Fa cai lian meng (2023) - full transcript

A criminal nicknamed "Godfather" breaks out of jail to complete a mission given to him by his boss, titled "Lottery Heist". After recruiting an unsuspecting actor desperate for money to help his sick daughter, they begin to execut...

A sensational financial scam
worth 40 million dollars in Asia

has its verdict today.

Since 40 million dollars disappeared
in the Straits of Malacca,

the Asian thief known as Professor,

Goh Fatt Choi,
was sentenced to three years in prison,

while another defendant known as Big Boss,

Bi Bo, was acquitted.


"Even though Joseph isn't guilty,

he was accused
of doing something he didn't do."

What is the next verse?

Sister, I brought the wrong bible.


It's okay. You can use mine.

The truth it holds is very important.

Please refer to Chapter 3, Verse 12.

Sorry. I didn't mean to do that.

Let's proceed to Chapter 3, Verse 12

and close your eyes.

Ask God for forgiveness.

Please take over for a bit.

I want to get some water.


Thirty-four, thirty-three, thirty-two.







Take me with you.


Was it fun
touching the nun's bottom this morning?

Of course. I didn't even wash my hands.

Do you want to smell it?

Let's proceed to Chapter 3, Verse 12.

The truth it holds is very important.





Sir, we've searched everywhere,

but we still can't find proof
of Big Boss's crime.

- Factory?
- Nothing.

- Office?
- Nothing.

How useless.

Sir, Professor has escaped from prison.

A bunch of useless people.




That's my hand, sir.

My hand.

Why are you so careless?

Welcome back.

You look really sexy dressed as a nun.

You look macho in that warden uniform too.

Are you done kissing?

Big Boss.

I'm sorry.

You were arrested because of me.

But aren't we brothers?

You don't blame me, right?

Of course I don't.

You have also caused me
to lose 40 million dollars.

Big Boss.

If I didn't throw
the 40 million dollars into the sea

and if the evidence
was found by the police,

we might be sentenced
to at least 20 years in prison.

It's okay.

We should aim for a big deal this time.

We have to earn back double.

Big Boss, I need help from another friend.

Andy Lau?

I'm sorry.

This is the person.

Zhou Ren Fatt?


Issue 628 for Lotto 168.

With the accumulated prize
of 36.5 million dollars,

the lottery has officially been drawn.

The first number is eight.

The second number is nine.

The third number is 29.

The fourth number is 35.

The fifth number is 37.

The last number is 48.


Where's the lottery
that I told you to buy yesterday?

I didn't buy it.

Don't try to joke around with me.

Where's the lottery ticket?

You told me to buy so many things.

I forgot to buy it.

Why? Did you win the jackpot?

You forgot?

You didn't even get COVID-19 once.

You didn't buy it.

Why didn't you buy it?

Why didn't you buy it?

Why didn't you buy it?

You didn't buy it?

Why didn't you? Why?

You didn't buy it?

Why didn't you?

- I told you I didn't buy it.
- You didn't buy it.

- Stop asking that.
- Why didn't you buy it?

- You've been asking nonstop.
- Why didn't you buy it?

Why didn't you buy it?

Why didn't you buy it?

Why didn't you buy it?



- Director.
- Are you Zhou Ren Fat?

Director, my name is Zhou Ren Fatt.

Okay, Zhou Ren Fat.

That expression on your face

is not impressive
and not exaggerated enough.

Do you know what that means?

It means all emotions
are depicted on the face,

as if all your internal organs
want to be vomited out.

I understand what you're saying,

but I'm a film actor after all.

Nuance is very important.

According to the theater practitioner,


our performance
should come from the inside and out.

From the subsurface,
it flows into turbulence.

Throughout the formation process,

as long as one's acting
comes from the inside,

the audience can feel it
through your eyes.


my other comment

is the contradiction
between the script and the setting.

For example?

For example,
we are filming in the 80s, right?

But my wife's character earlier
mentioned COVID-19.

Isn't COVID-19 a current event?
It wasn't in the 80s, right?

- Yes, hubby.
- Look.

He didn't even trim his legs' hair.

Director, all these are nuances.

As a director, you should know all this.

You really aren't a professional.

All right. That's enough. Whatever.

I came here with a purpose.

This is it.

An advertisement shoot?

Later, I want you to look at the camera

and insist that
this Invincible Detergent is so amazing.

Other than cleaning blood stains,

it can also destroy evidence.

Director, I'm not going to film
for such hard-sell products.

- Will you film it or not?
- No.

- Are you really not going to film it?
- No.

Are you sure?


- You'll be replaced then.
- Still no.

Invincible Detergent

Clean, aromatic, and cheap

Invincible Detergent.

Other than cleaning blood stains,

it can also destroy evidence.

It's a household necessity.

Make sure you have one at home!


Gosh, another overrun again.

I know, right?

He's only a veteran actor,

but he's acting like a big star.

I know, right?

He even criticized

how the script
is different from the setting.

He almost won
the Golden Horse Award, okay?

Zhou Ren Fat.


Come here.

The delivery of the script
was satisfactory.

The client is very satisfied.

No need.

Don't reject good fortune.

Just accept it. Don't talk nonsense.

