Ezel (2009) - full transcript

Betrayed by his trusted friends and the woman he loved, Ömer Uçar returns as Ezel to exact his vengeance.

Start the revenge.

When the words are gone,

and all the problems are gone,

when the difficulties end

And you will get at the end of the road

You find your self

at the very beginning again.

brother you had to see that

they where every where


bodyguards from kandirali

its like that cartoon

and whatever i`ve done i can escaped

i escaped

what did you want from horse?

I don't know

I cant shoot kandirali that's why

I don't know.

I needed to do something.

forget it

why ramiz give can

you don't do what he want

brother you now me

I have got a big mouthe

I confronted him with jokes and games.

I sayed I give you Eysan and Ali

Give me Can and let me go.

just kidding


it could be you talking

don't make someone like him so big

if you cant do it than come to cengiz

I find something

ok you happy

ramiz is under the table

we look than under the table

We should't think so easy about this.

Last time,

I almost killed Mert.

I looked the safe was open

I thought mert stole something

but no he stole nothing

It seems we have a problem.

I told you the kid betrayed you. What was his name?

Tefo, Tefo.

I shot him

You should see him lying in the hospital.

He was lucky.

mmm good boy

how is hee

jea jea fine

I say stay here but he wants to go

oooo good that you say I cal him


how are you

are you now at you grandmothers house

ja brother

I'm here now.

you realy crazy

how is you wound

cangiz say hello


come back we have a job

No abi.

If there is a problem call me.

I will come right away.

Cengiz is still calm isn't he?

He doesn't suspect anything?


we waiting for ezel

So we can set up the table.

But Cengiz already started.



take care


they waiting for you

Ehjjj guys,

we are now on the finish

the last one

my revenge.

From now on I don't want any mistakes.

I want you all to pay attention.

I want you to always be ready.


Are you ready?

You have been waiting for this for years.

And now you're close.

Yes it will be a bit difficult.

Lets see.

What were you talking about?

Like you were talking with signs.

Was he talking about me?

I can get up tomorrow?

No you can't.

Look you're wound is still bleeding.

Look if I'm also bleeding on the other side.


The time has come.

You still want to go on with it?

It wont be enough.

This time I want to watch them.

I want return to them everything what they put me trough.

Let Cengiz first take his place

and after that I will start wilt the rest of the accounts.

Where is Azad?

As always.

She is angry with her father.

And doesn't go out.

I hope she wont do anything?

The end is nearby Uncle.

I hope she doesn't make a problem now.

We must be careful but I don't think she will do anything.

We need to think about everything.

I see you

Go, go.

Did you invite her over here?

Your friend came.

Which friend?


Don't you have an other place to go to miss?

Ramiz was going to finish up Cengiz.

How did you get away?

And what happened to her? The daughter of Ramiz? Didn't you found her?

We found her, we did. In the graveyard.

They took her before we could end the life of that ****

It's a pity.

She could be a great help to you.

Cengiz abi was telling how he will finish Ramiz.

And we will drink to that.

I will go and get you a drink.

Are you crazy girl?

He is dangerous.

He will find out.

You must leave.

That's why I came.

I'm leaving.

Where to?

To a place no one will able to find me.

Your father?

Especially my father.

But I need to tell you something first.

Can you help me?

What do you mean?

First tell me are you going to help me?

If you will help me I will tell you where I will stay.

Where ever I go I will let you know.

You wont have a better card then than now will you?

And how will I know you're telling the truth?


Come on, stop fooling around.

You and me.

From the first moment I felt that there was something between us.

Isn't that right?

That's why I wont lie to you.

And you also will not lie to me.

What must I do.

You will trow yourself into the fire because of me.

Did she missed you?

No partner.

We closed that chapter.

I swear.

To our health my friends.

We became a great team isn't that right Ali?

You're thinking of Uncle.

Sometimes I really do.

That's true.

Ali abi never said a good word about anyone.

We used to have a friend were we could only say good words about.

But unfortunately

we lost him.

It's obvious that you really love this...

O..., Omer, isn't that so?

No, today there will be no Omer.

Today we will not look behind us my friends.

Today we will look at our future.

To the future, in front of us.

How is Can is he fine? I hope he didn't get scared.

The kid is angry with us.

If we go out at night he wants to stay with his dear Uncle.

But it is really time that I do something about Aysen.

She is acting like a robot. I'm even scared that she will come to me at night and stab me with a knife like this.

