Hailey Dean Mystery: A Will to Kill (2018) - full transcript

A case is reopened into Hailey's fiancé's murder back in her college days. The disappearance of a fellow student working at the college paper may be connected to the murder.

You- you can't scare me
into killing the story.

If the university won't
publish it

then I'll find another paper
who will.

You're finished!

What're you doing?

You can't shut me up!

I told...

I told Hailey everything.

Are you adding
French vanilla creamer?

Is it your birthday
or something?

I just feel like I should treat
myself a little more often.

Oh. We all should.

You know, you seem
a lot happier lately, Hailey.

I am.

Jonas and I are in a good place,

I've got my old college friends
back in my life.

Family's good, work's good,
friends are good...

Life is good.

It really is.

Well, it's great to see you
like this.

And you're right,
by the way.

I love being right.

What about, exactly?

Uh, about being ready to re-open
the murder case of your fiancé.

I think I am.

I feel like I have the support
I need

and the emotional distance to
manage re-living everything.

Of course, that might be
a different story

once that evidence box
is opened.

Well, you know my door
is always open.

Thank you.

Don't give him any ideas.

I can't help it
if my fame lives on.

Well, I could not be a doctor

but right now I'm in desperate
need of one.

Why? What's wrong?

My quads are screaming at me.

What's funny?

I took Fincher to his first
spin class today.

Oh, brave man.

Fincher? This Fincher?
At a spin class?

He liked it.

Sure I did.

You know what?

'Cause I burned so many calories
today I can have two desserts,

right doc?

You can have one, ok?

And he's back.

I never left.

Well, that was fun.

I like Megan, she is smart.

You guys talked about
doctor stuff half the night.

We went to the same
medical school.

What are the odds?

You probably figured them out
to the nearest decimal point.

You think I'm a nerd.

I find your nerdy math brain
very attractive, Jonas.

I'll take it.

I can't believe Fincher went
to a spin class.

You made me go to a yoga class.

It wasn't awful.

Yeah, but you didn't go
to another one.

You're right, it was awful.

I knew it!

Why didn't you say so?

It was the beginning
of our relationship.

I wanted you to like me.

But I like you for you, not
for the things we do together.

I know.

I knew that then, too.

But I don't think Fincher
knows that.

Don't worry about Fincher.

You have enough to deal with
right now.

Are you nervous about tomorrow?

A little.

Re-opening Will's case is bound
to be a bit overwhelming.

Well, I'll have Danny.

I won't be by myself.

For what it's worth, Hailey,

I am proud of you no matter
what happens.

And I think, from everything
I've heard,

Will would be, too.

So this is where we had dinner.

It's obviously a different
restaurant now

but it was pretty fancy
back then.

How did Will afford it?

You know, I have wondered
that myself.

According to the police file
Will paid for dinner in cash.

Did he borrow it, maybe?

I asked him that because I was
worried he was blowing his rent

but he wouldn't tell me,
he just smiled.

I remember that smile.

The "I'm not going
to tell you

"so don't waste
your breath" smile.

Yeah, that's the one.

I remember him saying
something like

"there'll be lots more dinners
like this when we're married".


Don't be.

So we had dinner here
and then about 9pm

we walked to the car this way.

I didn't know where
he had parked.

He dropped me off
at the front door.

It was raining
when we got here.

He refused to let me
get wet.

I was wearing
my best outfit.


He said he had this secret
parking spot.

It was always empty,
always free.

How did Will know about it?
Did he come downtown a lot?

No, never.

I mean, between school
and baseball he had no time.

It was a bit of a hike
from the restaurant.

And back then it was all body
shops and warehouses here.

So at 9pm it was a ghost town,

which is why there weren't
any witnesses.

I never thought twice about it.

I was with Will.
I always felt safe with Will.

I don't know why I didn't have
the courage

to face this place before.

That gun was pointed at me.

It all just happened so fast.

I remember thinking that the
shooter was out of his depth.

How so?

I don't know.

Just the look on his face
after the gun went off.

What kind of look?


And this um... this realization

that he had done something
really, really bad.

In hindsight he had shot
the wrong person.

I don't know why
he didn't kill me, too.

I had never seen him before

and it didn't seem like
Will recognized him.

Take it easy!

I called 911.

I don't know how long it took
or what I did in the meantime.

The ambulance showed up
but it was already too late.

The shooter ran off that way.

That all matches what you told
the detectives at the time.

So it's not helpful.

What we now know is that it
wasn't just a simple robbery.

The gun was pointed at you.

That changes everything.

Except the lack of evidence.

Why would someone
wanna kill me?

We have our own room?

I didn't wanna be in the middle
of everyone.

Thank you for that.

Hi, Monty.

There's the case file up
on the board for you to see.

It's been a long time
since I've seen this.

That's exactly how
I remember him.

This sketch has been run
through our system a few times,

so our first task will be
to age it and run it again.

The bullet was shot
from a 9mm handgun,

no match to anything in
the system at the time.

Interviews with the restaurant
staff and a couple of cameras

on the street of the restaurant
corroborate your timeline.

There were no cameras
in the alley at that time

and there was no one else
in the vicinity.

Even a plea to the public
for help didn't yield anything.

I don't think there's much left
for us to do

with the evidence on file.

The investigation
was very thorough.

I'm gonna re-interview
anyone I can.

I'll handle the sketch
and the bullet.

What can I do?

Maybe you can try and jog any
memory you have from that time.

If someone wanted you dead
there has to be a reason.

This is the last of the boxes
from my parents' attic.

I uh, got you something.

A box of chocolates from my
business trip to Switzerland.

How fancy.

Only the best for my friends.

Thank you.


That's very kind.

Wow, I haven't been through this
box since I packed it away.

It's gonna be ok.

Just focus on the good memories.


Will tied my engagement
ring to this.

And yes, he pulled off
all the thorns

so I wouldn't hurt myself.

He always thought of everything,
didn't he?

What else is in that magical
box of memories?



Look at how young we were.

Look at you and Brad.
You're so cute.

Oh, speaking of cute.

You and Will.

And there's Vivian.

And Emma.

Emma Harper, do
you remember her?

I remember that night
at the lake house.

Me too.

It was the night Will and
I announced our engagement.

Yeah, that's right.

Maybe that's why everybody
looks so happy.

I think that this was the last
time I saw Emma.

Although, it was a bit
of a crazy time.

Will died a few days after that.

Yeah, that was- that was the
last time we were all together.

That's right.

I wonder whatever happened
to Emma.

Didn't she get a job in France
or somewhere?

That's right.

That was weird.

It was the middle
of senior year.

Maybe I'll try to track
her down,

see what she's been up to
all these years.

Breaking news tonight
at this hour.

Atlanta police re-open
a high-profile cold case,

and it's not just
any cold case.

It's the unsolved murder
of Will Morgan,

college baseball star and,
most crucial,

the then fiancé of local celeb,
Hailey Dean.

Our felony-

I'd say Nancy Grace
is a fan of yours.

Really? That's flattering.

Well, you never did lose a case.

Neither did she.

Whatcha looking for?

Or, rather, who?

How can you tell?

I saw that you were on
your sister's account.

You only do that when
you're looking for someone.

I'm trying to reconnect
with an old college friend.

Oh, right.

How was the walk
down memory lane?

It was a little sad but it was
mostly nice to remember.

Mmm. Happy to hear it.

I'm having no luck finding her.

Well, not everyone uses
social media,

like you, for example.

Oh, that's true.

I should do a more
general search.

That's odd.