Let's go over there.

Look how lucky I am
after getting hacked by you.

Do you like being hacked by me?

Don't you want to take it off?

I borrowed it from the prop master.

I'm going to post it on my Instagram.

Let's take a photo.

I already got the idea for the caption.

With Golden Horse Award winners…


It's supposed to be
an award-winning candidate.

We exchange views about acting.


Ming Shun,
are you acting as a zombie today?

Let's have a drink sometime.


I really like all of your movies.

Look at all the DVDs that I bought.

Please sign beside your photo.

Are all these pirated DVDs?

I won't sign
if these are all pirated DVDs.


Just an autograph.
Please give me an autograph.

Idol, you're really a snob.

I didn't expect you
to follow me to my house.

Do you want to go up
and have a bath together?

Can we do that? Let's go.

- Where?
- Let me go.

- Hua.
- Let me go.

- Give me a chance.
- Stop following me.

Do you want to act with me?

- What kind of movie?
- Please give me a chance.

You're already old,
but I'm still in my twenties.

- I don't want to date at this age.
- Come on.

Let's get together.

It's not my problem.
You're the problematic one.

- What's my problem?
- Let me go.

It turns out you're the one
who's always disturbing my girlfriend.

What do you mean?

Can't you see I'm busy hacking people?

I'll come again.

Drive him away. He's really annoying.

How was my acting?

- It's not that bad.
- Is this your friend?

I've prepared a special dinner for us.

Let's go home.

Let's go.

I'm sorry.

I only cooked for two.

You only cooked for two?

What a coincidence. There are two of us.

She means both of us.

Besides, her cooking
is only for humans, understood?


Hey, Idol.

He's so snobbish.

No wonder he didn't win
the Golden Horse Award.

Can you stop taking advantage of me?

If you meet the same person,
you'd better leave immediately.

I can't help you all the time.

However, I'm really curious.

Do you look that attractive?

I don't look too bad, right?

Your birth was a mistake.

I'll come over
to pass some things to Fan Fan.

Fan Fan.

Fan Fan.

Fan Fan.

Fan Fan.

Fan Fan…

What time is it now?
Why are you still asleep?

Fan Fan, wake up.

Fan Fan.

Fan Fan.

Get up, Fan Fan.

Fan Fan.

Fan Fan, why are you doing this?

Get up, Fan Fan.

Fan Fan.

Fan Fan.

Your mom has died.

How could you do this
and leave me behind, Fan Fan?

There's always something with you.

I'm tired of acting at work.

Having to act again at home, I'm so tired.

You've acted out dying of electric shock,
drowning, and falling.

What is your next new acting skill?

Passing out in front of you.

"Passing out in front of you."


Life can't be repeated,

but we have the chance to rehearse.

You've seen me act out dying
so many times.

If one day,
when I finally get to meet Mom,

you should be ready for that moment.

Don't talk nonsense.

Look at this.

The bottle is filled with chocolate,
but not the medicine

and your lips are redder
than the red tortoise cake.

At a glance, I already knew your trick.

Let me tell you.

Details like this
are very important in filming.

Do you understand?

Ms. Hua.

What? Are the two of you acting again?

Let's play together.

Do you still need to act like a dinosaur?

I'm acting as a ghost.

But it looks like a dinosaur.

Aren't you ashamed of it? Get out.

Fan Fan, you should rest first.

I'll call you
when the food is ready, okay?

You shouldn't have bought so much.

I was only helping you buy them.

When I bought some apples yesterday,

the owner gave two free apples
because of my beauty.

I'm giving them to Fan Fan.

Don't just let Fan Fan eat unhealthy food.

She has to eat a lot of fruit.

Your letters. Read them yourself.

Why are you sighing?

Did you have this much debt last month?

It has always been that much.

Just settle these debts slowly.

What do you mean?

The doctor said
Fan Fan needs to undergo surgery soon.

I've been saving up for her medical costs,

but I can't even save up
10% of the amount.

There's still hope.

She has a hole in her heart
and I have one in my wallet.

If I could win the lottery,

I'd be able to settle everything at once.

Dad, do you even know how to read this?

Of course.

I won first place in storytelling.

- Don't lie to me.
- Why would I lie to you?

Listen. I'm close friends with Robin Hood.

In short,
Robin Hood hates those noble people.

That's why he took their money
and gave them away to the poor

so that they could support themselves.

It would be nice to have Robin Hood.

We can get the money.

Gosh, you're so greedy
even though you're so young.

Are you not satisfied
with your food and house?


With the money,
you won't have to work so hard anymore.

Yes, you're such a good girl.

Hurry up and go to sleep.
You have school tomorrow.

Young girls
who don't sleep enough for their beauty

will surely regret it.

That's impossible.

You'll find out when you grow up.

You're always going against me.

There's nothing else you're good at.

Are you dreaming?


You and your mushroom-like hairstyle.

How did you get in?

Your daughter opened the door for me.

Fan Fan.

She went out.

She asked me to take care of you.

I don't need you to take care of me.

Go away. Why are you here?

Dad, remember to eat your breakfast.

I'm going to school.


A prisoner managed to escape the prison

in the western region last night.