It's good that something like that didn't happened until now.

What do you say Ezel?

You didn't tell me your opinion, what should I do?

I think,

I think you should put any more effort in it.

If you want to start all over again you need to start in a new place.

Take Can, take Aysen and go.

Go to the Bahama's or to the Maladive.

But leave.

Can't we start from here?

Here, everything reminds you of the past.

Go and remember each other.

Go to somewhere else so no one can come between you two when you look each other in the eyes.

Now I'm the one who wants to go.

The trip will do us well.

It's like a prison here.

That's true.

Everyone is the prisoner of his own life.

But you can change that.

I will arrange everything with the hotel.

And Ali will arrange everything here.

Off course man I'm here.

Tomorrow morning I will get permission for Can from school.

What your saying is true partner. I should go, to a place with a beach.

Off course

And when you get up and look at each other go and enjoy the environment.

Talk in the same langues, go abi remember your love.

Go and have fun and remember the time when you were so happy together abi.

Okay partner okay. He turned out to be a tour operator. Okay I'll go, I'll go.

Was that also a game man?

I should stay in this town

after it all ends?

I should reveal my family who I am?

All the important questions shall be made after the end.

Are you with Bahar?

I miss you.

Haven't you missed me?

What are you doing? Give it back to me.

Leave the phone for now.

And listen to me.

Ok, I'm listening.

Wait, think before you say no.

You, me and Can can go on a vacation.

Like a family all over again. Haven't you missed that because I did missed it a lot Aysen.


I can't go. Can has school and the hotel. And I don't know there is my father and a lot of other things I can't go.

These are all excuses, and I solved all of those excuses. What do you think I was doing all morning?

Now tell me what is the real reason.

Why don't you want to come?

Do you want me to tell you?

Your afraid.

Don't talk nonsense. I'm not afraid.

Because you closed yourself into a room and locked me outside and now your afraid to open the door and let me in again.


Your afraid I will hurt you once again.


Your afraid I'll cheat on you again, to betray you again or that I will hit you while I'm drunk.

No I'm afraid I will worry about you.

Why would you worry about me Aysen?

Because I'm in love with someone who doesn't love me back?

But if that women will go with me and give me a chance to make up for everything

and she leaves the room she locked herself in

our live will become much better.

I will get her out even if it costs me my life, but if I left this chance and made an other mistake

than I will accept everything this women is going to do to me.



Go and tell Can to get ready.

We're leaving.

He proposed we should travel and I agreed.

We're leaving right now.

Now it's time to leave nothing to chance.

Isn't Sebnem coming?

She is looking after Tefo.

And Tefo is looking after her.

He looks happy about it.

I payed for the tickets and made the reservation for the hotel.

Partner I was going to call you.

I convinced Aysen we're going to travel.

I'm happy about that.

What are you still doing here?

I can't leave before saying goodbye to you guys.

You can't.

We'll go with you if you want.

Don't be upset Ali but I rather go to the Sahara myself than travel with you!

Off course.

It seems as if we're back to the old times. The time we used to do everything together.

You miss one person.

That is true.

But now you're here partner.

You do everything, just think about it this last year you rescued me a hundred times.

It's like I didn't made a pact with Omer but with you.

What pact?

Leave it. It's an old thing and not important.

Wait a minute I will show you. Here it is.

Do you see this scar here?

You can't see it well anymore but it did hurt a lot.

Omer had the same scar.

I thought we wouldn't talk about him.

Leave can't you hear what I'm saying get away. We're playing here.

This is our place, we came here before you.

Little rascal, I will sweep my feet with you.

Look your friends left with who are you going to play now?

I will play alone and don't you dare chase me away from here.

Do you want me to get serious man?

A knife?

Get away.


We're not leaving.

Do you also want a piece of it?

No I don't.

What are you doing man?

We're blood brothers.

If one of us doesn't move back the other also doesn't move back.

If one has a problem the other will not leave his site.

It's the same thing.

If one calls the other he will come right away.

We share everything we have.

We don't give up our rights.

Because we're blood brothers.

Come abi.

These two are crazy.

They will only cause us problems.

Look they run away from us. Why are you frowning?

Your hurting me, I'm hurt.

My blood brother.

What's up partner why are you laughing with yourself?

Nothing, I just remembered something.

Let us laugh with you.

Excuse me.



I need to go prepare myself for the trip see you.

