Geetha Govindam (2018) - full transcript

An innocent young lecturer is misunderstood as a pervert and despised by a woman who co-incidentally turns out to be the younger sister of his brother-in-law. Eventually differences subside and love blooms between them.

There are wives say what the next step.

Please ..

And then I know doing watching eyes

Tonight is shown how moving lips when talking guy comes home

Where drink it, how drunkenness, I know there are a lot of people talking about how many have been drinking with.

Mornings began. What's this? I've never let sleep freely.

Hey, hey, what are you doing ..?

How to comfort the shrieks kǣgahanakoṭa? What are you guy's stirring early ..

Shouted the side ..

-Tiyannam, but promised he would ditch the morning Get this shit.

Why do Ramakrishna angry?

If you ask these things of faith or understand the meaning.

And wives about, how well they're about relationships?

As a child, her father used to take to actually listen to the preaching.

I never get to go straight to her, I talk to her.

Keep a hand in there without one shouted.

Good morning, sir. -Good Morning.

Good morning everyone. -Subha morning, sir.

Sit down. Sit down.

What? Sir, good morning.

Sit down. - fits positioned.

Then will come back to the topic.

We talked about the differences between atoms and resolution combination.

Atomic is a combination small ..

Atomic combination ...

I think you'd have to understand the lesson.

Please do not forget to record it.

Now there's a problem all right to ask someone.

Tomorrow we start a new lesson.

What? Sir, when will you get married?

Do not ask ridiculous questions.

The lesson is to ask the rest of us.

The wedding is very much a lesson, sir? You do not understand.

Prices, what is physics? Someone will have to give money.

Say really. When will you marry me?

Before you, the past year left for subjects hoses.

Mom, please father.

Then married to think about.

Came to teach lessons.

He's is all.

What is the reason to throw the boss.

Why ..?

Not because a friend asked my sister is ..?

I do not like.

what? His sister would not you?

Do not like? So: Who would want to be like?

You are not rich because of fear that,

But I would like if the girl boy,

The girl also has to be.

D him, he is to face that kind of beautiful kellakda?

Come, I'll make her talk. Come.

Say. You and she like that? Like if'll leave.

Or metama'll finish.

Spicy listen. Ouch tell Miss!

I'm already married, sir

Ma'am? I'm're married.

What do these things .. brother - have you out of here.

That said, as soon as married.

Rǣṣ come to,

GFC put my necklace and told now.

This is the twelfth, ma'am

6 months came after.

To talk with a stranger, not men

Not that upbringing,

Oh, my God..!


Please, do not say you have to show good qualities.

Weird things missing.

If you had trouble during the 6 months

Sorry, ma'am.

Come on.

take care!


Just come here.

Are you coming to see me after I get it.

You want the kind of girl would meet.

best wishes!

do not. Now you're more a married woman.

Do not touch me.

Oh ..!

You're back

OK. Shake hands.

will come.


After your marriage, your home for us to invite for dinner.

"Æruṇōdayē like the first rays of the sun .."

"Cleaning the clay statue like .."

"The essence of the kind of fresh milk .."

"Dressing like flowers decorated the entrance Telugu-house .."

"As the Lord God sent .."

"The goddess Just come to my home,"

"Brahma eyes shine .."

"I send my mother sing lullabies again for like."

"She walks as the seventh summer"

"Heart beneath a smile as well."

"She walks the sky shines as a star .."

"A'hab at the half moon."

"Æruṇōdayē like the first rays of the sun .."

"Cleaning the clay statue like .."

Baa! Teacher!

Why, sir, sleep smiling?

She's pretty, either.

Even not remember exactly,

Father, sister, aunt, cousin, that was the life.


It's a dream.

And how the hell is it.

Some .If that. Some genuinely do see the dream.

Of course, some things that I do not dream of the donkey.

Mh. Okay.

Bar in the evening demonstration ..

How Vijay. -Ada because so beautifully decorated temple?

Have utsavayakvat evening? There is no quit it.

We are not decorations, Erik. That's that girl.

He was handed over to say that if a job.


Hey, the guy who wrote the woman in the bus boy sæṭǣnḍ,

He really is too good a girl getting met.

Why are you getting so that you eat? Do not read -pissu.

Those girls would eat quickly is getting.

Only then will they be strong. If they are strong house strong.

Just society stronger.

Now that the girl married to Know.


... I think you have to be out there hasbanuyi beautiful children,

... until you're waiting.

"Traditional, faith belief, A'hab beloved goddess."

"Traditional, faith belief, A'hab beloved goddess."

"Necklace around the neck associated with Voice your breath while .."

"Whenever longevity karalannada more ..?"

"Your treating the paint while .."

"Seeing all reading the dreams ..?"

"Small child thin smile exuding a chip"

"Cheeks puff as can be swallowed whole world."

"Rainbow concealing deæs"

"Although no sleep at night makes ..."

"What rāśiyenda .. what daśāvenda ..?"

"Any time you were born ..?"

"She walks as the seventh summer"

"My dream is the only one A'hab."

"She walks the sky shines as a star .."

"My debt is paid damanniyayi celibate."

"Privacy together, not that any personality,"

"Continue to complain"

"Every holiday without joy"

"Whenever we are the same."

"Are not in a recognized"

"There is pain, we have passed out of control"

"All the family will kill the pain"

"Tears have been helpless without dwelling"

"I know how lucky,"

"The whole world is jealous of me"

"... like the birthday"

"It is a privilege to pay life as a partner with you?"

'Foreheads in the plane through the copious "

"Bless forever be happy."

"Æruṇōdayē like the first rays of the sun .."

"Cleaning the clay statue like .."

"The essence of the kind of fresh milk .."

"Dressing like flowers decorated the entrance Telugu-house .."

Mister ...

I saw a girl.

When muṇagæhunē?

What is marriage? What is love?

We're not married yet.

If we thought that one would be tied somehow. that's all.

Before you know it to bandage the girl gonna do? - no no

He's gonna do if in my life.

I designed everything myself. Exactly.

If you like all the boys worlds,

Girls ..

.. OK to Ban kasān̆da indispensable!

After that?

My life

The unique thing.

Sister was a good decision task.

I realized, was a good opportunity to have.

Consenting sister went to the village.

O ...

Oh ..


The seat?

She did not yet getting Joker?

You have side horizontal. You what?

Hello! Why are you getting? -Ēyi Ramakrishna!

That girl got on my bus.

What girls are getting? -Arayā getting ...

Kōvilēdi saw the girl. - A girl getup bus is coming, why?

Anyway, I'm sitting in the nearest.

Not like pedaling limbs. Do -holavanna.

Before the girl child in you, Look to the good opinion.

Pleasant, well spoken Do it. Tell him you want to lie. There is no mistake.

I can not think of a lie it.

Do say, tell the bus driver to stop in front, gets you home,

I'll lie ugannannam about two months.

Then you go and tell lies.

