Eyes of the Underworld (1942) - full transcript

Blackmail and murder in a tale of an auto-theft ring.

In Washington today the war
production board announced

that the purchase of metal and rubber for
civilian use will be stopped for the duration.

It was also stated...

The analyst what
where you can get tires

they might be a bit hot.
They can behead.

I can get you a
real buy a used car,

and there's nothing
to worry about.

you get a bill of sale with it.

oh there it is blackand white.

but a 30% increase in stolen cars
mr. chicken the last three months

Your department Kirby.
What you've been doing about it?

I've examined every
public garage myself.

I've ordered my men to bring
in anyone who looks suspicious.

We've made
arrests. - Arrests.

What could her arrest without evidence?

There's an organized ring operating a
Mr. Thomas our job to break it up.

I've got asquatter day and night,

I'm trying as hard as I know.

But I don't have to try harder.

We teamed up a barrel Iraq in
this town the door reason why we

can't put it into this.

Give me you bear down and
get results for all pay told myself

- yes - that's all.

looking for something chief?
- Yes,...

yeah, chif?
yes sergeant

ante can I go in now

miss standing would it be asking you to

violatea secret to tell her father is

moodnot so good I'm afraid you're in

for it here's a little partner for you

just pipe he's been looking for enough

oh thank you it's been up to the Irish

so it is

mr. Ling says you've been wanting mr.

what's more important
you overdrawn your

pagan well sir, I've had sickness in the

family before you've been playing the

horses again and you know what that

means you're not going to take me back


regulations let me off chief it'll never

happen again you Ryder walk to an end or

I don't know how I'm going to face the

missus she's been sick all winter and I

was suffer enough to think I could catch

up on the doctor bills but beat the

horses this buggy you've been doing

business with what is the operate across

the county lineif I'd ever caught him

making work in Lawndale I too pinched

him in a minute

I would that how much wasill cents back

I stillowe the doctor $75 any long as

theboutique yes Betty

they gotta check 100%you fired all this

besides and fancy personal long golly

chief then you're not going to take the


you keep it see to ityou keep it clean

I will that and thank you sir and may

the good lord have mercy on your soul of

our kitchendo it again howeveryes sure

and that man has a hat the bread to be

salty and if you didn't knowsure fancy

I think you're fishing I'll have a cheap


so instead of firing Clancy right amount

ofchick violence $55 yeah thanks for

part of my pridesay I'm Junius

afternoonor oh yeah I want you do some

shoppingfor me

Sunday's Mickey's birthday and a lot of

thingsare want you to get where to put

that list all these toys what are you

trying to do do you expect me to get all

this inone afternoon

well maybe I'd better gowith you huh

what Shifu please scene out shopping

with his secretary

whatwere the city fathers think they

weren'tspeaking and allAgartha comes

tomorrowtell house wise Lawndaleso

they're handsomechief of police Richard

Bryan Racine out with his beautiful 1500

you know the widow I was a childand I

weredesigning female oh thanks I'll go

alone I'll add the backhoe to thatlist

hello JCah there he is mr.Jason

assistant police chief CurtisI'm sorry

Jasonsit down here Joey mr. Jason want

to meetsomebody in the police

department he's down here tocheck on

that sudden outbreak of car stripping

why I don't understandthat's my job in

LawndaleI realize that but the state

bureau sent me here we want to approach

it from a little different aim

oh you're an investigatoryeah what's

the matterdon't feel like our methods

up there well itisn't thatthe things

are more streamlinednow they're too

old-fashioned they so they take you

young fellows give you a couple of

lessonsand then send you outto show us

old-time it's how it's done

Joe you mustn't mind that after all

Jason's here to help I came to mr.

