Hajime no Ippo: Mashiba vs. Kimura (2003) - full transcript

An OVA featuring the fight between the champion Mashiba and the challenger Kimura. A nice addition to the Hajime no opposition franchise.

This is what it will be.

In the upcoming Champion Carnival,

our gym's Junior Lightweight
boxer, Kimura Tatsuya...

will be fighting in his first Japan Title match.

Th-this is it.

Because Kimura-san and Kumi-san's
brother will be facing off...

back then...

I'm sorry.

I don't think I can I see you anymore.


How come?

Well, goodbye.



but there was nothing I could do.

I just have to...

Good luck, Kimura-san.

Don't force yourself.

You were getting along fine with her...

sorry for ruining it.

I'll beat the hell out of that brother,

and oust him from his throne!

Th-that's the spirit.

{\fad(0,2000)\pos(282,177)}Kimura Tatsuya

{\fad(0,2000)\pos(290,433)}Mashiba Ryo

I knew I would find you if I waited here.

I need a favor.

Please help me.

Why the sudden request?

I've got a match scheduled.

No matter what, I want to win.

But... right now, there's nothing I can do.

What do you want from me?

I'm not the sort who trains others.

Besides, you have no weak points, and
come across as a high-level boxer.


I know for sure...

I can't win against him.


The Japan Junior Lightweight Class Champion...

Mashiba Ryo.

For the Champion Carnival,

the 1st and 2nd ranked boxers bailed.

So the baton was passed down
to me, the 3rd ranked boxer.

In my 5th year as a boxer,

this chance has finally come.

If I let this pass,

I might never have another chance like this.

I want to win this!


Your technique and speed
are superior to Mashiba's.

If I can spar evenly against
you, I'll be in perfect form!

I don't know...

I don't think I can meet your expectations.

And like I said,

I'm not the sort who trains others.


I've never stuck to any single thing for long.

My record isn't impressive, but...

I've been putting in my best.

I love boxing.

That's why...

I want to be confident in not losing to anyone in it.

I want proof that I've tried my best in what I love.

You mean, the belt?

That's right.

Sorry for wasting your time.

I'm heading back.


I have an OPBF Title match next year.

And the Champion is an out-boxer.

His fighting style is similar to yours.

If you spar with me, it would be helpful.

If you'd like...

please visit my gym tomorrow.

Trying to act cool?


Do you think Miyata-kun accepted his request?

No matter who trains him, the
outcome will be the same.

Kimura-san is very proficient.

We won't know for sure until he actually tries.

W-well, for him to face Mashiba...

is somewhat unfortunate, I guess.


Is the unfortunate one really Kimura?

Mashiba-san and my Senpai are fighting each other.

And, I'm in love with his sister.

Torn between two opposing sides, I...

I am so unfortunate!

So, that's what you think, right?!


there's another who's more nervous than you.


Aoki and Kimura joined at the same time.

In a sense, they're each others' best rivals.

And his rival is facing his first title match.

Being left behind isn't what's bothering him.

Actually, it's the exact opposite.

He's frustrated at his inability; to help...

even though he wants to.

Damn it...

Now that you're sparring with Ichiro,

be on your guard.

Got it.

Every single movement of his will help me.

And when I can overcome those moves...

Mashiba's Flicker will no longer be a threat.

Now then, let's get started,

on neutralizing the Flicker.

The Flicker...

like this?


Mine is slightly different, but...

I can use the Flicker.


Use it, then.

Once I get used to them, a Flicker
neutralizer can be found.

It's impossible.

Despite its power,

the Flicker is just a jab.

It's almost impossible to stop all the jabs.


even if you evade them all,
you can't defeat Mashiba.

Wh-what do you mean?

You have a critical weak point.


For a start, let's make you aware of it.

My weakness?

He's fast.

But we're both out-boxers.

I can predict his moves somewhat.

I can hit him.

I can do it!

Nice movement.

He's ranked 3rd yet his potential exceeds that.


Weren't you a little hard on him for the first day?

I wanted him to experience it.

E-experience it?

Are you okay?

