Haixia (1975) - full transcript

Haixia was produced during the Cultural Revolution. With the fishermen's life on the southeastern coast in the early 1960s as its background, the film depicts a group of militia women who ...

We guys in the old society

are living in poverty

At that time,
we saw nothing

And we couldn't say anything

In these years,
the Party anoints my eyes.

I can not only see the island

and my homeland,
but also the world

In these years

We militia in Tongxin Island

are growing up

with the care of Mao Zedong Thought

We keep going in the wave
of the class struggle


We are living
in happy socialist times


We will never forget the misery
of the past

Old Li, what's going on?

I come to congratulate you

It couldn't live any longer

Uncle Liu brought me from the sea

Meanwhile a sunglow (Haixia)
appeared on the horizon

So Uncle Liu gave me
a name - Haixia

Her mom can't milk any more
You feed her

Here you are

good girl

Bro. Stone is one year older than me

But he is an adult in my eyes

He takes good care of me
all the time



Shark! Bro. Stone
Come on! Shark

Where is it?


It's quite a big shark

Catch it quickly
Don't let him run away

Come here, guy

Where did this fish come from?

Give it back

We caught it on our own
Here you are

It was stolen from
my fish-shop

You are kidding me

It was caught by our own

Bring it here

Take your hands off me

Well, you girl wanna rebel

Master, forget it

34 catties and 7 taels

One more

Come here, open it

3500 catties of fish
have been collected from you

60% for the rent

Master gained 2000 catties

and you guys can gain 1400 catties

I give you an invoice

Mr. You'er, you have to give us cash

We have nothing to eat at home

you want money

Master can't collect the money

How can Master solve this problem?

Mr. You'er

Your scale is not accurate

It is accurate!

You guys say something

Actually, I have caught
100 catties of fish

How has it became 80 catties?!

Shut up! Keep cool!

Mr. You?er
What's up?

Master, they are lacking in weight

But they said that
we have cheated them with the scales


This scale is handed down
from my ancestors

I often use it when I collect the fish
and rent the rice

When I collect your fish,

I always pressed it low

When I rent you rice,
give you rice,

I always lift it up

I have taken good care of you guys

It's good enough

You have to be thankful

There's something inside the scales

Li bashisi (name)

What are you doing?!

There's something inside the scales
check it out


Quicksilver! Quicksilver!


Boss Chen

This is how he takes care of us

When he collects our fish,
he plays a trick

With the quicksilver

100 catties became 84 catties

He sells us potato

He also plays a trick
With the quicksilver,

84 catties became 100 catties

These tricks made us miserable

Chen Zhan'ao (Boss)
is treating us like that

Li bashisi, you say something,

When I was 20 years old,

My dad pawned me to
Chen Zhan'ao as a fisherman

After that, My dad
got 100 catties of potatoes

He weighed them at home.
the Weight had become 84 catties

In order to remember this debt,

My dad give me the name
Li bashisi (eighty-four)

The Chen have exploited

so much fortune from us and
our ancestors

Nonsense! We have to settle with that guy

Fellow villagers,
let's settle with that guy



Chen Zhan'ao has run away

We have to find him out

Smash it! Smash it!

Chen Zhan'ao, get out!

Fellows, fellows...

We can negotiate peacefully

This scale is handed down
from the ancestors of the Chens

Master don't know anything

Shut up!

You must weigh the goods accurately

That's right!
Don't cheat us with the scales

Give us back the money

You mustn't jack up the price of rice

You mustn't!

If you can't promise us,
we will never go to sea!

That's right!
We will never go to sea!

Get out! Get out!

Get out!

Fellow villagers,
I know your misery

Firstly, the fish money
will be delivered today

Secondly, every household will
get 100 catties of potatoes

The fishing season is too vital

I implore you to go to sea
as soon as possible

When you fulfil our promise?

Tell us

When?! Tell us

fulfil it at once

You'er, give them foodstuff

Fellow villagers, follow me,
follow me

Go! Go!

We must get the money back

Let's find him to get the money back

Uncle Liu

From now on,
Chen Zhan'ao will never oppress us

If we are all of one mind,

he will never dare to oppress us

Why did he fulfil our demand
so quickly?

Something bad may happen

Really? Go

When someone goes to sea
at that time,

his family will never
predict the risk that he may encounter

And the sailing this time
is more worried

No one speaks a single word

But they know what they think
each other

There is no need to come to
Tongxin Island

The fishermen in Tongxin Island
are suffering from misery

There are three killing axes
over their heads

Fishing despots, pirates
and storms... and storms...

Aunt Li,
Something bad has happened

Chen zhan'ao ganged up with
the pirate Heifeng (name: Black Wind)

They beat Bro. Liu and Bro. Li to death

Aunt Li, you have to hide from the trouble

I can't stay at Tongxin Island any longer

I have to go to the mainland at once

Aunt Li, say something

Mum, Mum

Aunt, Aunt

No! Give me! Let me do that

I must kill the Chen Zhan'ao

You can't! Let me do that!