A few references from back
when we were in college

but nothing more recent.

Maybe she got married
and changed her name.

Maybe, but there should be
a picture or something.

Nobody's invisible
from the internet.

Everyone's on the internet.

Everyone except Emma.

What's going on
with the investigation?

Well, Danny's been going through
the old case file

and my job is to try and
remember anything useful,

but either my memory isn't
what it used to be

or there isn't anything else
to remember.

I'm gonna bet on the latter.

There is one thing, but
it's a bit of a stretch.

Stretch away, girl.

I had this friend back then,
Emma Harper.

She disappeared in the middle
of senior year.

What do you mean, disappeared?

I guess she got this job offer
in France

and she just up and left
before her degree was finished.

Wait, you guess or you know?

That's the thing, I never heard
from her again.

No phone calls, no letters.

That is a bit weird.

I know, right?

So did you do anything about it
at the time?

You know, I didn't.

It was right around the time
Will died.

I think the last time I saw
her was right before he died.

The timing is a
bit suspicious but,

I mean, stranger things
have happened.

You're not able to find her,

Not on the internet, at least.

You try through her family?

She has a half-sister,
Olivia, but I've never met her.

Hmm. It's about
high time you did.

Look, give me about an hour
or so to track her down

and I'll get back to you.


Alright, see you in a bit.

I mean, I don't know, Hailey.

I don't know what to tell you.
I don't know where she is.

I'm sorry to bring it up
after all these years.

Not at all.

I think about her all the time.

You know we're half-sisters.

My mother passed away
when I was a kid

and my father re-married
Emma's mom,

and then they were both killed
in a car accident,

so... Emma's all
the family I have.

But if I'm honest...
we were never very close.

So you haven't heard from her
in a while?

Not since senior year.

I was in China teaching English
at the time

so we weren't talking much.

Did she call to tell you
she was quitting school?

No. She would usually
send a letter

but this time she sent an email
saying that she got a job offer

to be a foreign correspondent
in France

that she couldn't pass up.

That's right.

I forgot about her dream
of being a big shot reporter.

That was her dream job and she
would do anything to get it.

I believe it.

She was always very determined.

You know, I went to France
a few years ago

and I hired a private detective
and he couldn't find anything.

I check in with them a couple
times a year and still...


Did she send you any
other emails?

No, just the one,
which was weird

because she wasn't really
into email.

Do you still have the email?

I don't know.

It was from her
university account

so maybe they have a record.

I'm sorry I didn't reach out
to you before, Olivia.

There was nothing
you could do, Hailey.

If Emma wanted to disappear

she must have had a really
good reason.

I don't have an active
investigation on file.

There's no missing persons
report for Emma Harper.

It makes sense, Emma's
half-sister is her only family

and she believed Emma's email.

Let me see if I can find her
in the system.

Ok, here's her driver's license
from back then.

It expired that year and hasn't
been renewed since.

The P.I. Emma's sister hired
in France

didn't find one, either.

No activity under her
social security number.



I just heard from my guy
at the state department.


Emma had a passport
but it expired years ago.

And get this: it was never used.

Never? So no trip to France?

Not on a US passport.

So she never left the country.

Looks that way.

So where has she been
all these years?

Good question.


Thank you.

Hey. What a nice surprise.

Well, I'm not here for you,
I'm here for Brad.

Brad? Should I be offended?

Not unless you were secretly
dating Emma.

You weren't, were you?


No, I can honestly say I never
had any romantic interest

in Emma whatsoever.

Besides, I'm not the type of guy
that would ever make a move

on one of my friend's girls.

I have known Brad
my entire life.

Come on, I'll take you up
to him.

Good to see you.

You too.

I guess everyone in
the construction world

knows each other.

Brad's family is construction royalty.

They go back generations.

One of the most powerful firms
in town.

Strange that he doesn't work
for them.

It's a lot of pressure,
taking over the family business.

Besides, Brad wanted to be
an architect, not a CEO.

Which I'm sure
suited you nicely.

Yeah, I do like working
with people I can trust.

I think Will would have gotten
a kick out of it.

Who knows, maybe I could have
gotten Will

to come work for me, too.

Now that I would have liked
to have seen.

What's that supposed to mean?

He was your captain.

He was used to giving
you orders, not taking them.

At least on the baseball field.

Diamond. It's a baseball diamond.

Oh, sorry.

Can I tell you a secret?


I never liked baseball.


You never really know someone,
do you?

This takes me back.

I remember this night
so clearly.

Emma really broke my heart.

By leaving?

I always felt a bit responsible.

I mean, we got into a big fight
before this photo was taken.

What did you fight about?

Stupid stuff.


Why do you wanna know?

I was hoping to track down Emma.

I thought you might know
where she ended up.

No way, Vivian would not like it
if I was in contact with Emma.

Well, she can't be jealous.

You guys have
been married forever.

You don't remember?

I guess you were
too wrapped up

in your bubble
with Will to notice

but Vivian and Emma
did not get along.

Emma was convinced that Vivian
was trying to steal me from her.

Is that what you fought about?

I told her it was nothing
but she didn't believe me.

She broke up with me
on the spot.

She wouldn't even let me
drive her home.

That night was one of
my biggest regrets.

I never saw her again.

I didn't know.

Because I didn't tell anyone.

I figured she was
just overreacting

but then she took off.

Hard for me to believe
that wasn't because of me.

Well, this obviously
still stings.

Did you ever try to find her?

What would be the point?

Besides, Vivian and I are happy.

She's always been there for me.

Well, I guess things worked out
for the best.


Why would I know where she is?

We were barely even friends
back then.

Well, anything you know
would be helpful.

I'm just trying to reconnect
with her.

Last I heard she went to France,
leaving Brad shattered.

Do you remember that night
at the lake house

when Will and I announced
our engagement?


Did you know that Brad
and Emma had a big fight

that night over you?

Who told you that?

Is it true?

Well, it's no secret
I didn't like Emma,

but Brad was lucky
to get away from her.

She cared more about that stupid
school newspaper than her man.

Right, the newspaper.

Wasn't she working on
a big story at the time?

She was always working
on some big story,

ditching Brad to follow
some lead or another.

So I made sure I was always
there to keep him company.

Like that night at the lake,
when Emma refused

to go home with Brad after
they had that big fight?

Oh, I doubt that was the reason.

They fought all the time,

though Brad doesn't remember it
that way.

She didn't deserve him.

Did you ever see Emma again
after that night?

She never came by Brad's
to apologize

if that's what you mean.

And I would know,

I was there 24/7 picking up
the pieces she left behind.

And you guys have been together
ever since.

Emma taking off was the best
thing that ever happened to me.

Honestly, you know what,

I don't remember the last time
I saw Emma.

It's been a long time.

Maybe it was that night
at the lake?

Maybe, or maybe on campus?

What's on your mind, Clyde?

Is it that obvious?

Something's bothering you.

Don't... don't get mad at me,


What if that gun wasn't pointed
at you?

What if you've just
wanted it to be

so you could try to make sense
of what happened?

I have asked myself that
question a hundred times,

but I know it happened.

It couldn't be clearer to me.
I just don't know why.

Hey, what if I were to post
on the reunion website

just to see if anyone knows
where Emma is these days?

I think that's a great idea.

Great. Consider it done.

And please don't be afraid
to be honest with me.


I promise not to be afraid
of you?

That's close enough.

Ok, so February 17th you and
Will announce your engagement

at Clyde's lake house

in front of Vivian, Brad,
Emma and Clyde

the same night these photos
were taken.