Thomas first because he's in the

automobile business and also head of the

City Council

now I'll expect you to give me all the

help you can from headquarters don't you

think you want to take this up with

Chief Brian no it's just the point it's

his office I'm here to check onbut

surely you don't suspect himwell he's

the best law enforcement officer this

town's ever hadI don't like doing

things behind his back

now Kirby thestate Bureau wants our

cooperationwho is the headof the City

Council I'm gonna give itto him

very well thank you now I'm to be known

only as mr. ThomasSales Manager your

job will beto keep her quiet check on

Brianwhere he goes who he meets usual

routine and then

what's on yourmind why all the

excitement over the photothere's an

investigator in town he's here checking

up on stolen tires and cars driven you

knowwho you sure nettie name's Jason

he's working for Thomasas sales manager

I see where we suck another Jeff

submarine here's the payoffwants me to

check up onBrian bread that's perfect

study in the right directionor what if

he stumbles onto something where do we

get off you know let him stumble you

play ball as well asAysen very how

would you like tobe the next Chief of

Police do everything he wants youto do

stop reading that stuff

I've tried those wires andeverything is

loose hey boss maybe if you hook these

two wires after that thing you can get

them rolling the others in a book for

these contraptionstakes lexical

engineer tofigure thing uh go ahead

boss look up that giving I think

something takes all night

she's youup those wires to the track

addiction the cradlestart five hours

bringingsomething brand-new I've been

playing with these thingsfor years

well you know enough abouta store you

don't need my helpanymore

Oh dad you boys go ahead and have your

funwhen you're finished there'll be

plenty of time for me yeah

yeah hey don't you thinkit's about time

for you to go to bed young fella okay

hey yeah you wouldn't mind a lot would

you if I didn't go up with you tonight

no not at all

oh yeahyou know that is very simple

clean simple my eye what did he do that

thing he did sure was a great party face

for me you're welcome Vicki I thought it

was fun tofish you know what I think

you're pretty swell I'll tell you

something I think you got agrin

yourself what's going on here Oh

B&R Steve dark secrets not intended for

the police good night honey good night

maybe I don't know what we'd have done

today without you Betty

or any other day forthat matter this is

well are you to go to so much trouble

nothing's too much troubleyou do it for

someone you loveMick it's just about

the sweetest guy in the world



you hurry yeahI don't you talkto you

do you mind

funny usuallyI say what I think but I

don'thow to start the speech why don't

you start at the beginning

you've beengrandma ki practically my

right armhiding fun every minute of it

I know I've been thinking yeah

look Betty I'm afraid that you're

becomingtoo attached to make you me you

want more meet people get some funout

of life why it is no doubtthere lots of

young fellowsand be only too glad to

take out a girl like youthis if you

give them halfa chance you've got my

life all figuredout for me haven't you

it isn't that BettyI don't want you to

be you're capable and attractive and a

real pal and I want you to knowthat I

appreciate it but that's asfar as it

goes I can't offer you any more than

that that's all I ever expectedI don't

want any moreI don't know where you got

the ideathat I never go out

I haveboyfriend you don't have to worry

about me I knowthat I just wanted you

to understand my feelingstowards youI

understand perfectly of coursewe're

just good friendsI don't know why you

think I'd be doing otherwise it's


where's my bag thank you

I'llwrite it home no thanks

how about a walkI need the air

do you like this thingvery much

not particularly neither do I goodnight

speed yes you through that job just

about when you finishyou're better give

al a hand with his car tell them the big

boss iscoming down to pay us a visit

