Fotografija ar sievieti un mezakuili (1987) - full transcript

A young criminal investigation officer, Konrad Ulf, was charged with the murder of photographer Rudolph, who was shot in the yard of his house. The investigator finds out that on the eve of the murder the photographer quarreled with his neighbor Karlis - an invalid who hardly moves on crutches. In Karlis, Conrad recognizes his friend, who served with him in Afghanistan. Karlis admits in fulfillment of murder, but on a course of consequence it becomes clear, that he has stipulated himself. The investigator is sure: the key to the solution is a picture of a naked beauty, found in the photo archive of Rudolph.



Screenplay by Andris Kolbergs

Directed by Arvīds Krievs

Director of photography: Dāvis Sīmanis

Production designer: Vasilijs Mass

Music by Mārtiņš Brauns
Sound designer: Anrijs Krenbergs

Costumes by Večella Varslavāne

Editing by Liene Bāliņa
Make-up by Edīte Noriete

Assistant director: Vija Ozere
Camera operator: Valdemārs Jemeļjanovs

Screenplay editors:
Antons Broks, Andis Ploks

Assistants: Valija Cercina, Benita Lāce,
Marija Čivle, Ārija Meidropa,

Uldis Millers, Aivars Dambekalns,
Gunta Krūmiņa

Lighting by Zigfrīds Troms
Colour correction by Elena Turova

Administrators: Aiva Sīmane,
Indra Suhanova, Agris Zobiņš

Executive producer: Vija Millere


Alvis Hermanis,
Mirdza Martinsone,

Pēteris Gaudiņš

Saulius Balandis, Elza Radziņa,

Ivars Kalniņš

Nina Neznamova, Maiga Grīnberga,
Viesturs Rieksts, Inese Pabērza,

Varis Vētra, Anna Romanovska,
Andrejs Žagars

Juris Žagars, Ella Bēdele,
Sanita Vītola, Gundars Āboliņš,

Kārlis Pamše, Sarmīte Ēlerte,
Normunds Naumanis

I want to stay, Dad!

Get on with it!


- Go now!
- Irresistible...

In your dreams!

She really is a little shit…

but you should have been
man enough to forgive her.

I can forgive but not forget.

Forgive then. And live a happy life.

The main thing is ‒
you’ll have a lift here.

Nice house...

New neighbours, ciao!


Look, up there…

Fourth floor.

- A-ha…
- Both windows or just the one?

You’ll have a girlfriend here.

Hold it for me.

Just what I needed,
dancing attendance on a disabled man.



That’s still a Kuznetsov.

You remind me a lot of my nephew.

My sister lives in Los Angeles.

I was there!


The places she took me to!

I visited Disneyland!

That is a fairy-tale land.
I will show you.

No idea where I've put it.

Here it is!

I travelled on a ship
from Mark Twain’s era.

There were snakes
coming down from the sky.

Crocodiles snapping jaws.

Look. Aren't you two alike?
He looks just like you, doesn't he?

Did you live alone all this time?

Well, yes.

I manage quite well on my own.

Is someone coming over to cook for you?

I'll manage.

I could cook for you.

Cooking for two or for three,
makes no difference for me.

You do have a card
for buying food without a queue?






I learnt that in the hospital.

I had a boyfriend, a circus magician.

He left...

- Where did he go?
- He left...

Over there, to the Promised Land…
For good, for good…

The letters he wrote me!
Long, long letters...

My darling sweetie-pie!
I will never forget you!

He was hit by a...

an Israeli...

Israel's, yes?

By a tank!

What is your name?


Kārlis was the name
of our first Prime Minister.

The first one,
and the last one.

The last what?

That was so long ago...

It’s going to be alright, Kārlis.

We’ll get along.

Maybe we will.

We got a new history teacher.
She's beautiful.

Shall we bring her too next time?


- Dad!
- Yes.


Are you cold?

I made you coffee.


No sugar for me.

For shit's sake!

Is Ināra here?

- Ah!
- No.

Where’s Ināra?

Ināra is not here.
I told you already. Got it?

- Shut up and go get Ināra.
- She is not here.