That was the last time
I saw Emma.

She might have been on campus
in the next few days

but nobody saw her after
Will died February 21st.

So I think we can tentatively
say Emma disappeared

between February
17th and the 21st.

I'm working on getting her
attendance records

from the university.

What about the college

What about it?

I remember her saying she was
working on something

really big at the time.

It's worth checking out.

I'll add it to Emma's file.

Anything new on Will's case?

We've run the sketch and bullet
to the state database,

no matches.

We've sent it to the FBI so
there's still a ways to go.

Monty and I have
scheduled interviews

with some of the witnesses,
the ones we could track down.

That's our next step.

You don't sound hopeful.

It's a long shot under
the best of circumstances.

Oh, it's delicious, but I can't.
I'm full.

Me too.

You just left half your food
on the plate.

Well, so did you.

Should I be worried
about you, too?

Says the human vacuum cleaner

who just left half his food
on his plate.

I should be worried about you.

I'm just not feeling it today.
My back is sore.

More spinning?

No. Mushroom picking.

Megan's idea, I'm guessing.

Yeah, well, tromping through
the forest foraging for fungus

isn't the bonding experience
you'd think it would be.

It doesn't sound so bad.

For four hours?
In the rain?

How did mushroom picking
even come up to begin with?

I may have mentioned

that I would rather workout
outdoors than in.

Ok, so instead of telling her
that you don't like spinning

you tried to get around it
by suggesting an alternative?

It seemed like a foolproof strategy.

And I take it you haven't been
honest with her yet.

I really like her, Hailey.

I don't wanna blow this.

Fincher, the truth will
come out eventually.

It's ok if you guys have
different interests.

And if she doesn't like me for
me then it's not meant to be.


I'm not willing to risk it.

Just tell her how you feel

otherwise who knows what
you'll have to deal with?

Look, I survived spin class,

I survived foraging
the forest for fungus

for four hours in the rain,

I can survive anything.

It's Brad.

Hi, Brad.

Hailey. I realized after
we talked that I still had

some unresolved feelings
about Emma,

so I thought I should talk
to her to resolve my feelings.

That's great.

I'll let you know
when I find her.

That's the reason I'm calling.
I found Emma.

Where is she?

Well, I didn't physically
find her

but I found the next best thing.

Her online profile page.


'Cause I looked earlier
and I didn't find anything.

Well, I'm sure it's her.

I tried to message her
but the feature is disabled.

Can you see anything?

Not really, her posts
are private.

For friends only.

I put in a friend request

so hopefully she'll check
the page soon.

Can you send me a link?

For sure.


Brad found Emma
on social media.

Maybe you missed it.

You're not the most
savvy person,

social media wise.

I am not ashamed of that
in the least.

But it's just weird.

Clyde posts about her
on the reunion page

and then suddenly Brad
finds her on the internet?

Maybe it's a coincidence.

You don't believe
in coincidences.

And neither do you.

Doesn't mean
they never happen.

I'm gonna need my more bacon
to go, bro.

I really appreciate this, Ethan.

I know your computer genius
is in high demand these days.

Honestly, this is the most
interesting thing

I've done all day.

I always look forward
to your calls.

Don't tell cousin Danny.

Oh, I won't.

You know, anyone can sign up
to social media accounts

using any name
and any fake email.

Are you saying there's
no way to know

if this page is real or not?

Well, as you already saw here,
the page was created in 2007

which was just after the site
opened up to the public.

That's right, I remember it was
a pretty big deal at the time.

So to have an account
from the very beginning

but not have any posts, private
or otherwise, that's weird.

Well, some people like
to have a page

so that they know what
everybody else is doing.


Though checking in on other
people's lives without engaging

so they don't know that
you're watching them?

That's... that's
kinda like stalking.

Only in the strictest sense.

I might be a bit of
a lurker myself.

You always have
a good reason.

Besides, Emma couldn't
even lurk very well.

She has no friends linked
to her account.

Oh... there it is.

There what is?

You'll be pleased to know
you were right to call me.

This page is definitely a fake.

Really? How can you tell?

The most obvious tell is
the corruption in the metadata.



Someone hacked into the
mainframe and edited the code

to make the page look older
than it is.

How old is it?

I can't quite tell exactly,

but the metadata shows
this calendar year.

Can you trace it back
to its creator?

The IP address it originated
from keeps changing.

Another classic trick.

No, I can't trace it right now,

but I can tell you
who made the page.


Only the most notorious hacker
of the modern era.

That's his signature.

You know, kinda like how artists
sign their paintings.

We all like to be recognized
for our work.

That's not the answer I expected
you to give me.

Can you track them down?

I don't know.

Ethan, I've- I've never
heard you unsure

about anything computer related.

Wha... I like a challenge.


This is gonna take a lot
of serious effort, Hailey, so...

Oh. Ok. As- as soon as you can.

Of course.

Danny, Emma's social media page
is fake.

I have it on the best
of authority.

Whoever faked the page
is trying to stop us

from looking for Emma.

It is suspicious.

A fake page shows up
on the internet

the day after I was searching
online for her.

Someone knows we're looking
for Emma

and whoever that is knows
something about where she is

and what happened to her.

It could have been anyone, Hailey.

Clyde posted on the reunion
page which has 300 followers.

Said the police were looking
for her.

Probably not the best choice
of words.


Hailey, can you hear me?


Yeah, I can... I can hear you.

You know, Danny, if someone went
to this much trouble

to try to throw us off then I
can't help but fear the worst.

It's so peaceful here.

It was the perfect place
to spread Will's ashes.

You haven't been here since,
have you?


I miss him, Hailey.

Me too.

You know, when he was a teenager
he'd babysit me sometimes.

We watched scary movies I
wasn't supposed to watch.

I begged him to let me
even though we both knew

they'd give me bad dreams.

He was such a softie
when it came to you.

He always felt so guilty.

And then I'd feel bad
for making him feel bad.

And that would make him
feel worse.

So much that he built a tent
in my room with bedsheets.

We'd both spend the night
in there.

He never snuck out
after I fell asleep, either.

He protected you.

Which is why I always felt like
I failed him.

I couldn't protect him.

I know it's irrational.

Feelings often are.

I need to solve this case, Hailey.

I know. Me too.

How'd you know I was here,

Monty told me.

She also told me that
you slept

in the conference room
last night.

I re-interviewed everyone
I could.

No one had anything to add
to their original statement.

I re-checked surveillance
footage, nothing.

I didn't really expect
to find anything.

But I guess I was hoping to
more than I thought I was.

Danny, it's not your fault

Will's killer
hasn't been caught.

How can it not be?

Will's death is the whole reason
I became a cop.

I know. It's the reason
I became a prosecutor.

So what do you think
about the possible connection

between Emma's disappearance
and what happened to Will?

Have you found anything
connecting them?


No luck with the social media

Not yet, but Ethan's
all over it.

I have faith.

I worry about that kid.

He's too smart for his own good.

Danny, he's hardly
a kid anymore.

All the more reason to worry.

Let's get outta here.

I'll buy you a cup of coffee.

You always know exactly
what to say.

We got back the attendance
records from the university

insofar as they exist.

Nothing for Emma
past February 16th.

Well, not going to class
isn't proof of anything.

She didn't officially withdraw,

but that doesn't mean
anything, either.

What about the email
she sent her sister?

Apparently the
university disables

all undergraduate emails
after senior year.

They're looking
into the archives.

That's no help.

But they did tell me that
they had a lot of problems

with security in those days.

Email was fairly new so
it was easy to figure out

someone else's information.

