Halbe Welt (1995) - full transcript

The sun blazes down from the sky with destructive power; exposing oneself to its light means death. People have transposed everyday existence to the night. In the metropolis of HALF WORLD a culture based on various languages and lifeforms has grown rampant. Everyone is looking for a way to survive.



Delta for 118 in section 23!

And stop!




So you were arrested whilst publishing

nature photographs with another person.

Rare photographs!

Apart from that we also found
the following material,

pictures of the past.
Quite nice.


You are not entitled to this material,
you do know that!

LUNA has the monopoly
for perfect pictures.

We are the ones who sell the past.

The only ones.

What were you intending to do
with these pictures?

No profit, that's for sure.

You are very ill,

your stomach is short of collapsing,

your vocal cords are ruined,

your pupils are stained.

Our doctors believe you must have
spent at least 18 hours in the sun.

I've spent 15 years in the sun.

You must have been a child then!

Don't be so sentimental.

We need the destroyer.

You will die soon.

Enough for today!

Good morning.


Good night!

Get up.

You can't stay here any longer.

You got to find an apartment of your own.

Breakfast in the kitchen.

You were on the roof yesterday?

You were on the roof, weren't you?

It is not good for you.

Not for you, not for me,

not for daddy, not for mom,

not good for anybody.

Got myself under control.


Do you have broken electric devices?

We repair everything!

We have no time for personal service

so please use the automatic order receiver.

What have you got this stupid camera for
when you don't use it, it's me, Katz!

No time!

I might have something for you.

Why are you letting me wait outside?

It's ice - age cold.

Am I a dog or what?

Ok, I'm not angry any more.

Isn't it a wonderful night?

And so bright.

And the people,

the people swarm out like flies.

What's that?

Is it good?

A little bright, isn't it?

Now dark.

Hands off!

Katz, come here!

What's up?

Like it?

Yes, but not for money,
we can do a swap,

choose something.

What do you imagine?

This wouldn't be bad, for a start.

How many?

- 20.
- Forget it!




Eleven, but I choose 'em, ok?




Eleven, that's what you said?



Got something for you!

Quiet, quiet, quiet!

Calm down.

Come on, hand over!

What's in there?

Come on, help me!

Well, show me!

Be quiet.

What's that?
Nothing but shit.


Sunny, what's up?

Why isn't there a sign on the elevator?

Good morning!

To what does Sunny owe the pleasure,

to be about so late and late?

Where have you got these things from?

All you have to do is

- take a look around the street.
- Yes.

What are you doing here, get to work!

What can Sunny do for the guest?

Repair finished!

I am fully satisfied.

We are finished.

That'll be 26 plus 10 for day-service.

What's the matter with Herzog?

Hey, Sunny,

I will go out and have a look.


Would you keep this for me, please?

She will not do it.


I've got something to sell, wanna buy it?

I've got something to sell, wanna buy it?

Hey, have I got something to sell.

How much do you want?


This one is expensive, there's sex.


I dreamed about you.

You were dead,

and I couldn't find your corpse.

Then I went to the cemetery.

The warden told me

to look for you

and if I should find you

I could take you home with me.

Love me, please.

I am a Sailor

on this vessel called earth.

And I behold far,

unknown land.


Show me.


you can have it.


Here you have two more.

All right, enough.
Show me the necklace again, show!

You may have it.

Now give me the necklace
and now get lost.

Praise thee, sweet morning

on the hill so green

with you I would gently

raise into day

birds are singing

so joyful and gay

Praise thee sweet morning

delighted am I

Close the door!

Welcome on board.

How's it going?


That doesn't sound too good.

You got money?

I'm rather expensive.

Take me to Sunny's Bar,

there the money you will get.

"There the money you will get" sure,

they all say that.

Take these, so you won't pass out.

I don't take drugs.

And stop!

Now listen:

In here you do what I say.
Die outside.

And now off we go.

Shit, a Whitie!

Tell you something, he is after us.

He sure is.

Luna-transport 118, altering course

and tracing illegal day-cab.

In case of emergency.

Close your eyes!

Well, he is still there.

Now he's gone.

There are people, stop!

Please stop.

Maybe some other time.

Unknown individuals on Luna-territory,

need assistance.

