Hair Under the Roses (2000) - full transcript

The discovery of sexuality through the eyes of a group of teenagers.


From that moment I fell in love

I fell in love. Nothing on Earth
resembles the love...

a girl in front,
in the world, I love you...

In the land unnoticed
delivered a girl, I loved you

No love is like
unnoticed to a girl...

No girl...

Want to read? I'm sure
that you can not read.

"Yes, you read faster
- Why do you say that?

"Because you do not pass the pages.
"It shows that you can read.

From that moment I loved you.
Nothing on Earth is like...

the love of a girl away
in the dark.

These ideas of love,
impertinent and passionate...

may not be met
by love...

despite the desire demanding
a woman swoon.

Only the lonely children
may contain such passion

others dispersed
feelings in...

- What is it? I did not finish.
"Yes, now get up.

- Do not you want an old
sit? - Are you stupid?

- Stay away!
"I am still a child.

- Arise!
- Idiot! You're ugly on the inside.

It's nothing. It's my brother.

We will live in an armored train.

the same if my mother says
I have too much imagination.

Psychoanalysis because I
says that at 15 is not normal,

then pays 50 pesos
weeks for me to be normal,

as I have no desire and my friend
dreams of being normal, she goes.

The psychologist does not care...

and I like being in the
waiting room for Romain.

Romain treat it here
not because they are sick,

but because he is depressed.
Then we talked and cures.

"Until next week.
"Thanks. Goodbye.

Next, Romain.

"It's very quiet the psychologist.
"No, is horrible.

"I like more than the gynecologist.
"No, it's ugly.

I proposed to move together
Sunday. I can not wait!

His arms are short, has
rotten teeth.

It is gray, ugly, ugly.

You know what I like about him?
Her sensuality.

Lila bothers me because
is a woman and not me.

My mother is right,
I'm not normal.

I have still not my rule,
does not look like a woman.

I would like to parecerma Lila.

Has your monthly payment, not me.
Sale with boys, not me.

She lives in Paris, not me.

I feel smaller than Lila...

being that we have the same age.

Are you stupid?

Lila is all, and I'm nobody.
But it stinks!

My brother says he is
as with animals.

their odors attract evil

sweat a lot, especially
when you have your period.

If the trap Lila
my breasts grow.

If all my life I'll be blunt.

- Miss! Follow me please.
"I have nothing in my backpack.

"Follow me.
- The wrong! Go!.

"I tell you I have nothing
- Calm down!

Hola! Sorry,
I did not want to frighten her.

Want to participate
of the survey?

Let's start.

"Good day. What is your name?
- Rudud?. - Age?

I have 14, 11 months and two days
so you could say that cais 15.

What does it mean to be
teenager today?

No, nothing.

How are relations
sex at your age?

I have a lot,
I really like.

- Do you protect yourself?
- Si. With an IUD, very practical.

- A IUD?
"If, like my mother.

Every day you travel
on the same train that I...

and I managed to climb
in the same wagon...

and now came to sit
beside me. It's a sign.

I love it. I know the color of
your eyes, your hair, your voice.

The shape of your mouth. Que linda
it is! I want to kiss.

I have wanted to show me
to make love, you should know.

I want to know everything about you,

know the effect to be you,
I love you.

- Are you okay?
- Si.

- Bleeding from the nose.
"It's nothing, always the case.

My name is Paulo Want
accompany you to your home?

No... Well, fine.

Paulo, Paulo... Wonderful,
is hot.

Paulo does not scare me,
will not hurt me.

Do not mock me
listen to me.

I have so many things to
tell, so many questions...

Unlike others who speak
them all the time

Who sleep with anyone
and make fun of me.

Tonight I present
my family.

I'm proud of you and you're
interested in me, I swear.

"I asked my desire.
- Wait a second!

I want two big breasts
breast, as soon...

- Just a wish?

"Well, fine.
- Vamos!

One, two, three

- Yes, I won!
"Anyway it does not work.

I only touch your bet
breasts without touching your clothing.

Jojo Enough, please.

Bet Mom
Know your bets.

- Lost! I owe you $ 10.
- Are you crazy!

Lets get to see.

"It's for me.
I do not care.

"Raise the table.
"Not yet temrinamos.

Hello! "By whom?

It is for you, is a girl.
Tell him the next time say hello.

Hello... How are you?

