God Is a Bullet (2023) - full transcript

Taking matters into his own hands, Detective Bob Hightower tries to infiltrate an evil cult to save his kidnapped daughter and avenge the murder of his wife.

- Bob, what are you doing?
It's 10 o'clock.

- Just finishing up
some stuff here.

- Get outta
here. Go home.

- Yeah, I will.

Couple more minutes.

- Bob, I'm not asking.
I'm telling, okay?

Go drink some eggnog
or something.

It's Christmas, for Christ sakes

- Merry Christmas.

- Fuck you.

- You don't care!

Calm? Stop telling me
to calm down!

- They'll call the cops.

- Good, let them call the cops.

I'll talk to the cops.

They're gonna arrest your ass.

- Yeah, you want that now?

You know what's going on
with the cops?

You don't know
what the fuck happened?

- What?

I want a fucking divorce.

I'm not fucking happy with you.

Oh, don't say shit

I can't come back with,
I hate you, motherfucker.

I hate you.

You don't even give a fuck.

- Just another husband,

- Yeah, just another husband.

Just another lying sack-of-shit
husband like you.

- Hey.

- Ho, ho, ho.

Look out the window.

- Hi.

- Hey, kid.

How's it going?

- Yeah, I'm okay.

- What is it?

- Nothing.

It's just that I saw this
family today at the market,

a mother and father.

And this kid was riding
some dumb airplane ride.

And then when it was over,
the mother asked the boy,

"What do you wanna do now?"

Just, like in that moment,

they could do whatever
they wanted, you know?

As a family.

- Yeah.

- I told you it was stupid.

- Nah, it's not stupid.

How's your mother?

- Uh, she's okay.

- Well, wish her a Merry
Christmas for me, okay?

- Yeah, I will.


- Goodnight, sweetheart.

- Mom?


- No!

- Cyrus, look what I found.

Look at her. Look here!

- No!
- Look at that.

- Get off me! No!
Get off me!

No. No!

- One for you. One for you.

Here's one for you.

- Arthur? Arthur.


Have you seen Gabi?

Have you seen Gabi?
She's supposed to meet me here.

Her phone's been busy all mornin

- You call the house?

- Yeah, house line, cell,

Will you drive out there with me

You know how she gets,
just me showing up.

- Yeah. Fucking divorces.

- Ho, ho, ho.

Sara! Gabi! Grandpops.

You don't think they
could have been overcome

by fumes or something?

- Arthur.

Wait out here.




- The Lord is my shepherd.

I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie
down in green pastures.

He leadeth me beside
the still waters.

He restoreth my soul.

He leadeth me in the
paths of righteousness

for his namesake.

Yea, though I walk through
the valley

of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil.

For thou art with me.

- What's going on?

- Thinking.

- What you reading?

Oh yeah, I read about that.

But what are you doing sitting
all alone in the dark? Huh?

- I breathe better in the dark.

I don't know why. I just do.

- A girl so young.

- Yeah. Young.

- Jesus.

You think she's still alive?

- She could be.

But if she is,

what she's going through
ain't like nothing those sheep

in Clay could even imagine.

- You want to go downstairs?

We got some of those Circus
Cookies with the sprinkles.

We could just
eat a million of them.

- I'm thinking about writing
the Sheriff's Department

in a minute.

- Case Hardin?

Bob Hightower.

- You wanna?

- She's a
professional liar, Bob

She was in a cult,
for Christ's sake.

Assault with a knife,

conspiracy to sell heroin.

You really think this
person is trustworthy?

- She says,
she's got information.

- Fine. Bring her in.

Sit her junkie ass
across from me.

I'll pay the fucking Uber.
- Come on, John.

People like that aren't
comfortable coming in here.

- No shit, she's not comfortable

- Please, it's been six weeks.

- Bob.
- Six weeks.

We haven't gotten anywhere.
- Bob!

We're doing everything we can.

I've let you take all the files

and we run every lead, no matter

Haven't I?

It's the right thing to do,

and I wouldn't have it any other
way if I was in your shoes.

- Wait, this is a lead.

- But this type of bitch
knows all the angles.

And you're way out
of your league.

Look, it'd be another thing

if you were an experienced
investigator but.

- But what?

Go on, say it.

- You're a desk cowboy, Bob.

A seat warmer.

I'm sorry. You want
the truth, there it is.

- Yes, sir.

- You want coffee?

- Yes, thanks. Black.

- I would offer you a beer,
but I'll be on the wagon

for the next 40 or 50 years.

- I believe this was
a cult murder.

Not a robbery or any of the
crap you read in the paper.

I have photos from that night.

You could take a look at them

and tell me what you think.

- Okay.

Was Gabi into drugs?

- No.

- Are you sure?

- I'm sure.

I know my daughter.

- Her friends into
satanic shit of any kind?

- Satanic?

She's 14 years old.

She look like she hangs
with that kind of crowd?

Look, we live in a small
Christian community.

We don't have much in the
way of deviant behavior.

- We all came from
family-oriented communities.

Even me.

Was this man a drug addict?

This is a syringe mark.

- Is it?

What about this?

- You're crossing over.

- Judgement.

The 20th enigma
of the Tarot.

- The angel signaling...
- Judgement.

What do you know about it?

- Was he injected
with a paralytic?

- What do you know?


- No, no.
- I need to think.

- You gotta tell me
what you know.

- No, I can't.

- Case?

- No.

- Case? Case, wait.

- No, please.
I just need you to go away.

- You have to tell me
what you know.

- You have to tell me.
- What's going on?

- I lost my wife.
I lost my daughter.

Tell me what you know!

- That's enough, Mr. Hightower.

- I'm leaving.

- What'd you say?

I didn't hear you.

You're what?

- I said, I'm leaving.

- Oh yeah.

That's what I, uh, that's
what I thought you said.

- No!

Cyrus, Cyrus, she doesn't--
fucking talk about,

- Stay out of it.

Anyone else wanna leave?