The police are monitoring
the route and customs.

The prisoner that managed to escape

in a financial fraud of 40 million dollars
was the Asian thief, Goh Fatt Choi.

Hello, do you want to speak to Fatt?

Is this for a shoot?

We'll talk about the payment later.

He's picky when it comes to shooting.

Before that,
please provide a private makeup artist,

personal assistant, private vehicle,
and also a personal driver.

It would be best
to have a private jet too.

The payment?

You're asking for a million, right?

- Who is that?
- He's asking for a million.

Hey, don't tarnish my good name.

Do you think I'm Chow Yun Fat? A million?

Give me the phone.

He's okay with the payment.

There's a problem
with the art team of this company.

Its design and style are contradicting.

Don't you know
that this is the Bohemian style?

What's that?

It's B-o-h-e-m-i-a-n in English.

Come on.

Please introduce yourselves.

He must be the director.

Hello, Director. I'm Zhou Ren Fatt.

I have 30 years of experience as an actor
and have played over 500 roles.

He was also nominated
for the Golden Horse Award.

- I was lucky.
- But he hasn't won any awards yet.

You're in.

Are you hiring me just like that?

We haven't even talked about my role yet.

I'm picky with the role selection.

You just need to act
in a reality show, okay?

A reality show?

Brothers Who Make Waves.

The wage is still one million, right?

It's ten million.

If you agree,

this deposit will belong to you.

That's impossible.

The wages of Na Ying and Cyndi Wang
didn't even reach ten million.

I want to emphasize

that I don't take on roles
that are indecent.

I'm a man of morale.

I'm willing to do anything.

Who are you?

I'm his manager and also an actor.

I can actually act too.


We plan to deceive the lottery company

to win a small amount of prize money.

It's about 100 million,
more or less 100 million.


If it's a success,
we'll share the rewards.

Do you want to deceive
the lottery company's money?

Lottery companies rake in tens of billions

from people every year.

Hundreds or tens of millions
is a negligible amount.

I won't break the law.

Violation of the law
is only a legal definition.

Can't all three of you show up at once?

This place is too big.

What we should do now
is to take the illegal gains back.

Other than for personal needs,

the people in need
will also get their wishes fulfilled.

We can turn it into wealth for justice.

Do you think you guys are Robin Hood?

Do you recognize me?

He's the escaped prisoner
in the news earlier.

He's wanted by the police.

- We'd better leave now.
- The escaped prisoner.

What do you want to do?

Ren Fatt


- Choi, Ren Fatt
- Choi, Ren Fatt

- We are the best partners
- We are the best partners

- What! The Heist
- What! The Heist

- What! The Heist
- What! The Heist

Stupid Choi, why…

Why have you become so fat?


What I meant was, why are you wanted?

Let's not talk about the past.

Stupid Choi, I really don't want
to commit a crime.

Don't you need money?

Everyone needs money,

but you don't have
to commit crimes for money.

That's enough.

I'm asking you for the last time.

Will you join us?

I'm asking you for the last time.

Will you join us?

I'm asking you for the last time.

Will you join us?

You're really strange.

You have asked
the same question three times.

Don't you understand what I said?

This is really the last time.

Will you join us?

Okay. I'll consider it.

I'm okay with that, but he is the artist.

He's the one who makes the decision.

Stupid Choi,
give me some time to consider it.

One day.

Okay. One day.

Let's go quickly. It's all your fault.

Who is he?

He's such a difficult person.

Believe me. He'll surely be back.

Should I do it or not?

Honey, should I do it?

It would be nice if you could answer me.

Zhou Ren Fatt was shortlisted
for the 48th Golden Horse Award.


Fan Fan.

Fan Fan.

Have you slept?

- Fan Fan.
- Dad.

- I'm not in the mood to act today.
- I feel weak, Dad.

- Don't joke anymore. Go to sleep now.
- I feel weak.

You still have school tomorrow.

- I feel weak.
- What?


Fan Fan.

Are you okay, Fan Fan?

Fan Fan!

I'll take you to the hospital.

Please be strong, Fan Fan.

We're going to the hospital now.

Fan Fan.

Ren Fatt, how is Fan Fan?

She'll be fine.

The doctor is here.

Doctor, she…

We should do the surgery
as soon as possible.

Her situation isn't looking good.

Please record this.

How much are the medical fees?

It's still one million.

Hello, we are here again.

He has agreed to cooperate.

We welcome our two new members.














Let's make an operational plan.

First, we have to build a dummy machine

to control the lottery results.

Then we'll tamper with those balls

to control the lottery results
during the draw.

To build this dummy machine,

we need its original design drawing.

We found that
the design drawing was hidden

in a very secret place
in the lottery company.

It's in the darkroom
at the lottery company.

The location of the darkroom
isn't on the floor plan.

Since you've already stolen
the floor plan,

why didn't you steal
the machine design drawing?

We didn't steal it,

but we hacked it.

He wanted to say that the design drawing

can be hacked from the company's computer.

We didn't steal it.

That's easy.

Just ask him
to hack the computer and that's all.

Don't underestimate lottery companies.

To avoid hacking,

the design drawing is kept in a darkroom

on a computer
without a connection to Wi-Fi.

