Forgotten Experiment (2023) - full transcript

A young eccentric inventor and businessman with a team of scientists finds himself in a mysterious anomalous zone where time is broken. Now they need to unlock the secrets of the past to save the future.


Biggest mystery of the universe.

It's an eternal engine,

and now, we know
how to use this force.

The last five hours,
we've been flying

the first plane
powered by the absolutely new,

super-powerful source of energy.

This energy, quantanium,
is produced from time.

Our plane will fly around
the globe at record speed,

and we will return
to investors and guests.

Here with you
is the crew captain,

the incredible creator
of quantanium...


to aircraft control blocked.

Autopilot engaged.

We have a problem
with the system!

I can't control the plane!

We're losing
altitude and velocity!

The switchboard is unresponsive,

I can't switch off
the autopilot.

We're going down fast!

Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your captain speaking!

We've been blessed
with a unique chance

to enjoy
a particularly close view

of the Pacific Ocean.

We're going into the water!

What's up with the faces?

This is
a remarkable opportunity!

Take a look at Roderick,

now here is someone who knows
how to enjoy the moment!

My name is Ryan!

Ethan, you told me
the flight was perfectly safe!

And it's true!

We are safe while we're flying.

I told you
we should have carried out

the first flight remotely,
without the crew!

And we'd have lost
the plane by now!

Luckily, I have an idea.

What was that?

-I switched it off.
-Switched what off?

The plane.

Ted and, what's your name,
brace yourselves!

I'm going to turn it back on!

to aircraft control blocked.

Autopilot engaged.

The autopilot
is still taking us down!

Ladies and gentlemen,

the captain did
everything he could.

We have a couple of minutes
to live

and I'd like to enjoy
these moments.

Bravo, Ethan!
Totally your style!

Are we crashing? I can't crash!

I have
a fashion stream tomorrow!

You make your great entrance
and leave it for others

to pick up the pieces!

stop this right now!

There's an island below us.

We're gonna crash!

I am Eva Adams.

Today, you and I will learn

some fascinating things
about time.

Things you have never suspected.

Please welcome the head
of "Blake Exploration".

An inventor.

An innovator.

A visionary.

Ethan Blake!

His brother, Jacob Blake.

Commercial director
of the company.

I've spent
my entire life studying time,

trying to find an answer
to its questions.

While time
hasn't been kind to you.

Your father,
Professor Henry Blake,

disappeared in 1984,

when you were only
six years old.

He was the first in the world
to obtain energy from time.

While Ethan put his ideas
to work.

Today, I will make time
work for us!

Before you is...


The most powerful,
most efficient

and eco-friendly energy
on Earth.

we have the very first plane

that is powered by quantanium!

We are about to perform

the first nonstop flight
around he world,

breaking all known
altitude and speed records.

Our company's chief engineer,

Ted Decker.

And... others.

"How's it going, Eva?"

That's stupid.

"Eva, you look gorgeous!"

Hey, gorgeous, you look Eva!

I-I'm Ethan's right hand man!

Well, I mean...

I'm one of his hands.

I... but I do what
his right hand does, I mean,

he usually does it
by himself, but...

But I...

Come on.

I've named this plane
in honor of a person

I hold very dear to my heart.

The person who's been close
since I was a child.

In honor
of my dear friend and colleague,

Elizabeth Paulsen.

Two days ago,
we said our final goodbyes.

Elizabeth never liked my work
on new sources of energy,

she believed
they could be misused.

Ever since I was a kid,

she tried to restrain
my craving for invention,

and I always found a way
to outwit her.

And now, I've found a way
to do it one last time.

Fly with me, Elizabeth.

That's my quantanium.


It's beautiful out here!

Don't be afraid!
I just want to talk!

At gunpoint?

It's gone.

Come out now!

I don't usually
carry guns but...

But there's shooting out there!

You guys are the real deal.

No question about that, but...

me, I just want to return
what is mine.

I get it, it's hard to imagine
I would end up here.

Who are you?

Don't look!

Sorry. Hard to resist.

Well, I'm not made of iron.

And you're very beautiful.

I don't usually react this way.

Hold it! Don't move!

Are you seriously
pointing a gun at me?

Do you have any idea
what you're doing?

Don't provoke me or I'll shoot!

Who are you to threaten me?

Who are you?

- And you?
- Don't move!

I can read "Moposova".

Turn around and walk that way!


Where you'll entertain
our security service! Hmm.

Honey, you've hit
a civilian plane!

Don't push me, or I'll shoot--

What now?

Not so brave anymore, huh?

Damn, you could have hit me!

Too bad I missed.

Well, go. Go.


To your accomplices!

You will return what is mine
and I will forgive you!

Walk, walk.

Listen, we got off
on the wrong foot.

You just need to return
what is mine,

and I won't tell anyone
what you're up to.

This fog is all over the place.

What fog?