yeahsomething much we could I don't

know I just got a call saying he was on

his way that's him now

oh boybut shipping thetires come in

yeah but we had a junk about 20 of them

and the checker stopped there before

they send it to us how many cars have

you got 28have been stripped yeah turn

it over on to you the boat in tomorrow

morning to pick up our stuff

what's the rush I'm not don't start

running afever there's something you

want to know I'll let you know okay okay

I wasjust asking well what do you

standing around for I toldyou to help

out didn't I now get going yes he'shere

with me now be $5,000 no check I want

you to get the money of the bank keep it

at your placefor me until I need it


what's for these kind of doing here it's

a pickup apicker

I don't thinkDonnie he would take that

heat for scrapland tires are okay all

right allright take it away okay

tell Alice Tripp itare you going to

take chances have these fellasnever

check what they're liftingit's just as

easyto pick up a car with new tires or

something like thatback easier you can

get away inotropic okay Lance okay

the years have been mixed up with these

kind of crumbs they serve my purpose all

righta little more and I hope you get

me straight

I don't fool around this petty last nice

tone you call five grand for one nice

work petty larcenyI don't die you to

spoil my reputation with this kind of

scentI made a dealwith you

the job you're doing has nothing to do

withthis I just don't want you to get

mewrong look when I finish I want that

deal right on the line it'll be there

you handledyou're under the deal I'll

take care of mine Auto snacks just came

over the teletype finetempest inthe

air hot blue sedan ontumbler Road north

of rondell driver headed towards town

plate number2 5 e39 more later Kirby

throw dragmen around the city use every

squad car and housespreader in that a

net couldn't get throughhurry

let him go through and we will never

from behindonce he's insidethe city

limits it'll be a cinch to grab him I'll


oh no guys attention all cars calling

all cars attention all cars

once againchief Brian's well-trained

police force proved its efficiency in

the capture of Gordon Finch who was

apprehended today how do you like that

boy every newspaper in town is plug in

for you well we'll getyou ten that you

could be the next mayor of this burg if

you wanted to yeah you were doing the

voting on oh look how you cleaned this

burg up you only been in office for

three years four years fouryears ago

today chief now the driver of the stolen

car out heresays he won't talk to

anyone but you

bring him in all right

start our t-shirts are too many people

in the room

wegot tried

put that down

get over there Miller

you want to talk to me what about done a

great job in his town chief the a shame

to spoil your record what do you mean

I'm athree-time loser this rapper sent

me after keeps you should'vethought of

that before you pickedup with a lucky

thing for me iris picked up in Lawndale

you may not feel that waywhen I get

throughwith you that ain't the way I

heardit they tell me you're a pretty

good guy

well let's forget thecompliments and

get down tobusiness okay I'm a

three-timeloser like I told you second

stretch I did wasit Dannemora tier 327

I was thinkingthat you got a pretty

good breakyourself you might give

another guy the same chance okay Finch

I'll make it as easy as I came for it

now you're talking

all you have to do nowis give me a gun

I'll break my way out that's out I've

got a job here and I'm gonna keep it

clean that's a nice-looking kid you got

herea shame a gag a convicts number

overs headingthrough leave him out of

it I told you what make it as easy for

you as Ican that ain't easy enough I

tell you whatI'll do I'll give you till

tomorrow beforeI spill it

Jemmy SG we finished take it over chief

give me a break and no one will ever

know you'll never hear from me again

oh yes babyapartment

oh yes I'll be rightthere


are you done with my driverI said get

in that car

where you taking me it's a little party

