Get in the Dark (2023) - full transcript

A Chinese horror movie about paper dolls.

It's raining.

I can't start the engine when it's raining.

I told you on the phone to come earlier.

You are late on your first day at work.

You only get here now.

And you didn't even bring an umbrella
when it's pouring.

Let's go.

I'll get you changed.

Park the car here.

You can't start the engine when it's raining.

Try again when the rain stops.

[A Night of Soul Turning]



It's your first day on duty.

I'll show you around.


Can you see clearly

[Security guard of Wangxiang Community]
with those eyes?

Haven't you heard

that your mortal eyes will be closed

when you got your divine eyes?


I can even see things more clearly than you do.

Oh, you are here.


Make way.

This way, please.

See you.


When these worldly things in this world

get old and rusted,

various ominous things

would come into being naturally.

The same goes

for people,


and animals.

The resident in Room 703

is cooking again.

It may smell fishy to you.

But some people

just like it.

Would you like to know the story about Room 703?

[Bewitching Brew, Chapter One]

Is anyone inside?

Hey, you...

Anyone home?



Who's it?

I'm from downstairs.

You didn't lock the door.


I knocked on your door just now.

Can I help you?

Sorry for this.

There's a leakage of water
in my room and yours is affected.

But you are helping me

repair the air conditioner instead.

It's alright.

I think the condensate pipe is blocked.

No wonder it's so hot here.

I called the property management
several times, but no one came.


You can't fix it?

I can.


I'll unclog the sewer line.

Thank you then.

Oh, it's okay.

Is it done?

Yeah, it should be fixed now.

Thank you for your hard work.

Here, wipe your sweat off.


If there's nothing else,

I'll get going.


Oh, wait.

I made soup.

Have some before you go.

[You went upstairs for quite a long time.
Why aren't you back yet?]

[Dear, I'm already at the company. Something's up.
I've talked with the resident upstairs.]

Here you are.

Are you living alone?


After a day of hard work,

as a man,

you don't even get to have some soup.

So pitiful.

Does it taste good?


It's the Stewed Turtle Soup with China Root.

It can clear the internal heat.

Have another bowl of it if you like it.

What are you looking at?


Why are you absent-minded?

Is there still a leakage of water from upstairs?

No. Why?

Nothing. Just curious.

Have some vegetables.


I'll have some.

[Tong Yan: Could you come upstairs?]

Something came up in the company.
I have to deal with it.

My air conditioner won't work again.

I can only turn to you after consideration.

Where's your toolbox?

Have you eaten?


How can you work when your stomach is empty?


Eat first.

Come on.

What are these?

Fish head hotpot.

It's cooked just well.

Only gourmets

enjoy eating fish heads.

The flesh of the fish can't be cooked for too long.

Only the flesh head

would still

remain tender

after cooking for a long time.

As for fish,

its head is more delicious than its body.

As for people...

Oh, right.

I won't eat at home today.


It's quite tricky.


I might even stay up the whole night.


Eat by yourself.

My boss is here.

I'll hang up for now.

All right.

What's this?


Isn't it poisonous?

I've already removed its organs
that contain tetrodotoxin.

Have a try.

Is it good?

What's this?

The seminal vesicle of the pufferfish.

Pufferfish is a fantastic animal.

Its seminal vesicle tastes so tender.

It's such a rare delicacy.

But its fertilized ovary

is deadly toxic.

With only one gram of it,

an elephant could be poisoned to death.

What do you think the reason is?

The most poisonous thing

is a woman's heart.

The most poisonous is a pregnant woman's heart.

What's up?

What did you see?

No, I got blurred vision.

Am I poisoned?

If you are poisoned,

I'll die together with you,


Absolutely nonsense.

So you are not willing?

You don't love me?

I'm willing to.

Are you even willing

to die with me?


[12 missed calls from Dear]


Why is this photo

in your house?

Why didn't you pick up my phone call?

I'm asking why you didn't pick up my phone call.

What's wrong with you? You seem so panic-stricken.