And I refuse to talk to you.

Fine. And how far away are we?

We're already there!

Okay, I need to go.

Time to say goodbye.

Come back soon.


Bye, Daddy.


I'm gonna be away
for a really long time.

Two years.

Why don't you stay
at your stupid work forever!


-I'll go get him, Dad!
-No, no, no.

It's okay, Jacob. It's okay.

In time, he'll understand.

As for now, you must take
good care of your brother.

And remember this.
Whatever you do,

always follow through
to the end.

No matter what or who
should stand in your way.


No, no, no, no, no, no!

My quantanium!

You bastards!

You'll pay
for every single ounce!

Are you okay? Not injured?

The quantanium is gone!

Oh, we're all right, by the way,
thanks for asking.

Care to tell me where you were?

Soldiers took our quantanium,

so I went after them!

Soldiers? Damn it.

What were you going to do,
attack them?

Our quantanium
has been destroyed!

Not only is it three years
of my work and all that we have,

but the plane will not take off
without it!

Ethan and Jacob,
the Blake brothers!

This is my last recording.

I give you my murderers!

She scratched herself
during the crash.

- What is that?
- My painkillers.

Isn't that a little too much?

What is this mess
I've dragged you all into?

I'm a monster!

What are you talking about?


Mister Blake,...



- Um...
- What?

F-forgive me, please,

but you're all here
because of me.


The switchboard didn't go out.

I laid the route
to this location...

and programmed the autopilot
to land us here.

You idiot! Why did you do that?

Because Elizabeth,
Mrs. Paulsen,

she said
that Ethan needed to come here

and that we would find
something precious!

And that... I would have
my chance to be...

of assistance.

That is a confession
of an attempt on my life!

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
hold on, hold on,

maybe it's not so bad.

If the autopilot landed us,
the plane is fine.

It won't fly without quantanium,

but the emergency beacon
would have sent out

our coordinates,
they will come looking for us!

Not exactly.

Um, Mrs. Paulsen said
that nobody except for us

should come here.

And so I... dismantled
the emergency beacon

before we took off,

and now
nobody knows where we are.

You made my daughter an orphan!

You made my daughter an orphan!

You son of a bitch!

They'll never,
ever find us now!

All right, stop that!

You can kill him later!

Screw Elizabeth!

That's why she talked me

into getting you
on the test flight!

You both set me up!

No! I thought that we would find
a treasure here!

And my mom thought so too!

You didn't tell me anything

but you told
your freaking mother?

O... kay!


The thing is, nothing's working.
No phone, no radio.

We're cut off
from the rest of the world.

But this place looks like
some kind of camp.

And there should be
a transmitter here.

Okay, Rinaldo, try to recall.

By any chance,
did Elizabeth tell you anything

about this place?

I'm Ryan...

Whatever! That's not
what I'm asking!

No, she didn't say anything.

I didn't even know
it was an island.


we've brought people here.

We are responsible for them.

I have a more interesting goal.

And you call our father selfish?

Unlike our father,
I'm an honest man.

I didn't start a family
just to abandon it.


Hello, my dear Matt.

It's so sad that the professor
couldn't take you

to the island as his assistant.

I was so looking forward
to seeing you here!

But on the other hand,
I can answer

all of your questions
in my letters.

As you know,

our scientific station
is top secret,

so we won't be alone.

Major, I swear not to give away
any secrets,

and please, don't laugh
at all the silly things

I'm about to tell my friend.

Oh, so this is you.

First of all,
I must tell you

how I've settled here.

I have a lovely bungalow house.

I'm sure you'd like it.

And at night, I can see
the constellation of Leo

through my window.

Your Zodiac sign!

And... here I often dream
about our meeting.



Today, we are receiving
the best scientists

and our friends.

I want to express
my gratitude to all...

In my homeland,
they laughed at my work,

- but you...
-What's going on?

...the great people,
believed in me!

And I did not disappoint you!

Today is August 22nd,...



This day will never be forgotten
as the day

when the most powerful energy
in the world was born!

Today, I made time work for us!

Whoa! There it is!

- Let's--
- Friends!

How wonderful it is
that you came to my channel!

My quantanium!

So she's got it!

Come on, Rob.

I want to finish
the movie, Mommy.

What if we sing our song
as we walk?

Sounds good.

♪ How many miles to Babylon? ♪

♪ Three score miles and ten ♪

♪ Can I get there
By candle-light? ♪

♪ Yes, and back again! ♪

Are we going to the hospital?

Got you, thief!

Where is it?

I saw you had the quantanium,
where'd you put it?

Did that make you feel
like a Bond girl just now?

Who the hell are you?

I get it, in the fog,
it's hard to make things out,

but it's me again.

What do you mean, again?

Are you kidding?
You nearly killed me there!

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Oh, I see,
I see what you're doing here.

"I don't remember,
so it never happened."

I've never seen you before!

