Hakkinbon bijin ranbu yori: semeru! (1977) - full transcript

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What a bad karma. But is it
my karma, or your karma?

When I abuse a woman, I can
see her many faces.

We all tormented frogs
when we were young

But... nothing is more fun than
toying with a living human.



Be strong. This is good for you.
It will help you recover

This might be even tougher than
any torture you've endured.

Hello, mister...

I can warm you up, sir.

And you...?

The recession doesn't give you
an excuse for being fooled.

That's really true.

Come on. Closing time..

All of you. Be careful
Don't trip on the step

Come back and see us...

Hey, closing time, sir

Here's some water.

All right... your wife is
waiting for you

You have no wife?

She found a lover,
and ran away with him

Not once. But twice.

What a spoiled woman. She should
be happy with a husband.

The second time, she made plans
while I was in jail for 10 days.

Why were you in jail?

I cut my wife's toe.

I was going to cut off
her fingers one by one

I wanted to make her stay home

Then she wouldn't be able
to meet another man.

Splashed the acid over her skin

I tattooed my name in that area

Still I didn't feel confident,
so I branded my name on her skin.

I guess her man was
truly in love with her

That's why she could
endure the pain

They are such a happy couple.

The story isn't about you?

This man was a carpenter
living above the butcher

Seikichi Oguchi, 28 years old

The woman was Yone Yahagi, 30...
his common law wife

Today is the Showa era...
this story is from Taisho Period

They are happily in heaven now.

You got me!

You should have listened well...

Nobody is released from jail
after 10 days for killing a wife

Anyway he was out of jail, then
sent back for something else.

I don't understand
the government at all.

So why were you really in jail?

I just did something that makes
people happy.

song about a soldier sent to Indonesia

Hey!... Shut up!

Hey... You!

Show me the place
you used for business.

The place where prostitutes
and models make money. Eh?

Officers... please show respect
to this young lady.

We are conducting our
investigation professionally.


You are Mr Seyu...

Oh... the pervert painter.

You have earned a lot of money,
invite us to the Hakone Resort.

Should I get an autograph,

What did she do?

Charged with prostitution

Why don't you come over here and
tell us funny stories...

...about model agencies.
- Right

Regarding your wife...

She asked me to arbitrate...
she wants to marry your student

I turned her down though.

I can do nothing about people in love.

Tell him I will give her away
in nice wrapping paper.

Hey, Shimaoka!

You don't have luck with a wife,
and I'm not lucky with husbands.

I felt I would get involved
with you in some way.

- She looks frozen.
- What?

Bamboo sandals don't work
in the snow.

Terrible day... the train
won't operate today

And all the wagons are full

Virtually she's walking
in bare feet.

Her toe nails must have
changed color.

I used to work at the brothel
in Hokuriku, by the shore

Every time I see snow,
I remember those days.

I guess I don't deserve a decent
married life anymore.

How about a couple... two people
without luck in marriage?

Are you going to brand your name
on my skin?

I might.

You're kidding. But you
seem so tender.

You never know

As a matter of fact, I've been trying
to resist tying you up

I wonder how beautiful you'd be
in a rope torture.

You are an unusual man.

What are you doing?

Stop this joke.
Are you serious? Tell the truth!

You have a good face
for SM art.

Untie me.
Haven't you had enough?

Did you do the same thing to
your ex-wife?

Didn't you?

Yes... you did

You were even nastier with her,
weren't you?

There are tips for bondage.
I learned the techniques

I studied an old book on

And I also had the chance to
listen to retired detectives

... from the inquisition days

They have secret techniques
based on the type of torture

In the Tokugawa Era, hanging torture
demanded that the victim...

... must be hanging 4 inches
from the floor

At brothels, whores would hang
so toes slightly touch floor.

During torture, a couple must
have a serious attitude.

How is it up there?

Pass me that plate.

Tomei... -Yes?-
Give it a test pull.

- What do you think?
- Seems to be strong.

- Here... have some refreshment.
- Thank you very much...

Good afternoon...

- Please come in.
- Oh, good.

What do you want me to do
with my hair? - Eh?-

You've got something
in your mind

Let me do your hair.

Don't say anything about this
to your doctor.

Not Yet!

Right now!

Take her down. Immediately!


30 minutes! Very good.
Now cover her with the snow.


Next we're going to crack the ice
and put her inside

Check the pond for a spot.

Sir... this is out of control.
The pond may be too deep

Besides, her body can't endure it.

Don't be absurd. She can hold on
to a post in the ice.

Women are strong. Of course,
this depends on the individual

if she is tense, she could stay
naked in the snow for an hour.

As soon as I find the right woman,
I won't let her go

I have an intuition towards
understanding women sensitivity

Plus the analysis by "one"

Yeah... ask her to write
the symbol for #1

let her use a brush
instead of a pencil.

She must use a brush with
black ink on white paper

This will tell you about
her family background

This test never fails.

I have tested how a Shimada
hairstyle falls apart

I discovered how long
it will hold form

The process of Shimada style
is secure with at least 10 ties

It is very time consuming work

But if tied securely, the stronger desire
won't destroy it.

Odd... but that's man nature.
Then he wants to tie it again.

