Eyu (2021) - full transcript

A gang leader
Chi-Nan Lin was shot dead

in Shalu, Kaohsiung on June 4th

This shooting incident has
a major development today

A 17-year-old young man, Yu

brought the pistol he used
in the shooting

and turned himself
in to the Shalu Police Station

The gang member,
Yu, also known as Croc

confessed to the police
that he determined to shoot Lin

because he was discontented with
the expansion of Lin's gang

and Lin's gang members were
being haughty and provocative

Facts of the case show
that Ming-Tsai Liu

a leader of Yu's gang

may have instigated the murder

But Yu firmly denied it
at the hearing

and claimed to have
planned the shooting alone

Under the age of 18

Yu's commission of such
a felony shocked the society

Yu was raised by grandparents

and lived with his grandfather

When he was in the 9th grade

he had a part-time job
at Liu's bubble tea shop

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"City Councillor Chang's Office"

City Councillor Chang's Office.
How can I help you?

Excuse me

Is the director
of your office Liu?


Oh, Chief Liu

Yes, Chief Liu

May I ask who is asking for him?

Tell him... Croc is here for him

Oh, and you are?

I am Croc

Croc. Hey...

Good morning

Well, you came out

You should've told me sooner

I could send a car for you

Well, I did

I did tell you

Have a place to stay?

You can still use
the old apartment

I'll take care of it

Thank you

This the ownership certificate
for your grandpa's columbarium

Take a look

One million

Take it

But you said...

Five hundred thousand?

You mean it's too much?

Just take it


I want a job in the office

Please, give me a chance


Buy yourself some clothes

Mr. Croc

Mr. Hou

Wait a sec

Chief has instructed that

I should show you
some of the office routine

Alright. Mr. Hou

If the Chief came
out to greet guests personally

regardless of how many of them,
we use Set A

If the Chief did not come out

but there are more than 3 guests,
we use Set B

And, if the Chief did not come
out of his office

and the guests are less than 3

then we use Set C



Say it again

These people...
they are all Chief of Village

You have to memorize
all of their names


Chen, Fong-Chun

Wong, Sheng-Li

And Lee, Yi-Fong

They are the ones who supported
our competitor last election

If any of them called,
you have to report to me


Err... Hi

Err... City
Councillor Chang's Office

How may I help you?

Err... wait... wait a minute

I... I... err...

First of all, let me say

Err... Marriage of two families
brings great blessing

- Hundred years happy and joy
- Happiness

Hundred years
of happiness and joy


Hello, hi... err...

City Councillor Chang's Office

Glad I could be of assistance


- What?
- School district...

What is school district?

Hello, how can I help you

We will try our best... err...
to send our representatives...

City Councillor Chang's Office

Right... Okay,
thank you very much


Oh. Set B, Set B

We'd highly appreciate
your kind guidances

Mr. Chen, nice to meet you

If you have
any comments or inquiries

Please don't hesitate to call me

Hi. Long time no see

This is Mr. Luo
from the architect office

- Nice to meet you
- Our latest project

- was contracted by their company
- Thank you

- Heard a lot about you
- And this is Mr. Chen

- from the construction company
- Nice to meet you, Chief

- Nice meeting you
- I am Chen

Please, sit

Have some tea, please

Why are you sitting here?


Leave the teapot


- This is my card
- Chief Liu

Glad to finally meet you

Look forward to working with you

Good fortune and roll in it

Prosperity and... abundance

Congratulations on
your grand opening

It is also sort of a blessing
for elderly to die well

Congratulations on...

What are you doing?

I... I am putting the tissue paper
in place

Do you have hot water
for shower there?


I had someone intalled
a water heater the other day

Thank you for asking


When can I have my own name card?

There is no repair shop, alright?

I'll try my best


Alright, I know


Don't you ever come near again

Or I will call the police

Come catch us, crazy woman

Miss, this is not...


That's not...

Hold on


Come in

Where should I put it?

Over there

It is also sort of a blessing
for elderly to die well

My deepest condolences to you
and your family

My father fell
and died when he was drunk

What should I call you?

City Councillor Chang's Office

Glad to be at your service

My name is Yu, Da-Wei

You people...

always nowhere to be found
when things happen

only names to be seen
on weddings and funerals

I have called in several times

always put me on hold or forward

Why did you call us, Miss?