A game within a game so bad that you even forget which game you're playing and while playing the game you let yourself go.

Not only that, you forget who hurt you.

Darling. <br>When are you coming? I send everyone away and I'm preparing diner myself.

I'll be there in a while I bought very nice things.

I just have a small thing I need to do. <br> Cengiz!

How many times have you told me this before? Do you remember.

I remember, I remember but it's not what you think. Nothing can keep me away from you today.

Are you sure?

I'm very sure.



You came.


Because I owe you.

I'm just like you.

I'm trying to go on with my life.

How is it going?

Each time I try I drown.

But I wont give up.

These couple off days I found out a nice thing.

Really, what is it?

I love my family, my wife and kid and my home.

It's like the happy family we always read about in the fairy tales.

I never expected it but I became that kind of guy.

You will continue with your family? You will raise your son yourself and you will take your wife to the beach on her birthday?

My biggest mistake is I always thought that I'm 15 years old.

I changed Azad. I want something else than always win.

And all this thanks to your father.

I want nothing else but my family right now.

My father always says the same but it seems he isn't able to stay out of the games.

Are you able to stay out of the games?

I can't promise.

But I will try, if you don't get me killed today.

I also can't promise.


Upstairs in the draw there is my passport my visa and my money everything that is connected to my other identity.

I need them so I can get away.

Why don't you go and get them yourself?

Because they found out who I am.

And maybe they are waiting for me.

Or Ramiz is waiting for me inside,

or someone will shoot me or hurt me.

You don't have to.

I asked for your help.

If you want to help,

than help.

Open the door.

Open the door.

Give me some more come on.

All these aren't enough for you?

Here you go.


Take it.

Don't get mad but it is time to give up on this Meliha.

Why, don't you like my food anymore?

No, but the guys are doing everything.

Isn't there food just great.

Thank you for this great meal my sons. <br> Your welcome.

Give me the bread father.

Aunt Meliha cooks much better than this.

I can't compare myself with you.

What happened? You were telling me you were good and super in doing everything!

If you don't want it give it to me.

No I will eat it don't worry I will finish it all.

Leave it, let go.

Is there still some salad?

"Cengiz calling"


My brother is leaving tomorrow.

If he leaves will you still cook us such nice food?

No she wont, you will eat only bread and onions.

Off course I will dear son.

I will cook all the food you love the most.

I just hopes your brother will go and come back in good health.

And I will cook even more delicious food when you come back.

Father say something.

Are you all against me?

Omer, are you leaving after dinner?

No I'm not.

I want to stay with you today.

Nice. Meliha I will eat some more after this good news.

Give me some more.


What happened?

Mother so my brother is leaving?

We will write him together you will say and I will write.


It will be like you're writing the letters.

Now eat.



You're going to see him?

Yes father.

I'm sure he is in trouble again.

Yes father.

This Cengiz will harm you my son.

Everyday he has an other problem.

If something happens to you than it will be because of that kid.

Couldn't he find an other day.

Your right father, he will sort it out himself nothing will happen to him.

I hope so.

It's not nice to not help those who are asking for your help my son.

Go on, go.

Go and help your friend.

Answer your phone don't be shy.

I got it, I got everything.

Get in.


I hit the guy, he was a stupid one.

Go, go.


Let me look at your wound.

Did you see that guy?

Even though I stabbed him,

I thought he was going to kill me.

Cengiz, thanks.

From the day I came here,

I turned out to have a father and a friend.

Faith brought us together.

My friend.

Let me tell you, let us make a promise in 5 years from now we will meet in the same house as the new Azad and the new Cengiz.

Do we have a deal?

Yes we have.


Come once again, don't forget us.

Off course I will come again.

Uncle Mumtaz.


when you come we will make a great salad and eat it together. Okay?



Take care of yourself.

Okay abi, you too.

The salad was great.

Aunt Meliha.

Look father.

Mother you wanted to give me something?

Thanks for everything. Goodbye.



Everything is okay Ezel.

Did you took it?

I did.

Okay I will let Uncle know.

Prepare Ali.

And what if he doesn't agree?

He will.

Now it's time to close the doors.


it's time to be with family for the last time.

Now it's time to give him the ax of the executioner.

Now it's time to say good-bye to everyone

Thank you.

You look beautiful.


Carefully, slowly.

You did it.

You sat down.

Thanks Sebnem.

Without you...

Don't say that dear I'm sure you would have done the same for me.

