Halal Love Story (2020) - full transcript

A group of friends attempt to make a 'halal' film that conforms to the guidelines and descriptions of an Islamic organization which they are a part of.

In America's colonial history,

9/11 is a day that can never be forgotten.

We realize that this historic day

depicts more than the fall
of the World Trade Center.

It was a trigger

for America's neo-invasionist policy.

The dance of neo-imperialism
has displayed its evil fangs.

As I speak,

statistics make it evident
that 75 countries

are clearly being subject
to various forms of imperialism.

From South Dakota in 1890 to Iraq in 2003,

one hundred and thirty-five countries
have been invaded

-by America and exploitation...
-Stop right there.

Over here,

insert photos of America bombing
some places.

Let's go eat some mutta bomb
and continue after?

Raheem Sahib...

shouldn't we be editing a movie?

How long will we keep editing speeches?

Don't you know
how we pushed things this far?

As we belong
to a progressive social organization,

shouldn't we naturally flourish?


let me tell you...

Our social organization is like a bus
on a downhill drive.

We can't maneuver
the hairpin bends hastily.

One may have to stop,

maybe back up a little,

and carefully turn it around
to reach the bottom of the hill.

I hope we reach downhill.

Shaheel, do you have any good movie
that kids can watch?

Not cartoons, but a real movie.

I believe you must have already watchedMessage and Lion of the desert?

Yeah! Several times.

Not those type of movies.
I want an entertaining movie.

Beyond the usual songs, dance and fights.

Not lovers running around trees,
not men beating each other up.

Then I think you must watch
this Iranian movie.

Children of Heaven.
You must watch it.

Will you copy it for me on a disk?

"The most beautiful one!"

"Glory and praise be yours, Allah!"

"The most beautiful one!"

"Glory and praise be yours, Allah!"

"Oh, the crescent of our inner world"

"Grace of our eyes"

"Logos of our ears"

"Perfection of this world"

"The sweet fragrance of a flower
Swaying in breeze"

"The most beautiful one!"

"Glory and praise be yours, Allah!"




"Oh, the mighty King who made mountains"

"The brave-hearts in this graceful world"

"Garnish our deeds, stern and steadfast"

"In our intention of truth"

"Oh, our love,
Who sprouted hearts full of love"

"In the moonlit meadows of all mysteries"

"Let the words that I speak"

"Be pearls that sparkle in your light"

"The most beautiful one!"

"Glory and praise be yours, Allah!"


Where can I get some water to drink?

Who dried my undying well?

Where can I get some water to drink?"

If you are going to ask
for water in this manner,

the village folk
will throw you into a well.

And you will end up drinking water there.

Our message should penetrate the hearts
of people like resounding thunder.

We perform on the streets.

Here's your drinking water, drink up,
and then go to sleep.

Don't you have to leave tomorrow?






Did the children perform Isha prayers?


I have to reach there
in time for morning prayer.

Will you wake me up?

Shall I blast a loud cracker?

Might need it.


[man singing]

[cycle rattling]

[groans] Allah!



Are you okay?

No, I am alright!

-Can I get some white flour?

-Do you want some water to drink?
-Uh, no.

[hisses] Bring me some hot water too.


You know, I have done a good deed today.

Gratitude to Almighty Allah.

Now I am wondering if it's a bad deed.


Oh, Lord, forgive me!

Can't believe our people have
to keep looking at this haraam poster.

There's nothing halal
in this town to watch.

Even you tried so hard
to make a halal movie.

Nothing ever worked out.

You know...

Our organization
and our religious community...

You keep saying
it's a downhill bus ride.

Why don't you get off that bus
and try walking?

If the bus passes by again,

wave and get back in.

History shows that a sheep
out of the flock will be hunted first.

Yes... There are people
suitable for this job in my bus itself.

Let me try again.


I am with this! Are you?

[all singing]Who are we going to stand with?

Who are you going to stand with?

Who are we going to stand with?
Who are you going to stand with?

Who are we going to stand with?
Who are you going to stand with?

Who are we going to stand with?
Who are you going to stand with?

Dear people, Kerala is rich
in its water sources,

its water reservoirs...

Our very renowned--

I often think...

...God's own country.

Our talent is whiling away
in street plays and theater.

We can't act in movies

because we don't have movies
that suit our beliefs.

Raheem Sahib, you will answer
to Allah one day

for letting my talent go to waste.

-Yes, you!

Competent people like you
are not giving us opportunities.

How can I bring change alone?

Shereef, how many people

in our art committee
will be ready to make a movie?


We need righteous and talentedMu'min artists and performers.

Talent alone will not do.

He has to be efficient.

Someone that our organization can trust.

You and I don't enjoy that trust.

You are right. We do not.

[both] Thoufeeq!

Orator, author, prolific organizer.

Scholar, young, trustworthy.

A promising person.

Pious Muslim man,

5 feet 8 inch tall,

pleasing and good looking.

Postgraduate in Malayalam language.

Postgraduate in Malayalam language.

Soliciting marriage proposals

from artistic and pious
young Muslim girls.


I heard this on the bus.
Can't get it out of my head.

Are you sure you heard
the song in the bus?

You have to wait a bit longer.

He says he will come after
the 59th minute.

Why the 59th minute?
Why not the entire 60 minutes?

He is playing a movie in class.

A movie?

Thoufeeq Sahib!

[children laughing]

Raheem Sahib, I can't believe
we are discussing this again.

How much did I chase you
to do a movie project?

Remember what you told me then?

"We are not yet ready
and our organization have limitations."

Thoufeeq, now we are ready.

However, we have certain constraints.

There is no lack of constraints.

Thoufeeq Sahib,

this may not be an easy job,

but neither is it impossible.

We will do it.


Am I the problem?

You have to remove the thought

that this is not possible
within our organization.

Okay, done. Now what?

-Now we move on to the next step.

Thoufeeq, you come with your best script

and let's call an emergency meeting
of the arts wing.

Then let's get the approval.

We will write a heart-wrenching
recommendation to our leadership.

To lead this project, we need a smart,
trustworthy and efficient person.

Thoufeeq, you are that person.

Here is the concise form of the script.

Many here have already read this.

Here is the thing,

we can't make a big budget movie.

Let's make a one hour-long tele-cinema.

The producers at Malayalam Channel
have agreed to telecast it on Eid al-Adha.

We have found an apt director also.

By the way,
all these are open for discussion.

What I want to share is,
that we are ready with everything.

Sahib, on agendas like this,

our committee here does not have
the power to make final decisions.

A project like this
needs money and people.

Therefore, we need complete support
from our parent organization,

without that it would be difficult
to move forward.

Why not send a recommendation letter
to the leadership?

Well, yeah, we can do that, however,
this committee needs to approve first.

