Forgotten Sins (1996) - full transcript

A county sheriff is accused by his daughter of having abused her. Her accusation gets more and more elaborate, involving satanic rituals. As nearly everyone around him seems to believe he's guilty, he starts breaking up and questioning his own innocence.

- [Announcer] Tonight's
film is a dramatization

based on published
accounts, police reports,

personal interviews
and court documents.

Composite characters
have been used

and names have been changed.

- [Wayne] So she takes
us into the bedroom,

which is where she
says it happened.

Then she opens up this
drawer and inside...

- [Mathew] What, come
on, whips and chains?

- [Wayne] Whips and chains?

Hey, Matthew, wanna step
into the 20th century?

- [Oscar] Come on, deal
me some cards I can use.

- [John] Hang on, not
just whips and chains,

we're talking
hi-tech stuff here.

(men laughing)
Stainless steel, leather.

- [Mathew] What leather?
- [John] Leather.

- [Wayne] Wait now,
wait, wait, wait,

then she says,

"Officer, please let me
show you how it happened."

And she begins to lay
this stuff out on the bed.

(men laughing)

- [John] It happens to
me every time, you know.

- [Mathew] Come on.

- I swear, that's
how it happened.

- Yeah, you swear.

- Hey, Dad.
- Hey, bud.

- Hey, Tommy, how
you doing, buddy?

Hey, um, you wanna sit
in a couple of hands?

- Sure.

- Did you bring your money?

- Well, you better
give it to your dad

because he's gonna
be needing it.

- Look at that who says?

You all ready for bed?

- Haven't brushed my teeth yet.

- You haven't
brushed your teeth?

You go up and brush your
teeth, I'll be right up.

- All right.

- Boy, he is growing
up, isn't he?

- Yeah, but wait, I
wanna get this straight.

So wait, she's gonna
chain herself to the bed

to help recreate the crime?

- Oh, yeah, very
helpful witness.

Let's make it a dollar.

- He's buying it.

- Wait, so, so what'd you do?

I mean, you couldn't
let her, right?

- Well, it was a crime
scene, crime reenactment.

Got to have pictures.

- That's right.
(men laughing)

- I'm gonna see this pictures.

- Where are these pictures?

- Held in strictest confidence,

very much like my hand
here, the bet's a dollar.

(men laughing)

- I'm gonna fold, but
I'll be right back.

- [Oscar] Folding, folding,
well, I'm gonna bet a dollar.

(dogs howling)

- Remember when you
used to be afraid

of those old wild foxes?

- I'm not afraid anymore,
they're just like dogs.

- Just like dogs.

Good night, big boy.
- Good night, Dad.

- Sweet dreams.

(upbeat music)

What's that music?

You know I do not allow that
kind of music in this house.

How do you open this?
- Dad...

- I don't know what kind of
music you're talking about.

- You know exactly what
kind I'm talking about.

- Full boat, aces and nines.
(glass bottle shatters)

(men laughing)
- Can't take you anywhere.

- Hey, hon!

Honey, would you bring
a sponge or something?

- What, are you boys to
the spilled drink stage...

(man laughing)

- I finally won a hand and
I got a little excited.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry

- All right, the name of the
game is "Follow the Queen."

- [Oscar] I don't know it.

- Seven card stud, the next
card up after a queen is wild.

- So the wild card could change?

- [Wayne] Almost certainly will.

Follow the queens,
gentlemen, follow the queens.

Ladies control our
fate in this game.

In that respect,
a lot like life.

- [Mathew] You drive safe now.

I'll see you next week.

- [Oscar] Adios.

- [Wayne] He enjoyed
it, thank you.

- It was fun buddy.
- Good night, Roberta.

- [Mathew] You take him home.
- Y'all drive carefully

- No stops along the way.

(Roberta laughing)
(brooding music)

(car engine starts)
(tense music)

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♪ I am weak but
now I am strong ♪

♪ We must be the come along

♪ I'll be satisfied as long

♪ As I walk

- [Man] Praise the Lord.

- [Man] Praise Jesus.

- In closing, I'm
going to use a word

that you probably thought you'd
never hear from this pulpit.

That word is, clairvoyance.

But I don't mean it
like the pagans do.

Like the UFO-riding,

New Agers, oh, no,
(congregants laughing)

I mean just what the word says.

Clear sight.

The power to see clearly
what's all around you.

The Christ-like power of vision.

The vision to penetrate the
mist and fog of deception

and see the landscape on
which the devil himself walks.

Everyone of us is a landscape
on which Satan prowls,

looking for an advantage,

a weak moment, to reach out
from his mist of concealment

and put his claw
on your shoulder.

Don't deny it.

We all feel the
presence of evil.

Walking behind us, evil.

Reaching out to touch us, evil.

We turn around, are
you ready to face it?

Clear sight is
your only defense.

In Jesus name, let us have
clear sight of the Devil.

Now people of God, come
to his altar and pray.

Pray for the power to see.

(congregants chattering)

(baby crying)

As it says in Ephesians 6:10,

put on the whole armor of God.

It will protect you against
the devil's schemes.

Through your faith,
you will gain power.

Through your prayers
you will gain courage.

(birds chirping)

(car engine revving)

- Hey, Stevie.

- [Steve] Hi.

- That didn't take long.

- [Steve] All's it needed
was a couple new hoses.

- Hey, Laura!

Honey, your car's back.

- So, who was the big
winner Saturday night?

- Yeah, your pal Riverboat
Wayne, cleaned us all out.

- Figures.

- Laura!

Mr. Sweetzer brought
your car back.

Come on down here, be
polite and thank him.

Don't know what gets into
these girls sometimes.


Get yourself out here right now!

- Leave her alone,
she's not even dressed.

- Well, then she can
get herself dressed.

- What?
- Outside,

thank Mr. Sweetzer
for fixing your car.

- Dad, I'm...

- Hey, get.

It's good manners.

- Thank you, Mr. Sweetzer.

I hope it wasn't
too much trouble.

- Oh, no trouble, just
a couple of hoses.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

- You need a ride into town?
- Yeah.

- Mount up.
- All right.

(women cheering)

- Keep going, keep going, yay!

- Now that felt good, didn't it?

God, gave us a voice.

We should use it.

Use your voice to say, I matter.

Use your voice to say,
I'm a valuable person.

Use your voice to
tell the truth.

God makes us a
weapon of his truth

and he wants us to
use that weapon.

Today, tonight, tomorrow, till
that bus comes back for us,

we're a sisterhood.

No one will tell us to
behave like young ladies

and be quiet.

We will say what we
know and say it loud.

(women clapping and cheering)

- Hey
(dog barking)

- Hi.

- Rebecca make it off
to the retreat okay?

- Mm-hmm.

- I'm almost
relieved she's gone.

Isn't that an
awful thing to say.

- What's wrong?

- Am I spoiling Thomas?
(Roberta scoffs)

- No, I don't think so, honey.

- It's just I don't want to
make the same mistakes with him

that I made with the
girls, that's all.

- You two have a
special closeness.

It's wonderful to see.

- Yeah, but the
girls are jealous.

