Genocidal Organ (2017) - full transcript

Set in a time when Sarajevo was obliterated by a homemade nuclear device, the story reflects a world inundated with genocide. An American man by the name of John Paul seems to be responsible for all of this and intelligence agent Clavis Shepherd treks across the wasteland of the world to find him and the eponymous "genocidal organ."

Please select your language.

Please select your language.

You have selected Japanese.

The "Sarajevo Roses" are craters left by
shells fired on the city

by the Army of the Republika Srpska
during the Bosnian War

after the dissolution of Yugoslavia.

"Sarajevo, 2015"
The craters were filled with red resin

to honor those who died in the bombings.

"Thomas: Turn on the TV!"

"You gotta see the news right now!"

Officials are unable to contact
the American Embassy there, and...

"Washington D.C., 2022"

Captain Clavis Shepherd,

I believe you hold the answers to our questions

about Special Operations
I Detachment and its mission,

as well as to the question nobody here
has voiced yet.

Now tell me: who is John Paul?

"Georgia, 2020"


They've got nothing on 'em. What now, Clavis?

We'll use our standard play.

Propaganda by the military government?

Yes, sir.

I remember hearing
the same broadcast six months ago.

You were part of the Ossetia op, Alex?

Yes. Evidently,
Georgian speakers are in demand.

But when a new Public Enemy No. 1

pops up so soon after the last one,

I start to wonder
if our job really means anything.

There's a checkpoint in 500 meters.

Don't let your guard down.

We ran out of fuel and food
while we were on patrol.


Hold it!

It's like they don't know
what "information literacy" means.

The Majority Leader has arrived, sir.

Who told him about this?

I wish you'd informed me a bit sooner,
Mr. President.

Sorry, George.

But we may be released
from this nightmare today.

Will we go to Hell, do you think?

I'm an atheist.

Sir, Hell exists whether you
believe in God or not.

Yeah, this place is pretty much Hell.

Not what I meant.

Hell is here. In your head--in your brain.

What we're seeing right now isn't Hell.

We can leave this and
go back to our normal lives in America.

But we can't escape Hell.

Because Hell is in our heads.

So is Heaven in there, too?

Don't make fun, Leland.

Hey, we're coming up on the church.

What do we do with our foot soldier disguises?

The church may have a built-in ID reader.

Using some grunts' tags would work against us.

Yank 'em out.



"Beethoven, Moonlight Sonata"

"A beautiful melody, singularly inappropriate
for this moonless night"

"where the only light in the sky
was from the burning fat of the corpses"

"as they lit the clouds above
with an eerie crimson hue."

Take this seriously, would ya, bookworm?

The American isn't here.

What now?

I'm looking for an American.

The man who was supposed to meet you here.

I didn't know he was American.

He's our Deputy Secretary
of Cultural Information.

Was, I should say.

You killed him?

No. But he said he was going away.

For all his eloquence,

he only left us
one sentence on official letterhead...

He disappeared?

In other words, Mr. President, he's a no-show.

"My work here is done."
"Official letterhead" my ass.

There's no government here.

Just some militias

and you're the worst of the lot,
you genocidal scum.


How dare you profane
our wish for peace with a word like that?

This is a battle against the base terrorism

that threatens my government and my citizens!

You're the one going around
killing those citizens.

And your so-called "government"

isn't recognized by any UN member states.

The UN, pah!
Imperialist pigs who trample our culture

and sneer at our right to self-determination.

Different races coexisted in peace here
for centuries until they...

That's right, how did we end up this way?

Tolerance and multiculturalism
are our country's virtues...

I know, it was the terrorists.

This is the terrorists' fault!

No, wait...

we didn't have to send troops
into the capital for them...

Why did we end up this way?

Repentance won't save you.

What are they talking about?

I don't care what your religion is

if it has a Hell, you're going straight there.

Yes, I imagine I will.
But you misunderstand me:

This isn't a confession. I really don't know.

I don't know how this land that
was so beautiful two years ago

became so devastated.

You started this war!

I started it...?


Why have I been killing...?

Colonel! These emotional optimization
values are abnormal.

- T-Tell me!
- Shut up.

P-Please...tell me...

Why have I been killing?!

They're out of control.

They've risen to
a level self-restraint can't conquer!

What's going on?

Captain Shepherd, come in!

- Colonel...
- Shepherd!

- Why did I kill them?
- Captain Shepherd!

Please shut up.

- Shepherd!
- Why?

Wait. These numbers aren't Captain Shepherd's!



Why did you do that?


Shepherd, do you read me?

The second lieutenant's
vital signs have ceased.

Captain Shepherd! Sitrep, now!

Target A confirmed dead.

I made the call to take out Alex.

I'll dispose of the body per procedure
in imminent-danger situations.

He's going to abandon
the body of an American soldier?

You think the public will stand for that?!

It's a logical decision, sir.

While Executive Order 12333 remains in effect,

we have to prevent this mission
from becoming public.

Permission granted.

Rendezvous with Williams

and do whatever it takes to get back to base.

We'll talk after that.

Williams, I assume you're here?

Yep, right below the window.

How's it looking?

We're clear as moonlight.

Ultimate soldiers uninfluenced by emotion, eh?


Well, has the situation...

Er, have the survivors' conditions changed?

No, sir.

They're perfectly flat.


The White House has
officially denied rumors of its involvement

in the death of the Georgian "Defense Minister"
reported three weeks ago.