Let's discuss.
What is your opinion about this idea?

-We are open to it.

-Who will direct this movie?
-Thoufeeq knows a person.

If we approve the proposal today,

our next step will be
to meet the director.

-Does he have experience?
-He does.

He has worked as associate director
in the industry for more than 15 years.

What's his name?

Siraj. He is from Thriprayar.

Wouldn't it be better to get a director

"'acceptable for entire public?"

Siraj is a mainstream movie maker.
He has worked with renowned directors.

-That's not what he meant.
-I will explain.

Thoufeeq Sahib, for example,


Shaji, Joshy,


Fazil... No, not Fazil.
I meant, Thampi Annanthanam.

Likewise, somebody who has
wide "acceptance in public."

Although his name is Siraj,
he is "acceptable for public"

Thoufeeq, what we mean is,

as members of a plural society,

the intentions of this project
would be...ideal

if the director
is "acceptable for the public."

Siraj does not offer namaz.
That itself is semi-acceptable.

Also, he sufficiently smokes and drinks.

In entirety,
he is "acceptable for the public"

Let's momentarily pause this discussion.

If all of us are ready to go ahead
with this idea,

as the first step,

to prepare the recommendation
and take this project forward

let's appoint Thoufeeq

and Raheem Sahib to assist him.

What is your opinion?

-It's a good idea.
-We agree!

[all] Allahu Akbar!

Since we have arrived at a decision,
let's conclude this meeting.

I hereby invite Nuaiman Sahib
to deliver the official vote of thanks.

-You do it.
-No, you have to do it!

[speaking in Urdu]

What is permissible is very clear,

and what is forbidden, too, is very clear.

Between the two, is an ambiguous area,

albeit a risky area.

What allows us to enter this gray area
is our intention towards God.

As you already know,

every action is accepted by God
based on our intention.

Ya Allah, please guide our intentions
in the right direction.


May He reunite us all
in Jannat Ul-Firdaus.

-and bless us all.-Ameen!

[upbeat music playing]

-My dear, Thoufeeq.

-What if we end up dying in this bar!
-Raheem Sahib!

Look for him.


Is anyone around?

Come here.

Where the hell were you?

One beer, right?
I need one beer and one small.

Dear, Lord!

Biju asked us to come see you.


I am sorry. Please sit.

What would you like to drink?

-They also serve juice or cola here.

One beer and one small.

Now tell me, what's your movie about?

The movie is titled
"Moonamathum Umma."

Is it a romantic movie?


"Umma" as in "mother".

Let me explain the context.

Once a follower
of the Prophet Muhammed...

Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.

...approached him.

He asked, "Dear, Prophet,
to whom do I owe the best deeds to?"

The Prophet answered, "Your mother".

He asked again,
still the answer was "Your mother."

And the third time,

again Prophet answered, "Your mother."

It is only the fourth time
that the Prophet answered, "Your father."

This is the message of our movie.

Nice message.

It might however be good
to change the title of the movie.

Sure, we can think about it.

Mister, what would it cost
to make this movie?

How can we estimate the budget
without looking at the script?

But could you tell us
an approximate cost?


We can't estimate the cost
without reading the script.

We can't just weigh the script
and tell you the budget.

In times like these when Islam and Muslims
are being misunderstood across the globe,

this movie is important.

Yes, I understand that it is relevant.

Let's see.

Allow us to go over it once,

-and then we will let you know.


-Okay, see you.

Okay, see you.

See you.

Sounds like a joke.

They're nice folks.

"Moonamathum Umma."

Let's give them a high budget
and get rid of them.

Don't just get rid of them like that.

Let's take whatever is on offer.

These religious guys
have tons of Gulf money.

What about my movie?
When will we do it?

It's been eight months now
talking about your movie.

No work, no money...

Here, hand me the script.

Looks like this will be
a ten days shoot.

I will chart this for you for eight days.

In that case, let's read it once.

[man speaking over speakers]

The vultures who trade in arms
for the total destruction of the world,

together we pledge for the children
of Iraq shattered by war.

Let us boycott the products
of the monopoly empire.

"In a stream of blood, lie dead, slit"

"Children of Baghdad and lost childhoods"

"In a stream of blood..."

Thoufeeq, we have received a circular.

However, there is a condition.

What condition?

"This is Baghdad"

"The same Baghdad from an old tale
That my mother once told me"

"This is Baghdad"

"The same Baghdad from an old tale
That my mother once told me"


I won't return the salaam
to George Bush.

This is Shereef.
You may return his greeting.

Walaikum Assalam.

So, how far have we reached
with our movie?

We have received a circular.


"This movie and the plans...
etc... etc..."

"However, it is not possible

for all our followers in the organization
to accept movie making."

"Inspite of this challenge,

the Arts Committee may
independently proceed with this project."

"The organization is willing to give
adequate human resource."


the Arts Committee has to raise the funds
for this project independently."

"A recommendation letter to aid
with the fund-raising

is attached herewith."

"May God help us realize all our dreams.
Our prayers are with you."


"Yours sincerely, Secretary."

That means all we have is this letter
and their moral support.

We have to get this going on our own.

How the hell is this gonna work?

Do you know what is more difficult
to obtain than money?

Permission! We now have that in our hands.

Money, we will raise no matter what.


That's why we have you.

How come all of you are still here?

We are about to burn George Bush's effigy.
We should go now.

Shereef Sahib,
I suggest you change this attire.

What if they mistake you for Mr. Bush
and burn you.

Inquilab Zindabad.

[crowd] Inquilab Zindabad.

You who quench your hunger with bullets.

[crowd] You who quench
your hunger with bullet's.

We salute the children of Iraq!

[crowd] We salute the children of Iraq!

You who face American missiles.

[crowd] You who face American missiles.

We salute the mothers of Iraq,
you who face American missiles.

[crowd] We salute the mothers of Iraq.

-Will you please sound the horn?
-[horn honks]

Brother-in-law, hi.

Your daughter has a slight fever.

Your wife has asked not to bring her out.

I promise to leave
after I give her this cycle.

Not right now. Listen to me, please.
Now is not a good time.

-Will you give this money to her?
-No, no!

-Come on! Please.
-There's no need for this, I am around.

No, please.

Are you working
on any project at the moment?

Let's take my kid to a doctor.
We will drop her after the consultation.

It is not that bad.

-I guess, I'll leave then.

[telephone keys clicking]

[mobile ringing]


Assalamualaikum. This is Thoufeeq.

Yes, Thoufeeq.

How are you? Hope you are well.

God willing, all will be well.

I wanted to discuss
about our movie budget with you.

People are saying
it's a bit too high.

We are not shooting a movie right...

It's just a TV cinema.

Exactly. That's why I have
given you this budget.

This budget is based on the script.