As Lila excite me!
I'm hot.

"No, no.
"Tell me nice things.

"I love you.
- Ah! If, again Jojo

"I love you.
"I cherish the eggs.

You suck the breasts,
c?toris you like!

- Are you enjoying it?

- Let me enjoy, Jojo!
"I love you Lila, I love you...

- Do not stop!
- I love you!

- I am enjoying!
- I love you!

When do you enjoy together?

One of these days
I promise.

"I love you Jojo.
"I Lila.

"Until tomorrow, a little kiss.
"Tomorrow, a big kiss.

I told you tomorrow, Rudud?!

- How did you know?
- Did you like or are impacted?

It usually lasts two hours

But I have almost fifteen
so... You are a disgusting!

Now I understand how Lila has
jewelry similar to mine...

- ... It's because they are mine.
"I do not ever use.

Well, the regain your jewelry.

Give it, not steal two
times. I'm disappointed.

The light! Turn the lights.

Good day, Flea!
My Flea!

"Well, enough.
- Did you have nice dreams?

Get up, you quedatse
attached to the bed.

Just leave me alone.
Are you in need?

I have no desire, I will sleep.
I'm just a baby.

Who do you think you are?

You're a woman,
Miss Jordan.

"You'll see.
- Basta!

- Good day!
"Hello. "

Do not imitate me!

Why look at me so?

I thought that breasts were growing
pace, as the testes.

- What?
"Look at your left breast.

Avanza, look... recedes.
As you grew overnight!

"It's strange.
- It's horrible!

- Look!
- Basta! I ordered both!

The desire... I ordered two breasts
great as the mom.

Not mad,
maybe it's normal.

We will eat chicken that night
to match them.



Answer me!

Hi, Lila! Talk Rudud?.

Something horrible happened to me,
a desire that ran halfway.


Grew within one tonight.
Maybe it's a disease...

rarely ever does not affect
anyone but me...

Lila beg you, help me.
Can we see now?

Now? "Yes, now.
- Are you sure?

I am obliged to do this.

- Does it hurt?
"Yes, it hurts.

Then her breast grew
overnight. Is that it? - Yes.

I think it is
breast asymmetry.

- Is it serious?
- No.

I can not be so. I can not
have a smaller breast

another because at the moment
I'm in love. Falls ill.

This love...
What is your name?

- Rudud?.
- Rudud?.

Growth is
very slow motion.

It is likely that her right breast
is larger than the other...

and grow their far left breast.
Finally, competing

But over time
will be harmonized, quietly.

- Agreed?

Just behind...
Good. You can get dressed.

But... Is not
surgery necessary?

No operations are performed
for so little.

There will be a gel in the morning
and at night for a month...

and then we meet again.

What will grow in a gel
or the other will shrink?

- What do you prefer?
'I prefer to grow the other.

Be balanced, the important thing
going through your head.

"I guess.
"I thought I understood.

- Anything else?
"I have two questions...

And I record their
answers to remember.

What is the clitoris?

Is it something that is
women sex...

and must catch
men to enjoy?

And also... Ah, yes! Enjoy.
What are you doing? Is it okay to enjoy?

So enjoy while
the other what is it?

And I wondered too...

When a child is in the age
to have an erection...

- Are you always erect? Does it hurt?
- No.

Is it possible to enjoy with someone
talking on the phone?

- Why the phone? And yes!

Why is making love
menstruating need...

or not working because I have
14 years and no menses?

Perhaps it is not normal.

"And I would like to take
the pill. "Okay.

I have to go.

"Thank you, sir.
"When you feel...

"Thanks. Goodbye sir.

Do not worry,
Your breasts will grow,

Your mother has big breasts, your
Also do they'll be, it's normal.

"I have small breasts.
"Do not enervation.

The gynecologist told you
it was normal, it happens.

- Is not that cute boy?
"I think pony.

Maybe but maybe dwarf
Giant has a penis.

But it is not certain, however
Jojo sure I will.

What does that matter?

Last night I heard you do
love with Jojo.

Not true!
Did you hear me do it...

- By phone.
"What a shame.

"That's not to love.
Yes, but better than nothing.

- Are you friendly?
"It's a love.

It is very romantic, he tells me things
nice, gave me a jewel.

It is the first time
give me a jewel.

"This good, right? It is gold.
"Yes, very nice.

I'll take it.

