Gabriel's Redemption: Part One (2023) - full transcript

Professor Gabriel Emerson has resigned from his position at the University of Toronto so that he and his beloved Julianne can start a new life together. He is certain that they can overcome any obstacle if they work together.


My lecture isn’t finished.

You’ll have plenty
of time to finish.

Bring the blanket.

Why do you want to visit
the orchard in the dark?

I want to see your naked
skin glow in the moonlight.

I suppose Guido da
Montefeltro can wait.

Have you ever made love
in an orchard before?

Then I’m glad I’m your first.

You’re my last, Gabriel.

My only.

What if someone sees us?

These woods are private.

You’re very good at that.

There’s no one here but us.

"To the Nuptial Bowre I led
her blushing like the Morn:

all Heav’n, And happie
Constellations on that houre."

Paradise Lost.

But in this place, I can
only think of Paradise found.

This is where I
discovered true beauty.

I have something for you.

It’s beautiful.

I’d like to have
a child with you.


So soon?

Dante lost Beatrice
when she was 24.

Losing you would be devastating.

No morbid talk.

Not here, after we’ve
celebrated life and love.

It’s too soon for
a baby, Gabriel.

We’ve only been
married six months

and I want to finish my PhD.


But when we get
back from Europe,

I would like to
speak to my doctor.

It’s been so long
since my vasectomy,

a reversal might
not be possible.

There’s more than one
way to make a family.

We could adopt.

When the time is right.

We can do all those things.

When you’re ready,
we’ll start trying.

We should probably practice
a lot in preparation.

Mmm, absolutely.

There you are.

What’s wrong?

I woke up early.

I need to make up the bedrooms
and clean the bathrooms.

Then I need to go shopping
and plan the meals, and...

I’m not even dressed.

You don’t need to do anything.

I’ll find somebody who
can clean the house

and I will go to the
grocery store after my run.

You go back to bed.

You need to work
on your lecture.

But sleep first.

A tired mind doesn’t
work very well.

Thank you.

Well, hello there.

What are you reading?

"The Way of a Pilgrim."

- Is it good?
- Very.

It’s about a Russian Orthodox
man who tries to learn

what it means to
pray without ceasing.

Are you praying for something?

For a good many things.

To become a good
man, a good husband,

and, someday, a good father.

I suppose we’re all on our
own spiritual journeys.

Some of us are further
along than others.

I don’t think of it like that.


I think we chase God
until He catches us.

One of the things I
admire most about you

is your compassion
for human frailty.

I have my own vices, Gabriel.

They’re just hidden.

The house looks
great. Thank you.

I was able to get a
lot of work done today.

And thanks for making dinner.

You weren’t hungry when
I brought it up to you.

I ran into a problem
with my paper.

- Can I help?
- No.

If I present a paper that
sounds like you wrote it,

people will notice.

Christa has already been
spreading rumors about us.

Christa is just jealous.

She’s going backwards
in her career.

You haven’t let me
read your paper.

Although we’ve
discussed Guido so much

I’m sure I know what you’ll say.

Has my book been helpful?


But I’m taking a different tack.

I’ll let you read it tomorrow.

I’m worried about
what you’ll think.

I’ll be honest, but supportive.

I promise.

- Now...
- Hm?

I need you to take me
to bed and cheer me up.

Hmm... What would
cheering you up entail?

Taking my mind off my troubles

by tantalizing me
with your body.

What if I’m not ready for bed?

I guess I’ll have to
go to bed by myself.

And maybe cheer myself up.

You can’t present this!

Why not?

You’re wrong.

St. Francis comes for the
soul of Guido after he dies.

You agreed with me.

I changed my mind.

I sent you an
illustration of the scene

while we were separated.

Now you’re going to stand in
front of a room full of people

and say that it never happened?

If you read my
footnotes, you’d...

None of your sources
go as far as you.

You’re merely speculating.


Professor Marinelli
liked my paper.

She’s too easy on you.

Too easy?

And I suppose you think
Professor Picton invited me

to the conference
merely out of charity?

Of course not.

But I don’t want you to get up
in front of senior professors

and offer a naïve

- If you’d read my book, you’d...
- I read your book, Professor.

You only mention the text
I’m analyzing in passing.

And you naïvely adopt the
standard interpretation.

I never naïvely adopt anything.

Don’t you want me to
have my own ideas?

Or do I have to repeat what
everyone else has already said?

I never said that.

But you could benefit
from my experience.

Oh, here we go.

What do you mean, here we go?

What do you mean, here we go?

You’re just upset that I’m going
to disagree with you in public.

- Bullshit.
- Bullshit?

Then why are you telling
me to change my paper

so I fall in line
with your book?

I’m trying to help so
you won’t make a...

What was that?