Two months passed during which one would be? What do you mean getting crazy?

Do I mean the first shut.

Hi. -Hāyi.

I Vijay Govinda.

Sorry? Govinda ahead.

I've seen you before. Kōvilēdi.

your name? -Hm?

your name?

Appalammā. -Āh?


Traditional real name. Send it to put the evil eye on.

Where are you going?

Kashmiri to.


The bus kākinaḍa stuff going, ma'am.

is it? So why ask ridiculous questions like this?

Please, do not waste your time.

Hey, there are some cards in the hand. Speaker carrying.

Tell me. -Kella very strong person like.

There is no response. At least not on mere straight.

The girl's attention somehow. 5 minutes waiting 10 horizontal.

Something will be told. Then go to become mainstream Karan.

That logic is getting. He wants us to like what an̆gavapan.

You can do it, darling. I am...

Hi ...

Cuba! Gold Daughter

Oh! What happened, dear?

Do not.

What did? Daughter crying so much?

I did not do. Just said hi. Is not it?

Sister, just to be here. I got it.

Why Mom, what happened? Ayanē all knew.

Mother to the rear.

You are the daughter got well. Just to keep you, sir.

Hey, not manners?

How important was busy. Tērumgannavākō.

Ai said tapping. Was just going confused.

B .. bite me.

Resting a little overweight, ate much?

Hear, like wants milk. That's the cry. See drink milk.

Or do anything, you drink a little milk?

What do you say?

I mean milk production?

Oh, not really. Bottle give.

Ah! is it?

Do not know why ..

I could see some people go to sleep.

You know what, ma'am?

I evunṭayi small, like a lot of old ones.

You naḷavanavā child well.

You'll get the kids?

What is madam?

I was the best single one of our Area.

Hear Sister, take my daughter asleep.

Or what others think wrong.


Ma'am, you have any kind of problem.

No matter, say. -Maṭa wash room to go to.

Or do anything, Just to come?

That said, the wash room's door is like.

And a group who drink. Wait no right way.

Please do not think of anything. -Ayiyō, OK.

Let's go. Come on.

You go, ma'am.

Go. I'll wait here.

Ādaravantiyada? Trial -no yet.

Do not worry, brother. As'm handsome.

Thanks brother.

Brother, think anything or do a little cleaning? Girl child feel comfortable.


Wash room is invited to be the next?

One more dāhan.

- yes

What ever harder as well.

Uncle, I think he loves you.

He'll believe a lot.

Love like crazy. - Hey, shut up.

The dinghy love?


Girl came out of the wash room Thank you say, you think it's about normal.

Without such tiny smile did not leave anything go, that girl you like.

Do not believe me. He loves you like crazy.

After the wash room from ... -ēyi, I'll call you back. Feel like.

Madam, I have not eaten anything. Mona coming to eat?

I brought food. They eat it.



On the back seat can hēttuvenna son.

You go back to your seat, I give?

beat it!

Until that time the little one to waste. Now you're up. Go!

That's because my son? I'm an old person.

Why should someone older sister?

why? What's wrong?

It's not ... - Grandma, Mom ...

Nothing, it ...

One can not do back seat grandmother,

I hesitate to say he's sitting here.

Grandma, Mom, give you my seat. You sit down.

Sit down. In there are!

What happened? -He got roar.

Very difficult. I want to sit here.

Good. Come sit down.

I do not mind to go to bed? Please please ... Hey, why is madam?

Keep ma'am.

Boy, are you still girl, "I Love You" did not you?


You got on the bus Ah, got your wanna sit.

When voṣrūm girl to take to be with.

Now when you come back your nearest chair

What do you want more?

So unsatisfying have a girl, "I Love You" is getting what?

Do not say?

Says the report, tolaṭa lip shouted.

Hey, freak. -why?

How I loved you right penvannapæyi girl.

Either to say emotional, physical, or want to say.

Nothing will happen, I Give.

Hey, crazy ideas kill if.

It's getting unbelievable.

Date her is happy.

The chance magǣragannavā if that girl is going after what?

Hey, it is not getting. - Tell me good news on talking 10 minutes

Why do I say behave? All right.

After asking a number waded right way asks.

That's right.

It came to my gift,

Kiev need to remember.

Ma'am, ma'am, do not cry here. Please, ma'am.

Ma'am, ma'am, do not cry. I deliberately did not, ma'am.

Kiev, when ad ... Madam,

Ma'am, ma'am, do not cry.

Things to do in this world, you're girls?

You do not got time for that?

Bloody fool!

You take care of me.

Ma'am, ma'am, I deliberately did not.

Who is getting? -Naṁgi to call my brother.

Yes, PS

Ps .. Brother, what happened?

Are you okay?

Brother, I'm not okay.

What happened?

Nobody acted treacherously with me on the bus.

What did?

Kiss me to, took pictures brother.

Hello, brother.

Hey, girī. Sister, get a call. Quickly.

Ma'am, ma'am, I did not uvanāven. I do not a madam.

Ma'am, please, ma'am, is that theirs ...

Understand, ma'am, please ma'am.

Ma'am, I'm sorry, ma'am.

Where are you to say hello? Way.

Brother do not want to. Why do you come to this?

I'll take her in. This morning bhānuguḍi junction asikkitayava show

Bring Come

I tell boys

Ma'am, please, ma'am. I deliberately did not, ma'am.

My father will not be able to learn to cope with, ma'am. -We ma'am.

When the bus to the village really said? - 6 time coming.

Kill my atdekenma. Hey! Tell those who come to our Center bhānuguḍi

Come on.

You get me wrong, ma'am.

That plant. Please come.

Kākinaḍa bus to annoying. There, waiting.


I also do not meet people after ma'am. will come again.

where is? Sit down!

Where are you going? Not going anywhere.

Go where? -Mæḍam, was deliberately not told that.

This is not then meet people! Please, ma'am -mæḍam

Why are you getting off?

What will hold madam?

Hello brother! How? -Ayiyayiyō! Wellness.

Tolaṭa lip was in not getting?

I told you that easily run out.

Yes. Your brother gave me. Now give your brother-I.

Hello hello .. -udē 6 before she, in the evening before going to tame the 6 or

My name is not PS.

Hey, hey .. Poppycock!

That bus is reenter.

Sit. Do not let anyone down


Hey, what does?

I did not understand it even tells you?

Coming sir, stay on the line.

Sir, call.

Who? Panēndri sir.

Oh, tell.

Hey, Ravi, who came to the wrong sister has acted as the bus.

Who is it? Where Are You Now? Mapped on bāniguḍi Center.

Where's sister? -Metana there.

Okay, you go to take his sister home. Give me an hour.

You will be right here waiting for Uva looking for. Uva ovaries are finished here.

Hey, do not execute it? It's not good for people who know these things.

Go out here before you.

Striped Rao, the car sale.

Hey, Vijay.



What are you doing here?