We the Lius and the Lis
are expecting on you

You should grow up

in order to revenge your dad and uncle

I believe that we can defeat him

It's no use to get angry

They have weapons to kill us

And we can't grab the weapons

How to grab them

We must get revenge

It's a pity that Haixia is a girl

I know what mum thought

But why cannot a girl revenge?

The son of Liu Maogen


Fight the fire!
Liu's family is on fire

Gosh! The house has collapsed

Aunt Liu, Bro. Stone

Aunt Liu, Bro. Stone

Aunt Liu, Bro. Stone

Aunt Liu, Bro. Stone

Aunt Liu

Boss. Chen has to regain the boat

The boat belongs to us

You know nothing!
You weren't born at that time

Your mom knew that

Haixia's dad works for your boss
in exchange for the boat.

Is that right?


Have you got any contracts?

You are too evil!

Mum, don?t talk to him anymore!

We will never move house

You that stubborn, silly girl!

I tell you that you must
move house in three days

Chen Zhan'ao want to kill us all

Although it's a narrow and dark place,

and it's hot in summer,
cold in winter,

I still have deep feelings
towards the house

I grow up here

It's my home on earth

Leaving from here,

how can I find a shelter to stay?

Because of anger and hunger,

my mum has fallen ill

She hasn't eaten for a few days

Here you are

Eat while it's hot


Mum, eat

Mum, mum

Mum, mum

Mum, mum


Mum, mum

Go then

In the autumn of 1949

the bandit troops of KMT

which have withdrawn from the Mainland

have led a scene of chaos
in the Tongxin Island

Anyone here?

Open the door

hand out the foodstuffs

We don't have a single grain of rice

Nonsense! What are you eating now?!

Damnit! It is for pigs!
Fuck off!

Pour hot water
and kill the goose

Go out to build the fortifications!
Hurry up!

Grandpa, grandpa!
Get out!


Take that too

Come here

Go to carry water!

I am not strong enough
to carry water

Go to carry water!

I am not strong enough
to carry water

You dare not carry water?!

Catch her!

I hide in the bush

That's a long, long dark night!

When will the dawn come

A few days ago I heard that
the PLA will come here

What will the PLA be?

I don't know them at all

But I am looking forward to them

Come on!
Instructor is coming!

Comrades, rest and standby,

make a meal and prepare to

attack the Guanchao Mountain
with the 1st company


Every class, stand apart!

Class 2, Stand up

Class 3, Come with me

Class 1, Stand up

Little girl,
where's your elder family?

My grandpa has been caught

Can we rest here for a while?

Xiao Li, come here
We'll carry these things inside

Little girl, where's the well?

Go to the backdoor

- Monitor, the instructor is having a meal
in your class - Ok

Monitor, the pot isn't empty,
how we do?

It is not hard to do


The pot isn't empty

All they eat is bitter grass

The pot in Class 2 is big

Bring some rice to cook there


Little girl, what?s cooking in the pot?

May I have a look?


Little girl

You cook for half a pot

How can you eat up?

It's for me and grandpa to
eat 2 days

Can we eat a little bit?

You can eat ours a minute later

This isn't tasty

You eat

Comrades, come here

The villagers here...

Meal! Meal!

Little girl,
you don't have to eat it anymore

This grass is so bitter and not tasty

Little girl

Your bitterness is our bitterness

In order to let you
not suffer this bitterness any longer,

we come here

We are family

Little girl, eat

Comrades, hurry up

Help me


What are you doing here?

I send you hot water

It's too dangerous!
Get down! Get down!

I won't allow you here again!

Haixia, instructor
you must get down quickly

Leave soon

Tiejun, instructor...

instructor is hurt badly

I'll send him to Dongsha Hospital
Hurry up!

Haixia, where's your grandpa?


Hurry up!
Go to sea and catch the bandits!

Haixia, look!
What's that?

A KMT soldier

Grandpa, paddle quickly

Where's the gun?
Throw it into the sea

Go, that way



We now have the weapon to

liquidate Chen Zhan'ao's guilty

Uncle Shuanghe escaped to Mainland
and got involved with the revolution

A few days ago,
he was sent back here to be a village chief

He is leading us to
carry on the Anti-despots struggle

Fellow villagers, welcome to
criticize and denounce Chen Zhan'ao

Let's get it started

It's time to revenge

Beat Chen Zhan'ao down

It's time for judgement in your cause

Let me say

Chen Zhan'ao

You kill my family

and Uncle Liu

Chen Zhan'ao

After the day we went to sea,
you ganged up with the pirate Heifeng

and killed my dad and Uncle Liu

A few days later,

you burnt Uncle Liu's house

Aunt Liu

and my Bro. Stone were burnt to death

Chen Zhan'ao

We fishermen in Tongxin Island

all have been persecuted by you

You have owed us a bloody debt

Never forget the misery of social class

Keep the hatred firmly in mind

Chen Zhan'ao

Tell us

How many people have been killed
by you and Pirate Heifeng?