If you come at me with full force,

I can't tell what's going on.

That's the point.

You're so well rounded that

I don't see any flaws.

On the other hand...

you don't display any strengths either.

In addition, you don't have a finishing blow.

Without one, your opponent won't
hesitate to close in on you.

There's nothing to fear.

Mashiba probably thinks the same of you.

Damn it.

When he attacked so aggressively,

it became so damn hard.

I knew about it...

my own weakness.

He didn't hold back.

You don't seem to have any worries.

There must be something...

Some kind of strategy to defeat Mashiba.



You look like you're getting trashed.

Well, yeah.

I need to start dieting soon, so
I'm stuffing myself for now.

Are a Stamina Ramen and a Gyoza enough?

Your treat.


As usual, it was good.

Of course.

Hey, umm...

it's nothing...

What, feeling blue?

Hell no!

I was gonna say that I've become stronger!

If we spar now, you'll be dead in one minute.

I'll just return the favor!

See ya.


Thank you very much.

What was that about?

I borrowed some recent videos on
Mashiba-san from Iimura-san.

I want to help Kimura-san in some way.

All right.

Leave their delivery to me.

Thank you.

You're pretty thoughtful.


I spent the whole night coming
up with advice for Kimura.

You did?

For the Mashiba match?

I can be thoughtful too.

If that's the case, I'll pass it on.

Yeah, sure.

Watch out for...

Mashiba's long reach.

Well, see you later.


Now then...

Yo, long time no see.

Are ambushes becoming popular?

Oh, I'm just making a delivery.

They're recent videos of Mashiba...

for your reference.

Well, that's all.

Can... Kimura win?

Please tell me!

You can tell, right?

Please, Miyata.

Say something.

I'm not a critic.

He considers this title match his last chance.

His last?

He must be thinking of retiring.

We're already 23 years old.

We've been boxing for 5 years.

We've fought over 16 matches.

People may consider us young, but...

as active boxers, we're not.

We've also let many chances slip away.


Please, Miyata!

I'm not asking for a definite victory.

But, at least...

at least let him have a fight with no regrets.

Polish him so he can at least do that.

Don't let him have any regrets.


I'll be sure to pass these to him.

Mashiba's basic pattern hasn't changed.

But his stamina has improved.

His diet regimen isn't as tough,
after moving up a weight class.

If he uses Flickers for 10 rounds,

you can't get close to him.

In my present form,

I wonder if I can even defeat him with out-boxing.

My chances are even slimmer.

The difference in reach is too great.

My jabs are just no match for his.

Isn't there something...

that annoys out-boxers?

Something hard to handle...

Hard to handle?

When he attacked so aggressively

it became so damn hard.

What is it?


From now on, I'll step in more aggressively!

Improve my head-slip.

Make it faster.

That way... I can get closer to him.



Your tickets will go on sale soon right?

Can you get 20 good seats for us please?

We'll come to watch you.

Working with a champion...

somehow makes us feel proud.

I'll get them.

Come to watch me?

Looks like you're doing well.

At this rate, there's nothing to worry about.

I'm never one of your worries.

I still worry occasionally.

That's because...

the World has come knocking at our door.

The World?

[ WBC = World Boxing Council ]

The WBC 5th ranker wants to fight you.

If you win that match, the World
title will be within reach.

But we've got to clear your title defense match first.

If your victory isn't a decisive one,

the offer will be withdrawn.


I won't lose.

I'll keep on winning,

and make everyone kneel before me,

my enemies and everyone in the world.

Sounds like you've included me...

but that's fine for now.

That fearlessness...

is the source of your strength.

But then you will come to a realization.

I'm sure you will.

Once you keep on winning...

once you reach the tap of the world...

what will change won't be the world

but you.

I-I got in...

I got in.

I finally got close to you!

This is it.

This way, I'll get to close to Mashiba then I'll...

Then I'll...

What should I do?

You must have been practicing a lot.

Similarly, you can surely get close to Mashiba.

When you get close to him...

What the hell?

I don't have any...


at all.

Miyata must have known about this.

That's why he didn't advise me to be an in-fighter.