In response, Georgia's self-proclaimed
provisional government stated...

The day New York's twin towers were lost,

something inside us changed.

The scope of our freedoms

shrank in order for us to fight terror,

and although the pendulum

did swing back a little,

the trauma of losing our peers meant that

public sentiment never changed course.

Since a homemade nuclear bomb
leveled Sarajevo five years ago,

that trend has gained momentum.

Thanks to which,

we were released from the fear of terrorism

and gained better security conditions
than ever before.

Perhaps in reaction,

the terrorists stopped
threatening developed nations

and unleashed a storm of civil wars

and genocides in their own backyards.

It's like the whole world
just decided to go crazy.

Richmond Stadium is packed again today.

The pass in the second down
was a quick pass the to the outside,

but it was incomplete,

so we're now in the third down and 10.

The players are passing very well today.

Now it's a matter of which route they pick.

He looks left,
then throws a pass from the shotgun formation.

Will it work? No! The receiver drops the ball!

That was intense.

That's an incomplete pass.
The receiver is devastated.

The quarterback returned, but...

Yes, we're seeing a flag.

Looks like there was a foul.

Hmm...Ah, look at Smith the wide receiver.
That's a little worrisome.


He must've taken a hit to the head.

Personal foul.

A penalty against the defense
has triggered an automatic first down!

The rule against going after
a defenseless player with your helmet, correct?

Stupid rule.

It's a very dangerous move
called "helmet-to-helmet."

Yeah, too overprotective.

Let's just hope Smith is all right.

He's dead, but I don't feel anything.

I couldn't feel anything even
when I killed him.


Lately I have these dreams. Nightmares, maybe.

Me too, actually.

They get me thinking...

Maybe there's still
something there in our brains

even if we're too overprotected
to feel it anymore.

Alex talked about that.

Yeah. "Hell."

Maybe we'll end up like him someday

I'll foul out before then.

You're fine with that?

It's just my job.

On the other hand,
Smith going down gives his team an opportunity.

Yes. It's still the first quarter,
but since they're leading 10 to 7,

- Yes.
- and The quarterback is in such fine form...

Yeah, he's with me.

The Pentagon?

Right now, sir?


We've been summoned.

- Ah, Smith has stood up!
- Yes he has.

I guess he's okay.
And the crowd is going wild in response.

What's next for you?

Antiterrorism data aggregation. You?

The Libyan Liberalization Committee, I think.

Captain Clavis Shepherd, I believe?

Yes, sir!

You saved the US from a crisis.

I'd like to offer my thanks.

Yes, sir...

Ah, yes.

Come right in.

That was Erica Sales from Eugene & Krupps.

The private military company?

She's quite the saleslady, too.

You two!

What are you waiting for? Get in here.

PTSD, sir?

Yes. That was the experts' consensus.

They discovered a flaw in Alex's pre-mission

Battle Emotion Adaptive Regulation.


I can't go into the exact numbers here,

but they've admitted a mistake
in the optimization value.

You're saying the emotional regulation

designed to prevent PTSD caused PTSD?

I'm sorry for the worry this must cause you.

We've already planned measures
to prevent a recurrence.

Your decision under the circumstances
has been 100% affirmed.

But that's not...

Did you want us to discipline Captain Clavis?

N-No, sir...

You have a new mission.

The American, I presume.


John Paul.
I know you're familiar with the name.

The Intermedia Group coordinates image strategy

for countries and large corporations.

Three years ago, it leapt to fame

when it put Somalia's economy on track

by getting investments
from international companies.

At the time, John Paul was
in charge of signing companies as clients,

and he juggled several at once.

His accomplishments were soon recognized,

and he became aide to the Cultural
Publicity Ministers of several nations.

And then the genocide started.

Yes. It seems you already
understand the situation.

You're saying he's at the center

of the nonstop political chaos currently
happening around the globe.

Just six months.

Peaceful countries he visits descend
into civil war in just six months,

and eventually genocide starts.

But you people knew, didn't you?

You knew this before
I was ever ordered to assassinate John Paul!

That's right.

We attempted his arrest several times

before we asked
Special Operations Command to assassinate him.

"We" as in who?

The CIA.
Foreign matters fall under our purview.

So basically, we have to

risk our lives to fix your mistakes.

Watch your tongue.

Apologies, sir.

But if they hadn't screwed the pooch,
Alex wouldn't be dead!

You're quite right.

But in our defense, at that point,
the strength of our suspicions was,

"He seems to have been
involved in several atrocities

in a manner as yet undetermined."

The chaos spread like wildfire

while we obtained the intel that

convinced us John Paul was the source.

You want us to believe one man

is leading mass murders around the globe?

Why have I been killing? Please, tell me!

Why have I been killing?!

So, why are we here?

A trailing op.

We think John Paul
is hiding out in the Czech Republic.

You're telling us to play spy?

As you know, the main mission of
our Special Operations I Detachment

is to respond to crimes against humanity:

To contain genocides by killing

whoever commands the armies responsible.

But if John Paul is out there somewhere
fomenting mass murder right now,

we need to know where.

Lucie Skroupova.

She teaches private Czech lessons in Prague.

Three days ago, John Paul met with her.

It was the first time
in our two years of surveillance.

John Paul's woman, eh?

Could he have already left the Czech Republic?

We don't know.

The man never raises
any flags during airport ID checks.

