Hair-Trigger (2022) - full transcript

A group of novice criminals find themselves laying low in the middle of nowhere. Chaos and confusion set in as they find out they may not be alone.

Nick. I'm telling
you, I'm telling you this story.

It's gonna be big-it's
going to put me on the map.

It's going to get
national attention.

And it's going to land me a job
in a real market.

I didn't move from Nebraska to
live in some rinkie-dink Texas
town forever. Okay?

I'm talking about a market like
Fort Worth or Chattanooga. Okay.

You'll see. Great, we should
probably show some respect,

I mean, people
died here right?

People die everywhere
all the time.

Okay? How do I look?

You look great,
Ty. Let's go.

Yeah, I do look good.

As you can see, I am standing
in front of this now

infamous Texas home, the site of
Marie Strobeck's harrowing

from a couple with
a taste for blood.

As was previously reported, the
wife and the couple was killed
in the escape.

I kinda fucked that up.
Just take it from the top.

As you can see, I'm
standing in front of this now

infamous Texas home,
the site of Marie Strobeck's

harrowing escape from a
couple with a taste for blood.

As was previously reported, the
wife of the duo was killed in
the escape attempt.

However, the father and a young
son of the duo still remain

at large. As police begin
digging in the back of the

It is becoming apparent that
Marie was not the first person
to fall capture to the duo.

If you have any information as
to the whereabouts of the father

or the son, we ask you to please
come forward to the authorities.

Until then, we will keep you
updated on this developing

I'm Ty Ziggler. This is your
local Channel three news.

How was that?
I think we nailed it.

Great, lunch?

♪Music plays♪


How's it coming?
Not good.

We don't have a spare. Shit.

How much further?

I don't know, man.

Maybe an hour.
Hour and a half.

What's wrong? Well we don't have
a spare, so we're just going to
have to

sit here and wait.

Get a ride from someone.

That could be a while.

How someone from over there,
they can probably help us out.

Yeah, I guess.

Yeah, come on, let's
go see who's home.

I don't know about this place.

I don't feel good
about this place.

Why? What's wrong?

I don't know. It's just-I
just have a feeling.

I'm sure we'll be out
of here right away.

If you want to wait in the car,
you can, but we'll just be in
and out.

No. That's okay.

Hey. You got
me here. Okay?

You've got nothing
to worry about.

Hello. It's getting a
little wet out here.

Well, should we just
head back to the car?

How can I help y'all?

Um, yeah. Our car just broke
down, just down the road,

and we're just wondering
if you would help us out at all.

Ah well-I'd be happy to.

I could take a look.

And if I can't help, maybe we
can just make a quick call in
the town.

Get a tow out here.

Yeah, yeah,
that'd be great.

Maybe I can get you all some
drinks. I just made some

and I'd be a terrible host if
I didn't offer you some.

I could go for some lemonade.
That's great.

Well, come on in.

Maybe-maybe I should wait by the
car in case someone drives by.

Ah-don't be ridiculous, it's
much more comfortable in here,

I'm sure we'll be
quick. Alright?


You'll be back on
the road in no time.

- Oh my god! Oh my god!
- Go! - Go!

- What?
- Where are you.

Jane. Hey. Hey,
listen to me.

We're going to be fine, all
right? We just have to find a
way out of here.

They killed Rachel and Shaun!
Jane-listen to me!

We're gonna die-Hey!

We're not going
to die, Jane.

(Scream echoes)

Damn boy. That's
a good haul.

You look like your
mother right now.

♪Lively music plays♪

Anything ell
can get for ya?

Sir? More coffee.


Anything else I
can grab for you?

So how was the meal?

It's cold.

Yeah, but it seems as though
you haven't really touched

I just tried
it. It's cold.

I get that. It's just that it
seems as though it's been
sitting there

for so long-
I'd like to speak to a manager.


My food is cold.

Customers is
always right.


Order up!

You can pay here
when you're done.

Actually, your manager said
it'd be on the house.


TV: Maybe we should
try the radio again, huh?

TV: Horizon to Houston.

(Phone ringing)

Hello? Oh, hi, Mom.

It's me.

Mom. I-What?

I'm just calling to see how you
were doing, how everyone was


I've been saving up.

I got a job at the diner
on fifth working nights,

so we're staying out of jail?

Yeah. Hey. I was just.

I just really
want to help.

And... We don't need your help.

Mom. I.

Oh, welcome. There you are. Is
there anything I can get for you

Hi. Jenna.

Jenna Olson. Right?

