Golden Job (2018) - full transcript

Synced & subtitled:

♪ I've said nothing, shown nothing ♪

♪ yet you see right through me ♪

♪ Looking back, you've always been there ♪

♪ All have left me, but no matter ♪

♪ So long as I have you behind my back ♪

♪ With you I'm free, I can be my true self ♪

♪ Togeher we come (Brotherhood is here for good)

♪ Together we go (This life and the next) ♪

♪ Laughing as we fight against the world turing ♪

♪ Together we fly (at every dire moment) ♪

♪ Together we strike out ♪
♪ (Knowing you have my back) ♪

♪ Together we charge, we retreat, we march! ♪
♪ My comrades ♪

♪ Together we come, together we go ♪

A beauty like you shouldn't have to line up

Let me help you


Wait, Miss
This is not a VIP card

It's a discount card

- You've come to shop?
- That can't be

I thought I gave you my VIP card


Give me a minute, please

That piano turner is quite a looker.
You lucky guy, Bill.

Hooked up with her on WeChat already,
even got an appointment to tune my piano.

Let me get the job done first.

Job's done, Lion.

Crater's already in to set things up.

I'm out in the back for any emergency.

As for you,
someone's expecting you in Room 3.

Roger that, Everyone go with the plan


- You are?
- Li Yundi, the pianist

Crater, I've got no music no sound.

Is this channel working?

Not sure, "Chatterbox Calm"
is awfully quiet.

Calm, come in, please.

In position already

Our leading man has arrived on time.

Perfect. Our mission is to rescue Marvin from
this conference

We'll take action when it gets chaotic.
Any questions?

Nope. Rescuing a guy is nothing

- compared to the old times in the war
- Roger. The guy's invented new drugs

mhelping lots of people,
worth rescuing I'd say.

Not what I heard.
I'm told someone wants him dead.

There're things we don't know.

Cut the bullshit.

Your mission is to save Marvin.

Who, Whom or why is not your business

- Our boss is upset
- At you

No, you.

Hold up. What's this for?

For room service.


The channel is on.
Music on its way.

Mr. Rice, we are always ready

Remember, failure is not an option.

Those pharmaceutical companies refuse to pay.

They say they already paid the last time

We ate yesterday, does that mean
we don't need to eat today?

Every scandal I put out is new,
so they need to pay each time.

But they have their government backing them up.

If you push too hard,
they might break the deal.

Break the deal? How dare they

The only one who gets to break
the deal is me

Perhaps I'll go out there and speak the truth

I'm concerned about your safety


Are you trying to threaten me too?

The guy is a drug drug-dealing blackmailer

- No wonder he needs rescuing!
- It's all for money, what else?

Lion, we go on your orders

If you say drop this,
we walk out right now

Aren't we working for money just the same?

We get a case and we do the job.
Who cares about the rest?

No objection?
Then we get ready for action

Don't forget to applaud


I've hacked into the audio system,

just pretend to play.

Please welcome... Mr. Marvin.

Thank you

Two years ago

I announced my AIDS drug here

It has since saved 300 million patients.

And made our pharmaceutical company
the world leader

Even Hades fears me now

Today I stand here

to announce another pharmaceutical

but to reaveal to the world

that someone is making counterfeit medicine.

There's bombs! Everyone get out!

Hurry and get out!

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

This way

Bombs! Get out now!

Damn! Someone's taken Marvin!

Everyone get to the parking lot.

Don't move!


Stop the vehicle!


Silly. All worked up over a
remote-controlled car

Car's empty! Lock down all exists.

Hey guys. All the best.
See you all in the back.

We're here to save you.
Don't give us more work to do.

Lion, this way.

Let's go!

Don't move!

You go first.

What happened?

Calm, we're coming out!

Hang in there

who of your morons is responsible for
this shit?

Sorry commander, It's my fault.

You're fired! Get out of my car!


Firing him is asking me to quit

It's not your first day knowing us.

Count me in.