So we're watching the broad,

betting on the chance
that he'll come back...right?

We're appointing you to the DIA,

as well as temporarily assigning you

to the Joint Chiefs
of Staff Intelligence Department.

You're the only ones
who can stop another genocide.

Even as we speak,

John Paul could be planning

to plunge another country into Hell.

John Paul's profile is
a crossword puzzle steadily being filled in.

We figure the suits would've been

better off telling us everything on Day One.

John Paul lost his family in Sarajevo.

His wife and six-year-old daughter
went for a simple sightseeing trip,

and in a split second they turned into ash
at the bottom of a crater.

My ID trace puts him at the home of

a student named Lucie Skroupova that day.

So: an affair.

A month later, he visited the Sarajevo Crater

as a family member of the victims.

Soon after, he quit MIT.

It was six months later
that he joined the Intermedia Group.

To spread the word about
his client countries' plights,

he arranged receptions for famous bureaucrats

and got cabinet members guest spots
on American news shows.

The company started thinking
very highly of him.

Here's the part of his career
the suits wanted to hide.

He was an export fully authorized
by the US government.

Basically, at that Pentagon meeting

there were more than a few people
who knew our friend John.

Probably because of the genocides
in every country he managed,

he was compelled to leave the company.

And he dropped off the map

at this shopping mall in Prague.

Apparently European info specialists say

that people who disappear in Prague
have zero traceability.

"Apparently"? Not exactly concrete intel.

But the fact remains that
John Paul disappeared in this city.

Twice, in fact.
Three years ago, and seven days ago.

"Waiting for John Paul," eh?

This is like a Kafka play.

If you're alluding to Waiting for Godot,
that's a Beckett play.

And Godot never shows up, so the people

waiting just talk about him forever.

Try not to jinx us, okay?

Anything absurd is Kafka to me.

True, Czech may be
more difficult to learn than other languages...

...Mr. Bishop.

While Czech is a Slavic language,

like Russian or Croatian,

it takes their trademark inflection-heavy

nature to quite an extreme.

The "over 200 inflections
for one word" thing, right?

That's the most drastic example.

But in my experience,

the difficulty seems to lie
in its free word order and its pronunciation.

People like you who move here for work

all seem to struggle with pronunciation.

I see.

Lucie Skroupova makes her living
teaching Czech to foreigners.

Students learn the language
from her right here in this living room.

Your English is impeccable, ma'am.

English is the hegemonic language, after all.

Where did you learn?

In America. I studied linguistics there.

So you're a word pro, then!

Where in America?


Wow, that makes you an elite.

"Wow, that makes you an elite!"

There was something
I could only study there, so I went.

That's all.

What did you research at MIT?


You could say I studied the effects

of language on human behavior.

"A man's language molds
his perception of reality"...

Like the thing about Eskimos
having twenty words for snow?

Ah, the good old Sapir-Whorf hypothesis.

No, not like that.

Are you familiar with the inherent ability
to generate grammar?


This goes back to the era
when slavery was legal.

People from different tribes kidnapped
from different places in Africa

were forced to work together
without understanding each other's languages.

In time, they picked up broken versions
of their masters' languages.

These were grammatical messes,
and any literary technique was impossible.

First-generation systems like
that are called "pidgins."

When children of those slaves
grew up speaking the pidgin natively,

a lively, natural syntax arose
that the rigid pidgin didn't have.

The children acquired a complex grammar
that didn't exist before!

The only explanation is that our brains

have a faculty for generating sentences.

An inherent ability to generate sentences...

It's a mechanism hardwired into our DNA.

An organ that gives birth to language,
if you will.

When you say "organ," is it like
our internal organs, or arms, or eyes?

That's right.

Well, you two enjoyed
a very cultured conversation.

Leave it to a Lit major.

It just happened to play out that way.

Oh yeah? Looked to me
like you steered it that way.

Jealous of my single status?

Hey, I've still got it, I'll have you know.

That teacher lady
would've been putty in my hands.

As if you're capable of cultured conversation.

I'd talk about Eskimos.

Or Kafka.

Knowledge gaps are key.

Gotta leave openings for the women to poke fun.

That's not a gap, that's a crater.

"Penhaligons eau de toilette"...

a cologne for men.

Pretty sure she hasn't had
any men over since John Paul.

The lingering scent of John Paul, eh?

Maybe even he wants to seem gentlemanly
in front of his girlfriend.

No sperm in the air?

You'd think they'd be excited after
so much time apart.

Watch out, Clavis.

I'd peg her as a femme fatale.

She brings men grief.

Not that your nerd pheromones
attract women anyway.

We're set. May I have your

authentication, for the contract?

I'l make my "gaps"
a bit classier than Williams's.

I hope I can read Kafka in Czech one day.

Oh, no, Kafka wrote his novels in German.

You know this country used to be
part of the Austria-Hungary Empire, right?

It rings a bell.

Kafka was also a Jew...

but he couldn't quite fit
in with Jewish society.

And he apparently thought of German
as a borrowed tongue not his own.

I wonder if works like The Castle and Amerika

reflected his sense
of having no group to belong to.

"I have nowhere to belong, and my words

are a string of borrowed sounds."

Yes, perhaps Kafka felt that way.

Like the land surveyor loitering
around the castle?

I'm sorry.

I was just remembering someone
you remind me of.

He loved books, too.

What was this boyfriend like?