The default password was
just the student number.

And our student numbers
were printed on everything.

Then the email could have easily
been sent by someone else.

Likely someone she knew.

So, there's of course Brad.

Heartbreak can easily
be a motive.

He's the one who conveniently
found her on the internet.

That's a good point.

But Vivian's motivation
is arguably stronger.

Jealousy can make people do
things they ordinarily wouldn't.

What about someone
outside your circle?

What was Emma into in college?

The newspaper.

Journalists are often targets.

Who was the editor back then?

Can't be that hard
to figure out.

Tom Rakanski?

That's me.

Look, I don't mean to rush you

but the client's coming by
in 20 minutes.

This won't take long.

I'm Detective Morgan,
this is Hailey Dean.

We just need to ask you
a few questions.


Were you the editor at
the Atlanta State paper?

In my senior year, yes.

I went there, too.
I was friends with Emma Harper.

Emma. Right.

Was she working on anything
at the time?

That's a long time ago.

Why're you asking?

Have you heard from her
since college?

No, I don't keep in touch
with anyone.

Not even on social media?

No, no. I didn't get into that.

I don't really care what
my kindergarten classmates

are up to these days.

So you're a landscaper.

Yeah, yeah.

We do everything from
entire garden design,

maintenance, you know.

I'd be happy to stop by,
give you an estimate.

No thanks.

I just would have expected
you to pursue journalism

as a career.

It turns out that wasn't
what I wanted

but uh, I'm happy doing this.

Anyway, I've got work
to do, so...

He is not happy,

I don't care what he says.

Even I could tell that.

I got the sense that he did
not want to talk about college,

as though there was some painful
memory he was trying to ignore.

To do with Emma I'm betting.


When you brought it up
he got defensive.

His posture completely changed,
he closed off.

He only relaxed when he was
trying to sell me

on his landscape company.

Then you think he does remember
the story?

I can't say for sure but there
is definitely something

from that time that
he would rather forget.

Police are being extremely

in the Will Morgan murder case

and that can mean
one thing only.

The cops are on to you.

You can run but you can't hide.

Wow, Nancy Grace is really
paying attention to this case.

We can use all the help
we can get.

Any luck?

Not really.

Well, I've had some.

Atlanta State recently digitized
all their back issues.

I've got everything from Emma's
time at the newspaper.

That's still four years
worth of issues.

I'll do it. I was there.

Be my guest.

You're welcome.

Last eggroll?

It's all yours.

Thanks for bringing dinner.

It's the least I could do
for making you go through

back-issues of my old college newspaper.

It's giving me flashbacks
of green beer

and random purple punch parties.

I do not miss college.

Oh, Jonas.

College had more to offer
than that.

Well, I'd love to say
you're right

but my fraternity would
strongly disagree.

You were in a frat?

I was.

Didn't you pledge?

I don't think sorority life
was for me.

I lived off- campus
with my parents

and I spent all of my time
at the library

or at Will's baseball games.

When did you meet Will?

Or is that too weird to ask?

I'm asking my current boyfriend
to help me find a friend

who may have something to do
with my fiancé's murder

so no, not too weird.

I know you don't like to talk
about Will.

I don't wanna run away
from the memories anymore.

Especially not with you.

I met Will in the registration
line the first day of

Welcome Week freshman year.

And you started dating
right away?

That weekend was our first date.

We never looked back.

He was your first love.

He was.

And for a long time I thought
he would be my only.

I felt the same way
about my wife.

Well, Emma certainly writes
a lot of articles,

mostly about school politics
or funding issues.

Serious subjects.

She wanted to change
the world.

Didn't we all?

I remember this.


The new student Centre.

It was a really big deal
the whole time I was there

and then they didn't
start construction

until my senior year.

What was the problem?

Fundraising, and then all of
a sudden they hired a firm

and broke ground.

It's right here in this article.

That Emma didn't write,
by the way.

"An unnamed company donated
materials to help build

"the student Centre within
the university's budget."

Written by Judith Capriali.

Wait, I know that name.

Isn't she a reporter
with the Atlanta Star?

Judith Capriali?

I just appreciate you letting
me drag you around

looking for someone who might
not even be missing.

Hey, I know what a big deal
it is for you to be back

in your college years.

If finding Emma helps you find
Will's killer

I'm all in on finding her.

Hailey Dean.

Hi, Judith. Uh, this is
Fincher Garland,

he's an investigator
with the District Attorney.

I don't have a lot of time,
deadlines and such,

but would you mind joining me
in my office?



So I was surprised
to get your call, Hailey.

You are notorious for refusing
to give interviews.

You mean when I was
a prosecutor?

That was a long time ago
and I'm not being interviewed.

So what can I do for you?

I'm looking for Emma Harper.

Emma. I haven't thought
of her in years.

Do you remember the last time
you saw her?

Must have been senior year.

So you don't keep in touch?

No, not since then.

We had a bit of a rivalry
back then,

who was gonna be
the best reporter,

get the biggest scoop.

That sounds like Emma.

Do you know if Emma was working
on another story at the time?


But I do remember her and Tom
having a big blowout.

Tom Rakanski.

Yes. He refused to publish
a story of hers,

but I can't recall what.

Hmm. When did this happen?

Winter, I think.

Why are you asking about all
this stuff from back then?

Emma went to France.

She must still be there.

I don't remember her mentioning
wanting to go to France.

Did you know about that?

Not until her cousin told me.

Her cousin?

Yeah. I went by her place
and he was there

packing up all her stuff
to ship to France.

And that didn't seem weird
to you?

Well, he had a key and
he knew about the paper.


You think maybe he wasn't
her cousin?

I have a second cousin
but we're not close though.

Does he live here in Atlanta?

No, he lives in Vancouver. Why?

Was he here back when
Emma and I were in college?

Uh, I doubt it.

He was seen packing up
Emma's room.

I don't think so.

He just graduated from college.

He would have been
a kid then.

We can assume whoever was
pretending to be Emma's cousin

likely knows the truth
about what happened to her.

So someone wanted Emma
to disappear,

sent an email off to her sister,
packed up her stuff,

no loose ends.

There's another possibility.

What if Emma made
herself disappear?

Because of the story?


If someone was after her she
might have needed to get away,

change her name, everything.

I guess that's possible.

Anyway, we need to know why.

What that story was about.

Why are you asking me
about ancient history?

Just answer the question.

Did you or did you not quash
Emma's story?



I was asked to.

By who?

The university president.

Is that the real reason
you left journalism?

It just wasn't for me.

If anything it gave me a chance
to do something else.

What was the story about?

I don't know.

If you don't know what
the story was about

how did the university

I don't know that, either,

but if you think something
happened to Emma

you should talk to that
crazy brunette girl.

What crazy brunette?

She showed up just after I told
Emma her story was toast.

I mean, I just got an earful
from Emma,

the last thing I needed was some
random girl screaming at me

that she was gonna kill Emma
because of some guy.

Anyway, I packed up my desk
right then and there.

Is she in any of these photos?

Yeah. I think that's her.

I mean, if anyone had it in
for Emma

it was definitely that girl.

I think her name was Vivian.

You sure she's here?

I know Vivian well enough to
know that she does not miss

her one o'clock yoga class,
not even when she has the flu.


You can call it that.

...and the cool down
was great.


Hey, Danny. Hailey.

What's up?

You remember Emma Harper, right?

You got the police involved?

Don't they have better things
to do than look for people

who don't deserve to be found?

We all deserve to be found, Vivian.

What do you need, detective?