Do you read me?

Do you read me?


What do you want to drink?


Got something for you!

Come on!

Only joking.

Keep your eyes open,

because of the pills it'll get worse

when you fall asleep.

Leave that on!

That will divert your thoughts!

Don't you like art?

Don't die now,

we're there in a minute!

For you, it's on the house!

Don't fall asleep, eyes open!

Get out of here!

This is totally obnoxious.

Piss off, Katz.

I'm supposed to deliver this.

You got money?

I'm not inexpensive.


Should take care of himself.

Did it at least pay off for Herzog?

Light floated in

and attacked me.

The sky hurt.

I wanted to stay and watch.

That Land hurt my eyes.

I ran away.

It is late.

Move over a bit, will you.

Honestly, I found it.

Nobody wanted it.

What shall I do?

Should I have left it there?

No, everybody says no.

So what are you gonna do with it?

How should I know?

What do you do with something like that?

Maybe somebody can use it.

What's that?

Isn't that one of those EGO-Videos?

That's none of your business.

Ok, I don't know anything about it.

- So?
- Nothing.

Did you hear from her?

What's that?

What is that?

What's that?

What's that, Nora darling?

A "Happy-Vision".

And this is a baby.

This one is done.

What does this Happy-Vision do?

It turns you on.

Perfect pictures, you know?


Try it, if you dare.

But it is far too beautiful for his world.

Nora darling, I am always
receptive to beauty.

Stop it, Katz!

Just joking.

Isn't it sweet my baby?

Let's talk about business.

Katz, help me!

She needs pills.

Now you take care of her.

Ok, Repro, what say we do business?

Let's do it, everybody says, let's do it.


Ciao, Repro.



What's up, Herzog?

Keep him away from me,
throw Katz out!

Please, please.

See what I brought for you.

From me to you,

my last one.

Try it!

Beautiful, isn't it?

Look I show you the other button.

You gotta try this!

Don't understand

English or German?

A "Happy-Vision", understand?

Do you like to watch.

What is?
What shall I say?

Perfect pictures

Herzog, how do you like it?

Darling, you like it?

What's the matter?

You are an asshole!

My words!

Do you have broken electric devices?

We repair everything.

We have no time for personal service,

use the automatic order receiver.

Thanks for your order.


Arrest her!

You are the man on the sofa, right?


How did you find me?

Well, we're not stupid, are we.

It is beautiful here.


And all these people live here?

That's why people live in the whole world.

And where do they really live?

No idea.

What was that?

It happens, better get used to it.

So why don't they all live here?

That's not possible.

There's too many of us.

You Whities watch over all of this?

We organize the transport
and protect the devices.

So you've come
to take back my device?

That's right.

What happens to the man on the sofa?

The man on the sofa
you will never see again.

What have we got here?

Take everything, get to work!

And what about him?

Leave him there.

Luna Video presents:

Mountain peak n. 3.

Luna whises you a pleasant
and enjoyable experience.

Good luck!

Fight the crooked skunks!




Repro, come on.

Make the most out of this night,

LUNA-sun is just right at 11 tonight.

So party on and a warm welcome

to all the new guests.

Perfect time of the third kind,

indulge in all with the LUNA-card.

This is for you,

I got it for you.

Isn't that great?

I knew you would like it.

Come on, Herzog.

Lie down, ok?

All right.

Would you like something to drink?

I got water, whiskey,

I got eggnog,

we have this sugary American stuff.

I might as well cook something for you:

I got beans and pickles, eggs,

whatever you want.

I am sure you are a great cook.

But I just don't feel like having pickles

and eggs or beans.

Good morning.

Your orders, please!



How's it going.
Any better?

Is that good?

Is that good?

Got something for you, a video.

Come to me after time.

Get down!

I am a friend

This meeting is illegal,

everybody get out!

You are in violation of the monopoly!

Destroy the devices!

Got something to sell.

Take off your clothes!

Get lost!

Flamingo Bay

Flamingo Bay

When the monkeys danced

we planted banana trees

Limbo, merengue, samba, tsa-tsa-tsa

The coconut is sunbathing
on the beach

Colonial chicks taught us
how to kiss,

Flamingo Bay, it was a great time

deluxe-Videotitel, Wien