And I was finally getting used to it.

Without a weapon it won't make a difference.

Damn it!


Think hard.

Out-boxing won't work against him.

Get close to him, and then what?

His chin or his body?

His chin, of course.

Mashiba's pointy chin...

is just about his only weakness.

But I probably can't hit it on my .first try.

Above all, he's tall.

Connecting a punch that high will be hard.

But I need a weapon now!

I'll feed you now.

What an amazing jump!

You can reach that height?

This high...

Arched all the way...

All the way up here.


You haven't shown up for 2 weeks.

We've found another sparring partner.

We don't need you any more.

Actually, Dad...

it is he, who needs me.

The atmosphere now is different.

Kimura-san is looking for something.

But what IS it?

What is he looking for?

What is this...

this feeling?!


It's no good...

It was countered...

It wasn't countered.

A random punch just happened to hit you.

If that punch was more polished...

the one looking down wouldn't be me.

And, without a doubt...

Mashiba wouldn't either.

What a nice poster!

The Execution

That catch-phrase is the best!

Kimura's back looks the coolest!

You don't have to laugh that much.

The Execution

I thought it was weird when the guy was
taking so many pictures of my back.

I know I haven't mastered everything
Miyata taught me,

but I didn't expect the poster to turn out like this.

You're gonna get executed.

Aren't you even annoyed by this?

Bring it on.


the one who will be executed is Mashiba.

Do you have a strategy?

Strategy... or, rather...

a finishing blow.

Well, I could call it...

the Dragon Fish Blow.

Dragon Fish Blow?

It's not perfect yet.

I just need to polish it.

Lend me a hand, Aoki, Ippo.

Yeah, you can count on me!

Let's do it!

Takamura-san you too, please.

A dragon fish...

a fishy dragon...

Is it a surprise punch attack?!


Let's practice.

Let's do it.

Are you sure that's all you're
going to have for dinner?

I'm on a dieting regime.

I'm going for a run.

Eat your dinner while I'm at it.

Whenever I'm dieting, you hesitate to eat.

You won't be fighting in the match.

The match is drawing close.

Good luck.

I guess he is your friend, but I won't hold back.

I can't lose.

I know.

It's a match.

You can't help it.

Kumi, watch me.

I'll keep on rising.

I'll be the World's best brother, and
one that you can be proud of.

{\fad(500,0)}The day of the match

Well, I'm off.

Good luck.


If you win today, you'll be Japan's best, right?

Well yeah... I guess.

But not yet.

Once we close shop, we'll come to watch you.


By the way, what flowers are those?

They're Cinerarias.

Why the question?

Well, I should start learning the flower's names,

otherwise I won't be able to
help out with the business.

The Execution

Hey, Ippo.

Have you ever wondered...

Since Kimura and I normally weigh the same,

why are we in different weight classes?

You were trying to avoid fighting each other, right?

Before the pro-test,

Kimura said that he'd go for Junior Light Title.

I thought nothing of it.

But, just before the match, the dieting was tough.

A Lightweight like me found it hard.

It was even harder for Kimura.

He never bitched about it.

Each victory came with double the effort.

B-but, if that's the case...

each victory should bring twice the joy.

Yeah, you're right.

Especially for a title match.

If he wins the belt...

He will do it, I'm sure!

I want him to be the champion!

It's about time.

What's wrong?

I was thinking about Mashiba's
eyes during the weight check.

Those eyes don't belong to a human.

You're scared now?

Come on, man!

No matter what eyes he has, Mashiba's still human!



I have something to tell you.

Go ahead.

In every match I had,

I thought that I had trained to my limits.

But, I was wrong.

I was too easy on myself,

and was convinced that I put in my all.

This time, I've overcome that limit.

So whatever the outcome, there'll be no regrets.

Actually, I will be satisfied.

If I lose...

I will retire.



Don't say any more.

You've been with the gym for 5 years.

Making such a decision now may be timely.

Kimura, it's your decision.

I've been watching you for these past 5 years.

Show me everything you've got today.

Against one of Japan's best champions,

give it all of your 5 years of experience.