So sincere, you almost got me.

Wait, did you really...

did you really forget?

How could I forget something
that never happened?

Hey! Where is my quantanium?

When did it become yours?

-When I created it!
-You created it?


In 2019!

Tell that to Professor Blake!

Wait! What Blake?

Henry Blake.
He created quantanium.

And I hate to break it to you,
but it's 1986.

Henry Blake?

- Wait, he's here?
- Don't move,

stay where you are!

On the ground, both of you!

I'll deal with this,
and we'll get back to it.

- Sir--
- Don't move!

I said, stand where you are!

There's a tough case here.
The girl's a little off,

she thinks
she's stuck in the past!

- Stand still!
- You're not wrong.

-Get down or I'll shoot!
-I'm Ethan Blake!

- Get down!
- Ethan Blake.

Get down, or I'll shoot you!

I can show you
my ID on my phone!

- Get down! Get down!
- Look! Look! Look!

You have no idea
who you're dealing with!

I am Ethan Blake's
personal bodyguard!

And these hands have seen blood!

I am an American citizen!

My father's a senator!


Did you see that?

Everyone's gone!

I saw our father, Ethan!

He was making a speech.

He said it was August 22--


Yes! That's two years
after he left us!

Everything disappeared
as soon as the fog faded.

What was that?

Why did he not disappear?

He might know
what's going on here!



August 22, 1986, 10 p.m.

Interrogation of Tina Morozova
is conducted

in the presence of Henry Blake.

I know you.

At around 9 p.m.,
Ms. Morozova

stole the quantanium
in an attempt to damage the TAU.

The perpetrator
has been detained.

No quantanium was found on her.

How much did they pay you
to do this?

200, 300 dollars?

Did you plan this
with your... lover?

I acted alone!

You heard the recordings.

Matt and I are just pen pals.

He's not on the island,
and he can't be here!

Why did you want
to destroy the TAU?

I've already told you.

Yes, yes, yes,
we're all going to die.

But it's true!

I spoke with soldiers
from the future!

Millions are going to die,
and it's all because of us!

This is it, Dad.

Now I know what you were up to.

One more word,
and your rotten tongue

will be food for worms!

Mother of God!

Missing our mommy already,
aren't we?

Your manners haven't improved
since I left.

What kind of life
do I have here?

I know a guy who thinks
there's a... treasure...


This blade could not wait
any longer!

It's been a while
since it touched blood!

We spare only
women and children!

I am a child!


I can't believe
I didn't notice it sooner!

On the Road
of Yellow Bricks!

what is this place?

We fell down
on this island and...

You fell down, my dear?

Then off you go to bed!

I have a few questions.

Hey, if you're so smart,
answer this question--

How do I get
to the testing site?

Why is a raven
like a writing desk?

Changing the subject
in someone else's house

is poor form!

Off with his head!
Off with his head!

Off with his head!

Off with his head!

"To my dear son Rob,
for his ninth birthday."

Come on, Robert.

Rob? Is that you?

Damn, you're that little boy
from the movie theater.

Dear Mary.

How long has it been
since the winds blew you here

along with your mother?

Rob's mom is acting
beyond improper.

She comes to the movie theater
every night,

and she never recognizes
her own son!


Ethan, are you there?

I'm down here! I'm fine!

But we are not!

We're in some kind of war zone.


Lima, this is Delta!
Do you copy?

Delta, report!
Have you located the target?

This is Delta.
Intel confirmed.

She hid the quantanium here.

Package secured.

Give them a visual.

We'll take them up to the rocks.

Storm the bunker on my signal.

That's my quantanium!


Get down on the floor, now!

- Don't move!
- Get down on your knees!

On the ground!

You shall not pass!

What was that?

And what are these things?

I've had enough of your antics!

You almost got us killed!

What the hell do you want here?

If you're so smart, answer this,

why is a raven
like a writing desk?

This looks like an HQ bunker.

There should be
a transmitter around.

Mister Blake,
we need to find Eva now!

We better call for help
before we get killed!

Put these on!

-No questions.
-I'm not putting that on.

A whole flock of crows.

One of you definitely
will squawk too loud!

These are loyal hounds, Captain!

We can rely on them
on our journey!

Is Blake's treasure
a long way from here?

The road is long,
rocky and treacherous!

Captain, what if someone else
will find the treasure?

Follow me!

I have a radical idea.

Just ask this chap
if he has a transmitter!

The only way
to get through to him

is by talking in character.

He has been stuck here
for 40 years

with nothing but his books,
he's gone off the rails.

Captivating story.

And how is this
going to help us exactly?

Whatever it is
our father created

when he left us,
it is also here.

You saw this looney
dissolve the fog,

he must be onto something.

Only Gandalf has the power

to dissolve
this treacherous fog!

I guess
we're not pirates anymore.

Um... Master Gandalf, sir.

Where does the fog recede?