I told you already, loud and clear.
Get lost or I’ll call the police.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall...

Get lost, you hear me?

You’re in deep shit now.

What… what are you touching there?

I know a thing or two about ART.

Well good-bye then, you artists.

You deal with it then.


You look lovely.

I’m also looking good today, right?

Hands off!

Calm down, dude.

Take a piccy of us.
We’re getting married soon.

Hands off!

Have some coffee while it’s hot.

And some warm pies.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Before it gets cold.

Where did you see this, son?

Not me, that’s Kārlis’ design.

I saw one just like this in 1938.

At the Press Ball.

Those were the grandest of them all.

By the way, a lady is joining us.

Someone to fry the liver for us.

Take these.

I have read
that woman on a hunt is bad luck.

It’s marriage that’s bad luck.

- Do I know her?
- Unlikely...

No-one knows women.

She is my daughter’s history teacher.

to the lovely huntress!

Nice to see you.

- Hello!
- Hello!

- What are we hunting today?
- A wild boar. I brought the tusks.

What do you need them for?

Just in case.
We may feel like making great art.


I am Judīte.

Yes, I know.

And hello to you, Judīte.


Is that you?

Why the surprise?

Do I look like I’ve risen from my grave?

The rustle of crinolines
all around us...

Everything’s gold, everything’s white…

Candles melting in the candelabra...

Time flows, time flows, time flows...


I love you.

I love you very, very much.

Ever since September 1st.

I mean, since September 2nd.
September 1st was on a Sunday.

So since Monday.

It’s been over a month now.

Don't laugh at me.


What is it you want, kid?


I have never been on a hunt.

You should make a wish then.

Something huge, white and clean…

Wash my car!

- Really?
- Yes.

That will cost you.

You’re not afraid to lose the jewellery?

Because it’s pure gold!

Go ahead, shoot!

What’s… with the legs, Kārlis?

Have you been long like this?

Kārlis, catch!


It's alright. Let’s go.

What are you doing here?

I came to talk to the tree, Teacher.

It is an oak.

Shouldn't you be working like the rest?

Slave labour is cheap and unproductive.

And I forgot if we arranged
to make love here or in the forest…

Turn the torch!

Poor piggy, it was alive a moment ago.

You’d better shoot… someone nasty.

Take off your clothes,
I will photograph you!


Imagine the picture.

A wild boar,
the naked body of a woman and a gun.

Take off your clothes!


Kārlis, you tell her!

Could be fantastic!


Rūdolfs is an excellent photographer.

Come, I’ll show you something.
I’ll show you something right now.

I am not going anywhere.

Hello, Juris.

Congratulations. A job for you.

They could have shot from above.


What do you think?

You’re going door to door ‒ look out.


You try and find the street-sweeper.


Can I be of any assistance?

What do you want to tell me?

I am his communal flat neighbour.

We wanted to know if there's any hope.

Go back up.

We’ll call you when we need you.

- He’s dead?
- Not alive, yes.

Go back.

I will need you later.

I’d like to speak to Judīte.

My wife is no longer here…

Packed her bags and left.


We’ve been left standing, both of us.

Judīte, where did you come from?

Fell out of a plane?


I've left home.

Yes, for good.

- Where're you going?
- Home.

- Where's home?
- There.


- Can you give me a lift?
- Hop right in!

As a girl,
I wanted to get away so much.

I thought real life began
on the other side of the woods.

May I stay with you for a bit?

I would be glad if you stayed…

If you stayed for good.

It’s so stupid,
living on your own with a kid.

At least there’d be another human being.

- Alright.
- Deal.

Raivis, darling!

Come here, son.

Got it. A shell.

A fresh one.


Let's go.

Come in.

Thank you.

Let’s start from here.

Where did he keep his papers?

There, in his desk.

On the left side.

Who could have shot him?

I don’t know.

He is a good man.

Was… a good man.

I knew his parents.

He was… attentive, helpful.

Never overcharged for pictures
for neighbours.

Who’s the girl?

That’s his wife.

His ex-wife.

Did he come home from work?

Yes. For lunch.

I cooked for both of them.

All of us just shared a meal.