I have a lunch meeting
to get to.

Did you threaten to kill Emma?

What're you talking about?

Just answer the question.

Of course not.

We have a witness
who says otherwise.

I mean, maybe I said
something once,

I don't remember.

Well, you told me Emma leaving

was the best thing that
ever happened to you.

It was.

So maybe you helped
that along a little.

You think I did something
to Emma?

Did you?

Of course not.

Emma had Brad, she
won that internship,

her life was perfect
but it's not my fault

she didn't appreciate it.

What internship?

To the Atlanta Star.

It was a big deal, I guess.


It was all Brad talked about
for a while

that Emma never would have
walked out on that internship

if it wasn't for him.

Are we done here?


Vivian didn't seem worried
about the questions.

She's smart, Danny.

She knows better than to pretend
she liked Emma

or cared about what happened
to her.

Because you'll see
right through her.

Or her motive is so obvious
she can't deny it.

But she didn't actually answer
your question.

And by not answering
she didn't lie.

Exactly. Smart.

Hey, what's up, Monty?

Yeah, I tracked down that
internship that Emma won.

It turns out that
when she disappeared

it went to the runner-up,
a Judith Capriali.

Who is now a reporter
with the Atlanta Star.

Where she didn't show up
for work today.

She called in sick.

She wasn't sick
when I talked to her.

I'll send a uniform
to her house to verify.

Already done. She
isn't there, either.

Do you think she's running

because I showed up
asking questions?

Sure looks that way.

I'll put out an APB.

Ok, thanks, Monty.
I'll see you in a few.

I've gotta get back
to the office.

I'll let you know
when I find her.

Hey, Sabrina, it's me.

I was going to pick up
some food.

Call me back and let
me know what you want.

So the president
of Atlanta State

who made Tom quash Emma's story
died a few years ago.

I spoke to his secretary

but she had no idea
what I was talking about.

Another secret lost to time.

Any luck on Judith?

She hasn't shown up at the
office or house so nothing yet.

Hey, don't let your food
get cold.

I'll call you later.


No word on why Emma's story
was thrown out.

And I'm guessing no word
on what it was about, either.

Or how the president found out
about it.

What about the reporter?

Judith? She's still in the wind.

Think she looks good for it?

She didn't tell me that
she got Emma's internship.

Did she lie to you
about anything else?

I didn't think so at the time
but I don't know anymore.

What's going on with you?

You never second guess yourself.

I just feel like I'm too close
to this case.

It's clouding my judgement.

Well, your gut won't lie to you
even if you want it to.

My gut's not really talking
to me right now.

Sorry, one second.

Hey, Megan.

Yeah, sorry.

I won't be able to meet up
for coffee today.

Yeah, work's real busy.

Yeah, we'll do it tomorrow.

Ok, bye.

It's too bad you're so busy,
I was going to bribe you

with cheesecake to go
to Judith's house.

Oh, I actually have
the afternoon off.

Oh, so you're avoiding Megan.


You says something
about cheesecake?



I know.

I know I'm supposed to talk
to her

but now she wants to do
a vegan cooking class.

Well, you could stand to
introduce some vegetables

into your diet.

I doubt that.

Plus, you know I don't cook, girl.

I barbecue.

So, Fincher, I think you have
two choices here.

Either you can embrace
these new experiences

and do your best to enjoy them
with your new girlfriend-

Woah, Woah, we're using
the g-word.

Or you can be honest with her.

Is there a third option?


We can practise right now,

I do this for my patients
all the time.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

That is way too embarrassing, Hailey.


I just saw you inhale
an entire cheesecake

in under a minute.

I'm not embarrassed
about that, actually.

I'm quite proud of it.

Give it a shot.

I know it will help.

You're not gonna let up on this,
are you?


Alright, fine.



That's Judith.

It is Judith.


Yeah, hey.

We got Judith.

Something's going on.

A deal's going down.

That's a lot of money.



Were you following me?

Did I interrupt something?

I'm undercover.


Well, these two fine gentlemen

are gonna take you
for a little ride.

Are you kidding me?

Sorry about that.

Hailey Dean.

We talked to that man you were
meeting in the alley.

He's a drug dealer.

You were seen giving him money.

Yes. I was buying drugs.

Most people don't volunteer
that so quickly.

I'm a journalist.

I'm writing a story
on the supply chain.

That dealer was my ticket
up the ladder

and months of work
gone in seconds.

Yeah. It's still illegal to buy
drugs on the street,

no matter the reason.

I'll share my investigation
with your vice squad.

But that's not
why I'm here, is it?

You won an internship in college
to the Atlanta Star.


An internship that was
previously awarded

to Emma Harper.

Is that why I'm here?
Because of an internship?

An opportunity like that
can make a career.

What are you implying?

Ambition is a powerful motive.

Did you find Emma's body
or something?

Why would you assume
she's dead?

You're talking like she is.

We don't know.
We can't find her.

Did you ask her cousin?

Her second cousin
who lives in Vancouver

and was only a child
at the time?

No, um, that's impossible.

I saw him.

He's tall with light brown hair.

I'm not getting anywhere.

I know. She's telling the truth.

What if she doesn't
know anything?

I'm not so sure about that.

Where'd you get this?

You recognize him,
don't you?

Who is he, Judith?

This is him.

This is the man that was
cleaning out Emma's room.

The man that said he was
Emma's cousin.

So the same man who was seen
packing up Emma's stuff

after she disappeared is
the same man who shot Will.

That's confirmation.

Emma's disappearance is
connected to Will's murder.

I almost can't believe it.

No wonder the cops couldn't
figure out this case back then.

They were working a completely
different crime.

No, they weren't even looking
for her,

never mind trying to connect
her disappearance to Will.

But the thing I don't understand

is why that gun
was pointed at me.

Maybe you knew something
about what got Emma in trouble

or you were asking too many
questions once Emma was gone.

I didn't know anything,
that's for sure.

And I don't remember
asking questions.

Besides, a college senior
asking questions

doesn't seem like
a legitimate threat.

You may not have
been Hailey Dean,

prosecutor turned therapist,
back then

but you were still
Hailey Dean.

What does that mean?

It means nothing can stop you
from finding the truth.

That kind of determination
can't be taught, Hailey.

You were born this way.

And I'm guessing whoever wanted
to stop you knew it.

You always know when
we need sustenance.

It's my sixth sense.

Where there is hunger
I will feed it.

It's from hanging out
with Fincher so much.

You're probably right.

So it turned out that Judith
and Emma shared a computer

at the paper.

These are all of Judith's
old floppy disks.

Wow, that's a blast
from the past.

Can we even open those?

I got a disk drive
from a friend in forensics.

Let's find out.


I had no idea Emma was
such a thorough reporter.

There's a mountain
of research here.


This was just a college newspaper.

Now you know why she won
that internship.

There's a whole folder
on the student Centre.

It was a really big deal
at the time.

It looks like there were several
bidders for the project

but the winner was significantly
more expensive

than the rest of them.

Well, I would imagine
a lot of factors

go into a decision like that.

Still, the most expensive
seems like a strange choice

for an institution
like a university.

And, according to
this accounting ledger,

this company made a large profit
off of the build.

Emma found evidence of several
large payouts.

I can track the accounts

but there's one that she noted
in particular.

$100,000 paid directly

to the president of
the university himself.

He was bribed.

That explains why the highest
bid won the contract

and why he wanted
the story shut down.

How did Emma get all this?

We might never find out
but I think we can safely say

this is the story
she was working on.

