushes in and... flushed!

Oh, no. Ramesh.

Hide, Pichku.

Six, seven, eight...

You keep so much cash at home,
it makes me nervous.

Shobha, my darling,
another 5000 rupees,

and then we'll have our own auto-rickshaw.

And won't you return the money
for the toilet?

-No one's doing that.
-But everyone's returning the money, Dad.

It's all empty words.

People only come here for votes, not cash.

What if the police arrest you?

If they arrest people for 6000 rupees,
then the entire slum will be in jail.

It's not 6000, it's 12000.

Don't worry.

Son, pass me the pillow.

Turn off the light.



Mom, don't tell Dad.

What? Did you do it again at home?

No! Not that.

We're building a toilet.

Fine. Go to sleep.

Mom, seriously, we're building a toilet.

-Gopi is helping me too.
-Fine. Go to sleep.



This is the one.

I saw it in the school. This one.

And here are the receipts.

Where did you get so much money?

-We saved up.

-And where are you building this toilet?
-That's a secret.

We're almost through
with the construction.

-Just the commode...

Commode, western toilet.

We're short of cash to buy it.

How much more do you need?

Three thousand one hundred and fifty.

Don't press the clutch too hard.

-Am I doing it properly?

-I should press on it lightly, right?

Just a minute.

Where's the gang going?

Oh, God. Did you buy it?

I am just learning to drive. Get in.

-Let's get in, Mom.
-What if you crash it?

So what? We'll live together,
we'll die together.

-Let's go, Mom.
-Fine, let's go.

-Gopi, we're in an auto-rickshaw!
-Let's go.

Look, I am driving too.

Don't tell Dad, okay?

This will be our secret.

-Yes, Mom.

Come, Gopi.

Shobha, he's Pichku, right?

Yes, you haven't seen him in a while.

-Wait here. I'll be right back.

I'll be back in a moment.

What is she making?

Isn't that double jasmine?

No, it's jasmine.

Here, I only got 1500.
I'll give the rest later.

-My darling son.

What's the matter? Get lost!

-Where's Kapil?
-Kapil? Who's he?

The guy who used to work here.

I work here, nobody else.

-Now get lost.
-Let go off me.


-Stop. Wait.
-You stay there.

Wait! Stop! Stop!

-Sir, these two...
-Hold on.

-Sir, Kapil...
-Kapil? He quit his job.

What happened?

Sir, we had given him money
for our toilet.

And we have brought the rest.

You can keep it,
but please give us our toilet, sir.

But, son, you gave the money to Kapil,
and he ran off with it.

How can I give you the toilet?

You can't buy a toilet
with so little money.

Try to understand, son.
It's not possible.

Please check in the computer if you
can find his address or phone number.

I'll check it but he was using
the company's phone.

I'll try anyway.

If this world exists
Why can't I just ask for my wish?

If we can see our dreams
Why aren't they real?

When we ask our elders

Why can't they tell the truth?

Guess that's why this guy
Just took off with a stick

He had glasses on, but still had to trip
When he walked on his inevitable path

Courage is riding
On the two little wheels of labor

Courage is riding
On the two little wheels of labor

Courage is riding
On the two little wheels of labor

The horizon doesn't look so far away!

Hey, good man

Luck will shine upon you

Now that so much is going on
In that little head!

Hey, good man!

Don't cry. Silly boy.

Everything will be fine.

-I can feel it happening.
-Come here. Sit.

You're a brave boy.

Boys don't cry.

Come on, cheer up.

Cheer Up. Laugh.


We're not going now.

What now, Gopi? He took all our money.

-Forget it. We'll save again.

-Bloody Kapil, I'll beat the...
-Ramesh! Look, it's Ramesh.

Sir, you wanted to go further, right?

-It's okay. Keep it.
-Run, Gopi.

-Run, Gopi! Quick!

Wait! Wait.

-Run, Gopi!
-Hear me out!


Catch him, Pichku.

Finally, we have got our hands on you.

Where is our money?

Sir! I looked all over for you guys.

So Mr. Priceless, do you know

that we've already built the walls
and the roof?

And dug a big pit too.

So, Sir, don't you want your commode?

See? The one in the school?
I've kept it aside for you.

Where do I send it?

God couldn't decide

So everyone paired 'em up

A lion-hearted rooster
And a stunning peahen

This good-for-nothing Rooster

Just been loitering around flustered

Not a bite to eat or drink

He just began to shrink

Every morning he goes

What does he want, you ask

In the distance, sees the Peahen dance

And stands like a question mark

Peahen, Peahen!


Rooster, you're gonna lose your Peahen

Rooster, you've got slippery hands

You're a lion
Don't behave like a donkey

-Gopi, where is Pichku?
-I don't know.

