Hala (2019) - full transcript

Muslim teenager Hala copes with the unraveling of her family as she comes into her own.

Please, Lord,
grant us good in the world...

and good in the hereafter

and save us from the hellfire.


Hala! You missed fajr.

What are you still doing?

Are you going to skip morning prayers
every day now?

What's wrong? She slept in.

Not in this house.

Four letters. Poems of praise.

- Hymn.
- Hymn.


Ten letters. Conducive to success.

Let her eat.

- Auspicious.
- Auspicious.

What did I tell you?

She gets her smarts from me.

Of course.

She'll be late
because of your silly crossword.

It's not silly.

Didn't you already miss the bus?


I told you not to get that skateboard.

She's skating without a helmet.
What if something happens?

Let her live. She's not breaking any laws.

As long as she's not spending time
with boys, she's okay.

Am I picking you up after school?

I'm good.

Everyone to their seats, please.
Writing journals out.

"What she feared most wasn't the words--

hurtful words, mean ones,
or the ones that could cut.

No, she could manage that.

What she couldn't manage
were the spaces between the words,

the silence,

the judgment, and the subtext,

what was left unsaid.

She feared
the inaccessible, invisible world

of the almost-said, should've-said,
would've-said, could've-said,

but didn't.

She feared the terrifying abyss
of the unknown,

a shapeless, dark thing
that she could sense

in a quiet, uncomfortable pause
at the end of a sentence...

or right before
the beginning of a new one.

It was in the quiet, in the dark,

in the moments alone,

that she could see herself most clearly.

Is there something you want to say,
Mr. Byer?

Well done, Hala.

You know, everyone will be reading from
their journals for the rest of the week,

so I'd be prepared for that.

Order's not gonna be alphabetical.

So for homework...

journal entry...

on this.

What's yours? What does it mean?

Why should we care?

Out of my classroom!

Okay, the big question is, how do we
spend our summer after we graduate?

Not touch a book for three months.

I've decided I'm dyeing my hair,

I'm gonna get a tattoo,
I'm gonna pierce my nose.

Your mom's never gonna let you.

I'm 18. They can't say anything.

Plus, I'm moving out.

I actually like your mom.

Well, she likes you too 'cause
you get good grades and make me look bad.

No, I don't.

This summer
you're teaching me how to skateboard.

If you teach me how to drive.


Come on, ladies, let's go! Hustle!
Let's go! Come on, ladies!

May the peace, mercy,
and blessings of Allah be upon you.

Careful, it's still hot.

I told you.

Put the phone away. Why won't you eat?

What's wrong?

Our firm doesn't want a trial,
but it could be a big win for us.

I don't have a choice.

You always have a choice.

Everything else, in Allah's hands.

Okay. You are right.

How was school?

Good. The same, you know.

You're always talking with your dad.

But with me, you go completely quiet.

When have I done that?

Your attitude totally changes.

No, it doesn't.

- See what I mean--
- Why are you picking on her?

- Leave her alone.
- Fine.

So, what have you been reading?

We just finished The Stranger.

And now we're reading A Doll's House.

The play by Henrik Ibsen.

Do you get to read War and Peace?

We had an entire class
on that one in college.

Yeah, next semester.

There's more real human experience
in that one book

than anything else you will ever read.

I'll tell Tolstoy you said that.

Okay, the food's getting cold.

In a recent poll,
when asked whether immigrants

were an important part
of American identity,

75 % said yes.

I think you need to be
a little more understanding about Mom.

She's overprotective.

What do you expect?
She's your mom. That's her job.

Has she always been this way?

She is this way because of you.

You know, when I first met your mom
her head was full of ideas.

She had a real adventurous spirit.

When my parents were looking
for someone for me in Karachi years ago,

they wanted someone
who was loyal and trustworthy.

And that's how we found your mom.

She had a whole life before she met me,
before she had you.

So your parents chose Mom?

That's how it happened there.

Do you love her?

That's a silly question.

Marriages are more than about love.

They are about values.

We want a good Muslim man for you.

Everything follows from that, beta.

There is a warmness
that starts at the throat.

Hard to swallow.

Feels its way down the spine.

Heavier and heavier.

Harder to shake.

The feeling that a gaze
can render you naked and vulnerable,

that shifts and shapes itself inside

until the center cannot hold.

All right, I'm outta here.
You want a ride?

I'm good.

All right, see you.


Did that scare you?

No. Why would I be scared?