What would have happened without me?

Without you I...

You owe Sebnem a lot, because she helped you.


I must do something back.

Don't give her a medal

From now on you will have enough time to pay her back.

What is happening?

Am I fired?

We don't know what will happen after tonight.

Maybe we will wake up tomorrow morning

and Ali will be gone.

What does that mean. <br> Calm down.

Your wound will bleed again.

What will happen tonight?


What will happen to Ali tonight?

You must not think about Ali anymore Tefik.

You took your role to seriously but after tonight you must think about how you will continue.

I know it is difficult but you must make a decision.

Which side are you going to choose?

Yes Tefik.

On which side are you?

Is this your surprise?

This is the place we met.

Don't you like it?

No, I do.

Very nice.

But it seems like your frowning?


Why should I frown?

This is a nice place and I'm very happy.

I knew it.

Do you like it?

Very much.


All this, and the happiness you have lived

that is just a beginning.

The real happiness will be afterwards if you'll open the door you will find it in front of you.

If I'm there or not.

What does that mean?

I made a promise Bahar.

I will keep that promise even if it will cost me my life.

But if something happens to me you must keep your promise.

Why are you saying this?

Promise me.

If I'm there or not you must live, you must not just get better for my sake.

You must live with or without me. Promise me.

Or else I wont be at ease.

Okay, I promise.

Come on lets listen to the music.

Isn't there an ending in this game Uncle?

What ever I do there is always some other thing after it.

The end of this game is death?

Is that possible my friend?

The real game is over there we're still standing on the line.

Your fooling with me isn't that right?

Your letting me clean up your work.

And you wont let me go if I'm done.

First Cengiz and than

it will be my turn.

I know it is difficult, Ali my friend.

If you wont do this than don't worry your turn will even come before Cengiz.

If you want to end this you can do it at once.

Don't use me you will find someone better than me.

I'll find, I'll find him.

Why me?

If you know it is difficult for me, why me Uncle?

Because you my friend Ali, you kill like it's nothing.

You are used to kill and blame your friends.

Come on, come on.

Come on.

Go on.

But he is not my enemy.

You are my enemy.

He is not your enemy my friend Ali.

He is your price.

And I'm not your enemy at all my friend Ali, I'm your only friend.

The one I should get rid of is you.

I don't care about the money or other things

I just want to get rid of you.

Why shouldn't I?

Because my friend you're afraid of me.

I'm not afraid of anyone.

You are, your afraid when the name Omer comes up.

And you get afraid when you get close to Bahar.

You're afraid to live alone and die like a lonely dog. Your afraid the eyes of Ramiz will look deep into your eyes.

Because your afraid of uncle Ramiz.

Fear isn't something you should be ashamed of my friend Ali.

Everyone has something he is scared of.

And what are you afraid of?


The day you will find out what I'm afraid of

I will be afraid of you.

Go on, go on. Finish this job quickly, go on.

We don't want to sleep here my friend Ali.

Okay uncle.

Today, history repeats itself

Today, the history repairs its mistakes

Leave it. Let us enjoy this moment together.

I wasn't planning on going anywhere anyway.

Today I will only be here.

Today I will only be with you.

Today it will be only our happiness.

Great, and what makes today so special?

All, all the memories that used to hurt me, from today I will leave them behind me.

I, from now on, I will not go back in the past.

But the woman you loved... What about her?


All the memories that make me suffer...

remains behind from today.

Come sit next to me.

What is it? What happened?

I'll go and see.

Go look quickly but don't leave the door and stay close to me.

Okay I will.

What is up with you guys.

Everyday an other one.

This will be the last time.

I promise.

Your not like that other guy.

You are relaxed.

Your hand doesn´t shake

What do you say?

Will you get away after I'm dead?

Shall I meet with Asine?

I don't give a **** about you and your horse.

Lay your head on the bed.

Come on. <br> What can I do in order to make you leave.

That's easy.

Tell me how to get rid of uncle Ramiz and I will let you go.

Do you know how?

I have a feeling Aysen.

My heart is telling me enough, you have feelings.

Nice things will happen.

Do you feel the same?

What is going on?

Nothing, I'm just a bit upset.


Shoot him.




Follow him. Shoot.

Come on lets get him.

It's over.

We got him.

Where are you uncle? Where are you Ezel?

Where are you Cengiz?

It's over Ali!

This is suicide.

You're going to die man. You will die.

