Fight the Good Fight (2017) - full transcript

After his eldest son is murdered in a gangland hit, an absentee father desperately tries to protect what's left of the shattered family he abandoned.



Subtitles by explosiveskull

Hey champ, I need to lock up.


What am I supposed to do?

Look after our boys.



You again.

You should pace yourself, man.

You brought them?

Yeah, you know you can get
these prescribed by a doctor?

Hurry up, we're
missing the fight.

How much do I owe you?


It's not easy getting
these things, you know.


You got a slot for an old dog?

You sure you
should be fighting?

What do you reckon?

You think it's a good idea?

I think it's a great idea.


Get it, get it,
get it, that's it.

And I'll tell you what,

there's no fucking thing

I wouldn't have
done for that woman,

but she isn't here,
I lost her too.







You hear that?

Go on!





♪ You know I need
your lovin', lovin'

♪ You make me wanna
jump in, jump in

♪ And this has got
me thinkin', thinkin'

♪ About how I need
your lovin', lovin'

♪ Girl you're somethin'

♪ Always on my mind.


So, when is it due?

Not soon enough.

Christ, that's strong.

Where'd you get that?

The old country.

DANNY: It's good stuff.

Let's try it.

So, you're gonna be a daddy.

What a shitstorm
that's gonna be.

Here, try this.

DANNY: What's that?

What do ya think?

My da brought it in last week.

It's the real shit, man.

I'm all right.

Ah, don't be like that.

Fine, more for me and you.

Go on, make yourself numb.


All right, pay attention,
we're taking the next left.

let's park up here.


PATRICK: My da, he won't
want to see the girls there.

I know what he's like.

DANNY: What, a sexist?

PATRICK: Old school.

Wait right here.

Okay, I'll be back in a bit.

Don't have a cigarette
whilst I'm gone

and no drink either, right Mina?


Away with ya.



Right, go, your da will be
asleep by the time we get there.

All right, won't be long.

So, where you
going after this?

To see my old man,

tell him he's
gonna be a grandad.

I thought you haven't
seen him in years?

Aye, well, family's family.

You shouldn't turn
your back on it.

When have you seen your Dad?

We're about to.

No, your real dad,
Shaw's just your stepdad.

Like I said, we're about to.

You need to focus.

Don't speak unless spoken to.

If my da asks you anything,

you answer straight away.

Ain't his work card
a reason to get in?

I'm serious.


2nd of May, 1974, guess
who walks into the gym?

Sugar Ray.

What, Leonard?

Sugar Ray Leonard.

Was about two years before
he won the gold in Montreal.

The slickest boxer
on the planet.

He looked like a starving kid.


Jesus Christ.

So he steps in the gym.

Next thing, he's on the banks.

Jumping rope and
lacing up to spar.

Did you get to talk to him?



I did better than that,

I went five rounds with him.


Well come on, how'd you do?

Well I didn't put
him on his arse,

if that's what you're asking.

But he didn't put
me on mine either.

I held my own.

After the five
rounds, he says to me,

do you want to go another round?



I'm standing there
with a swollen eye

and blood running down my nose.

I said, "Absolutely, let me
go and get my gun first."


Come on.

PATRICK: Fuck off.


Nice of you to drop by.

PATRICK: So, what are we
gettin' up to tonight, lads?

A wee mind.

So, you're Danny?

Ya, he's the boxer...

I wasn't asking you.

Your boss says you're
a pretty good fighter

and your da was a champion.

Went by the name
of The Highlander.

Aye, not anymore though.

What, you're not a
good fighter anymore?

No, my dad.

He's works over at the uni.

So, what are you doing here

down in the docks
with a prick green?

Why don't you make
a name for yourself,

go pro, like your da?

It's not my scene.

And stealing
from containers is?

Kids these days, all
bent out of shape.

I didn't go pro either,

I preferred fighting
on the cobbles.

He was a champion
too, ya know.

DESMOND: Aye, of some sort.

Right, let's clean up the mess.

JADE: Do you ever get
like cravings and shit?

Aye, ice cream, I
can't eat enough of it.

Well that's hardly a craving.

I mean everyone likes
ice cream, right?

I read this thing on Facebook,

there was this woman

and she had a craving for coal.

It was like pictures of her
eating it and everything,

it was proper fucked up.

Do you want kids?

Uh, no, kids are gross.


What the fuck happened here?

Tony here, fucked up.

You didn't give them
enough air, did ya Tony?

Now we're a delivery short.

DESMOND: What am I gonna
tell the Russians now?

You said he could
be fucking trusted.

I was I supposed to know

he wouldn't let
them get some air?

Christ, one's still alive.