I am only discussing the fee
for my assistant and I.

You may pay the rest of the workers
as you please.

You may figure out food
and all other arrangements yourself,

based on your budget.

We are not going to interfere.


-Let's do it that way then.
-Alright, then.


You seem to be extra kind today.

After many years,
somebody cared to ask me how I am doing.

I am returning the kindness.

If we pay what we have now as advance,

we can shoot for two days.

Once we raise money
for a total of five days,

we can commence shooting.

How much money
do we need for that?

Fifty thousand.

In that case,

let's start door-to-door collection
tomorrow onwards.

We will surely raise the money.

-My dear, Thoufeeq.

Why don't we say it's a documentary
instead of movie to the donors?

That's not necessary.

We will convey the truth.
If he wants to give, he will.

Alright, Inshallah.

I have some interest money
lying in my bank account.

How about using that money
to make this movie?

Would you give that money
if it's for the mosque fund?

-No. I wouldn't.
-How about for an Islamic school?

Of course... not!

If that's the case,
we don't want it either.

Our intentions are pure.

We do not want money
that you consider haraam.

Maybe you should donate it
to poor people with heavy debts.

Well, then, Kunjaputtika.Assalamualaikum.


people who have understood
the needs of this project,

and interested people are encouraged
to contribute for this movie."

Non-interested people
need not contribute, right?

We are here particularly
to get non-interested people interested.

You mean, get me interested
and get money out of me?

It's heavy weights like you
that we seek refuge in.

Since when do you like
heavy weight business owners?

Don't you always say that
capitalism must be destroyed?

Capitalism needs to be destroyed,
not entrepreneurs.

Oh, the difference!

Capitalism means America.

-Entrepreneur means, you, Abukka!
-Oh, like that!

How much money do you guys need?

-Twenty thousand.
-That means half of twenty.

Jazakallah Khair.

Do give us the cheque.


-Return the photographs.

These are photographs
of famous Malayalam serial actors.

If we cast professionals like them,
we can shoot as per schedule.

That is a guarantee.

Oh, hey...

Will you guys be joining us for lunch?

Yes, of course. Most definitely.


Director sir,

the hero-heroine in our movie
are a married couple.


Won't it be better if we cast
a real life married couple?

Why would we do that?

To avoid the discomfort
between two strangers

that they might have
while acting as a couple.

These are professional actors.

They will do it effortlessly.

A real life couple
will make it look more realistic.

It will enhance
their chemistry in our movie.

Not just that, we have
a few recommendations for these roles.

Let me tell you
the real reason, director sir.

We have pushed very hard
to get this movie this far.

Not everyone in our organization agrees
with our plan to make this movie.

On top of that,
if two strangers act as husband and wife,

our people won't appreciate it.

And this will cut down the costs as well.

Here's my deal,

we have to start shoot on the 10th
and finish on the 22nd.

The location is not ready yet.
I don't have time to waste over casting.

The actors we are suggesting are good.
They have street theater experience.

-Are you absolutely sure?
-We guarantee.

Okay, we'll give it a shot.

But the risk won't be mine.



Walaikum Assalam.


What should a wife do
for her husband to fulfill his duties?

Shouldn't the husband
be fulfilling his duties himself?

What has the wife got to do with it?

That is not what I meant.

When a husband attempts
to fulfill his duties,

what support
would the wife ideally give?

Good support.

I am going to give you
a terrific opportunity.


Hold this.


-Shake it...
-I am doing it.

I may have to oblige

to play the lead role of our movie.

So your duty is...

Only if you act as my wife in the movie,

I will be allowed to do the role.

Tell me, Suhra,

if I become the hero,
will you be my heroine?

God almighty says he does not burden
any soul beyond the limit it can bear,

chapter two, Holy Quran.

Please fold this garment.

No way! Impossible!

Her and I?
As husband and wife?


So is this what you are up to these days?

We are respectable people.

Quran class, conferences...

These were just excuses
to legitimize your vagrant behavior.

Sorry. Please don't be offended.

Primarily, she is not
a member of our organization.

Let me try and speak to her once more.

Don't. First and foremost,

introduce our organization properly
to your wife.

We'll think about acting after that.

Why did you even call us
if she isn't a member?

I thought we could experiment...

Oh... Some experiment that was!


-Walaikum Assalam

What's up?

We have exhausted
our list of potential actors.

What about me?

You are a cop.

Is the hero a cop?

The hero is not a cop,
but you are acting as a cop.

Will Suhra act?

You are the only one
who can convince Suhra.

Can you ask the State President
of our organization to call Suhra?

She will definitely listen
to the leadership.

The thing is, we want you to act
as your husband's wife.

That is what I do every day.


See. This is the exact talent
we are seeking.

Come, Suhra, someone important wants
to speak with you.

-Walaikum Assalam.

-This is Raheem.-Is the matter resolved?

-We have discussed the matter.-Okay.

-Now you too speak with her.-Okay. Is she there?

-Here she is. I'll give her the phone.-Okay.

[whispering] State President.

-Walaikum Assalam.

How are you, Suhra?


I'll come straight to the point.

This is regarding the discussion
Raheem and Thoufeeq had with you.

I want you to consider
their proposal in all seriousness.

None of us are cinema experts.

When a need arises, we have to step in.
It's simply just another activity

like you chanting slogans
in our organized protests.

So, think and decide accordingly.




[reciting Quran]

Finish this tea and then go.

You are always busy.


I am starting a new venture.

I know you are always praying for me,

but this time I want you to pray
a little more than usual

I am a bit scared...

You don't worry, my dear,
I will tell Allah.

-Okay. Assalamualaikum.
-Walaikum Assalam.


"I slip without falling"

"I move now aware"

"Without falling short"

"Without spilling"

"Time and again"

"Fulfilled, my heart chants"

"Bismillah, Bismillah"

"Bismillah, Bismillah"

"Bismillah, Bismillah"

-Walaikum Assalam.

Beautiful house.

This is not the pattern I am looking for.

We need a different set up.
Thoufeeq, I am not happy with this.


Why don't we look at my house?

What about your mom?

Mom is in Dubai with my brother.

I will convince her.

Let's give it a shot.

-[knocking on window]


I'll be right back.

I had gone to the library.

Sundaran sir had asked me
to read this book.

Show me the book.



Come on in.

Things just got easy.

You two can shoot here
and thereafter sleep here itself.

-Damn lucky you are.

"All that I do, begins from you"

"Flows through you"

"Flows back to you"

"My world fills with your thousand names"



"The whole world fills
With your glorious name"

"The whole world fills
With your glorious name"

"Bismillah, Bismillah, Bismillah"

"I am one whole now"

"I slip without falling"

"I move now aware"

"Time and again"

"Fulfilled, my heart chants"

"Bismillah, Bismillah"

"Bismillah, Bismillah"

"Bismillah, Bismillah"

"Bismillah, Bismillah"


Raheem Sahib, is this ritual necessary?

