Eyes of a Thief (2014) - full transcript

A father with a dangerous secret searches for his daughter.

Father Naim.

You've been unconscious for a while.

You need to rest.

Where's Hoda?

I want to talk to my wife.

- He wants a phone.
- I want a phone.

You have to eat first.


How does it work?

Press here.

Salwa? What's happening?

- It's the army.
- Where's Hoda?

- You have to leave now.
- Hoda? Do you hear me?

- You need to get up.
- What?


Watch your step.

Help me.

Come on! Into the tunnel!

Watch your step!

Give me a paper and a pen, please.


Open the door.

Put these on.

- Father…
- Keep walking straight.

In case I don't make it,

give this letter to my daughter,

at Khodor's in Sebastia.

Sure. Go! Godspeed.

- Sebastia?
- Get in.

Get out! All of you!

Come on! Get out!

Show me your ID.

Where's your ID?

Where's your ID?

Where's your ID?

Arresting an injured man with no ID.







It's me, Tarek! Open the door.

Answer me!

What happened?

- What are you doing here?
- Don't you know me?

What's wrong?

What are you doing here?

I was in prison.

- I was on my way home that day.
- Now you come back?

After we buried your wife?



What are you talking about?

Answer me!

What are you talking about?

You were with them.

You were with them when she was taking
pictures from the window.


Where's Nour?

I beg you. Where's Nour?

She has no one but me. Where's Nour?

I wrote to her every day.

Every day.

I heard that people came
from Hoda's work,

- and took care of your daughter.
- Who are they?

Who are they?

A woman named Rasha.

No. I think her name was Rashida.

Who is she?

Please, Tarek. Just leave.


Good morning.

Good morning.

You're awake?

- Did you sleep well?
- Yes, but you didn't.

I was looking at the pictures.

It's the last picture you took of him.

May you rest in peace, brother.

There was nothing you could do
to protect him.


Yes, Salah.

I'm good.

Near Nablus. I know where it is.


It's from work.

A pipe burst near Nablus.

Can't someone closer to Nablus go?

Darling. They haven't called me
in a month.

That's because no one else would go,
not after yesterday's attack.

Don't worry.

I'll wait for you.

I'll see you tonight. Kiss Nour for me.

Father Naim.

Father Naim.

Sister Theresa!

I've never heard this name before.

What if they changed her name?

We have no records of that period.
They were difficult times.

We took in whoever came to us.

Can you check again, please?

How many girls came from Sebastia?


- Sebastia?
- Here it is.

Here's Sebastia.

Seven children came from Sebastia.

One of them was a girl.

Where is she?

Not here. Let me check.

Here she is. As I told you,

there was one girl from Sebastia.

What's her name?

I'd be lying if I tell you
that I know her name.

How come there's no name?

Yes. A girl from Sebastia.

Isn't there a name?

Did a Sister Theresa come to you?

Or Father Naim? A woman called Rashida?

So many people came to us.


How come there are no records
of these children?

At that time…

the children only needed shelter.

We were grateful
when someone asked for them.

But no one asked for her.

No one asked for her.

I think she's the girl they sent
to an orphanage in Nablus.


Stop the car!

- Peace be upon you.
- And upon you too.

- Welcome.
- Thank you.

- What can I get you?
- Coffee, please.

- With sugar?
- A little.

- It's a pleasure to have you.
- The pleasure is mine.

Is it your first visit?

- You're not from around.
- No.

I hope you like our coffee.

- Peace be upon you.
- And upon you too.

- Here.
- How are you?

Hello! What brings you here?

Really! Not one client today.

How many haircuts?

I closed the shop.
I'm here to drink coffee.

- You're welcome.
- He had a tough day.

We're no different.
How can we manage without water?

We have to fix the pipes.
If not, I'll be joining you here.

- Good idea.
- Yes.

What can we do?

Not now, Ghassan.

Open the tap now.

There's water.

Thank you. Let me help you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

The best plumber ever.


- Let me pay you.
- No, thank you.

- Please, take the money.
- No, thank you.

- Ghassan?
- Yes?

Do you know the address
of an orphanage here?