Does he always
cone home at the same time?

Yes. He has a lunch break at work.

From two o’clock.


Come here.

Hunting guns.
12-millimetre. There’s two of them.

Excuse me, may I have a word?


Sit down, please.

What kind of man was he?

Well, he was a photographer.

An artist.

An artist...

I know that.

I am his wife.

You are his ex-wife.

As far as I know,
there never was another wife than me.


Just bedmates.

What was it you wanted to tell me?

I’d like to take the car papers
and garage key, right now.

Yes, and seal the room.

He should have valuables
and a nice wad of money.

He can’t have given everything away to
the paupers and cripples of the world.

A proper vulture.

He’s barely dead,
and she’s at it already.

Much safer that way, Paula.

I want to be sure
there isn’t any looting going on.

You’ve never had
any money and never will.

You are chasing it too much.

Yes. I need money.

I have to raise his child.

The child of that super stallion.

You made him a cuckold yourself.

Did he have any enemies?

Who could have murdered him?

No-one except
a jealous husband or a lover.

Hardly any men like that
left in the world.

No backbone.

You piece of trash
with your cheap earrings!

Who told you
that your husband was dead?

I don’t know, I called him at work.
We had arranged it.

They told me. A tragedy.

This inheritance thing,
does it take long?

There is nobody else except his child.

Why did you call him?

He promised the child support.

Last year's.

How much?

I need a thousand.

You need so much?

Why, it’s not about me.

I don’t, my child does.

The child needs food.

The child needs, the child…


The garage keys are in the kitchen.
May I?

Sorry, I really can’t help you.
I am sorry.

You are incredibly kind.

Miserable cop.


Do you know this dame?

I’ve never seen her.

And you?

Have you ever seen her?

She doesn’t remind you of anyone?

Perhaps the actress Mirdza Martinsone.
But that’s definitely not her.


I don’t know…

You don’t know her either, right?

- You don’t know her?
- Would you excuse me?

I must take my medicine.

I’m not going to disappear.

Go ahead.

Poor dear!

I think I have seen you before.

We were drafted right after Victory Day.

I understand, it’s hard for you now.

I remember more than you think!

There’s no need to feel sorry for me.

That’s the kind of job I have.

Perhaps you recognise
someone in these photos?


You couldn’t come home any later?

Do you know what time it is?

What were you doing bumming
around in the middle of the night?

You didn’t have to come back at all.

Where were you?

Oh stop it.
You probably haven’t had any supper.

I brought some liver. Wild boar.
I’ll fry it for you right now.

So where were you then?

I called school, I was worried.

I was on a hunt.

The kids’ parents organised
a fantastic hunt.

It was so lovely in the forest!

You’re so lying right now.

We shot a boar.
And then we divided the game.

We drew lots. I got the liver.

You’ve always loved liver, haven’t you?



You’ll bring home a bad disease.

My hubby...

My hubby...

My wonderful hubby...

You’re the best, the best, the best...

The best...

Put on your glasses now.

You are so wonderful.

You are so wonderful,
wonderful, wonderful…

And you’ve put on a clean shirt.

I was thinking about you
the whole day in the forest.

Will you take off my tights?

Will you?

My most…
And your dick…

You stink like a wild boar.


You stink like a wild boar.

Yes. Just a moment.

Boar huntress!

Wild boar! Ha!

I want to understand who he was.

What kind of man was he?

He was a good photographer,
not just a craftsman.

I’ve seen his pictures
in several magazines.

Foreign magazines, even.

Sometimes I catch up
with guys from our battalion.

Do your mates visit you sometimes?


I don’t need that.

I’d also like to forget everything.
I don’t know how to live here.

I know.

He too was not doing well at work.
He preferred to work at home.

The girls also came over here.

I came to see you, Kārlis.

Good-bye then!

Will you come again?

Please visit us. Kārlis and I
will be looking forward to it.

I think the cripple suspects it anyway.

Why are you telling me that?

Because I like you.

No other reason.

That was so long ago.

I was his first love.

He has no claim on me.


Poor little cripple.

Doomed to live his life without legs.

I’m so sorry for him.