So there is.

Bring her out.


On your knees.


DESMOND: Take this.

What for?

Don't ask questions,
just take it.

Tommy's bit of
fun on the journey.

Too busy sucking
cock up on deck.

I imagine you
know how to use one?

I don't understand?

It's not rocket
science, shoot her.



How many times do
I have to tell you?

Keep your mouth shut.

No, I won't do it.

How can I trust you,

if you don't shoot her?

I'm not gonna shoot
an innocent girl,

for fuck sake.

How do I know you
won't go to the police?

Or her, for that matter?

Christ, just pay her to
keep her mouth shut, please.

If I had a pound the
amount of times I heard that.

Don't do this.

Just get on with
it for fuck sake,

we ain't got all night.

Give it rest, Jule, will ya?

Fuck off Pat, you've been
giving at this all night.

Just shut the fuck up.



You've got a lot to learn boy.

Why the fuck did you do that?

Shit show, why don't you just,

you could've...

Danny relax.

Relax will ya?

No, Pat, this is fucked.

She did nothing wrong.

Danny, come on, chill.

Don't fucking touch me.

I didn't sign up for this.

You're a fucking monster.

Come on.


Fuck you.

Danny, you can't walk away.

Aye, I can.

I want no part in this.

You can all go and
fuck yourselves.

That's a fucking shame.



Go on.



Take it.

Take it.

Finish him.




You took your time.

Fuck off, will ya?




No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, Danny!




Okay, one.

One, two.

So, you think I'm
ready for a fight?

Not quite yet.

Why not?

I've been training for months.

Billie you'll get

- your chance.
- I'm ready.

Don't worry, you'll
get your chance, okay?

Boxing's based on discipline.

There's no point rushing into
the ring ahead of your time

or you'll end up
punch drunk, okay?

Yeah, all right.

Go on.

You're here tomorrow, right?

Of course.

See ya.

Harvey, what you talking
to those guys about?


Don't play stupid.

Nothing, just a
bit of business.

Business, in the gym?


What business?

Are you in on this?

Listen, relax,
it's no big deal.

This gym is for the kids.

To get them off the street,
not put them back on it.

What's wrong with you?

What do you want
to do, hit me?

Don't fucking touch me.

MAN: Yeah, just over there.

Can I help you?

you Robert McCray?

Aye, who's asking?

OFFICER: We have some
news about your brother.



Okay, we'll be
continuing with how

classical authors had huge
cultural and moral influence.

Aand honing in on
the ways in which,

where's that gone now?

In which styles transmitted
from one author to another.

Now, who can tell me
what stylometry means?

My vision still impaired
from last night?

Is half my class missing?

Sammy, can you pay
attention please?

Where is everyone?

AMY: We weren't
expecting you.

Amy, would you
care to elaborate?

I just said we
weren't expecting you.

Oh, who were you
expecting, Hemingway?

George Orwell, perhaps?

To be fair sir, you
haven't turned up all week.

I am sorry about that.

I've not been...

William, can I
have a quick word?

Professor Hines will be
taking over your class.

everyone, where were we?

If this is about last week,

I had a lot on my plate.

William, that conversations
is for another day.

Here they come.

Hey William.

Come here.

Charlie, what
are you doing here?

Hello, I'm Detective
Inspector Thomas.

We'd like a moment with
you to talk about your son.

Which one?


Can I get a go on that?

So how'd it happen?

They found him at the docks

with severe injuries
to his head and back.

We checked his mobile

and your phone was the last
number called last night,

around nine o'clock.

I didn't answer it.

An answer message perhaps?

Is that all?

William, relax, we need
to ask these questions,

it's protocol, that's all.

You know as well as I do,
I don't talk to my sons.

You have to speak to Robert.

I didn't mean any disrespect.

Like I said, you have
to speak to Robert.

Sorry William, we
don't want to keep you.

But if there is
anything you can give us

that might help with
the investigation,

then don't hesitate to call me.

See, I can't imagine what
you're going through just now.

But work aside,
I'm here for you.

Look, here's my card.

If you can't get
through to your brother,

I'm here to help.


have one new message.

First new message.




No, no, no, no, no, no!




1 Timothy 6, reads as follows,

aim at righteousness,

godliness, faith, love,



Fight the good fight of faith.

As we gather to
remember Danny's life,

we recall that he fought the
good fight as a man of faith.

As a son,

and as a friend.

Three words.


PRIEST: William.


The poet, Robert Frost...

The poet Robert Frost...

The poet Robert
Frost once wrote,

"All I have learned of life

"can be put in three words."

It goes on.



Hey, come here.

Great speech.

Thank you.

How're you holding up?