Tell us

Tell us

Tell us now

Tell us now

I haven't ganged up with Heifeng



I haven't
You must tell us

When the fellows went to sea,

you send Chen San to
give your letter to Heifeng

It's you that let me go boating
to send Chen San to the Dayu Island

The day after the accident,

The bastard You'er stated outright:
"If you wanna rebel,

you will be dead
like Liu Maogen and Li Bashisi

Bastard You'er, tell us

Tell us, tell us, tell us

He let me say that

Beat Chen Zhan'ao down

Let's expose the crime of Chen Zhan'ao

I say, I say

Bastard You'er exposed the

movable property and guns
which were hidden by Chen Zhan'ao

And Chen Zhan'ao
gained the trust of Uncle Shuanghe by cheating

Uncle Shuanghe

Let bastard You'er go then

His behaviour is not bad, right?

We should forgive him

He is a bad guy

It's not your business

You are still a kid
You know nothing


Why did you come here?

I have something to tell you

How is Instructor Fang?

He is in dongsha Hospital now

Let us see him now

Alright, after dealing with this thing,
I will go with you

Instructor, Haixia came to see you

Instructor Fang,
you did this for us

you risk yourself
to carry water to the firelines

Whom did you do this for?

See? The soldiers are praising you

Little girl,
you were so brave that day

You carried water to the firelines

How you encouraged us!


We have a common goal

That is to defeat
Chen Zhan'ao, Chiang Kai-shek

and all the reactionaries

We will liberate millions of people
from misery

We and you are the members

of those people


We are like you in the childhood

Without CPC

we would have already starved to death


CPC cares for the mass

CPC wholeheartedly saves China

CPC leads the people
to the liberation road

CPC leads China
to a bright future

CPC resisted the war against Japan
for more than 8 years

CPC improves the lives of people

CPC insists the Base Areas
Behind the Enemy Lines

CPC achieves the People's Democracy

There is no new China without CPC

There is no new China without CPC

Serve the people wholeheartedly


the Eighth Route Army

and the New Fourth Army
are the revolutionary troops

We these troops are completely
for the liberation of the people,

to work for the profit of the people


the Eighth Route Army

and the New Fourth Army
are the revolutionary troops

We these troops are completely
for the liberation of the people,

to work for the profit of the people

Go on reading

Instructor Fang taught me this paragraph

I can't read the following paragraph

You learn it then


the Eighth Route Army

and the New Fourth Army
are the revolutionary troops

In our team

Haixia, you can read Chairman Mao's book

I'm just learning now
I don't know some characters

Uncle Deshun, Come earlier tomorrow
Send me from the ferry

We should fix the fishing boat
more quickly

How to deal with Chen Zhan'ao?

Send him to the district tomorrow

Let them deal with him

Something bad has happened!

A gang of pirates has rescued him

Go, go

Chen Zhan'ao has escaped

Reactionist landlord-bourgeoisie
is dreaming to revive anytime

A few years have gone by

I have grown up
in the wave of class-struggle

In order to defend our homeland
and socialist system,

We must pick up our guns

Militia-platoon leader Li Haixia


After the recovery

Instructor Fang has been transferred here
to be a secretary of commission of our area

Wu Caizhu


Zhao Erman

Aunt A'hong is calling your name

Zhao Erman


She is too happy

Yu Haihua


Yang Hailian


Yuxiu, let's go

You are not a militia
What are you looking at?

Huang Yunxiang


Mum, Dad have come back from the sea

Call you back

Go, go, go

Chen Ermeng


Dad, my mum won't come back

Dad, you should put more water
into the rice

You know what!?
Hurry up

Dad, is there the smell of burnt rice?

What should we do?

Carry away the fire quickly

Gosh, eat your popcorn then

What are you doing?


It's your fault

A'sha's mom,
A'sha is finding you

You are stuck
in an embarrassing situation

I can't get blamed by women


Are there any women in your eyes?

Damnit, another woman comes again

The women have been liberated now

We are afraid of them!

You never reason with others

How come?!

You'd better reason with others

You went uphill to
open up some land

You went to the field to
fertilize a few times

I went to sea

You have never taken care of
two children

I went to sea

I wash clothes, gather firewood,
make meals and feed the pig...

Which ones you have done before?

I... I went to sea

The sea... the sea...

You can't always threaten me by SEA

Aunt stands guard and sentry,
learn to read and write,

is busy with plowing

She does her best with
the public affairs and housework

Does she do her best?
I have no meal to eat when I come back

While she is talking jokes aside

Today we handed out the guns
to the female militia

You should be happy withs your wife

She was just being a little late

While you were so angry with her

The female militia are superfluous

How can a woman become a soldier?!

You still have such a viewpoint

Let me ask you

You male militia go out to sea
for a few months

Who will protect the island?

What should we do
if the enemies invade?

You are not omnipotent

You may switch with your wife

You may do housework at home
for a few days

You think that I can't handle it?

Want popcorn then?