Do I know you? Not yet.

Don't worry you're okay.
I don't mean to freak you out.

I just wanted to make sure
I had the right Jenna.

Just take a seat
for a moment.

Well, I'm on the clock, so I
don't think that's a very good

Would a five figure paycheck
make it seem like a good idea?

Come on. Just
have a seat.

I'll be out of your
hair in a second.

Okay. How's this sound?
You did some time.

Got out for
good behavior.

You're a burglar.

Sound about right so far?

Ah, if you're not
interested. Don't sweat it.

I'll just order
off the menu.

Yeah, okay I am... or I did.
You did what?

If it was for a good cause.
Robin Hood eh?

Well, my brother was sick,
and it wasn't exactly cheap.

Like working here?
Making enough money?

You said something
about five figures.

How's that sound?

Is it legal?

What do you think?

Look, I'm getting
some people together.

People don't want to ask
a lot of questions.

You cooperate, you
get a nice paycheck.

No, it's not legal.

But the good news
is, it's quick, easy, clean.

What the fuck is this?

You ever see the movie
Ocean's 11 with Frank Sinatra?

Well, it's kind
of like that.

But, the point of all this
is, does it sound interesting?

Getting together with a few
friends and a couple of days on

we're going to meet here.

It's a library. It's
going to be unlocked.

I'm going to fill everybody
in on what I need.

When it's all said and done,
everybody gets a nice paycheck.

But if you're
happy working here

don't sweat it.
She ya later, kid.

That's quite the lighter.

This was my brother's.

You touch it and
I'll break your arm.

Let me see that.

Hm? These are easy. It's
all about knowing the pattern.

Same thing every time.

All right. Just line
these guys up and then.

Pretty straightforward.
And then.

Viola! Looks great.

Can we just jump into this.

I mean, I think everybody
that's going to be here is here.

Oh, there she
is. Come on in.

It's good to see
you. Grab a seat.

What is this? Well, let's
just say that I need all of you,

and it's nice that
everybody showed up.

So I looked over your case
histories, and everybody's got
criminal records.

Getaway drivers, muscle,

How'd you get those records?

Ah, the less you
know, the better.

What I do know is that you guys
are all in good luck,

all needing a paycheck, all
willing to ask as few questions
as possible.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's.

So what exactly
are we doing?

So in a couple of weeks,
there's a jewelry store,

their cameras are going to be
down while they upgrade their
security systems.

I need you all to go in
and clean the place out.

I need all these hands to grab
as much as possible.

Get out twice as quick.
What about alarms?

Like I said, you'll be in and
out so quick it won't

What happens after that?

You go to a motel
outside of town.

I made a deal with
the motel manager.

You guys will
change clothes,

and wait there until
the heat is off.

My associate will come
pick up the jewels,

and you can all
go your merry way.

Then when do we get paid?
On that day.

You'll be paid
cash. No taxes.

The jewels seem worth
more than what you're paying.

Well, somebody decides to take
their own jewels to get a bigger

their name finds their
way to the police.

Not just your name

everybody's name.

That way, you're
all accountable to each other.

So deal is my
money, or jail.

What if we need
to reach you?

Not going to happen. It's me to
you. The more you're in the

fewer liabilities.

Which brings us
to your names.

Time to get acquainted.

First, our drivers.

Tessio. Frmhand. Likes to
boost cars once in a while.

Carlo. Ex dirt
track race driver.


They don't let me
compete anymore.

Why's that?

Too go.

No other reason?

I have done some
coke before races.

Every race. Lotta coke.

That make you go faster?
I felt like it.

But if you're
worried or square.

I chew gum instead now.
So are we done?

Can we come back
to a meeting here?

All right. Now, for those that
aren't behind the wheel, we have

Considered one of the baddest
motherfuckers in the Midwest.

I looked over his
records, and trust me,

you want to stay
on his good side.

Fredo. Man of many
connections, apparently.

He's going to get
us what we need.

Weapons. No serial numbers.

Tom. Did some time in the
military, knows his way around a
weapon or two.

And Michael.
Young, inexperienced,

a little sloppy, but
eager. I like that.

That brings us to you.

Kay. Burglar

This woman has more
tools in her purse

to get her in and out of places
than you could imagine.

So those are names.
No real names.

No point of contact,
no liabilities.

Who's Fredo?

You're Fredo.

No. In the movie.
He's a character.

Yes, but who plays him?
This is based off a movie?

Guys, come on. Focus.

So, what's your name then?
Does it matter?

