Eyes of the Spider (1998) - full transcript

A man discovers a darker side of himself after exacting revenge on his daughter's killer.

Hey, hold on.
Why are you doing this?

Tell me why you are
doing this. Why?

Say something!
You've got the wrong guy!

Six years ago.

I know you remember...

what you did six years ago.

You kidnapped and murdered...

my daughter.


Sho Aikawa


Kumo No Hitomi
aka Eyes Of The Spider

You're home.

I?m back.

Overtime again?


You have much more to do?

Just a little.

Want something to eat?

Yeah, sounds good.

I don't mind if you eat out with your
co-workers when you work this late.

Just let me know.


Thank you.


Why'd you manage to
survive for six years...

only to let me catch you?

Did you think I wouldn't
want my revenge?


talking to you.

""Wrong Guy?""


Ever heard this one?

A man puts on a parachute
and jumps from a plane.

As he's falling, he realizes he
doesn't have a parachute.

The terror nearly drives
him mad, then he faints.

But when he comes to,
he's still falling through the sky.

By then...

he's past madness,
beyond fainting.

What'd you think?


Say something!

""I Have Money""


Dead wrong.

That's not what
you're supposed to do.


I can do whatever
I want with you.

What're you gonna do for me?

""Forgive Me""


Don't die yet.


It's only...

It's only been three days.

I suffered six whole years.
You can't die yet.

It's not time
for you to die yet!


It's time to settle.

Something wrong at work?

Not especially.

I see.


Oh, I was just wondering.

No, just the same old stuff.

Tell me if something's
wrong, okay?

For me, your silence is worse.



I?ll tell you.

Thank you.



How about taking
a trip abroad?

It's a bit sudden.

You always wanted to.

I know, but...

A month.

No, a year if you like.

What about work?

I?ll work abroad.

Then it's not a trip.

Guess that's true.

I?ll think about it.

Who're you?

Don't who me. You're Nijima.

What're you doing here?
You look down.


It's me! Don't you remember?


Yeah. We did all that
shit together in high school.

Oh, yeah...

Don't ''Oh yeah'' me.
We used to be pals.

You really don't remember me.
Man, you're cold.

-No, I remember now. Iwamatu, right?
- That's right.

Hey, I can tell right now.
Things aren't going well at work.

I was looking for a guy like you.
Someone I know.

Say, wanna come work for me?

It's a good gig. Switch jobs.

A little sudden don't you think?

I see.

Too sudden, huh?
No, you're right.

I saw you and it dawned on me.

I?ve always been like that.
Well, if you change you mind...

the offer still stands.


'Chairman, Iwamatu International?.
Man, you've come on in the world.

No way. It's crap, that's why
I want you on board.

Sorry. But I don't have a
clue what you mean.

I see.

Oh, well.

Got a cigarette?


A cigarette. Like you used to
set fire to the high school john with.

Mr. Iwamatu. I got you some
Lucky Strikes from a vending machine.

Oh right, great.

That's Maeda. One of my guys.

That's Nijima. A buddy.


See you.

Hey, Nijima. What're you doing?
Get it together, man.

Time to wake,
I mean work. Wake up!

I need you, man!

Hey, Nijima!

You're up early.


Couldn't sleep?


You want a cup of tea?


I?m considering changing jobs.


The new job's
in import and export.

An old friend wants to hire me.

Maybe it's a good opportunity.
You're getting to that age.

Maybe I?ll try something
completely new myself.

You should.

It's a good opportunity.

We should clear
Mitsuko's room out.

Do you know what's scariest
about exploring the North Pole?


The polar bears. Polar Bears.

Awful, right?

You've slogged through
hundreds of miles of hazards.

You get to the North Pole,
look up and suddenly...

there's a polar bear.

Why are there polar
bears in the North Pole?

It's about time. Let's go.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Oh, Nijima.

You wait here, yeah.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Mr. Nijima, you need
to stamp it here.

And if there's a mark in this column,
you need to stamp it here, too.

- Okay.
- Got it?

And if you make a mistake,
throw the paperwork away.

- Got it.
-Alright, thanks.

- Can I ask you one thing?
- Sure.

What's this paperwork for?

It's trade related.

That much I gathered.

Can't you give
me any more details?

I don't even know myself.

Say, got a problem with that?


Mr. Nijima, I want you to know that
I?m not doing this for fun.

Mr. Iwamatu says I?ll have
to get better at these.

So it's work.



- Practicing?
-Yes, I?m.


I see. Here's the next batch.

Same procedure, thanks.

Are you done?

Then, please take care
of this one next.

- I quit.

Thanks for everything.

Sorry, but I?m not
cut out for this work.

Give Iwamatu my regards.

I need you back.

I need you.
C'mon Nijima, let's go man.

He in?

Hey, Miki. Who is it?

What the hell?

Cut it out, now!

Miki! The cops, call the cops.

No! Cut it out!

Hey. You Nagasawa, the
head of sales at Iowa Securities?

I?m sure he is.
I double checked.