If this ever got out it would
have been a big scandal.

And a big lawsuit, and everyone
involved would have been dragged

through the courts.

This is a huge story.

Emma held the reputation
of the university

and the construction company
in her hands.

What's the name
of the company?

Hold on.

It's a local firm.
Stenson Construction.

Stenson Construction?


That's Brad's family company.

So we need this plus two of
the loads into the warehouse.

Yes, my dad was on the student
Centre job.

Did Emma know that?


Why don't you work for
your family's company?

I don't know what
my career choices

have to do with anything.

You remember that Emma worked
for the school newspaper.

Sure. That job meant
a lot to her.

So then you must have known
about the story

she was working on at the time
you guys broke up.

It was a big one.

I don't remember if I do.

It was about your family, Brad.

No, it wasn't.

Is that what you guys were
fighting about

at the lake house that night?

I told you what that fight
was about.

Maybe it was about
more than Vivian.

Maybe there was something else
that was coming between you two.

I told you everything I know.

I have to get back to work.

I just feel like he's hiding
something from us.

I'm getting a subpoena
for Stenson's records.

They have an army of lawyers
but whatever we already have

should be enough
to convince a judge.

Hey. I just talked to Brad.

He said that you accused him
of harming Emma?

Sorry, Clyde.

We're just following
the evidence.

Did he tell you that he had
a fight with Emma

that night at the lake house?

Look, all I know about that is
he was with Emma before

and then with Vivian
directly after.

I mean, I didn't ask
and he didn't volunteer.

Do you remember anything
about the student Centre?

No, why?

Did Brad ever tell you about
his family's involvement?

No. Look, all we talked about
back then was baseball, ok?

I've known Brad my whole life.
He'd never harm a fly.

Normally I would agree
with you

but anyone is capable
of anything

with the right motivation.


Wasn't he one of
Will's best friends?


That's gotta be hard on you.

Well, it's not where I expected
the trail to lead,

that's for sure.

What did you expect?

I honestly don't know.

But not back to my group
of friends.

I mean, we were all so tight,
I thought I knew them so well.

You know, if it's one thing
my job as an investigator

has taught me is that you can't
really ever know anyone.

That's cynical.

Can't argue against it.

I think I know you.

You think you know what I would
do in any given situation?



What would I do if all
the food trucks in the city

were suddenly banned?

Wow. You went straight
to the apocalypse.

The most extreme thing
I could think of.


Well, you would obviously
exhaust all legal means first.

Obviously. But if they failed?

Then you would organize
a black market

of underground food trucks
on a clandestine schedule

rigorous security
and multiple failsafes.

You really think I would do
all that?

Fincher, please.

Ok, you do know me.


Yeah, you know me.

But I obviously don't know Brad.

You can't stop people
from doing bad things, Hailey.

No, but I can stop them
from doing it again.

Hey, mindreader.


Were you thinking
about me again?

I was going to call to see

if you wanted to come
over for dinner.

I can pick up a pizza
on my way home.

Oh, so you're out for a run,

that explains the shortness
of breath.

Oh, right. I should have
lead with that.

Do you want extra...


What's going on?

Hailey, talk to me!



Thank you for picking me up
from the hospital, Jonas,

but you really don't need
to fuss.

I do need to fuss.

You hit your head and you might
have a concussion.

You have to take it easy
for the next 24 hours, minimum.

I will.

And by easy I mean no more
looking for missing women

and no getting knocked over
by potential killers.


Don't "Jonas" me.

You have to promise
you'll do what I say.

Doctor's orders.

I promise.

I wish I had seen his face.

Danny's getting the security
footage from the area.

He thinks he might be able
to track the biker's movements.

This has to be about Emma.
I must be getting close.

I'm not starting this
conversation with you, Hailey.

No computers, no phones, either.

Just rest, ok?

I'll be back to check
on you later.


You're supposed to be
at home recuperating.

I've been sitting at home
all day.

But coming into the office
wasn't an option.

You need to go home.

I'm texting Fincher and telling
him to come pick you up.

Sabrina, I can't just stop.

This isn't about stopping, Hailey.

It's about a mandatory pause.

I just feel like
there's something

right in front of my face
but I can't make it out.

Well, it is possible that
it's your subconscious

trying to tell you something.

Maybe a suppressed memory?

I don't think so.

This is more of a feeling.

The fact that you
were just attacked

means that you're about
to expose someone

who doesn't want
something known.

Maybe I'm just not seeing it.

And some people are better

at hiding their emotions
than others,

and I'm not always objective.

No, just 99 percent of the time.

I prosecuted a case
early in my career.

A man was killed and he
left behind a grieving fiancé.

I put the wrong person on trial
before realizing

the fiancé was the killer.

She lied to me for weeks,

and I almost didn't see it
until it was too late.

You thought she was a victim
just like you were.

My perspective was clouded
by my emotions.

But you did catch her
in the end.

I'm just afraid I might be
having the same problem now.

You're lucky Sabrina
texted me and not Jonas.

I know. Jonas is gonna kill me.

As long as he doesn't find out.

You'd do that for me?

Yeah, as long as you
stay home and rest.

No, not you, too.

I can come over and hang out
with you for a while,

if you like.

Yes, please.

Alright. We'll get a movie?


No tv, no computer, not
until I get the all clear.

Dr. Jonas made me promise.

Dr. Jonas is no fun.

Tell me about it.

Speaking of better halves,
how was vegan cooking class?

You didn't go.


And you didn't tell her why.

I may have said I have
a stomach bug.

Fincher, Megan likes you.

And she's doing exactly
what you're doing.

Trying to make sure
that you like her, too,

by desperately searching
for common ground.

The sooner you two have
an honest conversation

the sooner you will get
back to the ease

that attracted you both
to each other.

You know, hanging out
with you used to be fun.

And it will be again,
once you talk to Megan.

Which you can do right after
you drop me off.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

I'm hanging out with you
and taking care of you.

Ok, ok. Listen.

If you promise to talk to Megan

I will promise to stay home
and rest.

That is blackmail, young lady.

More like negotiation.

Once a lawyer, always a lawyer.

You're on speaker
with me and Fincher.

We found a nearby witness
who saw the rider get

into a red pick-up truck.

We're looking through security
footage to get a plate number.

Thanks for letting me know.

Yeah. One more thing.

We got the financial records
from Stenson Construction.

All the financials
for the student Centre

were run through a company
called Arcand International.

Arcand International?

Yeah, it looks like a shell
corporation that was formed

only for the student Centre job

That ledger with the bribes
was all from Arcand's account.

Does it belong to Stenson

That's the logical assumption.

We're tracking it down but it's
registered off shore to another

shell corporation so you can
see what we're up against.

But the forensics accountants
are working on it.

Well, keep me posted.

Will do.

You know, I wanna take this
to the DA.

I think it's time we started
an investigation of our own.


Clyde, you scared me.

I'm sorry.

The door was unlocked.

First Swiss chocolate
and now flowers?


You have been busy.

Don't yell at me, too.

Now, why would I yell at you?

I'm supposed to be resting.

Well, I think for you
work is resting.

You're not wrong.

How are you? Physically, I mean.

Danny told me what happened.

Oh, I feel fine, really.

Hailey, I am scared for you.

I can't imagine what it's like
being in your shoes right now.

It's a bit more than I expected,
I'll admit,

but I have no choice.

I have to see this
thing through.

I have to find Will's killer.

Then what will you do?

That's not something I want
to talk about right now.

Ok, look.

I know you wanna catch this guy.

We all do.