Yep. Bye bye

See how free we are now.
No more taking orders. We do as we please.

Exaxtly. We won't do what we dislike

That's right.

No more going against our conscience

- That sounds good to me.
- Good to me, too.

I'm sorry, guys.
It's all my fault.

Why say such a silly thing

Have we just met yesterday?

- Can you walk or not?
- Ouch! That hurt!

Oh really? Does it hurt?

Can't believe you guys

It really hurts, man.


Five year later

Refugee camp, Africa

Long time no see!

at the back

Hi, long time no see

Hi, sweetie

very good girl

You've been gone for quite a while this time

You think, it's easy
getting you these meds?

It gives me a good reason
to come back and see you

I thought those kids have been vaccinated?

- Why are they sick?
- They've been getting sick ever since they came back

from a military charity party 10 days ago

Military party?

Take a look at these meds,
see if you can use them.

These expire next month...

all of them

Wait, wait!

- Hello?
- Bill, what's going on?

Those meds expire in a month!

Why else do you think you
got more than double?

Taking expired meds...

may cost a life,
don't you know?

God knows how much expired
stuff we took growing up

Look how tall and handsome we are today?

Fine, whatever

I need you to check something for me.

I want to know why the military
hosted that charity party?

2 days ago, Guang Fei Pharmaceuticals
announced their multi-virus antidote.

Its stock price shot up even before
the drug is certified.

Are you suggesting that the military

is covering up Guang Fei
for testing drugs on children?

- Hasn't that always been the case?
- Got it.

If it weren't for the civil war,

this could be a beautiful homeland for them.

I thought you stayed here for the children

not for the scenery.

Of course I'm not here for the scenery.

Just testing ya.
We have so much catching up to do.

Was that supposed to be funny?

You're never serious about anything.

Let me be serious,then.

What's this? Think I'll be in danger?

Like it?

Thank you

I've decided

It's time for me to settle down

what do you mean?

Few years back my brothers and I

did our job as the orders came
I never knew where I'd be next

so it never came to my mind have a home.

But now

I know where I want to be.

Where is that?

Wherever you are

Then why keep going away?

One last time,
then I'll never leave again.


Hey, brothers, it's been so long

Glad you noticed. Where and when, please

Next week. Budapest, Hungary.

That far? Must be a big gig

Hey Mouse, not far

Quit with the online porn
and get some sunshine.

Big gig or not,
you'll find out when you show up.

Wow, look at him.

Wearing those dark shades at this hour?


How did he get this limited-edition
sports car?

- You envy him or what?
- No way, I'm the car master, he's the slave

We aren't in the same league.

Shush.Don't let him see us.
Let's hide. Quick.

Oh, I'm sorry

I was just taking an important business call

and I'm not used to driving this sports car.

- Sorry for being late.
- Isn't he good at this?

Seriously, I just got here.

- Yeah, right
- This restaurant is booked year round, it's hard to get a table

Thank you, then

Sure thing. All it takes is some of these

- Thank you my friend
- Thank you

Let's go

Isn't this something?

Look at this view

Let's take a photo first


Doctor Chow? You sick or something?


- Hey Mouse, it's locked.
- Unlock it.

Listen, this the deal.

I want you all to help me steal
a new batch of meds.

These meds are unavailable on the market,

but those children really need them.

Shall we vote? Like in the old times.

Forget about voting. It's a YES

But this time it involves an Intelligence

The point is, these meds are for
Dr. Chow to save sick children...

Means it's pro-bono.

Then call this favour as
your wedding gift.

Wait a minute,

where's this intelligence coming from?


From our BIg-Talker Bill?

Can we trust him at all?

Can't I be a brother to you
to me like you've been?

Calm down.

I admit there's something personal

Rice is in charge of delivering
these meds.

Can you believe I ran into him?

Our old boss Rice?

We'll show him what we're made of.

Hold on.
Do we have Papa's consent?