-Tell me or else...
-Near his toilet.

Roar and holler, she'll come runnin'

Else like fate, she'll just keep turning'

-Come with us.
-What's the matter?

Rooster, you're gonna lose your Peahen

Rooster, you've gotta hold her tight, man!

She's pretty smart

-She dances to chartbusters
-He's gone to the toilet.

-But makes everyone dance to her tunes
-Let's go.

You can't lure her easily

Every morning he goes

What does he want, you ask

In the distance, sees the Peahen dance

And stands like a question mark

Peahen, peahen!

Hey, stop! Where are you going?

What's wrong, sir?
Why are you arresting me?

What's happening?

Why are you arresting me?

-What happened?
-What happened?

-He isn't telling me.
-Why are you arresting him?

He didn't build his toilet.

-We're taking him to the court.
-But we'll build a toilet!

-Come with me.
-We'll build it, sir.

-Tell him you'll build it.
-Tell them what?

Your son took all my money.

-What are you saying?

I took that money to deposit in the bank.

It was giving me sleepless nights.

You're lying to save his hide.

Then see here.

It's my bad luck.

-Wait, sir. Please wait.

Here... here's the money.

I thought Pichku...

Quiet, quiet.

Keep this money safe,
it'll come in handy to bail him out.

If you don't build a toilet too,
you will face the same consequence.

Now, he will have to serve
the court's sentence.

-Bring him along.
-We'll build a toilet, sir.

He has not done anything.

Why aren't you doing anything?

Sir, please forgive me.

Sir, please don't take him!

Wait, sir!

Help him, help him!

-Bring him along.
-Please stay back.

-Sir! Sir!
-Sir, please wait.

Stay back, stay back.

-Sir, don't take my father away.

-Because we've already built a toilet.
-You did?

-Sir, he's my son.

He's just making it up. He built it,
but I broke it down.

Wait, wait. Pichku, what did you say?

Yes, here he is.

-Just a minute.
-Be gentle.

Sir, I know him well.

Believe me. I'll make him tell the truth.

Hey, where's the other boy?

-Sir, he...
-Where is he?

-I know him, sir.
-He's just a kid, sir.

I know what kind of a kid he is.

Where is the other boy? There he is.


Sir, I know how to talk to them.

-So, in whose name did you build it?
-Ramesh Ram.

He is lying.
He is lying through his teeth.

Didn't you mention a different name
in the form?

Solanki, give me the file.

-Here, sir.

-See, sir. I've evidence.
-That's enough, Pushpender.

-Show me where's the toilet.

-But, sir.
-Be quiet.

-Where are you taking us, Pichku?

There's no toilet, sir.

Where are you taking us?

-I know this kid very well.

Keep moving.

I had asked you to return the money,
but you didn't listen.

They haven't built anything.
They are fooling us.

Listen to me...

All he was asking for was a toilet.

Look, sir.

-This way, sir.
-See? Nothing.

-What's going on?
-He's just fooling us.


-Come with me, Mom.
-What are you doing?

Come on.

-Where are you taking me?
-Just come with me.

What is this, Pichku?

Hold this, Mom.

It's nothing.

What is all this, Pichku?

Amazing. It's amazing.

Pichku is amazing.

Pichku, it's very nice.

This is your toilet!

These sweet scents

These sweet scents

Even I don't have such a nice toilet
in my house.

You saved me, Pichku.

Smile, please.

Hey, Pichku.

Give it.

Isn't that our stage set?

Stop, stop!

Pichku, you did an awesome job.
It's really awesome.

What I had never seen before
Even in a picture

I'm seeing them in glimpses now

This dream is as real as it gets

Let me fill myself with its fragrance

I see windows in the sky

And clouds for stairs

And from a high balcony above

Fairies seem to sprinkle

These sweet scents

They're bliss, they're heady

They're floating miracles

These sweet scents

Dreams playing hide-and-seek

They were hiding
I found them, now it's my turn!

This colorful castle, rows
And rows of flowers

My wide eyes can just stare
And stare without tiring

They just touched me

And ran ahead, so I

Just impulsively
Ran behind them agog

Found the dreams in some boxes

Which I sorted away safely

Only to open them
When I feel alone again!

I see windows in the sky

And clouds for stairs

Fairies showing me the way
Calling out with

Sweet scents
Oh, these sweet scents!

They're bliss, they're heady

They're floating miracles

These sweet scents

How did I reach my destination
Even before the journey began?

How is there magic in the air
Without any chanting?

Let me stare at and know all the colors

Let me click a picture
Even before I see it

I see windows in the sky

And clouds for stairs

Fairies showing me the way
Calling out with

These sweet scents

They're bliss, they're heady

They're floating miracles

These sweet scents

:: Ripped by ferneiva ::