That's a very personal question.

You're the one who brought him up.

I suppose so...

He was an academic
doing linguistics research, like me.

He was the more brilliant scholar, though.

He was involved in
a Department of Defense language project.

The Pentagon invests in linguistics?

He said he was funded by DARPA.

That's one impressive guy.

We met at MIT.
We dated for a while, but it didn't last.

Then I came back to the Czech Republic
and started this job.

Welcome to the Czech
Republic Ministry of Tourism.

Please select your language.

"United Scoop Association"

Nothing, huh?

"Map of Prague traffic information
send me immediately."


Thanks, Williams.

What a surprise.

Now, then. What I want to know is, who are you?

Like I'd tell you!

Now, then. What I want to know is, who are you?

I'm nobody!

Now, then...Who are you?

I'm no one! Please believe me!

I'm really nobody!

You're a cruel guy.

I'm a cruel guy.

Either he lost his fingers in an accident
and got transplants, or...

That'd be in the records.

A database mismatch?

"I'm nobody," he said...

How about this explanation?

He has a contact who's capable
of illegally altering the database.

If so, he's probably an agent
of one government or another.

Is that why the Pentagon is
in such a hurry to assassinate John Paul?

Very possible.




It was a lucky break that Lucie

offered to show me Kafka's grave.

If someone's tailing her, it means

the enemy isn't only interested in me.

Which of us are they keeping tabs on?

Or is Lucie in on it?

Were these Kafka's sisters?


They all died around the same time...


Yes. Auschwitz.

They all died in the Holocaust.

His youngest sister Ottla
was married to a German,

but she divorced him and
voluntarily went to the ghetto.

Even though as the wife of an Aryan,
she could have gotten an exemption...

You know all the details.

John told me many times.

"John"...That's the man
you used to date, right?

John talked about the Holocaust a lot.

He seemed interested
in the history of genocide.

He'd talk about Stalin,
Cambodia, the Sudan, Rwanda...

The history of genocide, huh?

He said it had a particular smell.

A smell?

One that lingers in the Nazi death camps,
Katyn Forest...all those sites.

So, in the end you never knew
what John was researching?

No. I don't think he told anyone.

He did it all himself.

I doubt even his wife knew.

His wife? You mean you...

I knew he had a child, too.

I'm the worst sort of woman.

I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have pried.

It's fine. But if you're sorry,

will you come to one more place with me?

Do you drink Budweiser?

That's what I always drink in America.

Ah, the Busch one.

I won't say it's bad,
but you need to try the real thing.

Paper money?

I suppose ID-pay
is the norm these days, isn't it?

So that was illegal currency?

Of course not! It's a regional currency
recognized by the government and the EU.

I thought the experiments
with regional currency were over!

Yes, past attempts were
about reempowering the community,

so they leaned too far to the left.

But this isn't a community movement
so much as a punk one.


People want something
to balance out the information society.

Hi, Lucie.

Ciao, Lucius!

Lucius owns this place.

He's very smart, and a deep thinker.

This is Charles Bishop.

His company just transferred him
here from the US.

Pleased to meet you. This is a great bar.

Thank you.

You haven't been by in a while, Lucie.

Everyone's missed you!

Poor Tyrone's been pining.

Oh, has he?

What's your relationship with Lucie?

I'm her student. She's teaching me Czech.

Wow, she's never brought a student here before.

I'll bet you were surprised that
we use paper money

and don't screen people at the door.

I was, frankly.
This would be unthinkable in America.

America was once known
as "the land of the free,"

but these days it seems like parts of Europe
have a tad more freedom.

I'm certainly impressed by
Europe's broadmindedness,

operating places like
these even after Sarajevo.

It's about choosing your freedoms.

Labor robs the individual of his freedom,

but in exchange, he gets a salary that
he can buy goods with.

He relinquishes one freedom to gain another.

You're saying that Americans have
relinquished some of our right to privacy

to gain freedom
from the oppressive fear of terrorism?

That's one way of looking at it.

I mean that your country and Europe

differ slightly in the balance they strike.

Do you run this bar to protect your freedom?

Nothing so grand as that.

It's just hard to get
this crowd to really understand

that "freedom" is made up of those compromises.

Young people mistakenly think that
pure and absolute freedom exists.

Right now they need to rejoice
in their false freedom.

So that as adults, they realize that
a consciously chosen freedom

is a higher form of freedom.

You're an educational person.

I prefer to be called "enlightening," actually.

What are you two talking about?

Freedom as currency.


Well, there aren't many people
I can have conversations like this with!

This was fun.

Let's talk again sometime, Mr. Bishop.


It must be tough to run a place
like this in today's world.

Yes. But people who remember times when
you didn't need biometric ID for everything,

and today's young people...
they need a place like this.

Spaces like this always pop up somewhere.

Are you seeking that freedom, too?

Personally, I just want a little breather.

Sometimes I just need someplace I can relax

without anyone knowing what I drank
and who I danced with.

Let's get out of here.

Huh?! But my beer...!

Sarajevo was wiped out
while I was sleeping with him.

John's wife and daughter
were there to visit his sister-in-law.

Boston was so much fun without them.
I was in heaven.

The epicenter of the blast,
which reports indicate was nuclear,

was most likely
Sarajevo's "Old City," Stari Grad.

Officials are unable to contact
the American Embassy there, and...

He flew to Sarajevo.