Shouldn't it be God-Father?

No. I'm your godmother.

I'm going to make your wildest
dreams come true.

Like I said, we only got a
couple of weeks to get ready for
this thing

and I'll be in touch with all
of you for details and updates.

You're all going to be held
accountable for everything that
you hear today

so if anybody gets a weak
stomach about this thing,

I'm expecting all
of you to handle it.

But it's not going to
come to that, right?

Now. I'd like everybody
to stay out of trouble

for the next couple of weeks.
But for for tonight-go home

dream about what you're
going to do with your money.

Hello. This is Tricia.
Please leave a message.

Hey Mom.

Sorry for calling
so late, I.

I just wanted to let you know
that it would mean a lot to me

if you'd let me help.

And like I said, I'm sorry for
what I got mixed in before and

it won't happen again.

Okay. Well, call me
when you get this.

Hopefully hear
from you soon.

Really? You're
the hotel manager.

Look, they just ask for a room.
I don't know what they're doing.

I don't know where
they came from.

I'm sorry, guys.

I can't help you.

(Phone ringing)

Yeah, it's. Hello, it's Gary.

You see, you can't stay
at the motel tomorrow.

What do you mean I can't
use the motel tomorrow?

Well, there's some
cops here as we speak.

I think somebody was dealing
drugs out of one of the rooms.

You know, honestly, I'm just
upset that I didn't know about
it beforehand.

I mean, they should have been
cutting me in. Okay.

What the hell am I
supposed to do now?

You got a pen? Yeah.

Yes. My parents owned a house
outside of town, and with them
now passed on,

God rest their souls,

the place is empty.

Have your crew
stay there.

What's the number?
I'm on the phone.

What's the address?

It's 2210 Elm Road,
just outside Devils Lake.

I heard it was
an emergency.

Will you wait? 2-2-1... 0?

You know, they're going
to be really upset

if you don't get all the
stuff down to- Seven!

2217 Elm Road.

Devils Lake,
North Dakota.

That's right. Yeah.
I'll just swing by after work

and leave the doors unlocked
for when they get there.

All right, great.

I'm still getting
my cut, right?

Because I was looking forward
to replacing my countertops.

You see, they remind me too
much of my mother. And I-No. 4%.

Four? Four.

I'm not going any
lower than six.

Still four. Oh, okay.

Yeah, yeah. Four is good.

Just have them take their shoes
off when they're in the place.

I don't really want them
to track dirt- Fuck.

(Phone ringing)

Michael! It's your godfather.

God, whatever. I need you to
relay an address to the crew

and I can't get a
hold of anybody.

Yeah, well, wait, wait, wait.
What's going on?

There's too much
heat at the motel.

There's something going on
with the police there.

We have to
change locations.

I made arrangements for a house
out in the country.

Should be empty,
should be unlocked.

You guys just lay low there
until the bag man shows up.

All right? Yeah, for sure.

Okay. Write down the address
2217 Elm Road.

Devils Lake.
North Dakota.

Got it? Yeah. 2217 Elm Road,
Devil's Lake, North Dakota.

Make sure everybody shows up
at the right address. Clear?

Crystal. Alright good.

(Glass breaks.
Alarm sounds.)

Yeah! Yeah! That's how you do
it! That's how you do it! Quick
and clean!

Let's get to this motel.

Wait, wait. Don't
go to the motel!

What the hell
is going on?

We're not going. The motel.

Godmother gave me a new address.
Some house on the country. I
don't know, motel was too hot.

Godmother gave
this to you.

Yeah. You're sure? Yes!

Are you playing
us right now?

Fine. Go to the motel.
And then pass go

and head
straight to jail.

Don't collect your money.

All right. Got to
keep moving. Let's go.

You got a weird
feeling about this?



All right, grab the bags,

Get em' in the basement.
Park the cars over there.

Michael brought us to some house
in the middle of nowhere.

He said something
about issues at the motel.

Yeah, I gave
Godmother the address.

Just wait there until they
get in touch with you.

You and Michael aren't
pulling anything, are you?

I don't know
who Michael is.

I don't even really know
who Godfather is- or godmother.

Just please don't
track dirt in the.

All right,
everyone, listen up.

I just got off the phone
with the motel manager.

Apparently, Michael was
telling the truth about there

being too much
heat at the motel.

So we're going
to lay low here

till Godmother's associate
relieves us of the jewels.

Just like before.

But we need to go over a
few things in the meantime.

First of all, the jewels

stay in the basement
in the closet until we leave.