The awful thing is
probably they're right.

I don't feel as
close to the girls.

Why can't I be
affectionate with them?

Wanna be.

- Well, now, don't you
think that it's normal

for them to compete
for your attention?

- Yeah, normal for
them, maybe, you know,

but what's wrong with me?

I mean, I have a hard
time hugging them.

I mean, I can't even tell
them that I love them.

I just know it's not normal.

(dog barking)
(birds chirping)

- You know, if you're
really concerned about this,

I think that maybe you
should talk to Pastor Ralph.

- Yeah, maybe I will.

- It was her
brother, not Trisha,

who really wanted to go skiing.

And it was her
brother, not Trisha,

who said the trail
was safe to go down.

But when the rescuers
found them in the snow,

one of them dead and one alive,

it was Trisha who felt
responsible, who felt guilty.

Only here, with our love,

she has begun to open up
and talk about her pain.

Now, she needs a different
kind of avalanche.

She needs us.

(brooding music)

(brooding music)
(water burbling)

(dog barking)
(bus engine revving)

(brooding music)

- Rebecca?

You're so full of
hurt and anger.

What is wrong, Rebecca?
- My father.

- What about your father?

- He did terrible things to me.

- It's okay, okay.

- You have to tell mom.
- No.

- Please, Rebecca.

- Mom can't fix this.

(car engine revving)

(children singing)

- You kids stay in
your seats, okay?

Just for a minute.

Excuse me, may I help you?

You're from the
church, aren't you?

Hi, I've seen you there.

- My name is Gerry,
Mrs. Bradshaw.

And your daughters are
coming to live with me.

- What?

- Rebecca?

Rebecca, what is
she talking about?

You're not leaving.

- Yes, I am, we both are.

- Why?

Laura, why?

- Rebecca, please,
you have to tell her.

- You don't have
to say anything.

- No, I want her to know.

(birds chirping)

(brooding music)

(car engine starts)

- [Girl] Mom, let's go.
(car engine revving)

(car engine revving)

(tires screeching)

- Matt.
- Sheriff, how you doing?

- I could be better, I guess.

You know Detective
Messenger, right?

- Yeah, hey, Carl, what's up?

- Matt, we got a problem.

There are accusations
against you.

- Accusations?

What kind of accusations?

- Let me have your
weapon and badge, Matt.

(brooding music)

- Am I being arrested?

- You have the right
to remain silent.

You have the right to
have an attorney present

during all questioning.

- Hey, Carl, I don't
need an attorney, okay?

If I can't talk to you
guys, who can I talk to?

- Rebecca said you'd come
home from the late shift,

go into a room, wake her up.

- No.

- Well, this is what
she's telling us, Matt.

We're not making this up.

- You pull her sweatpants
down and have sex with her

in her own bed?

- No.

- She said this went
on for three years.

- No.

- But no, you didn't do it?

No, your daughter
is a liar, what?

She's just lying her head
off about this or what?

- No.

My girls are good girls.

They're Christian girls.

They wouldn't lie about this.

It's true I haven't
been very close to them,

emotionally, I mean.

- Why is that, Matt?

- I don't know.

But guys I did not do this.

- Then why is she
telling us these things?

(car hooting)
(siren blaring)

- Sheriff, sheriff.
- Hello, Rollie.

- I heard you guys are
sweating a sex-crime suspect.

Somebody from the
ranks, is that right?

- Yeah, you know
Matthew Bradshaw?

- Matthew Bradshaw,
Republican County Chairman.

The guy that ran for State
Assembly a few years ago,

he's your suspect?
- Yes.

- (laughing) Oh, boy.

- Don't start off in the wrong
direction on this, Rollie.

This isn't political.

- How do you know?

- Because I know who's
making the charges.

- Yeah, who?

- Matthew,

had you rather I
come back later?

- No, I'm just
tired, that's all.

My guts ache.

- I pray that I can
bring you some comfort.

Some certainty.

- I've wanted to come and
see you for a while now,

and talk about my kids.

How I seem to be

two fathers sometimes.

Yeah, I was gonna
come see you today.

- Matthew,

tell me more about
having an evil side.

- Well, I'm not sure it's there.

I just said I
thought it could be.

You know, like you
said, Satan in the fog.

- You have started on a
righteous journey, my friend.

Salvation awaits the penitent.

- I know, but wouldn't it
be a sin to confess falsely?

I mean, see, I don't remember
doing any of the things

that they say.

- Trust God, he won't permit
you to remember anything

that didn't happen.

- So, what did the
Reverend tell you, Matt?

- He said I was on the
path to righteousness,

and that I could find the truth.

- So, it can't hurt
to confess, right?

I mean, once you
start down that road,

memories often come back.

- I've seen it
happen lots of times.

- You want to confess, Matt,
I can hear it in your voice.

You wanna come clean before God.

- I wanna know the truth,

before God, I do.

- So confess.

Those memories will come back.

(Matthew scoffs)

- Yeah, but I don't...

All right, I'll try it.

- So what happened?

You're coming off your shift...

- Yeah, and I would have...

And I would have gone home

and maybe gone in the
kitchen, had a beer or two.

And then her room.

- Go on, Matt, that's the way.

- I would have gone in there,

and the girls were sharing
the same room then.

Laura's on the top bunk,
Rebecca's on the bottom.

And she'd be wearing
those yellow sweatpants,

'cause she always wore those.
(siren blaring)

And then,

I guess I would have
pulled them down.

- Keep going.

- And, uh, and I'd say, "Shhh,"

you know, "Quiet."

You know, like that.

And then, I guess,

I would have,

you know,

that's how I would have done it.

- I mean, I'd hate to go
to trial with all this,

you know, vague stuff
we're getting now.

"I could have,"
or "I would have,"

I'll tell you something,
we'll get there.

I mean, the things he did, man.

- Carl, are you okay with this?

- Yeah, I'm all right.

Just hate to think about
that sweet little girl

all the way up
there in that house.

(tires screeching)

I mean, this guy,
he's one of us.

- I'll tell you what, any
feelings of brotherhood

that I have with Matthew
Bradshaw just went up in smoke.

It turns out the
other daughter, Laura,

recently wrote a
letter to her teacher

explaining why she's
been failing in school.

This is wicked stuff.

- My God in heaven.

- "A lot of men would come
over and play poker with my dad

and they would all get drunk.

And one or two at a time
would come into my room

and have sex with me.

In and out of my room all
night, laughing and cursing."

- Oh.

- Now who went to
those poker parties?

- Well, you know who.

Guys from the department.

Stan, you were there
a couple a times.

- Yeah, and if I'd
seen anything like that

I would have known what to do.

- The guys who did this
are still out there.

They're armed and they know
they need to cover their tracks.

Why are you protecting them?

- You know, it's bad enough

that your girls were
living in shame,

possibly at the
risk for suicide.

Now they're living in
fear at risk for murder.

- Oh, Jesus, help me.

- Now tell us who they are!
- Please.

- What kind of
father are you, huh?

What kind of cop are you?

What kind of Christian are you?

- Please help, Jesus.

Jesus, please help me.

Help me see it!