Don't show off then

Let's go and say sorry

Hurry up

Take it, take it

Let's go

We have won our struggle

I sent him home like that

He looks like a captive


I have finished studying

I have finished studying

Grandpa, let me then

Sister Haixia

What's going on?

Don't you see?

You are a platoon leader now,
and forget me

I celebrated my birthday yesterday

You are already 16 years old
You can join a militia

Let me help you to enroll

My mum doesn't agree at all

You should talk with her quickly

Grandpa, you eat first

My affair is up to you

As an old saying goes:

The power of a boat focuses on the sail

The power of a man focuses on the heart

You should have determination

Of course I have

Aya, snake!


Sister Haixia

Aunt Dacheng, the kid has grown up

You should look after her carefully

You may not hear about that

Such a girl wanders and plays outside
all day long

Something bad may happen

Xiao Minfu has brought the goods here

I have brought what you want

Look, thanks so much

Who puts these boots here?

Don't move, don't move

You are so clever

It is you that let us make the best use
of our time to practice

Where's the capture I brought to you

I have let him go

How come a capture?

Aunt Dacheng, have you had a meal yet?

Not yet

Yuxiu this kid becomes
naughtier and naughtier

Seeing you guys carrying guns,

She is so jealous of you

She hasn't cut the firewood any more

I don't know where she goes
from the early morning

Aunt Dacheng,
I want to discuss with you

Talk then

Yuxiu is 16 years old now

She should join a militia

We are out of date,
we won't become a militia

Is joining a militia purely voluntary?

Yuxiu wants to get involved with it

My Yuxiu is a timid girl,
being afraid of mice

Without your provocation

she will never think about that

Joinga militia is not a bad thing

I don't care

I won't let Yuxiu join a militia

Aunt Dacheng, you may consider it

Such a girl wanders outside all day long

She is being laughed at by others

Sister Haixia, does mum agree?

No, she doesn't

Talk about it later

Aunt Dacheng, what's going on?

She doesn't lag far behind either

Why is she against Yuxiu to
joining a militia?

Obviously, joining a female militia
is not an easy task

I insist joining a militia

Go, let me go again

Where did you go in the early morning?

It is me that called Sister Haixia
to come here

It is me that insists on coming now

If you want to come,
come then

I haven't owed you either

Aunt Dacheng, you didn't owe me

But do you still remember

how Chen Zhan'ao pressed
for our repayment of debts?

He obviously exploited
our hard work and money

But he claimed that
we owed him money and foodstuff

On a Spring Festival's Eve

in order to dodge payment of debts,
Uncle Dacheng hid in a wrecked boat

As a result, he froze to death

If no one saw him and took him back,

he may die

Here comes liberation
our days become better and better

But we mustn't forget that

Chen Zhan'ao, KMT and Chiang Kai-shek
are still here

Isn't Uncle Dacheng's fishing boat

was sunk by Chiang's bandit gunboat?

We couldn't imagine that

after a few day when Uncle Dacheng
turned over

he just...

You take good care of mum first

Sister Haixia, mum has agreed

Don't be so happy

I think that someone has
said something bad about you to mum

Yuxiu, our brains carry a gun

Otherwise, the real guns in our hands
are useless


What's up, Caizhu

To aim, or not to aim
that's useless

You should practice more

Or how can you shoot the target?

I have confidence to shoot the target

Otherwise, the gun has been broken

Just aim and aim...
So boring!

What's going on?
Why don't hold up an umbrella?

Don't get burnt by the sun

Too delicate to be in a militia

So what!


She is like a piece of tofu
which fell into the ashtray

It can't be blown or beat

How can a militia be like that?

Disregarded organizational discipline

just like a civilian

Right. She is so delicate

That's right.
Being in a militia isn't for fun

and is not for showing off

How can we go and fight
without hard practice?

What we carry are guns,
not pokers

Without discipline

how can the militia fight?

Being afraid of the wind and the sun,
how can a militia be so?

The male militia is stronger

They ignored us

That's right
We aren't up to expectations

Is that right?
You see that

she comes and goes at will
during training

That's nonsense

We should criticize her in the meeting

Oh, she's coming

Guns were carried by Chen Zhan'ao
in the past

And today Chairman Mao gave us the gun

That's the trust!

Caizhu, we are revolutionary fighters

We should be strict with ourselves

Come here

We are going on study today

Let me say first

I am wrong today

I hope that you can help me more

I must heighten my sense of discipline
in the future

At the seaside,
on the beach,

The banians rustle in the wind

Fisher girls are at the seaside

They are knitting the fishnet

Fisher girls are at the seaside

They are knitting the fishnet

At the foothill, near the cliff

appear the large waves

Fisher girls are at the seaside

They are practicing with knives and guns

Fisher girls are at the seaside

They are practicing with knives and guns

28 circle has been hit

After all, they shot better


We will be absolutely defeated by them

What's up?
Too scared to go to the battle field?

How can you defeat the enemies

Old fang, don?t look down on us

It depends on you

The male militia can hit 25.6 circles
on average

Let see how the female militia can shoot

Female Militia, fire!

Cheer them up


Don't be afraid
shoot them

Gather together!