When you step back in here,

you will be the champion.

I'll be one of your Seconds.

Leave everything to me!


Don't look so disappointed.

I'll only retire if I lose.

If I win, I'll keep going.

5 years...

16 matches 12 wins 8 K.O. 3 losses and 1 draw.

All of that has lead to this.

I can't stop shaking.

It's only natural.

It's not because I'm scared.

It's because this is my first title match.

Here I come,

my dream stage.

My dream of dreams...

the title match ring!

They're staring so hard at each other.

Their foreheads are almost touching.

They actually are!

Don't look away!

Mashiba, kill him with your glare!

Hey, hey, trying to act tough?

He actually looks surprisingly calm.

M-Miyata-kun, what do you think of this match?

My guess?

If Kimura-san can draw out his usual potential,

it will be interesting.

You're right.

They head back to their corners.

All that's left is the sounding of the gong.

It's an intense moment.

What will the judgment be?

A death sentence?

Or a comeback verdict of "not guilty"?

And now, the gong...

has sounded!


The challenger comes out of his corner,

and charges straight for the Japan title.

And the champion starts up
his unique Hit Man style.

His Death Scythe sways back and forth.

The jabs will come.

I have to evade them.

Recall your spars against Miyata.

Good it missed me.

The champion's left!

The line of his punch changed.

I have to keep moving.

The challenger sways his body,

but he takes a fierce rush of
the champion's Flickers!

Wh-what a left.

Certainly I don't stand a chance in out-boxing.

He must have realized...

the threat of Mashiba's reach.

It was the same for me.

Seeing and experiencing them are totally different.

There's no time to complain.

He has to do something about it.

I've got to do it.

Even if I fail at first, I'll keep on trying.

I'll surely get close to him!

He's doing that again.

I heard that he's an out-boxer.

Yet he's courting an in-fight.

Be my guest.

Go ahead if you can.

Wow, he can't move forward!

I told you not to be so aggressive!

Keep your rhythm, your rhythm!

Trying to come in like a kamikaze?

What good can a half-assed in-fighter do?

You can't get me with that.

My left...

isn't that easy to get by!

He's trapped against the ropes!


Get away, Kimura!

He got away!

He narrowly escapes a pinch.

Th-the challenger's face is...

Mashiba's left has a lot of snap.

Each and every punch lacks weight behind it,

but they cause swelling.

If he takes more hits, his eyes will swell shut.

I-if that happens...

Use your legs!

Use jabs and regain your rhythm!

Did you hear that?

Don't push yourself and fight in your usual style.


that won't work on me either!

The challenger doesn't back away!

He charges in!

Dodge it.

Still sticking with in-fighting?

He is caught!

Again, the champion's scythe...

slices up the challenger's face!

That won't work!

The challenger backs away.

Is this all he's got?

H-he's hurt.

Now's his chance.

Mashiba hasn't used his right yet.

He's using his left to control the match.

With his right, he can end the match quickly.

But why?

Clearly, he has the World stage in sight.

That bastard's using Kimura as a test.

A test?

That's to our advantage.

If he's relying on the Flicker alone,

he only has to get its timing down.


learning that in a match is impossible!

Can't you see Kimura-san's eyes from here?

The punches are as swift and sharp as Miyata's.

What's different is the angle.

If I can get the right angle...

I dodged it!

Wow, a clean hit connected!

Will he go down?!

He hung on!

The 1st round ends with a score of 10-9!

The Champion wins the first round.

Damn, that was close.

Too close!

You survived well for three minutes.

Three minutes?

Only three minutes... that's nothing.

I've been hanging on for 5 years.

Are you all right?

You were taking a lot of hits.

Don't get so worked up.

He's actually strong against in-fighters too.

Let's change our strategy now.

I didn't expect to get close to him in the first round.

Let's take it to the full 10 rounds.

But still...

Sure, he's good.

But, he's not beyond my expectations.

Just watch.


You've been hanging on for 5 years?

Do you know why I am called the "Executioner"?

Because 6 boxers have retired after fighting me.

And... you'll be the 7th!