- We need to tell Papa first, don't we?
- Of course

Of course you have my consent.

I knew Lion called you up.

Everyone is here. Take a seat.

I'll say, Lion has a good gig lined up.

Not a single bullet, you get to use
wisdom rather than force.

See, with Papa here,
there's nothing we can't do.

Where's Lulu, by the way?



Don't recognize her, do you?

Boy, you're so much taller.

You used to be this tall.

- She used to be 4ft tall, now this.
- Amazing!

you you you... Lulululu


Let's make a toast to Papa.

Papa, thank you.

- That sums it up for me, thank you
- And thank you for being my side these past 20 years

Papa, thank you

for saving my life years ago.

- I wouldn't be standing here today without you.
- Awww...

Papa, thank you.
If you hadn't made me study hard

I would still be a dimwit.

Turns out you were pretty good at it,
Who knew!

Papa, thank you.
thanks for teaching me "One for all, all for one".

Did I say such a cool thing?

As for me, I want to say

Thank you, Papa,
for never giving up on us.

Bottoms up!

Drink up and get to work.

Watch your speed there,
crashing is no fun.

Hey, speak up if you need help.

Don't be too hard on yourself.

Oh, cut it out.

Do I look like I need help?

- You lost! Your turn to drink.
- If I lose to you

- I won't ever drink again
- Why don't you challenge him then.

How about the two of us against Papa?

Where are those two?
Where did they go?

Not a clue.

What're you two doing up there?

- look at them.
- We're coming down.

Let's go.

So, this is what I have on Rice.
In order to deliever these meds for the Agency,

he set up a shell courier company
here in Budapest.

The meds have already been delivered to there.

The Agency will send a chopper
to escort the next delivery.

En route to the airport,
they will pass through Heroes' Square,

then take the city highway.

The journey is around 19km

encompassing 32 signal lights
and 9 intersections.

they're set up to depart at 09:00.

Without traffic, they should pass through
Heroes' Square at 09:08.

Get on the highway at 09:17,
then arrive at the destination at 09:20.

That's 20 minutes.

Exactly, we have 20 minutes.

We will pick an intersection out of the 9
to engineer an accident.

We will meet at the trainyard
when it's done.

Don't wait for me,
I'll need to wrap things up.

Just drop off the vehicle
and you guys can go.

I'll arrange for those meds to
be delivered to Dr. Chow.

And then Voila! Job done.

Gee, I didn't mean don't wait for
me and eat.


- Food's getting cold
- Papa, want to take part?

Sure. Got something dangerous for me?

You bet.

Mr. Rice, our van is en route.

Chopper One, this is Rice.

Cradle is on its way.
You keep your eyes open and get this done asap

Cradle is heading to Heroes' Square.

Roger that, how's the Sitter?

Sitter and the Cradle are fine,
just a lot of traffic.

Nice, nice. Don't worry.
Your chopper parents are watching over you...

Everything is great so far.

I'm done here, how about you?

Hey Sitter, It's an accident ahead of you.
Alter route.

Nursery, require alternate routing.

Okay, you have to take the route B1.

We're highlighting route B1 on the screen.

Affirmative, adopting route Beta One.

Nursery take note that Cradle
will be entering the tunnel

which means radio silence for
the whole time.

Okay, we are taking the tunnel.

Just make sure Cradle doesn't
make any unnecessary stops.

- Roger that
- How long is the tunnel ride?

It will take one minute and twenty-five
seconds. Cradle will be out of sight

there'll be radio silence and
the GPS will also be affected.

Relax, we can handle that.

Cradle entering the tunnel.

Radio silence in 3... 2... 1.


Chopper will hover above tunnel
exit waiting for Cradle.

Cradle coming out in 3... 2... 1.

Commander Rice, cradle is out of the tunnel.

- Check if everything's fine
- Alright not bad but stay alert. It's not done yet

Cradle, about to take the road on the right

I repeat, cradle is about to take
the road on the right.



You son of a bitch!