How do we hack it?

Professor, I'm confused.

After all that you've said,
what is it that we actually need to do?

Only two people know
the location of the darkroom.

First, the CEO of the lottery company.

It's easy.

Tie him up and give him an electric shock.

If he refuses to talk, take off his shirt,

record a video,
and upload it to my TikTok.

- My TikTok account...
- Shut up.

The other one is the chief security
officer of the lottery company.

He seems familiar.


Do you know him?

I have an idea.

Ren Fatt.

What am I supposed to do here?

We want you to seduce this man.


But I'm a young unmarried woman.

Although it's not hard to seduce him,

something will drop
if I take the initiative.

- What will drop?
- My standard.

I was Miss Katong Shopping Center in 1985.

I've already put on makeup.
Do I need to put on more?

Just a little bit.

Just a little.


Your gums are bleeding.


I prepared food to eat together with you.

Where is your boyfriend?

And the zombie that stood next to him?

Which zombie?

This one.

Do you mean that guy?

My boyfriend is a member of a gang.

Our relationship didn't last.


Hua, hurry up.

What is it?

What did you say?

Bian, are you big and long?

Yes, I guess so.

It's not a problem
to last three to four hours.

I'm asking
about your position in the company.

Are you a big shot?
Have you been working for long?

What were you thinking about?

You should have told me earlier.

I'm the chief security officer.

I've been working here for over 20 years.

I know all the secrets of this company.

Really? I didn't even notice.

What is the proof?

Well, this is a universal access card.

Only I have this card besides the CEO.

I can access any place using this card,

including the space
for confidential storage.

The space for confidential storage?

It hides the company's
most confidential secrets.

Where is the darkroom?

I can't reveal it.

It's a secret. Sorry.

Lovers shouldn't keep secrets.

I shall leave.


I love you with all my heart.

Don't leave.

I don't believe you.

The darkroom is inside the CEO's office.

The darkroom is inside the CEO's office.

Bian, what do you see in my eyes?

Eye gunk.

No. Look carefully.

- Myself?
- That's right.

Close your eyes slowly

and feel me inside your heart.

Slowly, we'll be closer.

Can you feel the connection
between our hearts?


All right. Let's have lunch.


That's right.

I should eat to have more energy.

We got the access card.

The darkroom is in the CEO's room.

Ren Fatt, Yagood, Darren, action.


What are you doing there?


- I'm a police officer.
- I'm also a police officer.

I'm the security officer here.

Who are you?

I'm also the security officer here.

A chief security officer.

This isn't the first time
you're drinking at work, right?

Please give me a chance.

I want to be a good security officer.

Please give me a chance
to be a good person.

Do you want to be a good person?

Tell that to the company.

You, follow me.

Ren Fatt!

Where were you?

We've been waiting for so long.

Bangkok had a problem earlier,

but I took care of it.

- Good.
- Hold on.

Where are you going?

I'm going to save Bangkok.

Didn't he say he took care of it?

Go to the CEO's office now.

We'll be in trouble if he comes back.

Take this card.

Let's go.

Why are we rolling?

We have to look professional, right?

What's the matter?

Is my hair messy?

Your wig is loose.

Hua, ask him
about the darkroom's exact location.

Bian, about the darkroom
you told me just now,

there are secrets of the company.

Why is it in the CEO's office?
That's so random.

It's not random.

There's a secret switch.

A secret switch? How interesting.

Where is the switch?

It's a business secret
that can't be revealed.

It can't be revealed.

Yagood, Darren.
The darkroom has a secret switch.

Don't forget the LSD drug.

Ask him about the darkroom's location
after he drinks the liquor.

What is this?

This is a 1965 liquor.

It's so fragrant.

I'm sorry. I'm a bit plump.

It's good that you know.


Just tell me where the switch is.

I'll keep this secret safe.

We're lovers.

There shouldn't be any secrets, right?

Okay, I'm happy today.

Give me a kiss, please.

Let's kiss after we drink.

Are you playing hard to get now?

Come on.


After drinking,
where do you want me to kiss?

Left or right?


I said left.

I said left!

Left is right!

Gosh. Is it left or right?

I don't mind which side.

We can kiss in the center.

Let's just go with right.

So where's the switch?

The switch…

It's at the coffee…

How did the spill happen
outside the CEO's office?

It's you again.

I told you to clean up,
but it's getting dirtier now.

Sorry. I'll clean it up.

Hurry up.

It should be clean by the time I return.

Open the door.

Open the door.

What happened?

Why are you both short of breath?

The switch is near the coffee.


Find the coffee.

Find the coffee. Hurry up.

It's here.

What's that?

That's not coffee. That's a moon cake.

It's a coffee gift box.

Is that a switch?

Switch? Which era are we in now?

There's no way
a secret switch is used here.

See? It's not even working.

Look. A secret switch?

- What's that?
- Use the access card.

Hurry up.

- Let's go in.
- You go first.

You go in first.


Don't mind it.

Do you know how to use this old computer?

It's vintage.

I know.


Why did your speech
suddenly become fluent?

When I'm on the keyboard,
everything goes smoothly.

We've always been ready.


Please answer the following questions.

You have two chances for each question.