Did you promise to wait for him
to come back from the army?


Perhaps he still… loves you.

I don’t know.

Don’t think badly of me.

I will be with you,
as long as you want it.

Well, hello stranger!

How do you do.


You came?


From the bottom of my heart.

From your garden!


Thank you.

Come and see the exhibition.

I’m in a hurry.

You haven't seen anything like this.

- You won’t regret it.
- Only for a minute then.

I can’t leave the hothouse unattended,
you know that.

You never have time
for anything, I remember.

So many pictures.
Where do I start?

- Look, Judīte.
- Hubby!

What brought you here?

I will introduce you at once.


Zigītis, hubby.

This is Rūdolfs...

- Hello!
- The photographer.

And these are all your pictures?

No, just one, in this show.


Take our picture, please do!


One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine.

[speaks Russian]

One, two, three...

[speaks Russian]

Like this...

[speaks Russian]

Bankruptcy, bankruptcy, bankruptcy.

You lost the hothouse and all!

[speaks Russian]

Well then, let’s go,
I’ll show you your new property.

You stay and enjoy boredom.

This is paradise!

You like it?

I like to see that
you have preserved my property well.


Mhm. From my father.

My father built it in 1938.

So the foundation was laid by Granddad.

I won’t need
to do a lot of restoring then.

You can’t buy glass like this.

I will rent it out to you. I don’t know
the first thing about flowers.

I’m just captivated by their beauty.


I do scientific work.

I have contracts with botanical gardens.

Beauty will save the world, young man.

I will give you fantastic publicity.

Let the world get to know you.

Days pass, I think.
Who is my God whom I worship?

You know Tagore?

Scared of future,
I lose sight of the road,

staring at the day
after tomorrow...

Let a child’s confidence
awaken in my soul once again...

Here, drink…


There, there, there...


There, there.

Lady, you’re holding
the lamb the wrong way.

Sorry, what?

Happy New Year!

- Happy New Year!
- Happy New Year!

I remember,
we used to drink spirits at the front.

But no snacks to follow.

We just sniffed some fabric.

[sings in Russian]

[sings a melody]

Why aren’t you singing?

You were in the army, weren’t you?

I don’t know this song.

He was so lonely!

Oh, that’s you?

What are you doing in front of my door?

Looking for you.

Take me with you.

It’s not worth it.
Wouldn’t do anyone any good.

You haven’t understood a thing.

I will never forgive you.

It’s all the same to me now.

All of you here...

Oh how I hate you!

Shooting you once is not enough.

Would that change anything?

Of course not.

No-one needs me here.

I don’t know how to live here.

No-one needs you here.

So come with me.

Let’s go.

Breakfast is ready!

A taxi, please.

My number is twenty-eight…


- Twenty-six...
- Yoo-hoo!

Good morning!


Good morning!

Flat number...
Good morning! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

- To Mežaparks.
- Where were you yesterday?

Good morning, good morning!

It just happened that way...

- I couldn’t come.
- We waited for you.

- Good morning.
- We cast fortunes...

until we fell asleep.

I couldn’t get a car.

- A car my foot!
- We waited for you.

You have legs, don’t you?

- Could have come on foot.
- I couldn’t.

The writer came.

When did we go to bed?
I don’t even remember.

- Who came?
- The writer...

You! Silly boy!
Could’ve made the effort.

That’s how it played out.

- Guilty as charged.
- Do you get the joke?

- Yes?
- We lit so many sparklers that…

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!


Auntie Paula.

What a familiar face!

Please, let’s all have some coffee!

Thank you. I have
a husband at home waiting for me.

Perhaps children as well.

Oh, what a surprise!

I have everything ready.

I'll set the table in the room.

Not enough space in the kitchen.

Coffee will be ready in a moment.

Sorry, Kārlis,
it just happened that way...

Well, what do we do now?

Let’s go!

- Come with me, please.
- I just hate domestics.

I know!

New Year’s Eve carnival!

Oh dear!

You will reproach me now, right?

No-one will believe us
without some props.

Kārlis, it is you
who has to go with her.

Tell him
you were at a New Year’s Eve carnival.