we've arrangedfor the chief and I think

I got it coming

you can't get away with this

I didn'tthink you wanted to makethis I

might have known you were in on this how

to fire youfor collusion hello is that

Brian's wife don'tlet his secretary

he's a widower secretaries usually make

pretty good sources of informationwell

how does it feel to betaken for a ride

fine when it ends up likethis sure this

is oneof the new Fred yeah I think the

DA being on a plot kidnappers letter

congratulations big I want you to meet

mr. Jason my new sales that data meet

you congratulate something and may I

present it to Jasonmisspending the

Chiefs right-hand manwelcome on deck

we're ready for the slaughter

now no speechesby the holy party I feel

like an outsideryou sit right here with

us we'llmake him feel at home while

we're making

members the police Welfare Association

and guests tonight marks chief Brian's

third anniversary as a head of

lawndale'sPolice Department

and it also gives us an opportunityto

wish Godspeedto these two young members

of the department who have joined Uncle

Sam's forces you know some years ago

dick Brian entered this community an

unknown youngman and then one day they

will all remember fire broke out one of

our publicschools

his heroic conduct on that day mark dick

Brian's introduction into public life

and since thattime we've recognized in

hima natural-born leader of men and I'm

sure that's an opinion held by everybody

and now I want to introduce the popular

secretary of this associationSergeant

Clancy ladiesgentlemen I I'm not much

of a public speaker hi I just want to

say that every man on the force loves

the chief and tonight we want to express

our sentiments in a way that you won't


chief bride and behalfof the City

Council and the boys on the force you

with this diamond studded gold badge

friends and guests fellow members of the

police Welfare AssociationI can't tell

you how grateful I am for this

testimonial makes me very happy to have

beenable to render a small service to

this community but in doing so I've had

to neglect another jobthat of being a

father to my son my duties have been

suchthat well I haven't had the time to

spend with him that I would like to have

had and that's condition that's free

that I'd like to change I wantto take

this opportunityto thank you and all

thepeople of Lawndale for the many nice

things you've done forme but I'm sorry

toannounce that I am giving you public


as chairman of the City Council Irefuse

to accepthis resignation

any other discussionI move that we hit

the line to that buffet table

if you'll excuseme I'll see about some


we're talking about that later sir do me

a favor will you takeNikki home I got

something very important to attendoh

this is your party and stay zero fine I

got out withthis before the Stampede no

thanks I haveto take Nikki home someone

drivingwell sergeantcan't see borders

to my cars outside oh I hate to teach

you away from the party

hello his party's over as far as I'm

gonna be

I can see why your boss is a success

we've got something towork for he

certainly has that's what happened and

there is another hatmm-hmm it work

no time forromance no he's in love with

jobwell partly we saw in love with this

job why did to try to resignnow more

like gather who's all of a sudden I

don't knowsurprise myself

I've beenwatching the reason he gave

he's very attached to Mickey Alcantara I

work keeps him from being with him you

don't think much of him too

got yourlittle prejudice

bottle officials have two sidesnoble

time theyshow to the public and the

other side my bossshe the same on both

sides except more so

my god I do need understand why we're

almost there be glad to wait for you and

drive you home have to get me to the bed

I'll take a cab

I'll give you all thelesson boss if

this guy faints pillswife you're gonna

be a washed-up pigeon in this town

they're gonna forgetall the good things

you've done why don'tyou let him scram

and forget all about it

that wouldn't solve anythingthey'd

still be free to pop up againoh boy