What about you, bitch?

You want to try me again?

I got another boot here.

- Damn!

Let's go for a walk.

- Cyrus, please!

- You want to go? Then go.

But be careful.
There ain't no turning back.

Fuck you!

Keep it running.

Hey, it's me.

You're not gonna shoot me,
are you?

- I wasn't expecting anyone.

What do you want?

- I think I know
who took your daughter.

and I'm betting she's alive.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

The paralytic, the card.

I know this crew's handiwork.

- How?

- Personal experience.

I used to be one.

- And you think Gabi's alive?

- I do.

- All right.

Well, I'm gonna need
a sworn statement.

and that means names,

of everyone involved.
- Slow down, Bob.

If you think you're going to
track them down with the cops

or even the FBI,
you can forget about it.

- Forget about it?

- Yeah.

These are the followers
of the Left Handed Path.

The word of the Devil. What?

You think you can just
write down an address

and go round 'em up?

You won't even get close.

And as soon as they see a bunch

of dumb shit cops
sniffing around

the first thing Cyrus'll do is
slit your daughter's throat.

and drink her blood.
- Don't fucking say that.

- I know that it's hard.

I know that.

But you gotta hear me on this,

Forget about the authorities
tracking your daughter down.

It ain't gonna happen.

If you want her back,

you gotta get her yourself.

And lose the Boy Scout uniform.

- All right, yeah.

What else?

- Get as much cash as you
can and a truck that runs.

- Yeah, I got one.

- Okay, good, 'cause you and
me are going on the road.

- We are?

- Yeah, you and me, Bob.

I'll be back bright and early.

- I don't understand.
Where do you fit in?

- You think that
you can do this alone?

No offense, but you don't
send out sheep to hunt wolves.

- We should reconsider.

This is reckless, son.
And dangerous.

- Just leave it alone, Arthur.

I've made my decision.
I'll live with the consequences.

- She's such a tramped
out excuse of a thing.

I wouldn't put my faith in that.

- I put my faith in God.
Her, I'm traveling with.

- How do you know
she won't sell you out?

- I don't.

- How do you
know she won't rob ya?

- I'm dying inside, Arthur.

Do you understand?

A little bit every day,
but I'm dying.

I might be stupid,
but I'm going.

- Give me the keys, I'll drive.

- I want you to know
something, miss.

If anything happens to
this man over there,

there is nothing you can say
or do to save your ass from me.

We understand each other?

- Absolutely. And you know what?

I'm blown away.

As a matter of fact,

I'm a little wet
between my legs.

- Be careful.

- What?

- Nothing.

Just thinking, maybe if you'd
had a stronger moral compass

as a child,

like a religious foundation,

that you'd possibly be
better equipped to deal

with what happened to you.

- You fucking kidding?

- Well, think about it.

- I got snatched, asshole,
just like your little girl.

Right out from underneath my
mother's nose when I was 11.

Ain't got nothing to do
with religion.

- I'm sorry.

Like I said,
I don't mean to judge.

- Yeah, well, too late.

- Half an hour. I mean it.

I want her back in pretty much
the same shape I left her in.

- Yeah. Yeah.

You hear me?

Don't fucking
worry about it.

Oh, sweet Jesus.

Come here, baby girl.

- What's your name?
- Case.


Oh, you're perfect. Just perfect

Whoo! Bubba, what you think?

- Yeah, baby.

Reminds me of
our own little girl.

This is gonna be fun.

- Hi, come here.

Hi. Hi. Oh, gotcha.

Yeah, they remember you.

- Ferryman.

- You, you gonna give them
all the love?

Come on, now.

Come on, now. Come on, now.

Look at you.

Glad to see you're amongst
the living.

- That's me,
little miss sunshine.

- So, who's that over there?

- Oh, that's Bob.

His last name's whatever
you put on his new ID.

- Okay, Mr. Bob Whatever.

- You got that fucking
armor for me, or what?

- I got the whole store
over there for you.

Hey, how you doing, Robert?


Should we start this ID?

- No.

Decal work first.
I want shit with bite.

- With that pasty white skin,

this ink gonna look real nice.

- I thought we were here for gun

You didn't say anything
about tattoos.

- Yeah, well.

- Yeah, well, what?

- Bob, imagine if I showed up

at your little church
looking like this.

You think I'd get
a couple stares?

Well, you're about to show up

to a whole different type
of church, my church.

And believe me, it's
just as bigoted as yours.

- Why didn't you tell me before?

- I don't like discussing
things more than once.

- I don't like surprises.

- Then don't be surprised
by anything.

- Well, sorry.

I'm not comfortable with it.

- Okay then.

You can just pull the plug
right now, go our separate ways.

Last time I checked,
I was doing you a favor.

- Hey Bee-Dub,

you up.

Mm-hmm, good one now.

What you want?

You want cursive? Hieroglyphics?

- Just don't go crazy.

- All right.

- You want to get this.

So, what do you think,
Bob Whater?

- It's good.

- Good?

That's some genuine, stone cold,

Left Handed,
black magic shit right there.

It's perfect.

See, you gotta understand,

great tattoo art doesn't
come from bullshit stencils

like you see in those
dick shop windows.

It has to be drawn
to fit the skin.

So the skin becomes
the flesh

and the flesh becomes it.

It's like a marriage.

- Stoned motherfucker
boring you to death?

- He's working on it.

- Gotta use the head.
Mind if I inside?

- You know where it is.

What am I working on?

- Ying, yang, yang.



Yang's all out.

- I robbed your refrigerator.

- Toss 'em again.

- You're not making poor
motherfucker throw the coins,

are you?

- Yes, you gotta get it right.

Come on.

- You and your
fortune telling bullshit.

- It's
not my bullshit.

He's the one
who throws the coins.

He decides his own destiny.

I'm just here to
report the facts.

- Mumbo jumbo fucking cha cha.
- It's not mumbo jumbo.

It's synchronicity.