The father went to sleep ....

When broken down muddy field antique gǣvunā.

Were you injured? -No Dad

Okay, get in.

Because, why was afraid?

Ah. You want to be scared?

Okay, I'll go right back out. I'll hit you screaming scared.

Now what happened, so much serious ad?

Oh, why the spate of muddy?

Head hurts, then let's talk.

Aunty .. -hāyi

Ready. You go. Okay.

I was told do not want to marry without.

It did get mild especially.

Yesterday I was in Hyderabad.


Because of this, would not you?

Come on. What happened?

This, remember, is now on indefinite

You want to talk to me, you're smiling somethings hiding. Say.

Have all right.

Did not do. Look straight at I shed.

Say, what happened?

You are the person I marry penvanet not decided which. That's why.

A little sad. that's all.

Not afraid?

I did not know,

Dad looked good activity told.


You're golden girl.

Do not be angry with me, never agencies. Ive?

Bǣṇō .

You go play. -Āyubōvan Aunt. Well there?

-Halō uncle. I shed my son, Vijay.

brother in law.

Hi brother. -Ayiyē, look here. The'll dress well.

Why hand shaking?

Night always came sītalēnē AC bus. Do not go right yet.

you idiot!

Dad, now come on the train asked felt it?

What did you felt it?

Last night ...

My son comes, comes only in mēghanā Travels. Eve is not going.

Dad, please, I can talk to.

I'll tell you. Ask me questions. -Tell Tell.

Where you have launched the bus?

Why do you ask? He always comes home straight junction down.

Today is part of the marshy came down maḍat combed. Go to sleep.

Ravi Hey, this is what?

are you mad?

Brother, what happened?

Nothing, brother, daughter arrived by bus at night,

What am asikkitayek sex tantrum.

And that's your son, is suspected of our children.


My life, my desire, my dream, and all of my children.

I have given the difference between good and bad.

Among the śaktivantayayi weakness has to understand what humanity

Not at all. But do not you, my son

If that happens,

This is the last day I have the counting.

Sorry uncle. I do not mean that to Vijay.

It was stressful since morning. That's why we were suspicious.

Please do not think of anything. Ive?

Grandpa, Dad, look you have to go to work.

Grandma you go.




Enough things happened? More to do?

Madam, you said it did not help.

Entire life to help remember. Thanks a lot.

Why Did I feel bad about themselves?

Now their two piglike stick my actions.

But, why did not you know your name?

What kind of kid you not punish him too?

One more time, girls, stepmom, so look at the pieces,

I'm evelema. What a girl, my goodness wild?

This is a nation that moment, too, that the world will not forget the girls.

I'm sorry, ma'am!

Good Friday, March 12, a timer sir.


If we can work to have dekayinē weeks to March 12?

You can head to wonder if the job

Yeah, brother ..

If we give you two days to go, we Hyderabad drain, baḍuyi'll get the gold.

What are you worried about?

Waiting for the daughter from ever going shopping when your brother's wedding?

I have not told your son Vijay, were Hyderabad?

Yes. Okay, what more?

The children said if they will take.

Dad, do not.

Okay. They will take.

And parents are letting our daughter,

Young age, he wanted to eyāvamayi.

Her grew, her daughter and all the world all together

Grab this. Dad ...!

Everybody I know what my father, uncle? Still a little spider.

What little ekāda? If people's probably tied for children age 4-5.

Ok. Take our guy. He will take everything.

Mh. Well, Mom, Grandma.

Hey Vijay! -Āh

Buy our Kiev.

Kiev mean, Dad?

Like a girl.

May not yet know that something new came. Would not know how to live.

Nice little laugh.

What these breads?

Path have your head down like the village's problems.

Who said that just because you kiss Gita, who -anē ma'am.

You say that? Where did I kiss Gita?

Okay, kiss happened.

But at the end of what was the truth,

Is running away from the bus,

Comedy is not normal.

Locke is all boy, girls, looking scared and run one of my will.

I kind of like you're worlds of psychology.


So you're safe out there? What do mean, ma'am?

Where security guys tattooing girls in the world?

Hi sir!



Today's my birthday, sir.

Good day. -Stūtiyi sir.

Take. to you.

Sir ō.ṭī.em evening's party.

Mummies, daddies or coming. Come fail. - What?

That said, you give them an̆dunvalā.

My mood is not right.

Problems are insurmountable.


Why, what is strange too, I see?

A: You did want to see me? Do not talk to -pissu.

I wanted to say is to see?

Well, not here.

How else to say. Æn̆dumakda want more traditional?

Clothing, curidās,

Plus, what you do not want anything said, right?

Monāṭada not like? Say.

You do not, I do not like the way despite all I want. Right? Go!

Hey, this is getting. You die there. - Do not stop me getting in.

How smokes are not going right.

Hey, Do not Tell. Is not fun?

And I have no regrets about a semblance of reason.

What do people from so she was like you did not say that in front of Kiss?

I still got hope.

She loves you.


Until yesterday, she guest.

Now he's my relative.

How jīvitakālema face him?

The parent in gedarakaṭṭiya right know,

Jīvitakālema does not live in fear.

-Ēyi you do not stop the constant in me!

Hello! Who? -I am.

Yes, I, I was. Do not put a name to their mother, father?

Is put. Then let's say!

Can not say the name? - PS

Mæḍam..mæḍam ...

I'm sorry, ma'am, I could not recognize you, ma'am.

What? The pride? Fun, madam ...

Placing the first one I call? Told you guys home.

Invite together, to do shopping.

Told me ...

But because you're insensitive to benefit me to go out with me ...

You or I may not be the vidēhē. That's what is no easy way out of it.

Oh ... .. cih..cih do not mean ma'am.

Sale came at 9.30. Okay, ma'am. Ma'am ... Ma'am ..

What? -these...

This number is your right? -why?

That said, to save it.

Do not play too much. -Sori ma'am.


not. Feed? - No, ma'am. Shechem No, ma'am.

So? -Guḍ night, ma'am.

Hey! What happened to getting?

"Having fun?" Jesus replied, "Why, feed" he asked, either.

I told you? - When the day dawned,

Married him, my whole life to assert that food kavanavā.

I eat it remained short. How many dreams is getting there?

You have ruined everything ...

Do not, either.

Hey, are you going to meet a girl. Hold on cars, trucks, bulldozers and dumped not going right.

My bike down there. Go away.

Gǣvenakoṭa body body, the fire begins. And ...

If you kill crazy ideas. Gave them enough!

Gǣvenakoṭa body body, the fire begins.

Gǣvenakoṭa body body, the fire begins.

I'm sorry, ma'am, do not see.

So waiting for what? Madame did not want it's the thing.

When you're not wild ... you changed?

No, ma'am, I have changed. I behaved completely.

My Wellness is a culprit to go with you on your bike.

"We had one heart suddenly thought"

"PS Govindan story began to deliver a return"

"What more is needed ..?"

