Haircut (1995) - full transcript

The film is set in Lisbon, and tells the story of a day in the life of Rita and Paulo, a Portuguese young couple of the 90's. The fast changing city around them makes them wish to break with all traditions and live the day the get married (only civil marriage) like it is an ordinary day.


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Oh sweetheart, this is madness.

I can't take it anymore. Oh, dear God!

What the hell is this?

What do you want?

It's not our fault, darling.

Don't go, Rita.

Please, people are beginning
to stare at us.

You drive me crazy.

- It's your hair.
- Let me go.

I see you in the perfume shop.
I see you arrive every morning.

Your name is Rita, isn't it?

I'd like to go out with you,
go to the beach with you.

Is it true
that you're getting married today?

That's none of your business.
did you hear me?

- Help! Help me!
- Shut up, you old man!

I love you, Rita!

Today's your day, Rita.

This is the big day, Rita!
The big day of your life.

Were you afraid to come in?

What shall we do with this hair of yours?

It's so hot!

If you knew
how I've dreamed of this day.

Si tu savais.

Oh, Lena, anyone would think
it was you getting married.

You, you're just jealous...

Wake up!

Look, I like this hair-do.

You choose.

Which should I choose?

Which should I choose?

You're right, Rita.
Your hair isn't the important thing.

Of course it is!
Rita's hair is part of her.

You're still in time.

To do what?

To put him to the test.

I forbid you to cut your hair.
Did you hear me?

Go ahead and cut it!

You snake!

Do you really think a haircut
will cause a storm in China?

Like that!

Like that!
Short like this one!


Aren't you going to say anything?

Why, what happened to you?

Oh! You look great!



Go on.



I wish you
the greatest of happiness, Rita.

And may you have lots of babies.

Let's have a kiss.

You had such lovely hair.

Now...1 ... 2... 3...

And the bride has just won...

a magnificent bouquet of roses!

You look just like a movie star.

Movie stars need gold.

This is our real present to you.

Along with holiday pay
and September's salary.

You can do whatever you like.

You're going to have
such a great honeymoon!

OK, ladies, the party's over now.

Jewellery, diamonds, Biarritz.


Berlin, Mercedes, expensive clothes.

There are customers waiting!

Cancun, Malibu, the world!

Come along, ladies!
Back to work!

It's going to be quite some honeymoon!

Hey, I can't put your make up on
if you do that!

And I'd so like to let
my hair grow as long as yours.

Did Paulo ask you to do it?

Never mind!
Maybe he won't even notice your hair.

Go right ahead.

Does this suit me?

It suits you very well.
But I'll show you in the mirror.


How much is it?

That will be 10 euros.

Thank you.
Would you like me to wrap it?

No, no, that won't be necessary.

Let go of me!

Run, Lúcia!

Nuno! Nuno!

Quim, let her go.

Lúcia... Lúcia.

No, don't go through Alcântara.

Keep going.

We'd better pull over.

But I can't stop here.

Would you like me to turn back?

Shit. I have bags under my eyes.

What about me? I'm dog tired.

Look at the state this is in.

Here you go, pal.
You're getting married.

You should at least shave.

What about Teresa?

Haven't you said anything to Teresa?

Oh, shit! Teresa!

Oh boy! Phone her!
Tell her something!

Let me finish taking a piss!

I'm screwed with these two guys.

Hello, Teresa?

l couldn't pick you up.

Why don't you get a cab?

Hey, tell her to hurry up.

Please, and hurry.

But we need two witnesses
and Rita hasn't arrived yet.

That's not what this is about.

What business is it of theirs?

Go ahead and yell,
yell your head off if you like.


Man, she's not coming.
- She isn't coming?

And where am I going to come up
with another witness now?

Take it easy, man,
we'll find someone.

And on top of everything else,
I'm a mess.

Lucas, tell me the truth.

How do I look?

You look great.


It's the shirt that's all wrong.

Give me yours.

- Give me yours.

Man, I hope that Justice of the
Peace man doesn't show up.

There's no chance of that,
it's a woman.

Paulo! Paulo!

Ow, I pricked myself!

You're trembling all over, darling!