Shut up.

Hey, how about it?
You Nagasawa?

I told you, he is.

What if you're wrong?
This is professional.


I know.

Let's do this. If you are Nagasawa,
nod your head. If not, shake it.

Oh. You're not?

If you're not, I?ll kill you.

We get the wrong guy?

Look, he's nodding now.

So, you're Nagasawa, after all?

Which is it, Hoshi?

I wonder which he means.

I told you. He's Nagasawa.

Keep your mouth shut, bitch!


It says here on his license
that he's Nagasawa.

You're right.

Hey, Nijima. You did it!

You Nagasawa?

I see.

Nijima! You shoot him.

You know how, right?

You can't shoot him?

Maybe next time.

This is your work.

Your pay isn't bad.

But it really frays your nerves.

That's why you need a team.

Can't hack it alone.


-You saw my picture, didn't you?
-Huh, what?

Someone took a picture
of me from a truck.

You saw it, right?

That kind of information
is around in no time.

You better watch it.

Promise me something?


You'll never breathe a
word of this to my wife.


And you'll never call the house.


How's work?

So-so, I suppose.

You have lots of contact
with important people, right?

Once in a while.

I?m impressed.

Don't be.

It's impressive.

I get a thrill when I think about you
out there, working in the world.

- Thanks for the meal.
- Thank you.



Have I changed lately?

I wonder...

Not likely, is it?

What about me, then?

Maybe you're
a little more talkative.

You know, I cleared out...

Mitsuko's room today.

I see.

It's not good
to cling to the past.

Is it?

That's right.

Things okay?


Nijima, let's have a drink.

We haven't drunk together
since high school, right?

That's right.

Salt, just table salt.

You add salt and
wine becomes blood.

Cheers, drink up.

Half, only drink half.




Now we're blood brothers.




just like the two of us.

This is great, man. Just great!


Isn't it, Nijima? Just great!

Thanks. I wired compensation
For the test job to your account.

You got it, yeah?

You're from Iwamatu
International, right?


You new?
Never seen you before.

- I?m Nijima.

Oh, NijimaNaomi?

- Oh, it's you.

Can I ask you a question?


Are you satisfied with
Your work?

- Don't think, just answer.

-No questions, either.


Right then...

-What is your age?
- I?m 38.

-You're from?
- Tokyo.

- Record?

- Parents?
- Dead.

-Were you good to them?

What do you think of the
Bonds of the Brotherhood?


Don't think!

I don't know.

-Want money?

-How much?
- 30 million yen.

-What for?
- Mortgage.

Are you gifted?

- Don't think!

-What about nationalism?
- Don't know.

- Communism?
- Don't know.

- The far right?
-No idea.

- Terrorism?
-No idea.

Is there anything you'd
sacrifice your life for?

Don't think!

I did, once.

Which means... now you won't?

Excuse me.

That's enough, Mr. Nijima.
Enough! He's been a dead a while.

Hey, Miki. I told you not to...

take it personally.

But he was such a nice man!


I think I?m ready for out.

But out and... then what?

Nijima, want to join me?

The boys won't like it.

And if I ask Miki to join me...

she'll turn around and kill me.

Maybe that's for the best.

Why not try and live
a normal life?


What's that?


Why ask me more than I know?

You're right. Sorry.

-A report?
- That's right.

On Iwamatu?

That's right.

A report concentrating on Iwamatu.
I need you to submit it immediately.

You have what it takes.

What about exactly?

Investigate everything.


That's up to you.

I don't really get what
you mean.

Keep him under
watch the whole day.

Keep a log of where
Iwamatu goes and when.

Why would you do that?

You don't need to know.

If I turn you down?

You have no reason to.

No reason to turn you down.

No motivation, either.

Just give it a try.

That's all.

I really think the lake is better.

The lake? You think it's better?

I definitely think so.

But what kind of fish can
you catch there?

Like bass or rainbow trout.

What would you fish with?

With fishing rods.

Oh yeah... sorry.

- Mr. Iwamatu.

Let's go fishing.


We know an excellent spot.

Forget all the bad stuff.
Just for a change, yeah?

I?m sure it'll be great.

Why don't you come
fishing too, Mr. Nijima?


Oh... sure.

And invite Miki, too.


Are you sure we'll catch them?

You can catch them like crazy.




Let's go.

Not even a nibble.

Can't catch any.

Maybe the fish are extinct?

I don't get it.

Hey, how much longer
do we have to do this?

Until somebody catches one.

Oh, I know. The fish are
all in the middle of the lake.

Nothing here.

I just don't get it. Last time
there was a fish for every hook.

Hurry up and catch something.

Maeda, it's your fault.
Catch something.

Okay... I just don't get it.

This is just no fun.

- I got one.

Way to go, Nijima!

Even fish are
drawn to the unselfish.

And this is a big one.


What is this?

It sure is sinking.

What are those?

I don't know.
Somebody gave them to me.

These are Kinsai
Family only badges.

The Kinsai Family?
Who gave them to you?