I don't ask the questions.
I don't answer 'em.

Time will tell us all of that.

The coins don't lie.

- Let's just get this over with.

- No.

Fuck that.
Give me the fucking thing.

- What are you doing?

- One final touch.

- No.

- Come on.

- Hey, no. Not my face.

- Please.

- No fucking way.

- What's the matter, Bee-Dub?

You don't want to mess up
them school boy good looks?

- Come on, daddy.
All my lovers have one.

- Fuck.

- It's time for the money.

- 3,000.

- It's five.

- No. Two shotguns,
four handguns, ammo, ID.

3,000, there's the deal.

- He knows.

It's okay,
I'll fucking deal with it.

Just give me the money.

- What if he doesn't deal?

- Then I'll take his arm,

start killing the dogs
one at a time,

just give me the fucking money.

Wait here, okay?

- Let's put this chit-chat
in perspective.

What's with the sheep?

- Let's see
if this math adds up.

One plus one equals Cyrus.

- Oh fuck.

- 12-24-20,
right there in your handiwork.

- Look, I swear to God,
I don't give a shit.

But what you doing?

You was on your way to
clearing your own shit up.

Why this? You got a death wish?

Huh? Is that what you got?
'Cause they'll give it to you.

You out. Leave it alone.
Screw the sheep.

Cyrus too. He's a sheep.

Different breed, but he's
a motherfucking sheep.

Leave it.

I thought you gave that
whole bad boy shit up

when you split, but now this?

Let me tell you something, Case.

They will leave your ass behind.

- Where is he?

- They're on rat patrol.

- And the girl?

She with him?

- She with him.

Who's the sheep?

- Interested third party.

- How interested?

- Blood and bones, baby doll.

It's all crossing overtime now.

- Bob, I'm glad
you could join us.

We were just discussing

See, my take on things is,
is that

selfishness is
the key to survival.

What you think, Bob Whatever?

- I think you don't give
a shit what I think.

We all done?


- She was alive two weeks ago.

- Hello, darling. New videos?

- Fuck you.

- "How was your day, Maureen?"
Fine, just tired.

I had drinks with Emerald,

she thinks Alan might be
having an affair.

Also saw to Arthur.
Said Bob's taken off.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

Packed a bag and hit the road.

Seems he's on to something.

- I doubt it.
Bob's a fucking idiot.

Oh, really? As defined by whom?


Is it true you offered him a job
managing the development?

- He needed a change.
Arthur felt the same.

- Don't consult me or anything.

- Consult you?
- Yeah.

The man works for me, Mo.

Just de-ball me at every turn.

- Oh, God. Pass me the ice
and gin shaker thingy.

Because I need a few close frien
inside me.

- Be your own fucking bartender.

- You know, John.

When I first met you,
I knew you were weak,

but found you modestly charming.

But like polish on cheap shoes,

that charm scuffed off and
left you as you really are.


- Have another drink.

- I didn't mind it so much
when I was younger.

There was something docile
and sweet about it.

For a while, I actually thought
you were sensitive.

And that weakness kind of
brought out the mother in me,

and at night, it gave me
the opportunity to be on top,

put the strap-on to you.

You remember how you used to
love that, baby?

- Wow. You're really putting it
out there tonight.

- I'm looking to bat
three for four, baby.

- You know, I'd watch
my mouth if I were you,

I'm in no mood tonight.

- What are you going to do,
fuck me?

You'd have to get your
little dick hard first.

- Say what you want, Mo,

but you're not going to
humiliate me

like you did with Sammy boy.

- What does that mean?

- It means I'd better be careful
if I were you.

You might get your own personal
Jack the Ripper

slitting that saggy neck of your

- Fuck you.
- Fuck you!

Fuck you! Why don't you go back
in your little study

and jerk off,
you fucking pervert?!

- At least I don't bring
my humps home

in brown paper bags.

Watch little boys suck
on their little dicks.

Come on, sweetheart.
Nothing to say now, huh?

- Oh, my God!
You're such a pussy!

- Tell me about Cyrus.
I want to get a read on him.

Well, what's his story?

- His story?
- Yeah.

You got someplace else to be?

I mean, we're stuck in
this fucking car for hours.

- Really fucked up as a kid,
bad junkie,

thief, prostitute, sold his
ass to pay for his bad habit,

that sort of shit.

But then...

- But what?

- Somewhere along the
line, something changed.

I don't know the reason.

But whatever it was, he
found the Left Handed Path,

and that was it.

It anchored him, like those
freaks that find Jesus.

- Excuse me.

My ex-wife was butchered
by this piece of shit.

So if you wouldn't mind
not comparing

his satanical bullshit
to someone believing

in Jesus Christ.
- Hey, you asked.

Pick your fucking poison.

- No. Religion isn't secular.

It's pure.

It's the unmoved truth that
all principles spin out from.

- Ooh, you're a real clit
dryer, Bob. You know that?

- That motherfucker cooked your
head pretty good, didn't he?

- I wouldn't use the word pretty

and I wouldn't use the word good

- Not give a fuck about you.

Cleaned up his act, kept
all his troops junkies.

- No, the truth's much worse.

- Yeah?

- Once upon a time,

I was a disease just waiting to

I found a ringmaster
with a magic needle.

And I bowed before that needle.

When I got low enough,

I made a God out of it.

The Devil's only an idea, Bob,

an excuse for evil, just as
your God is an excuse for good.

They're concepts.

They're the needles just waiting
for people like you and me

to stick 'em in.

- That's real deep. I mean, wow.

You know what?
I'll tell you what.

I'll keep my faith.

You can keep the rest

of whatever the fuck it
is you're talking about.


- What made you
finally decide to leave?

Cyrus, the group? I mean,
what made you take off?

- Mama?

- Stop! What?

Why are you following me?

- Hey!

Hey! You mind your fucking
business, you fat fucking cunt!

I'll slit your fucking throat.

- A woman in a store.

So stupid.

Didn't even look like her.