But I have already lost one
friend to senseless violence

and I- I don't want
to lose another.

I know.

A house call?

I feel so special.

You're special to me.

It's nice having my own
personal physician.

Who doesn't work on
warm bodies very often,

so don't think it's gonna
become a thing.

So what's the verdict?

Well, you're not showing
any signs of a concussion

so I'd say you're in the clear.

It's Danny.

I gotta go.


We got an address for the rider.

I'll be right there.

Do you know who lives here?

It looks like it belongs
to a man named Marcus Young.

I don't think he's home, though.

I don't recognize that name.

Are you sure he's the guy?

We found his truck.

This is definitely the vehicle
our witness saw him

load his dirt bike onto.

Danny! Hailey!

Over here.

Look what we found.

Is this the dirt bike
that ran you off the path?

It definitely could be.

Let's get forensics in here
to sample the dirt

on the bicycle's tires
and test it

against Hailey's running trail.

Got it.


He's dead.

That's him.

That's the man who shot Will.

I should be happy but I'm not.

Me either.

I didn't wanna find him
this way.

You know?

I wanted to bring him
to justice properly.

We both did.

I feel like I let Will down.

No. Never.

We still found him.

We did everything right.

It doesn't feel that way.

I know.

The victim's name
is Marcus Young.

At least that's
one of his names.

He's linked to a number
of outstanding warrants

for infractions for
intimidation, threats,

car theft, damage to property,
it goes on.

No violent crimes?

Suspected but never charged.

He's been off the radar
for a long time though.

Since Will's shooting.

He went to ground after.

That makes sense.

None of those other crimes
are even close to murder,

not even assault.

It's a big jump to murder.

And it's consistent
with your statement.

That he was shocked
when the gun went off.

He'd never killed before.

Except maybe Emma,

though now we may never know
what really happened to her.

Who was this guy?

A career criminal
by all accounts.

And it means that he was being
paid to do the things

that he did.

Including whatever he did
to Emma and trying to kill me.

I'll check into his financials.

Maybe we'll get lucky.

Why would he attack you now?

To finish what he started
all those years ago?

Yeah, I mean, why not
do it before?

It has to be because I was
tracking down Emma.

Someone you've been talking
to must have tipped him off.

I'll check his phone records,
see if there's a match.

So I got the DA to open a case
file for the student Centre.

You're not gonna believe
what I found.

Don't keep me in suspense.

The city inspector wasn't
the only person to get paid off

by Arcand International.

That doesn't surprise me.

Yeah, but the other person
who did get paid off will.

Tom Rakanski.

Tom the editor?

The very same.


The president of the university
didn't tell him

to quash the story.

Whoever this Arcand company
is did.

And set Tom up with
a nice jump on life.

And his anger isn't at Emma,
it's at himself.

His disillusionment

is because he allowed himself
to be bought off.

So he was lying
just like you said.

And if Emma had taken the story
off campus

he would have been exposed.

And become an accessory
to Arcand's crimes.

You lied to me, Tom.

No I didn't.

You did.

You said the president of
the university told you

to quash Emma's story.

That's not true.

Why would I lie?

Maybe because you received
a large payment

from Arcand International
to stop the story.

Which we can prove.

Look, I was already thinking
about leaving journalism

and I couldn't afford
another degree

and then this guy shows up

and offers me money
to stop Emma's story,

a lot of money.

And you didn't think twice.

I didn't grow up rich, ok?

University, it put me
in serious debt

and this payment
erased all of that.

How could I turn it down?

You knew that Emma was gonna
take her story

to a newspaper off campus.

That was just talk.

And if she did the many illegal
actions surrounding the-

off campus.

That was just talk.

And if she did the many illegal
actions surrounding

the student Centre
would have been revealed,

making you complicit in
their attempted cover-up.

Wait, what're you saying?

I'm saying that you had a real
motive to shut Emma up.

I didn't touch her, I swear.

Do you recognize this man?

Yeah. That's the guy
who offered me the deal.

You been in touch
with him lately?


I don't even know his name.

I'm sorry that I took the money
back then.

I wish none of this
had ever happened.

I'm sorry that I took the money
back then.

I wish none of this
had ever happened.

His regret is genuine.

I believe he wishes he could
go back and change things.

That doesn't exonerate him
by any means.

I get why Tom would have
come after Emma

but I don't get why he would
have come after me.

Or had the wherewithal
to hire someone.

I don't remember meeting him
at college.

How would he have known
about me?

So I still can't prove
that Stenson Construction

is behind Arcand International

but I did discover
that the shell company

that Arcand is registered to is
associated with the construction

of the new court house
which, in turn,

is registered to yet another
shell company.

Let me guess.

Which was also set up
to funnel funds

for another high-profile
construction project.

We're trying to get the records
for the projects

but I'm betting that we'll see
a similar pattern of bribery.

We found a few complaints

about Stenson Construction's
practises over the years.

I tried to follow up with some
of the complainants

but none of them
would talk to me.

They probably settled privately

and signed non-disclosure

I wonder why Emma wouldn't.

She wasn't that kind of person.

Brad had a lot to lose if
that story ever came out.

Probably more than Emma
even knew.

And Vivian?

I mean, if she went to the
newspaper office threatening

to kill Emma I believe that
her infatuation with Brad

was intense enough
to want to protect him.

She would do what Brad couldn't
and take Brad for herself.

Let's ask her if it's true.

Why am I here, exactly?

At the lake house that night,

did you and Emma talk about the
article that she was working on

Look, I already told Hailey.

I don't know anything.

And I- I barely remember.

You didn't know that she had
damaging information

about Brad's family?

Did you tell Emma not
to publish the article?

I don't remember.

Do you recognize this man?


You've never seen him before?


Vivian shows no sign of lying.

No nervousness, nothing.

Doesn't mean she wasn't
behind all this.


And her aggressive reactions
make it hard to know

if she's being
intentionally evasive

or if she's just offended
by being questioned.

But you're not feeling it.

My feelings haven't exactly
been reliable in this case,


We still need
something concrete,

feelings or no feelings.

Brad Stenson's here.

I'll get Marcus's mugshot
out of interrogation.

No, actually leave it there.

I want to see how he reacts when
he thinks no one is watching.

Put him in interrogation one.


He recognizes Marcus.

I'm sitting in.

Brad, I'm gonna level with you.

Emma was working on a story that
would have ruined your family.

How do you know that?

Emma had proof that they bribed
the university president

to win the student Centre job.

And it looks like there
were other bribes.

I don't have anything to say.

You wanted to protect
your family,

their business, your legacy.

But Emma refused to bury
the story.

Maybe you didn't mean
to hurt her.

I didn't.

It's time to tell the truth, Brad.

I don't work for my family

because I don't like the way
they do things.

I refused to be a part of it.

And I didn't hurt Emma.

I loved her.

Do you know this man?

What's he got to do
with anything?

This man ran Hailey down.

He did?

He killed Will.

And he had something
to do with Emma.


Look again, Brad.


Then look at me.


I'd like to call my lawyer.


You look like you could use
a coffee.

Mmm. Hailey, you scared me
half to death.

How do you always know where
I am when I'm on stake-out?

I bugged your phone.


I called your office.
Which used to be my office.

I still have a friend
or two there.

Mmmhmm. Mmm.


This isn't a mochaccino.

Oh, sorry. Wrong cup.

You know, for such a food
connoisseur you should

really appreciate the intensity
of a straight up espresso.

Why would I do that
when I can drink chocolate

and it's completely socially
acceptable way

for me to start my day?