"The this is enough"

"I have to come yourself."

"This is the great celebrations of time."

"The heart of the fast-lit"

"Holy life into a celebration, including"

"Maybe because of that you have"

"At least an hour, I was dying again heir"

"What more is needed ..?"

"The this is enough"

"I have to come yourself."

"This is the great celebrations of time."

Hi Aunty.

Brother's marriage. Was invited to come to my parents.

Because time is not turning ... my daughter, what about it?

Who is the groom? I shed sister, Aunt.

Suren name. What a nice girl. Well learned.

Fifteen million in cash, 10 acres of field, gold gifts to Aunt.

That said, after asking who the groom,

Aunt thought that it was asking the next question.

Aunty right, we'll go. -Kǣma to eat.

Aunty, now eat. -Āh, Aunty eat. Hungry. Mall to eat. Hand wash where, Aunt?

Unsatisfying or not? He said that eat eat?

Because, ma'am? Asking that the films often hungry upbringing not know?

Next time, but somewhere out there now. Do not come in.

Prestige end.

And why, like my family to live with what you're given,

.On big kiyavavvē, in there?

Madam handshake.

Let's go.

"What more is needed ..?"

"The this is enough"

"I have to come yourself."

"This is the great celebrations of time."

"We had one heart suddenly thought"

"PS Govindan story began to deliver a return"

"Have grown to beauty"

"Take that breath is establishing"

"You know every corner of the heart separate from that ..?"

"Brightly spreading your dǣsen, Wake unrest that my age"

"Maybe this is the time of my brightest dream playful"

"You are close to moving with Visa"

"Beauty is in every corner of the sky were seen"

"What more is needed ..?"

"The this is enough"

"I have to come yourself."

"This is the great celebrations of time."

Ma'am, the phone should have been silent. I did not see.

Oh, I'm sorry, sir. Have trouble?

Oh, do not do anything.

This Women vidyālayakda? -No mixed school.

So this is only because the girls ..? Is not a boy?

Mæḍam..mē ... boys ... suddenly ...

"Maya is not into girls"

"Word can not overturn something like nectar"

"Stubbornness aside, put what happened in matrimonial ask ..?"

"My story is difficult to describe"

"Ask a minute .. pity?"

"Why should always harmonious, friendly, I sit with."

"My name is on the eye when lava"

"I am calm, you can show compassion"

"What more is needed ..?"

"The this is enough"

"I have to come yourself."

"This is the great celebrations of time."

Hey reenter the front.

Idiot! Ponzi!

Ma'am, you do not get upset?

Well set off.

To set!

Heart will win?

Mēṁ Firstly, let's go.

... Stop the car ad side.

O Brother, wedding shopping to walking.

Why did not you wearing a helmet?

Where helmets? Sir -tiyenavā

Where are your documents?

Or not? - Sir ...

Hey, the guy in bike care. - Yes, sir

Sir, sir, to understand, sir, the girl scared of blindness.

Ayiyē..ayiyē .. - say, sir, sir.

Brother, katākaragannam with you. Brother ...

Police sale here. Get out of the document without?



Drink, ma'am.

No documents. No petrol.

You do not take a girl out enakoṭavat?

Never seen so much responsibility does not matter.

Come to trust you, says happened to sit in the middle of the road.

Hold on, please, ma'am. I did not say that.

This is all part of life, ma'am.

Ma'am, take it. I'll take another one.

Hey, here.

OK. Are you rich enough to call friends to get a car in five minutes?

What is the madam. It did not dare to get. The car is mine.

Do you even notice the car? Take the car for two fifteen.

So, why did the bike in the car when there was one?

The madam, when we give the wedding card,

So can go anywhere on the bike ...

You knew about these things, I'm itching to listen to?

Ma'am, you get me wrong. I meant something else.

enough! Sale come together in the office in the evening. There are little work.

Come on, what's this?

Mother said to you. -is it?

Why do not you come after we invited?

Do you remember my sister?

Since childhood that he was coming home, said Mary.

But is not nothing,

Nællu agreed to come?

He does not like us to do?

How well there?

After all of the village has changed.

What's wrong? What do say?

Home, marry the young girl Thankfully, my brother is married, with a brain or not?

He is to learn more.

Right fingers. I do not know why,

The bus was not a conflict?

So the transfer was married in that village.

Who is that? Who asked.

I am. Why hit?

Hey, stop.

I gæhavā's say that. How many hit? Everyone in the village stinks?

Show your anger, the person that did the job. And, that, my brother-man would.

If this guy was my sister. Find him anyway.

I'm hungry. Go down hostel.

Canteens close before.

What do you mean, ma'am?

You come out with me,

This the canteen, hosṭaluyi what?

I'll get you a tasty meal. Let's go.

Oh! I do not do.

Is that the way you're doing so bad about that? - definitely.

Hurt a lot, ma'am.

I do not know, ma'am.

I will give you get a tasty meal, you'll enjoy food after a hostel Go.


Do not get down. There are a lot of men out there. I'll go away.

So dangerous yet, sitting in your closest,

If they get what do I do? -Anē Back off ma'am.

Put ma'am eliminated. I'll get to be seated.

Sir, I have prepared the traditional way arises, you will not want to?

Now like to see.


Madam eat. Nivunot not care.

Ma'am you have to try chili. There is very harsh.

I do not do. Go down quickly hostel.

Why, ma'am? Was it not hungry now?

do not. Can not say the reason why people eat?

Ma'am, you need to wash room? There is one here tāj Krishna.

Walking distance. Emuda go?

Go, please? Or, one can not go as well so?

Thinking it was not the only good until your behavior.

But today saw, you're all gatiguṇayakvat.

Rama Chandra!

Told you, ma'am, what happened that day is not done deliberately. It's a mistake.

And a lot of unconventional ones I respect.

Not so, not honor.

Rains their phone, so I have learned respect.

Tried my cell phone?

It is not saying unsatisfying.

One of the things a person groping grated,

What are their personal things? What facilities?

Moreover, looking down, not hungry, do not eat that upbringing, ma'am.

So, now I come to teach hædiyāvat?

It's not intimidating. Help them to understand some things.

And, just to show what happened between us the last two days of the three.

I well understand that you make ...

Knew well. Seeing one of your phone.

Would leave, the phone because the phone is the doorway?

What's on the phone?

Here, look.

What's on the phone?

Sir, I have prepared the traditional way arises, you will not want to?

Now like to see.


Ma'am, ma'am, I do not know anything. Please, ma'am!

Ma'am! I really have no idea, ma'am.

If you do that one knew before, do not make the sambandhakamakvat with oyalat.

I appreciate your parents are like this, do you?

Unsatisfying No, no knowledge, not behavior, not character. What do not.

Just like that? Not that how all the family?


What I say, do not say my family manan Annan.

I tell them to do?

When you do these things like,

What? Scammers?