Didn't you say you were
scared of the silences?

Isn't that what you wrote?

You know, the "almost-said, would've-said,

should've-said, could've-said,
but didn't"?

That was a character.

- So it wasn't about you?
- No.

- It was just part of a story.
- I see. Okay.


But it's kind of about you, right?


Well, I'd love to read it.

It's not done yet.

And it's probably not even very good.

So I don't know
if you would want to read it.

Well, I'm sure it's not that bad.

I should get going.




Today was the hardest one.
I didn't even try it.

What do you think about this one?

Eleven across. Emission of light.



It's like your name.

- What do you mean?
- "Hala" in Arabic, that means "halo."

Or the light surrounding the moon.

How did you and Mom pick that?

We decided that if you were a boy
that Mom would choose,

but if you were a girl I would.

What would you have named me
if I was a boy?


That's mean.

Okay, this one.

Seven down. Craftsperson?

Good night.

Good night.

You know how she gets.

You get to keep this
between the two of us then.

What she doesn't know won't hurt her.

Mrs. Ahmed called.

She said her son
saw you at the skate park...

and there were a lot of boys there.

I can't help it if boys are there.
And I went with Melanie.

That's what I told you and Dad. You said
it was okay as long as I didn't go alone.

Yes, but be careful.

You know what our community might think.

They'll start gossiping.

I mean, I don't really care
what they think.

If it were up to them,
I would be married off already.

I understand, but...

you're older now.

And you're a girl.

Just be careful.

Dad and I won't always be there
to protect you.


I'm waking you up for fajr tomorrow.
No sleeping in.

- Good night, beta.
- Good night.

Do you think Kristine betrayed Nora?


From A Doll's House.

Spoiler alert.

Haven't finished it yet.

But thanks. I mean,
I never really liked Kristine anyway.

Oh, I'm sorry.

It's been out for, what, 140 years?

So, really, it's my fault.

I gotta keep up.

Be a nerd like you.

What are you working on?

Oh, this? It's a poem.

Why are you acting surprised?

Not what you expected?

Here. I'll show you.

"I bathed in the Euphrates
when the dawns were young.

I built my hut near the Congo
and it lulled me to sleep.

I looked upon the Nile
and raised the pyramids above it.

I heard the singing of the Mississippi
when Abe Lincoln went down to New Orleans,

and I've seen its muddy bosom
turn all golden in the sunset.

I've known rivers: ancient, dusky rivers.

And my soul has grown deep
like the rivers."

That's Langston Hughes.

Your turn.


This one, I don't know the whole thing,
but this is how it starts.


"If body is always deep
but deepest at its surface.

If conditions are of two kinds
factual and contrafactual.

If you're pushing, pushing
and then it begins to pull you."

I don't know the rest.

- Who's that from?
- It's Anne Carson.

You know, when I read stuff like this,

I'm not sure why I write.

They've said everything I want to say.

There must be something you want to say
that nobody's already said.

Do you know what you want to say?

You are so intense.

You don't just ask someone that
right away.

I mean, that's like...

That's like
giving your credit card number,

Social Security, and all your passwords.

No, it's not.

And your soul too, while you're at it.

You're really cool.

I know.

Traffic's really bad.

My flight doesn't leave until 9:00.
We have enough time.

You know I don't like driving.

This one.

Of all the songs,
you had to pick this one.

It's depressing.

This is your mother's favorite song
of all time.

Okay, sing it.

No. I don't remember the words.

The parts you don't remember, just hum.

Come on! Sing with me.

Let me see your phone.


And just so you know,
I'm not much of an emoji person.

Me neither.

We have an understanding then.

I am heard...

like a clear voice in a quiet room...

and felt like the sun on closed eyelids.

I am seen, a color indescribable.

There is a newness...

and it has taken hold entirely.


Yes. She's fine.

But you said you were coming back tonight.


Do whatever you want.

Good night.

Put that away.

Your plate.

I was thinking we should go out.

You and me.

We don't spend time together.

Will you go?


This will look great on you.

Come on. What's with that face? Try it.

I don't really like it.

What about this?

You really-- You don't need
to get me anything.

You never had a problem
with my choices before.


Absolutely not!

I can still look at it.

Just try it, for me.

It'll look good.

- Please.
- Okay.

I haven't seen you working
on your college applications.

The essays aren't even due until December.

Why is it when I talk about your future,
your head is somewhere else?

I know what I'm doing.

I'll get it done.