God damn it! Hover on top of the van.
Stop him

Get out!

- Put your hands up!
- Don't shoot! Is it illegal just to have a burger?

I don't know anything
I was paid to drive.

- Who paid you?
- I don't know. A Japanese guy...I
mean a Jewish guy

Want a side job?

Here's the time and location.

Yes, sir.

Thank you.

15 minutes earlier

Mission accomplished.

I had a flat tire.

Wow! You are so quick man.

This is our service.

I'm here with Fatso.
Waiting for you.

Alright, ready to countdown.


The van comes with a new cover,
heading out.

Watch the time.

Waiting for your GPS card.

I've got it.


Lion, as fast as you can.

Calm, van the van is heading your way.

Hey sir, tire is OK, you can go.

Thank you.

What the hell just happened?

The van has been switched,
we've lost it.

You screwed up.

I screwed up? I screwed up??

I'm on it and I'm gonna find it.

Kerja bagus.
/ Hey, Papa.

- Let's go
- Wait

- What is it?
- The van drives like a cement truck

Too heavy for carrying meds,
shall we check?

Better check it.


So many gold bars.

Not meds at all.

He told us leave it and go.

- Where's Bill?
- A waste of our time. Let's go.

Didn't I tell you to just leave it?

Why did you open it?

What do we do now?

Bill, what's this all about?

How come we stole gold and not meds?

You kept saying meds would expire.

Gold will never expire!

We meant to get meds for
those children,

not stealing gold like some thieves.

- It's not the same thing.
- The Agency is delivering the gold

to third world countries

to fund political coups.

It will cause many death!
What's wrong with me taking them

to help you buy meds?

- You could've talked to us first
- If I told you, would you have the nerve to do it?

What do you know other than computers,
you useless nerd??

- You're nothing without us!
- What're you saying?

Since we were kids, we voted
on everything

- Do we have to vote on every damn thing?
- Yes, even buying a popsicle!


I'll tell the truth then.

I thought that after
I took care of these gold bars

I'd use the money to buy the meds
for those children

then spilt the rest with you all.

It's enough money for the
rest of all our lives.

- Don't make yourself sound so selfless!
- Calm, don't!

You greedy bastard!


Tell me...

If you planned

all by yourself?

Or did someone order you to do it?


Mr. Rice.

Let me handle them.
Your stuff is right there.

- Guns?
- Yes. In the car.

Get it ready.

We fire if they move a muscle.

I think you should finish it right now.

No, no, no we can still follow the plan
by letting them go

If they turn us to the Agency

we will be screwed!

Kill them all!

Kill them all.

- Kill them all!
-You bastard! -Don't...

- Papa!
- Dad!


Take Papa away!

Kill something. Move!

Fucking idiots!


Cover me.



Mouse, stay calm.
We'll break out of this soon.

Lulu, make sure Papa stays conscious.

Give me a hand, Mouse.

Cover me!


Make sure you kill every single
one of them. Clear?

Why did you stop me?

- Should've just let me shoot that bastard.
- None of this would've happened if you
stayed calm

Now I only need to keep Calm's car safe,

We made it.

Didn't you say your brothers'll follow
whatever orders you give?

Didn't you?

And yet look around, where are they?

You're very lucky the Agency doesn't
have anything on you

But I will change the deal quick
if you keep fucking up.

What'd you say?

You won't get shit.

No, before that

I will rat your ass out to the Agency
if you keep fucking up.

I'll give you a share.
Work for me from now on.

You take over.

Stay awake, Papa.
Papa is bleeding out.

You go.

Police Station

Don't mess with the police.

Come out of the car!

Hurry and get out!

Don't move!

Someone has come to bail you out.

Who is he?

Who is he?

Thank you.
This my daughter, Lulu.

Have some roast chicken, while it's hot.

I'm gonna eat then.

Why did you save us?

The place you fought in
is in my territory.

You guys are quite something.

Courageous and heroic.

Most important of all, loyal to each other.