Period. In fact, don't
even go downstairs.

If you see anyone
go downstairs.

We have a problem. Second thing,

no one goes out
of this house

under any circumstance.

We are keeping
a low profile.

The only exception is
when we have a nightwatch.

Is this also understood?

Now, when night
does come,

if you need to
get some sleep,

there's a
bedroom upstairs,

another one
around the corner,

I really don't care

as long as it's
not downstairs.

Now I'm going to head up
and get some rest.

I'll stay up overnight to make
sure no one goes near the

The look out can hold me
accountable, vice versa.

But we can worry
about that more later.

Is this clear
to everyone?

So who put you in charge? What?

You don't trust me?

I don't even know you. Well

looks like we got some time
to change all that, huh?

So what are you gonna
spend your cut on?


My family. Oh, look at you.

I'm probably going to get a
car, like, a really nice one.

But I'll probably give
some to my family too,

it's always the first
thing on my mind.

Family is very important. Sure.

Wow. You guys sure
know how to party.

I mean, we're rich, and it's
about as exciting as a funeral
in here.

Well, we're not rich yet.
Yeah, but the hard part is over.

We need to celebrate
a bit. Let loose.

Anyone check the
freezer at all?

Hey, look at that.

If it looks
like whiskey and

smells like whiskey.

You know, I think
it's about time we got outside.

If anyone wants to
join me, please do.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure
you also heard the whole,

don't go outside, bit, Yeah?
That's right.

He did say
that, didn't he?

But last time I checked,
he wasn't in charge.

Well, what if someone did, you
know, drive by and-some cops or

What do you mean
if they drive by?

We're just some nice folk
enjoying the great outdoors and
some whiskey.

What could be more
harmless than that?

Look, I think it's about time
we all got out there.

Enjoy some fresh air.
Calm these nerves.

I don't like doing it alone.
But don't think I won't.

And if Tom has a problem with
that, he can come tell me.

That Tom guy's not
going to like this.

You ever kill someone?

Come on. You're a criminal.

Don't be offended.
No, I haven't.

Well would you?
Kill someone? Yeah.

You think you got
that killer instinct?

Not a murderer. I didn't
say you were a murderer,

I just want to know.
Would you ever pull the trigger?

Let's say something goes wrong
or someone's in your way.

It's you or them.

Would you do it?

I don't know.
Even if someone drew on you?

I mean, probably.

Probably? I doubt that.

Have you ever
killed someone? No.

But if I needed
to, I would.

That easy? Sure.

That's pretty cold.

I don't think it's cold
as much as it is logical.

You know, I don't think
it'd be that easy.

Really? You
don't think so?

Let's say you're in
this situation where it's

you or them. They kill you
unless you kill them.

You don't think you wouldn't
hesitate to protect yourself?


Relax. The safeties on.

So would you shoot
me in that situation?

Sure. It's fight or flight.

It's in everyone.

You know, you're not very good
at something tough.

Where is everyone?

It was like Godfather Part one
and two, Conversation, Dog Days.

I think it was
John something.

I think you're right.

Here comes Colin Powell.

Great. He looks happy.

You mind telling me what the
fuck you all doing out of the

I thought we could all
use some fresh air.

You know, I thought
you look stupid,

but at least now I know.

Remember the whole point I made
about staying in the house?

Once again. Remind me,

who put you in charge? No one.

I just don't want to see some
dumb ass fuck up a whole deal.

Now, if everyone could
step in the house,

that would be
much appreciated.

You know, someone
of your age,

I hear they're more susceptible
to heart attacks.

You should calm down.

You calling me old?

Just looking out
for your health.

I appreciate that.

I think you should be looking
out for your own health.

Is that supposed to be a threat?

That is no threat.

That is a promise.


Wow. That is
super original.

What movie did you
hear that from?

Get in the house.

I will. On my own time.

You think you're funny? No.

I think George
Carlin is funny.

(Smack) (Grunt)

I'm going to need you to calm
down and take your hand off the

Now stand up.

Get in the house.

All right, everyone,
you heard the man.


So here's the deal.

I'm going to sit
right here all night.

Looks like we need to make sure
no one goes down stairs.

Tessio's been so kind to
volunteer to stay up and be our
first lookout.

Oh, I did?
You needed some fresh air.

Can I at least
get my gun back?

The one you tried
to pull on me?

Yeah, that one. Don't worry.

I'll look out for you.

You're too considerate.

Now someone else
needs to relieve.

Tessio, say, around two.

Who else is out there
with our friend?