It is their reverence towards their craft.

Our director is definitely syncretic.

Thoufeeq, who will inaugurate?

Raheem Sahib?

Kareem Sahib.

[coconut shatters]

Watch where you are throwing!

[in Hindi] Sir, please lower your voice.

Stay calm.

Your first shot is ready.
Shall we start?

Ready. Bismillah.

Not you, just her.

Yeah. Bismillah.

No, we don't need Bismillah, only Suhra.

When the light isn't so harsh,
we'll step out,

-and you plan it accordingly. Alright?


Your shot is very simple.

Postman arrives,

gives you a letter,

you receive the letter happily,

it's your job appointment letter.

Shall we start?

This is not a tense scene.

You must receive the letter happily.

And then you go back into the house.

[mumbles] I want to talk
to my husband once.


-Yeah, okay. I will call him.
-Let's hurry then.

Why don't you wait outside.
I will call him.

Sir, please come.

She wants to talk to you.

-What happened?
-I am scared.

You don't need to worry
just because I'm not there in this scene.

How can I be there
in all the scenes with you?

It is good that you are alone
in the first scene.

You need to get used to this as well.

No! Do not do that.
That will make a sound.

And when you hand it over, quietly...

-Can't allow the sound of your footsteps.
-Okay, sir.


Are you okay?

Abhi, go call her. That's enough.

That too will make a sound.

Artist ready? Let's begin!

[in Hindi] Don't yell, watch the sound.



Are we ready?

Yes, sir, getting ready. One minute.


-[loudly] Silence!

Ready! Sound rolling.


And action!

Cut, cut.

You don't stay there,
give the letter and go.

But... where do I go?


Give the letter and go that way.


Okay, sir, ready.


-Ready. Ready for take. Stand by.
-Ready, sir.

[loudly] Silence!


And action!

Cut, cut, cut! [groans]

You have to take the cycle with you!

You get it?


Thoufeeq, these actors
are members of our organization.

Ask the director to be polite.

Their families are watching.

Could be because this is our first day.
I will talk to him.


-Excuse me...
-Get out of here!

Can you all please move away.

Director is getting tensed.

-When did you arrive, Thoufeeq?
-I have been here since morning.

Ready for take. Stand by.

Ready. Ready, ready.


And action!

Cut, cut, cut.

-What happened?
-Sorry, sir...

-A thud sound...
-[clothes sloshing in distant]

What is it?

-Washing sound... Laundry...
-Someone please go and stop them!


-Aslam, go check it out!

What is wrong
if this sound is in the movie, my dear?

Director asked me to stop you.

But this sound
is the sound of our village life.

What is wrong
if they hear it in the movie?

My dear son, my children
are going to reach home after school.

I have to first finish this
and then make lunch.

I can't stop this midway.
Get out of here!

As you say.

-[clothes sloshing in distant]
-Our dialogues are drowning

in the loud laundry sounds,

audience won't be able to hear
the movie dialogues.

I will take the laundry sounds separately.

As of now, please ask them to stop.
Got it?


Sister, please!



Ambience. Don't move.

Two minutes.

Stand by.

Ready for take. Silence!

Sound rolling!

[birds chirping]

[chirping continues]

Why is everyone standing so still?

I think they are playing
the national anthem.

Maybe today's work is over.

-I guess.

National anthem right,
let's stand in attendance.

Can't hear anything though.

Right. I am sure they can hear it.

If they can hear it,
we should also be able to hear it.

That's right.

Have we gone deaf?

We are not deaf!

-Can you hear what I am saying?
-Yes, I can.

Who is it? Who's talking there?

-You remember the dialogues, right?
-I am ready.

Are you ready?

Let's pan slowly.

The artists are ready.

Ready. Ready. Ready for take.

[loudly] Silence!

Ready, sir.

[rooster crowing]


[rooster clucking]


-[In Hindi] Murga...


-Not that "Muruga"


Someone take care of the hen!

In the yard.
Right side of the house.

[rooster crowing]


That's it... That's the hen!

[cooker hissing]

Cooker! Cooker... Pressure cooker!

[hissing stops]

[blender whirring]


[whirring stops]

[baby crying]

Aw, baby crying.

I hear a baby crying.

[crying stops]

[man reciting praying over speakers]

Silence... silence... Silence, please!

-Not ready, sir. Sound not ready, sir.

Call for prayers.
There are a lot of mosques here.

Six minutes, sir.

"Congratulations! A government job!"

-Make up.


-Stand by.

Sound rolling, sir!

-Rolling, sir.

And action!

There is something special
inside this pot.

Open the lid.

Oh, boiled paper!

Cut, cut, cut.

Shereef, be at ease. Act naturally.

You are supposed to joke.

Alright, sir. Got it.

Okay, one more.

-Stand by.

Who is that laughing? Silence!

[exhales deeply] Ready, sir.

Ready, sir.

And action.

-There is a letter in this dish.

And action!

There is something special in this pot.
Open the lid.

-[chuckles] Boiled chickpeas...
-Cut, cut.

And action!

There is something special in this pot.
Open the lid.

[chuckles] Boiled paper!

My favorite dish!

Try it.

I mean, open it.

Cut, cut.

I guess, that'll do.
Let's go for the next shot.

Was that shot okay?

-Yes, I'm okay with it.
-I am not okay with the sound.

We can't keep shooting forever.

How can it be okay
unless the sound is okay?

Will the shot be okay
just with the right sound?

-You will get it on the close-up shot.

-But the sound...
-Abhi, set up the close shot!

Let's go for
the close shot, Jaggu brother.

-Why am I even here!
-You will get it in the close shot, sir.

Setup the close up shot.

[loudly] Silence!

Ready for take!

[distant laughter]

Who the hell is laughing
in the background?

Ah, ready, sir.


-[bike starting]
-Rolling, sir.

There is a motorbike.
Someone started a bike.

A bike.


Ready, ready.


[softly] Rolling.

-Not ready.

-Ready, sir. Rolling!
-And action!

Congratulations! You are now
a government employee!

Cut, cut.


Can we shoot someone else?

-Looks like there is a problem.

What problem?

We have scheduled
only their scenes.

A different scene, other actors.

Want to watch a different performance
for a change.

Let's take the dining table scene then.

-There are more people in that scene.
-Okay, let's do that.


Brother, come, let's do your scene.

All of you.

All the best.

-Hey... All the best
-Pray for us!

Everything is in your hands.

Do your best.

-Save the day. Please!
-You don't worry.


And action!

Shouldn't we conclude on the land matter?

In my opinion,
let Shuaib buy that piece of land.