You're all dirty,
you didn't even have time to go home.

No, we haven't finished filming yet.

Oh boy, I don't even know
what to do with these roses.

1 ... 2... 3...

Hey, don't we need two witnesses?

I'll go see how long it is
until your turn.

You look so pretty, Rita!

Look, look this way.

Enough, Paulo!

Enough already.

Let's go, quickly.
We're next.

Well? Are you coming or not?

Kiss the bride! Kiss the bride!

I think we should get married like that.

Paulo, this morning I cut my hair.


You'll see later. It's a surprise.

What did you say?


Are they getting married or not?

I could take some pictures.

We don't need any.

By the way, how would you
like to be a witness?

Witness? How much is that worth?

We'll see.

ln short, the organising of a civilian

ceremony is just like a Catholic wedding,

except that then
you would set a date at the Church.

The door has to stay open!

That's the way it goes. It's the law.

I have to ask those present if they know

of any reason why this wedding
shouldn't be carried out.

Now I'm going to ask the bride
the question and she should reply:

Yes, I hereby declare
that I wish to marry...

... and then you say your groom's name.
- Boy is it hot!

So... Maria Rita Branco Raposo,

is it your desire to marry
Paulo Oliveira Ramos?

Yes, I wish to marry
Paulo Oliveira Ramos...


Paulo Oliveira Ramos
is it your desire to marry

Maria Rita Branco Raposo?

Yes, I...

...wish... marry Maria Rita.

Stop it.

I repeat.

Paulo Oliveira Ramos

is it your desire to marry
Maria Rita Branco Raposo?

Yes, I wish to marry Rita.

Maria Rita Branco Raposo
of my own free will.

OK, I'm going to give you some advice,
I hope you don't mind.

Marriage is not an easy thing.

There are arguments, problems.

Everyone has problems.

But the best thing is for people
to talk to one another.

Never let the sun set
on an unfinished argument.

All right?

OK, you may go now.

Shut up, Lucas!

Come on, Paulo!
Don't you start sulking too, man.

Let's go, Rita.

He said you would pay me.

- 25 euros.
- 25 euros?



Don't pay him, Paulo!

Look, I haven't any money.
I have to go to a Cash Machine.



Right, now we're married.

Let's go to sleep now.

Home sweet home.

Home sweet home.

Be careful, man!
What's your problem?

Keep your nose to yourself.

Serves you right!

Home sweet home.
Home sweet home.

Do you promise to be a good little wife?

The return of the living-dead.

Are those your kids?

We're married!

We're married!

Come on.


Yes. No. It's Lucas.


I know, I know
we have to continue filming, but...

Yes, I know the Metro can't stop.

Great timing.

But it isn't every day
that one gets married either.

One person, two people, three people.

Yes, everyone knows the Metro can't

Station to station...
of course, it makes sense.

Yeah... well, if you put it that way.

At 11 ?


Paulo? Can you hear me?

We really have to film tonight.
There's no way out of it.

Never mind.
I'll bear the heat alone.

I'll have to pass by your house later
to pick up the camera.

Short hair suits you.

You look just as good as you did before.

How's it going on your first day?

Not well .
I knew it would be like this.

Really. I don't mind.

- Don't you believe me?
- I do.

- Work comes first, right?
- Oh, never mind, you'll get past this.

No, that's not where we sat last time.

It doesn't matter to you whether
we sit here or at another table.


Sea-bream and vegetables,

whiting roe, frog-fish stew.

Where did Lucas get to?

Steak with onions and mushrooms.

- House special sea-bream.
- I'm going to wash my hands.

I'll be right with you.

What are you doing?

Mind your own business.

Go join Rita, Paulo.

Go join Rita.

Don't leave that shit there.

Why not?

Didn't we have a deal, Lucas?

Let go!

Go away!

Are you listening?

You're hooked, Lucas!

This isn't a game anymore,
do you hear me?

I suppose you expect me laugh, do you?

What have you been up to?

What's wrong with Lucas?

I really don't like your hair.

I'm 20 years old...

... and I've been through everything.


Rita... is that you?

No, it's Vera.

Couldn't you have woken me?

Paulo, I really need to know
if you need me or not?