It's a blur.

Aye, I can imagine.

Robbie didn't stay long.

Hmm, we're still not talking.

Hey, look at me.

If you need anything,
you let me know, okay?

They still got some of his
personals down at the station.

Why don't you come by
tomorrow and pick them up?

I can do that.

- BOTH: Daddy.
- Hey.

Say hello to your uncle.


You let me know when you're
coming tomorrow, aye?

Come on girls.

The good fight.


What, you're bored?

I'll tell you what,
I'm fucking bored.

♪ Danny Boy

♪ The pipes, the
pipes are calling

♪ From glen to glen

♪ Down the mountain side

Courage, serenity
and wisdom, aye?


Fat good you did me!

Stevie Wallace the other day.

Disaster of his
put an end to that.

Anyway, this is it.

I wasn't expecting you so early.

Best to get it over with.

Aye, understandable.

All right, well this is it.

Can you give me a minute?

Aye, of course.

I'll be out in the hallway.

Don't touch anything else, eh?


You get everything?


Hello again.

You said my son was associated
with some criminals, who?

We know he's close friends
with a guy named Patrick.

He's a step-son of
an ex-con named Shaw.

Have you brought him in yet?

We can't without
sufficient evidence.

WILLIAM: Aye, there's
a photo of Danny and girl.

Jessica was his girlfriend.

Mm hmm.

She's pregnant, William.


So what's next?

You gonna speak to this Shaw?

Aye, I'll send down a few
guys, ask some questions.

But in the meantime,

if you see either
of them, stay clear.


Your brother seems wired.

Give it a rest, will you?

How would you feel if
you just lost a son?

Hey Jessica, you up?

I've got some food for ya.

I've got some ice cream.


Hey Jess.

If you don't want eat for you,

eat for your baby, come on Jess.


It's not healthy, you
being in here like this.

You need to keep windows open.

Get some fresh air.

I know what happened
is terrible,

but you have to stay
healthy for the baby's sake.

My brother would kill me

if he knew I wasn't
looking out for you.

So give us a chance.


So, modern authors
are being influenced

by their contemporaries
rather than

writers from the 18th
and 19th centuries.

Surely we can still respond

to great ideas in
Shakespeare or Homer or not.

Christ it's hot in here.

You don't say much, do ya?

I think it's because
contemporary writing is

well, more contemporary.

Stories with subject matter
such as fashion and sex

are more relatable
to our generation.

Okay, very good.


Right, that's all for today.

Have nice weekends.

Mr. McCray?

Amy, you don't need
to call me Mr. McCray,

William's fine, I feel
so bloody old otherwise.

What can I do for you?

I just wanted to let you know

that there's been
rumors around school

about why you haven't been in.

Oh, like what?

I just wanted to say I'm sorry

for what I said in
class the other day.

If that happened to me,

I wouldn't be in either, I
don't think anyone would be.

Okay, you don't need
to worry about that...

And don't worry about us.

Be with your family.

Chin down, heads up, come on.

Nice Billie, stick the jab.

Nice, real nice.

All right enough fella,
come on take it easy on her.

Come on Billie
let's work, come on.

That's nice!

Stick the jab, come on.

Come on Billie let's work!

Come on, let's move it!

Soft, go a bit softer, come on.

Come on, take it easy.

MEAT: Come on!

That's nice, stick
the jab, come on.

MEAT: Come on, come on.

Hey Jesus!

Fuck, that's enough.

What's wrong with you?



Let me have a look.

Maybe he's right.

Maybe I shouldn't be doing this.

Aw hey, don't
let anyone tell you

what you can and can't do.

If he wants to be
stuck in the stone age

then you let him do that.

Just worry about yourself and
what you want to do, okay?




Is it true?


Your brother got murdered.

Right, get
yourself cleaned up.

Hey Billie.

That's good work.

WILLIAM: Robert.


I need to talk son.


About Danny.

I don't care,
nothing's changed.

- Wait a sec, wait a sec.
- No.

Not right now all right?

I'm leaving.

We can go and get a drink.

What makes you think I want
to have a drink with you?

Now you listen to me,
take off your gloves.

- Oh come on.
- And you go over here.

You're drunk already
I can fucking

- smell it on ya.
- I'm not drunk.

No, I mean really.

It takes one of your sons to die

before you can come talk to me?

Did you know
Danny was murdered?

He was beaten to a pulp,

and I know that because
he called me the night.

He called me.

He called you?

Aye, but I didn't pick up.

I thought maybe
you could tell me...

I thought you came to see me.

Did come to see you
but I thought maybe...

You don't even care about me.

You're only here to find
out about Danny aren't you?

I came to...