What's your opinion?

I have no objections.

Shuaib's wife is a government official.

She can take a bank loan.

At least, let them be salvaged.

If they take a bank loan,
it's the bank who will be salvaged.

Phew! [sighs]

Let's pack up!

We need to discuss
whether to move forward with this.

Don't pack up yet.
I have to record ambience sound,

room sounds...
People, don't move for two minutes.

Don't move. Everyone... Ambience

Going for take. [loudly] Silence!


Some of you wait here.

Rest of us can go and speak with them.

Usman brother, let's go.

-Walaikum Assalam.

Shereef, these people have something
to say to you.

They have a slight discomfort
to convey this to you.

However, I took the lead

and that is why I am here now.

What is it, sister? Go on.

Don't we all have a right to live here
and do our daily chores.

When you ask us to stay silent,
we have to stay silent,

isn't that so?

But asking us to put our chores on hold
for your production,

what type of deal is that?

I am aware that our shoot
is causing you inconvenience.

So you are doing this deliberately.

It's not like that...

Let's talk.

-We'll figure out a way.

You guys over there, please come.

Kunjappa, get some tea for everyone.

Please sit.

Shereef, please call Raheem Sahib.

We need to find a solution for this.


Alcohol, tension and a blazing headache.

No worries, rest for some time.

I don't want to rest.
Find a solution for this mess.

Director sir, please sit.

I don't want to sit!

What the hell is all this?
Who are all these people?

Are you people serious about this film?

There is a phone call
for one of you Sahib.

-Who is it?
-Some other Sahib.

There is some problem at the shooting set.
Village folk have assembled.

I'll go and have a look.

It's over there.

Our actors are ready
to do anything for us.

That is not what I need.
I want people who can act.

Shouldn't a good director
be able to make them act?

Then go find a good director.

No, you are good.

You have no idea what I am going through.

My movie... It's exasperating.

Even I'm at fault here.

Siraj brother...

Our actors are innocent people.

Please don't fire them.
They will get hurt.

What about my pain?

Can we find a way
that won't cause pain to either party?

I will bring an acting trainer.

We will include
whoever the trainer selects,

the rest will be hurt.

For the remaining roles,
I will find other actors.

-I agree.
-You have to.

That's the only solution.

You are not firing me, I am quitting.

Your movie does not deserve sync sound.

You guys are just... Well, whatever...

Give me my money.

Why are your hands trembling?

Looks like
there's an extra 50 rupees in here.


My father was a fish seller.

I learnt this howl from him.

Let's all try and howl once,
from our heart.

Go for it!

[all howling]

You guys must have heard
much about the process of acting.

It's a journey of discovering
the self and stuff like that.

Acting is not just all that.

Acting is like...

Like a...

A mutiny with the self.

Meaning, we all have certain assumptions
about ourselves.

We can't become characters
without fighting these assumptions.

Are you guys ready for this mutiny?
Shall we start?

Shake your hands and legs.

And relax.

Take a deep breath.



[all exhale gruntingly]

Release your body down.

Raheem Sahib,

if the leaders of our organization
see this, will we be in trouble?

We don't answer to these leaders,
we answer to Allah.

I am not afraid in Allah's matter.

Allah will understand our situation.

That's all that matters.

Our next exercise is a surprise.

I won't tell you how to enact it.

I am going to give you a word.

You have to enact it

in the manner you perceive it.


Is that a waterfall?

Now storm!
Transform yourselves into a storm.

A storm is blowing!

It is knocking down
everything in its way!

A light breeze.



An earthquake!

Earthquake, massive earthquake...

Okay, okay, okay!
Clap! Clap! Clap!

You need to perform in tandem
with my action and emotion.

I will transition from one emotion
to another without telling you.

Let's start.

[breathing heavily]






Okay, stop.

Stop! Wow!

Your performances were effortless.

Excellent! Very good!

That was smooth.

Well done!

[woman sobbing]



I am tying your eyes,

however, to not see anything
you need to keep your eyes closed.

See all you can in your mind.

Lead your mind to become
who you really want to be,

to the sights you really want to see.

Sights that are there
only in your memories,

sights that may occur
only in your dreams,

happy sights that can overwhelm
you with tears.

All of a sudden...

Just like that
change the pace of your vision!

Throw your most painful memory
before yourself!

Now you may all open your eyes.

I am going to change
all of your seating locations.




You guys need to sit where you are
and talk freely.

There may be someone
sitting next to you and listening,

or maybe not.

But you need to talk with the belief
that someone's listening to you.

You could talk about anything.

It could be about a pain lingering
from the past in your memories.

It could be anything.

[exhales deeply]

I know a story.

The story of a girl.

There's a question in her story...

that still troubles me.

The girl has two sisters.

Their darling father...

passed away.

That night,

the three sisters and their husbands

got together to talk about father's debts.

Everyone knows that Dad has debts.

As his eldest daughter,

I take responsibility for his debts.


I pardon him for all the debts he owes me.

Dad had borrowed much
from both sisters and their husbands.

Both said they don't want the money back.

I pardon him too
for all the debts he owes me.

Dad had requested
the third son-in-law also for a loan.

Not only did he not give him any loan,

he spoke inappropriately
about the dead man.

I also pardon him
for all the debts he owes me.

What he said was not true.

She couldn't understand why he lied
about the dead man.

This question still bothers her.

Everybody, untie your eye-bands.

-[all inhale]

[all exhale gruntingly]

-[all inhale]

[all exhale gruntingly]

-[all inhale]

[all exhale gruntingly]

We had a wonderful training session
over the past two days.

Let's give our trainer a loud applause.

Our trainer Haseena
will now announce the names

of the actors selected for our movie.

Rest of you,

please look at it as learning curve
and a chance to correct your mistakes.

Thank you.

Let's announce the list.

I am going to do a very tough job now.

This can be cruel,

but this is my job.

And then, this is what I get paid for.

Give me the list.

We have selected six people out of you.

When your name is announced,
please come forward and line up.

I am sorry to the rest of you

and I wish you all the best
for your future.


[all applauding]





[scattered applause]


[scattered applause]

This is the list of people
who are not selected.

What about Shereef?

Suhra's husband?

Isn't it decided
that Suhra's real life husband

will only act as her husband?

-Isn't that so, Siraj sir?

-Suhra's husband...

Shereef, you may also come. It's alright.

Congratulations to all! Thank you.

Thoufeeq Sahib,

when we had set forth on this journey,

we came ready to sacrifice our body,
money, pride and what not.

Our rewards are not in this world,

it is in the hereafter.

Our prayers are with you.

I'll leave then.

-Walaikum Assalam.

Debt is not just a loan...

there are other aspects also.


During the wedding,
I did not ask for any dowry,

neither did I accept dowry,
although, that is the convention.