How should I know?
Some important looking guy.

I?m a real Yakuza now.
Ultra cool!

One a piece. Here.


What do you say, Nijima?

About what?

That'll make you rest easy.

Proof that the
family's behind you.

I don't know.

I see.

Where's your report, Nijima?

You should have some
information now, right?

Just put it down in a report.
No need to tell anyone else.

Just write it down.

You don't understand.

You're not betraying him,
he's betraying you.

What is it you're risking
your life to protect?

Think about it.

Your gang, right?
Tell me I?m wrong.

Well, your gang is on the brink.

You get it?

Don't think about yourself.

Don't think about the others.

Try to think about the
whole. Try to think!

Okay. I?ll take you
to the top man.

Follow me.

He'll give the order directly.

What's wrong? Hurry up.

Leader, here he is.

Hey, bring that.


This dates from the Cambrian
period, 550 million years ago.

It's called a
Eurasian Kings Eye.

You know this stuff?

This place is full of them.

I?ll give you 500 yen
for every one you find.

Found one?

That's not one.

None here.
Hey, let's go over there.

- Found one.
-What? Found one?

It's not one.

Yes, it is.

No, no. You're way off.


Try to catch me.


Catch me.

You did it, man.

You found one.

What'd you say?
I caught you.

I give up...

Hey, you're the best!

The best!


Throw these away.

Oh, right.

The 500 yen.

I owe you.

Hey, give this to Iwamatu.

The next job.

I see, what does it say?

Hey, Nijima.
Let's take a walk.

- Downstairs.

Says to hit the
Head of the Kinsai Family.

Not in so many words, but...


You met the top man?


The old rock digger.


I see.

It's a direct order from him.


They had me investigate
you and write a report.

I never wrote a word about your
contact with the Kinsai Family.

But that old man
seemed to know, anyway.

Up a creek without
a paddle, right?

What're you gonna do?

What to do?

What should I do?

Iwamatu, you should
really think it through.

And choose the path
you think is right.

You'll go with my decision?


I?m home.


What's wrong?


Mitsuko's room!

It's alright.
There's nothing there.

What do you want?

It's your fault.


You're the cop
that conned Iwamatu.

No, l...

He was doing fine
until you came along.

Mr. Nijima...

You have to help Iwamatu.

Iwamatu's finished.

He's reached his limit.

He never was cut
out for this line of work.

He's unreliable and gutless.

I?ll do anything for you.

So please...

you have to help him.

- Iwamatu.

- I?ll do it.

The Kinsai Family job.


Hey, wait a minute.

Don't worry, I?ll do it alone.


That's no...

It'll be fine. It'll go
just the way you want.

The way I want?

What did I ever want?

Hey, Nijima!

Wait up!


Stop. You can't do it alone.

We'll do it together.

Don't worry...

I?ll lure him out.

I have a good idea.

Try this one.

- This one works.
- Let me see.

These poor creatures
are miserable.

When living creatures die,
most decompose and return to earth.

But these guys here couldn't.

A series of unfortunate
circumstances prevented it.

But, see how
beautiful they are now?

They've discovered
a new way of living.

I think that's just excellent.

The real value is in
things that have once ended.

What value, you ask?

No one knows that yet.


This you must believe.

Emptiness isn't misery.

It's the beginning of
something new.

This is an astronium from the
Miocene period, 50 million years ago.


It's yours.

I almost forgot.

The head of the Kinsai
Family is very much alive.


The guy you hit was his double.

A trap by Iwamatu.

Iwamatu, huh.

Also, I have something for you.

It's for you.
You alone, no one else.

Inside it says Iwamatu.


That's right. Iwamatu.

Hit Iwamatu.

I see.

Got it.

It's up to you.

I?ll go get some food.



This is Iwamatu.


That's fine. That's the plan.


I understand.

Who the hell are you?

Hey you, wait!

It's nibbling.

Oh man... it got away Nijima!

I?m just not cut out for fishing.
Can't even catch a boot.

How'd you find me here?

I looked everywhere.

- Iwamatu.

You've got it all wrong.

-Why's that?
- The fish must be deeper.

Let me see that.


That won't work.

- This is about right.
- This size weight?

Maybe it's the bait.

It really worked.


I couldn't catch a thing before.

Maybe I just got lucky.

But you don't get
lucky everyday, right?

No, you don't.


You came here
to kill me, didn't you?


You liar!

I haven't decided yet.

I see.

You see...

The boys should be hitting
the old rock digger...

right about now.



I see, got it.

Come straight here.
See you later.

They just got him.

What will you do Nijima?

You've lost your reason
to kill me.

What will you do?

The guys are coming here?

Want to start over?


That's impossible.


You okay, Miki?


Sho Aikawa


Ren Osugi

Shun Sugata

Susumu Terashima

Original subtitle by [k]
Angry Frames Inc

Subtitle editing, additions, timings for
this version by famitsu1

Guest translation help:
Chochoc, Msb, 8thSin, Zen

Directed by Kiyoshi kurosawa