If you start now,
you should be able

to rewrite your paper in
time for the conference.

I can’t change my thesis.

They’ve already
published the abstract

on the conference website.

This isn’t the time
to be stubborn.

Oh, yes, it is. It’s my paper!

Julianne, listen.

Julianne, listen to me, please.

Stop. We can talk about this.

I’m not your student anymore.

- Damn it. Stop!
- Don’t yell at me!

I’m sorry.

Let’s sit down and talk.

I can’t talk to you right now

without saying something
I’m going to regret.

I’m going to avoid you
for the rest of the day.

Rachel, Aaron, and
Richard are arriving soon.

What will I tell them?

Tell them I’m an
idiot. Obviously.

Julianne, listen
to me. Please.


Our first fight and
you lock yourself

in the God damned bathroom.

My first public lecture
and you tell me it’s shit!

- Hey, everyone.
- Hey!

- Hi.
- Hi.

Where’s Julia?

Working on her paper.

Jules! Get your ass down here!

Rachel, please.

Dad, you’re welcome to
stay in your old room.

I’ll be fine in the guest room.

You and Julia fighting?

You can say hello
when you go upstairs.

I’m barbecuing ribs for dinner.

Ribs? Fantastic.

They’re fighting.

What could they
be fighting about?

I don’t know, maybe Julia
rearranged his collection

of bow ties without asking him.

- Hey.
- Rach! Hi!

So what’s up with
you and Gabriel?

There’s like a
tension in the house.

And I don’t need to be a
psychic to pick up on it.

Do you want me to go
beat him up for you?


I made the mistake
of letting him read

the lecture I’ve
been working on.

He told me it’s terrible.

What is wrong with him?

I would have thrown
something at his head.

I thought about it,

but I didn’t want to have
to clean up the blood.

He said he was trying to help.

I don’t want him too lie.

If the paper needs work,
I need to know that.

He should know how to help you

without telling you that
your paper is terrible.


He says he wants to
start a family with me.

Then he turns around and acts
like a condescending ass.

Wait a minute! He wants kids?


I’m so happy for you!

When are you going
to start trying?

We agreed to wait
until I graduate.

It would be too difficult to
work on a PhD and have a baby.

We’d like to have a baby.

- What, now?
- Maybe.

If I learned anything
from losing my mother,

it’s that life is uncertain.

I don’t want to wait to start a
family and then lose my chance.

What if I get cancer?

Having kids is one
way to rid Gabriel

of his condescending attitude.

Why’s that?

Are you kidding?

He will be begging for
help when a baby empties

a dirty diaper on him!


He’s come a long way...

Married and talking
about starting a family?

When my parents first
brought Gabriel home,

he’d hide food in his room.

He didn’t unpack
his bags, either.

He kept expecting
them to send him away.

I didn’t know that.

It’s remarkable.

My advice is to talk to him.

But, it wouldn’t be a
bad idea to let him sweat

just a little bit.

Make him sleep on the couch.

Lord, please bless
this food to our use

and we to thy service and
let us ever be mindful

of the needs of others. Amen.

- Begin.
- Thanks, Dad.

Excuse me.


Yes, thanks.

Man, suck it up and
tell her you’re sorry.

Why are you assuming
I’m at fault?

Statistically speaking...


Et tu, Brute?

I didn’t say anything.

But, there’s a reason
that older married couples

will tell young ones
not to let the sun

go down on their anger.

I’m not the one who shut
down rational communication.

She’s not irrational.
She’s hurt.

And when someone hurts you,
it’s rational to withdraw.

Especially given her history.

I didn’t mean to hurt her.

I’m sure that’s true.

But I’m also confident that
you don’t fight fairly.

My advice is to be
gentle with your wife.

I’m sorry. Forgive me.

Please, let me in.


I’m sorry, Julianne.

You hurt me.

I know.

I’m sorry.

I reread your paper.

You forgot something important.

Can I come in?

I said some things
yesterday I shouldn’t have.

Thank you.

I have some suggestions on
how to improve your paper.

I know it’s important that you
stand on your own two feet.

But I’m happy to
help, if you need me.

I’d welcome your advice,

as long as you don’t
tell me what to think.

Your ideas are one of the many
things that I love about you.

The story of Francis risking
Hell to save Guido’s soul

represents what I
was trying to do when

I made my confession

to the disciplinary
committee back in Toronto.

I was reacting to what I took

to be your dismissal
of the story.

Our story.

I never meant to dismiss
something so important.

If the situation
had been reversed,

I would have descended
to Hell to rescue you.

I was a bastard.

Then and now.

May I?

I didn’t mean to hurt you.

I know.

I’m sorry, too.

I don’t like fighting with you.

I don’t like it either.

I didn’t set out to disagree
with you in my paper.

It just... sort of happened.

Come here.