We are not to compete with each other
by the shooting match

We just want to test
your shooting level

Defend the island and the homeland
The targets are our enemies

We should shoot them down
with hatred

Shoot them accurately


Zhao Erman




Mum, shoot them down

Cheer up! Cheer up!

What are you doing?
You still add water?!

How many circles then?

Why not report the shooting result?

What's going on?

In my opinion

It's good enough that they hit the ball

When you come home,
there's no need to make a meal

Just eat the cakes

Ignore them

Why don't you report the shooting result?

I can't find it

Where are you looking?

Isn't here?

I thought it's good enough
for me to hit the edge

So I never stare the middle

3 hits,3 bingo
29 circles at total

Wow, mum is better than dad

That's good

Wu Caizhu




Aunt A'hong has defeated A'hong
And A'hong has left angrily

27 circles have been shot

A'hong! Come back!

Now it's time for Li Haixia
the platoon leader to

give a shooting performance

That's good

See? Mum has come back

Hurry up

Aunt, don?t be softhearted

I'm not afraid of him

Dad has killed and cooked a chicken
for mum

What about your dad?

Bro. A'hong
you are a male chauvinist

When did you killed

You should tell us

You think that
I appreciated your aunt's services?

What I want her to do
is to know her shooting experience

You want to bribe me?

Don't let him drink

He will go to sea tomorrow

It's just a farewell dinner

You always put in a good word for him

If he bullies you later,

I will ignore then

Don't leave

Bad girl, let?s eat together

Don't forget to take the cigarette
I sent them for you

We will make a long-time sail

It's vital for you female militia
to protect the island

Don't worry


You should catch fish more carefully

Let's go

Uncle Shuanghe,
this is our village chief

Village chief

He took our ferry to come here

Tongxin Village Government

appointed Liu A'tai

to your village

to find her younger sister
whowas lost for 35 years

We hope that you can help Liu A'tai


35 years...
That's impossible

My younger sister had been sold

to this island to be a wife
when she was 6 years old

Why do you mean to find her now?

Our homeland was in chaos
before the liberation

And I heard that

there is a pirate called Heifeng
near here

Now I dare to come

Maybe that one is Aunt Dacheng?

You are right
She looks like Aunt Dacheng

That's good, Village chief

Can I go to recognise her?


Xiaoyuan, take him to have a look

Let me go


Let's go

What are your family's job?


I went to sea when I was 12 years old

And your leg...

I carried the stretcher
during the liberation

I was bombed by the KMT's
battle fighter aircraft

How did you make a living these years?

I have skill
I can cut hair

Is it a store?

I want to buy cigarettes

Here you are

I want to buy cigarettes,
Haifeng brand

You are not a local, right?


I came here to find my relatives

You know Aunt Dacheng?

Sister, I am your Brother - A'tai!

Where did you come from?

It's the guilt of the Old Society

Relatives can't know each other

When you were 6 years old,

Mum and dad sold you to this island

I dragged them and cried

I said:
"You can sell me, instead of sister"

But at that time

Dad and mum were in a dilemma

Sister A'cha


Don't mention the misery

Come in then

You may have a talk

I have to go now

Thanks so much

Let's go in

What's written in the letter is clear
And you have found the right person

Why do you have to recognize?

Here is our guardian coastal line

He came here for a few days

We have to ask more clearly

Personally, we had better write a letter

We have to go to Huijiang County
to have an investigation

OK, let Xiaoyuan write then

Xiaoyuan, write a letter

OK, put it here

Uncle Shuanghe, I want to talk
about the work of militia with you now

The work of militia...
You female militia platoon did a good job

You set a good example in the production

No. I talked about

the training of militia with you
last time

You have to arrange the time
for us

Ah! We are busy in production
Talk about it later

Uncle Shuanghe,
you always put things off


We have not only produce,
but also do the military training

Frankly speaking,
When the enemies invade, he won't come

Since he comes,
he will depend on PLA

As you said,
Is the militia useless?

Come on, you should have a
visionary sight

You see

Dongsha Island is on
our right side

And Banping Island is on
our left side

And we are on Tongxin Island

It has become the tiger's tongue

The pearl in the dragon's mouth

How dare the enemies invade!

Haixia, our major mission is
to produce

We should let Tongxin Island
be a land of fish and rice

Let's make it a garden on the sea

Uncle Shuanghe,
I remembered that General Secretary Fang

handed me a map

That was a world map

He lead my view

from the small island
to the whole world

I am not against the production

But we are in the front line

We have to be alert
to the enemies

We are ready to fight against
the American Imperialism

So we should build the island

to a steel fortress at first

We should train militia well

That's good

You are right

When you arrange?

You arrange by yourselves

Gather together!

All rise!

Eyes front! At ease!


There are some enemies
stealing into our island to have a raid

They are in the direction of Hulu Gulf

Class 1,
occupy the peak of Guanchao Mountain

and control 203 upland

Class 2,turn left
Class 3,turn right

Search and besiege
the enemies from foothills to the beach

Go ahead now!