if that's all you're worriedabout I can

fix that

you mean what I thinkyou mean yeah

oh but but this is differentyou're on a

spot that's our Benny strictly out for

me or anyone else always remember that

yeah but what arewe gonna do yeah what

about the kid I know I gotta work it out

my own way

you take the trying one home cuz I

forwardboy you hire me now good night



attention all precincts calling all the

cars General Order 204 204pick up

Gordon fish

I can't they join the chief won't see

reporters today he won'thow well maybe

you can tell her somethinghow did Finch

get thegirl by John another thing about

itoh go ahead a good school those news

hound was still clamoring out there

don't you thinkyou wanna see them later

Stephanie he's worrying you

Finch kill the gardens Caitlin nothing

no you're worried before that happens

you've been up allnight oh I know it's

none of my businessI'd hate to see you


there's something that there something I

should have told you years ago long

before I came to Lawndale I worked in a

bankand I foolishly took some money

that while it didn't belong to meand I

paid formy mistake with three years

that's why you wanted me to go out meet

other people other menbro do you think

that I've made any difference

well I realize now that it doesn't as

far as your concern

that's right I never want him to find

out but how can hepull this along

pass a pass like that don't stay buried

I want tofellows in public lifethat

guy pinch knew about it and threatened

to talk next monthcould be someone else

that's why I decidedto go back to

privatemind allright I think he does

make a differencebetter than starting

all over again wouldyou be willing to

risk thatwill make theimage what I how

often does a girl get a chance to tie up

a to swell guy

sabotage she's Brian's officeoh yes sir

yes I'll tell him it's mr. Thomas

because of the meeting of thecouncil he

wants to come right over

that's fine I'll make him accept my

resignation while I'm there

hello snews house is stand by for a

scoop up any you knowwe're your friends

all we want to know is where the chief

went after heleft the testimonial

dinner I don'tknow nothing all I do is

work for the chief and myown business

so we know allthat we're just trying to

help youthat's all I ain't saying

nothing if there's anything to be said

he's gonna sayit anyway no you were in

the penitentiary so watch this could be

pretty seriousfor you

okay okaybut I ain't saying nothing

morning gentlemen

oh good morning dick here come on in I'm

sorry about thisit's a little

embarrassing put some onpull sit down

this FinchAffairs got the whole town an

uproaronly the papers are yelling for

an explanation

I'd like next to mentionmyself maybe

this will refresh his memory

I guess there's nothing I cansay I

tried to resign last night and that was

lastnight since thena God was killed

and Finch escaped we have every reason

tosuspect your complicity that's


you know me better than that I'm afraid

theevidence is conclusive

all right theory don't like to use this

methoddate but you leave us no


may not feel that waywhen I get through

with youManny

the way I heard itthey tell me you're a

pretty goodguy

let's forget the conferenceget on

businessokay I'm a three times

second stretch denim water

go ahead thisis the hardest thing I've

ever had but Ialright I'll have it was


well it certainly didn't take youlong

to clean up this case I'vejust started

what'd you forget that my assignment

here was tolocate a gang that's been

operating yes but wasn't Brian the

brains of the outfit yes he's mixed up

init somewherebut we've still got a

lot of work to doI hope I can continue

to count on you for helpoh of course

you cancertainly again you know I'm

only too glad to cooperate come in Oh

surely I didn't know you're busynow

it's all can I do for you that

convertible coupe a park the curb

outside one you meantonly see you about

it what is for salemight be Everson how

about a demonstrationOh certainly

excuse me will you after you

understanding helloI came to see mr.