He doesn't stand a chance.

That can't be!

He can't even get one shot in.

But he's trying so hard.

Just like a replay,

the challenger shows no difference in each round.

The only difference is his face.

The moment of his execution draws near.


He's down!

The challenger takes this match's first down!

That took my left 6 rounds.

That was longer than I expected.


He's up!

The challenger barely stood up!

And, the 6th round ends here!


Tatsuya-kun got up.

Yagi-san, Tatsuya...

Are you okay?

He went astray...

Can you still see?

because of me.

It was when he was in 5th grade.

He was bullied by an upperclassman,

and came home all beat up.

We went to his house to complain.

But we were pressured by them.

And I ended up apologizing instead.

It was then,

that his impression of his parents changed.

Time after time, he rebelled.

By the time he made it to junior high,

violence at home was an everyday affair.


He was a menace to society.

Unaware to us, he quit high school.

He then became uncontrollable.

But one day, he stopped his violence.

We were so relieved.

I wished for him to continue like that.

Yes, he's working hard.

Once uncontrollable,

his fists now challenge the Japan Champion.

My son's fists have grown great.

I... was about to make the same mistake again

by forsaking my duties as his parent.

Mom, let's go back!


He's taking it to an in-fight!


The champion looks annoyed!

We're already in the 7th round.

If this drags on I won't see the World stage.


Why has he suddenly started to evade them all?

It's his footwork.

Watch closely.

With his left foot, his right body moves in.

Where he just stepped in to stop the jabs,

is the best place for a left body blow.

But, why now?

If you could do that, you should've
done it from the start!

He was waiting.

Because of his rushes, Mashiba's speed is slowing.

While you were hit around like a sand bag,

you were waiting?

Kimura is a very clever boxer.

Very often,

he fights with a submissive boxing style.

Yeah. It's a first for me,

to see him fight so aggressively

risking it all like this.


I know why you fight so hard.

As boxers we're always at the edge of the cliff.

While everyone rises

we're always stuck at the bottom.

We have reasons for not holding back!

Back off damn it!

I won't back off.

I'll never back off!

Over the past 5 years in this world.

I had no confidence or pride.

But there's one thing very close to us.

No matter what fight lay ahead

a man who always stepped forward
until he became champion.

With my own courage I won't lose.

In the 7th round's second half,

the challenger persistently attacks with body blows,

while the champion is all defensive!

Mashiba-san's guard is coming down.

H-his jaw is...

A rising Kimura call has erupted!

Since being crowned as the Junior Lightweight king,

this champion has never struggled in a match!

He is behind on the points,

but the hope for the victory is rising!



You've grown into a man worthy of such cheering.

I am so proud of you.

The 7th round has ended!

You've fought well, Challenger!

He'll continue using body blows in the next round.

But your monotonous attack won't work on me.

I'll show you.

By now Mashiba's attention should
be drawn to his lower body.

The stage is finally set.

What's left is one more shot!

5 years...

It's been so long.

I'll put everything into it.

All my effort over the years will go into this one shot.

I'll hit him hard with it!

It's now the 8th round!

The Kimura call still resounds throughout the hall!

Now, who will receive the cruel verdict?

I underestimated him.

Since he has those kind of eyes

I'll have to kill him with my best punches.

Several times he must've lost his consciousness.

Yet his eyes were always alive.

But he's close to his limit.

This round will be it!

He's luring me.

Fine, I'll bite.


I'm using all my power!

This left will bring me the World!

He evaded it!

Another left body explodes!

He's got the timing down.

Again, it's blocked!

The challenger's jaw is blown back!

But he returns with another body shot!

I'll smash your jaw again!

It was blocked again!

Another uppercut explodes!

How many...

how many times have I punched the sand bag?

A hundred...

a thousand times...

I've hit it!


goes into this one shot!

He's down!

In the 8th round, the challenger
displayed a ferocious punch!

Why am I looking at the ceiling?

Am I down?

How was I hit?

Why am I down?

I don't get it...


The champion is up!

He got up...


He's still shaking, Referee!

I've taken my stance!