When I was growing up,
it was hard to get a good education.

If you were in Pakistan,
you wouldn't be like this.

I just want a good life for you.

What do you want me to say?
I'm sorry we're not in Karachi anymore?

From now on, do your own chores.

Make your own breakfast.
Do your own laundry.

You're a big girl now.

I don't ask you to do those things.

If I don't do those things, who will?
They won't do themselves.

Who makes your bed in the morning?

Who makes sure you have
clean clothes for school?

You're just a child.

How many times have I said you're getting
older and need to be more responsible?

But you don't listen.

I do take responsibility.

You're entitled.

And just because
I didn't go to college, you...

You're ashamed of me.

Say it. You're embarrassed
of your own mother, aren't you?

I've never said that.

Dad has spoiled you.

He gives you everything.

But someday, he won't be here.

And you will be alone. All alone.

Do you hear me?

Yes, I heard you.

Hala, the recommendation letter
is due Tuesday, right?


Do you remember that essay
that you wrote on Nabokov last semester?

- It's one of the best I've ever read.
- Really?

If you ever want to pursue a career
in writing after you graduate...

you should come talk to me.

- You're a real talent.
- Thank you.


Be home by 6:00!

How long is it gonna take?

Just sit still.

Are you excited about moving out?

Hundred percent.

I just feel like I'm in a place in my life
where I want my own place...

like, interior decorating, you know?

Bills to pay.

Which sounds so weird
even saying it out loud.

And you're not scared?

Are you?


Honestly, I just want to be able
to bring a guy over

without my mom,
like, breathing down my neck.

Whatever happened with that guy
from the corner store?

You know what happened.

Yeah, but...

I'm curious.

As long as you swear never to repeat this.

No, I swear.

He was always really nice to me.

And he gave me his number.

And always gave me a juice, on him,
every other time I'd go.

And then one night he texted me
when my parents were out, and...

he came over.

What was it like?

It was nice.

He was never gonna date me.

You know, it was never like that.

Can you pass me the eraser?

But, like, it meant something,

and it was special.

I guess. Why?

No reason.

What do you think?

- Wait, you want me to go...
- Yeah. Yeah.

- Okay.
- Just right in the...

Let's see if we can get some speed going.

Okay, that's pretty fast.

- I got pretty far.
- No, you didn't.

Just go...

I couldn't do the hang.

What do you want to do now?

- Let's do the slide.
- Yeah?


I cannot believe you do these.
They're, like, for old people.

Okay, this one's for you.

Nabisco cookie.

Let me see that.



Ten down. Starts with an "M."




Five letters. Improvise on stage.

- Something to drink?
- Let me see that.

Two coffees, please.


That's a hard one.


That's my dad.

What's wrong?

I'm not supposed to be here.
Are they looking at us?

They're talking.

Can you ask the waiter for the check?


What's happening?

Do you know her?

I'm not sure.

Let's go out the back door.


Hey, let's go.

Where've you been?

Wait until your father comes home.

All this going out,
without telling me anything?

I don't know when you left
or where you went.

You should have told me. This is wrong.

Did he call?


His flight home leaves early,
so he's probably asleep now.

Honestly, I've had a hard time sleeping
without your dad here.

That's what it's like.

When you're together for so many years,

you get used to each other.

You should get some sleep, too.

Good night.

This is just the first draft,
so bear with me.

No disclaimers. Continue.

"One day, when I was maybe nine,

he showed up at the house.

And my mother had said,
'Do not open the door.

He's not welcome here.'

But I did anyway, because I don't listen

and I don't like to be told
what I shouldn't do.

I opened it, and there's a stranger
standing there, looking all surprised,

like he wasn't expecting to see me.

And I say, 'Who are you?'

My mother, she comes out of the kitchen,

grabs my arm, pulls me back,

and says to the stranger,
'No, you don't get to have him.

You were never there.
You don't get to do this.'

And I asked him, 'Who are you?'

He looked a little sad
when he said, 'You don't know?'

I had never seen him until that day,

and I haven't seen him again after that.

My father was a ghost to us."

That was excellent, Jesse. Thank you, sir.

Do we have a volunteer to go next?

I'm just happy you're home.

It's good being here with you.


You didn't even notice my haircut.

You got a haircut?

So, what is the case about?

Well, I can't speak to the details,

but it's between a young woman
who was fired from her job

and the company she's worked with.

She claims that
she was wrongfully terminated

because she took maternity leave,

whereas the company argues
that she was rightfully fired

for failing to meet her job requirements.