Yes. Scammers ...

If someone else is not to our families more say.

Hey! You jump in your limit.

You crossed.

You mean? I do not want to explain -ēvagē, Ma'am

I have enough. I could.



Ma'am, you first go down.


If you can not go to a three wheeler, one should go

Go, ma'am.

PS Group Manager kānav.


Hello! - ā..vijē! I called the law.

What does she call a travel?

Vijay! Hello ... hello ...

Ā..halō law. I got ahead in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad ... Why so suddenly?

You know, the incident happened on the bus?

I do not know who he was, after the wedding to see it thought.

But it spread throughout the village.

Everyone is talking bad.

I'm not a man Vijay.

The wedding is in two weeks we talked about why things are the law?

The wedding is to be suspended Vijay. Our respected family.

Determined to find it.

Sister is not because I'm scared. I need help with this Vijay.

What did you, brother Hyderabad makes coming?

Went to urine.



Ma'am! Ma'am ..!

Shhh .... I

What? Was it ...

You're in the middle of the road at night bæssānē.

Ma'am, you first go down.

That said, I said get down.

You've come to not come to protect you.

Do you routinely examine levelheaded about the girls?

Ma'am, your brother said that Hyderabad is coming.

I just got the call. - I know.

How can you hold on in anguish, knowing, madam?

What's the problem? He's coming to get you.

Oh, and why, ma'am?

We promise a jerk. The promise to protect ma'am.

Security -mæḍam .....! .. madam! ..

Hey! Who's that? Hey! Who are you?

The girl is good. Your comments Gong is why this happened.

Who said that?

Who is to say that he is at the bar? Where one or -bār?

Who told you that? Where's that, then.

I'm one of traffic.

Baby, look to understand. See what Shut up!

Baby, our boss came to marketing. Bar is one.

Not without it. These happen.

I have to wait for a while.

Job at risk. Do not you say?

What's here? - What happened?

I felt it to see what the car is. -Tamusegē .probably crazy.

Enavakō home. You either. I'm not.

Oh! No transfer, ma'am.

I do not Ashkenazim. What does? Tiyāgannapæyi transfer.

Look, ma'am. 200.

Madam, Very Good morning, ma'am.

Brother, what's the problem? -Mæḍam 2000 did. Sir, I have not changed.

What grated? - 200.

Give it took. Before it got to Madam madame.

I'm there. -Kisima not want.

He sent someone to get money in the hand.

Why, ma'am, speaking like a man out?

I oyālagēma one.

That said, the person to be your brother's sister.

Oh wow! So family, right? And laws are.

Then why are you unable to settle?

Who's brother? I'm told.

Were meeting everyone Bandranayake law. So that the face of once-law ...

you idiot!

Madam 2000.

Do not want to. Keep it! -Stūtiyi ma'am. Today is ...

This will give it! -Kisi okay.

What do you mean? -Mukut not. Did not go, ma'am, sir.

Ma'am! Mercedes?

Ma'am! Ma'am ..! .. madam! ..

Ma'am, I'm sorry, ma'am.


Come on.

Brother. -Taniyamada come? - Yes.

wait a second.

Hey, Vijay. Come on.

.. because both come from the strings? - No, brother.

No law. PML-in.

Do the careful, ma'am. Please.

I have been blessed tea, coffee drinking habit, not her husband.

Yes. Tea, coffee do not want to. There's a drink.

Do you drink? - and. Coffee.

Brother you sit. I'm trying to really good coffee. I'll fix it.

PS sugar?

Brother, I do not want anything. What did clearing, needs now?

Do not told.


Come. Well there?

Well, either. -Varen. Get sit.

How Ps. Well there? ALM brother.

Who is this? - b .. could not tell.

He Vijay. My brother.

Oh! Hi. -Halō sir. - Sit down.

Those who honor the village will be destroyed.

And so one day you did what?

Case that has 10 days. Kākinaḍa too close.

Why does it still be free?

PS, only her age and how many?

Vijay, how much?

How do I know how much his age?

I ask your age.

About 25.

About 25 rides.

I mean, like that of his age.

Come on bus passenger list got longer.

When you got to him 2 o'clock noon to puuluvan.

Catch ring.

Ma'am, please, ma'am.

Brother, I have some little work. Want to pack some things. you go.

Mh. Okay.

Come on, ma'am. Let sit for ten minutes to talk.

There is no need. You gonna talk to me?

Ma'am, unspeakable things to think about humanely. Please

My family's not the first thing you do.

Ah! Your big family bāhubalī giveaway. Sorry.

Ma'am! Ma'am ..! ..

Ma'am! You help me a madam.

Travel one stop to meet officials that older madam.

Call testimony. Please.

Need I accidentally made a mistake happened so why worry so much?

A mistake?

You do not have. These are little things that someone with 10-15 per day.


10-15 years is a madam?

Ma'am, that's not what I'm mighty champion.

Madam do not know even the basic issues. - really?

Setup was a bus coming fast, probably because the basic 130-140 careful Unknown?

Essential goal of error do it.

Why is violence breads you Tom?


Hi sir. PML ma'am.

Welle came last time, said to create a white bed.

If it's over. Send it. ALM ma'am.

Thank you. - Madam!

Painted mouths. Show black.


I want to know what color. To pack one white.

it is not. White to dirty quickly.

They married after my sister's clean

He thought that was a little suffering is suffering.

enough. This "office" to.

Knowing that the first monāṭada.

How do you know these things?

What Brother "work" to mean? -Maṭa not understand Telugu. Say in Hindi.

This is not said in a Telugu girl anyway. Hindi How do you say?


Grandma! Give.

Thank you, son. - OK. Get in.

Grandma "work" is what?

-Ācci thirty years ... do not want to get. "Work" is what to say.

*** -ammaṭasiri

Ma'am! Ma'am ..! ..

White made permanent. -Since was the

Call brother once madam madam, please. Have fun?

What the ... did not felt it,

Lied to see it now, ma'am.

Do not let the news out about this.

Hello, sir. - Why, list ready?

Give the list of passengers on 27. -Menna.

Hello brother. City Center's brother.

Things got a little bit of ad. - Vijay?

Yes, there are the rides. Have fun?

List here. Police were called on to take you.


Madam, I understand.

Kills me inside.

Do not tell my dad about this, ma'am, if InuYasha, please ..

Say was a mistake.

Look to save sister's marriage, ma'am. What do you say? I'm your sister is getting married?

Hey, brother.

-Ā ... oh!

Why did my friend Sir bus, sir. Okay, who says he!

Getting your name on the ticket allocation was why?

The ticket office together given,

Rs 2000 for two days, and the money can get a holiday.

Who says that man! ... Who says that it is!

Tell me!

Cih! Is morality you? Your yāluvānē.

Tell me who the man! Say!

Say who he was!

Kohada say .. -Stop..!


Be back.


You sit in law. I know how to handle him.