And the horrible thing was, even after that,

I still loved him!

But he came back
from Sarajevo without telling me,

quit MIT, and disappeared.

I couldn't look for him.

Because he was the embodiment of my sins!

And I can't atone for my sins now!

The dead can't forgive anyone.

You know him, don't you?

He visits me for the first time in five years,
and then you show up.

What did he do? What are you investigating?!

- Lucie...
- I don't know who you are.

But I just can't believe
you're the villain he claims!

Are league with him?!

It's not that simple! Our relationship is...


Your accomplice?

I don't know her. "Accomplice"?!

You're going too fast!

Fingerprint authentication? So, you're a spy.

Mr. Bishop?

Charles! What's wrong?!

I'm sorry. I didn't know this would happen!


He only told me to bring you to the bar!

You don't need to run, Lucie.

A US government hit squad, is that about right?

John Paul...

The Lord of Genocide.

What gave me away as military?

Soldiers have a certain way of walking.

My work was all about finding patterns
in unorganized data.

You were doing linguistic
research with Pentagon funds.

Why does a little language scholarship
need to be classified info?

They didn't tell you?

So you're willing to submit
to that much control.

In the beginning,
it was simple academic research.

Official Nazi documents, radio broadcasts...

I acquired all possible text data
from Fascist regimes

and performed syntactic analysis.

When I presented my results,

the Pentagon offered me funding.

They gave me access
to classified CIA documents,

records of foreign traffic intercepted
by the NSA, all of it.

And what did you find out?

That genocide has a grammar.

Shortly before genocide occurs,
you start glimpsing the patterns.

Because it's an innate deep structure
independent of any specific language,

those who enjoy the use
of those languages can't see it.

Innate grammar...?

The organ.

The Pentagon figured you could predict

genocides through traffic analysis,
didn't they?

I started being able to see the signs
of future violence hidden in language.

When people hear
too many sentences generated by this grammar,

a change occurs in their brains.

Activity in an area of the brain related
to value judgments is inhibited.

It recalibrates what
we call the "moral compass"... a very specific direction.

Words can't influence
your subconscious that way.

We know the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis is wrong!

Our thoughts aren't dictated by our language!

What's so funny?!

Sorry, you're just very learned for a spy.

Lucie told me.

Do you ever find yourself thinking
that words have no meaning?

Goethe wrote that

hearing a military air
made him sit up straight.

Music rapes the heart.

"Meaning" is like a useless noble that
puts on airs based on that music.

Sound can bypass meaning.

There's a sort of cursed layer

that we can't perceive or grasp?

Let me offer you proof.

I buried a certain grammar
in my conversation with you.

No need to worry.
It's not the one that incites genocide.

What have you done to me?!

I simply stimulated a certain brain function

that's a remnant of past evolutionary needs.

As someone once said, ears have no lids.

No one can block out my words.

That's enough.

The pain is from nanomachines
shocking your nerves.

I put them in your Budweiser, sorry.


What did you do to Lucie?!

She's with John.

Poor woman, she lost her place here
when you showed up.

I didn't figure you for John Paul's accomplice.

John's a client of ours.

We cooperated with him to protect ourselves.


We are the Uncounted.


There's an extremely low-tech method.

The world is full of sensors,

but most scan only one thing.

Retinas, prints, or veins.

Brainwave sensors here, security cameras there.

Map out every sensor,
and you can see the least-watched routes.

Then, if you have nanolayer fingerprints

and copies of someone else's retinas,

it's almost impossible to track you.


We made those into living IDs.

Aren't you the one who said freedom
was about compromise?!

Sure, but things are very unbalanced right now.

The authorities take far more privacy than
they give back in safety.

After 9/11, the world ramped up security

by managing all our personal information.

But the higher they raised the security,
the more terrorism happened.


You can verify it just by
graphing the official statistics.

Governments lie about it,
and the media follows suit.

There are plenty of tragedies in this world
that don't get reported on.

For example...

That artificial flesh.

It's made of genetically
modified dolphins and whales.

They're bred in Lake Victoria,

then they're dissected and
shipped to industrial companies.

By little boys and girls, and for low wages.

Anyone could trace all this
if they had even a shred of interest,

but they don't want to know

what terrible conditions

their daily comforts are produced under.

And you would know exactly how many
civil wars are going ignored in this world.

People are only interested
in a fraction of them.

We're built to see only what we want to see.

A Tracer Dog!

You bastard!

Okay there, Clavis?

Where's Lucie? Is she--

Dunno. She disappeared.

The natural elimination anti-nanomachines

are doing a great job
at removing the Paingivers.

The nanomachines in your blood
should all be gone in about three days.

The biggest problem is
how the mental stress they cause


may influence your
psychological state in bat...

This footage was captured by
an Aerospace Force recon satellite

on the old India-Pakistan border four days ago.

The New India government filed
a claim with the Hague,

whose investigative team issued warrants

for eight leaders of
an Indus fundamentalist alliance

operating in the Indian countryside.

The indictments are
for crimes against humanity,

using children to participate in hostilities,
and genocide.

What is this...?

A goodbye present the generals left
when they fled to escape trial for their nukes.

John Paul may be traveling with them.

The New India government received
UN approval for military action,

some of which has been outsourced
to Eugene & Krupps.

And I take it America doesn't want them
to get to John Paul before we do.

We'll be operating as
the Japanese government's military proxy.