And whose side are you on?

Our firm is representing
the company she's worked for.

But what is the truth?

It depends on perspective.

Whose point of view are you viewing
the facts of the case through?

And my job is to represent our client
in the best way that I can.

Enough conversation about work.

Why aren't you eating?

Hey, I thought you didn't eat meat.

It just has to be zabiha. Like, kosher.

Just prepared in a certain way.

Yeah, this is definitely not that.

Nobody prayed on this.

I don't care.

So, do you need me to take you home?

What were you doing out there?
Who was that who dropped you off just now?

- Melanie.
- That's not her car.


Who was that?

It was just a classmate.

Whatever is going on here,
it needs to end.

You know the consequences.



What do you think is the real reason
Nora leaves Torvald?

Torvald's way of life
is devoted to appearances.

He can't be truly honest with her,
and she can't be truly honest with him.

So Nora finds a way to live honestly
by leaving him.

And what does that mean,
for Nora to "live honestly"?

It means...

It just means
that she has to find a way to...

Okay, like, how is it
not her fault, though?

Because she forged a check
in the first place.

She did it to save her husband's life,
you idiot.

- You just read the SparkNotes for this?
- Hey, hey.

Hala's turn to speak.

To live honestly is...

to dissolve the lines
between your internal and external worlds.

To live without filters, to live freely.

But she could have left her husband
day one.

She chose to stay with him.

Maybe it's not easy to leave someone
when it's all you've ever known.

You can't make a choice
if you never knew you had one.

What would you know about that anyway?
All you've ever known is freedom.

Okay, okay.

Thank you. Now...

I want you to write your own feelings
and thoughts on this next question.

How do you feel about Kristine's
decision to remain with Krogstad,

choose a domestic way of life,
and how does that compare with Nora's...

Why don't you just talk to her?

I don't know if she can handle it.

You would want to know if it was you,
wouldn't you?

Maybe I'd rather not know.

Yeah, but you can't
make that decision for her.

Could we just not talk about it, please?

Yeah, okay.

I really don't want to go home.

This right here.

Oh, shit.

- What happened?
- I'm sorry. I just...

I just...


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. It usually never happens.

You okay?


Bodies next to bodies are just bodies.

It is possible to feel unclean...

even when you are wanted.

It is possible to feel alone...

lying next to someone you love,

lying next to someone who loves you.

It is possible to go back,
knowing what you know now.

It is possible
to be full of contradictions.

Where were you?

I was at the skate park.

I just lost track of time

and I didn't realize how late it was.

I just didn't know.

Why weren't you picking up your phone?

I'm sorry.

No, you're only sorry you got caught.

I'm heading to bed.
Your dad will speak with you.

Sit down here, Hala.

Who is he?

He's just a friend.

What's his name?

- Jesse.
- Speak louder.

And look at me when you're talking to me.

What were you doing with him after school?

We were just talking.

- Did he touch you?
- What?

Answer me when I'm talking to you.
Did he touch you?


I want you to tell me what you did,

or I'll bring out the Quran
and make you swear on it if I have to.

I did nothing wrong.

- Sit down!
- No! I didn't do anything!

I told you to end it,
and you didn't listen to me!

Zahid, what happened?

Why in Allah's name
did you hit our grown daughter?

Ask her where she's been.

Don't you dare hit her again.

Hala, go on upstairs.

What are you doing?
Why are you acting like this?

She's a liar.

This is who you've raised.

Something has to be done.

I don't want to talk about that now.

Hey, you. Can I have a word?

Is there something going on at home?


Well, you know that we have
a school counselor.

They're here to help you. No matter
what you need, they're here for you.

I skateboard.

And the other day I just-- I fell off.

There was a crack in front of me.
I didn't see it.

Well, if there is something going on,
you can talk to me.



You can go.

Hey. Are you okay?

I don't think we should talk anymore.

What happened?

Everything was going fine.
Now you just change your mind?

I can do that.

It's my choice.


This just isn't gonna work out.

Tell me why.

It doesn't matter why.

You can't just walk away.
I have to understand why.

Tell me why.

There's nothing to understand.

This was never meant to be anything.

- Who are you?
- Joy.

You're not supposed to answer the door
without Mommy. You know that.

I'm sorry.


What are you doing here?
Is everything all right?

She's lost.

Sweetie, please let Mommy talk.

Is there something wrong?
Did something happen to your father?