Hurry up

Hurry up


What's wrong with you?

How unlucky I am!
I've lost my shoes

Which one?

Here they are

Follow up

Be quick, follow up

Aunt A'hong has fallen down

Aunt A'hong, aunt A'hong

Aunt A'hong

Aunt A'hong

Yuxiu, call my grandpa quickly

Drive the boat to the Dongsha Hospital

Has Aunt A'hong come back?

I don't know

It's very dangerous for
walking on the dark mountain road

A'hong has to go further to sea

There are two kids at home

If he meets with an accident,

how could be


It's hard to say

There is a militia's drill
near the home of grandma of our kids

Someone has fallen to their death

We walk on this road everyday

But why we trap
in the stone board last night?

She was sent to the hospital
But we don't know the situation

They didn't follow my advice

Why did they have to
make a night rally?

And it led to a serious accident

I'm responsible for this accident

I didn't give them enough education

I don't have a serious attitude
to them

I can't agree with it

"Emergent rally is not wrong"

How can you combine it with
this accident?

Night rally is needed in the future

What? Go on doing night rallies?

You always overlook
the suggestion of the people

I watch you growing up

You have gotten involved with CCP
these years and taken part in some work

And you have become arrogant

This is the reason
that you have made mistakes

I am responsible for this accident

I feel sad

We should analyse

the cause of the accident

You can't report the accident
to the district like that


I have no right to report
the accident to the district

I have appeased you so much
in the past

If we don't deal with it seriously

you won't know what's wrong going on

Personally, you?d better not
be a platoon leader

I have been busy for a whole night
Let me have a meal first

Haixia, don't be frustrated


Liu A'tai said that he went to catch fish
when he was 12 years old

But it doesn't seem like that

Right, I am aware of his hands and legs

Sister Haixia

Talk later

Grandpa Deshun

Sister Haixia
You have done such a thing

You have bared your feet

Grandpa Deshun

Sister Haixia, Sister Haixia

I heard that female militia will not be
allowed to stand guard alone. Really?

I also heard that female militia's
platoon will be dismissed

Who said that?

That's their rumor

It's a rumor

It's said that you have made a mistake

"Village chief fired you.
Is that right?"

We have to learn more

Where did the rumor come from?

These two day the bastard You'er's wife
is wandering around

The rumor maybe came from her

That's right. She also said that

Standing guard at night is dangerous

Someone may be trapped like Aunt A'hong

The bastard You'er

He was happily playing something

I am watching mountain view on the tower

It looks like that someone
wants to break the militia platoon down

We should hold on

We should stand the test

in such stormy waves

That's right

We should learn it clearer


Let's go

Did Huijiang County reply to the letter?


It's time for a reply

Did you sent the letter that day?

When I finished writing, I handed it over
to the bastard You'er to send

Why did you let this bastard
send the letter?

Let me go to ask him

Forget it

- Send another letter at once
- OK

Look, the militia are pushing a cannon

It looks like mum

There's also a machine gun

Mum is back

Why did you come back?

The doctor didn't catch me,

and I ran away

Have a rest then

A'sha, give mum a cup of water

Hurry up

Did it leave a scar?

Leaving a scar is more honour

I've been hurt while on duty

A'hong came back from the sea

He will get even with me

Bad girl,

If this a scar on your face,

how can you get married?


OK, let's be serious

I feel sorry for that gun

Can it be fixed?

Use mine first

What else can you use?

Platoon leader can't be without a gun

Aunt has been fired

She is not a platoon leader any more

Get out


It's real

It's real

What are you saying?

Don't threaten me

I didn't believe it

If you didn't believe it,
why are you so nervous?

I have trapped
How shall I deal with you?

I'll go find Uncle Shuanghe

Aunt A'hong

It's not your private matter

You stay out of it

Aunt A'hong

You have to rest first

Talk about it later

You have black eyes

You are already tired

You should rest too

No, I have to inspect the sentries

I have heard some rumors outside

The militia has a confused mind

If I don't inspect the sentries,
I won't set my mind at rest

Weren't you fired?

Why do you still inspect the sentries?

Chairman Mao calls for
"Turn every man into a soldier"

Defending the island
is our responsibility

I am not a platoon leader any more,
but in a militia

No one can fire me

The timid Yuxiu has overcome the fear

She dares to stand guard at night

She has grown up

Now I can give her a further reminder

Oral command


Sea Defence

What's going on?

Nothing on sea

And at home

at home

what's your uncle's word on us?

He may not be concerned about this thing

He heard of the rumor outside

and didn't agree

He said that standing guard

is the duty of the militia

It's not wartime now,

but we should stand guard

It's not wartime now,

but we should stand guard

It's peaceful now.
Why should you stand guard?

Oh, I understand

As a militia,

we should pay attention

at home and in our position

That's right


Haixia suspects Liu A'tai

I think that he is not a fisherman


Did you pay attention to his feet?