Do we have to answer questions?


What color are the teeth
of Michael Jackson and Snow White's baby?

That's easy.


Wrong answer.

You still have one chance.


Which baby would have teeth?

No teeth.

Congratulations. You're right.

Next question.

What rises in the east
and sets in the west?

Five words.

- Five words?
- "The sun" is only two words.

The sun.

Congratulations. You're right.

This question is designed
for those who stutter.

Have a nice day.

All right. You're really smart.

- Copy those files.
- Hurry up.


There's even an ad?

Compared to other movie ads,

this is the most pleasing.

That's right. It's not boring.




Let me go. What do you want?

What are you doing?

Get up, Hua.

Why did you act so foolishly?

You're finally back in my arms.

Didn't you break up with him?

You're always trying
to seduce my woman when I'm away.

Ren Fatt, I'll explain it to him.

I'm sorry, Bian.

I really can't get over him.

You should erase me from your heart.

- Okay?
- Enough. You don't need to explain it.

You'd better be careful.

If I see you again,
I'll chop off your organs.

Let's go.

Have you changed your mind?

I left this expensive food container.

- Hold on.
- Wait for me.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

- Our operation...
- Our operation went smoothly

not only because of us,

but we also made it thanks to someone.

That's Hua.

I didn't do much. I just put on makeup.

Only Bian appreciates your beauty.

- Today...
- Darren, do you have something to say?

I wanted to thank Bangkok…


The soup is boiling now.

- It's so yummy.
- Come on.

- I want to eat.
- Come on.

- This is so yummy.
- I made this.

Which number? Hurry up and play it.

You're a good dancer.

How is it?

You don't like this kind of environment?

Don't worry.

Once the operation is done,

just focus on treating your daughter.

I'm just scared that
I would fail and burden everyone.

Although we look like professionals,

we all have our own problems.

But don't worry.

We won't give up that easily.

We won't allow ourselves
to be criticized by society.

Well, at least you have Hong Jie.

She may look smart and capable,

but she's actually
a kind and quiet person.

- Big Boss, let's sing karaoke.
- What?

I don't like music.

Let's talk about something else.

By the way, why did you reach out to me?

Who else in this world
is more in tune with me than you?

You have a point.

Do you still remember

the grocery store at the end of the road?

- Fan Po's Grocery Store.
- Fan Po's Grocery Store.

How could I forget?

I guarded the entrance
and you stole soda water in the store.

- I'll never forget that.
- That's right.

I gave you the soda water
and you kept drinking.

Even when Fan Po returned,
you didn't even tell me.

I was beaten to death by my mom
when I got home.


Are you and Hua…

No way. She's my neighbor.

I see her as my sister
and she treats me like a brother.

That's all.


Don't wander around with that look

or people would think
that it's the Ghost Festival again.

Are you mad at me?

Are you really mad at me?

I'm like your brother after all, right?

Can't you take a joke?

Yes, we are like brothers.

Don't call me that.

I told you to look for proof
against Big Boss.

For eight years,
you haven't found a single strand of hair.

Now, a prisoner has escaped from prison.

How am I going to report this
to higher-ups?

How much longer do you need?

Two years?

Two weeks.

Based on our investigation,
they are planning a big one.

However, we've got a plan.

We plan to arrest them all at once.

We'll throw a long line
to fish a big fish.


Let's not speak harshly, sir.

If you still fail to arrest them,

you'll be sent
to the security department, understand?

Keep it.

You guys had better do well.


She must be crazy,
practicing boxing early in the morning.

You're also crazy for watching her
practice boxing early in the morning.

She likes you.

Come on.

Are you okay?


Victory doesn't depend on strength
but on brains.

Are you familiar with trickery punches?

Attack the eyes.

After that,
throw a fake punch with your right hand

and strike the left side.

Then move to the opponent's back.

Twist her neck.

Kick her bottom and tell her, "I see you."


Do you understand?

Explain it to her.

- Maybe he meant…
- I understand.

Is this the replica
of the lottery machine?

It's delicately made.

This is the machine
that sucks all the balls up.

Principle of magnetism.

If we set this chip in here,

any ball can be sucked up

through the application
of the principle of magnetism.

Does that mean
we can get the desired ball?

This can be done
by using a ball of magnetic properties.

With the magnetic properties,
will the weight increase?

As far as I know,

the auditor evaluates
the balls' weight before each draw.

What are you talking about?

We'll use particles of magnet
that can be sprayed

so that the weight of the balls
won't change.

It's up to us what number we want then.

Please give me a lucky number.

Number 28.

Number 42.

Number 17.

- Number 37.
- Number 20.

Number 25.

Here are the numbers
for the next lottery draw.

Next, we must steal the balls
from the lottery company.

After tampering with them,

we'll return them with our machine.

I don't need to sell my body, right?

It's not that I don't want to help,

but I hope you'll see me
for my strength and not beauty.

People say that pretty women aren't smart

and smart women aren't pretty.

However, I'm pretty and smart.

Getting second place
in the Batu Pahat beauty pageant in 1989

is the best proof.

Professor, you've made a dummy machine.

Why didn't you do the same to the balls?

Auditors will check all the balls.