- Yeah, you want
to confess, Matt.

I know you wanna confess..

- Jesus, please
help me remember.

- And God's giving you
the tools to do this.

- Help me remember.

Help me, help me, help me,
help me, help me, help me!

(door knocks)

- Come on in, Dr. Kelson.

- Where are we, Stanley?

- Uncharted waters.

- Help me, Lord, help me.

- Hello, Matt.

I'm Doctor Kelson.

I'm a psychologist.

The Sheriff's office
has asked me to join in

to try and help you.

- [Dr. Kelson] One of the things
that would help you, Matt,

- You know, I just can't see
Matt Bradshaw doing that,

not to his own daughters.

- Well, anything's
possible, right, Wayne?

You used to work sex
crimes before you retired.

- Three years.

It's a very weird
world out there.

- Didn't Rebecca Bradshaw
once file a rape complaint

against a neighbor?

- Actually, it was, um, Laura.

It wasn't until later that
Rebecca said he raped her too.

- Just a cry for
attention, if you ask me.

- I was the investigating
officer on the one charge,

which they eventually dropped.

There was a--
- Hey, Stan.

- Hey, you guys.

- We were just talking
about your case, bud.

- Really?

That's why I'm here.

We were hoping you and Steve

might have a little time for us.

Just a little
background on Matt.

- Well, now?
- Yeah.

- I gotta get back
to the motor pool.

- That's all right, Steve,
we'll square it with them.

- Sure.

- That's great.

- Thanks, Rollie.
- Yeah.

(brooding music)

- There's a parade
and nobody told me.

- Wayne Everett,
Stephen Sweetzer,

you are each charged with
one count of statutory rape.

- What?

Who made the charge?

- Not the Bradshaw girls?

- No, Matt Bradshaw.
- What?

- You have the right
to remain silent.

If you give up that right,

anything you say may be used
against you in a court of law.

You have the right to
have an attorney present

during all questioning.
(brooding music)

- Um, I hardly know
Laura Bradshaw.

I fixed her car a
couple a times, but I...

He said I raped her?

- You raped her and
then you took pictures

while Wayne Everett and
Matt took their turns.

- Bull!

Bull, I did not do that.

Show me the pictures.

(phone ringing)

- You'll see them soon enough.

- I need for you to say
you understand your rights

as I have recited them.

- In other words, you need to
cover your ass, right, Carl?

- Look, Wayne, you and I have
had our personal differences,

but this is not about--

- I understand the Miranda.

Now what is this about?

- This is about what you
were doing to yourself

in front of Laura Bradshaw
while Steve Sweetzer raped her.

- No way.

- Ah, Wayne, you
worked sex crimes.

Hell, you helped set up
safe procedures for victims

in this county.

Yet you seem to be
doing the same thing

every pedophile does, deny it.

Now, come on.

- Give me a lie detector,
let's settle it.

- How do you feel right now?

- Scared!

I mean, I know how
this works, Bub.

Even an ex-cop charged
is a cop guilty.

You've already
ruined my reputation.

Okay, if I did, I
deserve it, but I--

- So, it's possible
you did do it then.

- I'd have to be a
pretty sick psychotic

not to remember something
as bad as that, wouldn't I?

You lock me up or you give
me that lie detector now.

- Sorry, Wayne, door number one.

(phone ringing)

(motorcycle revving)

- Okay, you can come in.

(footsteps approaching)
(phone ringing)

- Hi, Laura.

This is Freda Gibbons,

she's with the Clarkwell
Police Department.

She's gonna be joining
this investigation.

Since your dad's a
sheriff's deputy,

of course, we wanna be open
and fair about everything.

- Laura, if you want to stop
or take a break anytime,

you just say so.

That's your right.

And you can have your advocate,

your friend Gerry here,
with you all the time, okay?

You should know that
your father admitted

that he and his friends raped
you during the poker games.

That's right.

But now Rebecca was
sleeping in the same room

part of this time, right?

- Bottom bunk.

- But Rebecca never
said anything about rape

during poker games.

Laura, I was in the room.

It's really not very big.

How could your sister not
have heard these things?

- Laura,

we're gonna lay out
some photos for you.

And I want you to see
if you can find the men

who did those things to you.

(siren blaring in the distance)

(motorcycle revving)

Are you sure?

- Yes, I remember
those poker parties.

They used to come in
and rape me in there.

One of them would come in
first, Everett or Sweetzer,

usually Everett.

- Rebecca, wasn't Laura
sleeping on the top bunk

for some of those years?

In the same room?

- Yes.

- Well, she doesn't
remember you being raped.

- Maybe,

mother told her to keep quiet.

- Your mother?

Your mother was in the
room when this happened?

- Usually she'd just
get me ready, and leave.

- Get you ready?

- You know, ready.

- But you never mentioned
your mother before.

Or the poker games or
anyone but your father.

- These things don't always
come out in one dose,

you know that.

The memory of a victim
is not like a videotape.

- Yes.

Go on, Rebecca.

- So what's gonna happen now?

Is my father gonna lose
his job over this, huh?

- At least,

- Rebecca, you know these
are very serious charges.

- Sure, I know that.

- And what about little Thomas?

Is he here?

- Why do you want to see Thomas?

So that Gerry can fill his head
with lies about his father?

- Roberta, these truths

are coming from deep
inside your daughters.

It's very painful for them.

- Well, it maybe painful,
but it's not the truth.

- Your husband has
acknowledged these things,

torn them from
their hiding place,

looked them in the
eye as you need to do.

We can help rid you of
this evil you carry.

- I do not carry evil,

and this stuff did not happen.

God knows why Matt
is saying it did.

- God knows and so does Matt.

Maybe you should ask him.

- Thomas sends his love.

He doesn't understand what's
going on with his daddy.

He's not the only one.

- I lived a whole other life.

- When did you lead this life?

I mean, when was this
huge piece of time

that I wasn't with you?

You wanna know what I remember?

I remember the day
that we had Rebecca

and how happy we were,

or the day that we lost Angela
and how hard that day was

to get through--
- Yes,

because those are easy
things to remember.

Now I'm working on
the hard things.

And Pastor Ralph is helping me.

I think you oughta go see him.

- Oh, he came, he saw me.

He sat on our porch and he
told me that I was 80% evil.

- You?

But you weren't part
of these things.

At least I don't, you know,

I don't remember
you being there.

- Because I wasn't there.

But with you saying
all this other stuff...

Did you know that there is talk

that I shouldn't have
custody of Thomas?

They may start legal
proceedings to take him away.

Do you hear me, Matt?

- Now, well...

- Matt, do you hear me?

These people are trying
to destroy our family.

- Roberta, I have done
terrible things with my girls.

- No, no, Matt.

I don't believe that, I don't.

- I have betrayed
my trust as father.

- Please, just stop

saying all of this nonsense,
- I have betrayed my trust

as a husband.
- For god's sake, Matt!

- I have not been
faithful to you.

- What?

- I had an affair.

I cheated on you,
with Helen Gautier.

- No.

- Well, you remember that, what,

law enforcement seminar
I went to in Sacramento?