There is no water for my farmland

No water...

Miss, do you have time
this Wednesday?

Are you making an appoinment
for me now?

Is that okay?



Rest assured, Miss

Our office will do the best
we can to help you

My deepest condolences


Chief, this is Miss Chen

There is no water to her farmland

And... she is asking for your help

Sit, please

Well, Croc

Pull a chair and sit with us


Miss Chen said
that her family owns a farmland

but the water seems
to be cut out recently


It is right
next to County Road 108

My family has grown rice there
since my grandfather

We've been using irrigation
water from the same ditch

But lately... the water seems
to be cut out

Did you call
the relevant government offices?

I did

No response


Miss Chen is hoping
that our office can help her


Our office will do
the best we can

Don't worry, Miss Chen

Serving the people is our job

Aren't you going
to see the farmland?

Sure, of course we will

Croc, you go
with Miss Chen to the farmland

Do a field survey


- Thank you
- You're welcome

Chief, what is field survey?

Just bring you phone
and take a few photos

Get this thing done,
and I'll give you your name card

Crazy bitch

What happened here?

No water

No water...


City Councillor Chang's Office

Glad to be at your service

Don't you need to see where
the water's been blocked?

I can't really see clearly

But there seems
to be something blocking

Hey. There

Oh, right. I know


The ditch is blocked

I've told you it's blocked

Such a big land

No factory is about to be built

Still, they want
to requisite our land

What are you doing?

What are you taking?

I take photos of what I see

This is what field survey is like

Don't worry, Miss Chen

Our office will contact you

as soon as we hear any news
about your land


These are the field survey photos
taken from the Chen's farmland

Please review

You can email me
or send me photos

don't print them out

Yes, Chief

City Councillor Chang's Office

How can I help you?

Hi. May I speak to Chief Liu?

Chief is not
in the office right now

Anything I can help you with?

The thing I asked you for help...

Do you have any updates?

May I ask who's calling?

This is Chen

I don't have water
for my farmland

Miss Chen

This is Croc. I looked
into the blocked ditch with you

When is he coming back?

Give me a minute, please

Mr. Hou

Miss Chen, I'm sorry

Chief is not in the office

I will ask him to contact you

as soon as he gets back

You told me
the same words a week ago

One week...

What have you done?

Did you go to the Water
Resources Department?

What did they say?

Hold on a second, please

Mr. Hou

Did Chief go visit
the Water Resources Department?

Beats me

Miss Chen

This thing... I think...

We really have to wait
for the Chief to come back

What have you been
doing there then?

Are you an operator?

You sent an operator to look
into my farmland?


I have a irrigation ditch
that is blocked

Whom am I supposed
to be speaking with?

May I ask which ditch?

Which conveyance system?

Drainage and distribution number?


I can't help you if you don't
have any of these information

May I ask
whom am I speaking with?



This is City Councillor
Chang's office calling


May I ask where this farmland is?

Right by County Road 108

There is no water
in the whole field

Is it next
to the industrial area?


Mr... How should I address you?


This is Office Chief Liu

Thank you for the concern,
Chief Liu

The irrigation ditch is blocked
in the industrial zone

We'd really like to look
into this matter

But they put a lid on the ditch

According to regulations

irrigation ditches are not
allowed to be covered

So... who am I supposed to ask
for help now?

Construction and Planning Agency.
How can I help you?

Hi. This is City Councillor
Chang's office calling

Councillor Chang speaking

Good morning, Councillor

Well, here's the thing

There is a blocked irrigation
ditch in the industrial zone

Who should I talk to?

A minute please, I'll transfer
you to the Director General

No, no, no, you can help me


We have been trying to contact
the construction company

but haven't been able
to reach them

Which construction company?

Pilli Development Company

City Councillor Chang's office




Why there is no one
answering the phone?

Are you going to pay the balance?

Miss Chen

Do you know why there is
no water in your field?

And you know why there is no one
to handle this matter?

The ditch is covered with lid


Do you know who added on the lid?

Applied by the Construction
and Planning Agency

And approved by
the Water Resources Department

They want to build a road

So they have to cover the ditch

And the Agency told you that

they've been contacting
the construction company

but the company was
disbanded right after the job

I could get these information
by making phone calls

Why did I ask you for help?

