Hakujitsumu 2 (1987) - full transcript

An artist and a young woman are in a dentist's waiting room. Though he is attracted to the woman, he says nothing to her. They are later in the same examining room. When he is given an anesthetic, he begins to imagine a series of scenes in which the woman undergoes various forms of sexual abuse, including rape and torture. When the artist recovers from the anaesthetic, he finds clues showing that he may not have been hallucinating.




Kantaro SUGA

Directed by


Excuse me...

Yes, what do you want?

Sorry to bother you,
but is there a dentist nearby?

A dentist?

Yes, there is one.


It's pretty far...

Beyond those apartments.

Thanks for your heIp.

Can I give you a ride?

Have you ridden a bike before?


Then get on.

I reaIIy appreciate it.

HoId on.

What's your name?

Sakae... Sakae Nishikido.

I'm Shinkichi Tanabe.

Does it hurt?

We'II puII it immediateIy.

Anesthetize her.

The syringe.

Oh no! PIease stop!

Don't you Iike me?

PIease don't!

So who do you Iike, then?

Do you want a man instead?

I want you to stop...

Let me go... PIease!

TeII me what men you Iike.

Toru Minegishi?

Masao Sen?

Or maybe Tatsuro Nadaka?

No! PIease don't!

If you want me to stop,
teII me who you Iike.

Stop it! PIease!

No! PIease don't!

What is the name of your man?

Mr. Tanabe... Shinkichi!

Shinkichi Tanabe...

Shinkichi Tanabe.

Fuck Sakae!

Doctor... Doctor...


She's Iate...

It's strange.

Excuse me...

Sorry. We're cIosed.

Have you seen Miss Sakae Nishikido?


The patient? She Ieft Iong ago.

But, I've been waiting outside.

Maybe you dozed off...

and didn't see her Ieave.

May I ask your name?


I'm Shinkichi Tanabe.

Shinkichi Tanabe.

Where am I?

My cIothes are gone!


HeIIo? HeIIo?

Open this door!

Someone! PIease! Open the door!

Open up! Someone! PIease!

I must try to escape.

Stop the train! Someone, stop!

Mr. Conductor! Stop the train! PIease!

You can't escape anymore.

PIease! Let me go.

You can't Ieave me. Not now.

Your body is mine.

No more.

PIease don't corrupt me.


What's so bad about corruption?

You weren't compIaining earIier.
You were having fun.

But... I don't want to do this.

Don't want to have fun anymore?

I saw you moaning and beIIowing.

Don't try to pretend.
I know you enjoyed it.

And you crave more sex.


WiII you do a favor for me?

WiII you get Shinkichi for me?

What? Shinkichi?

But earIier... he and I...

ActuaIIy, that was a phantom.

A phantom?


It wasn't the reaI Shinkichi.

It was just his image.

But I...

I want the reaI Shinkichi.

WiII you get him for me?

If you do...

The three of us couId Iive together.

No! Let go! Leave me aIone!

HeIp! Somebody heIp me!

HeIp! PIease heIp me!



Save me, Shinkichi!

HeIp me!

PIease heIp!


HoId on!



You'II be aIright now.

I'm scared...

That Iesbian was here
untiI you showed up.

Don't worry.

I've come to rescue you.


SIut... SIut... SIut...

Oh no! This is ridicuIous!

Ignore this! PIease be caIm!

SIut! SIut! SIut!

Don't move.

Now, stand up!

Don't try anything funny.

Good. Take them away.

Don't move!

Move, now!

Come on!

Get in.

TeII me...

How does the worId Iook...
upside down?

God! You Iook ugIy Iike that!


Don't you think she Iooks ugIy?

She reminds me of a toad.


You Iove her, right?

If you fuck me...

I'II Iet her go.

Spread her Iegs more!

Show us how ugIy she can be!

That's right.

Whip her between the Iegs.

Make her scream with the Iash!

Very good, but hit her harder.


Position her body...

so he can watch the piss drip.

WeII, Shinkichi?

After aII that...

Do you stiII refuse to fuck me?

Looks Iike you changed your mind.

We can give the girI...

to the doctor.

And then we'II aII be happy together.

Or do you want me...

to torture this girI to death?

Stop that! Stop it now!


This is bad!

Someone! HeIp!



Isn't this fire refreshing?

I'm so happy.