It's about my work.

You are only paid once a month.

Why do you work so hard?

Look at you.

You look pale.

Call the company to get some days off.

Rest at home for some days.

I'm starving.

Do you know why people enjoy eating puffers?

It's not the good taste

they love,

but the stimulation.

Have some vegetables.

Attempt to do it at the edge of your desire

and survive it.

The thirst for joy

is just like tasting poison.

Once you try it, you'd get addicted.

And the rest

will be so dull.

It's not salty at all.


Look at you.

You dine out every day.

You only prefer strong flavors now.

It's healthy to have less salt.


The doctor said I may give birth next week.

Have you got a bed for me in the hospital?

And the doctor
from the anesthesiology department.

I'm warning you

that I'm afraid of pain.




I'm starving.

Dear, what's wrong with you?




Why are you only here now?

I'm starving.


I specially prepared this for you.

Does it smell good?

Hold on.

It's not cooked yet.

Why don't you

try me first?

Why don't you pick it up?



Where are you?

I'll give birth soon.

Come back now!

Dear, where are you?

Won't you have a meal here?


Sorry, I lied to you.

I have a wife.

She's giving birth soon. I have to go back.

She's not

the only person who's pregnant.


This is our child.

Our baby couldn't wait to see you.

The baby loves you

just as I do.

Touch him.

Touch him.





This is not my child.

This is not my child.

You lied to me.

You lied!

This is not my child.

Why is the baby she's carrying your child,

and mine not?



Why is that?







I'm giving birth.


The woman in Room 703

only knew that the man

was already married when she was pregnant.

She couldn't accept it

and hung herself.

But her anger didn't cease.

She kept cooking day by day,

waiting for her man

to come to her for the delicacies.

She didn't know

why the delicacies

became poison now

even when she died.

Do you think so?

Where are you going?

I'm going home.

You quit?

I quit.


Bad things might happen

if you go back in haste.

Wretched old man.

I've been standing it for long.

You kept the nonsense from the beginning.

What's this?

Are you asking me?



Just now, there was a white...

White stuff.


You can also see him.



is another story.

[Soul-Entwining Thread, Chapter Two]

Oh, it's such a spacious place.

There's a big kitchen.

All furniture is serviceable.

Oh, we can save a good deal.

It's ominous.

Madam, sorry.

We overlooked it.

Sorry about it.

What's that?

This elder man is a craftsman.

He made puppets for his whole life.

These might be his belongings.


I don't have any friends.

From today on,

you'll be my good friend.

(One, two, three, four, five, six, hands.)

Down. Two, three, four, five, hands.

Three, two, three, four, up and down.

Okay, stop.

When doing this part,

straighten your scapulae.

All right, spin.

That's it.

Show your face.

You are the lead dancer.

One, two, three, four, stand.

Okay, stop.

Mengyu, out.

The rest of you will have a break on the sides.

Do the two eight-counts of the appearance
of the white swan

by yourself.


One, two, three, four, go.

Five, six, right.

Go, two, two, three, four, go, five.





Mengyu made great improvements recently.

You should do these two eight-counts like this.

Your public performance is around the corner.

I wish you could practice it when you are back.

Class is over.

Thank you, ma'am.


Practice it when you go back.

You have great potential.

Do you really take yourself as a white swan

just because our teacher phrased you?


Why are you so stubborn?

You dared to come again.

Did you forget what you have suffered?

I'll beat you up today.


Don't hurt her too much.

We are reasonable people.

Hey, you.

Have you ever heard of this?

Like father,



Your mother

works as a janitor.

And we've heard

about your father.

A murderer.

He's still in prison.

How many years of imprisonment
was he sentenced to?

Can he even get out?

How can a murderer's daughter

be a white swan?

What are you waiting for?

Let go of me.

Such a beautiful dress.

Aren't you afraid

of soiling it by wearing it?

Take this.

Give it back!

Give it back!

(Like father,)



(How can a murderer's daughter)

(be a white swan?)

You are also a poor one
being manipulated by others.