City Councillor Chang's office

Glad to be at your service

Mr. operator

There is still no water for my
farm. What am I supposed to do?

That's it?

I'll see what else I can do

Never mind

Worst case scenario

I'll go fetch water every day

I can help

Go away

Let me help

You are all the same

Do you have to be like this?

I just want to help

Wasting my time

I also spent time looking
into the matter, alright?

You came for me

You told me not to worry

I thought you mean it

If I hadn't asked the other day

your chief would never ask you
to come out to the field

Chief is busy

He has many urgent matters
on hand, okay

Always say one thing
and do another

You are the best, huh

The people here hate you

Do they?

Do they?

They all spit on you

Are you sure
they are not spitting on you?

Even the kids hate you

Your chief must have
damaged his brain

with booze to hire you

At least he did not fall
to his death

Oh, no. That's okay

Thank you

Chief Liu busy, huh

Just sat down to have a meal

the phone keeps beeping

Is that the Councillor?

Nah, nothing important

Hey! What are you doing?

Let go of me

Let me go

Let me go

Let go of me

Let me go

Let me go

Let go of me

Let me go

Did you clean the ditch?

Why do you care?

Excuse me

Mind if I asked...

Are you guys going
to break her arm?

I cleaned the most of it

Why not break my arm?

Have you done this before?

What the...

Have you?


Give it to me

You've done this before, huh

You called the police?


I remember the plate number

It is a silver van

Mr. Yu

Do you know the men who hit you?

Any of them?

Never seen any of them before?

Mr. Yu. Are you involved

in any gang-related disputes?

It is not like that

He is from
a city councillor's office

I asked him for help

Did you go back to your friends
in the gang?

Do you know
the consequences of you

getting involved
in gang activities again?

You are on parole, right?

Mr. Yu

If you get involved
with gangs again

your parole will be cancelled

And you will go back
to the prison

You are aware of that, right?

You, come with me please

You said that he is from
a city councillor's office?

Is that true?


Do you know him?

Of course

There was a gang shooting
about 8 or 9 years ago

He was the shooter

Big news then

Ring a bell?


Don't get close
to the people like him

Did you contact his family?

Ask them to come

You should leave

Let's go

Go home

Want me to call someone for you?

Call the chief, will you

Your call will be forwarded
to voicemail

and charged after the beep

Please hang up when you...

No answer

Your call will be forwarded
to voicemail

and charged after the beep

I'll stay a little longer

Less painful now?

Call my mom

Where is the emergency room?

Over there

Honey. Are you okay?

You scared the hell out of me

How could you be so cold

You didn't tell mommy
that you've come out

I did


I would know if you have told me

How could anyone treat mommy
like this

I did tell you

Where do you live now?

Taking good care of yourself?

How about you?

You were not here

I got no one to depend on

And this is?

I asked the councillor's
service office for assistance

and Mr. Yu is helping me
with the matter

You are working at
a councillor's service office?

Good money?

My wallet

My son, he doesn't have much
that I'm proud of

but he is always devoted
to family

What is that? So cute

My keychain

You can have it

Good boy

I am going to get some cigarettes

Anything you want?

And you?

No thanks

I'll come back soon

You can leave as well

After your mom comes back

She is not coming back

Every time she went
out to buy cigarettes

I wouldn't be seeing her
in a few years

Leave now

Go home

I'm only a few step away

I'll take these upstairs for you

Nevermind, just give it to me

How are you going to take it
with those hands

I can manage. Give it to me

I'm fine. Where?

I'll take it upstairs

Which way?

Now can you leave?

Let me fix you something to eat

What are you doing?

You haven't got anything to eat

Must be starving

I am not hungry

What are you doing?

Don't mess my stuff

Just go home


I can take care of myself

I'll buy you something to eat

I'm not going to open the door
for you


I am not hungry

How are you going to eat
with those hands?

I'll show you how

Soup, drink it

OK, you can go now

What again?

Are you going to help me
with shower or wipe my butt?

You want to do that now?

Have you ever thought
about how many people you hurt?