I promise not to be
a selfish bastard,

if you promise not to lock
yourself in the bathroom

to get away from me.

I promise not to lock
myself in the bathroom,

if you can give me space.

We can take a break
during an argument,

but if we promise
to talk later on.


Your paper changed my mind.

It’s good.


You heard me.

Although I have some suggestions

on how you can
strengthen the last part.

You didn’t quite
convince me there.

I could use a few pointers.

I’ll give you credit
in the footnotes.

I’d be honored to appear
in one of your footnotes.

Thank you.

It’s hard for me to be a student
in the same field as you.

We aren’t in competition.

I’m proud of you for having the
courage of your convictions.

When you defend your
paper at Oxford,

I’ll be sitting in the front
row thinking, "That’s my girl."

It’s a dream come true,
to hear you say that.

Then I’ll keep saying it.


Something’s cooking but
it ain’t the apple pie.

The coffee is ready
and the pie is cooling.

What’s the hold up?

We were just making coffee.

Oh, I bet you were.

I’ll leave you ladies to it.

So what was cooking?

And please tell me you
didn’t use the counters.

Too cold.

How’s married life, Tammy?

I never thought it would happen.

Why not?

Before Scott, I was
living with someone.

And we talked about
getting married,

then I got pregnant and he
decided he wasn’t ready.

- Asshole.
- I’m so sorry.

I’ll never forgive Eric

for signing away
his parental rights.

Because Quinn will
never know his father.

Sperm donors are not fathers.

I mean, Richard
didn’t contribute

genetic material to Gabriel,
but he’s his father.

Gabriel is so nice.

Even when Quinn ruined his suit.

You should have seen
him before he met Julia.

He would have handed Quinn
the dry cleaning bill.

I can’t imagine that.

He’s so wonderful with Quinn.


I think it’s bedtime.

- Hey, sweetie!
- I know.

Say goodnight. Bye-bye.


I guess I’d better take
the men their dessert.

Can we talk for a minute, honey?

Of course.

So, I’ve been spending a lot
of time with your father.

I love him and he loves me.

And we’ve been talking
about the future.

About making things permanent.

That’s great!

If you and Dad get
married, I’ll be there.

You’ll more than just be there.

You’ll be one of my bridesmaids.

What’s all this?

Diane was just telling me
how much she loves you.

Is that so?

Not that you’ve asked,
but you have my blessing.

Is that so?


My girls.


I thought we’d agreed
that you’d call me Dad.

Of course, Dad.

Does it bother you that
we’ve changed things?

Inside the house?

Grace would like what
you’ve done in the kitchen.

You know, something when
I’m inside the house...

I swear I can hear her voice.

I don’t feel her when
I’m in Philadelphia.



Thank you.

Do you like living
in Philadelphia?

My research position
hasn’t gone as expected.

I’m thinking about retiring.

Move back. Live here.

Oh, no. This is your home now.

We’re only here
during vacations.

We could switch
bedrooms immediately.

It’s very kind of you to offer,
but I sold the house to Gabriel.

It would be a mitzvah for us.

And we need the blessing.

What sort of
blessing do you need?

I have an unanswered prayer.

All prayers are answered.

Sometimes the answer is no.

I can’t pretend that the
thought of moving back here

doesn’t tempt me.

As long as the house
is in the family,

it doesn’t matter who owns it.

Gabriel would never
part with the orchard.

It would relieve him to
know it’s in capable hands.

You’d be helping us out.

Care to join me?

I prefer to watch.

Then I’ll be sure
to put on a show.

Oh, I left my bubble bath
in the guest bathroom.

Would you mind
getting it for me?

Not at all.


What’s the matter?

Is Rachel pregnant?

Not that I know of.

I found an empty box for a
pregnancy test in the bathroom.

It was probably her.

I wish it were you.

Our time will come.

You look as if you
want to lick me.

All over.

I do.


Confide in me.

You tend to take bubble
baths when you’re stressed.

And you’ve been
taking them daily.

I’m worried about grad
school and flunking out.

I’m worried about my lecture.

We’ve spoken about your
lecture. It’s good.

You have to take grad school
one semester at a time.

You don’t have to
entertain our relatives.

They will entertain themselves.

You work on your paper,
I’ll make dinner.

Thank you.

My dad and Diane are talking
about getting married.

How do you feel about that?

I’d like him to have
someone to grow old with.

You’ll have your birthday
when we get to Italy.

How would you like
to celebrate it?

With you. In bed.

For a couple of days.

Would you like to invite people
to the exhibition in Florence?

No. I want you all to myself.

We can invite them to
Cambridge for your birthday.

I don’t like making a big
deal about my birthday.

25 is a milestone birthday.

So is 35.

My milestones are important
only because of you.

Without you, they’d
be empty days.