Thomas but I'mafraid I just missing yes

he went out to give a demonstrationthat

looked like last melon with himplanned

squarely yeah history lawndale's number

one racketeer well I guess evenrank it

here's my card

you know it strikes me as oddI can't

see mr. Thomasabout chief fun and

that's well it happens tobe oneof the

Chiefsbitterest enemy well I guess

Brian's made a lot of enemies he's made

a lot of friends too and one of them is

mr. Thomas well whatgood could he be

for instance economist Ellen Carter

Finch got away in headquarters now I'm

doingis about it well maybe I could

help youit is my work you pick up a lot

of information about the tricks and

gimmicks that crooks used to revamp

stolen cars some even the police don't

know would you want it let's go

we picked it upabout 12 miles from the

borderI guess he got acrossthe line

sunny thing about thisbus it fits the

description ofa car stolen about six

weeks ago except that the serial numbers

don't matchbut they could have been

ground out- what about an x-ray that is

show up the originalnumber an x-ray

say you'd make a good carI do pretty

well as an automobile salesman I'll

stick tothat 15 plateVic battery

wonder how many agenciesmondale handle

the big batterywell I don't know but I

can findout for you in a jiffy bank

turn a river near here on the outskirts

of on do you knowof any River that's

nearthe border so let's talk about

rivers and mud why are you collectingwe

may have stumbled onto somethingGeorge

it's Trevor Joneswho Burton and Jacy

Thomas all hands a big batterywell

thanksI we won't bother you any further

gee thanks Clancy you be a peach break

nothing of itsay he's a very bright

youngfoolish he's trying to help the

chief tell him to drop in on me anytime

he came or say me where can I find a

record of the big batteries received

here top drawer of the file in the

office but it'll be marked billspaid

I'd say these specimens of mother

identicalthey both come from the

riverfront you surely not the slightest

doubt there's no silt like this within

miles of the border

you think she's found some important

evidencehe didn't say what but I don't

get it why shouldn't automobile salesman

suddenly become interest in this case I

don't know he saidhe trying to be


well that part's all right but I still

don't like theidea of you're going with

him and ransacking Thomas's officethis

hour of the night what you know that's

unlawful put it lawful to put you in

here on trumped-up evidenceI don't need

you to stick me getting you out we're

worried about the law inyou're free

you're our friend

just one thing I'm wandering around the

stolid Jason sounds like a pretty

intelligent chap I wonder if it's really

me that he's interested in that's not

important the important thing is that

I'm interested

I'll report you


wait a minute

it's nice of you to do this to someone

youdon't even know what if I had

anotherreason still wouldn't change my

opinion of youI wish I could be sure of


gone okay I'll be rightback

I don't see why this couldn't have

waited until morning

because he wants to get startedmethod

I know keep after the but not too close

no you stayhere and keep youreyes on

that clock if I'm not back in five

minutes from the DA's officeand tell

himto send a squad out here now

rememberthe DA not scurvy not cabbie

we've got him we'll play quiz games

later do it my way huhhey be careful

I'm really worried about meof course I

am this thing is overyou and Iare

gonna celebratethis means more to me

thanjust an exciting adventureit's our

only chance to get the chief out of this

mess I'm still top man with you huh

funny I clear the chief and my chances

with you willbe pretty slim I'm not the

kind of a guy that gives up easily come

on remember fiveminutes oh by the way

there's a littlematter of $5,000

you're wasting your time is all that

the idea unlocking the window boss

takinga visitor he hasn't got a key and

I want to be sure he gets in the way

speed out the lightsokay boss

way off

get them up hellomiss JasonI don't

think we've met formal Merlin's a name

lastMerlin I mean the automobile

business so I see he bring his car in

here we go

how about a lifttoday we're just going

in there

come on sisterall rightRosie are you

doing standing I'm surprisedthat you

never thought you'd wind up

double-crossing your bossI don't

understandthis man's a special

investigator came to Lawndale to frame

Brian that's right

he's the one got ready to makethe wreck

of the trip Jim I'm afraid he's right

babe that's a great line you handed me

you want to satisfy to that yeah to come

snooping around here and now he's

dragged you into itI know I only have

myself to blame

all's Gabe doesn't interest me a woman

don't beupset he'd be picked up before

yougot outof the city there's a

boatload of tires going outtomorrow the

drop your clothes the border okaythat

sounds pretty good miss Jason mr.