The fog is the breath
of Smaug the dragon.

And where is Smaug himself?

My faithful companions,
Tin Man,

Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow!

Today, I will tell you...
a fairy tale!

Once upon a time,
Henry Blake landed here...

to conquer time itself.

He wanted to obtain

the most powerful energy
on Earth.

And to achieve that,

he had to create
something heretofore...


A one-of-a-kind iron dragon
that consumes time.

The legendary...

...TAU engine!

And TAU is the treasure

that the wise sorceress
Elizabeth sent me here to find!

We've found it.

Our father's legacy.

Never gave her much credit.

But... where did the fog
come from?

It's time
for a little press conference!

Ladies and gentlemen,
Ethan Blake!

Thank you, Jacob.

You're asking
where the fog came from.

We have the answer for you!

It took us three full years
to come up with quantanium,

while here,
it took them just 20 minutes!

Since quantanium
was made so quickly,

the process had a side effect.

This thing
that looks like fog to us.

It's a mass
of processed quantum particles

that carry an imprint of events
happening on a specific day.

An "imprint of events?"

What does that even mean?

Uh... We have
an answer for that.

It's like a video recording.

Inside the fog, a copy
of the day is being replayed.

A day in the fog
runs parallel to ours.

When it's noon here,
it's noon there.

When it's 8 p.m. for them,
it's the same here for us.

Hold on,
so if these people in the fog

are just copies
of some day in the past,

then how are we able
to interact with them?

Because it's quantum copies.

But the war and the scientists,

those are
clearly different days!

There are two days
playing out in the fog.

August 22nd, 1986,

and the final point
of the time wave,

August 22, 2036.

They were able to produce
quantanium so quickly

because they were working
with a 50-year time wave.

...Mr. Blake,
we've tracked

the source of the signal,
but if we look at the map,

there's nothing there
but the ocean.

Oh, believe me,

there's definitely
an island here.

Waiting for you.

The ship sails tomorrow morning,

it'll be there in two days,
Mr. Blake.

- Roger that. Over and out.
- Over and out.

We need to figure out
how the TAU engine works

and how to bring it with us.

But... but what about Eva?

They'll be here
the day after tomorrow,

I'm sure that they'll find her.

You're not planning
on looking for her

until the day after tomorrow?

But she's injured!
She could be in danger!

That's enough! Stay out of this.

Mister Blake.

Mister Blake,
I dreamed of working for you.

But once I got to know you,
I realized that you're...

you're ready to throw
anybody under the bus

because you're...

an asshole!

Here. Elizabeth asked me
to give you this

once we got to the destination.

She said you'd change
once you got here.

And she was right.

Just for the worse.

I'll go get him.


Get down
on the floor, now!

He's a civilian!

- How did you even get here?
- Delta, report.

Have you located the target?

Wait a minute.
I've seen him before.

We'll take them
up to the rocks.

Storm the bunker on my signal.

Damn, that's him!

-I'll kill you, you bastard!
-Don't shoot, don't shoot, no!

Stop! Are you crazy?

It's Ethan Blake!

Blake is an old man.

What's your name?
What's your name?

It's me, it's me, me!

My... my... my name is
Ethan Blake!

Leave him,
he's a temporal.

Even better!
I can kill him all over again!

Look! They died because
of you and your brother!

That's my wife and kid!

Uh... I don't know them!

The UN tried to remove

the TAU engine tech from you.

That kind of power
shouldn't be in the hands

of one corporation.

So you and your brother
decided to start a war

with your army
of unmanned machines.

You've hidden this island
from us for years,

but we found it.

And when we get to the TAU,

we'll have a chance
of an equal fight!

Why are you even talking to him?

He's nothing but a bunch of fog!

I want him to know
what this is for.

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Don't! No! Don't!

Ryan! Ryan! Ryan!

Ryan! Ryan! Ryan!

Ryan, we'll get you a doctor!

Don't you die on me!

Hold on! Hold on!

- Ethan!
- What?

It's over.

I have to find his mom.

Tell her how it happened.

Tell her... that I would be dead
if it wasn't for him.

That he died because of me.


He died because of me.

This is
what Elizabeth had feared.

Here is the first aid station...

where everyone can get
the necessary medical help.

And over there,
we have a whole hospital

for more serious cases.

Thanks to the generosity
of the government,

we've built a fully functional--

So what now?

You think you won?

Well, I have news for you.

You're already dead.

All of you! Dead!

Dead man! Corpse!

And you...

Are you proud of yourself?

But you are just a fog now!

A self-centered nothing,
as you always were.

And I will make a weapon
using your energy!


Bring him to my office.

You had good intentions,
didn't you?

Well, I did too!

Wow! All it took
was one discovery

for them
to start planting spies.

Who sent you?

Americans? Brits? Germans?

They laughed at me,
and now they finally get

that they missed out
on a genius.