I don't even know
what I would've done

if it was actually her
or what I woulda said.

Hey, mom. How's it going?

How have the last dozen
fucking years been?

Maybe I would have asked what
I was like when I was younger

because I don't fucking remember

or you know,
when she stopped looking,

like, what the fuck happened?

- You ever find out
what happened to her?

Does she even know you're alive?

- No.

I don't know. I don't even
know if I want her to.

- Well, why not?

- Because I don't. All right?

It's been a dozen fucking years.

And what's with all the question

- Okay, okay.

Mind your own fucking business.

- Can we get the check, please?

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

The prodigal daughter returns.

And who's this? A new
member of the family?

- This is Bob.

Bob, this is Errol.

- What are you doing here,

- Well, we were having dinner
in Nogales,

and I remembered your bar.

So I thought, why not
come by and say hello?

- Oh, dear, dear, dear.

I'm glad to see
you couldn't make it.

- I'm leaving.

- Right?

- Hey! Hey!

Bob! Bob, stop.

- Fucking piece of work,
you know that?

- Bet your ass.

- Clean and sober, huh?

When'd you start using?

- When did I start keeping
my sleeves down, huh?

- I don't give a shit.

- You don't fucking know.
Do you?

- Leave me alone.

Just shut up. Shut up.
- 100 fucking degrees

in that shit locker restaurant,

I've got my sleeves tucked
in my fucking hands.

Fucking stooge.

You want to fucking know
what's going on, huh?

Fucking listen and learn,
desk boy.

- Don't fucking...

- Powder? Vitamin C.

Liquid cleaner.

Looks bad, scabs up nice.

No one but a fucking moron
would believe that I'm a shooter

without checking me out first,

especially with an albatross

like you hanging around my neck.


- You don't trust me? We're
supposed to be a fucking team.

- Not a team. I'm the one
who's finding your daughter.

You don't need to know shit.

Better off staying stupid.

- Perfect.


- Forget it, Bob.

You're strictly
the missionary position.

- You lie to me to get me
to react a certain way.

The missionary position and
not a trick more.

Is that a slogan
or just pure venom?

'Cause the last time I looked,

- Last time you looked
would just be that,

the last time you fucking looked

- I'm looking at you!

The banality of your cheap
whore tricks, the lies.

Fuck you!

No, you don't fucking fool me.
You think you fool me?

I know why you're here.

I'm gonna help him get her back,

if we would get too close,

Cyrus'll kill her quick.

What? You think your
therapist wouldn't tell me?

- I did say that.

I just thought,

if she had to go through
what I did.

- Don't. Just save it.

I can imagine it all.

- Errol said Cyrus is coming.

- When?

- A few days, a week,

he doesn't know, but he's coming

And Errol's gonna arrange
a little homecoming for me.

- Jesus Christ, what happened?

I'm so sorry, Mo.

- Don't be.

Look, I have to
tell you something.

- Oh, yeah!

I had an affair with Sam.

John Lee knew about it.
I don't know how.

But he threatened to kill me
if it ever happened again.

- You slept with
my baby's husband?

How could you?

- I didn't sleep with him
because he was her husband.

Look, he was young,
he was willing.

He was everything
John Lee hated, okay?

It was stupid.

Arthur. Listen to me.

I don't think
John Lee wants to find out

who killed Sara and Sam.

- I'm going. Can't stand
this room any longer.

Where's Errol?

No se.

Maybe still at Maquila.

- Tequila, please.

- Nice fucking artwork, man.

I mean it.

Fucking deluxe shit
you got there.

- Thanks.

- What the fuck, man?

Gutter's waiting. Time to move.


- Hey!

- Granny...
- Mm?

that doorstop in the lobby.

With the decal work.
What was up with that?

- Which one?
- What do you mean?

- That piece on his face.

It didn't look
a little weird to you?

- Weird how?

- It's the same mark as Lena.
Come on.

Get your fucking head out of
paper bags, prince.

That's Lena's girlfriend's mark.

Now it's on some doorstop's face
in the middle of Shitville

six months later,
that's pretty fucking Gothic.

- Not gothic. She's here.

I just ran into her by accident.

- Who?
- Headcase.

You just blew off her old man.

You saw fucking Case?

You saw fucking Case?

You're telling me
that freakshow back there

is Case's old man?

- Yes.

Case says he's been her Platinum

but now she's looking
for a re-union.

- With Cyrus? No.

She is not one of us.

There is nothing coincidental
about anything she does.

That Yoko bitch would
eat her own young.

- That's pretty gothic, huh?

Cinderella returning,
knocking on the door.

- What'd you tell him, Errol?

- Nothing. She was junked out.

She's just looking for
a little bit of dope,

that's all.

- What are you doing
talking to strangers, anyway?

- It was a coincidence.
- A coincidence?

- You know what?

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

I don't answer to you.
I don't answer to fucking Cyrus.

And I'm not gonna stand here
in this motherfucking river

While you two idiots try to come
with a coherent fucking thought!

It's fucking Case!
She wants to come back home.

And I personally don't give
two fucks

if Cyrus sees her or not.

I just figured
he'd want to bleed the bitch.

- He's close, isn't he?

- Fucking black magic.

If they cross, we're fucked.

- We're fucked,
but we're crossing.

- What about the guns?

- Don't
worry about it. Go.

- Hello, sheep.

- Headcase wanted me to tell you

she's doing a little night-skyin

- Where is she?

- Over the hills and
through the woods...

Really shouldn't be
following us, man.

It don't look too hot
on your resume.

- If she's blowing me off,
I want to hear it from her.

- Sorry,
no pre-recorded messages.


- If something happens to her,
I swear to God.

You hear me?!

- Go back, Bob.
- Case?

- Go back, it's over.

- Where are you?
- Go fucking back!

- Well, well.


- I want to come home.

- What?

You said you wanted
a little blood.

- Okay.

It's okay.

- We all wanna come home
in the end, don't we?