Which means we'll be categorized
as mercenaries under the Geneva Convention.

The Rome Statute?


Then the goal of our op
is to take out John Paul?

No, just arrest him.

However, we cannot let him fall
into the hands of the Hague or New India.

We believe 60% of the local

combatants are minors.

I need you to start getting
tactical counseling tomorrow.

The op is in one week.

Does this murderous intent really belong to me?

Of course. It's your own intent,
beyond a doubt.

Beyond a doubt, eh?

Well, it's just like coming to the clinic
when you get sick.

Your intent is to get better.
That's why you act.

Counseling and partial frontal lobe
masking are tools.

After all, you'd already chosen to fight
before you entered my office.

Human thoughts and actions are formed by
a vast system of modules in the brain.


Think about the word "crowd."

We can probably agree that
a thousand people is a crowd.

But what about a hundred? Ten?

When does a group become a "crowd"?

How many modules must exist to form the "self"?

How many modules must unite
to form "consciousness"?

The counselor asks questions.

I don't know what function these questions have

within the larger process called
Battle Emotion Adaptive Regulation.

I don't know what judgments the counselor
makes when I answer.

I don't know what effect the string of words
coming from his mouth

has had on my emotions or reason.

Well? Do you feel you could
kill a child right now?

It's friendship in a bottle, Clavis!

Okay, okay.

Man, I wish I could show you just
how much I love you right now.

And you a family man.

Put in your AR lenses.

No issues with the display.

I always think this test pattern is a trip.

Wipe off that cream. You look like a panda.

Pandas have white faces
and black eye rings, dude.

We're nearing the drop point.
Get ready for your high dive!

Mechanics, put on your oxygen masks!

Opening the ejection gate in 20 seconds!

As planned, you're touching down right
after we've hit their tanks with CCBs.

Let your Pods calculate
when to deploy the drogue chutes.

We'll start the countdown
after we drop the CCBs.

Open the gate!


5, 4, 3...Godspeed.

Jaeger One, touchdown.

Have you noticed? These kids are drugged.

All the more reason to make sure you kill them.

We're no different, Jaeger.

We've put nanomachines in our brains
to block the pain.

Have you ever thought about the fact that

if we had to take out one of our own,

we'd just have to keep shooting

until we're 100% sure of the kill?

That's what I call Hell.


We're cut off. What now? Crawl on our bellies?

Blue Boy, are you here?

That's a yes, Jaeger.

Can't say I want to bet
on how many snipers there are, though.

Wanna fill the place with smoke?

Smoke is no fun to get attacked in.

Guess we better pray, then.

Seaweed, I need you to drop a bomb.

We'll point out the target.

Roger that, Jaeger.


Thanks, Seaweed!

Don't move.

We're here to execute the ICC warrants.

Why, were you expecting different
visitors with assault rifles?

Mercenaries, eh?
You're dirtbags who live off of war.

Yup, same as you.

We are holy warriors battling infidels

who defile the great land of India!

We don't worship money like you.

Hey, he's a comedian.

John Paul.

Hello, spy. I didn't know
you were also Special Forces.

This is my main job.

Where's Lucie?

Not here.

It sounds like you've got
a different goal than your country ordered.

You're under arrest.

I've got this, Jaeger.

Seaweed, we've secured the goods.
Settle our accounts.

This way, guys!

We've got them all!

Jaeger! How many floors is this hotel?

Four. Eight feet per floor.

Office, this is Jaeger.

The op is complete.

We have all the packages,
and we secured the treasure, too.

Returning to base.

Message from the Seaweed, sir.
They've secured Target A.

Any of our men hurt?

No, sir.

The Flying Pig has crossed the final

warning line into Eugene & Krupps airspace.

If they stay on the planned route,
their ETA at the Mumbai base

is 0253 tomorrow Washington DC time.

Jaeger, we've crossed the final warning line.

No one in pursuit.

Hey, did you hear me quote
"The Spanish Inquisition"?

Are you sure you did?

It's the funniest joke of the century!

How dare you treat us as
if we have no human rights?!

Hey, these are first class seats.
Wasted on you, really.

- Leland.
- Sir?

I'll handle that one.

Don't play too rough, sir.

Artificial-flesh coffins? How perverse.

But they'll keep us alive even if we crash.

I suppose they really are first class.

Where is Lucie?

That has nothing to do with your mission.

What I want is Lucie.

And you'll kill children
for her sake, will you?

It's painful, but I have no choice.
It's my job.


Liar. I know the truth.

You people don't feel anything.

"It's my job, so I have no choice."

Since the dawn of the 19th century,

those words have unleashed
so much brutality from ordinary people

who "wouldn't hurt a fly."

"It's my job" allowed the Nazis
to send the Jews to the gas chambers.

"It's my job" enabled East Germany's

border police to shoot escapees.

Jobs exist for the purpose
of numbing the human conscience.

You're a hard worker yourself.

You fly around the world
causing mass genocide, cool as a cucumber.

Well, look at that: we're birds of a feather.


No, we're the same.

I'll confess: all I do is chant a curse.

It doesn't feel like killing.

What about you?

When your brain is regulated for battle,

do you feel the proper relief and guilt

after shooting the kids gunning for you?

Let me tell you.

You're a flat line.

When emotionally optimized,
in the moment you kill someone,

your actions are reflexive,
but you're also perfectly calm.