We fishermen have bare feet

We have to stand steadily on boats

So our toes separate like a fan

But his toes lie together

That's right
When he came that night,

he cut You'er's hair



I've found you

Grandpa Deshun has told me all

Come on, have a look first

I have seen it yesterday

Someone has removed the stone
under the stone board

Right. It isn't just an accident

It was on purpose

Since Liu A'tai has come,

Something weird has happened
on this island

Does it relate to him?

I send Caizhu yesterday to the
Dongsha Island Post Office to have a search

As a result, that transfer letter
wasn't sent

Why has the letter
that investigates Liu A'tai

been seized by You'er?

What's the relationship between them?

Right. The class struggle
is so complicated

Recently it's not peaceful at sea

the activities of the enemies
has become more and more frequent

But some of our comrades

have ignored it

These days on the island

So many things have happened
one by one

I also have responsibility

Before the meeting
Laofang has talked with me

You can also give me some suggestions

The meeting of branch committee today
is also a learning meeting

It's not used for criticizing someone

Our thought should be improved

Comrade Shuanghe,
I remembered that you said

when you returned to Tongxin Island,

The secretary of the county committee
has talked with you

can you share the details with us?

I said that

I knew the situation
of Tongxin Island well

He told me to come back
to work for the Party

I heard that he gave you something

That's right

Hand it out

Let's see

Comrade Shuanghe,
the enemies are furious now

while you put
the weapon into the warehouse

See? The guns have rusted badly

Comrade, that?s dangerous

I... I am too busy to take care of them

I will take them out to clean later

The rust of the gun is easy to clean

But the rust of the thought
is not that easy to clean

Haixia, read this paragraph


The imperialists and reactionaries

don't take their defeat lying down

They want to struggle
till the last second

After the stability of the country

They still plot sabotage

by any means

They wish a restoration of the old order
every day and night

That's right

No doubt about it

We should pay more attention

Shuanghe, you have lost your attention

Uncle Shuanghe,
the collection depot wants bananas

Talk it two days later

Uncle Shuanghe
you should pay more attention to production

Your thought of class struggle
has been weaker these years

We always support the production

The mission of bananas' collection
is handed to the female militia

We work hard for 3 days
We will finish it

Laofang has come


Laofang wants to tell us good news

By the approval of the District Committee

We Tongxin Village need to
enlarge the scale of militia

We call all the young men of the right age
to take part in it actively

The male militia that goes to sea
will be the first troop

Chen A'hong is the troop leader

The former female troop

and some male militia that stay on island

will combine into the second troop

Li Haixia will be the troop leader

You have learnt my question

We have learnt it

You are out of age

You are not suitable
to be in a militia

I know who

played a trick on me

He told me to hand the gun
to Jiwu

It means that I'm useless

Grandpa Wangfa

Uncle Shuanghe has good intentions

You are too old to be in a militia

Stand guard and patrol

should be the duty of the young

Grandpa, I have found you

I have been approved
to take part in the militia

It will be announced in the meeting

But you can't let me
carry a fish fork to stand in the queue

You have to give me a gun

You always remember my gun

That's a trophy

The district committee allows
to give the gun to me

I won't give it to you to show up

Who shows up?

You are growing old

Uncle Shuanghe doesn't agree
for you to be in a militia

The gun will be shown up

if you don't stand guard or go on patrol

You kid speak so cool

But do you know how to use the gun?

You suffer for a few days

I know the colour of the fish-gang's heart
White or black...

The tears I cried are more than
the water you drank

You kid...

Grandpa Wangfa,
don't be angry

What's up?
Your grandpa didn't give it to you?


You guys say something

Shuanghe said that I am growing old


That's right
I am a little older

So what?

I don't think that I am growing old

I just have a good living
for a few days

There were four of us altogether in
my happy family in the past

And now I am single

30 years ago

Our family almost starved to death

I exchanged my 5-year-old daughter

for 150 kilos of potatoes

That year

my 3-year-old boy
A'bao starved to death

The fish-gang Chen Fengshi,
the father of Chen Zhan'ao

forced my wife to hang herself

when I went to sea

My brother's family

was persecuted by Chen Zhan'ao
Most of them were dead

Only Jiwu was left

Jiwu that kid...

That bitterness and hatred were endless

This is shot by the Japanese devils

It's already 10 years


this is stabbed by the KMT bandits

by the KMT bandits

What the Old Society gave me?

Poverty, bitterness and hatred

The New Society
has given me good living days

I just want to stand guard
and go on patrol for my country

And that's my contribution to my country

I am not afraid of

Storms and tiredness

Instead, I feel excited

I have so much power

I am eager to kill

all the bad guys now

If I can't kill some bad guys
by myself,

I will die with regret

Grandpa Wangfa speaks so well

We are growing up in bitter waters

The Japanese devils, KMT
and Chen Zhan'ao

gave us endless misery

The generations before us
have fought and struggled

Grandpa Wangfa, you have directly
taken part

We caught Chen Zhan'ao

and his scales with quicksilver
on the spot

He was full of shame

What a pity!