- Bill's still in there.
- You went back in

for rhe one left behind.

That's good.

Now, listen to me.
Fists are not only for fighting.

A knife can be used to kill

but it can also save people's
lives in surgery.

So, make the right decision to be
a better man.

So, make the right decision to be
a better man.

- Why is that?
- We grew up together in orphange

Even though we don't have a home

We are like a family.

That sounds right.

What do you all want to do
when you grow up?

I want to be a video game champion.

Formula-1 World Drivers' Champion.

I want to know tomorrow's football
game results.

So I can be rich.

I want to build my own rocket

to take us all into outer space.

I don't care what I get to do.

I just want to be by your side and learn.

You got me here this early in the morning

What is it you want to tell me?

We... we have something we want to say.

I defer to the guy with
his collar standing.

Leave it to me.

Here is the thing...
Crater has something to say.

Actually..I've never been
good with words.

Lion, you're our big brother,
why don't you speak for us?

We have voted on this and
this and decided that

to call you "Sir Cho"
is rather awkward.

How about we call you Papa?


Who's your papa?


I used to want you guys to join the military
because it's a place you can forget about your past

and start anew

Plus if you experience death,

you'll know what's most important in life.


Family always comes first.

But Papa, sometimes...

Things get complicated on a mission.

It's hard to tell right from wrong.

It's true we work for money,
but money isn't everything.

We can choose to do the right thing.

I understand, Papa.

Step out.

Congrats. Drink up. Thanks.

There's been suspicion that they are
victims of medical trials.

The military denies connections with
the pharmaceutical company.

Thank you.

Dr. Chow,your package.

Thank you.

Give me your hand.

Take good care of it.


Where do we go now?

Crater is still here, he never left.

Crater is... here?

He says as long as you are
in prison

He'll stay here.



I can go now.

Where do you want to go?

Whenever. Your call.

Just name it.

Papa is still alive.

Let's go see him.

But wait...

you stink like hell.

I am afraid you can't board the plane.

Better take you to a shower first.

I'm serious.

How about we take a boat instead?

Let's go.

♪ We are back on the track Feeling so fly ♪

♪ Got my brother by my side ♪
♪Now it's show time ♪

♪ Rule the world once ♪
♪again like a rewind ♪

♪ I feel electrified ♪


Welcome to our...

Welcome to our onsen inn.

Lulu,they're all here.
come greet them.


Easy, easy.

- I've really missed you.
- You better mean it.

Are you the maitre d' now?

I wish, I mess up all the time.

Mouse is always covering for me.

Come on, we're family.

It's been such a long time.
I've missed you, too.

A hug.

How's Papa?


Come on in.


You've gotten thin.
That was tough, what you went through.

I am very sorry


What's the matter?

You don't want to come near me?

Worried that I'm radiation contaminated?


You gave me a bullet

and I give you a slap.

We're now even.

What else do you want?

Why dwell on the past?

None of us wanted things to go this way.

It was meant to be.

We are real men, aren't we?

Let bygones br bygones.

What do you call me?



We are father and son.

In this life

and the next.
Am I right?



Everything's okay.

The food's taking so long


What a special occasion.

Let's drink to this

By the way, according to local customs
you're not supposed to pour a drink to yourself

Whoever sits next to you should
pour fro you, so better be nice to him if you want to drink

Lulu, I remember you used to pour for Papa.

- I guess thing have changed.
- No problem.

The two of them now belong to
the same 'flight club'.

- I can't compete.
- Learning to fly an aircraft?

- That's quite something.
- No, not that kind of flying

He goes over Lulu's room
every night now

- to play aeroplane chess.
- Can't believe you. Mouse.

- I'll go get desserts.
- Serving desserts as staters now?

Silly girl.

I must say, Mouse's been quite a son to me
In the past year and half, he took care of everything here.

I'd be vey happy if he's here for good.

I'd appreciate the company.



You've decided to make this place home?

This is a nice town, really.