I'll put it to you straight: even though
you've fought in real wars,

you, and probably your friends,
always feel like it's not enough.

You've hardened your heart.

Or rather, you've allowed it to harden.

You let yourself not care
when you take a life. A young life, at that.

In a way, that's far crueler than
just killing a child.

I'll tell you a secret: the grammar
of genocide affects the brain

in much the same way your BEAR process does.

Inhibiting conscience,

recalibrating value judgments
in a specific way.

You do it with technology, and I do it

with the ancient power of language.

What's wrong?

If the grammar of genocide were to
reach our brains, with our masking in place...

Yes, I think it would be even more effective.

Want to try it and see?

Jaeger One.

What is it?

Something's on our tail.

Indus pursuers?

It's Chinese-made.

No idea whose chopper it is.

Seaweed, we've got--


At least he's not dead.


Blue Boy. Blue Boy, come in!

Is that you, Jaeger?

I'm about 200 yards from you.
What's the sitrep?

Looks like the chopper got shot down.

A heliborne unit arrived right after.

We're exchanging fire with them
from cargo bay two.

The prisoners?

I don't know.

But everyone left in cargo bay one
is showing up as status: deceased.

And I got my left arm blown off the second
I tried to step outside.

Does it hurt?

Sure it hurts.
I can't feel it, but I'm aware of it.

It's no problem, sir.
I can't physically sense the pain.


Shit! Clavis, they just got Nelson.



Be advised the enemy has sensory masking!

Yeah, I know.

We'll just have to keep firing 'til
they're hamburger meat.


Hi, sir.

How's it looking outside?

Can you wait a bit for the other one?

How is it outside? Are they...

I don't know.

- Stupid rule.
- Yep, it's a foul for the defense.

Yeah, too overprotective.

Alex talked about that.

Yeah. "Hell."

Maybe we'll end up like him someday.

Can you keep going?

I'll keep going.

It's my job.

Other than Williams and I,

the only survivors were Sean and Bob.

We were the first US Special Forces unit

to be defeated in a long time.

Most of the enemy corpses were in pieces, too.

A week with the meat puzzles told us

that they'd been dead men in another sense.

They were all soldiers who'd been
reported as missing or killed in action

by the military contractor they worked for.

It was pretty much a given that
Eugene & Krupps was the culprit,

and it didn't take long to figure out that
one of their execs was behind it.

Namely, the Senate Majority Leader.

The Indus fundamentalist bigwigs we captured

never made it to a holding cell,
let alone the Hague.

They skipped straight to the graveyard.

The sheaths that saved them
from dying in the crash

ended up being their coffins.

The ghost soldiers' objective
was to retrieve John Paul.

That was all.

This is Mouse Two.

I'll bring you back a gold medal, Seaweed.

I'll hold you to that, Mouse.

Someone on the ground just locked on to us.

No way. They can see us?!

Cut us loose, now!

Don't be stupid. The enemy's got our location!

- Just push the release button!
- That's crazy.

Missiles fired!

Hey, Clavis?

A priority interruption has been executed.

The Pod will be released after five seconds.

Two, one, mark.

Splashdown in five seconds.

Two, one, mark.

Ten, eleven, twelve...Deploying propeller.

The Uncounted.

It's the same fake-ID technique that
Lucius showed off to me

while I was staring death
in the face back in Prague.

He told the truth.

John said it, too...

"Patterns in unorganized data."

Once I'd excluded all the IDs in valid use,

only the IDs with inconsistencies were left.

By sorting and tagging those,
I could see their traffic.

They were telling the truth.
The honest truth...

Destination reached.
The Pod will self-destruct in 30 seconds.

Passenger, please prepare to dive.

It still hurts to see people outside

living in such unbelievable poverty.

Don't trouble yourself about them, Madam Paul.

I feel better hearing you say that.

Good night, Mugabe.

Good night, Madam.


What's this?

A genocide text editor.

You made it in time for once, Mr. Hit Man.

I've only just started sowing the seeds here.

That's an antique Browning.

No ID checker--
anyone can use it to kill anyone else.

Tonight's the first time
I've picked up, actually.

I actively avoid guns.

Makes sense. After all, you've got the power
to slaughter whole hordes

without getting your hands dirty.

I just found it.

Brutality has lurked
in the human brain all along.

You didn't have to bring
this genocide language into it--

Our brains have always had the faculties
for killing, stealing, and raping.

Indeed. I'm getting ready to kill you
as we speak.

But if raping and pillaging are
acts born of our survival needs,

then logically speaking, sympathy, love,
and sacrificing oneself for others

were born of our evolutionary needs, too.

Yes. Our brains have
several competing emotional modules.

And among them are some
that are completely obsolete,

yet stubbornly remain with us.

Imagine that a drought hit,
back before we'd developed agriculture.

Our species learned that in that scenario,
community and cooperation

were more efficient than
betrayal and competition.

Adaptation for survival...

But now let's say that another drought hit,

and the community was larger than
the available food could sustain.

Now what?
Must that altruistic community perish?

Are you saying the grammar of genocide
was an adaptation to food scarcity?!

Yes. It's the artifact of a time when humans

couldn't control food production.


Genocide is carried out,
the number of individuals drops,

and the food supply stabilizes.

Masking the conscience and engendering
a mood tolerant of genocide

actually gives the individual
a survival advantage.

Is that your reason for starting wars
in impoverished countries?