Those are debts as well.

I did not accept the offerings

her brothers-in-law accepted
from her father.

Those are debts as well.

Those are the debts
that I pardoned her father for.

Why have you stopped talking to me?

I have to learn my dialogues.

But you don't have a dialogue
in the upcoming scene.

Acting is not just
about dialogue delivery.

Add some smoke, please.

Liked it?

Ready. Ready.

Good to go, sir.


And action!

Leave it in the bathroom,
I will call mom.

Mom, I have kept hot water
in the bathroom.

-Go take a bath. It's late.

What if she is employed,

she attends to this household perfectly.

May God bless her!


Girls have to do all household chores.

When I got married, your mother...

Don't repeat it like a tape.
I said nothing.


Was the focus alright?

Suhra was brilliant!

Her chemistry with others
is working out well.

Did you burn your hands?


-What's next?
-The song cut.


Do you want
some more chammanthi?

Suhra, the shot is ready.
Hurry up, please.

Ready, sir.

Have a drink.

Thoufeeq, come here for a moment.

Can we really drink this?

When circumstantially obliged, we can.

What is the problem?

There is no problem,
we are just clarifying a concern.

This is not alcohol,
it's an aerated beverage. You can drink.

We know this is not alcohol,
and alcohol is haraam.

We don't drink cola.

No, we don't.

-Why is that?
-That is a political stance.

What politics is that?

How about black tea?

-We can give it to you without sugar.
-We are fine with sugar too.

I'll be back in a minute.

Three black tea, please.

Ready, sir.





-Hello.-Hello, yes.

Is Bilal available?

Uh, he is not home.

Oh, is it?

Who is it speaking?
Would you like to leave a message?

No, I am his friend.

Shall I ask him to call back?

-That's alright, I will call tomorrow.

Alright then.

What is it?

Your brother-in-law is not at home.

Shall we leave?



My darling!

You have become lean, my dear!

Where have you been, Dad?

I was at work, honey.

You have become weak, my darling.


Isn't this the cycle you wanted?

-Isn't it?

Come, let's ride.

-Do you like it?

Take it for a spin!

-Honey... come here...
-[clicks tongue]

Come inside, Siraj.

Are you kidding me?

Or are you serious?

Don't you know the answer already.

I am leaving, darling.

When will you come back?

Soon, my dear.

-When are you getting married?
-April 18th.


Will you please tell me
what is going on in your mind?

What you said at the training
was not appropriate.

When that trainer asked us
to reveal our hearts,

I spoke unintentionally.

Had someone overheard,
what would they think about me?

No one else heard anything,
you are the only one who heard.

That's my good fortune.

But how could you decide
to speak about it?

I realized only during the training
that this incident is still burdening me.

Is it my mistake that I can't forget?

Or is it your mistake that you said
such awful things about me?

I didn't say such a thing.

Do you mean I'm a liar?


that's not what I mean.

I meant you misunderstood me.

Cut, cut, cut.


Shereef, relax a little bit.

-Did you forget your dialogue?
-The scene was sudden...

Were you not briefed about the scene?


-Have you not briefed Shereef?

The two of you are arguing

about what the husband told his mother
about his wife.

In order to please your mother,
you spoke ill about your wife on purpose.

What we mean is,

in order to appease your mother,

you spoke ill about your wife.
That's all there is.

-One could put it that way.
-Let's just put it that way.


You guys are a real life couple,

enact the way you naturally fight at home.

Such a thing never happens between us,
that's why this scene is difficult.


Cool. Hmm.

Let's do it again. Okay.

And action!

Is it my mistake that I can't forget?

Or is it your mistake that you said
such awful things about me?

I didn't say such a thing!

Do you mean I'm a liar?

No, that's not what I meant,
you misunderstood me!

Am I the only one who makes mistakes,
don't you make mistakes?

Don't exaggerate!
What do you lack in this home?

I don't lack anything here!
But your behavior breaks my heart!

What behavior? What did I do?

Why are you talking nonsense about me?

I remember each and everything you said!

Cut, cut.

-Thoufeeq Sahib.

I think there's some problem
between those two.



That... No, thanks.

The problem is between
the two movie characters. Not them.

Brilliant acting.
This is all because of the training.

This is not the characters...

Looks like those two have some problem.

What problem?

How could you figure this out?

That's because you have
never been married.

Look through the camera lens.

Show him.

Can you zoom in?

-You are right. There is some problem.
-Solve it then.

It's their personal issue,
how can I get involved?

If I get involved,

it will affect their acting and the movie.

-Won't it affect the movie if I intervene?
-It won't.

No, it will only affect you,
not the movie.

-Siraj brother...
-You, the movie writer, is long dead,

you need to understand that.

You are playing with this dead writer?


Walaikum Assalam.

Ah, go.

-Walaikum Assalam.

-Come, come.

-You well?
-Good, good!

Here is the problem.

If we were raising funds
for a Madrasa or an orphanage,

we can physically show the Madrasa
or the orphanage once it's built.

Had it been a school,
we could show the school.

Had it been a mosque,
we could show the mosque.

Even conferences can be shown
to the funders.

However, this is a movie.

If the shoot abruptly stops,

we are accountable to our funders.

Thoufeeq, what are the financials
of this movie?

How do you know how much
will this telemovie cost?

We calculate the daily expenses.

And we raise that money on a daily basis.


we have to be extra cautious
while dealing with money.

Do you think our funders

have clarity about this project?

That's right.

Do you think
it's because of their blind faith in you?

No. It's also because of their
absolute faith in the organization.

Make sure you don't break that trust.

You must always remember that.

"The husband helps
his busy wife with the laundry."

-Thoufeeq Sahib...

did you not write this scene for a song.

What do you want me to shoot?
What is the content?

Shoot this idea in a manner you like.

When you say they are doing laundry,
what do you mean?

Is she scrubbing, or is she ironing,
or is she using a laundry machine?

If the wife is doing laundry,
is the husband just watching and smiling?

Is he helping? How is he helping?

We can only shoot
if you spell out the actions.

Let's do it this way then...

The wife starts to do laundry,

the husband follows,

and then he says,
"I will do my own laundry."

I will wash my own clothes.

What a scene! Filled with righteousness!

Give me more stuff like this,
scenes filled with righteous deeds.

To begin with,
help while washing clothes.




And action!

Give those to me,
you don't need to wash those.


Shereef, speak to her with love.


Let's try it again.

Ready. Just the portion here,
next to the machine.

-Ready? Camera.
-Rolling, sir.


What happened?

Can we shoot this scene later?

I have a headache.

Let's take the scene in Suhra's office.

Shift the scene.

Shift to school.

If I am going to lose this job
for standing with justice,

I am more than happy to lose this job.


Consider it gone then!