An orphanage? I don't know.

There was a woman
who took care of the children,

who were displaced after the invasion.

How can I find her?

She's dead. May she rest in peace.

Do you know what happened to the children?

Some became homeless,
others either reunited with their families

or sent to another center.

No one knows what happened to them.

- Ghassan?
- Yes?

How can I find work here?


I know someone who can help you.

She took off her dress.

- And everything else.
- Wow! Interesting!

Suddenly she sees a man in the distance.

He was approaching her.
She froze, not knowing what to do.

He started taking off his shirt.

He says, "Are you sure
you want to be a woman?"

She looks at him, not knowing what to do.

He goes, "Okay, take this shirt…"

and iron it for me.
That's how you become a woman."

- Nice one!
- Hello, girls.

- You're having fun!
- Hello, Ghassan.

I don't see Adel.

- He's on the site.
- When the cat's away, mice will play.


Can you tell him that I came?

- See you, girls.
- Don't forget to iron the shirt.

He's on the site, but he looks busy.

Hello, Mr. Adel.

- Hello!
- Hi, how are you?

Hello. It's good to see you.

Meet Tarek. He's an excellent plumber.

I'm a water system engineer.

An engineer! Perfect.

- You're not a local.
- No.

There's this big project.

It's about pipes
but repairing is not required.

What's the job?

- Do you have a driving license?
- Yes.

- Married?
- No.

We work non-stop, outside of town.

I have a small room in the tailor shop.

If you don't mind, it's fully equipped.

You can live there. Okay?

Agreed then. It's a pleasure to meet you.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

How did Nour behave?

She fussed a bit,
but then she calmed down.

I heard there was an attack.

Eleven were shot at a checkpoint.

We heard it too.

Did someone claim responsibility?

Who's in his right mind
would claim responsibility?

- They have to pay the price.
- Regardless of the cost?

They'll leave.

They'll leave one day.

- Thank you.
- Godspeed.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

One ounce of green coriander.

Come on, Chef. Change that.

How can I get Coconut Milk?

Do you see me jumping from one tree
to another like a monkey?

You want to become a chef?

I'm collecting recipes for Adel's wedding.
He's marrying soon.

- Wish you the same.
- Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you all.

- You were talking about me?
- Yes.

How's your wife?
Is she still in the hospital?

Thank God she's better.

Hello! It's nice to see you.

Leave the radio on.

- You take your coffee black, Mr. Adel?
- How are you?

Turkish coffee.

Does this mean
the failure of American efforts

to resume negotiations?

I don't know what will happen to us
without these negotiations?


What will we gain from these negotiations?

A bit of peace, Abu Anas.

More work and more money.

- What peace?
- He's right about the money.

I know people who made a lot of money.

Just play.

Is there work for me today?

No school today?
We agreed you come after school.


- Malak?
- Answer Mr. Adel and get back to me.

- Malak, come here.
- Go to him.

Did you throw trash bags at the soldiers?

Trash? Why? Did we run out of stones?

The kids of today!

They have nothing else to do.

So they throw trash bags
at the soldiers.

And in exchange, they retaliate on us.

- Do you want them to shoot you?
- You're not my father!

It's for your good.

No one tells me what to do.

- What are you doing? Give me the ball.
- Give me my money.

- Give it. here's your money.
- Give me my money.

Give me the ball.
I don't want to see your face again.

Don't come back.

- Go and don't come back.
- I will come back.

- I don't want you back.
- I'll come back,

and I'll win in a game of pool.

Don't be upset, Mr. Adel.

- It's okay.
- She's crazy.

I don't know what will happen to her,
when Adel marries Leila.

What's Adel's story?

Adel takes care of Leila's family
since they came from Algeria in 1994.

You know the tailor shop
at the end of the street?

He helped them start the business
and they're buried in debts.

Leila has no choice but to marry Adel,

or she'll close the shop
and be unemployed with the girls.

And Malak?

She's driving Adel crazy.
He'll throw her out.

He knows she's not her daughter.

What's wrong, comrade?

Where's my coffee?

It's a simple cup of coffee.

It's not rocket science.

Praise Saint Mary.