Do you have to be so sweet?

Since I’ve been eaten
sour most of my life, yes.

I believe this is a room
we haven’t christened yet.

I’ve missed this.

Holding you in the dark.

Hearing your voice.

I’ve been healed.

And it was more wonderful
than you can imagine.

I’m sorry I didn’t
realize you were sick.

I should have noticed.

It was my time.

Oh... there’s so much
I want to show you.

But not yet.

Rest, my love.

I am moving back here.

I’ll arrange the movers.

We’ll make sure to
get our furniture

out of the master bedroom.

No. The guest
room is mine now.

Grace will be with
me wherever I sleep.


What the hell are those?

I think they are beds.

We’re checking into a hotel.

You promised.

Nigel promised me a room with
a double bed and an en-suite.

Where’s the double bed?
Where’s the en-suite?

We’ll have to share
the bathroom...

We’ll be at the conference
most of the time.

C.S. Lewis was inspired by
those statues when he wrote

"The Lion, the Witch
and the Wardrobe."

That’s what they say.

Do you think his ghost
ever wanders around here?

I doubt he’d haunt
a place like this.

He’s probably at the pub.

Sex is almost impossible.
There isn’t enough space.

That isn’t how I remember it.

Is that a challenge,
Mrs. Emerson?

Are you worried
about your paper?

Do you think if I
asked C.S. Lewis

to intercede on my
behalf, he’d pray for me?

Lewis was a Protestant.

He didn’t believe in
petitioning the saints.

What if people ask
why you left Toronto?

We’ll say I wanted
to be in Boston

because you were
going to Harvard

and we were getting married.

Christa Peterson’s been
telling a different story.

Forget about her.

We don’t have to worry about
her at this conference.

But academics get
bored and like to talk.

Nothing is more exciting
than a sex scandal.

I beg to differ, Mrs. Emerson.

Sex with you is more
exciting than a scandal.

I wondered where you went.

I read the Narnia books.

They were special to me.

I read them, too.

There was a closet in
my mother’s apartment

that I was convinced would open
Narnia if I was a good boy.

Clearly, I wasn’t.

I know what it’s
like to be willing

to do anything to
make the stories real.

I said to you once that you were
not my equal, but my better.

I’m afraid you
didn’t believe me.

It’s difficult to believe
you think that, sometimes.

I need to do a better
job showing you.

But I’m not sure how.

There is The Eagle
and Child pub.

This is a dream come true.

You’ve worked very hard.

This is your reward.

I wonder what kind of trouble
we can get into in that museum.


I’m settling this
once and for all.

You can’t. Not here.

Trouble in Paradise?

I guess the honeymoon
didn’t last very long.

Not that I’m surprised.

I’d like a word, Miss Peterson.

Not after what
happened in Toronto.

If you want to say something,

you’ll have to say it
in front of witnesses.

I learned a few things
after you resigned.

BDSM. I didn’t know Professor
Singer was your Domme.

Let’s go. Please.

I’m looking forward to
your paper, Julianne.

It’s unusual for a first-year
student to be included.

However did you manage it?

Professor Picton invited me.

Wouldn’t it be better to
invite Gabriel to speak?

Or maybe he simply wrote
your paper for you.

I do my own research.

Your "research" won’t
help you write a lecture.

Not unless you
plan on telling us

about all the Harvard
professors you slept with.

That’s enough.

You don’t speak to my
wife. Do you understand?

Temper, temper, Gabriel.

It’s Professor Emerson.

Let’s go.

For me.

What is the meaning of this?

Who are you?

I’m Christa Peterson,
from Columbia.

I’m familiar with the
faculty from Columbia.

You’re not one of them.

I’m a graduate student.

Ah. Then you’re
not from Columbia.

You attend Columbia.

Why are you here?

Professor Picton, excuse me.
The young lady is a friend.

You need to teach
her some manners.

I’m aware of the havoc
you wreaked in Toronto.

You’ll follow the
rules of decorum here,

or I’ll have you thrown out.

Do you understand?

If your guest is
unpleasant in any way,

I will hold you
personally responsible.

I have an unforgiving memory.


Certo, Professor.

I’m the injured party here.

When I was in
Toronto, Gabriel...


I’m old, not senile.

I recognize a woman
scorned when I see one.

Everyone else here should, too.

This is not a fraternity party.

Dear friends, it
is good to see you.

I shall buy you a
drink this evening.

You and I shall
have a little chat.

Why don’t you join
us for dinner?

Thank you, but I’ll speak
with Julianne first.

We should have walked away.

You stood up for yourself.

I’m not going to stand there
and let her call you a whore.

I asked you to stop.

Let’s not fight
because of that bitch.

That’s what she wants.

She was spoiling for a fight,

and you gave it to her.