You did this with your ex-wife, too.

I did even more.

Couldn't you get satisfied?

Your logic is most adorable.

It's much tougher than it seems

When she's tired, she can't
tiptoe any longer

Then, when she relaxes her toes,
her hair is yanked

It's an awful trick.


You are worth torturing.

You can't hold it any longer?

Want me to untie you?

Ask me... ask me to untie you.

Or I could leave you like this,
and enjoy your embarrassment.

If you'd like.

So you want to play to the limit?

You have warm skin

What's living inside your body?

Quite a snowfall.

What a nice snow.

Yeah... quite a snow.

It may have been such a day
when you tortured your ex-wife.

Do it to me... like you did with her.

Are you serious?
I won't stop after you begin...

sad lullaby


Brain damage through syphilis
late stage

You can hospitalize her,
but there is no cure

I'm sorry for your pain.

She inherited this disease in the womb,
from her mother.

Tae... are you the woman
on these photos?

Has his man been mistreating you?

This man is truly the crazy one

Don't you feel anger? Why did you
allow him to do this?

What did you plan to do?
You pervert, you are the one

You are the one who
made her crazy

Bring my daughter back to normal.
Bring her back!

If you don't... I will report
this to the police!

Tae's sister is the mistress
of the local prosecutor

He can drag you through
an interrogation


I am in deep shit

I thought a woman was to be used

The hotter the horseradish,
the more you cry for it.

I thought a wife was something like
a secretary or a whore

But in my case,
a wife is nothing but trouble

She is insane

The doctor gave up on her, but
I can't afford the hospital bill

I couldn't afford it
if there was a cure

Can you tie her up and
hang her again?

The shock might reverse
her insanity

I think she may be possessed by
animal spirits.

inherited in her mother's womb...



Tae? ...Tae?


Tae... where have you been?

- I went to fetch tofu.
- Tofu?

I've been craving it.
here's your change.

Don't worry...
I counted the change first.

You're getting better

You can count again?

I guess the ice bath works.

I felt envious of your body

If i had your body...
I would've earned more money

Get well soon... back to normal

If you don't recover,
I will sue your pervert husband.

I should have sued you.

What? Shut up, old bitch

If you want... then go ahead.

You are an evil thing

She was charmed by the devil

A mother who sold her
daughter to a brothel...

... may not pass judgement
on anybody

What are you doing? Eh?
If you're not happy, get lost.

I'm the only one who
understands Tae.

What could a perverted old man
possibly understand?

I tried not to say this...

But her disease was transmitted
through your ombilical cord.

What did you say?

What did you say?

Syphilis inside your womb.

Tae... this is... my karma...
I should have aborted her.

I guess you appreciate
the beautiful moon

I remember you said... you would
go to the limit with me

Now I understand you clearly

I never met a woman like you

You want to take a piss?
I can hold you

How about that?

You and I have a tiring life

What trouble we see


Nothing to hold on to

Bottomless muddy swamp

Say something... Tae

Tae... Tae...


What did you say? Eh?

- Scratch...
- What?

Scratch my back... untie me.

That was the first time
you asked me

Tae... what's wrong?

Take ahold of yourself.

Brand your name on my back.

You've had a tough time...
haven't you had enough?

Do you still want to live with
more pain? With more pain?

I wonder how she's been treated
since meeting you.

There was an actor who slept
with a young girlfriend...

... every night they slept
like this

It seemed to be heaven,
and it seemed to be hell too

The first time I felt like this
was when I spent the night...

... at the house of my
father's mistress

i couldn't forget the smell
of her hair gel...

... as the two of them
moved around

I was scolded by my stepmother

She often scared the shit
out of me.

Hajime... I saw a scary show

They killed young girls...
many young girls

All the girls with beautiful hair
and colorful dresses

But they were tied up
and tortured

They were whipped, then cut with swords,
and pierced with lances

Then their long hair were cut and
their heads were chopped off

And thrown into the river

The water of the river turned
into red

Believe me... every girl
got killed

Then the men had to go out and
buy more girls from the farms...

48 ways of torture:
stones, candle ways, needles

boiling water, branding, snakes,
gourds, crucifixion, handing

Okinawan, drowning, sealing,
exile, weights, confinement

bamboo, insects, prostitution,
bow, suspension, abacus, slashes,

rats, boiling lead, boning knife,
tattoo, ants, drawn-n-quarter

hanging in a wall, steaming,
anchor, rocks, poison, smoke

hang by hair, roll in mat,
tiny stabs, bondage, brackets

upside down, spikes, gimlets,
snow, salt, wooden horse, fire,

alcohol, gouging, spitting,
Suruga whipping

After all of this,I realized
I missed a major opportunity

I should not have put her body
in the coffin

I could have taken many pictures
from different directions

Scrpit: Akio IDO
Cinematographer: Masaru MORI

Asst Director: Masato ASADA

Director: Noboru TANAKA




Toshihiko ODA
Kuninosuke KOIZUMI

Hiroshi OSA Kunio SHIMIZU

Ryoichi SATO
Junya KATO Chieko HARADA

The end

Translation by Yuko Mihara
and Thomas Weisser