This is the way everything ends carpitain Ali.

This is the end.

You're leaving Bahar.

This is he end.

We're leaving from here.

Do you remember Aysen?

How much fun we used to have.

How much we used to laugh with each other.

I always would feel guilty.

As if I don't have the right to laugh.

We did a lot of things and afterwards we laugh.

Don't talk like that, it were beautiful days.

We made our plans together step by step we bought our first cars together.

And after that we lost each other on our way.

And we didn't found each other again.



You know how much I love you.

And also Can, the best days of my life I lived them with you.

Now you figured that out?

I just found out.


I got lost but I found my way back to you.

Let us hug each other and make this the most happiest day of our life.

Let us promise never to let go of each other again. I know that you have never loved me.

But for once.

For once accept me as your lover.

For once.

And let me hug you.

Be quit.

Stay there.


Talk to me Omer.

I'm listening.

You have reached the end.

It seems like that my brother.

Uncle Ramiz sold you cheap.

It seems so.

I'm waiting.

If you will come to the other world I want to talk to you.

I'm waiting.

I'm on my way brother.

I'm coming.

If they break the door it will be all over.

I missed you.

I came abi.


If one fights for a long time,

his enymies

become his closest friends.

And if the end comes of the one you hate you need to say farewell to him as a friend.

You can start.

Yes, who will help me with the suitcases?

Me, me.

Come on.

We came.

I'm not done yet this one doesn't close we need an other suitcase.

We will close it.


Yes my commander.

I will give you a very dangerous duty.

Yes commander.

Go and sit on the suitcase.


This suitcase,

can explode at any minute.

Aren't you afraid?

No commander.

It's exploding.


I got you.

Don't. Don't.

You messed up the bed.

The bed will also explode.

Come on lets go faraway.

As a family.

(The doorbell)

Is it Ezel?

I'm telling you that guy is crazy about Bahar.

I'm coming.

I'm sure it is Ali.

What is going on?

Go inside.

What are you doing?

Are Cengiz Atay?

Yes. <br> Search him.

One moment officer.

Can you explain what is going on?

What is this about?

I'm sure this is a misunderstanding. <br> There is no misunderstanding.

Can you please tell me... <br> Where are you going?

Take him.

Search the house.

Wait here I will be right back okay?


What's up, why did the police came?

Bahar go and stay with Can I don't want him to come out.

Okay but what is going on?

What is this, let go of me.

Is this your car?


Search the car.

And the key? Go get it from inside the house.

My son is upstairs he will get scared.

Aysen, go inside stay with Can.

What are you doing why are you hurting him?

He should have thought about that before.

Cengiz Atay your under arrest for murder in the first degree.

Arrest him.

Put him in the car.

This must be a misunderstanding.



Aysen call Ezel quickly.

Go on.

Go and call him.


I found the key of the car. <br> Search it.

Hello Ezel.

Did they came?

They are taking him.

Cengiz told me to call you.

Good that you called.

Are you okay?

I'm not.

Tell him, tell him to come to the police station.

Did you heard him? He is asking you to help him.

He is looking at me in a way...




I can't do this.

Ezel, I will not do this. I can't.

Aysen, your to late.

Your to late to pull back.

Aysen you will betray us all.

Can and Bahar you will betray all of us.

You will burn us all.

Everything will pass.

You and me.

We need to overcome this.

I found something.

I found this.

And there is blood on it.

What is this?

This is not mine. What is this?

Take him, put him in the car.

It's not mine. Let me go.

Let me go.

Let me free.

When I'm taking my revenge scream as much as you want.

Everything that is happening to you,

is everything you did to me, me.

I brought you the newspapers.

And I bought you some bread.

I will also ask for some thee.

Thank you.

How many days am I here?

It hasn't been much you have been here since yesterday.

Did you slept well?

I slept on this chair.

You will get used to it.

When I was little we didn't had a bed.

We used to lie down all together on the floor and sleep.

We were with 12 brothers.

Do you have a brother?

No, I'm only child.

Excuse me but if I have the right to make a phone call I want to talk to my lawyer.

Okay, okay.

Let us finish this first.

So you can continue your breakfast at home.

You have no idea how happy that would make me, I'm sure my family is very concerned about me.

Family is very important to us.

So I will start with some questions.

I have read your file.

And I told myself, this man didn't do that.

This man is the owner of a great hotel.

He is a rich guy.