She was there with me.

I was drawn to her.

This went on for years.

- For years?
- For years.

- For years, Matt?

- Roberta, there
is a hidden world

inside every single one of us.

- That is bull!
- No.

- If there is a
hidden world, Matt,

it's because you kept it hidden.

- No.

- Because you lied
and you covered it up.

- No, you do not understand

what I'm saying to you.
- Don't you tell me

what I understand and
I don't understand.

You wanna know
what I care about?

I care about my family,

and the little bit of my
family that I have left.

I promise you, no one is
going to take away from me.

- Roberta.


- Do you remember anything
happening in April of that year?

- Wayne and Steve came
over to the house.

Wayne said he wanted
to have sex with Laura.

Now, I was against it,

but he just went
ahead into her room.

Just then, Roberta came home.

- This is the first time you've
mentioned your wife, Matt.

- She was there, I see her.

- Why didn't the two of
you stop it right then?

You had your weapon, right?

- Was Wayne armed?

- No, but we couldn't stop
him 'cause he was in control.

- How was he in control, Matt?

Tell us about the first time
Wayne Everett controlled you.

- Well, it was years ago.

And I see that Wayne took me
to this place that he knew of

and there was drinking and
dancing and sex all over.

- Multiple partners?
- Yeah.

And then after there was a

ceremony, kind of.

- Was this a Satanic
ritual, Matt?

- Tell us.
(brooding music)

- Just...

I see smoke.


Or wait, maybe they're people,
you know, all in a circle.

And Wayne says...

- What?

What did Wayne say?
(brooding music)

- He said that these people
would kill me and my family

if we ever told.

He said now I belonged

and I could never get out.

- Why is he saying
that kind of stuff?

- About Wayne Everett having
power over your family?

- I don't like it when he
says that kind of stuff.

- Why, Rebecca?

Why are you afraid of that?

You think something more
horrible will be found out?

- Yeah, yeah.

And then I'll have to
talk about more stuff.

- You mean recover
more of these memories.

- Yeah.

- Can you remember anything now?

Anything like that?

- I remember my father

carrying me out of bed in
the middle of the night.

And there was a lot of
people waiting for us

outside in the barn.

Wayne Everett, Steve Sweetzer,
my mom, a high priestess.

- You're saying you
were part of a ritual?

- There was a fire

and a table and then some
pitchforks in the ground.

My father, he was
wearing one of those,

you know, those hats with horns.

You know, like one
of those Vikings.

And then there was a baby

- A human baby?

- About six to eight months.

The priestess,

she held the baby up above her
and they all began to chant.

And then she laid the baby
back down on the altar.

They all had knives.

And there was blood,

there was blood everywhere.

And later they would
say, they would say,

"You will not remember this.

You will not!"

That's why,

that's why I didn't remember.

That's why I couldn't remember.

Oh, God, that's why I
don't remember this!

That's why I don't remember,
don't you see? (sobbing)

Oh, God.

(Rebecca sobbing)

(birds chirping)
(dog barking)

(phone ringing)

- Hello.

- Hi, Pastor Ralph,
it's Roberta.

- Oh, I'm glad you called.

- I sent Tommy to his uncle's

and the house is quiet

and I've had some time to think.

- [Newton] And what
are you thinking?

- If Matt could lead
this normal life

and not remember
any of those things,

then I'm beginning
to wonder what if...

What if I did, too.

- Why don't you
come to my office

and let me help you

- Wake up, Wayne.

Come on.

You got your wish.

- Wayne, doesn't it make sense

that only somebody
who is comfortable

with hurting other people

or controlling them could
commit the types of crimes

you're accused of?

- Yeah, I guess if you
look at it that way.

- Have you ever been
with a prostitute?

- No.

Well, I came close
one time in Vegas.

- 'Cause if a person's in the
business of selling her body,

you could get them to do things

you would not ask a
loved one to do, right?

- Damn, Tim, this investigation
is all over the map.

I mean, it's bad enough
this is a sex case

involving county officers
and their young daughters.

You start adding Satan,

you've handed my prosecutors
one industrial-sized

can of worms.

- What am I supposed to do?

I believe crimes have been
committed, so do my detectives.

And the prime suspect
is admitting to them.

- Polygraphs done.

- And?

- They finally asked him
the key sex questions.

Didn't tell the truth
in a single one.

- And he's hitting me.

They're saying I'm bad

and I'm fat and, uh...

- What is he hitting you with?

- Wood.

Kindling, and, um, then, uh,

they take me out and, uh,

(brooding music)

they make me kneel on
the living room floor

and, um, mm...

- Go on, Roberta, have faith.
(brooding music)

- I'm a victim.

Oh, God!
(Roberta screaming)

I'm a victim, too!

Like my girls.

Like my little girls.

(brooding music)

(car hooting)

(cameras flickering)
(journalists chattering)

- Sorry, fellas, I got no
statement for you today.

- See what's happening
here, Lowell?

We might as well give
pitchforks and torches

to all the villagers and let
them loose on Wayne and Steve.

- Horton, your clients
are being treated

just like every other suspect.

- Are you telling me that in
this county, in every case,

detectives can take two
or three or four weeks

to write up their
reports on interviews?

How're we supposed
to provide alibis

when you guys don't give
us concrete information?

- There's a ton of
allegation in this case.

It takes time.

Besides, these victims are
recalling horrible experiences

they've repressed for years.

Details are gonna be
in flux for awhile.

- Sexual abuse of this
kind leaves a scar.

Have those girls even seen a
doctor for a physical exam?

- Did your client get a
polygraph like he asked?

- A polygraph?

Don't give me that.

Have you turned up any
admissible evidence?

- Perhaps I should
remind you, Counselor,

Matthew Bradshaw's
confession is evidence.

(phone ringing)

- They took pictures
of me naked.

- Do you remember anything else?

- We buried some
animals behind the barn.

- About twenty-five
over the years.

- Twenty-five babies?

Human babies?

Killed and buried?


- I can show you.

(excavator revving)

- We've marked off the area
that Rebecca indicated.

Yes, sir.

I will.

Yeah, the anthropology
team just arrived.

Yes, sir, I'll call you later.

- "I have so many scars.

In school, in PE, I
had to shower alone.

I was ashamed of
what they did to me."

- When I was a sophomore
I got pregnant.

They took me to the
barn, a lot of them.

And took the baby out.

- [Announcer] Dr. Cassie,
admitting desk, please.

(brooding music)

- This should explain
what we're looking for.

When you're done with
your examination,

your findings should be sealed
in these envelopes, okay?

- Thanks.

- Sir, it's Stan.

I just wanted to let you
know they found something.

No, it's definitely bone.

Yes, sir.
(brooding music)

(audience applauding)

- Thank you.

Just a few weeks
ago, we all watched

what was one of the highest
rated programs of the season.

It was a Geraldo Rivera special

and the subject was Satanic
ritual abuse in America.

It should be no surprise then

if the subject dominates
our conference.

It is a special interest
of our first speaker,

Mr. Malcolm Norton,

a former Federal law
enforcement official.