Get my son back.


CHARLIE: So how was
your date last night?


No coffee afterwards then?

We match on Tinder,
decide to go for a drink.

Hear about his day before
he even asked about mine

he's more concerned what
was underneath my skirt.

So yes, short.

Men aye?

So they're telling us
there are no CCTV cameras

pointed toward the area
where he was killed,

why do I find that
hard to believe?

A trading company
doesn't have funds

to keep cameras on the whole
site 24/7, down at 8:00.

doesn't feel right.

What do you think?

About Tinder?

That doesn't feel right.


I'm gonna pay him a visit.

He seems to be the weak
link in this operation.

Maybe we can make him flip.

Well that isn't
a good idea is it?

The last thing we want is Shaw
to think we're on his case.

That's exactly what we want.

Start on operations
until we convict him.

Don't make me pull
rank Bernadette.

Just relax.

We will get the
person responsible.

Look, so what do we know, hmm?

We know Shaw.

He's definitely got
some kind of link

to this human
trafficking racket.

Let's just sit tight and
see how things develop, aye?

'Cause I know one
of they bastards

most definitely
killed my nephew,

but we can bring down more
than just a man with a gun.

We need to nail the bastard
that finances the gun remember?


But true.


Well what is this?

You said a small event.

If the council
found out about this

they're gonna close us down.

Don't be a faggot, just relax.

No one's gonna find out.

First the drugs and
now unlicensed boxing?

I could wring your neck.

Oh fuck sake.

WILLIAM: Robert.


Not right now all right?

WILLIAM: Listen, I need
to speak with Jessica.


WILLIAM: Jessica.

No I heard what you said.


So do you know where
I can find her?


Okay a number then.

What is your problem?

Why do you want to see her?

Son she's carrying
my grandchild.

Yeah, and like I'm
gonna let you near her.


No I'm not listening to you.

No one is useless
in this world.

He lightens the
burdens of another.



Here we go with all
your attempt at wisdom.

Whoopdte fucking doo!

Mom was the smart one.

The suit don't fit.

Don't take another fucking
step until I've said my piece.

Danny's gone, we've lost him.

It's tearing me apart that
I wasn't there for him,

but I can be there for Jessica
and the baby, now please.


People are waiting, we
need another fighter.

Tennison's all ready.


I'm not gonna help you.

You taught that, throw
one of the kids in.

Are you mad?

No way!


What are you on about no way?

Who are you to say that?

Who are you?

You get one of your boys.

I'll fight Meat.

You, who are you you jackass.


I'll give you 10.

You're a village boy.

I'll give you 10 minutes.

- Sort this out.
- I'm sorry mate, come on.


Why are you doing this?


Who's that?

When I say break,
I mean break.

Got that?

Get back to your corners.

He swings big.

Move around, make him miss.


Let's fight.



None of that!



He's out!



Wasn't so hard was it?


HARVEY: He's a good fighter.

Where'd you find him.

ROBERT: He's my father.

HARVEY: Sweet.

I'd best be off.

I'll be in touch.

ROBERT: I'm sure you will.

No, you keep it.

About Jessica.

Look, I know what
you're trying to do

but now is not the right time.

So when is?

You fighting for me doesn't

immediately put
things back together.

If you really care you'll give
her the space that she needs.


And don't be coming
down here uninvited again.

I know where to find
you if I need you.



I got this.


You ordering food?



May I sit?

My boy tells me you
put on quite a show

down at the gym tonight.

AMY: Coffee?

I'll have what he's
having sweetheart.

So why'd you fight?

You tight for money?


You chasing the adrenaline?

I know, it's appealing.

I used to fight myself.

I have a problem.

Your little show down at
the gym cost me a fighter.

His jaw is broken and he
can't fight next week.

So, you gonna help me fix
my problem and fight for me?

I have my own problems.

You know who I am?

I've heard of you.

You're a suspect
in my son's murder.

Am I now?

You're brave.

I can respect that.

Say your piece and leave.

When I was a kid my ma
used to make these brownies.

They were to die for.

Now, the rule was you
could only take one,

but I couldn't help myself.

I would take two or even three.

My older brothers
would beat the shit

out of me for taking theirs.

It wasn't that I
was being greedy.

Sometimes I wasn't even hungry.

I just like getting
into trouble,

and I liked taking
what was not mine.

What's your point?


Wakes up the
senses doesn't it?

So you can fight for me,

and then you can get on with
your life as if we never met.

If I don't?

Then I will find you.

And I will take
something from you.

My boy, I didn't see
him for three years,

and he calls me up
the night he died.

All I heard was the sounds of
him getting beaten to death.

Now you're telling me
you weren't involved.