Fuck you!

I’m not going anywhere.

Your problem, deal with it.

Happy New Year, darling!

Excellent timing. Exactly at twelve…

in the noon.

Thank you!

- Doggie...
- You’re welcome.

I’m lucky
Kārlis gave me a lift in his taxi…

otherwise, who knows when I’d get home.

- Thanks, from the bottom of my heart.
- Doggie, my sweetie...

Keep the change.

Zigurds Žīraks, Judīte’s husband.

Kārlis is my former pupil.
My best pupil.

- Pupil?
- Pupil.

In that case, you must stay for a while.

Zigītis, don’t.
He is… tired.

No, no, no, no. I won’t hear of it.

Your pupils,
particularly the best ones, are sacred.

So please get out of the car,
you must see how we live here.


Heh, heh,
tired after a night of revelry?

Oh... A pupil!


Please go inside.

You bastard!

A carnival, heh!

And what’s inside here?

That is a hunting gun.

I can show magic tricks.

So you’re going to show us something?

What you did at the ball.

The effect of an air stream.

I’m buying. For my wife.

- He is not selling.
- Stop meddling.

How much?

It’s not mine.

A valuable antique.


Your legs…

is that from polio?


You probably can’t talk about that.

Why do you think it’s forbidden?

These days,
you can talk about all sorts of things.

You were in Afghanistan?

Why don’t you tell Kārlis
about your flowers?

I cast fortunes around midnight.

Since I had to watch
the hothouse anyway...

why not.
You know what was my fortune?

This is my study, my sanctuary.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring.
Try to be happy today.

Go in and take a look!

I want to go home.
I haven’t slept all night.

If you have a moment later,
take a look at this...


Later, later…

Not for a minute,
can’t leave home for a single minute.

Because I cannot risk everything.

Have to maintain the exact temperature,
the exact humidity in the hothouse…

otherwise, you know how they say…

The work, the material,
everything's fucked up.

But you’re probably
not interested in that.

I don’t know
the first thing about flowers.

These are azaleas.

This one is "Judīte".

I have never set foot in a hothouse.

But I like it very much.

Oh, but wait for the roses!

It's like paradise.

You should visit before Women’s Day.

That’s harvest time for us.

Because women
sometimes like flowers, too.

How was it at the ball last night?

You should go out more often
with my teacher.

Yes. I used to do that.

I don’t do that anymore.
What’s there for me to find?

Other people’s cooties.

When I was young, I thought
having fun was what mattered most.

At thirty,

money and property.

Now I know

what matters most
for a man is his work.

His work.

Did Mum buy you a winter coat?

She promised but didn’t buy yet.

Does Mum often go out at night?

She does sometimes.

You could visit me more often.
I set up all of this for you.

Leave me alone!


Sweetie, shall tell you a joke
about a rabbit and a suitcase?

Something to tell at school.
What do you say?

So a rabbit is riding in a train…

Come back to us, Dad.

It’s very hard for Mum without you.

Come back.

Nobody loves her.
Except me.

If you knew how warm it is!
It’s going to be an early spring.

For you!

For you, for you,
for you, for you, for you.

I left home.

I am staying with you. For good.

I’m sorry, this is a bad moment.

- You’re not happy?
- Go away, please.

Please, go.
I will call you later.

Good evening, Teacher!

I know everything,
I have a wedding gift for you!

I drew a wedding dress for you.

Stop meddling, you cripple!

I will see you out, Teacher!

I have nowhere to go.

You are… so good!


You’re sending her away?

You don’t get to tell me
who I should live with.

I can get laid any time I want.

I don’t need a resident whore for that.

If you do,
if spicy piccies are not enough for you…

be my guest, go after her.



I am so sick of it all!

In the forest, wild sows live in herds.

The wild boar lives alone!

Criminal investigation!

Could have at least given some notice.

I’ve only been here a short time,
since they fired me from a newspaper.

This dump will never see
a photographer of his calibre.

He would have been
filthy rich in the West.

He was so lonely!

Did you notice anything suspicious?

Did women often visit him?

There’s no room for that here.

They did call.