Mr. Norton.
(audience applauding)

- When we talk about

ritual Satanic abuse,

the classic common elements
seem to be as follows,

forcible drug use, sexual abuse,
both hetero and homosexual,

witnessing abuse or torture.

(group chattering)

- Mr. Norton, I just
wanted to congratulate you

on a wonderful presentation.

- No, no, sir,

if you're Sheriff McGuane
from Chapman County,

I wanna congratulate you.

Now we talk about
Satanists, my friends,

but this man actually
puts them in jail.

- Well, I had a lot of help.

- Well, you did a great job.

- Thank you, thanks very much.

- There were speakers there
from all across the country.

I mean, people are concerned.

- No, people are addicted
to talk shows, you mean.

- Lowell, we have to move
forward with this case.

- I still don't know what
case we're talking about.

It's like everybody
in that family

was living in a
different time zone.

Laura's abuse was never
witnessed by Rebecca

and vice-versa even though
they lived in the same bedroom

for ten years.

If mother was part of
this cult all along,

why did they have to
tell mother about it?

And everybody including Matt,

lived in fear of Wayne Everett.

Wayne Everett and
his unearthly powers.

I mean, come on.

Is this the same Wayne
Everett that I know?

Look, I'm not saying we
won't make a case eventually,

I just think we may need someone
who really knows this area

to make it all stick.

- Okay.

Okay, maybe you're right.

I met some people
at the conference.

- No, no, no,

I don't want somebody
working the Satan circuit.

I want someone with
absolute credibility.

Scientific credentials that
are gonna hold up in court.

(car engine revving)

(phone ringing)

- Dr. Ofshe?
- Yes, sir.

- Detective Carl Messenger.

District Attorney's
in court this morning

so he asked me to meet you.

And to tell you how happy he is

to have you working
on this with us.

- Well, I'm happy
to be here, too.

I'm real interested
in the prime suspect.

- You mean because he's a cop.

- No, because he's confessing
to being a perpetrator.

Most of the stories I
hear are victim stories.

(door beeps)

- Matt, this is Dr. Ofshe.

- How you doing?
- Hi, fine.

Glad to have you.

- He's gonna be helping
us for a few days.

- Good, have to get all of
this out, all of it out.

If you can help, that's great.

- Okay?

Let's get started.

- Then, this time it
was Steve took Laura in.

Ah, got her ready, took
off her clothes, you know.

But usually it was
Wayne who went first.

- And you did nothing?

- Wayne was in control.

- Matt, I'm curious,

what happened after that?

- I don't understand.

- These two men, they
leave your house, right?

Your daughter's just
been brutalized.

You know it, your wife knows
all about it, what do you do?

- Just go back to normal.

- Forget what's happened?
- Yeah.

- Until now, until
you just remembered?

- Yeah.

And you have no idea how good
it feels to remember all this.

I mean, I know that
sounds strange, but...

- Tell me about Laura.

She was, she was what, sixteen

around the time this happened?

Learning to drive.

And did you let her
drive the family car?

- No, no, no.

No, she drove the old,
uh, the old Chevy Impala.

You know, the steering
was a little tweaked

but basically a good car.

- I see.

Now, Matt, if I has
asked you that question

about Laura's car four months
ago, before you were arrested,

do you think you would
have remembered it then?

- Sure, yeah, you don't
forget stuff like that.

- Well, what are the
things you do forget?

- That stuff that
Satan has blocked.

That's why this battle
is so important.

- What was hanging down from
those trees then, Laura?

- They were dolls.

The white lady came and
hung dolls from the trees

and put blood on them.

- And the lady, she was
wearing a white robe?

- Mm-hmm.

- And you're sure
they were dolls

that were hanging
from the trees,

they weren't babies
or animals, were they?

- No.

- The white lady, did she
have a lot of magic power?

- (giggles) No.

But there was this
high and mighty man

who could always see
what you were doing.

- Always see what
you were doing?

Even now even here?

Think he could read?

Why don't you write it down?

He'll never know.

- Write what down?

- The names of all the
people with the white lady.

- I remember it was right
after Christmas time

and there was 20 or 30.

Mom, Dad, Everett, Sweetzer,
the priestess, the usual.

And this night they
brought out a goat.

And Steve Sweetzer
had this huge sword

and he killed it.

And then they made me undress.

- Did he always kill
them the same way?

Say, from the same
side of the altar?.

- Huh?

- (laughs) That's like, uh,

that's like a really
weird question, I know.

You see, I'm, uh, well,
I'm like an anthropologist.

- Oh, like Indiana Jones?

- Exactly, Indiana Jones.

And so, I wanna know all I can
about the act of sacrifice.

- Well, uh, then he would
catch the blood in a goblet.

- Always the same goblet?

Always the same one?

All right, the robe.

When they were
wearing the robes,

when did they wear the hoods up

and when did they
wear them down?

- Is this really important?

She was raped by those
people, you know.

- I have scars all over my body.

- Recognize any of those names?

- Of course I do.

Some of them are
Bradshaw's neighbors.

You know, we hired you

to try and make sense
out of this mess,

not expand the suspect list.

- It's Laura's list, not mine.

Now Cooper told me that
you had the girls examined

for evidence of physical abuse

and that the Bradshaw
property had been excavated.

- Those reports haven't
been written up yet.

- Well, I can
interpret raw data.

Actually I prefer it.

It's less susceptible
to embellishment.

- Are you saying
these girls are lying?

- It's a distinct possibility

that your investigators
seem to have overlooked.

- Look, Laura can be
flaky, but Rebecca--

- Rebecca Bradshaw remembers
attending 850 cult meetings

in 10 years.

850 meetings!

Yet she can't remember
a ritual chant

or anything that's
on the altars.

- So what?

She remembers the crimes.

- Does she?

Look, Hart, hypothetical, okay?

Suppose you tell me that
you have season tickets

to the Giants.

- I wish.

- And that you have
attended 850 games,

but I don't believe you.

So I ask you a question.

Who did the Giants
play on July 15th?

You answer me correctly.

That still doesn't prove
that you have season tickets,

that proves that you
can read a newspaper.

- There's no newspaper accounts

of the kind of kinky stuff
that went on in that bedroom.

- What about these?

- Those are research.

We had to get up to
speed on this stuff.

- Yeah, but where'd
you get them?

Libraries, Christian bookstores?

Stay with me on this now.

So now I ask you, how
do you beat the traffic

to Candlestick Park?

What color is your seat?

What's the name of
the hot dog guy?

What is the worst game
you ever saw there?

You answer these type questions,

pattern-background questions,

you answer them correctly

and I know you've
had the experience.

I know you've been there.

This kind of stuff,
Rebecca draws a blank.

- I don't buy it.

But suppose you're right,

suppose she's
making all this up,

then why the hell is Matt going
along with the whole thing?

- Well, look at the
pressure the guy is under.

He's exhausted, he's alone.

He's trying desperately to
please two detectives he admires

and trusts.

Listen, Messenger told me

that Reverend Newton told Matt

that God would not allow him
to make a false confession.

- But the man believes he's
guilty with all his heart.

How do you account for that?