Is it possible this man would do such thing?

I wish everyone would think that way.

Don't worry we will figure it out.

You need to be patient.

Rageb Barlak?

Do you know him?

They also call him Kandrell.

No, I don't know him.

No you do know him.

Because we have proof that you have met this guy.

He wounded you with a knife.

No, not me.


Maybe we made a mistake.

But my friends found this in your car.

And they found out

that this is a whip of a horse.

And it belongs to Kandrell.

I don't know anything about it, I didn't took it.


Why would you take it?

The last question.

I have a kind of a strange situation.

These are pictures of the crime.

Look at them if you want.

In the hand of the deceased one is a knife. To be honest that is the main thing that I can't figure out at the moment.

This is what makes me curious the most

why does this knife have your blood on it?



Look at it.

Why does this hurt you so much.

Does it hurt a lot?

It's a trap.

They set up a trap for me.

Look at the papers of today.

Let us see what they are writing today.

The business man who became a criminal!

Let us see this other one.

The great business man is a failure in killing.

They call you also killer here.

Read it.

All Turkey is reading it.

He kills an innocent man and leaves all the evidence behind.

Do you think if you tell us "I didn't do it" we would believe you right away?

They set up a trap, I did not do it.

We don't believe those things.

Here now one is going to clean up your dirty work.

Understood! Here is everyone the same. The same did you understand me?

Why are you talking to me like that?

What are you saying?


The mister slept on a chair today!

And what does he say?

Our evidence aren't correct.

Our evidence are false?

What are you? Who are you? Tell me.

Tell me.

Who do you think you are?

Are you the King?

From now of on you will be the same as everyone else.

Like every other criminal Cengiz Atay.

From now of on you will learn how to sleep here.

Shameless one.

You're rich and stupid man. Very stupid.

Take these I will do you a favor so you will have something to read at night.

Honorless man.

When the time of revenge comes, you will understand the long nights.

I hope you will understand, understand what you put me trough, understand what you have done to Omer.

Now you are in the same situation. In the cave I was in for 12 years.

Maybe now you will understand me.

You will know Cengiz.

When things are over, take a look at me.

I will be by your side.

I will stay on your side.





Ali abi.

Did you came to see your friend?

I came off course.

It's not possible to leave you all alone.

I know, I know.

One gets crazy in here.

In one night one can loose his mind in here.

That's normal.

What can we do? Is there a good lawyer who knows about these things?

Gorcan Tuncay call him.

Do you have a piece of paper?

He is the best, he wont accept so easily but you must convince him, you'll do that wont you?

Off course. Gorcan Tuncay.

And my lawyer is also looking.

He is looking for what? Please hurry Ezel.

Hurry up because I'm going crazy. I'm going crazy in here.

I will call your lawyer right away.

Kamill has some connections with the police.

We will ask for your file and get you out of here.

Hurry up. Hurry up. Or else they will take me to jail until the hearing.

Don't worry.

We will solve this before the hearing.

You didn't kill him and we will prove it.

And we wont leave this place without you we will leave all together the four of us.

Your great.

Thank you. What am I going to do without you?


Time is over, please leave.


Don't tell Can anything okay.

I'll be back in a couple of days. We will continue with our life but I don't want Can to know please.

Please Aysen.


I don't have anyone else but you guys in my life.

I will be waiting partner.


I'm waiting.

You will see they will get me out of here.

They will find a way they will not leave me here.

I will be out in just a couple of days.


Don't go.

Where are you going?


Thing will not work out without you.

If you leave now we will not be able to be together.

If you leave now,

we will not be able to look into each other eyes ever again.

The game we played,

we became a part of it.

We can't leave now Aysen.

What do you want?

What do you want from me?

Hold my hand.

You must remember.

Hold it so you can remember.

Hold it and remember your feelings for me.

Hold it so you can remember me how much I adore you.

How much I love you.

Hold it so we can remember why we're doing this my love.

Are you sure Ezel?

I mean, is it necessary?

Nothing is necessary.

And I'm not sure.

But I must do it.

And what should we do?

You wait for me.

And promise me,

that you won make any trouble.

Give this to Bahar.

Go on.

When you want to take your revenge, the most scary thing in your life

will happen once again.

Can I see that ring?

Off course.

When I was young,

I was poor and I was so happy with my small dreams.

This is one of the most beautiful pieces we have.

And the most expensive one.

Shall it make a sad women happy?