Are you having a stroke?

Or is this the effect
of my discovery?

My invention
will change the world,

my name is already written
in history.

I'm going to be commemorated.


Now I see
why I turned out this way.

Who cares
how you turned out?


You never cared, for sure.

Today I've solved
the universe's greatest mystery.


Time is
infinitely abundant, but...

There's never enough of it.

You have absolutely no idea.

Do you know
what kind of force it takes

to drag today...

To drag today into tomorrow?

Incredible force.

And today,
you made time work for you?

I know.

All this was written
in the notebook

you left behind
when you left us.

What the hell is going on here?

You'd understand
what is going on here

if you'd been there
when Mom was dying.

Remember? When you abandoned
your family,

you told your kids
to always follow through,

no matter what or who
should stand in their way.

that's exactly what we did.

It's how we turned out
the monsters we are.

Me and Jacob.

Uncuff him!

I'll talk to him alone.



But how is this possible?

You are... a side effect
of the TAU engine.

As quantanium gets produced,

processed quant-particles
get released.

Yeah. That's right.

They get dissolved in the air.

No, they don't.

They linger in the field,
the field that contains events,


The truth is,
you're already gone.

Yeah, that means...

that means I did it!

I really did it!

What a striking opportunity!

Do tell me.
The world must have changed.

Is everybody using quantanium?

Am I famous?

You didn't come back.


We never saw you again.

Mom died, Jacob and I
grew up at an orphanage.

No! No.

Don't be ridiculous!

The launch went well!

I'll be back soon.

I have a travel date, look!

Look! Going home in ten days!

You never made it back.

I should know,
it's been my life.

What you did here destroyed you

and everyone
who worked with you.

And what I am about to create
will cause millions of deaths.

No, Ethan, no.

You're wrong.

Even if
that's how it happened for you,

it will be different now.

I will change everything.

after the committee visit,

I'll leave this place.

I'll be home in two days!

Will you listen to me?

It already happened.

Us meeting here today...

it may have no purpose
other than to show me

who I have become.

- Professor!
- What was that?

There's a large cloud
of fog of some kind.

There's something inside it!

Stay here, Ethan. Stay here.

Hey, Dad! Dad?

Wait! Dad! Dad!

Get to the bunker!

Everyone, to the bunker!

The closer
the day of the launch,

the more anxious I feel.

Are we doing the right thing?

The professor has changed
so much lately.

I don't think
you'd recognize him.

Instead of the dream to improve
the lives of all people,

he talks more and more
about the power and glory

that the new energy
will give him.

I hope I'm wrong.

Because if that is the case,

I'm not entirely sure
that the TAU

will make the world
a better place.

Jacob! We shouldn't take
anything from this place!

What happened to you?

What have you done?

Why did you start it?

Ethan, we need to carry
as much quantanium as we can.

It's worth billions.

Think about the future
of our company.

We have to stop this engine!


I know who starts the war
in the future.

We do! Blake Explorations!

Everything starts today,
at this moment.

- I saw it!
- I believe you.

But now we know this, right?

We won't let it happen.

There's only one way to stop it,

by destroying the engine!

No. Tomorrow at 8 p.m.,
the yacht will be here for us.

Now we,
we'll get out of here

and continue our father's work.

Dad was killed by our drones.

We killed him, Jacob!

Quantanium was my dream,
you know that!

But the time has come
to sacrifice it.

No, Ethan. No.

Always follow through
to the end,

no matter what or who
should stand in your way.

Ted, turn it off!

Without you,
he can't do anything!

I'm sorry, Ethan.

I have to think about my future.

I have a daughter.

You know...

I'm sick of this.

I have the TAU. I have Ted.

I don't need you anymore.

That's enough!

You think
I'm going to keep silent?

No, I won't! Here, take a look!

I saw Ryan die
exactly like Ethan said!

The engine
should be switched off!

Stay out of this!

Start filming, Ethan!

We're going to stop all this.

And as soon
as we are back online,

my millions of followers

-will see this!
-No, no, no, no!

Get back! You better get back!

I said, get back!

I don't care!

Ryan gave his life for me,

and you are not
going to stop me--

What the hell?

Neither am I.

I'm not going to stop. Ever.

You bastard!

That's fine.

We'll go and make
some quantanium in the meantime.


I've become death.

The destroyer of worlds.

Elizabeth tried to warn me.

And I've been so foolish.

I spoke with soldiers
from the future!

Millions are going to die,
and it's all because of us!

Millions are going to die,
and it's all because of us!

I've already told you.

Yes, yes, yes,
we're all going to die.

Yes, yes,
we're all going to die.

... from the future.

Millions are going to die,
and it's all because of us!

I spoke with the soldiers
from the future!

Millions of people will die!

Why did you want
to destroy the TAU?

Why did you want
to destroy the TAU?

I've already told you!

I've told you already!