- Mom!
- Joy, get back to your room.

Excuse me! Are you okay?

You don't even look at Hala anymore.

She's pulled the wool over your eyes.

Usually you're smart on her.

But you've been fooled this time.

You shouldn't just give up on her.

If you try, you can be a better father.

I don't want Hala's relationship
to be like yours with your father.

What's my father have to do with this?

Eram, it's because of him
that I'm with you.

What do you mean?

My dad chose you for me.

It didn't happen
the way your mom told you.

Ours was a mutual agreement.

That's what you were told.

Body is weakest at the surface...

where it's flattered by the sun.

But it's the floor of the ocean,

where there isn't any light at all...

to which I have become accustomed--

a place where I must flourish...

and learn to see in the dark...

before I can swim up to air.

Hina and Mahmoud were our neighbors
in Khudadad Colony.

We've known them ever
since your dad's college days.

Do I have to be there?

Yes, you do.

They're only here for a weekend!

And they've been asking about you.

When I was your age...

my mother told me
a man wanted to marry me.

Your dad.

She would spin all these stories
about him.

She said that he was educated, ambitious,

and wanted to go to America.

It was a very difficult time for us.

We had so many dreams.

We thought, by coming to America,
we could start over.

And then...

we could change our lives.

Did you?


Change your lives.

Your hair is done.

Get ready and come downstairs.

- Nice meeting you.
- Nice to meet you, too.

She's gotten so big!

He's finished his first year
in mechanical engineering.

Three more years, then real life.
And a great job.

Can we not talk about this right now?
It's kind of embarrassing.

Okay. Fine.


He takes after you.

Let me remind you,
I'm the only one with a PhD here.

Arash has my smarts.

Hina likes to bring that up, doesn't she?

PhD in what, psychology?
Anyone can do that. Big deal.

You try it, then!

This food is delicious.

Thank you.

I wish Hina could cook.

While at university,
I cooked for the three of us.

In those days, Zahid was such a lone wolf.

He didn't like anyone.

It took so long to become friends.

He was always arguing with everybody.

That's not true.

You're right.

That sounds like him.

Hina speaks the truth.

You used to say, "I want to be
the most brilliant lawyer there ever was."

And then, along she comes.

Everything changes.

People change.

For the better, you mean.

And look at him now. He has everything.

He's a great lawyer, father and husband.

That's where true happiness
comes from, my friend.

Everything in balance.

We are blessed.

Would anyone like more chai?

- No, thank you.
- I'm good.

We want to hear from Hala.
She's been so quiet.

So, where do you go to school?

I go to Harold Washington.

My last year there.

I go to Georgetown.

That's cool.

Have you ever been there?


Can you clear the table?

Let the child eat.

She's done. Look at her plate.

We're no longer in a time
where women do all the work.

We're not living in Pakistan anymore.

Oh, there she goes again
with her "feminism."

Help her, Arash. Don't just sit there.

They look very good together.

Thank you for helping us.

Are you coming?



Where did she go?

There you go.

Thank you.

Your parents must be worried about you.

You should call them.
I'll give you a ride home.

I can't do that.

They won't listen.

Why won't they listen?

You wouldn't understand.

Try me.

You know when Nora leaves Torvald...

we imagine that she has
some happy, exciting future without him.

I don't know about that.

Is she ever really free?

She may be able to leave her husband,

but she'll always be perceived
in a certain way,

and people will look at her
and they'll say things.

I think that what matters
is that Nora feels free.

Not what society thinks of her.

She can't change the way she looks.

She can't ever be anything but herself.

And the worst part is looking at yourself
and not being happy with what you see,

and that life would just be easier
if you were someone else.

Hey. Hey.

It's okay.

It's gonna be all right.

Can I stay here with you tonight?


Just for one night?

No. It wouldn't be appropriate.

But please, I...

I don't have anywhere else to go.

Hala, I'm your teacher.
I'm not your counselor.

It's not my place.

Remember when you said
that I could talk to you about anything?

That I could tell you
if something was going on?

Well, something's going on.

I couldn't sleep.

What are you doing?


Hala, you need to go home. Right now.

I am of two parts divided.

One that rushes forward fearlessly.

Another that questions everything.

Stranger and family under the same roof...

speaking different languages,

yet sharing the same blood.

Seeking to be understood...

yet talking over each other--

a cacophonous sound.

That is the head and the heart.


I heard you come in.

I know why you must be upset.