(brooding music)

- [Messenger Voiceover]
This is Detective Sergeant

Carl Messenger.

interviewing suspect
Matt Bradshaw,

tape-recorded with
his permission.

Is that right, Matt?

- [Matt Voiceover] Right.

- [Messenger Voiceover] Do you
really wanna put those girls

through the agony of a trial?

I thought you were a
bigger man than that, Matt.

- [Matt Voiceover] All right.

Now listen,

maybe the reason
I can't remember,

'cause I was thinking, maybe
there's a dark side to me.

- Anyone could have
an evil side, right?

He might not even know.

Might not even see it.

(brooding music)

- [Cooper Voiceover] Suicide,
now they're living in fear

at risk for murder.

- [Messenger Voiceover]
Now tell us who they are!

What kind of father
are you, huh?

What kind of cop are you?

What kind of Christian are you?

- Please help me, Lord Jesus.

Help me see it!

Help me remember.

- You wanna confess, Matt.
- [Matt] Help me remember.

- [Messenger Voiceover]
You want to confess

and God's given you the...

(brooding music)

- [Matt Voiceover] Help me,
Jesus, help me remember.

Help me to see it.
(door knocks)

Help me.

- Come on in, Dr. Kelson.

- Where are we, Stanley?

- Help me, help me
- Uncharted waters.

- My little girls.

- [Dr. Kelson Voiceover]
Hello, Matt, I'm Doctor Kelson.

I'm a psychologist.

- One thing that
would help you, Matt,

is if you stop asking for help.

Just let yourself sit back.

Now, just try not to
think about anything.

Just let yourself go, relax.

No one's gonna hurt you, Matt.

They wanna help, just relax.

(brooding music)

- What do you remember
about those poker games?

- I can see it.

- [Matt Voiceover]
Laura's on the sheet...

- On the floor.


Her hands are tied.
(brooding music)

There's someone
standing next to me.

- Look at that person.

Who is it?

- I can't get a face.

- Yes, you can.
- Oh, yes I can.

- It's a friend of ours.
- Yes, I can.

Jesus, help me with a face.

Help me see it, Lord.

- [Messenger Voiceover]
Turn and look, Matt.

- [Matt Voiceover] Help
me, Jesus, help me.

Jesus, give me a face.

Let me see a face, good Lord.

- The face that keeps coming up

is Wayne Everett.

(brooding music)

- [Cooper Voiceover] What
time of day is it, Matt?

- Wayne wears a watch.

When he's against the
wall, he's got a watch on.

- What time does it
say on Wayne's watch?

- The time I think
I see is 2:30.

- You think you
see or you do see?

- I do see.

- [Matt Voiceover] It's
almost like I'm making it up,

but I'm not.

- Yeah, well, I know it's...

Hey, Dr. Ofshe.

- Matt, how you doing?

Having a productive day?

- Yes, sir.

Boy, we are getting
some good stuff out.

- Good, there's one thing I
wanted to talk to you about.

Rebecca told me that you,
she and Steve Sweetzer

drove up to Black Lake
in that old Chevy Impala

and when you got there you
forced them to have sex

in the back seat.

- Boy!

No, sir, I do not...

I don't remember that, I don't.

- Rebecca says it happened.

- Well, I sure will work on it.

I will.

- Thanks.
- You bet.

- What was that all about?

I don't remember Rebecca
making those charges?

- Funny old thing, memory.

(brooding music)

(man coughing)

- Thank you.

(brooding music)

(birds chirping)

- By the shore of the
lake in broad daylight,

it's hard to believe.

- There it is in
his own handwriting.

- Right.

- Wrong.

A lakeside rape in an old
Chevy, it never happened.

I made it up, yesterday,
as an experiment.

I told Matt that Rebecca
had said that this happened.

This morning his
jailer hands me that.

Three pages of a
detailed confession,

including dialogue, to a
crime that never happened.

- How is that possible?

- Well, you have to listen
to the tapes very carefully.

When the detectives bring
in your police psychologist,

Matt's very upset.

The doctor tries
to calm him down.

He lowers his voice,
makes it soothing.

"Try not to think of anything.

Let yourself go, relax."

- Hypnosis?
- Exactly.

Right after that Matt
goes into a trance.

He's responding in
classic trance logic.

He says he's like
seeing a movie.

He sees things happening.

He sees Everett.

He sees Sweetzer.

Cooper wants to know
what time it is.

Matt reads a wristwatch
from across the room.

I'm sorry, that's just not
the way human memory works.

- But you didn't
hypnotize him yesterday.

- I actually think he's capable

of producing auto-hypnotic
states whenever he wants.

Most of what he's confessed
to is pure fantasy.

- I don't know, this is all a
little far up the ivory tower

for me, Professor.

I mean, people do repress
bad things, don't they?

Say, like combat veterans?

- Some veterans repress details

of the horrors
they've lived through,

but they all remember
going to Vietnam.

Matt didn't remember anything

until your people
started pressuring him.

You asked me why he sincerely
believes these confessions,

I think I've given
you the reason.

I just wanted you to know
what direction this research

was going in.

- I understand.

- So now I don't think
it would hurt if, uh,

I knew the results
of those tests.

- The doctor couldn't
find a significant scar

on either girl.

- And the bones at the dig?

- Bone, singular.

Part of an elk leg

- That house is in
the woods, isn't it?

- Yes, it is.

- This never happened.

- Sure it did, I remember it.

- I made it up.

I found the lake on a map.

- So why're you
trying to confuse me?

- The question is,

why are you confessing to these
things that never happened?

- It did happen, I saw it.

- Where did you see it?

- Last night in my cell.

It gets quiet, that's when I,

that's when I work
on my memories.

- Well, tell me
about that, Matt.

How do you work
on your memories?

- (gasps) Well, first I pray,

and then I kinda lean back in
my bunk and I clear my mind.

I read an article
about that once.

You know, taught me how?

It's very relaxing.

- That's it?

- No, and then I, uh,

I don't know, after a
while a kinda light fog,

a cloud kind of thing comes

and, uh, I think
about what happened,

and then after a
while, I get it.

You know, I can see it happen.

- So you think about what
the cops say happened,

what Rebecca and Laura
said and then you see it?

- Yup.

- Did it ever occur to you

that these are
fantasies or daydreams?

That they're not real memories?

Did that ever occur to you?

- Yeah, sure, you know.

But it can't be.
- Why can't it be?

- Because God would not permit
me to have a false memory.

See, it's a blessing.

- So anything the human mind
can dream up is the truth.

The voyages of Odysseus,
Xanadu, King Kong?

- No, but for a man like
Matt, a man on a quest,

locked in a mortal
struggle with Satan,

God provides him the
gift of certainty.

(group chattering)

- Tell me, Mrs. Bradshaw,
do you have a good memory?

For other things, I
mean, every day things.

- Yes, I think I do.

- But the abuse
that you remember

when you're working
with Pastor Newton,

that's a different
kind of remembering,

a new kind?

- Different and new, yes.

- Not just imagined visions?

- I hear what you're
saying, Dr. Ofshe, but, um,

if I didn't see
all this so clearly

I would worry that I was crazy.