Sonny? You needed
some fresh air, right?

You can get some
more tonight.

Everyone get some rest.

Hopefully we are
relieved tomorrow.


Uh, you're up, man.

(Dart gun click)

(Muffled Struggling)

Hey. Hey sunshine!

I'm gonna take
your bag off

and if you don't
stop squirming, I'm

going to cut your throat.

(Muffled struggling)

What are you doing in our home?
Your home?

Are you the motel
owner? What? Help!


If you don't want
to die right here,

best keep it down.

Nobody can hear you
out here anyway.

Dumb motherfucker.

What are you
doing in our home?

I'll try it again.

Just laying low, man.
Laying low from whom?

The police. For what?

A robbery.

What did you steal? I don't
think I should be telling you

I don't care one
way or the other.

So what you're
telling me is

that you all are
hiding out here

and nobody knows
you're there.

Yeah, I think
that's the point.

Say you look like
you're from around here,

where are you from?

Brazil? You're that boy?!

Brazilian barbecue.


(creaking stairs)

Tom... TOM!

I'm not sleeping.

How's the watch going?
Quiet enough.


Hey, who's on
watch right now?

Should be Sonny.

Yeah. No, he's not there.


Get the others up.


We didn't have
any luck either.

Should we leave or-?
Where would he go?

I mean, he didn't
take any of the jewels, right?

No. It's all there.

He wouldn't turn
us in, would he?

If he did, I assume the police
or someone would be here

And I don't know why he would
do something like that do you?

I think we should leave.
And go where?

What's the plan then?

I don't know. I just think we
should be prepared to leave if
need be.

No, the plan is to
stay here until relieved.

Well, maybe one of
us takes a drive,

splits off from the rest of us
sees if they can find Sonny.

I'll do it. Jewels
can stay here

I'll be right back.

My car won't start.

What do you mean,
your car won't start?

You look worried. Well, I'm not.

Look. Someone messed
with it. See here?

Okay. Come with me.

Seems like someone
tampered with this car.

Now she won't run.

What? Maybe Sonny
messed with the engine,

but he didn't
go downstairs.

He didn't take
any of the jewels.

So far, he doesn't
appear he's ratted us out.

So maybe it's not Sonny
we need to worry about.

Did anybody see
anything last night?

I think we need to leave.
And once again, go where?

Risk getting arrested
or a car spotted?

If we need fresh vehicles,
will hijack some that pass by.

No, this is already
becoming a mess.

We don't need to attract
more attention to us.

- It'll be easy.
- No.

Maybe we should call the hotel,
see if they've heard from


So? Nah, it appears
someone cut the phone cord.

You got to be fucking
kidding me. It's not working.

Did you notice
this at any point?


Well that's great.

I got a bad
feeling about this.

How long has it been cut?

I don't know.
Well, did Sonny cut it?

If not him-someone here did.

Look, I'm going
to try my car

and take a look around and see
if I can find Sonny or

Why would we let you leave
with the only working car?

Look, man, if you want to take
the car, drive around by

looking for Sonny.
Be my fucking guest.

All right? I'll stay here with
the jewels and everyone else.

Be quick.

If you're
pulling anything,

or you're associated
with anyone that is

you and me are going
to have a problem.

Look man, I want to get out of
here as bad as you. I hope so.

Everyone get back inside.

We wait til
Tessio gets back.

You wouldn't happen
to know anything I don't,

do you?

I'm just as
concerned as you are.

I bet.

What the hell?

Hey. Whoever this is, whatever's
going on, you're not involved,

No, I'm not involved.

I mean, even if I was,
why would I tell you?

If this goes south,

whatever this is,
we need to stick together.

And why should I trust you?
Good point.

But when you're out of options,
you're going to have to trust

You got something
you want to share with us?

I'm good. Why don't we go out to
the entryway to keep each other

Til Tessio gets back.

Sure, yeah.
It's funny for.


Well, this is fun.

Why don't you
take a picture?

That's okay. Say you're the
one who brought us here, right?

Yeah. That's what
I was told to do.

Anyone think
that's funny,

that you're the only one
godmother talked to?

He's on the level.
I talked to the motel manager.

Well, guess what?

No one else here can vouch for
the both of you are saying.

I mean, whatever is
happening right now,

somebody is up
to something.

I don't think
authorities are involved.

Maybe Godmother's
ripping us off,

or maybe it's one of us.

Right now, we need
to stick together.

We need trust. I'm not
about to trust anyone here.

What are you
trying to say?