If you were, you won't
need to come find me.

I'll find you.

Enjoy your coffee.

Give me a call when
you've made your decision.

Who was that?

My new friend.

So, you work here.

No, I just like
wearing the uniform.

It is a nice uniform.


Hey, you awake?

I just want to
let you know that,

you're not alone in this.




What are you still doing here?

Thought I'd escort you home.

Bit late to be
walking on your own.

Yeah, sure.

Where do you live?

Saint Mary's.

Whoa, you train there?

Yeah, you
regretting your offer?

Course not, anyway
I've committed.

Come on, let's go.



Does it hurt?

What, my face?


Back does.

Too old to be boxing.

Why'd you do it?

Primal instinct?

It's the will to fight.

I tell ya, you
may not believe it

but it's an amazing experience
getting punched in the face

and finding out you're
not made of glass.

It's almost poetic.


Almost, aye.

Do you get on with your folks?


Now anyway.


My parents never
wanted me to do English.

Why not?

They wanted me to joint
the family business.



I finally saw they started to
appreciate me for who I was.

How come you chose English?

Are you kidding?


I could spout all day about it.

Go on then.

I think it's fascinating
how even though

mankind has changed so much
over the last 1,000 years,

the same basic themes
endure in literature.

And the devotion and
time people spend

on novels that
they choose to read

and how that novel
because part of your life

for that week or two
that you're reading it.

You know I've often thought that

something was
missing in my life,

and I thought if I could
just read everything

and consume everything I'd
find out what that was but...

Ah, I won't bore you
with the details.

So, what?

You committed all that to memory

just in case someone asked you?

Nice work.

And you?


That's for another day.


♪ I wanna run

♪ I wanna run

♪ So that I can take a step

♪ To see what I need

♪ To see what's best

♪ To see it fall aways

♪ I wanna see

♪ I wanna see myself
do what I do best

♪ And if it's good

♪ Will I be blessed

♪ And I will I rise again

♪ And I can see it's
gonna make me fall

♪ And I can see

♪ All that now

♪ And I can see it's
gonna make me fall apart

♪ And I can see

♪ All that now

♪ All that now

Can I help you?

What did we tell you?

What did you tell me?

You snooping around isn't
helping the situation.

I'm not snooping.

You been talking to Shaw?

How'd you know that?

Because we're
having him monitored.

He approached me.

Can I get in?

Give us a second will ya?

Why are you on my case?

Look I have to ask you,

where were you on the
night of Danny's murder?

At home, I told you already.

Well a caretaker
of the university

says you were here late,
left about 8:00 p.m.

Aye, I was working late.

What am I a suspect now?

No, I'm only asking because
your number on his phone

is the only piece
of evidence we have.

Aye I heard.

With modern technology
you'd expect

a wee bit more wouldn't you?

Sounds to me like
someone's hiding something.

Oh come on.

How else are they getting
away with this Charlie?

They're not.

They are, they are,
this fucking prick Shaw,

have you even
questioned him yet?

You know he got
right up in my face

and practically admitted
to killing my son.

William you need to go
home and get some rest.

You look exhausted.

Christ I hate seeing
you like this.

You're grieving.

You need to be with your family.

My family.

I'm gonna ask you one more time.

Have you questioned Shaw yet?

How can you sit here telling me

what to do about my son's murder

when you're not even
doing your job properly.


I loved your son like
was my own right.

Is that right?

Then how come you're
here in my car with me

instead of out there
finding the person

fucking responsible for this.

Just calm down.

I tell you what
Charlie, get the fuck out.

- Get the fuck out!
- All right!

Aye I'm going.




Oh fuck!


Hey, hey!

Talk to me.

Speak to me, say
something to me!


NURSE: It'll be a moment.

What have you done?

What have you done?

Get the fuck off me!


I fucking hate you.




Green tea.

With toast every morning.

Are you okay?

What happened to you?

Danny always made it for me.

Your son was good like that.

I miss him so much.

You're all right.

Never trusted that Patrick.


No, why did I let him do it?

He said we needed some
money for the baby

and I agreed with
him I don't know.

Hey, hey, hey, hey Jess,
what do you know, Jess?

Jess, what do you know?

I was there the
night he got killed.

Are you sure she's
telling the truth?

She nearly died today.

Tried to take her
own life so she

could be with my son God's sake.

She's not lying, why would she?

I'll ride up, just relax.

If she is telling the truth
then this is no joke William.

No shit.

Leave her with me.

You need to lie low, go home
and wait for my call, okay?

No, it's too risky
to take her home.

As soon as Shaw finds out she
was there he'll be after her.

Assuming he doesn't
know already.