- Straight to school, Malak.
- Yes, mother.

Don't wander around!

How much do we need?

- I have 50.
- I have 30.

- How much do we still need?
- Around 520 shekels.

- It's expensive.
- It's a scooter.

- Why don't we buy a normal one?
- Who buys a slow turtle?

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Move away.

Mrs. Leila?

Mrs. Leila?

- Excuse me.
- How can I help you?

Do you know a woman called Rashida?

Who's asking?

I'm looking for an old acquaintance.

She worked with the children
during the invasion.

I'm looking for a little girl.
Rashida took care of her.

The Rashida I know died a long time ago.

I wish I can help.

Hey! What are you doing here?

Come here.

Where's your work permit?

Where is it?

Hand it over.


A rose, sir?

They're surrounded
by Israeli tanks and bulldozers.

They ran out of ammo.

Hello, sir.

Did you hear the news?

The tanks have reached Jenin.

- How much do you need?
- A hundred.

- Where are you going?
- Sebastia.


- It seems you didn't hear the news.
- What happened?

- What happened?
- Sebastia is under siege.

Since when?

- When did you hear that?
- Half an hour ago.

- Are you sure?
- Yes, I am.

The quartet for peace in the Middle East
will hold separate meetings

with Israeli
and Palestinian representatives.

We just learned that 11 had been injured.

Two of them are seriously injured.

Again, the Israeli army refuses
to give out information,

about the attack, except…

Don't point it at me.

- I live there.
- Your ID?

Step back.

My wife and daughter are in there.
I just want to bring them out.

Step back. Give me his ID.

Take it and leave.

Keep it. Give me five minutes.

I told you to leave.

- Only five minutes.
- Leave! All of you!

What a pleasant surprise.

Why are you working on a Friday?

I have some unfinished work.

You know we don't work on Fridays.

We have to set a date.

Why the rush?

It's a marriage, not a lentil soup.

See you.

See you.

Run a background check on Tarek Khodor.
I need it by tomorrow.

Take it easy. I won't hurt you.

Give it to me.

What are you doing?

Give it to me.

Wait! Your backpack!

Hey! Wait!

Give me the money.

- The pipes first.
- Give me the money.

- Hello.
- Hi.

- Hello.
- Hello!


What did Adel want from you?

What? Tell us.

I told you he'd propose.

Pay the bet, girls.


Don't sweet-talk me.



Cheer up! He's a good man.

A man who can protect his family

will protect you and your kids.

Love comes after marriage.

I know better.


You couldn't keep
your three ex-husbands, Mrs. Dunia.

Don't be envious.

Don't tell me you're waiting
for Amro Diab and true love.

- All that nonsense.
- Ibtissam!

Leave me alone.

Don't mind her.

Tuck it well.


Do you think
Malak's father is still alive?

What made you think of that?

If he was alive,
he would've come back a long time ago.

No one knows what happened to him.

Malak is your daughter now.

No one can change that.

If you marry Adel, she'll have a father.

- I want my money.
- Adel's spoiled girl.

Daughter of a slut!

Asshole! You think all women
are like your mother?

Come on, Adel! Kiss me!

- Come on, Malak.
- Don't move, sweetie.

- How was school today?
- Good.

- Did you play with your friend, Tamer?
- Yes.

- Did you see him today?
- Yes.

- What game did you play?
- Hide and seek.


And you, Malak?

How was school?

Have you finished?

Not yet?

The game will start, honey.

- Did you study?
- Yes.

- Good boy.
- Come on. Hurry up.

Get dressed.

Show me what you're doing.


Will you marry Adel?

What do you think?

Come here.


Where's the match?

It's on the radio, Abu Anas. Listen.

Turn the TV up.

Wassim knows Hebrew. He can translate.

Go on, Wassim.

The Israeli army finds the gun

used by the attacker in 2002,


I don't understand a thing.

Listen! Calm down, all of you!

Let's listen to the radio.

First the game,
then we listen to the radio.

Why are you in a hurry?

We won the match, Abu Anas.

Now we need to liberate Palestine.

That's all we need.

I hope your prayers are heard.