If I’d done nothing,

then it would look
like I agreed with her.

I asked you to stop,
and you brushed me off.

I’m your wife.
Not a speed bump.

In this paper, I shall catalogue

Dante’s use of the number three
throughout the Divine Comedy.

I shall argue that Il
Poeta is identifying

the number of
completion in nature,

animality and humanity,

as well as in the
structure and organization

of the afterlife.

This repetition should be
seen as Dante’s assertion

that completion and
perfection underlie

all of God’s creation, including
that of the underworld.

The first most significant
use of the number three

occurs in Dante’s division of
the Comedy into three books:

Inferno, Purgatorio,
and Paradiso.

I don’t want
to fight. I’m sorry.

Thank you for defending me.

I’m sorry she mentioned
Professor Payne.

only to be replaced
by the third...

Emerson was an ass.

But he hopes you forgive him.

Indeed, just as three beasts
threaten Dante’s progress,

so the three Guides
ensure and defend it.

The three Theological virtues
of Faith, Hope, and Charity

appear in Dante’s Paradiso.

The poet himself must pass

three examinations
on the virtues,

administered by
the three apostles

St. Peter, St.
James, and St. John.

I’m sorry
I embarrassed you.

I promise I’ll do better.

You’re not a speed bump.
You’re my Beatrice.

Two Caledonian ales, please.


Did Gabriel ever explain to you
how I came to be in his debt?

He mentioned something
about doing you a favor,

but he wasn’t specific.

Six years ago, I
received an e-mail

from an old friend at Oxford.

He told me our former
professor, John Hutton,

was in hospice, dying.

He was one of the
sources for my paper.

Well, when I received the news,

I approached Jeremy Martin
and asked to take a week off.

Jeremy Martin was an
ally to both of you.

He tried very hard to help.

I wondered why he helped Christa
transfer to his alma mater.

There were rumors
they were involved.

I expect better from you
than to listen to gossip.

I’m so sorry. You’re right.

Christa Peterson couldn’t
attract Jeremy’s eye

if she were standing naked,
holding an original manuscript

of The Decameron
and a case of beer.

Well, when I explained
my situation to Gabriel,

he volunteered to take over
for me while I was away.

It turned out, I was
away for four months.

I didn’t know that.

I never explained to Gabriel
why it was so important

for me to see John
before he died.

I don’t see a reason to
keep this a secret anymore.

I don’t expect you to hide
things from your husband,

but I would ask that
you be discreet.

Of course, Professor.

Old Hut, who was married, and I

were involved while
I was his student.

No one found out about us,

but there were rumors and they
followed me for ten years.

Someone wrote to the
University of Cambridge,

claiming that the
only reason Old Hut

wrote me a letter of
recommendation for me

was simply because I
was sleeping with him.

I’m so sorry.
That isn’t funny.

Of course it’s funny.

You should have seen the letter
of recommendation he wrote.

"Miss Picton is competent
in the study of Dante."

I was his lover, for God’s sake.

You think he could
trouble himself

to write more than one sentence?

When you have your
faculty position,

all these rumors
will be forgotten.

That’s six years
away, Professor.

Considering all that
I’ve shared with you,

I think you could
call me Katherine.

Thank you, Katherine.

You need to be more
assertive, academically.

Don’t let yourself be ravaged by
wolves like some diseased moose.

You mustn’t let your
husband defend you.

It makes you look helpless.

Chivalry in academia is dead.


Excuse me.

Ladies’ Room.

She needs rest.

The poor girl is worn out.


You cannot be
Julianne’s champion

at academic conferences.

Let her brightness shine.

That’s all I want.


Now, I hope when I give my
lecture in January at Harvard

I’ll be invited to
your home for dinner.

Greg Matthews always
takes me to these

appalling molecular
gastronomy restaurants

that serve deconstructed entrées
cooked in liquid nitrogen.

I never know whether
I’m having dinner

or sitting for an exam
in organic chemistry.

I need the room tomorrow night.

I’ll be entertaining.

You’d take someone
to your bed so soon?

The sheets will still be warm.

Don’t judge me.
You’re married.

Who I fuck is none
of your business.

Such a dirty mouth, Cristina.

I wondered why you
insisted I bring you.

You’re here for revenge.

We’re both getting
what we wanted.

Be careful, Cristina.

You don’t want Professor
Picton as an enemy.

I don’t care.


Don’t you understand
the patronage system?

Departments around the world
are filled with her admirers.

Your chair at Columbia
was her student.

Too late. I’ve already
pissed her off.

I’m responsible for
you, so you will stop.

I’m trying to get a
position in America.

I don’t need Professor
Picton making trouble.

Fine, but I need
the room tomorrow.

So, who is the man
you fuck tomorrow?

A priest? A professor?

Who said it was a man?

Then I expect you to share.