standing will go along with youfor the


you knowfilled with a right guy the

boss didwhy he helps every karma gets

outof stir he's in a jam the only way I

can help him out is to find out where

Finch's rownumber been I don't know a

thing about features mom or his hideout

happening to across the board

heyJoe revelation - I don't careha

okay but I needall beat it yeah guilty

guiltysub guilty he drives her Lance

Merlin I got you

getting away early in the morning as

well okay boy

bub get rolling what's the idea

don't worry I'll give you the idea drive


all right we'll tryagain

where's Fitch I don't know where'd he

hide nowI told you I don't know don't

give methat

well lookyou

your bless you

that's a sure sign you'relyin to me are

you gonna speak up and tell me am I

gonna have to keep slapping you aroundI

don't know whatthings see okay mytimes

your time

I can wait

you bite your fingernails- you know I

know a Jeff one had a cure for that

manicure yeah

but yours

they're much too short

we're gonna have to

you're gonna live a longtime in the

next fewmonths

excuse me

come on down- warning the shoulder

isn't working mighty well relax

look BettyI know how you feel about me

butwhat I did to Brian was part of my

jobyou can understand that Kylie was

coldly part of your job - if you don't

mind I'mnot interested I do

I don't know what you two are Gavin

about but if you're figuring on a

getaway you better forget it

so when you're priceless I'd like to

have you stuffedtight landing party

get him up at the housefirst off you

won't talkand I get an idea imageapp

manicure we've got one hangnail sore and

alreadyso when we go to work on that

way so he's out and build orgno boys

are you gonna do if give me the word and

we'll pick Finch out nobody I don'twant

things bigbrother

what do you mean no I gotta getout of


you mean that you and oh boy see it's

gonna be kind of tough to spring you out

of here did I get anidea no nothing


how there's only one way you go to the

DA's and tellthem that I'm ready to

make a clean breast of everythingoh no

boss you can't do thatyou heard what I


tell him that I'll sign a confession but

go to the DA's not headquarters no I

won't do ityou must be out of your mind

he was stilltaking orders for me when

you be atthe DA's as soon as no booze

all right if that's theway you feel of

anyI'm me

all the kid he's okay Betty's taking

German she'll get himoff to school you

got nothing toworry about there

you had a frightful mess I'll have no

rowdyISM in this school you understand

ah he hit me first

right Michaelyes sir why did you hit

him answer me because I callthis father

a jailbird and he is he yeah school is

no place to bring up personal matters at

that time pleasedo you understand voted

you boys go home and getcleaned up the

clothes ofrightfulness acting chief

Kirby speaking the DA wants Brian

broughtover to his office detail a

coupleof men to bring him over right


well there isn't a manin the place

right nowsir but seeing it's so

pressing I bring him over myselfyes sir


yeah I alwaysmaintain once a criminal

always a criminalhey sit tight20 old

look backLily turn right at the next

corneryou better do as he tells you lad

he's got my gun

you believe he got away too bad yeah and

I losein one hand drinking drink

grab my arm is twisted and make me untie

himall right all right whatare you

doing homefrom school did youyou're

not a jailbird are you no kid no coffee

well what a man's been arrested

some people might calling that do you

know crook nobodyyour dad's no problem

I didn't think so an automation you buy

used as you areoh yeah we don't get any

place smashing people are you running

overBetty Doster I want to be pretty

busy fora while

come on come on let's have it I held out

aslong as I could boss Ihelp me the

guy was torturing me take a look at that

hand one sock full of mice you got here

listenyou're crawling yellow-bellied

I'll fire everybody no timefor beating

I'm getting out ofhere but fast we're

all getting out of here go get the truck

you right inside fish it'll keep you out

of sight

go back fish what about them get the

cuffs offof them instruct

good boy

somebodybehind that car got a gun no I

don't like itI know I should have left

many are the same stay enginemaybe it

but should I kill you think anybody here

I say now get down

don't worry no moreboy I got them I got

them all Jasonwe gotta get thesepeople

to thehospital and thank you gentlemen

for your confidence in officially

avoiding methe chief excuse me for

intruding gentle my lord Jason come in I

thought you mightlike to know that we

broke in the back of that mob of car

strippers well congratulations that's

fine Brian he's in the hospital with a

bullet in hischest oh well that's too

bad but a little souvenir he got in the

line of dutyline of dutyin fact it's

Brian you haveto thankfor ridding

lawndale of this model so before I

forget the chief asked me to return this

to you and apologize because oneof the

diamonds is missing see that's where

Merlin's bullet struckwell he had it

comingto him if he helped pinch escape

you're wrong he had nothing to do with

that when who did perhaps your new chief

mr. Kirby for mr. Thomas can tell you

well what would I know about it Kirby

took his orders from you once and the

$5,000 you gave to Merlin it was found

on fish John how do you explain well

that there must be some mistake

yeah then you may

is this the manyeah he slipped the gun

under my cell and

cool off cookieyou ain't going no place

hello Betty come out hiyoung fella how

much betterhe's been asking for both of


Vinnie can I go in to see dad now

oh sure kid take it kind of quiet like

what is it I'll see you when I come out

maybenot matter of fact I've got to get

goingleaving town yes another job to do

oh well I suppose this is goodbye

you're Vince well you've beenpretty

spotted this a couple of grand guys

waitingfor you in there good luck


I love you for that sure yeah knowledge

got theboss from the kids practically

married offwill chance if I gotit

taken care ofthey look like a bulldog

Nicole Benny how about taking care of me

yeah I don't know see if I can take care

all three of them first and maybe I'll