It doesn't matter.

We are the same.

Oh, okay, I got it.

It's not that I always skip my meals.

The performance is around the corner.

I can't gain any weight.

I'm a swan, not a roasted goose.

All right. All right. I get it.

Wang Anqi.

Wang Anqi.

I have something special to tell you.

The performance starts soon.

But, Anqi, the swan,

accidentally got hurt last night.

Sijia, Mengyu,

fall out!

From this day on,

you two should practice as the swan.

Which of you can be the swan

depends on yourselves.

Let's practice harder.


It stinks. Do you smell it?

What's the smell? So stinky.

Yeah, what's the smell? Terrible.

What's going on here?

Smells like something rotten.

What is rotten?




Dead rat!

Why is there a dead rat?

Don't compete with her.

You're no match for her.


I'm just like you.

We're ugly ducklings.

The moment we were born,

our fate was predetermined.

The smell of the dead rat suits you!

Want to be the swan?





How did you get hurt?

I'm OK, ma'am.

I accidentally fell off my bike.


the preview is coming in a day or two.

If I let you be the swan,

are you confident?


Practice hard and do your best.

(Now that you're different from them,)

why do you still follow them?


before you came to our school,

they used to

bully me.

And before me,

there were some other girls.

Most of the other girls in our class

were bullied by them.

They bully someone with a quick interest.

Usually after a few days,

they will have a new target.

This is too much!

It's already hard for us to get into this school.

Unlike them.

They were born with wings.

They have wings, so what?

When an ugly duckling tries hard,

it can also become a swan.

Yes. You're right.


Don't you

feel weird about something?

They both had an accident.

Right before the performance.

Can it be just a coincidence?

Who knows?

Maybe they just get what they deserve.

What's wrong?

No... Nothing.

Congratulations, Swan.


I have some good news for you.

I've got some good news, too.

[School Prospectus]

I said, I don't want a new school.

You think I don't know you're bullied at school?

I'm doing this for your future.


You can go to a school that's suitable
for families like ours.

What do you mean?

Families like ours?

Whose mother works as a janitor?

Whose father is a murderer?

Because of this family background,

I don't deserve to be the swan.

Lili, fall out.

Dance the second part of Section 3.

Do the swan part.







You're right.

When an ugly duckling tries hard,

it can also become a swan.

Let's work hard together, shall we?

The swan

belongs to me.

No one can take it away from me!


no one can take it away from you.


You hurt them?

I was helping you,

my good friend.

You're not my friend.

You're a demon.


You made me do it.

I won't say that I want to transfer
to a new school again.

(I know you love dancing.)

(Keep dancing,)

(as long as it makes you happy.)


I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have said that to you.

Whatever others say about you,

you're the swan in my heart.


Why did you give me the chance?

Because I want you to believe

that as long as one works hard,

she can become a swan.

You and I

will work hard together!


We will.

Thank you, Mengyu.


I'm back.

Why did it start to rain

without any warning?





Where are you?

Up in the attic.

What are you doing up there?

I'm packing things.

Come up and help me.


Where are you?


Mom, don't frighten me.

I'm scared.

Here I am.

Didn't you say

I was your only friend?

I have no friends.

From this day on,

you're my best friend.

You're a murderer's daughter.

No one accepts you.

Only I can help you.

Those people who hurt you...

Do you not remember?


The water is being boiled at home.




Where are you?


There are eight tribulations in life.

Birth, aging, illness, death.

Getting separated from your loved ones.

Triad of aversion, hatred, and ignorance.

Not getting what you want.

Do you know the last one?

The five clinging-aggregates.


Desire comes with evil thoughts.

And the afterimage of evil thoughts

is the white thing you just saw.

I'm going home.

Are you sure

you can go home?

[A Night of Soul Turning, Chapter Three]

Why are you back so late?


Go to bed.


By the way,

how's it going with Yu's school transfer?

This is too important to wait.


Get to sleep.

You too.






Dad, what's wrong?

You're holding me too tight.


I can't even breathe.