Did you put in my backpack?
Put it in my backpack.

If you travel on the train
me, my heart grow...

If you travel on the train
me, my heart grow...

If you travel on the train

Why not hicicste chicken?
I eat chicken.

What's wrong?
This is not a restaurant.

We will not eat chicken
every day.

If there is no chicken
there will be no desires;

if no wishes
will not have breasts.

"I have no hunger,
I go to sleep. - Rudud?!

Dear viewers,
today in the "Cleitus-show"

women know
with one breast.

A single breast?
I never saw anything so beautiful.

You are beautiful like a painting.

In fact all the girls
born with one breast.

This is a new breed
women, with you

the embodiment of women
the third millennium. Rudud?!


Rudud? Goodnight.
How do you apprehend your one breast?

It is very practical, I can
move as I want.

I put it where I want,
I hang it, I leave, I suck,

I can play, I can provide,
the exchange...

- Hello!
- Hi Flea!

"I'm waiting.
- What do you expect?

"You'll give me a kiss.
"When you're clean.

- Why have a camera?
- Jojo stole it.

"He joked. It is Lila.
- What would you do with that?

One study on the evolution
of the human species...

and sexuality.

It's for my personal culture
and also to understand...

if our experiences
internal are personal...

and incommunicable, and if
inaccessible to anyone.

- That exciting!
- Yes, I love!

The first question
is addressed to you.

How do you carry forward
your sex life? Not your...

personal life
that is, sexually.

It's none of your business.

- Dad prefers to live alone or
together? - Ask him.

Do not want to answer
my questions.

When they make love
a girl or a boy,

They feel exactly
same at the same time?

Is it possible to know everything
the other or not?

- What? "We're uncomfortable.
"Not yet.

'I'm shitting quiet.
"I really bothers her nakedness.

Do not want to remember
participate in my study.

You suck shit!
Thanks, bye!

Shoot! He is perfect,
is the ideal love.

"I love him, is passionate.
"Kiss it, Que lindo!

It is for life!

Quick, do not lose. Run!

- Is he there?
"I do not see it, is not it.

- There he is! That sexy!
- This good!

Sports ago with her daughter!

Oh no! It's not their daughter.

"What a shame. "I'm
disappointed. "My ideal love '

They seem to mesh
your grandmother.

They are old and dirty.
Dan sucks.

- It's beautiful!
"Yes, it is beautiful.

I hope no one recognizes us
because like two idiots.

- Fear! - What?
- It Romain!

"No, I'm leaving.
- Come! We will lose the old man.

"Slowly. "Film?

- Ready?
"Yes, ready.

Lord! We want to
some questions. Do you mind?

For we saw with the girl
and not his daughter,

we wondered
if his wife...

the wife of recently, outside
as is older...

We would like to understand why.

- Understand what?
- Why two women kissing?

Because I love a woman.

But normally when you love
a woman is not lying.

A couple is to invent
a life for themselves

with my wife live under
other's eyes.

When we locked eyes
every second is tragic.

Love is not limited in
boundaries of the body,

beings are multiple yarn
contrary motion.

Take it off, if you're not beautiful!
It will not hurt.

"I would have tried.
- What?

You're the boy I girl
We are on the train...

and the guy comes to sit
in front of the girl.

And the kid since he sees
the girl, falls in love, and says:

"This is mine," then
approaches, grabs...

You feel the desire and will play
the thigh and will play the...

So no, I do not like.

There must be action, have
to touch, if not boring.

"Now is the guy who starts.
"Not necessarily.

"The customs have changed.
"He's the guy who starts.

Agreed. Open your mouth.
So no, the tonsils are

No joke, it is annoying.
If I stop to laugh.


"She would not you slip your finger.
"Let's talk a moment.

What's wrong?
Can you crossed the cables?

In the pool we will see if
look manly. Bye big guy.

- Romain, it's your turn.


How are you?

"Yes, go ahead.
- "Come and take a snack?

Are you coming to tea?

Yes, we will taste.

Ah yes!

Do you finished your vacation?


What are you talking about?
Say you love me.

Do not you dare. You are shy.
Do we want the same?

I climb into my room and you
follow me, is what I propose.

I go up...

My room is messy

in my room...

No problem.


- Mom!
- What?

"I must tell you something important.
- What?

"Promise me you will not be angry
- No. What?

"The boy the other day...
- Who brought you?