Well, yes…
That hysterical woman...

His ex-wife.

Whenever she needed some money.

are not always philanderers.

And who is she?

A model.

- What a wh… huntress!
- Shut up!

Do you know her name?

- No.
- No.

Did he have many enemies?
Did he earn a lot here?

No-one here earns
the kind of money worth killing.

He was so lonely.

You probably won’t tell us who shot him.

Of course not.

What are you doing here?

Why are you in this room?

Looking for a black suit and slippers
for a dead man.

Did you find any?

Not yet.

Stop this babbling.

What are you burning there?

Memories of my youth.

Memories of my youth.

I have nothing to lose.

I shot him.


I shot him.

What made you?

What made you do it?



We had a fight!

We had a fight.

I told him it’s wrong to live like that.

That people suffer because of him.

Then I took a gun and shot him.

You murdered him.


I didn’t murder him.


I killed him…

It’s not the same.

It’s all the same...

to someone who is dead!

It has been said:
thou shalt not kill.



You have killed a man!

You killed a man.


I killed him
so he would let other people live!

So what now?

Kill everybody?

Anyone who is in your way...

you’ll want to kill them?

In crowded buses, shopping queues...

housing queues...

You’ll want to shoot them all?

You’re going to shoot everybody? Yes?

Let’s go then.

Let’s go, mate, I will help you.

Let's go.

Let’s go.

Come, mate.

Let's go.

It’s not my fault that you’re healthy
but I came back a cripple.

Nobody needs me like this.

But a man needs love.

I am hurting everywhere.

And I no longer have a human soul.

Everybody needs love.

Everybody hurts.

I will help you.

The killer escaped through the attic.

A disabled man could not do it.

He is taking someone else’s blame.

So he knows the real murderer.

That much is completely clear.

We must find the murder weapon.

- We checked the two guns.
- 12-millimetre?

They haven’t been fired.
But there must be a third one.

It is on several photographs.

When we find the gun,
we’ll find the shooter.

You claim
to have killed the photographer.

In that case,
where is the murder weapon?

The third gun, the one
in the photo with the naked lady.

Where is it?

And who is the lady?

What is her name?
Where does she live?

Answer please.

And why do you want to be the murderer?

Is there really no solution?

Of course there is.

Go and beg her to come back.


Maybe not lovely but such is life.

What if she categorically refuses?

I wouldn’t want to be in your
place then. I do not envy you then.

She was a pretty and nice teacher
from the country.

She looked so good here.

And if your work remains undone,
When you are taken by the night...

Is not another morning bringing
Someone who will finish your work…

She will ruin me.

Pull up your crocuses
and sell them all! Today.

Tomorrow you may be sitting
on a suitcase in the snow.

I cannot take on a lost case.
She has the papers.

Why did you gift her the house?


Where is she now?

I don’t know,
staying with a photographer.

Then go to the photographer’s
and beg her to come back.

- I?
- You understand me?


Anyway, go, humiliate yourself.

You must win time,
or they'll open a photo studio here.

A studio? That’s inhuman!

But that’s realistic.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Please wait.

May I have a word with you?

What do you want?
What has happened?

Only you can help me.

The process of life, it is a circle...
It has no beginning and no end...

Tell Judīte to come back.

Let me give you these flowers,
I grew them myself.

Don’t break up my family.

The hothouse is my life,
I beg you.

I have always wanted
a pretty wife and a hothouse.

I beg you,
leave my wife alone.

That’s your problem, not mine.

I am being burnt alive.
I am scared for myself.

- Save me!
- Get away from me!

I beg you!


Thunder, throw your flames!

As our flesh dissolves,

let the pure fire melt
our souls into a single spirit…

that knows
no other union under this sun.

- What?
- I had… a horrible dream.

What are you scared of?

Is someone there?

Let’s get up.

Got to go, milk the cows.

Got to feed the sheep.

Why are you shaking?

What is it? Something wrong?

I am not telling you anything else.

You are free to go.

Come on, mate, let’s go.

You can go.

Get up!

And where else do you want to take me?

Let's go.

You better leave me alone.

Shot on SVEMA film