Yes, yes, yes,
we're all going to die.

Yes, we're all going to die.

Where did you hide
the quantanium?

Tell us everything!

There's no way
I'll tell you!

Why did you want
to destroy the TAU? Why?

Why did you want
to destroy the TAU?

- I told you already!
- I told you already!

Yes, yes, yes,
we're all going to die.

But it's true!

I spoke with soldiers
from the future!

Yes, yes,

we're all going to die.

I got it now!

The quantanium is still
on the island.

She hid it!

The soldiers
were talking about it,

that means
Tina knows where to look for it!

Millions of people will die,
all because of us!

No, no, no!

I have a plan!

We'll do what Tina wanted.

I understand how she planned
to destroy the TAU.

If you take a vial
with quantanium

and put it into the engine
and start producing

new quantanium,
their energies will collide,

causing an explosion.

We'll put Smaug's own egg
under his butt!

I was in the castle
of the sorceress Tina

at 8:49 p.m.,

and I saw
that she had already stolen

Smaug's egg,

which means she left the bunker
at about 8:40.

We must not break
the magic crystals!

They won't be able
to drive the fog away!

Oh, great Gandalf!

These crystals repulse the fog,

but if you change
their polarity, they pull it in.

Flee! Down the Road
of Yellow Bricks!

Hello, my dear Matt.

I had no idea that
you can miss someone so much.

I'm trying to convince
the professor

that he needs two assistants.

We'll see what happens.

But while I'm alone,

I'll continue
to answer your questions.

As if we're already together.

The professor got approval.

I'm flying to America with him!

And we'll see each other soon.

Over the last six months,
you've become like family to me.

Although we've never met,

and I've never even seen
a picture of you.

But I'm sure our first date
will go down perfectly.

It's even better this way.

Although we've never met,

and I've never even seen
a picture of you.

It's even better this way.

It's even better this way.

Hands up!

Easy! Easy! Easy?

Oh! A foreigner!

You want to have a drink? Hey!

What the--


Did that make you feel
like a Bond girl just now?

Who the hell are you?

We've met before
in your dream.

Did you forget me so quickly?

In my dreams?

You told me yourself
in your letters.


Is this really you?

It is me!

I couldn't even imagine
I would see you here.

They're looking for you.
Let's get you to a safe place.

Let's hide here!


This is not how I imagined
our meeting.

Want to improvise?

Matt, listen.

I did something.

Something they'll never
forgive me for.

I know. About the quantanium,
and everything else.

You heard?

And I do believe you,
and I want to help!

Matt... I just don't want
to drag you into this.

Listen, I'm so glad you're here.

But this is such bad timing.

We don't choose the time,

but we can decide who we are
in the time that chose us.

We will make things right!

We can save the day.

They didn't take away
the quantanium, did they?

No, I hid it.

Perfect! I will help you
with your plan.

Matt, are you sure
you want to do this?

You admired
Henry Blake's ideas so much.

He believed
that he was changing the world

for the better.

But he made
his loved ones suffer.

You are the only one
who can change it.

I'm here to help!

Just tell me
where you hid the quantanium.

I can get it.

They're looking for you,
but they won't suspect me.

Where is it, Tina?

It's in the village.

But we can't go now.

They're still celebrating,
someone will notice me.

Well, let's wait here

until the morning.

How did you talk Henry Blake
into inviting you to the island?

It wasn't that easy,
but I have a way with words.

It's like I'm dreaming.

Who knows?
Maybe it is a wonderful dream.

Do you believe in destiny?

I guess I do now.

I feel so safe with you.

Look how wonderful
the stars are tonight.

Do you see Sirius?

The brightest in the night sky.

One of the closest stars
to Earth.

And this is Vega.

The sailors are guided by it.

It's on the right side
of the triangular constellation.

It's called
the Autumn-Summer Triang...

Rob! Rob!

Wait, wait! What does he
have to do with any of this?


- Tina?
- Give it back.

Tina, I don't understand.

Rob, it's all right,
he's a friend.

Hold on, you gave
the quantanium to a kid?

Tina, what are you
talking about?

Rob, this is no time for joking.

At the celebration
after the launch,

I put the quantanium
into your backpack.

The launch isn't till tonight.

Rob, the launch
has already happened!

The launch is only
about to happen.

Crap! Of course!

The day in the fog is changing.

At... at 4 a.m.

So now it's the morning
before the launch!

Matt, what do you mean?

I'm going now, sweetie.

I'll see you
after the engine launch.

Bye, Mom.

- Hi, Kate.
- Oh, hi, Tina.

I almost slept in.

Do they really need us
this early?

No one sleeps,
since the professor can't sleep.

This is... this is impossible!

Calm... calm down!

This is impossible! This is...

You are not Matt, right?

You are not Matt?

You are not Matt? Just tell me!

I thought
it would be better this way.




Let me go!

I can't,
otherwise you'll disappear!