That's how things may be done in Pakistan,
but they don't have to here.

If it's not what you want,
it won't happen.

I know things haven't been easy.

I understand how you feel.

Please talk to me.

You just sat there and did nothing.

Please be seated.

Hey, what was that note about?

The one you gave Mr. Lawrence.

It's nothing.

Why are you acting so weird about it
if it's nothing?

It's private.

- Okay?
- What did you write?

What do you want from me?


Did you write this note?

You're not in any trouble if you did.

I just want you to tell me what happened.


I want my mother.


I called your dad. He should be coming.

Why would you do that?

Because he needs to know.
This is very serious.

I taught you to stay on the right path,
but you do whatever you want.

There will be consequences.

I can't protect you from everything.

Mrs. Masood?

Hi, Hala. You must be Eram.

- What's she doing here?
- I don't know.

I'm Shannon Taylor. I'm a senior associate
at the same firm as your husband.

He sent me to make sure
that everything gets taken care of here.

Dad sent her here.

Tell her he needs to come here.

What did she say?

She said that my dad should be here.

Can you tell her he's in a deposition now?
He felt it best if I came in his place.

She says...

he's very busy right now.

- "Busy"?
- He asked me to help you.

This is our family matter.
Why is she involving herself?

Zahid should be here, shouldn't he?

Mrs. Masood, can we step inside my office?

Mom, I think you should go.

You're making it worse.


Tell me what happened.

I saw you with my father at the diner.

That's why you came to my house.

To do what, exactly?

I just wanted to know why.

Whatever your father and I had, it's over.
Our relationship is strictly professional.

I just--

I want to know why you did it.

Why you thought that would be okay.

Sometimes people do things out of passion.

Not because they want to hurt anyone.

They act foolishly and out of feeling.

It doesn't always have to make sense.

But that's not why we're here.

I wanna help you get through this.

I don't forgive you.

You don't have to.

Can you tell me what happened
with your teacher?

He let me stay the night.

That's all.

Is that all?

Mr. Lawrence just wanted to help me.

He didn't do anything wrong.

This is all my fault...

for going over in the first place.

You understand there'll be consequences,
and Mr. Lawrence'll bear the brunt of it

because he was in
a position of power over you.


Do you feel comfortable
talking about it with your principal?

That's who he's been with.

And he kept it secret.

I know.

Remember when your dad told you
that he named you?

He lied.

I named you Hala.

What did he want to name me?

He wanted to give you a different name.

What do they call "happiness" in English?


But I didn't like that name at all.

I stood firm.

You've always been Hala to me.

And always will be.

You didn't come.

Everything's fine. Sit.

Admit that you failed as a father.

If Hala believes
that she's such an adult...

she should face the consequences
of her actions.

I've had enough.

Let's talk about this peacefully--

There's no peace for me in this house.

When your daughter
needed you most today...

that's when you don't show up?

But you were there.

I was working.

Work. You understand?
Some of us have to work.

You didn't respect our marriage.

For years, I tolerated that.

I said nothing.

But what you are doing to Hala...

and what you did today...

You crossed the line.

And I will not tolerate that.

Hala will not become like me.


I divorce you.

What? Have you lost your mind?

That's not how it's done.
Women can't end a marriage.

- I divorce you.
- Come to your senses.

What are you saying?

What are you doing to this family?

Have you thought about
what you're doing to this family?

You don't have a college degree.
You've never had a job in this country.

How will you live without me?

I will do without you.

This is not how it's done.
I won't accept it.

I divorce you.





Don't run anymore.

You're not alone.

I'm here.

I'm here with you.


I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.


All right, smile.

Let's try that one more time.

Your final papers are due next Friday.

You have any questions, feel free
to talk to me during office hours.

Next week are AP exams.

These are important.

Doesn't matter
if you've already gotten into college.

I've been thinking that...

once you go away to college,
I'll have more time to myself.

I'll learn something.

Maybe accounting.

I always took care of all of the money
in the house anyway.

Yeah, you can definitely do it.

I always thought you believed...

that I wasn't that smart.

I've never thought that.

Tell the truth.

That is the truth.



I'll let her know.

I thought I would just come by
to give you this.

A little congratulations.

That was really impressive,
getting into that college.


You have your father's smarts, clearly.

I should get back inside.

Are you going to take this with you?

I'm getting too old for that.

Do you need anything else?

I'm almost done.

Come here.

Don't give Mom stress, okay?

I won't.

Good luck.