William I don't know
if I can protect you.

He has people everywhere,
including the police.

You got a better idea?

Aye, go to the old cottage.

You'll be safe enough there.


Keep me posted.

Listen I gotta go, I'll
speak to you in a bit, okay?

All right, bye.

All right let's check
the crates in the back.

But we've still
got a few left.

this place is dry.

Too out in the open.

Come on.


Jessica, I've got
something for you.

So when's it due?

Four weeks.

Hell of a bump.

It's a boy.

When Danny was a boy we
used to call him bumpy.

Before he got contacts
he had glasses,

which he never
wore, he hated them.

But he used to chase Robert
through the living room

and got smacked into
the door frame everyday.

His head used to come
up like a cartoon.

It's crazy how the time goes.

I'll go pack your things.

Can I say something?

Of course.

I'm so sorry.


I know how selfish it was and
I won't ever forgive myself.

Don't explain yourself,
you don't have to.

You're alive.

You're healthy.

The baby's healthy.

You can start
rebuilding your life.

I don't know how
much Danny told you

about why we never talked but,

I used to think I had
the perfect life too.

I did, I had a boxing career.

I broke my back.

Lost it.

Danny's mom got ill with cancer,

and just when I thought
things couldn't get any worse,

I became this,

awful dad.

Social services
took my boys away.

You know the expression
all that can happen to you

will happen to you?

Well it's true.

In my case it was anyway.

What I'm trying to
say is a part of me

feels that some of that
happened because of who I was,

because of how I
was as a person.

So I'm saying be strong.

Don't make the mistakes I did.

Else your baby's gonna
grow to resent you.

Danny never resented you.

DESMOND: I can't remember
where you went wrong boy.


You thought it would be a
good idea to just let them go?

I thought you...

Don't think!

Your brain doesn't
have the energy for it.

Don't do anything, just go home.


PATRICK: Fucking hell.

Your brother's becoming
a bit of a problem.

Well what do you expect?

You killed his son.

You need to relax Desmond.

I'll relax when they're
12 feet under the ground.

You need to understand the
seriousness of this situation.

And how to you
propose I sort it, eh?

Maybe just turn up, kill them?

You're out of your fucking mind.

So, what now?

They're heading to
our late grandmother's

house in the highlands.

The old cottage.

It's where we spent
summers as kids.

It's quiet there.

I'll link you
with my son Luke.

But you keep my brother
and Robbie out of it.

Enough of my family's bloods
been spilled as it is.

This is where I draw the line.


This is where you grew up?


It's nice.

Need the loo.

How you holding up?

There's no words to
describe how I'm feeling.

Do you mind?


Used to play this all the
time when you were a kid.

We'd each choose a piece to
represent ourselves didn't we?

You remember your favorite?

The knight.


Why was that?

It was because of the shape.

And how it moved.

I'd like to say something.

I know I was supposed to
be there for you and Danny.

When your mother died I
should've been there for you.

Even more than ever, but I
couldn't grasp the situation

and I just imploded,
and I left you both.

But you didn't do anything
wrong, you know that?

How could you have done?

My beautiful boys.

And I tried to swallow
all my memories

with booze and medication.

Tried to forget I had a family,
but of course I couldn't.

What really haunts me is
I know I failed you both,

and I know it's probably
too late and you hate me,

but I would like to be
a part of your life.

If you'll have me.






Who is it?

WILLIAM: Shaw's son.

ROBERT: Patrick?

WILLIAM: The other one!

ROBERT: What are we gonna do?

Take her in there, hide her.

Why have you got a sword?


Hide her!

Come here.

JESSICA: What's going on?

You know they're
here for you right?

And I need to keep you safe.

I can help.

No, you can't.

- Yes I can!
- No.

- Jess, you can't.
- Robert I can!


Well here he is.

Where is she?

Not here.

Put the fucking blade down.

Don't be a hero.

We know she's here.


Let's have a bit of fun.


A fucking samurai sword?

Fuck's sake.

Fucking bastard.


Where the fuck
did you come from?

Stop it!

Stop it!


I'd put that down darling
before you get hurt.

Don't take another step.

What you gonna do?

Shoot me?

You don't have
the nerve darling.

Go on.


Right there.

Jessica give me the gun.

Do it.


Jessica, darling, darling,
you give me the gun.

Oh give us a break.

You're no better.

You're not gonna shoot me.

Get in the car.

Do you know why I
know you won't shoot me?

Because it's not in your blood.

You know I was there the
night Dan got killed.

All for not pulling a trigger?


Scared little bitch he was.

Just like his da.



Won't it feel good.

Why not?


ROBERT: Da, come on!

Come on!