Stop him.

It's a close call.


The match resumes!

The 8th round is left with one minute!

You're pretty good Champion.

That was my best shot.

If one shot doesn't do the job...

I'll give you two or three more!

That got him good, so finish him already!


Did that last punch come from above?

I can't take another.

He's guarding high!

A left body blow connected!

Damn it.

He hits low just when I guard high.

I can't tell what's coming next any more.

The champion's Flicker stops the
challenger from closing in.

With my right eye completely shut

that bastard's left is so hard to see.

Who cares.


The challenger uses his shoulder to charge in!

Your punch can't get me here!

He's guarding high.

Low then.

I'll hit him until he drops his guard!

The challenger attacks with
fierce blows to the body.

The champion is pushed into the ropes!

The champion's guard has gone down!

It's open!

If I get hit again...

everything will end.

lose everything!


what are we going to do... from now on?

Shut up.

Don't cry, Kumi.

Don't cry.

The challenger's powerful right explodes!


Dragon Fish Blow number 2!


I don't want...

to lose everything.

Damn it...

I can't lose here!


The champion is not going down!

It's a desperate clinch!

That was a clean hit!

Mashiba doesn't take hits well.

He should be way past his limit already.

He can still hang on?

This isn't about skill.

What makes Mashiba scary...

is his desperation for victory.

Get off, damn it!

Mashiba, let go.

Break it!

Stop that!

Get off now!

What a lousy champion!


Deduct a point, a point!

Don't let go, Mashiba!

Hang in there!

Mashiba, break it!

Or I'll deduct a point!

Why you...

The 8th round ends!

That was another impressive
round for the challenger!

The champion barely made it through!

That was close.

If he didn't clinch...

No, he's good.

He's really an incredible champion.

At that time, I sensed a great determination.

That's right.

The champion's still determined.

Don't let your guard down despite your advantage.

This looks bad, he's really hurt.

Listen, watch out for his high-low variation.

Tighten your guard and...

Can you hear me?


H-hey, Mashiba!

I don't want... to lose...


Alright, go get him!

Just now...

I could see the belt!

I'll return as the champion.

Round 9!

One more shot!

With my Dragon Fish Blow

he will definitely go down!

I can't let him continue like this.

If I don't survive this,

the World is out of the question!

The champion attacks with a rare right!

He's using his right!

I'll admit that...

you're the best challenger!

A right in full-swing.

He wants to finish it.

He's trying to regain control of the match.

That's just what I need.

Both of my eyes are about shut.

I can't gauge the distance any more.

Bring it on!

In the ring's center...

a vicious exchange breaks out!

This must be their last burst of energy!

Kimura's betting his life as boxer on this!

Show him the power of desperation!

Show him the difference in scale of your dreams!

He swings with his right!

That powerful shot was effective!

Knocking him upwards is an uppercut!

This is the champion's winning pattern!

Damn it!

Go down.

Wow, he retaliated!

The challenger advances swiftly.

H-he'll be fine, Kumi-chan.

Mashiba will definitely win.

My brother is cowering away.

Always acting strong,

he's now cowering away.

I've never seen him like that.


I can't overcome the damage.

My body doesn't move like I want it to.

Damn it he's good.

Really good!

The champion clinches!

But he read ahead!

He evades it and slams in body blows repeatedly!

He looks seriously hurt!

The challenger comes closer to the belt!

His enthronement is right before him!



I don't want to lose!

I see it!

The belt!

When this arm is fully extended

it is within reach!

I can't lose!

Reach for it!

I've reached it!


I reached out...

but it's all dark.

Belt and all...

can't be seen.


What a nerve-wrecking simultaneous
exchange of rights!

But, the emergent winner is the champion!

It's a devastating down!

The look of disbelief on the champion...

speaks of that simultaneous exchange's intensity.


Damn it!

It was so damn close.

Get the towel.


Is it over?

The one who connected first won.

Kimura's arching punch...

and Mashiba's straight punch...

the difference in lines decided it.

That can't be.

The match isn't over yet!

Right against right, it was a counter.

Can he really get up?