Is at home. Promise me not
tell him anything, not retar?s;

- Are here for me.
"Yes, I know.

For you, for myself and family
because it makes cleaning.

- Does the household cleaning?
"We must help young people.

- Why did you do that?
- What did I do?

You do everything wrong,
I'm sick of it.

I'll leave here and not me again
to see and you will regret.

You'll cry and kill yourself
why do not you ever reset...

Habert-of disengaged
of my education. "So do not go.

I'm tired of living
with you, I'm suffocating!

What's wrong? Paulo is gentle,
invited us to his birthday.

Simply Cats
and leave your nose alone.

I will not go to her birthday
I do not care.

I do not understand.
"I never understand anything.

Do not know who I am,
pay me no attention,

the proof is that you do not know
I'm not going to a psychologist.

Since when?

I never was and never will go.
Lila is on me.

- I pay and is Lila?
"I am as I am, that's all.

And if I get the tail
Cat in the nose...

is because I fought

At my age is totally
normal abnormal.

therefore do not see why
should be...

Since at this point...

nothing is normal or in my head
or my body.

You're lucky because it could
be bulimic or anorexic.

Ended, Jeanne.

- Will you return next week?

- Four hours?
"Yes, thank you. until tomorrow.

"I count with you
"I promise that we will.

- And you pay?

"I feel disgusted.
"But it's his job.

Hello! Lila Jeanne.
Jeanne, Lila.

"Hello. "
"Well, we understood.

You pass me the mustard,

- Arise! Twelve o'clock.
- My Dad!

- Is it here?
"Sounds like a country house.

Get a headache.
Where do you live Paulo?

- Basta!
- What is it?

"Nothing is personal
"I holed, it is to Paulo.

"It moves the gift.
- Basta!

What will he say? What shall I say?
Do I give or not to kiss?

Say anything. Am
here but had no time,

courtesy is because their
parents pay the house.

"Good evening.
"Hello. "

Thanks for coming.
Jeanne "not come with you?

No, she kept my father,
spend the night together...


Hello. Are you Paul?

I'm Lila.
How old are you?

Thirty years.

Happy birthday!

I'm disgusted!
Is this the party?

I thought it would have a party
with youth.

I would like to open
the gift now.

- What is it?
"My Gift.

You're nice. It was not necessary.

Happy birthday!

Ah, no! Not that!
I'm allergic to animals.

"It's my gift.
"Not a good idea.

No animals are given,
not done. Put them in the box.

Never mind.

Standing, knees bent
and legs apart...

Or standing on one leg
the other on the toilet.

- Happy birthday!
- Happy Birthday Paulo!

"It's for you.
- Blow!

Are you intimidated?

And my sister? Shut up!
Look, it's my sister!

"Come Rudud?, you're on TV.
"Go away, I see nothing.

With regard to the system
French education...

Do you think it is well taught
sexual education?


"The education system is
prepared to inform

- About sexuality?
- No.

He never spoke in school.

I would like to learn to do
love at school.

At age nine, with a friend
my father loved me

Since then I keep all
kind of sex...

with many people: children,
girls. It is a feast.

- Now you're with someone?
"Yes. with a guy like you 30.

It's very nice, we had good
We all positions.

The magic is that we do not stop
to do so.

It's my sister!
Do not load more!

Rudud? Undress!

To be naked!

- Undress, rudud?!
- Shut up!

Come on, get naked!

- What's so funny?
"It is to laugh.

It is to laugh! Calm down!


We're kidding!

- What are you doing?! Get dressed.
- Stop it!

It's just to laugh.

Well, that's it.

- Is that it?
"Get dressed.

I feel nothing
I am nothing...

but one day I will avenge.

I like that the time
pass quickly...

certainly expect some
but not why.

The kids are safe
of them or make statements.

Do not look inside
a girl, they want concrete.

To love is to wait;

but not the power,
and the other is problematic.

They do not like at all.

- Rudud?
- Hello!

- How you doing?
"Well. changed jobs.

- Fellicitaciones.
- Do you want a drink?

No, thanks. I have no thirst y...

I wanted to apologize
for last night.

Never mind.
I'm too young.

So... I have a lot of
things to do, I must go.

Sorry, goodbye.

- To go to the Sorbonne?
- No.



What accounts again?

I do not know.

Are you in your room?

In my house.

How old are you?