I'm just saying I don't want
to get ripped off.

And I assume that feeling is
mutual. Trust is what's going to
get us through this.

Trust is for fools. Fine.

Don't trust me. But stop staring
at me like you've got a problem.

What? Paranoid? No. I just have
a basic understanding of

You're saying I don't?

What I'm saying is, if there's
anyone here that I don't like,
it's you.

Then you should
do something.

Can you guys just lay off
each other for 2 minutes?

We're all on the same team.

Why don't you
take his gun, too?

Just to be safe. Over
my dead body. Okay.

Stop! Both of
you, calm down.

I'm just saying I'd feel a lot
more comfortable if I had my gun

Yeah, well, I
wouldn't. Now, shut up.

What the fuck?

Ah! Shit! Shit!

Fuck. Fuck!


Alfredo! Carlo!

Oh. Shit. What? I
think my gun is missing.

Your gun is missing?

Yeah. Somebody must
have lifted it.

You lost your gun?

Maybe Sonny took it.

I need to find my gun.

I'm keeping my eyes
on everyone right now.

Don't worry.
I've got mine.

You feel kind of
naked now, huh?


(Axe Slam)

They should have
been back by now.

Where are they? You need to
keep your cool. I'm out of gum.

I want my cut.
I'm out of here.

Me too. Shut up.

And no you're not,
out of the question.

It's my choice. It's not
your choice, we are a group,

and I'm not about to let you
jeopardize this group.

Are you kidding me?

We need to wait till
Tessio gets back.

This is getting

I need to get out
of this house.

Hey. Sit down.
God damn it!

Everyone stay put.

You were the big
guy. Stay put.

Where are you going?

Getting my share.

Back in the house. And do what?

We need to calm down
and stick to a plan.

And what plan is
that going to be?

I don't know yet
but we need to keep our heads.

What if Fredo was right?

What if Michael
is in on it?

What if he's not?

Maybe you are. You need
to calm down real quick.

You've gotta be kidding me.
Hey, stop!

What do you think
you're doing?

I trust myself more
than I trust any of you.

I'm just taking my cut
and going my own way.

I suggest you
all do the same.

You keeping us
in the house,

is beginning to look more
and more like a death sentence.

I'm not going back.
Last warning.

You know what?
Maybe you're right.

Maybe I should go
back in the house.

Take your cut as well, since
you're hell bent on throwing
yours into the wind.

Big threat from a
man with no gun.

Take it easy! That's right.

You're going to
shoot an unarmed man?

If you're smart,
you'll go back in the house.

Let us take our
cuts and leave.

We are not
discussing this.

Everyone better pick
a side right now.

We are not picking sides!

3 seconds to get
back in the house.


Kay, throw your
gun to the side.

Michael, you really shouldn't
leave your weapon laying around.

All right. You two
have seemed pretty chummy.

Let's get you inside
and see what you know.



For the last time,

you mind telling
me what's going on?

Or, maybe your
girlfriend does.

I've seen you two talk and the
whole fucking time.

You know each
other before this?

I don't know anything.

I have never met
this man before.

Get me out of this chair.

I say we just
get out of here.

All right, let's get the bags.

Darling, can I get a kiss for
the road? I'll take it.

All right. Next car that
comes by, we'll take.

After that

you can find me
in the Bahamas.

Sounds good to me.

Man, that is a
lot of jewelry.

And split two ways

that ain't bad. No, it's not.

God damn it.

You okay there, Tessio?

I think my
name was Carlo.

Oh, (chuckles) right.

(Grunting, struggling)

Ow, ow, ow. Oh! Ow! Oh!


Did you hear that? Yep.

Hey. Over here. I'm hurt.

It's fine. I'll
come to you.

(Dart noise)



Fredo was played
by John Cazale.


I think we should go.

Good plan.

The coast is
clear! (Scream)

Howdy, bitch.
Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait!

Ahaha! Woo!

(Stabbing, Screaming)


Why don't youcome

You're just making it
harder on yourself.

(Grunting, struggling)

(Dart sound)


Don't move!

Are you a godfather?

Godmother? Whatever.

Yeah. I'm Kay. Are
you the bag man? Yeah.

Can we please leave?

The official body count around
the property in Devils Lake has

to eight, authorities describing
it as a massacre with no clear

The victims are all males
suffering from a mix of bullet

and stab wounds,
as well as blunt force trauma.

If one thing is for certain
what ever occurred

on that property,
it could not have been good.

Up next, sports.
Stay tuned.