Wake up, darling.

You need to get ready.

You kept me up late.


You smell of sex...

And me.

You can’t deliver a lecture
at Oxford smelling of sex.

Watch me.

You look lovely.

And you’re going to be fine.

I’m going to get a coffee.
What would you like?


See you in there.

Hello, Professor.

What do you want?

You wanted to talk.

So... Talk.

I want the slander to
stop or I’ll sue you.

For what? Telling the truth?

There’s no truth to your
character assassinations.

You’re forgetting the part where
you fucked one of your students

and were placed on
administrative leave.

Not to mention Professor Singer

had quite a bit
to say about you.

You’re playing with fire.

Oh, I hope so, Professor.

You keep your mouth shut.

Or I’ll make your
life a living hell.

The power to end this
is in your hands.

Actually, it’s a bit lower.

For fuck’s sake.

Come to my hotel and tomorrow,

you won’t have to worry about
my talented mouth anymore.

I know you.

I know what you like and
I know what you want.


Then what happens next
is on your conscience.

You stay away from my
wife, do you hear me?

I’m at the Malmaison.

I brought handcuffs...

Come before midnight.

Give my best to your wife.

It’s so good to see you.


Professor Emerson.


Shake hands, gentlemen.

I didn’t know you were coming.

I wasn’t.

One of the presenters
backed down,

so Professor Picton invited me.

I’m giving the paper
just before Julia’s.

That’s great. Congratulations.

Can I take you to lunch?

I’m afraid she
already has plans.

I’d love to go to lunch
with you. Thank you.

Hello, Mr. Norris.

Mr. Norris and I are
having dinner this evening.

I’d like for you and
Julianne to join us.

We’d be delighted.

Since we’ll be dining
with you this evening,

I’ll claim my wife for lunch.

Very well.

I want to go to lunch with him.

Over my dead body.

He wants you.

Paul is not someone who would
make a pass at a married woman.

This conference is like a tour

through the various
levels of Hell.

It’s just lunch.

Good afternoon.

Why Ugolino’s feast
will never end.

The bestial nature of Ugolino
is dramatically depicted

in Auguste Rodin’s sculpture,
"Ugolino and His Children."

This piece forms piece
of Rodin’s larger work,

The Gates of Hell and
has a prominent position

in that commission.

Rodin sculpts
Ugolino as he crawls

over the figures of
his dying children.

His form both animalistic
and grotesque.

But Rodin has captured
Ugolino just before...

How’s your dad?

He’s better.

Thanks for the flowers.

I heard about Julia’s wedding.

Your mom told my mom.

She’s clearly a fool.

Uh... She isn’t, but thanks.

Do you want to go to a movie?

I mean, sometime.
Not right now.

It’s too early to go
to a movie right now.

I don’t know.

I don’t want things to
be weird between us.

We always promised each
other we’d be friends.

Things are just...
difficult right now.

Look, I’m not trying to
rope you into something.

I really want to be friends.



We have a history, Allison.

And it’s a good one.

But I don’t want
to jump back into

something with you right now.

You deserve to be with someone

who’s serious and
not half in it.

So, are we on for
that movie sometime?

I might even take you to dinner,

now that I’m pulling in
the big bucks as a teacher.

Only if I can take you
to breakfast right now.

Should we wait here?

Excuse me, I have
to use the bathroom.

I can’t wait to hear your paper.

I’m sure I’ll have
a few questions.

Your vendetta is ridiculous.

I never did anything to you.

You have something I want
and I always get what I want.

I don’t understand
what he sees in you.

Gabriel is beautiful.
He’s a legend.

All the women at Lobby knew
him and wanted to fuck him.

He needs to be with a
woman whose appetite

is as voracious as his.

He is.


I’m sure he enjoyed
the conquest,

but now his eyes will wander.

He’s probably cheated already.



What Gabriel sees in me.

The answer is love.

I know about the other women.

They aren’t a threat.

You’re delusional.

Why would he want a
vanilla little mouse

when he could have
a tiger in his bed?

Better a loving mouse
than an indifferent tiger.

Those women didn’t
see who he truly is.

They didn’t care that
he was miserable.

They would have used him
until there was nothing left

and then thrown him away.

I have loved him
since I was seventeen.

I love all of him, the
light and the dark.

That is why he’s with me.

So do your worst, Christa.

But if you’re planning to seduce
my husband, you will fail.

You’re right about
one thing, though.

My husband is an
exceptional lover.

Absolutely mind-blowing.

And tonight and every night,

the woman enjoying his
adventurous nature will be me.

Not bad for a mouse.

You look good.

Much better than the
last time I saw you.

Married life agrees with me.

You all right?

I’ve just noticed
the Rabbit’s gone.

About time, don’t you think?

I’ll miss her.

