Hako no naka no onna II (1988) - full transcript


Starring Ryouto Nakanishi,
Shihori Nagasaka

also starring Natsumi Asai
Mami Ogawa, Miyugi Kawamura

Directed by Masaru Konuma


Osamu! Take this...
and here's the check.

Wait! Wait!

Are the guests coming?
- Yes.

Two new clients on the next bus.

What do you need from the store?

Two ducks for the roast...
plus bacon and lettuce.

Do you want me to help?

As usual, I appreciate it...

and we'll have time to practice.

Right; the competition is
only a month away.

Practice makes perfect.
- Yes.

- Yes?

Have you heard anything
about my sister?

No. Have you?

Somebody phoned... but there
was no-one at the other end.

My father is very
upset about it too.

I'm sorry.

Kazumi, you don't need
to apologise.

I won't forgive my sister...
for what she did...

That's enough.

Forget about her.

Kazumi! Let's go!

Don't keep him waiting.
- Okay.

I'll deliver everything later.
- Right. - Bye.

We're staying for a week.
- Yes.

It's really cold! Yoshie...
where did you put the whiskey?

Husband love...


- Yes, I will.

You need to sharpen up.
- Yes.

This is a much needed
vacation for us.

We've been married for 3 years, but our
parents don't ever leave us alone.

You can't stop family hassles.

Are you alright?
- Yes.

My parents think... if you
do it tonight...

you'll have a kid tomorrow.

They keep saying that if you
don't have a kid in 3 years...

something's wrong.


Because of my parents, every
night I'm drained....

to the last drop.
- Husband!

You're lying about that.

Every night?
Yes, I exaggerated.

I'll leave the key here.
Have a nice time.

Thank you.

I'm so full!

- Yes, everything was delicious.

French food in a place
like this is very unique.

Yes, it is.

Here, try this.
- Thank you.

Let me do it.
- Okay, thank you.

The guests think I'm your wife.

They're just teasing you.

It's true... they said so.

Then they must have
really bad eyesight!

What's that supposed to mean?

There's too much of an age
difference between us.



My husband wanted to know if
you'd like to have a drink with us?

Yes, of course.

Thank you for helping today.

Brother... is she your
type of woman?

In what way?

Because you look at her
differently than me...

- Go ahead. - I'll go home
after I finish cleaning these things.

Don't worry about it.
You can go...

I'm not that young.

Ma'am... seems like you've
been left all alone tonight.


Let him sleep...
he seems so happy like that.


Don't worry; I'll carry
him upstairs.

I used to be a business man too...

Won't you be lonely
sleeping by yourself?

Please stop!

I don't want to do it here.

It's better because
we're in here.

No - please.

Please... stop.

Please! No! Please...

Are you sure it's alright to do this...
in front of him?

but you know how quickly women
change their minds.

We were going to stay longer...

Thank you anyway.


I know you can hear me.


I'll let you go free.

I'll let you go back to
your husband.

You're lying!

Girl, don't worry.

This will make you sleep.
You'll stay quiet then.



I've never seen so much snow!

Hiroko - look at the camera.
- Okay.

Look: footprints.
I wonder whose they are?

They probably belong to a monster!

You're making fun of me...
I can tell. Stop it!

Oh? Let me shoot that
angry face.

You're funny...

Isn't it great?

Thank you so much...

Now we won't have to look
for a place to stay.

Hiroko, let me help you.
- Okay.

Take your coat.
- Okay.

I'll take that.
- No, it's alright.

I'll carry the bags.

Thank you.
- Yes.


Dinner is served at 7.
Careful - the stairs are steep.


What's wrong?
- Hmmm?

Don't you like the pie?

This? No, I don't really
care for it. Here...

I'll eat it.

How is everything?
- Very good.

Here, have some wine.
- Thank you.

No. Let me do it.

Would you like to go skiing?
I can get the equipment.

I'd like to, but I haven't
done it for a long time.

How about you, ma'am?

Yes, I'd love to, but I've never
gone skiing before.

Darling, maybe I shouldn't go.

Nonsense. My sister-in-law
will teach you how.

Keep your legs apart.

That's good. Now move
your weight forwards.

Okay, let's go.

You're doing fine!


Watch me - I can ski a little.
- She's doing just fine.

Let me see.
- Okay.

I can see how well you're doing!
- You're so mean.

Yanagishi? - Yes?
- Let's go over the other side.

That sounds good.
Let's go.

Husband... be careful.
- Of course I will. - Bye.

Brother! Have fun!
- Husband! See you later.


Seems the snow's getting heavier...
and I'm getting tired.

Let's go back then.

We'll go this way;
it's faster.

So... Konishi's wife left
with another man?

I'll never forgive my own
sister for doing that to him.

He's such a nice person...
so kind.

Does he still love her?

He's obsessed. He can't
forget about her.

I understand totally...
she really hurt him.

Here... want some?

Thanks. He's okay...
I take care of him.

Brain... severely damaged...

plus broken arms, broken legs, and lower
back bones... punctured lungs...

plus a broken collar bone...
and a severe injury to his spine.

He won't die immediately...

but he'll never recover.
I'm sorry.

Brother... did you cause
this accident?

No way! Brother!
It's not true!

Did you want his wife so much?

Brother! Answer me!

Tell the cops if you want...
I don't care.

Is this because of my sister?

You're always after somebody's wife!

You're probably right.

The bond between husband and
wife is complete shit.

Men and women can never
really get along.

A wife is an ugly creature who never
really tries to understand...

Why aren't I good
enough for you?

Don't do that.

I don't care what else happens.

Make love to me!

Stop! Put your clothes back on.
- No! No!

Make love to me!
Make love!

Brother! Do it to me!

Why? Why?

That's too much.
- Osamu, you'd drink it too.

Is it time for something good?

Are you sure...
I can do this?

Ma'am, you should eat something.

Thank you.

I'm going back to the hospital.

Ma'am... you can't leave
here any more.

No! What are you doing?

Help! Someone!

Don't! Leave me alone!

Go away! Go away!
I'll kill myself.

They all say that...

but I know you're too
afraid to die.

None of the other women
had the guts to do it.

You're crazy!

I'm not crazy.

I only want to understand
how women think.




- Husband!

- Husband, is that you?

What's wrong, Hiroko?
It's me...

You made love to him...
you fucked him many times!



Come here. Suck my cock!

Brother! Brother!

Get in.


Your husband had his
accident here.

Now you can experience
his fall, too.

I figure... it's the least
I can do for you.

Besides, you can't live with that
vegetable of a husband!

He should've died in the fall.
It's a pathetic case.

What are you thinking?

Maybe you're right...

my husband wouldn't want
me to live like this.

What did you say?

You are sick...

Let me go!

In your dreams.



Why didn't you kill me?

Bastard! Why didn't you push
me down the hill?

Do you want to die so badly?

I don't want to cheat on...
Stop it! Stop it!

Kill me!

Kill me!



Go back to your husband.


Because now you don't want to.

How can you live with yourself?

You're different from
the others.

You were harder to break...
but less satisfying for me.

Go back to your husband.

You're so selfish.

Regardless... you don't
belong here. Go!

Were you trying to replace
your wife, who ran away?

Is that why?

Do you still love her?

You both hate and love her!

Your dependence nauseates me.


That's right; this is Pension #8

Well, it's because they're
closed right now.

Oh, Miss Yamagishi?

She's no longer here.


He died?

Her husband?

The artificial respirator was

That can't be...


I had to let him go.



Please... take me skiing again...

Translated by Amy Asai,
Thomas Weisser & LetsSwimming (ADC)

Subtitled by
Lord Retsudo for ADC