How is this even possible?
Why am I there?

Let me explain
everything to you!

Is this because
of the TAU engine?

Did the testing begin?

Is this some kind
of a system failure?

I'm from the future!


I'm Henry Blake's son.

His son?

What you have seen
in the future, the war,

will happen because of me.

I didn't know this,
and I want to stop it,

that's why I lied
and told you I was Matt

so you would tell me
where you hid the quantanium.

I'm sorry I lied,
I know you hate lies,

but I've listened
to your recordings,

and I almost fell in love.

This is impossible!

I don't believe a single word!

I know it's hard for you
to trust me now, but...

but I know who you will believe.

Who is it?

Don't worry. You know him.

Let's go.

Hey, buddy!
I want you to meet someone.

Rob's mom
didn't recognize him again.

And she left
without saying goodbye.

It's so tactless!

♪ How many miles to Babylon? ♪

♪ Three score miles and ten ♪

♪ Can I get there
By candle-light? ♪

♪ Yes, and back again! ♪


Tina, you recognize me?

Yes, of course.

I did as you told me.

I never, ever opened it.

So all of this is true.

If Rob got older,
then this is the future.

But... why did the time
get mixed up?

Did I travel to the future or...

did you end up here?

And why is there another me?

You didn't travel in time, Tina.

You only exist in a mass
of processed quantum particles,

to me they look like a fog,
but you can't see it.


This device allows me to attract

a field of quantum particles
and keep it

within a radius of 100 meters.

I got you out of the main field,

that's why
you haven't disappeared yet.

The day in the fog
started all over again, and...

Now it looks like
the events have gone back

to the morning of August 22nd.

That's why you saw another you,
the other,

before the TAU launch.

So I'm like...

a ghost?

You are a quantum variant,
a possible version of yourself.

Where did you get this?

From my parents.


It's the same.

It's not "the same".
It's the one.

What is that?

I don't know.

Hello, Ethan.

If you are watching this,
it means I'm dead,

and you've found the TAU.

Forgive me for luring you here.

You had to see
everything for yourself.

I'm Tina Morozova,

assistant to your father,
Henry Blake.

If you came here,
you've seen your father,

maybe even me as a young woman.

But most importantly,

you've seen
what our experiments led to.

When we launched the TAU,
the fog wrapped this place,

and within the fog,
there was a day from the future,

a day of the war.

The military destroyed
this place,

but I was lucky.

I survived.

Tina Morozova died.

Elizabeth Paulsen appeared.

It fell into chaos, and...

our experiment was forgotten.

It was no longer a priority.

So, I decided to find you.

There was only one way
to stop you.

But I couldn't do it.


Good afternoon.

Hey, buddy!

I see that you're an inventor?

I wanted to try and raise you

a different person.

And I think that I've managed
to change something in you.

You are special, Ethan.

So if she...

is me...

that means I'm already dead.

This is such a weird feeling.

I don't even know what I am.

You are my last hope
to destroy the TAU

and change the future.

But how?

Today, my brother Jacob
will carry with him

off the island the technology
for the TAU engine.

And it is much more powerful
and dangerous

than the technology I use
to get my quantanium.

It's literally a Pandora's box.

But what do you plan on doing?

I want to finish
what you started.

I will get to the bunker
and draw the fog

at the moment of the launch.

You've been on site,
so you know exactly

how it happened.

The TAU shouldn't get out
into the world.

We have to destroy it.

All right.

But I'll be the one
to blow up the TAU.

It's personal.

Either way,
I don't really exist, so...

nothing can happen to me.

So this means
I will vanish soon.

There's plenty of time
until eight.

But I was so looking forward
to this day.

I even brought a dress with me
for the celebration.

This sounds
so foolish right now.

No, it's not.

Look, here's a stage.


You want to dance?

But you and I
are alike, Ethan.

I know
what you're feeling right now.

Quantanium was your dream,
and now you have to destroy it.

I went through this.

Realizing that your dream
will destroy the world,

it's not easy.

And I believe that you'll make
the right choice.

This is all very silly
and inappropriate!

But your manners
are nothing new to me.

Mary Poppins is back.

Practically perfect
in every way!

But all good things
come to an end.

The wind's in the West!

People will gather here soon.

Let's go
to Henry Blake's house.

He'll be in the bunker all day.

Nobody will disturb us.

We'll be docking
in a few minutes.

Great. You'll find us
in a bunker.

It's in the middle
of an abandoned camp.

We're locked in,

you'll need to open
the metal hatch.

We're carrying
some precious cargo.

Please provide security.

And here's the thing...

This whole mission,
emergency landing,

losing quantanium...

It affected Ethan.

I'm afraid he lost it.

There was a terrible incident.

He killed the journalist.

If you see him,
please be careful.


It's time to get out of here.

We need to take everything.

So, by 8 p.m.
we go down to the bunker

and put a quantanium flask
inside the receiving container.