Told you heard vāḍivennakō.

Hey, I was asking. Tell me who is your friend!

Tell me!


Tell me ...

Hey, fall at your feet. InuYasha do not tell my name,

Stop getting lost a sister. Please ..

Tell me, tell my friend's name. Tell ..

Tell me the name you die there. Tell ..

Sorry, either.

And she does not do so badly, her husband.

Innocent, the truth is.

More to lose the DM die there.

Do not tell? Says ..

brother in law!

Die there, brother.

What she did wrong to kill?

Is not there something wrong? -it is not. I mean


It happened to my sister, your sister's not.

-Ēyi say. Hey, gonna, gonna, I do not gossip.

All right to fast-law to go to get kākinaḍa.

Right this way. Give the phone.

Tell me what is. I'll come in -kākinaḍa.

Yes, please told it!

Hey! You want to tell me how to talk to you man?

Her on the phone. I'll tell you. -Vināḍiyak stay.

Brother, sister. What wants to say something important.

Sir, tell me.

So well there? - I'm fine. How are you?

Well there. -Mokakda told to say?

Who told you about a lot of things about the village PS, right?

Grandmother said. I was horrified come.

This is everything that the bus was the one.

The asikkitayava catch. Do not come in Hyderabad kill it.

Sale. Calm down.

Madam eat!

Okay, bye.

Because brother, all right?

What sister?

Told revenge.

Sri told me that revenge.

I said do not come from that kills asikkitayava Hyderabad.

Sir please kill definitely Uva.

Do not be so hard to take revenge.

Before I say more to the monarch. What will be heard one Cohesion?

What's wrong?

Sister's marriage will be canceled. Dad's heart with stop.

Mind you, ma'am. The beers all yours.


... he wants to say what -vijēṭa.

What is Vijay?

Tell Vijay.

OK. Tell Vijay.

Very tasty dessert here, brother.


Brother told me to do something with feeling?

Are you tough. -Stūtiyi.

Thank you? -Yes. Thank you.

Agayakirīmak cleared.

My sin.

Down. Fun, madam?

Stay inside kaṭiṭiya coffee or tea drink say it.

Came back down, do not assimilate, do not walk, no more important figure.

you go. I'll wait. -Maṭa There is no problem.


Why, ma'am?

Brother's marriage, ma'am. Oh! best wishes!

MD sir, I did come to say a card. - Oh. Definitely.

Come fail. ALM daughter.

I'm coming back after an hour.

Bye, Mom.

Nilu .. come quickly. We have to go out.

Well Mummy.

Ma'am, is he? - She's my daughter.

Madam, what do you think or say something important.

What, dear?

In fact, your daughter's a bad video.

Actually, he's like one of my own.

Your daughter's clothes off like.

I saw my daughter.

Hey, stay. -Ayin off!

Say you want to stay! -Ēyi atagannavā!

Stay! -Nilū ...

Hey, who are you?

Nilu ...

Why? -It will tell later. Nilu say where.

Nilu Hey! Coming out

Hey Nilu gets!

Coming out

This, you get out.

Hey, who are you? I'm gonna call the police!

Ma'am, I'm in college to learn this column on your daughter.

Want to talk with you. Arayava message out.

Crazy you? I understand it now?

Like this video to go out?

You have such a big family tiyennapæyi general idea.

Ever considered?

Did you know there was like four walls of the home, those outside the community?

So come to my phone went well.

Lavu I. Yu.

If you like things fell back.

How much property do you have any?

Have about 100 million?


There are nearly 1,000. Who?

Mummies is that ḍæḍi.

My mummy, daddy have money. What a mistake, but I think that will take care of that.

Why did not someone trying to have a daughter of my parents built?

For money?

You're in the faith.

We have a daughter. I will take care of us well.

We made my parents

If their heart away from the.

I like you.

Kōvilēdi saw a girl.

He is my life, he thought everything was.

But such a mistake because,

Speak kindly was

The girl in front of a character lost asikkitayek.

What do you want? You want me?

Okay wait. Promise.

Jīvitakālema as your friend, as a friend wait.

Do not cry.

Mom, I'm sorry, Mom.

Tarahaṭa your daughter issuvāṭa hand.

take care.

I wanted to hear it.

Give you my daughter

All you had to keep my property.

Girls like you, small things that will make the time needed for blackmail,

But he's not that type of person. He's different.

Vijay govind.

Ma'am, ma'am, I deliberately did not.

You do not help saying that.

Remember, you have a kind of whole life.

No, ma'am, I have changed. I behaved completely.

Why are you looking like that?

What I'm looking for the truth or otherwise of kiyanadēval?

I say it all lies. I do everything wrong.

So wait to the lyrics?

I'm hungry. All right to eat?

What to eat, ma'am? - anything.


"Nokiyavamin letter, the book name set when ..?"

"Wonder himself nearest, walked other side .."

"Action for a cause, refused to march did ..?"

"Elixir to keep the nearest I did poison ..?"

"What is this new behavior ... ..?"

"I did not know thee, I met"

"What is this new behavior ... .."

"... I called to inquire, my heart"

"I come in this field, Hail."

"My heart is an invitation to come"

"Deleting the song lines"

"Let us love poem Gita Govinda the country."

"What is this new behavior ... ..?"

"I did not know thee, I met"

"What is this new behavior ... .."

"... I called to inquire, my heart"


I'll be back. Bye.

What did you suddenly have to say. Say.

PS What's wrong?

Are you okay?

Brother, I will ask for it. Do not tell.

Brother, we go home.

Brother, please.

I know how important this is to you and śrīṣāṭayi much time.

At this point you're so worried that together,

My reason for saying that I have no interest.

Please Brother, let's go.

Because you're here right now, ma'am? Come alone, or brother ...

The .There Raja! Dress sandals.

I'm sorry, ma'am.


What's in a hurry?

Tomorrow morning, we're going to kākinaḍa.

And your brother ... - I take care of him.

Talk to interested persuade.

Your sister is not married until any problem.

You've come this far to say this time?

Kiyannapæyi phone.

Why are they? You happy or not?

Hold on to ask you, oh!

Thank you, ma'am.

Hey, congratulations Govinda! Have fun?

What to say? The girl loves you assignments.

Oh ... How do you know? I've never knew.

The girl is from spring spring behind you.

How do I know whether they were on the back of my spring spring?

Once I knew my grandfather, a heart attack.

What did Grandma, Mom?

Admit to stop.

Now what's wrong?

My grandson marry.

It was time to see if nækætkārayāgen miṇibirīṭat married ..

Why not speak to him? Have nækætkārayāṭa busy?

Bearing in letting the auspicious Ps.

The suddenly married? Seelan money we do not?

There is plenty of money. Where a guy looking for my daughter?

I do not know where. Both want to be married to my childhood, to be alive man.

Grandma, Mom. Worried.

If I tell someone you're reluctant.