People can't get the money
because of you

It is your business
that you want to farm

But try to put yourself
in others shoes

The field is mine.
Why can't I farm on my land?

Which one of them is not selfish?

But I cannot be selfish?

Of course you can

You are such a selfish person

Why are you cleaning
up my table here?

When they were beating me

You didn't even dare
to make a sound

Why haven't you come
and dealt with it?


if they dare to hammer people
from the councillor's office

You think they won't come for me?

This time, they broke arms

Are you sure no one
would die the next time?

Who is going to take care
of my kids and folks?

So, you mean

There is just no water for me,

As soon as
the police arrests the hitmen

We will come over
and deal with your problem, OK?



Help you


With that?

Sure. Where?

In there


Go left a bit

Good, good...


You again

I told you not to come every day

Have you found them?

We will let you know
and ask for you to come over

to identify the hitters
if we catch them

I've explained this
to you many times

What about the van?

Wait a second

You've found the van?

I found the license plate

It was left on the side
of the road

And it is not a plate of any van

They stole it beforehand

Thank you.
I'll come back some other day

Don't come

It's no use for you to come here

Officer Wang

What sort
of crime did Yu commit before?

It is a long story

Are you sure you want to know?

Oh no


Hey, how come you
left the door open

Oh no

Are you okay?

How are the hands?



Let me help you okay

- No! Give me!
- I am okay with it

Just give it to me

Are you okay?

Do you need a hand?

This tattoo... it's a crocodile,

No. It's a dragon

A dragon?

I don't see its horns

I was out of cash

Couldn't pay for the horns

Turn around

Turn around


I didn't mean to

I just got out of prison

And look, my hands

I can't do anything to you now

I am sorry

I didn't mean to. I am sorry

I am going to get a wall machine

and pretend to knocking
off the cement block

With that noise

They ought to hear miles away

Why are you taking that risk?

I know all the roads here

And they know where I live

If they are to force me
giving up the field

they will come sooner or later

Farming is not going
to make you rich

Why don't you just sell the land

Take the money and leave

If we can go
wherever we want to go

Why did you come back here?

Useless, speed it up


She's gone anyways

Park the car in the parking lot

I'll contact you after
I've got the thing settled

Croc... give me a hand here

I have something
to tell Chief first

Wait, wait

Don't bother him.
He is taking a rest

- Come give me a hand
- Seriously, I have something...

- important to tell him
- I know, I know

Help us with these first

I know now who broke my arms

It was City Councillor Ms. Shi

Councillor Shi?

Chief, I know
who broke my arms now

Their councillor looks very young

She is older than I am

Photoshopped and beautified

Her mom probably
wouldn't recognize her

Your phone

Field survey, remember?

Not me

Give it


Act natural

I think I'm okay

Chief, biscuits

Go ahead

Can I?

Of course

Chief Liu,
haven't seen you for a while

How are you


Thank you

Sit, please

Pardon me

I have to rush back to
the city council in 30 minutes

And the trip takes
about 20 minutes from here

This is my assistant

He is Croc

Pleasure to meet you

I'd like to bring
to your attention

There is a farmland
in Councillor Chang's electorate

that lacks water

And the spot where
the water is blocked

is right in your industrial zone

Croc found the guy who beat him

That guy was
at your service office

And then?

I think... he is probably
some friend from outside

So... is there anything
I can do to help?

Do you want me to catch the guy?

That is a police job

Why trouble you,
Executive Assistant


So you have reported it
to the police?

Young guys... just fooling around

What's that to do with the police

I come here today only to ask
for your advice


Was the beating
your authorization?

Of course not

Well... and blocking the ditch...

It also has nothing to do
with your office, right?

Of course


Then I could rest assured
to investigate fraud

What? What fraud?

What are you talking about?

First of all

I will urge
the Water Resources Agency

Pushing them to clean
the blocked ditch and fix it

If that doesn't work well

I will ask the councillor
to fire up in the city council

Accusing the government
of improper expropriation

And if even that doesn't work

I'll probably call on
a group of farmers

Telling the media of collusion
between officials and businessmen

forcing farmers to sell farmland
at an unreasonable price

Not only do I want that piece
of land to have water

Have my words

that I'll keep it green 10 years
from now

Chief Liu, please, take a seat

Here, have some tea

You haven't tasted it
since you got here


Tastes good

You can have mine

There is plenty more here

Please do let me know
if you need anything else

I want a piece of it, too

How big would you like to have?