But for this, we need to know
minute by minute,

where everybody was
before the TAU launch.

The professor and the committee

entered the TAU's control center

at 7:30 p.m. and remained there
until the launch.

All systems were tested,

they didn't have
a minute to spare.

And where were you
at that moment?

From 7:35 until 7:50,
I was near the engine

with the scientists.

We were preparing
the TAU for launch.

We'll enter
the engine compartment at 7:50.

Jacob and Ted will probably try
to take out the quantanium.

In the bunker,
everyone will be busy,

so no one
will pay attention to them.

There's a guard at the entrance.

You can't get inside
without raising suspicion.

But I can.

But being the only one
near the TAU,

I'll be in full view.

I can only switch the flasks
while the scientists are there,

so I have to get there earlier.

The main thing is
not to be noticed

by the second me.


System activated.

Clear launch area.

Stand by for pre-launch.

At 7:55, the TAU
will be fully ready for launch.

We'll only need
to press the button.

I'll start the engine
to create a distraction.

What's happening?

Who is it? Who is it?

Ring the alarm!

And stop Jacob and Ted.


They got the quantanium!
Get them! Get them!

After starting up,

the engine needs to run
for 20 minutes.

And throughout this time,
no one should get in.

I will block the door
to the TAU.

For good luck.

At 20 minutes past eight,

the engine will start producing
new quantanium.

Their energies will collide,
and the TAU will be destroyed.

Damn it!

Ethan's got the key.

Jacob, it's over!

I put a full flask of
quantanium inside the receiver.

In 20 minutes, it will explode.

What have you done?

We need to stop this!
Give me the key!

You've seen the war!

This is what it led to!

If the quantanium
gets into the world,

it will end like this.
Either way,

we have to destroy the TAU!

Listen to me!

- On your knees!
- On your knees!

On your knees!
I'll kill you, you bastard!

How did you even get here?

- He's a civilian!
- It's Jacob Blake!

Jacob Blake is an old man!

-Then he's a temporal!

You are wrong!

No, I recognize you.

You'll pay for everything!

For what?

That's my wife and kid!

They died because of you
and your brother!

Do you see now?

We need to put an end to this!

This won't happen!

It already happened!

Look around!

Was this our father's dream?

Hands up!

You want to have a drink?

Hold it! Don't move!

Grab him!

All of this...

is because of us!

Ted, throw me the gun!

Right in front of you! Throw it!

Throw me the gun!

I have to stop you.

For my daughter!

I'll fix everything.

My name is Ethan Blake.

A very wise friend once told me,

"Don't waste your time in vain."

My whole life,
I had a sense of purpose,

continuing my father's work,
trying to defeat time.

But we were both wrong.

Destiny is determined
by what we strive for.

What is the use of victories

if there is no one
to share them with?

The most important thing
is the people around us.

Family, friends.

I only realized this
after I lost them all.

But every moment in time

is a new chance
to change everything.

Fate is the path to the unknown.

I leave it with you.

Destroy everything
that is left of my work

and never return to it
in the future.

And I...

I will destroy the one thing
I have here.


Am I in hell?

Don't launch the TAU!
Don't launch the TAU!

Don't launch the TAU!

Come closer.

A video broadcast
from the future.

I suggested that, theoretically,

the TAU could teleport
substances through time, but...

teleporting a human?

I haven't shown you
everything yet.

Come take a look!

My life's work.

So much time wasted...

Your family is waiting.

I was told you have two boys.


They're a year apart.

Wonderful boys.

Imagine how happy they will be.

And don't tell them that
the most important thing in life

is to follow through no matter

what should stand in the way.

How do you know I say that?

Just a guess! Don't.

♪ How many miles to Babylon? ♪

- ♪ Three score miles and ten ♪
- ♪ Three score miles and ten ♪

You know this song?

I heard it. In another life.

♪ Can I get there
By candle-light? ♪

Do you mind?

So you said I really helped you.

You did.

But how did I end up
in the future?

It's a long story.

I can tell you
on our first date.

I'm sorry,
but I already have a date.

You've never even met the guy.

What if he's not your type?
Or married?

And I'm here.
Single and stunning.

Handsome and... humble?

Five, four,

three, two, one.

Ethan! Come here!

- Ethan, Jacob!
- Can't catch me!

- Four, three...
- Catch me

if you can.

That's the biggest snowball

I've ever seen!

He got you!

be careful, boys.

Look at me, Daddy!

Mommy, Mommy,
look at this!

Are you hungry?

Now come on, boys.

Let's go and get some dinner.

Something tells me
he won't give up

and will continue his research.

I think he'll come up
with something new.


what are we going to do?

We will look after him.

So, how's Matt?

Did you finally meet him?

Um... Actually...

I think he's not my type.

Of course.

He doesn't know
all the World Cup winners

for all the years to come.