Hey hold on, Shinoda-san.

What do you want?

You saw how dangerously he fell!

But, he decided that this is his last match.

Let him finish it on his own terms.

I feel that way too.

But if this leads to something irreparable,

what will you do?


No way.

That's impossible...


H-he stood up!

Was it his determination to win the title?

Or was it some wild instinct?

What motivates the challenger?

Kimura, let me see your eyes.

The referee checks out his condition.

How will he call it?

Will it resume?

Or will it stop?

Please, let him continue.

Let him carry on, Referee!

Let it continue!

Yeah, let it continue!

Stop it, Referee!

Let him fight until the very end!


It resumes!

N-no matter how many times...

No matter how many times I knock
him down, he keeps getting up.

I need to kill him off completely!

He's charging in desperately,

out of fear and panic!

That Mashiba-san is... scared.

If I lose...

I will retire.






The referee stops the champion!

What's going on?

He's no longer conscious.

The match is over!

With the challenger frozen with his fist extended,

the gong sounds to signal the end of the match!

The death match is finally over!



Wait up, Ippo!


His sweat is so cold.

If that punch followed through

I could have been...


Shinoda-san, he's still fighting.

He doesn't know that the match is over,

so he can't withdraw his fist.

He's still fighting!


It's all right now.

It's over.

You did well.

I-it's over?

It's over...

Kimura! Kimura!



You did well, Tatsuya.

Till the very end, you did well.

You were just great.

You're the best son.

Mashiba, wait up.

There's still the winner's interview and stuff.


It was a K.0. victory!

If I stayed as the winner,

I'd only be humiliated.







As of today,

I have retired.

For all the days at the gym I really...

thank you!

Thank you very much!

I've thought it through.

I will never step into the ring as a fighter again.

See ya.

{\blur1\pos(313,372)\frz357.1}Flower shop Kimura

I'm heading out.

Will you be okay?

I'm just gonna drop by the gym.

Hey, Tatsuya.

Isn't it still early to know the names of flowers?

We're still doing fine.

You shouldn't quit...

I've made up my mind.

I see...

It feels rather lonely.

There's no time to sulk.

You've seen many others retire.

Even so...

Kimura fought well.

And, he's now at his new starting-line.

Send him off with a smile.

You're right.


Show some guts,

to fill in for Kimura's absence!

Kimura's absence...


Our guts...

Takamura-san actually misses him, too.

Ippo, you too!


That makes my retirement feel real.

Wanpo, spelt in Katakana...

I'm glad that you've got a name.

I won't be seeing you very much anymore.

Take care.

What should I do now?

For 5 years, I was drowned in boxing.

I'll do the stuff I've been wanting to do.

What would that be?


Not boxing!

I did my best.

I did so much of it.

It was so close.

If I stretched my fist out a little more.

10 cm more...

or was it 3 cm?

3 cm...

only that much of a difference.

That's it?

Why couldn't I do it?

It was only...

It was only 3 cm, yet I...

I didn't have enough!

I'll regret it...


I'll regret not making that extra 3 cm forever!

Just 3 cm and regretting it forever...


I don't want that!




You, didn't you retire?

Yes, I retired.

Then, why?

Kimura Tatsuya retired.


Since when?


With my name in Katakana, I'll re-debut.

That's the way it is...

so watch over me again!

Hell yeah!


But you've retired!

You sure about this, old man?!

It can't be helped.

Damn you!

Quit, damn it!

Could it be...


Congratulations for your brother's victory.

Umm, well... that's...

Is Kimura-san...

Kimura-san was going to retire,

but he couldn't quit boxing, and came back.

U-umm, Kumi-san, why are you here today?

Well since my brother won,

I was concerned about Kimura-san.

How's that?

I'll really quit!

♫ It's always the same no matter what I do

♫ I make the same mistake over and over

♫ What is really important?

♫ Tracing my steps

♫ I keep looking down

♫ At times like this

♫ I try looking up

♫ I try looking in the distance

♫ I find a different outlook

♫ When I look up at the narrow path

♫ The world opens up 360 degrees wide