- No one thinks you're crazy.

I understand your youngest
Thomas is coming home soon.

- Yes.

- Nobody's trying to take
him away from you anymore?

- No.

- Because you're on
the path to recovery.

You're beginning
to remember things.

You've joined the
side of the angels.

- No matter what, Dr. Ofshe,
I am going to keep my son.

- You think she's lying
about being in the cult

to keep the church
from taking her son?

- I can't say that.

I can say that it would be an
utter miscarriage of justice

to prosecute Matthew Bradshaw

based on any confession he
gives in his current state.

Now that I would be
willing to testify to.

And I'd be very effective.

- Doctor, are you threatening
to go over to the defense?

- No, I work for you, Mr. Hart.

It's your responsibility
to do the right thing.

- Okay.

Send it to me in writing.

- You see this?

- What do you get?

- They found a college
kid who was missing.

Tortured and killed by
some devil worshiping cult

just across the
border in Mexico.

Lots of other burials too.

- Oh, God help us.

- At this time we
know little more

than what is public knowledge.

The bodies were recovered from
graves on a Mexican ranch.

The victims were killed
in a ritual manner

involving witchcraft and voodoo.

My department is in contact
with the Brownsville, Texas P.D.

- Is the Bradshaw cult
linked to Matamoros?

- There is increasing evidence
of a Satanic underground.

- Well, what about
Malcolm Norton's claim

that hundreds of
Satanic burial sites

will be found in this county?

- We're lucky enough to
have him working with us

on our search for these sights.

As you know, since
retiring from the FBI

he's become an expert
on these cults.

He's already here in town.

- I'm getting started right away

directing an air search
looking for evidence

of ritual burials.

Using the latest in
aerial search techniques,

we will try to pinpoint
their locations.

- Now for our part, we've
asked the state for $750,000

to buy helicopter mounted
infrared scanners.

We will locate these graves.

- [Ofshe Voiceover]
Dear Mr. Hart,

what follows is my
professional evaluation

of the Bradshaw cases
now before your office,

along with some background
materials from other writings.

Rebecca and Laura Bradshaw
are not credible witnesses.

There's no evidence to
confirm their allegations.

In addition, Laura's
allegations have nearly always

followed Rebecca's lead.

There's been so much
cross-talk between the victims

that we cannot know the actual
source of any allegation.

The invocation of
Satanic influence

is not unexpected here either.

When natural evidence to
support the charges is lacking,

one fall-back explanation
is that the supernatural

has made it so.

Especially in an environment
so highly charged

with religious fervor.

The brainwashing methods
used on Matt by the police

are more common than
generally believed.

And the longer he is made to
repeat these false memories,

the more he himself will
believe that they are true.

Three hundred years
ago in Massachusetts,

there was an outcry
against Satanism.

In that time, the accused
were old, poor, outcast women.

And the men who judged them
were powerful and successful.

Today's accusers are often
young middle-class women.

The accused are often the most
powerful and successful men

of the community.

The players have changed places,

but the potential for frenzy
and injustice remains the same.

In Salem then or
in Clarkwell today.

(phone ringing)

- Hart.

Yes, Doctor, I read
it this afternoon.

Thank you for your efforts

but we're pressing
forward with Bradshaw.

- You're going ahead?

- [Hart] I'm not
sure I buy everything

in the report, Doctor.

- Well, if ya buy
even half of it,

that should be enough
reason not to prosecute him.

- I'm sorry, that's
our decision.

Thank you.

(brooding music)

- To determine the gender
of the control group,

but the printer just
used reply boxes,

yes, no, no opinion.
(students laughing)

- Dr. Ofshe?
- Yes, sir.

- I'm Horton Leggett.

I represent Everett and
Sweetzer in Clarkwell.

- Could you excuse us?

- Doctor, there are
two innocent men

who have been sitting
in jail for months,

watching their lives and their
personal reputations dissolve

all because of Matthew Bradshaw
and his endless fantasies.

- Well, I understood
that Laura Bradshaw

picked your clients
out of a line-up.

- Well, she'd already lied

when she said her attackers
were friends of her father,

so when they showed
her pictures of men,

she just picked out
faces she already knew.

And as for Wayne's polygraph,
that was a nightmare.

- You don't have to
convince me of the flakiness

of the polygraph.

- Doctor, there are
rumors going around

that your report to Hart

questions the girls' veracity
and Matt's confessions.

- I'm not at liberty
to discuss my report.

- But if you're convinced

that Matt's confessions were
made under duress, surely--

- Look, please, don't
put words in my mouth.

I'm in a very tricky
ethical position here.

I was hired by the
District Attorney.

I can't just turn my
findings over to the defense.

The judge has to do that.

- See, that's part
of the problem.

I'm not sure the judge knows
your report even exists.

- Well, that's not right.

- No, no, just have
everybody stand in place.

This recess won't
take but a minute.

- Good morning, Your Honor.

- I received this
from a Doctor Ofshe,

who I understand
was working for you.

- Yes, Dr. Ofshe was
employed by my office.

- Why wasn't this report
included in discovery?

- Well, it's not evidence,
it's only his opinion.

- But it's an important
expert opinion,

which all the defendants
should be aware of.

- Your Honor...

- Distribute it, immediately.

- Yes, sir.

- Gentlemen, I've just read
the most interesting report.

Look at the second
page, top paragraph.

- This says the girls are lying.

- That's right.

- You mean, we're not the
only ones saying it anymore.

- That's right.

The D.A.'s office is
trying to reach me.

- You think they're
gonna make us an offer?

- I wouldn't be surprised.

Plead to some
misdemeanor, credit for
time served, you walk.

- I ain't pleading
guilty to nothing.

I didn't do nothing.

- He's right.

No deal.

- Tim, please, we've got
to stick to basic evidence.

If we keep going after the
King of the Underworld,

we'll never get anywhere.

- Matthew Bradshaw gave us the
window into that underworld.

- Well, if you'll
pardon my saying so,

it's a damn small window.

Malcolm Norton's flying circus

crisscrossed this entire county,

didn't find a single
Satanic burial site.

Meanwhile, back here on Earth,

the good citizens
are beginning to ask

why we haven't prosecuted
anyone in this case.

- Well, we can't go to trial.

Not with what we got on Wayne
Everett and Steve Sweetzer.

- Offer them a deal.

- I offered, they said no.

- Well, we got
Matt's confession.

I'm pretty sure he'll
repeat for the judge.

(phone ringing)

- It's got to be Bradshaw.

- Hart, did you cut
a deal with the D.A.?

- The D.A.'s dropped all
charges against my clients.

They're free men.

We have no further statements
to make at this time.

- Wayne, Steve.

This town's been chewing
up your name for months,

you gotta say something!

- Too angry to say anything.

- You've been a good soldier
against Satan up to now.

Despite his snares
and deceptions,

you have seen the truth of
the past and spoken it aloud.

- I have tried.

- I know.

But sometimes soldiers
receive wounds,

noble wounds won in battle.

This is your time, Matt,
to receive chastisement.

- God's chastisement?

- Oh, no.

Nothing so terrible.