It's lightly populated

and people take care of each other

And mostly important,
they don't know anything about my past.

I'm a clean slate here.
I even changed my surname.

Could be a good place for you too.

Good evening.

- Mr. Kim?
- Mr. Morimoto.

- Lulu.
- Thank you.

Have a seat, Mr. Morimoto.

On behalf of the Onsen village

We welcome you all.

Things have been tough these 3 years
as we did not hold sake festival.

But ever since Mr. Kim's arrival,

our village came back to life.

The joyous atmosphere made me
start brewing again.

My new sake will be ready next week.

I would like to ask you to
help out at the sake festival,

your participation would be most appreciated.

Promise me you'll do this. So they will
take me for a good neighbor.

Wow, that was fast. Okay

All set.

The Japanese believe

to brew a bottle of quality sake,

you need to have a spotless mind.

Sake brewing is an art from requiring
accuracy in procedures.

Time, temperature

there's no room for mistakes at any step.

You need to give it your wholehearted

If your heart contains hatred,

the sake you brew will come out bitter.

If your heart contains anger,

it will come out spicy.

Therefore, we call this

"Give It All or Nothing"

I'm glad you came to help out.

Have you settled things out there?

Papa, what happens if something
goes wrong in the brewing process?

Can't it be salvaged?



- Feels so good.
- You a man or not? Why cover up?

That's what a "mouse" does,
crawl in.

- Leave me alone.
- We grew up together, remember? We've seen everything.

So what? It'd be my loss
to expose myself to you.

Your loss? More like our loss.
I'll show you mine, you show me yours.

Don't yank my towel!

If Bill were here, you'd have left me alone.

Is really money that money?

Not important enough to turn
against your own family

One way of looking at it is that
he always taking advantages,

or you can say he was up to no good.

He's been like that since we were kids.

Hey, Crater,

when you fired that shot,
did you mean to kill him?

No offence, just curious.

Maybe we can try to understand
why Bill did such a thing?

I know why.
He wanted to show off in front of us.

Show off?

He's got a load od debt
on his back.

You didn't know?

One night he got all drunk,

and told me a lot.

He said he's heavily debted.

That's hardly a big deal,

- he could've just come to us
- No way!

Being such a proud guy deep down,

he never would've wanted to lose
face in front of us.

It's not what you think.

That night in Budapest...

You know how poor I was when I was little.

I remember my mom used to tell me

No matter how poor we are,
never borrow from our relatives,

for that would spoil the relationship.

So, I would never borrow from
my brothers

because I really cherish
what I have with you

But don't you worry.
I'm about to get rich soon.

Actually, someone from the Agency came
to see me in prison.

What do you want?

you guys stole our gold.

It's time to return them.

I know you don't have the gold,

but your brother Bill does.

Find Bill, return them.

You and your brothers will be free.


We need to drag him out,

and have a talk face to face.

I have noticed that over
the past year

Bill appeared in all three world auto expos.

It so happens that two weeks from now.
The next car expo will take place in Fukuoka.

We've all agreed ,then?

He's our brother no matter what.
We shouldn't give up him. He deserves another chance

Our new models are displayed in Section C,
Come take a look.

Crater, you'd better concentrate.

Don't get distracted.

You don't say.

I take it as a reminder for yourself.

I can see you, too, you know.

Just kidding.

Bill hasn't shown.

Believe me, he will
show at a car expo.

Coffee please!


Our objective is to get Bill
to go with us.

You know my temper,
I'll try my best to keep it under control.

And if I fail, don't blame me.


Something is up.

It's the guy from the train
factory who tried to kill us.

Bill just walked into Section C.

Crater, he's got only one bodyguard,

You take care of the big guy.
I'll get Bill.

Crater, on your spot?

- Ready
- Calm, get ready

- We head for your car as soon as I get Bill.
- Got it. All set here

Let's move.

Looking for me? Is that really necessary?
Ambush me in a car expo

Be direct like me, won't you?
I came straight to see Papa.