But how much is it worth to you?

- It's worth everything.

- Good answer.

Okay, load her up.

That's my girl.

You know what the real
equalizers in life are?

Suffering and death.

Everything else is daycare.

But suffering and death?

They lay it out pretty fast

when it comes to
who you really are.

How do I know
I can trust you coming home?

How do I know you're
not trying to fuck me?

Maybe you don't love me anymore.

You bring a pistol?

Maybe you wanna punch a
few holes in the messenger.

- No.

- I don't know.

People play all sorts of games.

Know what I mean, Errol?

- What?

- You like games.
Don't ya, chief?

- Uh.

Yeah, I don't know.

I don't even know what the
fuck you're talking about.

- Sure you do, Mr. Firewater,

Mr. Fucking Yuppie Redskin
Phony who changed his name

so nobody would know
he was a piece of shit

from the reservation.

I mean, I'm Cherokee,
but what the fuck?

- How do I know you
and the dead one aren't

in this together?

- Come on.

- How do I know?!

- I'm not buying into this shit.

God damn it.

You don't even fucking
believe what you're saying.


And I don't travel
with protection.

I don't need a fucking weapon.

I don't scam anybody.

I don't screw anybody.

And if I did,

would I use fucking headcase?

Fucking, oh no!

Jesus Christ!

This isn't fucking funny, man.

Oh fuck.

- It's time you wore your death

- The fuck
are you doing?

Shit! The fuck!

Jesus Christ!

- Put on some music.

- Music? Cyrus,
I'm your fucking partner!

You don't get it.

- Louder! Yeah.
- Cyrus, I'm your fucking boy.

What the fuck the is this?
- Yeah, that's it.

We need blood to preserve
the youth of America.

Go to it, sister.

- This is not funny!

This is not a fucking joke!

- No, no, no, no, no!

Oh my God!


- Shoot him! Shoot him!

- What the fuck?!

Fuck! No! No!

- Mujer blanco?
Have you seen mujer blanco?

No? Hey.

Mujer blanco?

Hey! Mujer blanco.

Mujer blanco?

- No? You're wearing
her fucking jacket.

Where is she? Where?

Away we go.


- Get off her.

Sit the fuck down!

What do you want?


Case, can you stand up?

We need to get outta here.

Put your arms around me.

- No, I don't.

Come on, man.

- Okay.

- You gotta pull over.

I gotta visit some old witches.

Yeah, fuck me is right.

- You all right?

- I had him.

I fucking had him.

I shoulda killed him
when I had the chance.

- Don't worry about it.

Wouldn't get us
where we need to go.

Come on.

We're not gonna find him here,
are we?

- No.

But he's going to
the Mojave next.

- Last night,
when I was looking for you,

no one spoke English.

I couldn't understand anyone.

For some reason,

Sam came to my mind.

- Who?

- My ex-wife's husband.

I always thought she married him

in part because he was Black.

Point out the differences
between us.

Thinking about that says an
awful lot about who I am.

I'm not sure it's the man
I set out to be.

I thought I had it
all figured out.

I really did.

That the universe
was bound together

by all the beautiful things
I believed in.

- Come.

Lie down.

- But I was wrong.

- Come on.

You need to rest your brain.

Don't beat yourself up.

You're doing what
you need to do.

The thing is, we're all
fucked up and wrong,

trying to hide all the shit
that's broken.

If I were to be
truly straight with you,

when I first came out, you know,

it wasn't just about revenge,

helping you.

But you were right.

Cyrus didn't give
a shit about me.

I was nothing to him.

- No going home, I guess.

- I'm sorry you had to
kill someone.

I'm sorry it was over me.

- It's funny the things we,

we tell ourselves
without saying anything.

the agreements we make.

- Yeah.

- I'm sorry you had to suffer.

- It's all right.

My body they had.

The rest they'll never find.

- Whoo!


Yes! Yes, baby!

Darling motherfucking!

Oh, fuck! Jesus Christ!

I don't want any fucking
psychodrama from you right now.

- We need to talk.
Outside now.

- Easy! Easy! Easy!

What the fuck?

What the fuck, man?

What the fuck do you want, man?

- Where's Cyrus?
- I don't know.

- Yeah, you do.
- I don't fucking know, man.

I have no fucking idea.

You don't think I know
what's wheelin',

you fool fuckin' prick?

You think because you
have some business,

that you're going to
stay alive and well?

Forget it.

The moment he started on you
in that room,

he already had the vision.

He's putting the black evocation
on your ass right now.

Yeah. I think you're just
trying to fill me up

with your of junkie devil shit

'cause your ass wants to
revenge cuz you got fucked.

- Now, you're gonna show
the lady some respect.

We have business here.

All right, man. However you want
to fucking sell it.

- Where is he?

I don't know.

I don't know.
He says he's gonna contact me.

- This is all talk sickness.
- I swear to God.

He fucking said
he's gonna reach out.

- You're fucking with
the black riders, yuppie boy.

We ain't giving you
another pass.

How many times do I have to
fucking say it,

you stupid bitch.
I don't fucking know!

- Fucking kill you!
Come out of your dreams!

I'll play witch and disciple
across your throat while you sle

across your throat
while you sleep!

- Are you out of
your fucking mind?

He's in the ranger station.

Where else would he be,
you fucking bitch!

- Bitch!
- Oh, my God!

- Oh, right, I'm a bitch? Huh?

What'd you say,
that I'm a fucking bitch?

Come on!
You wanna fucking lie to me?!

Fucking scum bag!

- You know what? Fuck you!

- You should have
let me fucking kill him.

He's gonna screw us,
you know that?

He's gonna fucking screw us!

- Let it go for now.

- You should have
let me cross him.


- You all right?
- Yeah.

- You know something,
don't you?

Is my daughter dead?
Did they kill her?

I don't know. They could have.

- It's a death rite.
- What?

- They bring children here.

Drug them, rape them.

In the end, they're killed.