How'd they find us?

WILLIAM: I don't know.

It had to be Uncle
Charlie, no one else knew.

'Cause you wouldn't
listen to what I said.


Yes you.

I told you to stay in the house.

I told you to take
care of yourself.

Are you fucking serious?

if it wasn't for me

you'd both be fucking dead.

ROBERT: Oh yeah, you could've
killed yourself as well.

- Fucking serious man!
- Calm down.

not gonna calm down!

Yeah I know what's happened.

Calm the fuck down.


We better get going.

He's not gonna stop you know.



He won't stop.

I'm gonna have to talk to him.

And how do you
plan on doing that?

He owns a club right?


Why don't you take me there?

Are you crazy?


See now I know why you
were the way you where

when I was growing.

See you're not
right in the head.





Who are you?

I'm you father's who I am.

Aye where you there
when I was growing up?

Oh what?

I said where you there
when I was growing up?


Then you're not my father.

I know it doesn't
make up for what I did

but I'm telling you
I'm gonna change.


Your mother died in my arms.

She left me son.

Now Danny's gone.

You have to understand,
I need you to understand

I'd do anything to keep
you safe and Jessica too.

You've got a lot of
nerve talking about love.

And safety?

So tell me what to do?

You really are
a sad little man.

Do you know I'm not surprised

that you made a mess of things.

You have no idea what
you're doing do you?

No, you're right.

You were supposed to
rise to the occasion

and be a father because Danny
needed you and I needed you,

and you're our father
and you neglected us!

At least you managed
to keep your job, eh?

It's all I have left of your...

What about us?

- Stop it!
- What about us?

You know what, you make me sick!

You're so blind you can't
see that we're a part of her,

and we was right in front of
you the whole fucking time!

Just get out, go kill
yourself, I don't give a shit!


If you don't trust Charlie,
go speak to his partner.

Detective Sergeant
something or other.

You're gonna let him
walk away like that?




Are you gonna answer that?


Well who's calling you then?

I don't know.

Who do you think?


ED: Hi, is Patrick there?

It's Ed.


ED: Patrick.

It's about your brother.

He was shot.

So what are you saying?

ED: He's dead Patrick.

Love you too.


Hello handsome.

I'm waiting for someone.

Just trying to be nice.

Do you have kids?

One, you?


Nature calls, I'll talk to
you more when I get back.

Sure you will.

Do you know who this is?


Doesn't matter.

What matters is you have
the balls to finish the job.


are you doing here?

PATRICK: I wanted
to talk with you.

I swear to Christ you'll
be the death of me boy.

What is it?

It's Luke.

He's dead.


He's dead Dad.

Shoot him.

Jesus Christ man, you've
just been telt your son's dead.

An eye for an eye.

Now shoot him.

Shoot him!


And where the fuck's he going?

Your house.

Now it looks like you shouldn't
have given me this then.

There's only one bullet in it.

Use it shoot him, you and
your family walk free.

You bastard.

Your twins will be upstairs
with my girls tonight.

You're sick.

You an atheist?

What's that got
to do with anything?


Because if you believe in
God you won't shoot him.

For fear of burning
in Hell for eternity.

But if you don't believe
in God, there's no issue.

Because your family's in danger,

and to save them
you will shoot him.


do you believe in God?




You wanna prove yourself to me?

Bring him to me alive.



Guns away, all right.

You go that way,
I'll go this way.

What the fuck's going on?

They've got guns.

Why have they got guns?

You need to sort
it out, seriously.

You're giving me
a fucking headache.

Where are you going?


You better fucking
hope they catch him.



Fuck, fuck.






I need somewhere to hide.

What's going on.

Can I explain later?

Wait here.

Where is he?

Excuse me?


Give me five minutes.

What the hell is going on?

It's complicated.

Why were those
men following you.

They still out there?

No, no they've gone.



My brother.

He's involved in
my son's murder.

Oh I'm calling the police.

No, no wait!

He is the police.

I'm going.


Where are you going?

I shouldn't have come here,
I'm putting you in danger.


Stop, I want to help.

So, the rumors, they're true?

I'm trying to get to
the bottom of everything.

It's even worse than I imagined.

If that's possible.

Amy, I don't think
I can fix this.

Think you're too small
to make a difference?

Try sleeping with
a mosquito, aye.

The Dalai Lama.

Very good.




I can't.

You're the same age as Robert.

Who's Robert?


I can't.

You know I'm not a parent
so I can't tell you what to do

but if I were you
I'd stop hiding.

This isn't safe.

Robert, we can't...

I know, just...

Let me think, all right?

We have to go to the police.

Your dad said...

What if he's wrong?