Fake balls are easy to spot.

So what is the solution?

In order to prevent fraud,

they will destroy the old balls
and replace them

with a new batch of balls every month.

So we should steal
the balls that will be destroyed?

At the end of every month,
Bian, the chief security officer,

will send 49 lottery balls for disposal.

The disposal also disposes
of share certificates

as well as expired banknotes
and sensitive documents.

Bian will hand over
the batch of used balls to them

and they will give
a new batch of balls to Bian.

The staff will then destroy the balls

with an incinerator.

Ren Fatt, you'll disguise yourself
as a food delivery man.

Send food with laxatives

to the department
in charge of collecting the balls.

Hello, I'm from Food Pantas Delivery.

- We didn't order food.
- That's right.

The address is here.
It shouldn't be wrong.

- It's here, but no one ordered food.
- That's right.

The meal has been paid for. Just eat it.

- We don't take others' things.
- Yes.

You'll be hungry later.

- We're not hungry yet.
- Yes.

You don't need to be shy.

- We are on a diet.
- That's right.

They might not accept it.

Ren Fatt, it's your showtime then.


Are you really not going to eat?

I don't simply

give food to people.

I would feel overwhelmed

if I eat too much.

Since I'm already here…

Just eat it since it's free.

I guess I'll eat it then.

I guess we'll drink it then.

That's right.

Not long after that,

the staff that manage the lottery balls

will have stomach pain.

The incinerator
has five minutes of heating time.

Before it activates within five minutes,

we'll infiltrate into the incinerator.

And steal the lottery balls.

This is the incinerator.

Hong Jie, Darren.

You guys pretend to be the police
and set up a roadblock to stop Bian.

Then swap out the lottery balls.

Remember every nuance.



Stupid Choi, open the door.

- Ren Fatt.
- It's not time yet.

Why did the door close automatically?

- Ren Fatt!
- Choi.

Open the door, Stupid Choi.

Hold on.

Ren Fatt.

We should be close to getting it.

- Professor.
- Darren.

It's not time yet,
but the incinerator unexpectedly locked.

Ren Fatt is trapped inside.

How can we solve this?

The door closes automatically
at the last minute.

You must press the triangle button

and then the circle one to unlock it.

Wait for me.


Don't press both buttons at the same time

or it will activate immediately.

Which button should I press?

Triangle first, then circle.

I know but the problem is,

there's a circle on the triangle button

and there's a triangle
on the circle button.

So which one is the triangle button?

Hurry up. Only 20 seconds left.

Gosh, which button do I have to press?

Do I press this or that?

Stupid Choi.

Stupid Choi.

Stupid Choi.

Please help me take care of Fan Fan.

Don't say that.

I'll definitely save you.


So which button should I press?

Just press any button!

- Fatt.
- I'm okay.

Which button did you press?

I didn't press.

I just unplugged it.

Professor? Golden Horse?

Go and take the balls.

Let's go.

Sir, are you sure they'll be here?

If they want to get
the original lottery balls,

this is the only place to be.

This is the chance
to arrest them with proof.

What's so funny?

Chase them.

I don't need to give instructions, do I?

His name is Ted.

He was the one who arrested me before.

Now that I've escaped from prison,

he'll surely come after me.



Sir, where are you going?

I'm on the way to the airport
to fetch my grandchild

who's studying overseas.

Your grandchild is studying overseas?

Your grandchild must be smart.

Not bad.

Kids who are too smart
must be watched carefully.

If it's misused,

the results will turn bad.

Aren't you worried that they might
do something wrong or break the law?

Mistakes are made

at your own expense.

You have a point.

Please open the trunk

for police inspection.

Open the case.

My grandchild is a ping-pong player
at the university.

These are all for my grandchild.


Sir, are you seriously
letting him go just like that?

It's not the time yet.

Ren Fatt, Yagood.

Once you get the lottery balls,

both of you should

pass them to Hong Jie as soon as possible.

After going through
all those difficulties…

We'll be rich.

Let's go and meet Darren.

Take a right turn at the front.

Bian is here.

They're not here yet.

We have to stall.

I'll call and check on them.

It doesn't look like you.

Where are you heading to?

I'm on my way back to the office.

Where is your office?

It's a lottery company, sir.

Help me answer the call.


Is this Mr. Zhou Ren Fatt?

Your daughter's condition
is getting worse.

Please come to the hospital immediately.

Are you done with the inspection?

Can you let me go?

I'm sorry, sir.

Please open the trunk.

What is this?

Lottery balls for the lottery draw.

Please open the case.

No, it can only be opened
at the drawing place.

Please open it immediately.


I've been sending these lottery balls
for many years.

Just let me go.

Just let me go, okay?

It's done.

You can continue your journey.

Thank you.

Please return my license
and identity card.


It's Professor's order.

What about the lottery machine?

There's no need for us to change it.

Ren Fatt, why is Fan Fan
admitted to the ICU?

Please take care of Fan Fan.

Fan Fan will surely be safe.


After all the hardship,

you just let him run away like that.

If he betrays me, I'll kill him.

I'll kill him, okay?

He's not that kind of person.

He'll surely come back.

Big Boss, Stupid Choi.