- Goddamnit! God fucking damnit!

- Not all, but mostly all.

They keep some like me.

- No!

We gotta get out of here, okay?

- No, hold on. Hold on.

What about that dope?

That shit Cyrus had to
deliver to Errol.

Could it be here? Is it possible

- We can't look for it.
We don't have time.

- Don't matter.

Let's send Cyrus a message.

- Headcase.

- Oh, yeah?

How do you know?

- I saw her less
than 24 hours ago.

She wanted me to
send you a message.

- That fucking cunt's got
nine lives.

- Go on.

- Says they took all the product
you moved across the border.

- They did, huh?
- Yeah.

- She said that?
- Yeah.

Her and the doorstop.

Says that she took it
out of the house.

But um, did they?

Did they get that?

Did you put it in the house?

You couldn't have
put it in the house.

Be a mad move.
And you don't make bad moves.

I mean, you could do
bad things, but...

Right? 'Cause that's, you know,
a lot of fucking--

It's a lot of fucking--
fucking product.

- How did she know about
this place, Errol?

- I don't know.

But get this.

She wants to meet you.

- To meet me?
- Yes.

Says she wants to

trade the product
that she stole for some girl.

Says you'd know about it.

- Who's got the magic?
- Oh, you found it.

- Hail Satan.
- Hail Satan, motherfucker.

- It's on now.

- Is that the crank?

Yeah! Yeah!

Show time.

- I've been thinking.

Might have to accept the fact
that Gabi's already dead.

- Either way, we gotta find out.

Can't give up.

- No, she, my little girl.
You know?

I used to believe that
my faith protected me,

that every action of
the soul was meaningful.

I really did.

That we're more than just
flesh, bone, molecules.

That God was good and
everything would work out.

What am I talking about?

You don't believe in
any of that, do you?

- No, Coyote, I don't.

I think we all know what
life is really about.

We're not just ready
to accept the bad news.

So we fight it with God
and the Devil

and all this New Age bullshit.

Everyone needs a club, right?

Club God or Club Scream.
Take your pick.

But when it comes down to it,

we all know that it's X amount
of years and then the ground.

Take a look.

This is the ultimate life form,

the great equalizer.

It has no ties,

plays no favorites.

All life falls before it.

It's as simple and profound

as any parable
the Bible could slop up.

This is God, Coyote,

grin and bear it.

- Gonna get a cigarette.

- Bob!

- You're gonna tell us.

Where's my daughter?

Where's my daughter?

- Bob?




Granny, you gotta tell us.

Is the girl still alive?

- Come and get me, cunt.

- You're crossing over.

- What happened?

Okay, Bob Whatever.

I'm gonna play a little medic,

Going to do a little memory
time on the late night river.

All that catch-dogging got

those nerve endings burnt up
pretty bad.

Heart is all over the place.

You going to go into shock soon.

Or you could die from the horse
protein I'm gonna give you.

Can you hear me?

- Thirsty.
- What?

- I'm real thirsty.

- Okay.

You should have let me
finish throwing them coins.

You might be dead already
and we just wasting time.

I'm gonna give you
a little fun juice.

So, whatever trip you make

I'm gonna make it a little
more enjoyable for you now.

- You think he's gonna make it?

- Maybe.

But if I was a betting man,

I'd say we looking
at a dead man.

- How you feeling?

I love you.

I love you, Gabi.

You're gonna be okay,

You're gonna be okay.

Is it better?

Do you feel it?

Yeah, that's good.


it's gonna be okay.

- It's okay.

It's okay.

Breathe. You gotta breathe.


- You take her.

Promise me, right?
- Okay.

- If she's alive, you, you...

- Sure. Sure, I can.

- You're the only one I
trust. So you take her.

You promise me. Promise me!

- Yes, I promise.

- Mm?

- Alive, huh?

- Yeah, looks like it.

- Are you thirsty?

- Yeah.

- I'm glad you made it, Coyote.

- What's going on?

- Cyrus called.

We let you sleep.

- What's this?

- It's bon voyage, Bee-Dub.

Means get the fuck out.

- You ready?

- I'm ready.

- Not even a kiss hello?

I'm sorry about Mexico.

- It's all right.
- I tried to stop him, Case.

- Just forget about it.

- Okay.

- Is that the boy toy?

Got the shit with you?

- It's in the back.

- So where we going?

- Take 14 South.

- To where?

- You know, you and I don't
have to not get along, you know?

- We ain't gonna be around
each other long enough

for one way or the other, sheep.

Just take fucking 14 South.

- Yeah. Yeah.

- What the--
what the fuck, dude!

- Cyrus called.

He said you hired him
to go into the house.

- And you're going to
believe that psychopath?

- Why would he lie?

- To get back at us for
Furnace Creek, Arthur.

He's trying to fuck
with our heads.

- Stop it! Stop!

- He said you hired him
to kill Sam

because Sam was fucking Maureen.

How would he know that?!

If he was a liar,
how would he know?

- Who is this Cyrus?

Who the fuck is Cyrus?

- Go ahead, breast beater.
Tell her our little secret.

- Just sign it, Nona.
It's a lot of money.

- Yes, this is a very,
very generous offer.

Once in a lifetime, Nona.

Can I call you, Nona?
Cuz I feel like I've known-ya.

- Maybe. Well, luxury homes?

- That's right.
Luxury homes,

at a reasonable price.

- Churches.
- Christian. Christian.

- Christian. I like that.

You know I'm a Catholic.

- The best of us are, Nona.
The best of us are.

- Especially when it comes to

my good Catholic friend
right here

who's gonna be his partner,
I know.

- Oh, oh, oh! Whoo, whoo, whoo!

- I'm not selling.

- Cyrus, I thought you said
this was a done deal.

- It is a done deal.

Look at it one more time, Nona.

It's stupid land.
You don't even care about it!

- Cyrus, when Nona says no,
it's no.

Guys, you know, I love my birds.

I'm gonna keep my land.