He set us up!
Bill went to Papa's place!

Get in the car!

Lulu doesn't pick up the phone.

I've got a car,
we head back now.

Hold on tight!

I've missed you, Papa.

If you still see me as your father,

Let go of Lulu.

If I let go of Lulu,

will you all let me go?

You want us to let you go? Why?
You think you've done wrong?

It's actually quite simple.

Whatever you say, they listen.

If you tell them everything
is fine,

then everything will be fine.

From now on we can share the wealth.
Sound good to you?

The reason I came
is to ask you.

What does it take for you to stop?

Or maybe you ought to instruct me...

what I should do?

Turn yourself in.

Turn myself in?

Lion, I'm here.

Got your back.

This car is not fast enough
to catch uo with them.

- Take the short cut.
- Where?

Take a left up ahead
Your side, turn now.

What kind of a father wants his son
locked up?

Are you going senile?

You are brothers.

We are family.

How did things come to this?

Have you treated me like
one of your own?

You're always favored them over me.

You always looked down on me.

You picked Lion as our leader.

When money was involved,
you kept me hands off.

When a decision was needed, you kept me quiet.

When I informed you
about lucrative deals

You never agreed and called
me impractical.

If I made you the leader,

you brothers would've ended up
in jail long ago

All these years, you have not changed a bit.
Whenever you made a mistake, you blamed on someone else.

You think you've fooled me?
6 years ago you got yourself fired.

so you could work with Rice
behind everyone's back.

I had thought you would change eventually

but you never did.

No one's been more wrong than you.

Had you listened to me
and got rich,

you wouldn't have to sit
here all crippled

with only your dying days
to look forward to.

Mr. Kim.

Papa, he's a friend of yours?

You must be joking.

why put on such a serious face?

Excuse me, it's time for his stroll.

Bill, let my friend go.

I see it!

Turn left.
Block them from the other side.

My car's slowing down, what's going on?

- What's up, Lion?
- I'm trapped like a piece of ham
in a sandwich.

So they're alongside you.

Just do what I say, Lion.
On the count of 3, slam on your brakes.

What? When to slam?

1, 2, 3!

Let's go back!

Mr. Morimoto!

Mr. Kim...

Why take the killing shot here?

Why do you kill my friend?

It took me so long to find this place

so I can have a peaceful life.
How dare you do this! You want to put me in the corner?

That Japanese was striking my men
with a sword.

What was I to do?

My fault again?

Sorry, Papa. I didn't mean to...

Will you forgive me?

He's my father!

Did you really think
he was going to shoot me?



We didn't catch them at the car expo
they're on their way here.



Scram! All of you

I said scram!


♪ The times we lost drifted away in the wind ♪

♪ As if knowing we can♪
♪no longer face them ♪

♪ Those wandring days,♪
♪thank you for being there ♪

♪ Our innocent voices,♪
♪can't help but fade now ♪

♪ We parted for our own goals ♪

♪ Staring at the night sky ♪

♪ lost at who we were ♪

♪ fatigue keeps on gnawing ♪

♪ May we forget wrong from right ♪

♪ for the sake of chasing our past.♪
♪Those days we shared, tough yet filled with joy ♪

♪ Lent no power to despair ♪

♪ it was not the time to waver ♪

♪ In our dreams we raced ♪

♪ never a day we surrendered ♪

♪ Rain or shine we marched on ♪

♪ drunken in our daring ♪

♪ All those stories,♪
♪from our wandering days ♪

♪ Now the wind has settled ♪

♪ to whom di I pass my sorrow ♪

♪ Let our tears take away,♪
♪the night that's gone sallow ♪

♪ May we forget wrong from right ♪

♪ for the sake of chasing our past♪

♪Those days we shared, tough yet filled with joy ♪

♪ Lent no power to depair ♪

♪ It was not the time to waver ♪

♪ in our dreams we raced ♪

♪ never a day we surrendered ♪

♪ Rain or shine we marched on ♪

♪ drunken in our daring ♪

♪ Oh all these stories,♪
♪from our wandering days ♪

♪ Now the wind has settled ♪

♪ to whom do I pass my sorrow ♪

♪ Let our tears take away, the night that's gone sallow ♪

I know where he is.