In that time

we the poor had no weapon in our hands

Your dad and Uncle Liu

were killed by them

Not only them

In the Old Society

Millions of class brothers

were killed by
the counter-revolutionary army

They froze to death, starved to death

There are millions of them

Because of the CCP

and Chairman Mao,

We can have such a good day today

Long life CCP!

Long life Chairman Mao!

We island militia are defending
the costal border for the homeland

What we do is to defend
our socialist system

and prevent the proprietary class
from recovering

Grandpa Wangfa

You have seen us growing up

We have guns in our hands

We should cherish it

You may set your mind at rest

Haixia, listening to what you said,

I understand all

Jiwu, give


Take it

Jiwu, what we carry is not only a gun,

but also the heart of grandpa

Grandpa Wangfa,
You are a militiaman in the muster roll

Without the muster roll,
you are still a militiaman

You are right


Liu A'tai has gone to Dongsha Island
to repair the haircutter

He didn't come back at night

I want to go there
and investigate him

and then I will report to the district

One, two, three

Why can't we push it?

Stronger then

One more time

One, two, three


Thanks, thanks

Haixia platoon leader

There's no way out there
We should take the main road

It doesn't matter
It will be ok
after going through the forest


Goodbye, goodbye

Haixia platoon leader

Why did you come here?

I took a wrong way

A kid told me to take this shortcut

But he was playing a trick on me

I have gone further and further

You have been cheated by the kid

Oh no
I lost my way

I'm tired. I have to rest

There are so many people
coming to Dongsha Island everyday

Such a haircutter

can be fixed by anyone

That's a petty thing

Why should we call someone to fix it?

Although that's a petty thing,

it shows that we didn't take
enough care of you

Oh, it's nothing

Go. Let me send you back


According to the detective
division's report

There's a kind of weird call sign

and password wave

near the pinewood

It fits your report

When did you discover the password wave
last time?

3 PM, 7 days ago

According to the report
of militia's post,

on this day

Liu A'tai went to Dongsha Island

He said that he was going to buy a razor

That's right

According to the time,

two password waves

are closely related to Liu A'tai

The sender may be him

So where is

his telegraph?

His toolbox is always in his hands

Maybe hidden there?

I have touched it

It doesn't look like that

According to my observation,

Half of his broken leg looks like
a fake one

Is the telegraph hidden there?

Comrade Haixia,
protect Aunt Dacheng well

and keep close watch over Liu A'tai


Change a bottle of wine


Why you...

I want to buy this empty bottle

You gave me the bottle

Hand it down

Hand it down

Hand it down

If you want struggle,
you will die

If you want to be forgiven,
come clean then

OK. Let me come clean

Don't kill me

The situation is too dangerous

We should take action at once

We take action according to the
original plan at 11PM tonight

Don't delay

What's on earth Liu A'tai

Liu A'tai is the pirate Heifeng

His leg

was beaten broken

when he rescued Chen Zhan'ao

What's your plan then?

When he came,

he plots a plans an attack on
Tongxin Island

Let me set fire
near the fish warehouse

When those guys are fighting fire,

Chen Zhan'ao can land at once

And then

It's needed to
attack the village government

and catch the officers

What other bad things have you done?

I just did one bad thing

Heifeng told me to remove the stone
under the stone board

Just remove that


We hope that Haixia platoon leader
may fall to their death

We want to break down the militia

- Comrade Laofang, phone call
- OK

Hello? I'm Fang Shixiong

Colonel Zhang, what?
Something at sea?

We just have caught an agent

OK, hang in there


You should deal with Heifeng

You mustn't move him

until the fire breaking out at 11pm

Let him send the paragraph

- I go to Colonel Zhang
- OK

I just went out
Why did you close the door?

I have called for half a day
And I couldn't get in

You are so sneaky these two days

What are you doing?

Sister, sit down

I have something true to tell you

Dacheng is still alive

Dacheng and I were caught to Taiwan by KMT

We met Chen Zhan'ao there

He is a high-ranking officer now

He never bears grudges

We are all fellow villagers

He let Dacheng be his assistant

Don't you still believe?

Do you know this?

Let me tell you

Dacheng will fight back tonight

You'd better find a boat

I will meet them by boat

Your family will be reunited at once

You came from Taiwan

Freeze! What are you doing?
Don't be silly

You don't consider Dacheng

You have to consider yourself and Yuxiu

If Dacheng has become a KMT bandit

and comes back to
the island with Chen Zhan'ao

I will let Yuxiu shoot him down

Go to report then

It's too late


Heifeng, you have finished your mission

Telegraph should be handed over

It's hid in the broken leg

Take him away

Heifeng explained that

Uncle Dacheng was killed by them

Enemies' boats are discovered

Ready to fight




Chen Zhan'ao, you are surrounded

Surrender then!

Otherwise, all of you will be annihilated!


Haixia platoon leader

The letter comes from Huijiang

There's no one called Liu A'tai

We have taken a lesson

Chen Zhan'ao was annihilated


and American imperialists are still there

We should pay more attention to

these reactionaries

Ready to fight!