-I'll see to it.
-Sure, we'll see.

You don't know the power
of my political party.

Cut it.



This scene needs additional set up.

Suhra, you go rest meanwhile.

What setup?

Just a minute.

What's he talking about?


Walaikum Assalam.

Suhra, I hope you are not facing
any problems here.

I have no problem that I have no problems.


are you part of this movie wholeheartedly?

I hope it's not because our organization
compelled you.

Whatever the organization
has asked me to do,

I am doing it wholeheartedly.


Any personal issues because of this movie?

Raheem Sahib...

Please don't ask me to open up.

I have this disease
of spilling my pain out.

If I unintentionally
speak out uncomfortable truths,

that will be trouble.

Sir, your wife's lawyer says
she will sue you,

not that she has already sued you.

I mean,

don't go to her house again,
even if it is to give gifts.

If you go there,

they will sue you
for unauthorized entry and kidnapping.

Is this a threat?

Are they threatening
to trap me in a false case?

They are not threatening,
they are warning you.

Court cases are like that.

There will be lies and false accusations.

Do you think anyone can win a case
just by telling the truth?



It seems,
you are clueless about your life.

Do you think with your lifestyle,

you will get custody of your child?

Only a terrific liar lawyer
can help you win this case.

Do whatever the hell you want
and get me out of this.

Then, no unauthorized visits,
no kidnapping attempts. Strictly.


Don't give them a chance to accuse you.

Oil is one of mankind's
greatest discovery, isn't it?

Do you have any doubts?
People have fought wars over oil.

Shereef Sahib, in reality,

shouldn't oil be stopping mankind
from fighting wars?

For example, when two objects get rusty,
to ease out the movement,

we grease them.

Door hinges, cycle chains, cycle pedals...


It's such a paradox
that we fight over oil,

when oil should cease the fight.

Of course it is.

How much oil do you want?

Ten to fifteen liters.

Will the war finish with ten liters?

This is for cooking.

What I am trying to say to you is...

Sometimes it is important
to grease human relationships

with some oil, right?

-What do you say?
-Thoufeeq Sahib,

we are not West Asia,
so we don't want America to interfere.

I can handle this on my own.

[indistinct chattering]

Why are we worrying
so much about these guys?

I would like us to improvise
tomorrow's scenes.

I am confident
that it will influence Shereef.


Thank you.

To influence the actor's heart
through his character.


This is a potent subject
for yet another film.

We can do that film later.


-[knocking on door]
-Siraj Sahib!

[mobile ringing]

-Where are you guys?

We are ready with the next scene.

We are stuck in an odd place,
and we're unable to get out.

But where are you?

Uh, one moment.



-What is this place called?
-This is Kunnamangalam.

We are at Kunnamangalam police station.

Pol... Police station?

Raheem Sahib, what if we die here?

Thoufeeq, why do we imagine
dying every now and then?

What happened?


-Filthy old man! Did I kidnap my daughter?
-Sir, please!

You bloody, tell me,
would I kidnap my own daughter!

You... Have you stayed
away from your daughter?

-Bloody, I married your daughter!
-Dad, ask him to leave.

I am going to burn this house down!

-No, don't say that.
-I am a decent man!

-You scoundrel, show some decency!
-Come, sir!

That's my daughter
you are holding in your house!

-Leave me alone!

Tell me!

I don't know anything about the kidnapping
and unauthorized entry,

that was done by the lawyers.

I don't have to think in this manner.

I don't want to trouble him,

I don't want to be troubled either.

If this becomes a case,
he will be disturbed.

And that is painful for us.

We have taken up this project
through crowd funding.

A person gets drunk,
enters the house and starts abusing.

What is your opinion about this behavior?

That of course is unacceptable.
Definitely unacceptable.

If it were you, wouldn't you sue?

If someone behaves in this manner,
my husband or not,

I will take legal action.

He should not come here
looking for my daughter.

That's all I want.

If he assures me that much,
I will withdraw the case.

Sir, shot?

Set it up by the pond.


I am somebody who handles
human relationships with extreme caution.

Whether it's my parents,

friends, relatives, children,
my wife, colleagues...

whoever is around me.

I read books on human psychology.

I have even compiled a chart
to assess my own behavior.

Until yesterday, I scored 100%
according to that chart.


What is your problem then?

My family and the village folk
are all fond of me.

That definitely is a problem.

Right now that is not my problem.

These days, my wife's face
is sorrow ridden.

When I ask her, she says she is happy,
but I know she is sad.


You may be a terrific husband,


I forgot my dialogue.

"You may be an ideal husband,

but if it does not reflect
in your wife's happiness,

what meaning does your perfection hold?"

Shereef Sahib, you tell me what meaning
does your ideal husband image hold?

It's simple.

Thoufeeq, hold it.
Just explain the dialogues, nothing more.

I will fix this in a few seconds.


You think you know better?

Husband, wife... Nonsense!

This is not going to work.

I need to talk to you. Shereef, come!

Call Suhra also. Abhi.

Siraj Sahib.

What I want to say to you is...

When I thought
I was going to lose my daughter,

I behaved recklessly.

I just had one desire.

I wanted to see my daughter
for a short while.

I can't lose her.

What did I gain?

She went away with her mother.

My pain... What I am going through

is irrelevant for them.
Their concerns are different.


Sorry, I drifted away from the topic.

Between you two...

Forget it.

Please rehearse your scenes.

Suhra, first, your scene.

This is your movie. I hope you get it!


They will join us after rehearsing.

Jaya, light up the kitchen.

Abhi, let's set up the kitchen scene.

Come on guys,
let's get the kitchen scene ready.

Debt does not comprise
solely of money loans.

There are several things
that may be construed as debt.

Though it's conventional to do so,
I have not asked for any dowry,

I have not accepted it either.

Those are also debts.

I have not accepted
any of the gifts and offerings

your brothers-in-law received.

That should also be considered.

I have pardoned your father
for all those debts

is what I had meant to say.

Please don't fall so low.

You are the father of my children.

What do you lack here?

I have no bad habits.

I am religious and helpful.

You and your family
were convinced of my virtues

at the time of our wedding.

But I did not marry you solely
because I am a helpful person.

I was certain
that you are a good match for me.

It was not just an act of kindness.

If you were so sure I was the one,

why did you have to see me twice
before agreeing to the marriage?

That's because,
when I met you the first time,

I felt you were a bit short.

I believe that
one should not marry someone

merely as an act of kindness.

You tell me what's lacking for you here.
I will fix it.

I lack nothing here.

Everything is a bit too much!

Could you lessen that a bit?

Just because your name means "decent,"

it doesn't mean you are always right.

Only when you are willing
to admit your mistakes,

you can talk to me.