Not much

Half of it


This farmland...
when it is developed

whoever pays
for as much of the land

it all has already been
discussed and arranged

Half of it

I'm afraid
that it's not quite possible


Two-fifths are fine, then

This piece of pie...

Someone upstairs wants
to have it too

That's not something
to worry about

That woman...
you gotta drive her out

Remember how to do it right?

"Insufficient storage space"

Are you okay?

This is a warning

Have you offended
anyone recently?

These gunmen...

they are nothing but expandables

These young guys...
they worship gang loyalty

Who cares about loyalty
and morality nowadays

That doesn't last long

Those who got scared away

They are the lucky ones

Those who keep holding on

who cannot realize
what he's doing is wrong

who are still in denial

They pay the price
they cannot afford

"Chen Calling"

There is no factory built
around here

Why do they want to force me away

If you know the reasons

Will you leave?

I will never give it up

What the...

Are you friggin out of your mind?

Next time
the bullet might hit you

What do you think?

Will the bullet hit me?

You can import everything

except for land

This is what my father taught me


The P/E ratio is too high

I would not buy this sort
of stocks

He is a friend of EA Chao

We have met



I have something to say to chief

Please leave

I'll call you

Let's have tea some other time

I'm leaving now, Chief



Miss Chen is going for reporters

Chief, can we just let her go?

Find some way to get rid of her

No, I won't do that

We all have our own worth

A croc that doesn't bite

Make sense?

What do you want to say?

I have to thank you...

no matter what

All this time

no one really wanted to help me

At which point would you
give up this piece of land

Let go


Let me go




Hippo is dead


I killed him

And that woman?

She's right beside me

If you don't do it

I'll send somebody else
to finish it

Whoever you send,
they'll all end up the same

What the hell do you want

Mister Croc

As before

I will turn myself in

But please, let go of Miss Chen

It was their pie, and
we took a bite without asking

Now you want me to spit it out?

Don't be kidding, okay

If you don't let her go

I will go to the executive
assistant, the councillors

I will finish you people off
as many as I can

How dare you,
so you are the boss now, huh?

I don't want the farmland anymore

I'll sign whatever papers
you want me to sign



Are you crazy?

For you, for this farmland

My arms broken,
I committed murder

Now you're saying you
don't want the land anymore?

It is none of your business

What do you want?


there is something
more important than that


Can't I have something
more important now?

Go now

Don't get caught

There is no irrigation water
in my farmland

Yu was the one who has been
giving me the help I needed

He was also the one cleaning up
the blocked ditch

Why would he shot at my truck?

Miss Chen

We have done comparison analysis

The gun which put a bullet hole
in your truck

is the same gun that killed Hippo

And both cases involving Yu,

Has he been trying to warn you?

To give up the farmland?

Then why did he help me
cleaning up the ditch?

Has it ever occurred to you
that he has other plans?

Let's assume
that Yu is a gangster as well

And he also wants to drive you
out of your farmland

Sounds more reasonable,
don't you think?

Making sense or not,
I do not know

If it wasn't for Yu

I'd have been drown to death now

What have you been doing then?

None of you ever helped
with anything

"Insufficient storage space"

Not me

Give it


Give it to me

Half of it is not quite possible

- Well...
- Chief

Two-fifths are fine then

I will turn myself in

This piece of pie...

Someone upstairs wants
to have it too

But please, leave her alone

Don't touch her

And don't touch her farmland

Chen has already
handed over the field

Then please give it back to her


Please leave her alone

You just wouldn't let go, huh

Please leave her alone


Have you done this before?

Please, chief, leave her alone


Have you?

Shoot him


I am a good employee

You said that all documents
ought to have backup

I always follow your instruction

As long as Chen's farmland is
safely in her possession

it will be well-preserved


I am Croc

Once I bite

I don't let go

Oh no



Miss Chen

Hope this letter finds you well

Thank you for the pork floss

It is really good

Autumn is coming

You ought to be busy again

Now your land should be
a green paddy field

Hope I could be there
to be your helping hand

Wish you all the best