What do you want from me?

I want you to love me, Paulo.

But I do love you, Rita.

No, I mean love ME.

Not my hands, or my eyes,
or my damned hair.

- Look, I really liked your hair.
- You really don't get it.

Why did you have to cut your hair,
today of all days?

Excuse me.

3 euros.

Boy, am I hungry!

Where's the key?

The workmen must have left the key
with the doorman. I'll go get it.

I'll go.

Long live the newlyweds! Hurray!

Mondego, leave them alone.

So, have you seen the work of art?

But didn't you say
you were going to finish yesterday?

Today was just the finishing touches.
We haven't even had lunch yet.

But everything is looking good.

Fine. Let's take a look at
this masterpiece, then.


One can't see the river from here.

I'm going to live here
from now on, you know.

Then, whenever you want,
I can take you for a walk, is that OK?

- Is Mondego yours?
- Yes.

- Would you like a sardine?
- No, no thanks.

- Which way is the river?
- Over there.

- Over there?
- Yes.

What about Amoreiras,
which way is that?

- Over there.
- Over there?

Everything's ready.

It's a pity you didn't finish it yesterday,
as we'd agreed.

It gave me a lot of work,
you have no idea.

Go take the sheets inside, Victor.

There's no need to count it,
it's all there.

It is indeed.

Well, let's drink a little toast,
to our health .

To your health, Paulo and may you have
lots of children!

One more.

Let's go!

Sit over here with us.

Mr. Ramos, wait.

Take this glass of wine to your wife.

A kiss!

A kiss!

A kiss!

Kiss the bride! Kiss the bride!

Long live the newlyweds!

It sure smells of paint!


Lucas, call me back at my place.

You smell awful!

Why don't you go have a shower?

Could you answer that, Rita?


Yes, it is.

Quim who?

I can't live without you.
Don't hang up.

Who was it?

Don't answer!

This is Paulo.
Leave your message after the tone.

What about me?

What about you?

Don't I exist?

Paulo and Rita.
Leave your message after the tone.

- Is that better?
- No.

Rita and Paulo.
Leave your message after the tone.

That's no good either.

I know, let's each of us
say our own name. Go.

- Rita...
- ... and Paulo.

-... leave your message...
-... after the tone.

Oh, but that way it's also.
me... you... me... you.

How about together?

One, two, three.

Paulo and...Rita and Paulo.
Leave your message after the tone.

It would be so much simpler
if we both had the same name.

You didn't even
want to take on my last name.

Oh, but I regret that already.

Paulo and... Rita and Paulo.
Leave your message after the tone.

Who can that be?

Take it easy. Take it easy.
This is our home.

Good afternoon.
I've come to deliver a double mattress.

But I didn't order any mattress.

Maybe you didn't.
But someone ordered one for you.


Shall I leave the mattress, or not?

It's up to you.

Paulo, who is it?

Who is it?

It's a present.

You have to sign here.

Who is the present from?

Teresa sent us a mattress.

Come and try out the mattress.




What a horrible smell.

Well? Do you like the new mattress?

Go take a shower!

Why do you always
have that stupid thing on record?

You're my love, do you hear?

Don't forget that.




You bastard!
You had to spoil everything, didn't you?


What do you want?
Leave me alone!





Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!

Let go of me!

What are you afraid of?

Can you tell me what time it is?

No, I don't wear a watch.

When I was your age,
I always knew what time it was.

Go on, get lost.

You're not going to make a scene,
just because I forgot my keys.


Teresa, I need to talk to you.

- Hey man, I need to talk to Teresa.
- So do I.

- Paulo doesn't love me.
- Nobody loves anybody.

Are you listening?
I need to talk to you!

As far as I know, that's still my home.

This isn't your home anymore.

I don't give a shit. I want my things,
my clothes and my CDs.


Take them.

And take that shit off my car,
did you hear me?

Hey, Lucas. Wait up.

I don't give a shit.
That broad is losing it, man!

You stupid idiot!

What the hell...?

Look, see what I think
of your lovely clothes!

This broad is out of her mind!

- Here's your precious music!
- Be careful with that!

Here are your filthy clothes...