Now I can buy everything I want.

Everything could become mine.

But now, when the time came to take revenge one becomes part of what he is taking revenge of.

While I'm taking my revenge

I became one of them.

Is everything okay mister?

Will I be able to handle this?

Everything I did until now

and everything I want to do, can I handle it?

When I'm taking my revenge and I'm doing to them what they did to me

I will become a dog just like them will you be able to handle that Omer?

One moment guys, one moment.

One moment.

I'm a retired officer and this is my friend.

This time listen to them Kamill.

Ezel are you sure, you said you would never go to jail again.

Are you sure Ezel?

I'm not sure about anything anymore Kamill.

I need to see Cengiz while he's in there.

I need to see if he is living the same thing I lived before.

But what about you?

What will happen to you?

Go tell Ramiz that he must contact his men inside so they can take care of me.

Take of your clothes.

Okay, okay.

Revenge means, don't dare to open the wounds deep inside your heart.

You must be ready to receive an other wound in your heart Omer.

When the time comes to take your revenge, you must be ready.

Are you ready to enter hell again with your own feet.

This seat is taken my friend.

That seat is mine.

How can this seat be yours while your sitting there.

Why are you nagging? Stupid.


That guy is with me.

If you want to tell him something,

say it to me.



When the time comes to take revenge you must bare everything.

So you can take your revenge at the end.

My friend what are you doing here?

It's a long story I will tell it to you later.

Are you okay?

How is my family?

Everyone is doing fine don't worry.

I will get you out of here.

You didn't do it but we must know who did.

I know.


And his daughter she asked me to help her while he set up a trap.

Let us get away from here, I have no idea what they will do to me if I do something wrong so thank you for what you just did.

I don't know anyone who would have done the same.

I will see you tomorrow.

Don't be to sure about that.

I asked the guys and they agreed.

What are you, what are you? With you around nothing will happen to me.

I don't know how much I should thank you, I will never be able to pay you back.

Aren't we friends abi?

That's true.

Find us some cards so we can play.

I will see. There used to be man who sold such things.

But I heard that they are gone.

What changed?

I don't know what changed..

We used to buy blankets and stuff like that for ourselves.

Sounds great partner.

You know everything.

It's like we're on a holiday and we're having a sleepover.

But we're not staying long just until the hearing.

After that we will go back to our freedom, isn't that right?


Yes exactly.

Welcome son.

She is talking to you.


Cengiz has some trouble at home so he will be sleeping here tonight.

Good, like this you can be together all night isn't that right Cengiz my son?

Off course aunt Meliha.

Goodnight mother.

Goodnight my son, sleep well.


You to goodnight Cengiz.

Goodnight aunt Meliha.

Son I'm sure your mother is into magic or such stuff I swear to you.

Don't talk about that stuff late at night.

I swear.

She can't see the wall in front of her but she sees me.

I swear, when she looks at me I always feel like apologizing.


My mother off course understood that you're getting me into trouble.

I put you into trouble every day.

I will ask you something.

Why are you my friend?

What kind of question is that?

Why am I asking?

I'm not of use to you in anyway.

But still you always get me out of trouble everyday again.

I'm not of any use.

Guy did you hit your head why aren't you of any use?

That's why your mother is upset.

Because I pull you into my trouble.

I will ask you an other question.

Do you want to get rid of me but not telling me about it?

Your right.

I never thought about it in this way your really trouble for me.

I'm serious man why don't you get rid of me?

Because abi, we know each other so well that we know what we mean just by looking at each other.

There is the world outside and there is us.

Because abi,

the two of us belong together

We made a promise to each other.

It's very nice man.

Are you serious man?

Cengiz, I wouldn't miss you for the world.

Now go to sleep.

Sleep well.

Blood brother.


Are you sleeping?


We will get out of here aren't we?

Off course we will.

My life isn't over yet now is it?

I haven't lost everything yet have I?

No abi, at the end you will win.

If you say so I believe you.

You know, forget about here.

Close your eyes and imagine your outside.

Imagine you're with your family.

And this is all over.

And don't open your eyes until you're awake.



When time comes for revenge, will you be able to handle it?

So you can take your revenge?

Why, why?


Ali abi!


Cengiz, Cengiz!

What did I do to you?


What did I ever do to you guys?

What happened?

What happened?

Please tell me this is a nightmare.

Please let this be a nightmare.



Let everything return to the old state when I open my eyes.