I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.


Table for two by the window?

Maybe we could trade tables
with the little girl?

She might like to
look out the window.

Thank you.

Maia, we can sit by the
window. Isn’t that nice?

We can look at the pumps.

Come on.

Thank you.

Are you planning on having a
Maia of your own anytime soon?


Um, not yet, I mean...

Do you want to share?

Sure, the lunch special and
appetizer platter look good.


A little.

My eyes bother me sometimes.

You should get
your eyes checked.

Lots of grad students
end up with eyestrain.

Do you wear glasses?

No, I drank a lot
of milk growing up.

It helps vision.

I thought carrots did that.

Milk helps everything.

Are you seeing anyone?

Ali and I go out
occasionally, but it’s casual.

She’s nice.

She cares about you.

I want you to be happy.

How are things going
in your program?

The professors are tough.

I’m working all the
time, but I love it.

Do you go out at all?


It’s awkward because the other
students invite their partners

and Gabriel doesn’t think
it’s a good idea for him

to socialize with grad students.

He wants to have a baby.

And you don’t?

I want to finish my program.

I’m worried if we have a
baby, I’ll never graduate.

Have you told him?


He said he understood.

But once you express
that kind of desire,

it can’t be taken back.

Jules, if you aren’t ready
for a family, say so.

Otherwise, you’re
gonna end up miserable.

I don’t think having
a baby with my husband

would make me miserable.

Dropping out of Harvard would.

If your husband loves you, then
he needs to wake the fuck up

and drop the whole
barefoot-and-pregnant bullshit.

He doesn’t want that.

I’m not the only person
whose dreams count.

It’s hard for me to
see you with him.

When is he going to realize
he married an incredible woman

and that he needs
to care for her?

He does care for me.

He’d give me the world if he
could fit it in his pocket.

I’m the one who’s struggling.

It’s hard to withhold something
from someone you love,

knowing it would make him happy.

And I’m happy, Paul.


Bon apetit.

She is a rising star at Harvard.

Please welcome Julianne Emerson.

Thank you, Professor Patel.

The title of my presentation is

"The Silence of St. Francis:
A Witness to Fraud."

In canto 27 of Dante’s Inferno,

Guido da Montefeltro
tells the story

of what happened after he died.

"Francis came afterward,
when I was dead, for me;

"but one of the black
Cherubim said to him:

"’Take him not; do me no wrong;

"he must come down
among my servitors,

Because he gave the
fraudulent advice."

Guido sought absolution for
the sin of fraudulent counsel

before he committed the sin.

He believed absolution
would free him

from the consequences
of his sin.

Francis could have
called him a liar

for presenting a false
account of his appearance.

Instead of fighting to
preserve his good name,

Francis is quiet so
the evil can be heard

for exactly what it is.

Guido would have us believe

that Francis confronted
a demon but lost,

because he wasn’t smart
enough to best the demon

in a match of logic.

In my view, he comes to the
grave of Guido da Montefeltro

to mourn him and his life
of fraud, not to rescue him.

In conclusion, Francis
appeared at the death of Guido,

but not to steal his soul.

If anything, Dante
uses Guido as a foil

to praise the piety
of St. Francis

by providing a stark
contrast between the two men.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Are there any questions?

I have a question.

There are so many
holes in your paper,

I don’t even know
where to begin.

But let’s start
with your research.

The majority of papers accept
that Francis came for Guido.

A few deny that
Francis appeared.

But no one, no one,

believes that Francis appeared
but not for Guido’s soul.

Either Guido’s
lying or he isn’t.

It can’t be half and
half, like cream.

You didn’t even
mention Canto 27,

where Guido explains to Dante
that he’s telling the truth.

If you had bothered to
read Professor Hutton’s

seminal work on the
organization of the Inferno,

you’d know he thought the
demon’s speech was reliable

because his words were
historically accurate.

So Hutton thought that Francis
appeared for Guido’s soul, too.

Guido says he’s willing
to tell the truth

because he believes Dante
is one of the damned

and thus won’t be able
to repeat the story.

But Guido’s tale
is self-serving.

He simply doesn’t want to
tip his hand by saying so,

which is why he
gives the speech.

You’re forgetting this
line: "Ora chi se,

"ti priego che ne conte;

"non esser duro più
ch’altri sia stato,

se ’l nome tuo nel
mondo tegna fronte."

Dante tells Guido he intends to
repeat his tale in the world.

It’s only after Dante says this

that Guido recounts
his life story.

Also, we know that
Dante doesn’t resemble

the other shades physically.

So it is likely that
Guido recognized

that Dante wasn’t dead.

I think...

As for your point about
Professor Hutton’s work,

your characterization of
his position is incorrect.

In a footnote he states that
he believed Francis appeared

because he thinks the
words of the demon

were directed at someone
other than Guido himself.