Well we don't have
very many options do we?

We could just leave.

Go where?

This is our home.

Christ, what about your dad?

Don't get any ideas.





I better take this.

William where are you?

WILLIAM: Not falling
for that one again.

Listen to me, you're in
this deep now killing his son.

Yes man, you lost
yours but Jesus Christ.

You've gone and got
yourself fucking killed,

that's what you've done.

Why'd you do it Charlie?

He had a child on the way

and you weren't
around to help him.

I saw an opportunity for
him to make a bit of cash,

I never knew it was
gonna go down like this.

If I did I would never
have let it happen.

What did you expect
was gonna happen?

You're police for fuck's sake!

You've got to believe me
William, you're my brother.

I would never put
you through this.

Spare me your bullshit compassion,
it's not real Charlie.

You should've just come clean!

I was ashamed.

I couldn't do
anything to help her.

You could've done your job.

What if I'd done the same
to your little girls?

Think about that for one second.

You know what Charlie, I
only called to let you know

I'm not going to the police.

What you do now is down to you.

Oh Jesus Christ.

Who's this?

Who do you think
you fucking cockroach?

Just when I was
starting to dislike you.

Shut the fuck up and listen.

I'm coming to you.

Why would you do that?

I'm tired of running.

You know where to find us.

Aye I do.

Right you, back home.


Don't make me tell you again.

I can help.


I should've sent
you to Scotland.

You wish I'd died
instead of Luke?


He's coming to us.

Get ready.



Where are you going?

Got drinks.

Leave them.


Andy I've told you
there are no promotions

to give at the moment.

Yeah I know but I
thought that maybe,

you know I just
saying we could...

Uh, sorry.

Ma'am there's someone
here to see you.

I just know that he was there,

and he left in
quite a hurry so...

She's here for you now.

You actually came.

I'm not afraid of ya.

You're brave.

Give yourself up like this.

Especially after killing my son.

You're going to be
in a world of pain

over the next few days.

So, now you're here.

Now what?

What's your proposition?

Simple, you versus me.

One on one.

You're gonna suffer for
what you did to my son.

What's stopping me shooting
you in the head right now?

WILLIAM: I thought
you were a fighter?

Obviously I was wrong.

Are you sure
you wanna do this?

Never been more
sure in my life.



My pathetic stepson.

He should've sorted this
mess out from the beginning.

He let her go,
because he doesn't have

the vicious gene that you do

that's happy to kill
a pregnant girl.

He gets that from his mother.


Police are on their way.


♪ Oh Danny Boy

♪ The pipes, the
pipes are calling

You're stronger.

I'll give you that.

Your son was begging for
his life when we killed him.

Finish him off for me would you?


Don't fucking move!

Or you.



It's over.

Not quite.

We still have some
unfinished business.


I'll try not to
enjoy this too much.


MAN: And that one's Charlie?

MAN: Yeah that's him.

Patrick Shaw,
I'm arresting you

for the murder of Danny McCrae.

You don't have to say anything,

but it may harm your defense.



Come on!

What's going on?

The door's locked ma'am.

Then get the bloody ram.

- Yes ma'am.
- Now!

Come on!





Get a paramedic.

Looks like your sons
given up on you.

I hope you like four
concrete walls and a bed.

We have to take you
sir, we're the police.

- Come with us.
- Yes.

OFFICER: Come this way.


ROBERT: My da,
my da is in there.

Robert, he's there!

Robert, come!

OFFICER: Paramedic here.

Look at your face.


It's all right.

It's okay, it's all right.

You're okay.

It's okay, it's okay.

It's okay.

It's all right.



Oh, hi.


About the other week.

Oh, it's all right.

Wasn't your fault.

I was worried about you.

Well I'm okay, but thank you.

So, you're back?


I quit, just now.


A friend did ask me one
time why I chose literature,

but truth is I never did,
it was my wife's passion.

I've been living it
for her all this time.

So, got to let it go.

So what are you gonna do now?

Do what I should've
done years ago.

Be with my family.

It was good knowing you Amy.


Likewise William.

Be good.



Subtitles by explosiveskull

♪ Got a stake in this town

♪ And a taste for the ground

♪ And it's my place to lay down

♪ They can't make me leave now

♪ So don't you wanna go

♪ Don't you wanna go

♪ 'Cause what you don't
see you don't wanna know

♪ Don't you wanna go

♪ Don't you wanna go

♪ 'Cause what you don't
see you don't wanna know

♪ What you don't see
you don't wanna know

♪ 'Cause what you don't
see you don't wanna know

♪ 'Cause what you don't
see you don't wanna know



♪ Oh

♪ Oh

♪ Oh