"For the first time that day"

"A jasmine bloomed in my garden"

"A man wrote on a woman"

"His first word of love"

"The fragrance of love embraces me"

"Flapping its wings like a butterfly"

"For the first time, I see"

"My heart flower like a forest"

"For the first time, my memories bleed"

"Into a song of despair,
Like a cuckoo's song"

"A few untouched rays of sun,
Finally touch me"

"A few drops of tears, finally drench me"

"Unseen, I sob,
Like gasps of an afternoon breeze"

-Shall we rehearse?

Let's rehearse our scenes.

"Night after night"

"And then, this day
A jasmine blooms in my garden"

"Petal by petal"

"My garden is in full bloom"

"Like nature"


"Our love evolves"

What you just told me
is not in the script, right?


But it's really good.

You must share it with Thoufeeq Sahib.

Not yet, I will give him
a surprise during the shoot.

Surprise him only after you improve
your acting skills.

Is my acting that poor?

You have talent,

but sometimes you overact.

Like that day?

When I said I condone your father's debts.

You know what?

That day, you acted with your head,

not with your feelings.

How on earth are you so bright?

This is not exceptional brilliance,

this is available in that book.

Raheem Sahib, I am fearful of the outcome.

To realize our crazy passionate dream,
we raised money from so many people.

What if it does not
turn out the way we expect?

Thoufeeq, such thoughts have no relevance.
We will complete shoot today.

We have not seen the film yet.

We will only know what we have made
after the final edits.

We should not face embarrassment
because of this movie.

Thoufeeq, don't lose hope.

You are my anchor.

We should just have served biriyani,
the chicken fry was extravagant.

Are you looking
for reasons to get stressed?

Let people eat happily, Thoufeeq.

True! Let them eat, happily!

-Thoufeeq Sahib?

-They are asking for you.
-Okay, I'm coming.

Guys, come closer. Try it once.


Hug, you guys!

Like that.

This will be the final position.

Okay, enough.

Yeah, this will be nice.
It will work out.

-Enough, leave him now.
-Siraj brother?


I heard you were asking for me.

I have changed the script a little,
please have a look.

What happened? You don't like it?

We will have to avoid the hugging scene.


We can't have a hugging scene
in this movie.

That's cruel, brother!

Husband and wife are meeting
after such a long gap,

why can't they hug?

I am not being cruel,

I deliberately want to avoid scenes
that involves touching.

But they are a real life couple!
What's wrong if they hug each other?

This is what you wrote in the script too.

What did I write?

Abhi, please read out
what I have corrected in the script.

My problem is not with
you rewriting the scene...

Read it aloud, Abhi.

"The couple meet after several days
and look at each other with longing."

And then they hug,

that's all I added.

Does anybody here have any reservations?

Is there anything wrong with it?

In this movie, we can't have scenes
displaying sexual connotation.

Hello, mister,

you must not assume
that people hug only to have sex.

No point talking to you about this.

Shereef, Suhra,

is every hug meant to end up in sex?


Siraj brother...

Keep quiet for a bit.
Let me discuss this with them.

Usually, I would not have such discussions
with professional actors.

You guys are husband and wife
in real life.

Do you guys need time to think?

Give us some time.

Then, think.

Raheem Sahib!

Haven't we ever hugged other than for sex?

We usually hug and then have sex.

Well, I don't consider hugging for sex
as a bad thing.


what about our desire to hug
when we are happy or sad,

for an affectionate casual hug?


We have lived here five-six years

in the company of my parents and siblings.


Somehow, even after it became just us,

I ended up continuing the manners
we followed in front of them.

I have pondered several times
whether to hug you, like we see in films.

And I have desired it too.

What should we do with this scene?

Should we hug?

I don't have a problem hugging you.

But if you hug another woman
in any other movie,

I won't accept it.

Even I won't accept it.

Are we ready to do the hugging scene?

Will it be an embarrassment
for our organization?

When we consider that aspect,

let's not do it.

What is the problem?

-He wants to add a hugging scene.-Allah!

We can't do that!

In that case, it's not possible to shoot.

Don't take such a strict stand.

How can you walk out
in the middle of a discussion?

Especially when this discussion is meant
to contribute meaningfully to art.


This is not art,
this is destruction of art!

You had problem
with strangers acting together

and opted for a real life couple.

Now you have a problem
with them embracing as well.

Do you want a real life couple
to act like strangers

I don't get this at all!

Abhi, this does not suit us.

Art is not unidimensional.

Art is not a path set in one direction.

We need to understand that
there is something called imagination,

and that imagination has power.
You claim to be an artist,

you need to understand this
more than anyone.

This is not bloody imagination.

What imagination?
What you are saying is not cinema.

It is not cinema!
It is nothing, it is nonsense!

You are just deceiving people.

I can't do this...

Siraj brother,

if we had to shoot
what you are now wanting,

why did I have to struggle so much?

I would have made a regular movie.

There are some people here who believe

that somethings shouldn't be seen
or heard.

The purpose of this movie
is to fulfill their aspirations.

Don't people like us
deserve to watch films?

Don't we deserve to make films?

This is beyond my comprehension.

I don't believe in such things.

It's difficult to do
what I don't understand.

I don't know how to do it.

Please try to understand us as well.

I will give you what you need.

Also, I will give you what you need.

And what I want, I will take.

Bring it.

What is it that you are going to take?


They can hug...

They can also hug
without hugging...

They can hug...

or not hug.

They can hug without hugging.

We need not hug and yet hug.

Okay, so let's embrace that idea.

How will we shoot this?

I will shoot it.

Jaggu, come on, brother.

Sir, this guy is tripping.

Let it be whatever...

-Ready, sir!
-First frame.

Sir, orders!

Lights off!

-Rolling, sir.

And action!

Where were you?

Very far.

Why did you go so far away?

I was always far,
even when I was near you

Its only when I went this far,
I knew how close I was to you.

How far are you now?

Closer than the closest.

Can you get even closer?

Yes, we can.

How much closer?

Until there is no distance left
between us?

Hey! Cut, cut, cut!

Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut!

Cut! Cut!



Lights on.

-Thoufeeq Sahib.

I placed the first cut
before they hugged each other.

Halal cut done!


Pack up!

Tell them also, it's over.

Thoufeeq, we are finally done filming!

Brilliant! Superb!


Fantastic! Super!

-Walaikum Assalam Rahmatullah.

Raheem, I called to ask you for a fatwa.


They are going to show
our movie shortly.

That was the call for Maghrib.

Can I combine Maghrib with Isha?

My dearest, Shaheel,
as long as you pray, all is good.

Alright then, bye!

Dad, can we pray after the movie?

Farooq, recite Iqamat.

[reciting "Iqamat"]

Shall we switch off the TV?

Let it play. It's on mute.

Allahu Akbar!