I need to withdraw one million first.

One million?

I gave you the most important case

because I trusted you.

But where have you been?

- We are almost...
- My daughter…

My daughter will die
if she doesn't undergo surgery soon.

She will die.

That's enough.

Your daughter will die, not mine.

If it's not settled by tomorrow,

you'll join her.

I'll give you money for the funeral.

Let's go.

I'm hungry. Is there any food to eat?

Darren, plan B.

Delete all information.

Do you have cookies? Where?

Cookies are basic files
stored on the computer.

Once users log in or log out,

cookies will remain on the computer
for tracking purposes.

What did you delete?

Pinhole camera footage.

Cancel it.

Cancel it!


Is everything here?

That's right.

Open this file.

Slow motion.

Zoom in.

Hong Jie, do you have 100,000 dollars?

Let's act out a scene.


I want everyone to be smart

and watch carefully.

Once you discover
suspicious fraudster actions,

arrest everyone immediately!



You guys are even selling rice?

It serves as camouflage
since it's a big group.

I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you

The mission has to succeed

Do you understand?

Lotto 168 always offers fortune.

Welcome to the lottery draw issue 2899

with a total prize money
of 108.34 million,

which is a new record in history.

What are the six numbers?

The results will be known shortly.

Everything looks normal, sir.

It's impossible.

Lotto 168 always promises wealth.

The lottery draw issue 2899
will now begin officially.

Let's start with the first number.

Here are the numbers
for the next lottery draw.

The first number for the lottery draw.

Number 25.

Number 25.


Now, let's draw the second number.

The second number for the lottery draw.

Number 20.

Number 20.


Attention, everyone.

Pay attention to any suspicious movements.

The third number for the lottery draw.

Number 42.

Number 42.



This is ridiculous.

The fourth number for the lottery draw.

Number 37.

Number 37.


The fifth number for the lottery draw.

Number 17.

Number 17.


It's time for the last number
of the lottery draw.

The machine is out of control.

The chance now is only 1 out of 44.

We can only depend on luck.

The last drawn number.

Please give me a lucky number.

Number 28.

Number 28.


Where's the lottery drawing location?

- The tenth floor.
- That's impossible.

I'm on the tenth floor right now!

Where is everybody?

Where are you, sir?

They are all leaving now.

Wait for me at the back staircase.


Let's act out a scene.

Act out a scene?

That day,

I went to the ninth floor
of the lottery company with Darren

and found that it was empty.

Think about it.

You've made a dummy machine

and you have lottery balls.

Why don't we imitate the drawing location

which was supposed to be
on the tenth floor?

Do you mean

we should move the lottery
drawing location to the ninth floor?

But how do we create the same atmosphere?

Fatt, you're an actor, right?

- Yes.
- You sure know a lot of prop teams.

- Yes.
- That's it.

Can you do it as real as possible?

- No problem at all.
- Good.

However, how do we replicate
the existing people?

It's easy.

We just need to guide all staff and guests

from the tenth floor to the ninth floor.

Everyone needs to take the elevator.

We just need to change
the elevator control system.

When they select the tenth floor,

the elevator will head to the ninth floor.

I believe the police won't expect

that we'll use a dummy machine
and replicate the scene

to conduct a real lottery draw.

This time,
we want to deceive the whole world.



I have paid the rent for six months.

Let's go in now.




The 60th Golden Horse Award.

The best script writer, Yagood.

The best director, Professor.

The best actor, Zhou Ren Fatt.

I'm at the back staircase now.

Where are you?

I'm also at the back staircase,
but I don't see you.

I'm at the back staircase. Over.

Ninth floor?

Which floor did you say it was?

Tenth floor.

What floor is this?

Ninth floor.

But we are indeed
heading to the tenth floor.

Go and chase them, genius.


Prosperity. Red packets for everyone.

Come and get it.

You two, find them over there.

They tricked us.

Get in the car and chase them.

I finally hit the jackpot
after decades of buying.

However, the 100 million
need to be divided among so many people.

By the way,

you lost my 40 million,

so consider this as compensation for me.

Big Boss, I knew you would do that.

Ren Fatt, Choi

We are the best partners

What! The Heist

Shoot them!

Where are the lottery ticket
and my headphones?

Hurry and get my headphones
and the lottery ticket back.


Hurry up.

Everyone is here.

Come on.

Don't move!




It's fake. They won't throw the real one.

Go after them!

Move. Give way.

Run now.

Let's split up!


Those who have skin pigmentation,

stubborn dark spots, or dull skin

should use
our three-in-one whitening lotion.

- Help!
- Yes, vitamin C essence

- provides protection.
- Help!

Come on. We'll be able to help you.

- The results are proven.
- Help!

- Help!
- It gives a whitening effect to the skin.

- Help!
- Most importantly, this product

- is suitable for any skin.
- That's right.

Is it clear?

- Regardless of dry or oily skin.
- Help!

- That's right.
- Help me.

It's even suitable for sensitive skin

- and pregnant women.
- Yes.

Just order.
Our products will surely satisfy you.

- If you want fair skin…
- That's right.

If you want fair skin,

- you definitely need this product, okay?
- Yes.

- Help!
- You'll definitely

be satisfied with the effect.