Since when did you care
about being socially acceptable?

Since they started putting
chocolate in coffee.

A smile.

I've seen precious few of those

on your face these
last few days.

I don't have a lot to smile
about right now.

Brad lawyered up.

What about Vivian?

She lawyered up, too.

So Will's murderer is dead

and I may never know
why he wanted to kill me

and we may never find out
what really happened to Emma.

Yeah, but you did, Hailey.

You found Will's killer.

Yes and no.

I've thought about this moment
for so long.

It never happened this way.

But it doesn't matter,
it's over.

Hailey, don't try to lie to me.

I'm not.

I'm not lying to you.

But I may be lying to myself.

Well, I know you're dying
to hear what happened

between me and Megan, so...

I am.

I told her how I was feeling
and it was very uncomfortable,

I didn't care for it one bit.


She was relieved.

Like you said, I- I said
that I wasn't sure

that I was interesting enough
for her, you know,

'cause she's a doctor and all
and she said she was afraid

that she wasn't
interesting enough

because of my exciting job
as an investigator.

She didn't wait
to get to know you.

I know, right?

I don't need any more excitement
in my life,

not after I started hanging
with you.

And she said she felt
the same way, too,

like after coming home
from a long day at the hospital.

So you guys watched a movie,
ordered a pizza,

and all was well with the world?

Not exactly.

The vegan cooking classes
were non-refundable.



Do tell.

You know what?

The food was surprisingly good,
and I'm not gonna lie,

I didn't hate cooking it, either.

Who says change is such
a bad thing?


I wish I had recorded that.

I'm glad you didn't.

Oh. Jonas finished the autopsy.

Marcus Young was shot with
the same gun that shot Will.

A criminal doesn't usually
keep his murder weapon

this many years.


The evidence is consistent.

Why would a career criminal
kill himself?

We were closing
in on him, Hailey.

But who said he knew that?

And why didn't he run?

Maybe he was tired of running.

Maybe he just couldn't live
with himself anymore.

But the same gun?

That's all a bit too neat,
isn't it?

Is that what's bugging you?

And what about Brad?

We're tracking a burner phone
that called Marcus

the day he tried
to run you over.

If we can trace the location of
that call we can start to pin

some concrete evidence on him.

I gotta get back to work.

Hailey. You read my mind.

I was just about to call you.

Did you find the hacker?

I did.

Ethan, that's incredible.

I know.

She thinks so, too.


I know, right?

What did she tell you?

Uh, she says she doesn't know
exactly who hired her

but she was paid by some
company, Arcand International.

Arcand International.

Is she sure?

That's what the bank
transfer said.

She's laughing because she said
it was all done in French

and she didn't understand
at first.

Did the transfer come
from France?

No, Switzerland.

Thank you, Ethan.

I'm ready to call it a night, Monty.

Hang on.

I just found something in
Marcus's financial records.

It looks like he was being paid
a monthly fee of $10,000.

That's a lot of money.

From who?

This corporate tax code
looks familiar.

Marcus was being paid by
Arcand International.

That's proof.

Marcus was a hired killer.

Arcand hired him to take care
of Emma and Hailey

for some reason.

Which means that Marcus may
have pulled the trigger but-

Brad or his family
was behind it.

Straight to voice mail.
Her phone must be off.

This is Hailey Dean.
Please leave a message.

Hey, Hailey. It's Danny.

Give me a call back.

We just found out something interesting.

We just got a ping
from the burner phone

that was used to call Marcus
the day he died.

I didn't expect that
with Brad in custody.

Where is it?

Let me type in the coordinates.

The lake house!
Oh, my gosh!


Hailey, call me back
as soon as you can.

It's just you and me.

No one knows I'm here.

I just wanna talk.

Hello, Hailey.


What can I do for you?


You're gonna have to be a little
bit more specific.

Don't play games.
Not now.

Well, I knew that this
was inevitable.

I've seen you go to the end of
the earth for people

you didn't even know
and there was no way

you were gonna let
Will's death go.

I confided in you.

And the whole time you were
trying to throw me off track.

A fake social media page?

An attempt on my life?

Marcus was never
a very good killer.

He wasn't back then
and he's not now.

You hired Marcus.

I didn't have to.

He already worked for my father.

You know, Arcand International.

So that's why Brad recognized
his picture.

That's why he lawyered up,
to protect you.

Oh, and I will reward him
for that.

He will be transferred
to my new office overseas.

Let me guess.


You were just there.

You already do your
banking there, anyway.

Ah, I see.

That's how you figured it out.

You were always so clever.

You still haven't told me why.

Well, you already know why.

Emma's story was gonna
expose me.


Yes. Yes, me.

I bribed the university president

for the student Centre job
for my family.

I was about to graduate and
I figured that was a good time

for me to step
into my father's shoes.

Where is Emma?

Now listen, I did everything
I could.

I paid off her editor,

I tried to reason with her,

I tried to pay Emma,

but she did not care
who she brought down

with her social justice
warrior garbage.

You killed her?

She left me no choice!

Where is she?

Why does that matter?

Where is she?!

She's out by the tree line,

with a beautiful view
for all of eternity.

You killed Emma and then
you killed Will.

That was never the intention.

Will was my best friend.

He wasn't supposed to die.

I know. I was, but why?

You really wanna know?

I think you owe me that.

Emma said that
you knew everything.

I didn't know anything!

Well, of course I know that now!

I knew that within a day of-
of Will's death.

But Emma, she was just trying
to save herself.

This is all a big misunderstanding.

A misunderstanding?!

You stole my life from me,
you stole Will,

over a misunderstanding?

And- and I am sorry.

Truly, I am, but
what's done is done.

You're a monster.

I don't understand why
you're getting so mad, Hailey.

Isn't this what you've
always wanted?

To confront Will's killer?

Look, I- I might not have pulled
the trigger myself

but believe me a conversation
with Marcus

would not have been satisfying.

I never wanted this.

Well, I could have killed you
the minute you stepped foot

on my property, but I didn't,
and I'm giving you this gift.

The gift of truth.

You had it all figured out

and you got away with it
for all this time.

If you had just stayed
out of my life

I might never have
known the truth

but some little part of you
wanted me to know.

Wanted me to be impressed.

Wanted me to be afraid of you.

You should know me better
by now.

You asked me what I would do
once I was face to face

with Will's killer.

You're not gonna shoot me, Hailey.

Don't feel bad about it.

Some of us are just...
we're just made differently.


Hailey, are you alright?


It's ok, I'm here.
It's ok.

Tell me what happened.

It was Clyde.

I know.


We found remains
near the tree line

consistent with
Emma's height and age.

I'll expedite the process
so she can be laid to rest

as soon as possible.

Thank you.

He's a lot like Will, you know.

In some ways.

I hope you can be happy now.

I really want that for you.

I want that for you, too.

You never told me
how you found me here.

Our forensics accountant managed
to track the inheritance

of Arcand International through
Clyde when his father died

a couple years ago.


Your cell went straight
to voice mail

so we put an emergency trace
on your phone.

I can't imagine what would
have happened if you hadn’t...

It doesn't matter what
might have happened.

All that matters
is that you're ok.

We can finally close
Will's case.

It's so surreal.

I know, I'm having
the same feeling.

I've carried the weight of
Will's murder for so many years.

What if I don't know
how to live without it?

We'll figure it out.

I know this doesn't mean
you won't keep coming

to the police station
asking for my help.

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

You know exactly
what I'm talking about.

Just let me take
a vacation first, ok?

No promises.

I'll be right back.