How come you cannot breathe?

Because you buried me.

Where am I?

I'm supposed to be home, aren't I?

Are you really home?


And there's a clay figurine.

A clay figurine.

A clay figurine.

The character of water.

The stormy night.

The buried corpse.

The appearance of the dagger.


What's all this about?

You have to ask yourself.

What do you know?

I know you lost something.

Lost what?

Whether he's a kid or an adult,

whenever someone is freaked out,

he loses his soul.

You can't go home

until you get it back.

How to get it back?


Tell me exactly

where you lost your soul.

Or I couldn't help you.


How's it going with Yu's school transfer?

Many people even failed to get into her school.

If Mr. Mao hadn't helped us,

she couldn't...

Mr. Mao, Mr. Mao...

You keep talking about him.

But his daughter bullied our daughter the most!

She said you were her father's chauffeur

and Yu didn't deserve such a good school.

She hit Yu more than once.

-This is school bullying, you know?

-Yeah, I know.
-We should have called the police!

You're right.

But things between girls,

-You know nothing at all!

When were you home for Yu last time?

You don't even remember what day it is today, huh?

I'm in the middle of something.

I'll talk to you when I'm back home.

[Little Princess]

You came up, at last.

The last dish will be ready.

Just a minute.


Dinner is ready.



Come and sit.



Aren't you sick?

I wasn't badly sick.

When I see you now, I'm all right.

Come have dinner.

Before the dishes get cold.


If there is nothing else, I should go.

I know you hate me.

You used to love me so much.

But I left you.

Now, I've got nothing!

I had my punishment!

I just want to know

if you still

care about me.


Today is my daughter's birthday.




I'm back.

Hey, honey.

Where are you?

In the hospital.


She was pushed off the stairs.

Now, she's in the ER.

OK. I'll... I'll be right there.

In a minute.

How many times have I told you?

In the case of school bullying,
we should have called the police.

Or it would happen again... And again.

You keep complaining about me making a fuss.

You just didn't dare to upset Mr. Mao.


my daughter told me

what happened in the school.

Come on, they're girls.

It's normal that they roughhouse.

She bullied my daughter more than once.

Yu is sensible and she always tolerated.

She knew you worked very hard

and didn't want to baffle you.

I'll pay for her medical bills.

Mr. Mao,

it's not just about money.

But his daughter bullied our daughter the most!

This is school bullying, you know?

We should have called the police!

Call the police?

I'm talking nicely to you,
but you want to call the police?

Don't forget your whole family relies on me.

Without me,

how could you have such a big flat?

How could your daughter go to such a good school?

Do you deserve any of them?

(A woman in the west Wangxiang Community
was poisoned by carbon monoxide.)

(She's being sent to the hospital for treatment.)

(Now, I've got nothing!)

I had my punishment.

(It is known)

(that a suicide note was found in her home.)

(It's suspected to be a suicide.)


Where are you now?

Mr. Mao has come to the hospital with his lawyer.

They insisted that Yu started the fight

and his daughter got hurt, too.

They want compensation.

Have you arrived yet?

Help him.

I should help him.

I have to.

Hello. This is the first-aid center.

What can I do for you?

Helping him is also an option.

But can you afford the medical bill?

Why didn't you help him?

Because you saw that thing.

It's in the wilderness.

You can just bury him.

Hello. This is the first-aid center.

What can I do for you?



You know what?

Your daughter ended up like this

because of you.


I buried him.

So you lost your soul, too.

A man has three souls.

Growing soul.

Sense Soul.

And the Soul.

Only the Soul

tells right from wrong.


you realize

what has been following you, right?

You are...

You didn't bury me,

but your soul and conscience.

You discarded them.

But they don't want to give up on you!


When your father was on his way here,
he hit an old man.

Although he was hurt too,

he carried that man to the hospital.

But he lost too much blood and is now in a coma.

We're trying our best to save him.

Today is my daughter's birthday.

You're a demon!

I won't be manipulated by you.

My father isn't a murderer!