He's in Montenegro.

Papa wouldn't let me tell you.

He wanted us to stay brothers.

Let's go!


to Papa.


Let's be brothers

to the end of this life.


Papa once said

this life...

- and the next.
- Are we gonna be brothers with him again

in the next life?

As I promised?

These will do

I will keep my promise as well

I don't give a damn about Bill.
Dead or alive

Do whatever you want.

I just want my gold back.

Hey! I am your friend.


all the information you need.

Bill bought an entire island,
made himself the master.

The island is under high security

with heavily armed soldiers posted all around it.

The only way in and out is this bridge

Calm and I will attack head on from the bridge,

but it will be a false attack

so you two can sneak on via water.

Bill's base cam

is on one of the island's building

Finding out which one,
I leave to you, Mouse.

Got it.

Be careful, guys.

Remember to wear a bulletproof vest.

Off we go.

See you all very soon.

We got a situation.

Everyone fallow me.

Your turn.

Mouse, you there yet?
Open the gate.

Yes, I'm here.

Opening the gate now!

What's going on, Mouse?

Hurry and open the gate.

Stay calm, I'm herei.

Mouse, what are you doing?
We can hold it much longer.

I've got it, here we go.

Holy shit!

Hang on!

They're here.

- You found it yet?
- The west-side church

You see that?

They have come to kill me.

So they are your brothers

Am I not?

Why do you all want me dead?

We need to get across.
Cover me!

Watvh out!

The church!


The four of you better not die
so fast.


♪ Together we come together we go ♪





- Come out!
- Come out?

How do I go out there
like this?

Why did yo kill Papa?

If I told you I didn't kill Papa,

would you believe me?
You wouldn't believe anything I tell you.

From the start, you guys never had
any trust in me.

If you hadn't opened thee van,

these gold bars would've gone to Germany
and we wouldn't havet to fight like this

- Stop with you lies and excuses.
- No one asked you to speak

I want my answer!
Are you the one who killed Papa?

I didn'y do anything wrong.

No one wanted things to turn out this way,

You got greedy.
You did all this for the gold.

So I'm wrong again?

I took these gold for what cause?

I took them for you!

And you!

You wanted us to steal meds
so you can be Mr. good,

and when things went wrong
I had to take the blame

You all wanted to be the hero,
so I had to play the bad guy?

Every one of you did that to me

even Papa

You are always right, and I always wrong.

Is that what you call brotherhood?

I have work to finish off.

- You wait for me back here.
- Fine. Each to his own

You know what's been his
biggest problem all along?

It's that he always knew what
he had done wrong

but he refused to make things right

We didn't come here to kill you!

We came here only to tell you...

You are no longer our brother.

You disgraced our brotherhood.

- Don't...
- Stop

I've given you enough chances

to be my brother in this life.

As for the next...

No more!


I'm about to get rich soon

If I end up on the wrong end of the road

I want you to shoot me dead.

Dying in the hands of a brother...

is what always wanted.

May we forget wrong from right

for the sake of chasing our past

Those days we shared,
tough yet filled with joy

Lent no power to despair

It was not time to waver

In our dreams we raced

never a day we surrendered

Rain or shine we marched on

drunken in our daring

All those stories, from our
wandering days

Now the wind has settled

to whom do I pass my sorrow

Let our tears take away,
the night that's gone sallow

No one has made claims for
the unidentified gold bars

Acoording to a source who'd like
to remain anonymous

the gold is the payment of illegal arms
trade between the intelligence department.

But spokesperson denies such claim.






Remember that friend of yours, bill?

Please thank him for me

He's been sending us meds
over the past year.


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