Sorry. To reduce boredom…

That's right.

- We added special elements.
- For entertainment purposes.


Excuse me.

Wing Chun wooden dummy

is a simulation of the enemy.

It consists of 8 chapters
and 116 movements.

Arm block.

Simultaneous attack with block.

Short-range hit.

Sudden burst of strength.

Arm movement.

A series of punches with the sun pattern.

A series of hits.

A series of punches with the sun pattern.

Attack on the genital area.

Wing Chun.

Ip Man.



- It's you?
- Why did you hit me?

Why are you here?

- Go.
- Let's go.

- Seriously.
- Are you color blind?

Can't you differentiate colors?

Can't you differentiate the bad
from the good?

Take it with you and go.

What about you?

With this, I'll find a way.

Keep it safe.

Wait for a phone call tomorrow at 5 p.m.


I'm here.

Victory doesn't depend on strength
but on brains.

Attack the eyes.

Throw a fake punch with your right hand

and strike the left side.

Twist her neck.

Kick her bottom

and tell her, "I see you."


Where's Professor?

He told us to go first.


Hello, ma'am.

Good luck with your business.

Don't force me to shoot, Professor.

The lottery ticket is with me.


- Stupid Choi.
- Just go without me.


I'll be safe.

- Go.
- Come on.

I want to be a tainted witness.

Previously, you escaped from prison.

This time, it's a fraud.

You even held me hostage earlier.

Do you think
you can negotiate terms with me?

For escaping from prison

and holding you hostage,

the most I'll get is five years in prison.

As for fraud, you have no proof, right?

I can provide you with all the proof
of Big Boss's crime,

but you have to promise

that you won't disturb my friends.

Do you want me to believe
that a liar has a lot of evidence?

The Theresa murder case in 2016,

major nationwide fraud syndicate,

Asia's biggest illegal lottery interest,

the account used for fund transfer,

and the company used to launder money.

All evidence

is in my hands.


A person who isn't interested in music

but always wears headphones.

Don't you think it's weird?

I don't like music.

…my headphones?


The man who caught you three years ago

is in front of you.

It wasn't you
who caught me three years ago.

I gave you the chance to do so.

Do you really think the 40 million
was thrown into the sea?

My three-year prison wage

is equal to your lifetime earnings
as a police officer.

I have ordered my men.

If you don't call them before 5 p.m,

all the evidence related to Big Boss
will be destroyed.

Wait for a phone call tomorrow at 5 p.m.

If it's a deal,

case solved and you'll be promoted.

At 5 p.m.

What should we do?
Should we go our separate ways?

In the end, we worked hard in vain.

Ren Fatt, what about your daughter?

I'll just leave it to fate.

- Hello?
- It's me.

Pass Big Boss's evidence to Ted.

Destroy all other evidence that we have.

Check if you guys
still have any evidence for the operation

and burn them.

Just accept it. Don't talk nonsense.

Let's go over there.

Lottery tickets?

You should just give me ten dollars.

What a stingy man.

Where did this lottery ticket come from?

Just burn them.

- Which draw is this?
- The current draw.

Check it.

You still have hope as long as you buy it.

Number 12, 33, 56…

- Just burn it.
- It didn't win.

Number 3, 6…

- Burn this as well.
- It didn't win as well.

Number 17,






It's 42.

Why didn't you choose 43?

During the Golden Horse Award,
you lack one vote.

For the lottery, you missed one number.

Your luck is really…


You'll still get a prize
even though you have five numbers.

It's around 1.2 million.

It's 1.2 million.

We can split it then.

No need.

Use it all to pay for Fan Fan's surgery.


Professor would do the same
if he were here.

My lottery ticket.

My lottery ticket.

I'm sorry. You got caught because of me.

We're actually brothers for life.

You don't blame me, right?

Number 17,

- 20,
- 20,

- 25,
- 25,

- 37,
- 37,

- 42.
- 42.








We are finally reunited.

Welcome back.

- My friend.
- My friend.

What's wrong with you?
It's so hot. Stay away from me.

- We are friends, right?
- I really hate it.


- You must be Fan Fan.
- That's right.

- Are you fully recovered now?
- Yes.

She recovered really fast.

Is he Professor, Mom Hua Hua?

That's right.

You can't go around calling people Mummy.

- Seriously.
- It's not wrong after all.

- Don't scold her.
- Don't misunderstand.

Let me answer a call.

- Yes.
- Hello.

Give me back my phone.

Hello, I'm Yagood.
Are you looking for Fatt?

I'm his manager.

Do you want him to act?

The payment isn't one million.

- It's ten million.
- Stop spouting nonsense.

I'm sorry. May I know who's speaking?

I heard you guys
are a really great elite team.

Lately, I've been scammed
by hundreds of millions in India.

That's why your help is needed.

Where are you walking to?

You left your car there.

You're right. We drove here.

- I forgot about that.
- Be careful.

I know what it is.

It's a lamp.

Please take care of Fei Fei.

- Fan Fan.
- It's Fan Fan, not Fei Fei.


I love you

Subtitle translation by:
Andy Lau Sing Hui,

Lee Soong Yee, Tey Seah Kim