- I'm gonna step outside, guys.

- I'm gonna go too.

- Hey, John Lee, watch this.

- You stupid fucking junkie.

- What happened?

- I think this crazy fuck
just solved our problems.

- Holy shit, John Lee.
What are we gonna do?

- Don't worry.

You just take the brochures and

- Yeah, yeah.
He's right, Arthur. Arthur.

Arthur, come on. I got this.

No, no, I got it, I got it.
You go home.

You know,
I'll take care of everything.

This is a good thing. Okay?

All right.
You have the signature?

- Yeah, it's right there.

- Oh, it's perfect.
Okay, I got this.

You clean everything else up.

- Yeah, I got it.

- I'll be in touch.

- Ha ha! Ha ha!

Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

Arthur, is that true?

- Yeah, it's true.

- Honey, don't take it so badly.

Just trying to put a little
away for our golden jubilees.

Arthur, listen to me.

Cyrus is smart.

He knows Bob's out there
looking for him.

- John Lee...

- So you need to get to him
and get him off the road.

- And not just for his sake.
- Sweetheart.

- Just a second. Listen...

You don't want Cyrus caught,

We'd make a pretty picture
in the papers, wouldn't we?

- Honey...
- What is it, you cunt parrot?

- Hey, give me my phone.
Case, give me my phone.

- Sit the fuck down.

- Are you kidding me?

- I said sit the fuck down!

- Give me
my fucking phone!

- It's me.
- Ah.

- Shut the fuck up.

- Hello, debased one.

Have you come home to be swallow

- Yes.
- I see.

- Well then, go see Errol.
Get my money.

He'll be waiting.
Bring the dope you stole from me

- Come on, Cyrus.
We both know there's no dope.

We know that you're onto us.

Lena told us everything.

- No, I fucking didn't!
They're fucking lying!

Cyrus, I didn't say
fucking anything!

I didn't say fucking anything!

Fuck you!

- I don't care.
Get my money from Errol.

- What money?

- I told Errol the product
would be delivered tonight

and to have my money ready.

- But we don't have your
stuff. We don't have anything.

- Then I'd say you've got
a big fucking problem.

Sundown, Energy road.
See you there.

- But, how?
What do we trade with?

- I don't know.
Your lives, I guess.

- He wants us to kill Errol.

- What?

- Take the money. Errol's
waiting to make a trade.

We bring Cyrus the money,
he gives us the girl.

- You fucking killed me, Casey.

You fucking killed me.
I can never go back now.

Is that why you didn't let
this fucking sheep do it to me?

You fucking could.

No, fuck you! I'm fucking dead!

I have no fucking where to go.

- That's not our problem.

- Fuck you, sheep! Fuck you!

- Hey, you could help us.

- Fuck you too, then!
I ain't doing it!

- You're out on the street
with a bulleye on your back!

- Who the fuck are you, Case?

- That's it. Enough.
Get out.

- You fucking get the fuck out.

No! Casey, you fucking tell
him. You know I didn't!

- No! No!

No, Casey! You fucking tell him!

No! Casey! No!

- What the fuck.

- Fucking leave it.

- Fuck you!

You fucking traitor!

You fucking sheep!

You're the fucking sheep!

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

Fuck you looking at, pervert?

- Hey.
- Hey.

Girl, what are you doing?

You were all the way
out and then come back

with this big old neon
sign around your neck.

Shooting the place up,
guns blazing. Why?

May as well have
slit your own throat.

- I know.

- You think we didn't know
about your little rehab?

- We gave you the pass.
- I know.

You don't think I know?
I fucking know.

I need you to tell him
something for me, Wood.

Tell him he can have me.

I'll bring the money,
I'll bring everything.

He can do whatever the
fuck he wants with me,

have a field day
with my dead body.

Just let the girl go.

That's the deal. Me for her.

You tell him.

- What do you want
me to say, Casey?

We both know
how this is gonna end.

- I gotta have this one, Wood.

He doesn't want the girl.
He wants me.

You tell him that.

- Alright. I'll tell him.

- Let's do this.
- Time to get swallowed.

- Stop right there.
Put the bags down.

Now show me your hands
and back the fuck up.

- All right,
I'll take my bag back.

- Oh, yeah?

- You haven't paid
for it yet, Slick.

- How about
I pay for it right now?

- No. No. No!

Fuck no! No! Get the fuck out.

Hey! Easy. Easy. Easy. Come on!

What are you doing, huh?

This is my fucking
house. What do you want?

Fuck you!
I'm so fucking over it!

You want the money?
Is that what you want?

You got the fucking
money. Actually, take it.

- Bob.
- It's not my fucking money.

- Shut the fuck up.

- Bob.
- What?

- What?

Fucking take it!
Fucking take it!

- You're crossing over.

- So, what are we doing?

We get Headcase, and you
get the girl, correct?

That's the arrangement?

- No. No. No.
Get the fuck away from here.

- You stick that gun up my face,

I'll stick it up
your fucking ass, bitch!

- I'm gonna cut you like
a bitch, motherfucker!

- It's all right.

- What do you mean it's alright?
It's not fucking alright.

- I made a deal, okay?
- You what?

- I'll eat your fucking face!

- I made a
fucking deal, okay?

- You're dying tonight,
bitch! You're fucking dying!

- I'm confused.

This is what she proposed,

But, now it's no good?

- No good.

I'm not trading her. I'm not
trading her for anything.

- Oh, come on, Bob.

- Shut up. Shut the fuck up!

- So, what exactly is it
that you're offering, Bob?

- Where's the rest of it?

- Where's my fucking daughter?

You'll get the rest

when we've got Gabi and
we're safe and sound.

- Pay me later?
I don't think so, Bob.

It's not like I'm giving
you half your daughter back.

Your legacy's waiting
for you over that hill.

When you see her, just drop
the money and take her.

But all of it, Bob. Every penny.

And you and I are finished.

- Okay.

- One other thing.