That's what you want?
To prove that humans are essentially cruel?

It's my fault, isn't it?!

When Sarajevo was wiped out,
you couldn't forgive yourself.


That's why you wanted to convince yourself

that betrayal and violence are human nature.

You keep proving
the darkness of the human heart

to get away from your own sin!

You're wrong, Lucie.

I'm not doing this to prove anything.

Why, then?

I discovered an ancient human mechanism.

But at the same time, I know that
the biological basis for loving thy neighbor

is as strong--no, is stronger than
the one for barbarity.

I didn't despair of human nature
just because I found a genocidal organ.

If you're not killing out of despair,
what the hell is your reason?!

To protect the ones I love.

When I lost my wife and child,
I made up my mind

that I didn't want to feel that sorrow again.

But you're the one causing the sorrow!

You've killed so many people,
half the world is nothing but sorrow!

But it's a sorrow no one sees.

People only see what they want to see.

Our world doesn't care
what tragedies might happen in others.

But ours is the world I grew up in.

We go to Starbucks, shop on Amazon,

and see only what we want to see.

I love that depraved world,
and I cherish the people who live there.

Civilization and the conscience
are very fragile things.

On the whole,

civilization trends toward
valuing others' happiness,

but we're not there yet.

Terrorism born of true despair
doesn't consider traceability risk.

It's suicidal.

A phenomenon born of societal despair
can't be reduced by systems,

whether based on ID security or anything else.

So I had an idea:

Let's get them to kill each other
before they start wanting to kill us.

That way, our world and theirs
will be uncoupled.

A world of murder and hatred,
and a world of peace.

I'll keep them busy killing their own people.

I won't let them lay a finger on our world.

The framework of deep structure is clear.

If we translate it into a local language,

the effect is limited to that
linguistic area and its surroundings.

As long as no one decides
to transmit it in English,

controlling the scope is easy.

Please, John. Put the gun down.

I'm capable of shooting you right now.

You see that, don't you?

Yes, Lucie. It's your way
of taking responsibility for your sin.


What's your real name?

Captain Clavis Shepherd.
I'm with the Intelligence Department.

Clavis, arrest this man.

Take him back to the US and put him on trial.

Everyone needs to know.

They need to take responsibility
for the knowledge--

--for the freedom that's
the result of their choices.

If we kill him and end this,

it'll be at the expense of those
who died in the genocides.

That would be unforgivable.



I'll take John back to...



She didn't have to die.
Nobody needed to get killed!

Why did you kill her?!

For Monita and the baby!

My wife doesn't need to know
how shitty this world is!

I want my kid to grow up without knowing

our world floats on a sea of Hell!

I'm going to protect my world.

You bet I'll protect the world where I order

jalapeno pizza and pay with my ID.

Where I throw away half my Big Mac
because I'm full!

Lucie didn't have to die.

You ought to die here!

Clavis, calm down! We have to

cooperate to get past the guards.

I'll kill you and cooperate with your corpse!

The brass ordered the hit, okay?

You just didn't know about it.


You can't stop it now!

Our citizens, the state,
and the corporations started this on purpose.

You wanna just waste the whole infrastructure
they built to do it with?!

The whole damn thing is a lie, Williams!

Maybe so, but the economy
it got going is sure real!

Time to run.

We left her behind. We left her body...

It's so selfish to not see her corpse
as a "thing" because I loved her...

When I lost my family in Sarajevo
and started to lose sight of myself,

Lucie said...

"If words have the power to dictate our lives,

I want to change this world into one
where we never lose anyone so suddenly."

I regret nothing.

I weighed lives against each other.

The lives of the people in our world,

versus those of people in poor countries
that show signs of animosity.

I made my choices knowing exactly

how many deaths would be on my head.

Once you know what you're capable of,
you can't escape it.

What will you do now?

Lucie said someone
should explain to the world what I've done.

I intend to fulfill her wish.

It's my form of atonement for her suffering.

But...I doubt our world will allow it.

Like your partner said, to my homeland,

I'm the dictionary
definition of "inconvenient."

Then Lucie's wish...?

There is one solution.

You could do it...
In fact, you're the only one who could.

Welcome back, Captain Shepherd.

So...the mission is over, right?

Where's Williams?

I heard he died.

That's according to a transmission
the NSA team intercepted.

Let's go.

Yes, sir.

War as a spectacle is always necessary.

We need to know a war is happening somewhere.

Especially if it's a miserable war somewhere
we have no connection to.

You see, only by knowing and witnessing that

can we define ourselves.

Captain Clavis Shepherd.

Clavis Shepherd,
member of a top-secret assassination squad,

was indicted.

And thus I fulfill my promise to John.

My story will probably plunge Washington

into the biggest scandal of the 21st century.

But will the people
who criticize the government for this

change their tune the next time

the US is a target of terrorism?

When that leaves them shaken,
they'll start hardening their hearts again.

They'll start letting themselves be
indifferent to others.

What occurs to me now

is that John Paul was
just another resident of Kafka's castle.

They had the wings to fly away,

but they chose to protect the castle instead.

Even though if we take steps,
this world will change...

I decided to bear responsibility for my sins.

To punish myself.

Before my heart is hardened.
Before I become indifferent.

It's a betrayal of John, but I've realized

it's how to keep my promise to Lucie.

I'll probably lose the ones I love,

but it'll be the beginning of a new world.

This is my story.