Our Vijay positioned.

Our śrīsāgē brother.

What a nice man. I've seen him.

We would like to know if my father once

We can not agreeing, first have to be like this guy.

What do you say? Pulling is dear?

Karanakalda invited waiting for?

Define that?

I've been ... this kid ...

Dæḍisatkāreṭa scared to go to the hospital, ma'am. Why did not you.

Yes. Everyone in our family when dæḍisatkārē

The hospital stay happy.

Oh, I do not understand.

Then why do not face any sad sight?

Why, ma'am? This amazing job.

I do not feel well why are you crying your grandfather?

Your grandfather, because my grandfather, not a soul at all you?

Okay, ma'am, crying.

How grandfather?

You invited.

to me?

Why should I?

Do not know. The property to be.


You'm ma'am. Why should I give?

is it? So my grandfather is right for you, why?

Become very hot head.

Who is that girl?

Ask that girl who head feels so much you're avadhānayennē

Hey, you tell him.


Why so happy?

Dear nephew's grandfather caught a heart attack.

Dad, why is that?

Innocent, grandfather, heart attack credentials, what are you doing this?

Of these, over vahagannakō.

It's not so.

Grandfather with grandchildren lost a lost a miṇibirīgē to do.

Do you like their Geetha asked.

Now is the call. Both married to the same auspicious'll.

best wishes!

You're a very lucky man.

Why, ṣok yet?

Call and tell really was.

But I just wanted to see you.

The Wave

So, finally ...

I saw a month ago kōvilēdi you.

Lamp and light in front of you when you host says, about 4 years ago,

Lamps lit to remember here with my mom was.

You come in my life, every day is like a chandelier thought.

I saw how you ma'am.


I did not know you my mother?

The vayasediyi him was lost.

I'm alive, my mother would say.

Insanity, love, everything.

But she did not see.

It's going to suffer,

My wife is waiting steeds.

I have a wife that is so important, ma'am.

But I do not know why,

You can not see through my mother.

I'm a wife is everything.

Now when you want to marry soon,

You and your family a plot together covenant with me, I do not like it, ma'am.

My wife is not a good choice to me, ma'am.

Should be one option.

My wife wanted to stay for me,

My Madness, ma'am means that there can not be another job in this world except me.

My mistake, ma'am. Not your fault.


Scary, ma'am.

If our marriage, every day these days ten like that.

Please, ma'am.

I do not like marriage, nor my home. Do not say to anyone in your home.

Because my sister is married to keep your home.

Stop all right to marry you, ma'am, please.


If the marriage is about sister's marriage,


Eyes closed necklace bound.

Do not want to. I got it.

Thank you, ma'am.


Thank you.

Do not come to eat, dear?

Let one drink milk.

Why, dear?

What happened?

Because my daughter crying?

What happened?

Wije I do not like to tell his grandmother.

What do not you speak? What told you to ask, tell.

You do not like it not told?

Why now forced bann̆dannada marry her?

it is not. Hey, I'm just ... navattagannavada?

These could be 100 reasons to like a girl.

These could not be more like it.

Now what's wrong?

Married, not a monarch.

Everything heart forget.

This, cell phone, give it here.

Yes, Grandma, Mom. Hey, what did have to kick up?

The UK, and why? UK or BK or,

Tell him to come in the evening. Her task is ready.


Grandma, Mom, bless. -Rattaran boy says,

London comes from, do not forget our local customs.

It is that upbringing is.

Dad. I bless you.

Well there? Go in.

Sorry. ALS can row all ?.

He's got to say the line? -Plīs. I have a little bit of work.

Do not hesitate. Please queue sickness.

Thank you.

Aunty, I bless you.


What's this? This is our custom uncle.

My brother. Cupcake upbringing? ALM has made up.

Oh, boy? You worship. -Maṭa blessings to uncle.

Bless your uncle

Do not forget the custom.

Everyone's over, right?

Come on

See how often? -Ayiyō sir.

Are all the kids at home? How are you? - and she got something crazy?

What to eat there? -Tamunṭa What's wrong? Vænn̆dē slaves in front of everyone?

Grandma, Mom, shut up. Do you look right, holding a race to criticize.

Heightened hard work to our family all the time.

To clear before he linked to.

Do you head out fashioned.

Everything getting bonuses.

Refuse to dwell. MR delicious.

What everyone .. -amuttō eat?

Give! -Ācci you crazy?

I'm glad you do not like about the behavior. See what's closed!

Son, how many years do you eat mills?

Grandma, Mom, good to talk to. - Just to be polite.

Sale too. Granny, I hate you.

Hello brother. -Hāyi sir. How are you?

Hello. I shed friends.

Brother, why are you abused our elderly camber?

The saw before. I feel like that a lot of insults. Why is that?

Oh, do not do anything wrong, sir. An older one.

I understand that. Something. Say.

What do not. And why are you getting married in the morning, sir?

-Satuṭin sleep. Fresh as the morning innapæyi.

Jumānji Hey, come here!

Tell you. what the hell? -He told. What do not.

I swear, I swear.


Mona is to say?

I like to have fun, sir?

Sir dowry. - What ..

Will worry Sir boy.

But opposition to the twelfth we doing? What do you mean, sir?

Gahagannayi dance or not interested or are not middle-class, sir. You like big ones gonna say.

What kind of family pere? Take revenge from us.

Give money.

You want money?

My gold daughter. You have all my gatiguṇayakma located.

What are you waiting for hold?

Did not you all dowry grandfather? What is important to me than -sīyāṭa? What dowry?

Mom, 40 all told? 15 has come.


Dowry, where Gaga arakayi this is going?

Anger increases when you talk to me.

Those who do not sympathize.

Are grandmother? -Ætulē there.

Hi. Grandmother.

where is?

Grandmother. -What is this?

The father said to gold items. Tomorrow morning to come wearing.

Itching to send gold ... gold?

Grandma, Mom. one minute,

Grandma, Mom, please.

You may rightly have soured me.

But Mike did not fit me, Mom, Grandma.

The questions could be ahead. Please understand.

Our proposals miṇibirīṭa sperm moves you down the line.

Your brother-positioned. He was ...

Our brother, our cousin telling us did not marry you.

what? I suggest that the brother?

Hey Vijay! Where are you going?

What kind of mess?

Hey, brother-...

Is in love with me ... so let me in letting Gita?

Getting the wrong. Do not mind getting right.

He made me believe that much warmer,

What more, I went to tell the truth, either. Hey, relax. Are you crazy?

The wedding is done by another 5 hours.

Then they can look. Before shut wedge horizontal.

Hey, getting it to my brother. Śrīsāva whole life to take care of one.

I would go and come. Not working, or getting.

brother in law!

Vijay, because here alone?

Okay. Our party people asked. Let's go.

Come on. -brother in law.

Sorry brother.

I did not know, you know, I'd like to get. Pulling about Vijay?