When you get home,

Ask Arthur and John Lee
who killed the old witch.

Ask who hired me to go

carve up
your pretty little wife.

You ask.

- Let's go.

- Now you, headcase.
I want a word with you.

I just want you to know that
whatever happens tonight,

you're crossing over.

Oh, yeah. The word's out, honey.

We're coming out of
the gutter for you.

And when we find you,

just know that I'm going to be
right there to watch you beg.

- Unbelievable.
- What?

- You should have taken
the fucking deal.

- You go behind my back.
It's great.

- I had it all worked
out, you fucking idiot!

It was done,
you had your daughter backi!

- We don't trade people for--

- They're gonna come for
us, you know that, right?

They're not letting us go.

They're gonna ride us out
into the fucking black hole,

- then they'll come.
- I know!

If you know, then what's
your fucking plan?!

I don't have a plan, alright?!

Let's just go get Gabi
and we'll figure it out.

- Throw the fucking money over.

- Gabi!

- How you getting home, huh?

How you getting out?

- Thank God.

- Bob.

Bob, we gotta go.

They're coming for us, okay?

Bob. We have to get out of here.

Bob. Bob.

Where the fuck are you going?

Bob, talk to me.

Oh, fuck.

- Go to the end.
- Okay.

- Okay.

- All right.

- Some people are coming.
Some very bad people.

If they see you,

you point this at them
and you pull the trigger.

If you run out of bullets,
you just drop your gun,

pick up the next one.

And whatever you do, don't
come out till I come get you.

Gabi, I'm gonna go now.

- Dad.

Kill them.

Kill all of them.

- What the fuck are you doing?!

Bring the fucking cars up.
Everybody down the hill!

- Case!

- Hey, darling.
You don't look so hot.

- Fuck you.

- Yeah, we'll get to that.

- You're all out of bullets,

- Dad.

It was after midnight.

My husband and I were in bed.

The phone rang

and somebody had
information on Gabi.

- Who?
- I don't know.

- John Lee got out of bed

and he said he'd be right back.

And that's the last I saw
or heard from him.

And then they found
my baby in his trunk.

So you never
knew any of these people?

- No.

- And you?
- Me what?

- Is there anything else
you want to add?

- No.

- We're sorry, Mr. Naci.
It's just protocol.

I understand,
but watch your tone.

I don't like the inference.
This woman just lost her husband

My best friend.

- Can I steal these two
for a minute?

- Hello, Bob.

- Hello, Arthur.

- Bob, what's going on?

- I'll have the truth now,

What did you do
to John Lee?

- What kind of thing
is that to say?

- You too, huh?

Did you tell her you were there
when the old lady got murdered?

- I know what happened
to the old woman.

- Maureen, careful where
you're going with this.

- You watch yourself with me,
Arthur, and I mean it.

I've tasted
a lot of blood lately,

and I'm not sure
I got a full stomach yet.

Maybe it's easier in the dark.

- Come on. Tell me.
- Bobby, stop.

- As long as
we can't see faces, right?

- You're scaring me.
- Come on.

What happened to John Lee?

- My husband is dead.

And just like
I told the police,

I don't know
what happened to him.

But I'll tell you this.
Whatever did happen,

I wish it happened
a hell of a lot sooner, alright?

Like last November.

- You and your half truths.
It's beautiful.

- Bobby, that's what life is.
Half truths.

- Is it?
- Sure.

Just ask Errol Gray.

No one's clean, son. No one.

Now for what you did,
to get Gabi back,

you should get a medal.
All of it.

Yeah, I fucked up in the past,
me and John Lee.

But we never touched
the old lady.

When we went in that trailer,
she was dead.

We walked away,
washed our hands of it,

and we let the punk go, and
that's the God's honest truth.

- You're a fucking liar.

You're both fucking liars.

- We all lie. We all cheat.

We all fail.

But that's not what
this is about, is it?

You just took us down here
to lay blame,

isn't that right? To find fault.

But who are you to blame? Hm?

Blame is for the ultimate judge.
And there is only one.

- Jesus. I know.

Only one.
And he will judge us all.


- You want to break them down,
don't you?

Burn them at the stake.

But be careful.

Cyrus wants you to
become a war junkie.

So don't get too much at home.

You got Gabi to think about.

- Where are you in all of this?

- I'm leaving.

That's what
I wanted to tell you,

I'm going, tonight.

- Going where?

- Just going.

- I don't want you to.

- I know.

- I, um,

I did some digging.

I know you didn't ask,
but I figured,

figured, what the hell?

You never know.

- You never do.

- She did look for you,
by the way.

She looked hard.

You know, private
investigators, APBs, flyers,

community service, local cop
said she drove him crazy.

After five years, it went cold,

and she moved away.

- Yeah.

Thank you.

I mean that.

Even though I don't believe
in any of your shit,

I'd play Mary Magdalene
just to get you off.

And I would.

Might even take a little blood.

But I'd give you as good, man.

I really would.

Now do me a favor, Coyote.

And let me go.

- Take care, okay?

- Relax.

Finish up.

Put your hands up.

Walk out the door.

Forget about it.

Sit down.

- What's with
all the fucking drama, girl?

Why not just do me
while I'm pissing?

We're in the heart of
true country, so come on.

Send me home.

Oh, I get it.

You want to see if the
cock's feet are made of clay.

Right, field hand?

That prince must fall shit?

Not happening, coolie.

I'm not like those sheep
whose whore you are.

I don't pretend to be.

I am my freedom.

I wear it.

You are nothing.

You're just trying to buy
yourself back with one bullet.

- You're crossing over.

And a part of me
is going with you.

- Officer, Hightower?

- What's this all about?

- We get this weird from a woman

said to come out
to this address,

Said there'd been a murder
and she gave us your name.

Said you could identify
the victim as the man

who kidnapped your daughter.

Is this the man?

- Yeah, that's him.

- Where is it?



- Hey, Coyote.

- Case, where the fuck are you?

- I'm here.