... and your cowboy boots!

- I'd forgotten about that shit...!
- Teresa!






What do you want now?

I don't want you to die here.

I'm not going with you!

Asshole! Dirty swine!

Get away from there, that's my car.

- Get off, you beast!
- Lucas!

Fucking druggy!


- I left home!
- What home?

- Paulo's place.
- You didn't waste any time.

- Well, what I wanted to ask was...
- Don't think you can stay here.

No, that's not it... it's... Never mind.

What then?
Is it money you want?

So do I.
That jerk took everything I had.

Aren't you hot in that?

What are you hiding from?

Poor thing, fleeced on the very first day.


Can I help you?

Excuse me, are they filming?


I need to talk to the owner of this van.

Paulo? He just went down
with one of the engineers a while ago.

I really need to talk to him.

Are you a member of the film crew?

No, I'm his wife.

I'll take you down there.

Is it much further?

No, we're nearly there.

No, to the right.

They're probably in the large atrium.

Where the Rotunda station
is going to be.

You can't go beyond here
without a hard hat. It's dangerous.



You're not allowed here!

You'll have to leave.


Over here!

Are you sure the food stand
is still open?

I'm famished!

It's so good to be here with you!

You don't know anything about me.


I haven't seen you since army days.

So, how's everything with you?

Are you dating little girls now?

Are you married?

Yes I am. I have two kids.

I'm here to earn my living, right?

What about you, what do you do?

Yo Kassu.

Hey Kassu.

Kassu came over from Angola.
He ran away from the war.

Hunger and misery.
From all those dirt roads.

He got to Lisbon
and immediately felt adrift,

with no friends and no money
to live a good life here.

Kassu is an educated man.
He wanted to be respected.

To work, to live his life
without being discriminated against.

What are you afraid of?

He was missing something
he couldn't find.

I'm afraid of...

Sometimes I'm just afraid...

He wasn't Portuguese.
Nor was he Angolan.

His heart was still African.

An allowance and guaranteed work.
Even so, Kassu felt divided

between his home land
and this some-man's land.

Shall we go to my place?

What for? We're fine here.

I like your hair short.

A skinhead with a nigger.


Grab the man!

Useless whites!

Get him.

On the floor.

Let go of me!

You filthy bastards, sons of bitches!

Sons of bitches, filthy bastards!

Sons of bitches!





Don't let go of my hand.

Don't let go of my hand!

What do you want?

I came to see you.
Teresa kicked me out of our place.

And what is it you want me to do?

I don't have anyone else to turn to.

Is it money you want?

I don't know what to do with you.

Lucas, is it drugs you want, is it?
Go and park cars.

You're the one who should
have been out filming tonight, fuck.

It's money you want, right?
Money I can give you.

I give money
to the bums parking cars too.

First you say you don't want
anything to do with me

and now you come after me,
is that it?

Just this morning we were friends,
damn it!

Do you see this shit?

Do you see this?

This is your shirt.


I'm sick and tired of you all!

Of you, of your wife, of everyone.

Teresa never waits up for me.

And when I do show up
she says: 'Oh, is that you?'

I feel so lonely
when there's nobody waiting for me.

Where's Rita?

Where's Rita?

I don't care, I don't give a shit,
I don't need friends.

If it weren't for my friends
I would never have gotten mixed up

in the damned white stuff
in the first place.

You don't see me,
all you see is the damned drugs.

I don't exist, do I?!

Here's your money.

You might as well give
the damned keys to Teresa too.

Go away, Rita's probably
still waiting up for you.



Come on.

Let's take your shirt off.

What did you do to your eye?

Where have you been, Rita?

Good morning.

Good morning.

- What did you...?
- What did you...?

What do you want to go see?
Come on, Rita.

Choose a film.

Come on.

I think I can feel something strange
about the car.


There's something strange
about the car.

- I don't believe it!
- What?

We have a flat tyre.

I'm already late.


What did you do to your hair?


Well? Did everything go all right?

I don't know.

So, how was it? Was it good?

I'll be right back.



What time are you coming
to pick me up?

I have to go park the car.
I'll come pick you up at 5.

Don't forget, 5 o'clock.