When talking about the marriage of Geetha, said now is the name of my grandmother that she wanted.

In fact, Vijay. I chose you.

Liked. What a nice man.

My sister is happy with you, secure your name's gonna indifference did.

First, though, should have to talk to you.

brother in law.

I want to tell you something.

This one is not looking for you until Geetha siddiyēdi one else,

I am.

I felt it was doing that.

You and I know that, Vijay.

Sister said.

He's the ran̆gapǣmakda along with you? I kill ring.

Brother, please.

Listen to me. Stay sitting for five minutes.

Five minutes brother. please.

Say. What to say? Fun is excited?

Vijay complaints about the mamanē.

Like you, I think he's a villain.

Kill had enough worries.

But I learned how he,

The angry, turned into a dying love.

He's a man of gold.

So far it's her, ma'am, I was not done deliberately,

I deliberately did not say how much I did not ask.

Afraid. Was suffering.

Cried, panicked.

Ivasanakoṭa him so, that is not a mistake,

Do not do that to him, seemed tolerate.

But if I found a reason to love you know.

It wiped out our MD's daughter, I hit one out loud, do not you crazy ..

If ..kivvā, had to hear that.


If an employer tolerate the woman fortunate no one else

He is my master.

This is what a good person, the woman is expected.

That's why, she was in love.

Geetha's not a choice you, Vijay.

The only alternative.

I do not get why you disliked him.

But that poor and crying.

I asked,

Because you do not want someone telling me crying for me.

You know what did he say that?

He agreed not to mention brother, I said that I love that.


Brother, I'll be back.

Ma'am, Ma'am, please ...

Why is she talking to? - Nothing. You say.

I know everything. Go talk to.

Was not that important. - I know what's going on here. Go talk

Once you want to talk with you.

PS, this problem until it's your family. That's why I will not interfere.

But I got married I did not expect this kind of behavior.

Female? The -karāma. Go

Ma'am, ma'am stay.

What? - Ma'am, I'm sorry, ma'am.

I did not know, ma'am, I love you so much.

Is when I met my brother said.

Oh, sir! Sir, do you think of this?

We are men of the third class. Was a mistake. Sorry.

Ma'am, I could not manage to do

You do something, ma'am.

What does? - all right now, ma'am.

I need you. that's all.

Now all right now, ma'am. Cancel marry.

Do not be so hard to yell at, sir. - What is there?

Tell you.

Please, ma'am, ma'am, you tell your granny Madam

Give her a week full of money, ma'am.

This is because of sister's marriage nævatunot

are you mad? The wedding is done in 4 hours.

My grandmother is the last word. If money is the marriage.

I'll tell you.

Want to do something for themselves. - Ma'am, ma'am.

One time, listen to me, please.

Leave. Leave hand. Away.

Ma'am, have you ever thought it would take me to understand. Do you Care?

Do you understand? Crazy guy.

Do you understand? You're not understood.

I do not feel bad when you kiyapudēṭa.

Finally, what did?

The marriage was not going to say marriage is not my sister. I told you bound?

So I do not assimilate it?

Think marry married to blackmail you? - Ma'am.

It's not intimidating. I do not understand that gonna say now.

Was a mistake. Told that was a mistake. Here's over?

Yes, Cranial.

From the day I found out that I like you,

Would you suggest a smoldering? When I was waiting for would like.

What's the truth, so you respect those women warmer

Ma'am, please, ma'am, ma'am. I'm sorry, ma'am. Who does not get caught, you are told?

Even those like you who are caught. I got caught.

My sin.

Kiss was previously associated.

Understanding love up.

But you're so selfish.

You ātmārthakāmiyek.

Vijay, I'm not,

What happens wife, she can not be his master.

Mother is the truth, God.


The girl child as she will have to change.

Good Bye!

the truth. Half right.

Bottle to take. I'll tell you something daddy. -Mæḍam now the subject drink?

What to do? Could not wear mouth āpudē hand.

Yes, ma'am.

The wedding is happening in an hour. What to do, I do not understand.

Okay. Tell it. You?

Say, ma'am.

The job is.


Real idea was, ma'am.

Now show Ma'am, Vijay who is Govinda.

Dana makeup you stop.

You pack your items off our gold. Seelan son?

The marriage would have happened.

Why does so much as seriously? You're looking for Nathaniel was left scared happened.

You stop witchcraft.

And how you doing? - Stop sorcery sir.

Brother, you get up.

Told please.

Vijay, why what happened? -Ēyi, you shut up.

Up cousin.

Hey, Vijay, what's up?

Dad, are you there without a little excited? please.

brother in law...

You want to save me, brother

You have no choice without her husband. Please do something.

Oh, brother! -Nægiṭinna Vijay. Everyone is waiting.

This is very sensitive matter.

Gonna say. Wellness!

Oh brother, I believe that is wrong.

Until then, I do not want to leave, brother. How I wish mapped?

Vijay told him once before marriage?

Kishore, what's happened to getting?

Those who did not assimilate these signal activity.

Hey, where are you going? -Ættaṭama mēṭaka reason you are.

Am going to kill you.

Kakuldeka early fall for dowry.

Vijay! -Anē brother, Mike, I'd like to, brother.

Vijay Hey, what are the low work? Everyone is waiting for, get up.

You're well and made marriage. Innavākō 5 minutes.

Why, ma'am, ma'am, said: How can you be quiet, ma'am?

Brother-line. I like your sister.

Ma'am, you say, ma'am. I only, not her responsibility?

Oh brother, I love your sister. Vijay up ahead. please.

I do not really know her husband. I do not get up until I like your sister, brother.

What's this? -Like.

you idiot! -Stūtiyi, ma'am.

If he does not shy.

Go straight.

All bow down in front of the next two legs to your brother.

Do not give up until the girl you like.

Did not.



Inspector sir. What's wrong?

You of all people arrested that dowry prayed but scratched. - dowry? So do not get it.

You do not have a lot of things. It'll reveal.

Jumāniji Hey! Where Breaux? Bro ...

Ps .. -sahō ...

Upped why did PS? -Ata take!

6 months, during which she touched my hand, kill you.

What happened? Cafeteria moment wheatlike asked.

His mind is not the change. So dowry, do not marry me, but I said miṇibirīva. Forced to.

Our Christians could not fluent. But because the other alternative, it happened.

Your sins.

And what were you thinking? Breaux my piece.

.. What did -windows dowry in

Tell me. Where -ēyi?

Always getting the film look.

You have considered view, conceptually, I said why do not you getting?

You do not understand it like getting kids out

Ps my wife, either.

Hey Look Give him a kiss. Or trying to hit, my name is not Ramakrishna.

Hey, before the phone shouted.

Mæḍam..anē. I deliberately did not, ma'am. I'm not a person that, ma'am.

Madame was a mistake.

Ma'am ... Ma'am, I deliberately did not, ma'am.

Because after marriage is more intimidating?