Professor Hutton
says he has doubts

as to whether Francis
appeared for Guido’s soul

or for some other reason.

- But...
- Can we move on?

You’ve asked your question
and the speaker answered it.

Adequately, I might add.

I tend to agree with
much of what you’ve said,

and although I
can’t speak for him,

I surmise Old Hut would
too, if he were here.

Thank you, Professor Wodehouse.

However, you rather
glossed over the agreement

that existed between
Boniface and Guido.

My thesis was on
the interpretation

of Francis’s appearance,
not Guido’s sin.

Nevertheless, I’m
happy to expand

on that part of the paper.

When Guido encountered
Pope Boniface VIII...

Thank you.

Thank you, Mrs. Emerson.

We’ll pause now
for tea and coffee.

That’s my smart girl.

Please join us.

- Thank you.
- Excuse me.

Is there a problem?

Fuck it.

Professor Picton
would like you to be

an external reader
on my dissertation.

Is that something
you’d consider?

I’ll consider it.

I was at UCLA and people
were talking about

how Julia boinked you
in order to graduate

and get into Harvard.

Those rumors are the fruits of
Miss Peterson’s poisonous tree.

She will be dealt
with, I assure you.

You don’t deserve her.

You think I don’t know that?!

Every night when I fall
asleep with her in my arms,

I thank God she’s mine.

And every morning
when I wake up,

my first thought is that
I’m grateful she married me.

I will never be worthy of her.

But I will spend every
day trying my damnedest.

I know you want her.

But I’m telling you,
you can’t have her.

I don’t just want
her. I love her.

She’s the one.

She can’t be the
one. She’s my wife!

I know.

I met a pretty,
sweet, Catholic girl.

The kind of girl I’ve been
looking for my whole life.

When I finally asked
her to choose me,

she couldn’t because she
was in love with the asshole

that broke her heart

and will probably break
it again and again.

I’ll admit I was an asshole.

I’m not that man anymore

and I’m sure as hell not going
to break her heart again.

Then let her finish her program.

Let her?

Julia feels guilty about
making her grad program

such a high priority.

She told you this?

She also said she
doesn’t have any friends.

How convenient.

Are you interested in
continuing to be her friend?

My friendship with
her has to end.

She’ll be hurt.

Perhaps I should persuade
you to change your mind.

You can’t.

I’ve misjudged you, Paul.

And for that, I’m... I’m sorry.

It’s time to move on.

When I get back to
Vermont I’ll write to her.

And I’ll tell Katherine I
spoke to you and you declined.

Mr. Norris!

I always intended to
be an external reader.

Your research stands
on its own merits.

If I learn that you’ve
broken her heart again,

we’re going to have a problem.

If I break Julianne’s
heart, I’ll deserve it.

Can we stop touching
each other now?

Do you feel differently
about grad school now?

Or are you still enthusiastic
about your program?

It was an intimidating

But I’m glad I did it.

I’d like to do it again.


You’re gifted, Julianne

and I want to do everything in
my power to help you succeed.

Thank you. That means a lot.

In recognition of
a job well done.

To my beloved with
admiration and pride.


I’ll be back soon.

You were wonderful.

Darling? Why are you shy?

Sometimes I worry that I’m not
adventurous enough for you.

That’s a remarkable worry
after the past few hours.

Christa cornered me
just before lunch

and said you deserved
someone adventurous.

Don’t listen to her
poisonous bullshit.

I told her you deserved love
and that’s what I gave you.

And that’s certainly true.

So why worry?

Because I want to keep you.

We’re in a competition,
then, darling,

because I want to do my
damnedest to keep you.


Our bed is for pleasure.

My utmost concern
is to please you...

and to find my
pleasure with you.

There are some adventures
I’d be willing to explore,

if you felt the same way.

But you don’t have to worry that
I’ll abandon you if you say no.

You can always say no.




Do you still feel shy?


But I’m wondering...

what kind of sexual adventures

do you have in mind?

I’ll show you.


No, no!

- Stop!
- Come here.


I’ll teach you something.

Come here!

Your sister sent me an e-mail.

Shh. Quiet, I’m
trying to kiss you.

This is important.

Rachel and Aaron want us to
light a candle in Assisi.

They want us to pray
that they’ll have a baby.

I can’t bear to be
the one standing

between you and your dreams.

Darling, nothing could
be further from my mind.

We can talk about the
future and make plans

without changing our time line.


I’ve asked John
Green to send Christa

a cease and desist letter.

The conference went
better than expected.

Perhaps the slander isn’t
as worrisome as we thought.

Slander is always worrisome.

Oh, damn it.

Miss Peterson.

I hate to trouble
you, Professor Barini,

but I need to speak to you
about Professor Pacciani.