I mean chastisement
under man's law.

- Yeah, but Reverend,

now I heard, you know,
guys in jail talk and,

that Dr. Ofshe, he thinks I
didn't do any of these things,

that my girls have been lying.

- Do you believe that?

- No.

I don't see how
it could be true.


- Don't be misled.

Godless science loves a mystery,

because it believes
this universe is unknown

and always changing.

But not you and I, Matthew.

For we know God's Love.

And that Love is our universe.

There are no mysteries for us.

- Yeah.


I just want this to
be over, you know.

I just want my gut
to stop hurting.

- You know the path.

(brooding music)

- She'd be kind of dirty

from all the men that
had been with her

and so I'd clean her up

and then kiss all the sore
spots where the ropes had been.

And then I left.

- Very well, Mr. Bradshaw.

You're pleading guilty to six
counts of third degree rape,

is that correct?

- Ah... yes, yes, Your Honor.

- Your plea is accepted.

A date for sentencing will be
set by the end of the week.

(brooding music)

(car engine revving)
(tires screeching)

- I don't believe
that you pled guilty.

You have a defense, Matt.

- There's no defense
for what I've done.

- I don't believe you
did any of those things.

You know what I think?

I think those girls are lying,

about all that stuff
to get back at you.

- I've thought about it, but
I see my past so clearly now.

- What you see are fantasies.

Tell me I'm wrong.

There are two kinds
of memories, right?

The normal kind, where
you remember Chevy Impalas

with bad steering
and stuff like that.

And then processed memory,

where all of those bad
things took place, right?

Tell you what, you
confess one crime to me,

right here, right now,
right in this ear,

one crime, one bad thing that
you truly remember doing,

the normal way, the
old-fashioned way,

not the processed way.

You cop to one crime to me
that you truly believe you did

and I will turn the
key in that lock

and throw it a mile
into the Pacific.

What do you say?

- I can't.

- Make them put you on trial!

- I can't put my girls
through that kind of agony.

- Look what they've done to you!

- I am guilty.
- You are not guilty!

- I am guilty!

I am guilty.

Prison is part of my penance.

It is my way back to God.

(audience applauding)

- This chart, or the
Contour Map of Hell

as I've heard it called, nearly
filled one wall of an office

during our investigation.

Now it took my staff many months

and hundreds of
thousands of dollars,

first, to understand what
it was we were dealing with,

and then to successfully aid

in the prosecution of
a Satanic cult member.

(audience applauding)

Thank you.

Thank you, God bless you.

It does feel good to win one.

(applauds continues)

- Now we're gonna get you
your old job back, Steve.

- My old job where I had respect

and people would talk to me?

Somehow I don't think so.

- Frankly, I'm worried about
Matt now that the heat's off.

- What are you worried about?

- Well, that he
could wake up one day

and realize that he's innocent,

understand all the
damage he's caused.

- You'll pardon me if
my eyes remain dry.

(brooding music)

- Thomas!

Come on, honey, it's time to go.

(car engine starts)
(car engine revving)

- Please, Lord,
please help me, Lord.

Please don't abandon
me now, please.

I have to see.

(brooding music)

- [Matt Voiceover] 'Cause
I know you're here.

I know it's all in here.

Let me see it.

I know it's all in here.

Now let me see.
(men chattering)

Listen so close.

It's so big.

I can almost...

Let me see it Lord, let me see.

Let me have clear
sight, God, please.

Jesus, let me have clear sight.

Don't leave me here
alone in my house.

Where are you?

Jesus, let me have it.

Where are you, Lord?

Let me see it.

Please, God, let me see it.

Do not forsake me.

Remember when you used to be
afraid of those old wild foxes?

- [Tommy Voiceover]
I'm not afraid anymore,

they're just like dogs.

- [Matt Voiceover]
They're just like dogs.

Please don't leave me here.

Why have your forsaken me?

Alone, yes.

Yes, I'm in my house.

Now where are you?

Where are you, Lord?

No, wait, where is everybody?

Where are you, Lord?

Don't leave me now.

Let me see.

Let me see it,
please, come back.

Let me see.

No, I can't be alone in here.

No, Lord.

I won't be alone,
I won't be alone!

I can't do this anymore.
(brooding music)

(Matthew coughing)

- It's gone.


- Matt, what's up?

You okay?

- Hey, it's gone.
- What's gone?

- The whole thing.

- What whole thing?

- The pain in my belly,
the things that I made up,

it's gone.

Jesus took it away.

'Cause none of it was true,

'cause I made it all up to
please them and to please God,

but God doesn't want that!

He loves me anyway.
- Great.

- No, wait, you
understand I'm innocent.

I'm an innocent man.

- Yeah, me too.

(brooding music)

(group chattering)

- Well, here we go.

(brooding music)

(Rebecca clears throat)

(Rebecca stutters)

- I am Rebecca Bradshaw.

I was the daughter
of Matthew Bradshaw.

I have suffered so much
at the hands of my father.

I hope, Your Honor,

that you will impose the
maximum sentence on him.

I believe that he will
either kill me or Laura

if he has any chance.

He's destroyed me
and Laura's life.

He's destroyed our family
and he doesn't care.

He's a very dangerous
person, Your Honor.

- It's all right.

- Mr. Bradshaw, do
you have a statement

before sentence is passed?

- I stand before you,
I stand before God.

I have never sexually
abused my daughters.

(group chattering)

I am not guilty of these crimes.

(gavel hitting)

- Mr. Bradshaw, not long
ago you stood in this court

and recounted
details of the crimes

to which you were
pleading guilty.

Now you say you're innocent.

This court will
not be manipulated.

You are hereby sentenced to
the maximum term on each count

for a total of twenty years.
(group cheering)

Court is in recess.

(brooding music)

- Take the pressure off and
he snaps back to normal.

- So what?

- So what?

So now he knows none
of this ever happened.

He has to appeal.

- Doctor, you appeal a decision
of a jury or a bad judge.

You don't appeal
your own confession.

- Oh, it's not over as
far as I'm concerned.

I have scars all over my body

from what Everett and
Sweetzer did to me.

And the law in this
County's gonna do nothing

to put them away?

It's outrageous!
(brooding music)

But not so mysterious when
you know the whole story.

(tires screeching)

- Sheriff?
- Good morning, Rollie.

- Sheriff, I interviewed
Rebecca Bradshaw yesterday.

Before we run the story I'd
like to get your comments.

- Sure.

- She said your department
let Everett and Sweetzer go

because there's still a dozen
or more Satanic cult members

on active duty.

- Who does she say they are?

- She hasn't said yet.

- Who knows, maybe you'll
turn out to be High Priest.

- Never.

- Never or just
don't remember when?

(tires screeching)

(brooding music)

(door beeps)
(footsteps approaching)

- All right, Bradshaw, your
limo to the State Pen's here.

(brooding music)

- [Ofshe Voiceover] Matthew
Bradshaw remains in prison.

He has exhausted his
appeals in State Court.

Concerned citizens of
Matthew Bradshaw's home state

have asked their governor
to reinvestigate the case.

(brooding piano music)

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