Thirty-three years.

Is it the first time you call?

No, I called several times.

Are you single?

No, I'm dating.

It's good to be single.

I have a girlfriend.

I like making love
in unusual places.


I love it!

Sorry, I had not seen.

- Hello! How are you?
"Well what about you?

I have to tell you something
important about your mother.


Do the holidays?
You look sick, you're pale.

"I'm fine.
- Sylviane, let's go.

- What?
"It's horrible.

"Say it.
"They are.

- Are they what?

How do you know?

Close your eyes,
Now open them

The bitch, how disgusting!
How did you do?

"With hair I found.
- Vagina hairs?

I grabbed them last night before
it got your mom for her.

You give me headaches.

- Dominique! How are you?
- Well!

Damn it, buy eggs.

It's amazing!

Here the clitoris looks good!
Look, it's up!

No, it's down.

It is not up, but...

This excites me too,

I like pussy and at the same
time the meth.

"I for the three holes.
- I.

- Are you sure you have three?
"Yes, ass, pussy, no...

"We can masturbate?


- Is your mom?
"No, is yours.

- What?
- Are we going to walk?


- What annoys me!
"Never mind.

- Hello!
- Hello!

Things like disgust.
You suck, dirty.

Is to remove the smell.

- You okay?
"Yes, all right.

- Are they coming?
"Do not...

Do not say "no"
if you do not want to go.

I think Romain
wants to be alone.

- How is it Romain?
"I hate walking, I do not like;

I strive to go
I would if I would enjoy.

"We'll go alone.
- See you later!

"That is, until later.
- Goodbye!

- Continue?

Go on! How nice!

- Do you think this is?
- Si.

What joy!


"It's strange what we did.
- No. Why?

If this means we
we're fags.

- Now you're queer?
- No.

- So?
"I'd never be gay.

Play beautiful
I dislike very much,

I can not get an erection,
I can not do anything.

I feel like vomiting.

When do you think
a girl or a boy?

In a girl, do not be silly.

Then you are not gay.
If you thought a boy

would be a shame.

Damn, you're very lucky.

He did not even manage
a kite,

not even manage
a kite...

Can you imagine?
You can be a dad.

I can put it in your mouth.
Let's eat.

"That's odd not to call me.
"Perhaps you are taking at home.

I hope your parents are gone.

You're going to mess around.

To me I can not imagine.

For girls is not the same,
like pussy.

"You're not at home here.
"So you can not live.

What do you do?
Put a warning?

- What do you think my mom?
- Physically? - Yes.

I prefer mine, but if your
Mom has something for me...

Me too.
Did you see how I look at your mom?

Women do whatever
to sleep with young

I'm sure you fantasize
us. Let go!

- Dominique?
- Si. Dominique.

- Was good to ride?
- Yes!

- What did they do?
- Is bored without us?

"Yes, very much.
"We looked at the television.

I congratulate you!

- Was it good for you?
"Yes, it was great.

We give you the taste.
You want to go out tonight?

- Where?
"We saw that there was a dance.

- How nice! Ready?
"If it must be awful.


What's wrong?

"Make fun of me.
"That's what I do.

Romain What's wrong?

It was stupid to say
they get bored.

"Was stupid to say
we watch television. -No.

Yes, they will realize
that we are not looking.

- So what?
"They will realize that we lie

and have doubts.

Tednr?amos have said
that the evening was special.

you said you get bored,
I never would have said.

You were going to start
to question.

- That is your advice?
"Do not worry, the joderemos.

Tonight we misbehave.

Are you crazy? What are you doing?

It seems that after
grows faster.

- Do not!
"Do not worry.

Let's have a drink.

"I put a pretty dress.
"It's the dress on Sunday.

"It makes you play with your eyes.
"I have a little heart.

- What about your wrist?
"They're little flowers.

- Do you dance with me?
"Miss, you like dancing?

They're ugly!

She is my sister, never did
love and would like to.

Hello, I never did
and I really like you, you further.

You can with my sister
if you want.

"I can do now?

No women will be

Got it?
I will not be women.


I'm upright so I said
your mother.

I failed I was right,
are lesbians.

- What do you say tomorrow?
"No but the word I direct.

The hatred.

Good night.

I love you.

- What do you want?
"A baguette, please.

"They are not ready yet.
- Shut up!

Shut up!



How do we
meet a girl?

"Making love.
"It seems so.

Maybe there's a girl
that he loves us.

- And do not know.
I do not know.

- Do you think you can with Rudud??
"You better lose that.

- Will hairs on the vagina?
"Yes, with the mesh looks dark.

I do not think you have, look at their
breasts can not have.

"Sure he had no relations.
"I hope so.

- I'd love to see the pussy!
"Do not talk like that, make me sick.

The other day a boy threw him
hand in his pants

"She liked.
- Are you sure?

He liked, he moaned.

I do not understand.

- Do you read?
"Yes, Dale.

"Dear Rudud?, not knowing
I can say that I love you...

since you are very sensual
and emancipate a crazy energy.

Your ass and your pussy like me,
I would like to penetrate you,

and become a "fist-fucking" my dick
is yours, Romain. "

- All right!
- Okay?

Yes, especially the end,
this good.

Did you give?

- Are you coming?
"I'm going.

Are we?

Ready? Take it,
I will not overnight.

- Ready?
- Where?

"Forgive me, I had not seen.
- Come!

- Where did you know?
"I know, nothing more.

...You are very sensual, emancipate
a mad energy...

"What is it?
- Is not yours? - No.

...Penetrate you, make
"Fist-fucking. "

- What is "fist-fucking?
I do not know.

"They know if they want.
"I'm not doing.

"Until next time.
- Goodbye!

"I love a lot.

Are you okay?

- Hello!
- Hello!

Want a ride?
We will go faster, climb!

No, thanks.

I'm a football coach.
Do you like football?


They look bulky.
I think IRDP be "wings. "

What will you do on vacation?
You want to play football?

Professionally, he could play
in my computer as cadets,

must see.
How old are you?

- Me? Fifteen.
- Fifteen! How much do you weigh?

I do not know.
-40, 45 kg.

Wait... The easiest
is that you weigh,

you take care of the car and you see
me, I'll regret.

Watch your car!

If you take off the backpack
I can not you regret.

Get well... 40... 42...
43, 45, are heavy.

I love you!


"Hello, are we
- Where are they?

"It's to tell them back.
- Come back! Come back!

I have wanted to go home.

"I have no desire to return.
- Do not you see?

We must denounce,
What if a pedophile?

But I did nothing!

If I had not been,
I would have violated.

"Today is the day.
"We will sleep here.

- You gonna be okay?

Would you change anything if
we did sport?

"Do not change anything.
"Good evening.

Good night.


- What are you doing?
"Nothing, go to sleep.

You are beautiful from the outside.

You know what happens

It is not nice, disgusting.

Do not be angry if I tell you
you go.

Lets get to see

He is beautiful from the outside.

It's nice and different.

But for those things
need to wait.

Lets get to see

- Hello!
- Hello!


- How are you?
"Well, how about you?

"Thanks for coming.
"I like dancing.

- Did you like?
- Si.

"I saw you.
"I had not noticed.

When I made a Jet?e,
I turned, I looked...

"And then I turned.
- Do you dance because you like it?

I do it because I like it, yes.

I liked your letter.
"Yes, I know.

I would like to have sex
sex with you.


Today in my house there are people
gone tomorrow.

- See you tomorrow!
- Si.


- What is "fist-fucking?
I do not know.

How beautiful is your tie!

Son of my father. Are good
Moreover, for years they are.

- Where is the bathroom?
"No need to go to the bathroom.


The condom answers
strict quality standards

read the instructions
for proper use.

Not require the impossible.

It is the first time
do not hesitate to exercise alone.

Remove before not to leave
out sperm.

Damn! I'll never make!

I have cold.

- Is it better?
I do not know, I have too much cold.

Are you warm?

I did it on purpose.

Sorry, Rudud?. I love you.

- What a shame!
- Romain!

It was good, is different.

- Are we going to drink?
"How strange that wear makeup.

It is strange that we're together,
Do not you think?

- Why? Are not you glad?
"Yes, I am very happy.

"With you everything is easier.
- Do you agree?

- I love it!
- It's great!

The vagina opens slightly under
effect of sexual arousal.

Opens completely under
a mechanical agent:

Fingers, penis, tool
or general anesthesia.

"How crazy do not you think?
- Yes, it loqu?simo.

- Have you had intercourse?

- How many times?
I do not know, not told.

- How nice!
- Great!

You like me.