They found the rifle
of the "Valley of Thieves" nearby.

Meaning the sniper is nearby as well.

If the guy is still alive,

the Israeli would've captured him
a long time ago.

I'm sure the riffle is registered
in his name.

Why are you so obsessed
with the owner of the rifle?

There are no records,
otherwise, they would've caught him.

Only three people have the same rifle
in this town.

He can't hide.

Abu Anas?

Yes. I"m coming.

I don't see why you're wrapped up

in very old stories.

- Abu Anas?
- Yes! Coming!

Why should you care
about the rifle and its owner?

What matters is that he was man enough
to rid you of that checkpoint,

that made your life miserable.

Right, guys?

You know what? If they catch that guy,

shame on us if he's not one of us.

- Peace be upon you.
- Sit down.

Sit down and let me tell you a story.

There was an old man
who had an only son.

An only child.

One day, they arrest his son.

After a while,

The old man decides to grow potatoes.


He writes a letter to his son,

asking for his advice.

The son replies,
"Do whatever you want, father,

but don't touch the land."

- Don't come near it.
- Don't do it!

"I hid weapons there."

The secret service reads the letter
before sending it to the old man.

Shame on them.

The next day,

the old man wakes up
to see soldiers all over his land.

Of course.

They dug every inch of the land,

looking for the weapons.

They found no weapons
because there weren't any.

The old man is baffled,

and writes to his son a second letter.

He tells him that they found no weapons.
What to do?

The son writes back:

"Now the land is ready

to grow potatoes."

Nice one!

All that we want,

is to grow potatoes.

So, Mr. Tarek!


We didn't hear your opinion.

They'll go back to the old man,

and make him serve them
stuffed potatoes all his life.

For digging the land.

Or stuff the potatoes in…

Who cut the power?

The Israelis can't take a joke.

- Give me the bag.
- Leave me alone.

- Give us the backpack!
- What's wrong, kids?

Abu Isba'a? What's wrong?

- Nothing.
- Why do you have Ameer's bag?

Where are you two going?

- Where do you think?
- We're going to school.

At this hour?


Malak! What's wrong?

I'll teach them all a lesson
when my father comes back.

- Where's your dad, Malak?
- In Ramallah.

- How do you know he's there?
- I know.

When he comes back, he'll make them pay.

You know, Malak?

Sometimes fathers stay away
from their kids to protect them.

I don't need protection.


What do you want?

I want to win the pool tournament.


I'll teach you everything about pool,

and in return,

you stop skipping school.


That's my term. Take it or leave it.

- Agreed, Ameer?
- If she agrees.


Let's go.

I'll drop you off.

Hold on tight.

No, Malak! Be careful.

Oh, God!

That's enough. Check the length.

I'm sorry. The door was open.

Sit down.

I made a list of the pipes.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I removed this one.

It reduced the water flow.


Isn't it enough that we buy
our water from the Israelis?

They cut it off
and make us beg for it.

Excuse me.

You're from Sebastia, right?

- Yes.
- There was a sharp sniper there.

During the British mandate.

They say he shot a deer
right between the eyes,

from a mile away.

Do you know him?

I heard about him.


- A week's pay.
- Thank you.

Thank you.


Show me this side.

Turn around.

- I didn't put it in the hole.
- Focus.

You're confusing me.

- I'm confusing you?
- Yes.



You're my height now.

Go on.

From this corner.

- From here?
- This corner.

Bravo! Well done!

- It will go in if you hit it right.
- Here's the chair.

Not bad. Bravo!

Will you work late tonight as well?


- See you tomorrow!
- Hopefully.

Good. Again!

- Twelve.
- Keep your hand still.

Keep your hand still.

Like this, and that one this way.



- Ball ten in that hole.
- Correct.

Are you sure you'll hit it?


Malak. Let's go.

- Is that it?
- No.

Here it is.

- Hi.
- Hi.

How much is the scooter?

720 shekels.

My daughter wants it.
Give me your best price.

The same price.

It's been on display for two months.

I can give you a ten percent discount.

Give me 20%, and I'll pay 600 cash.

I don't have 600.

I'll lend them to you.

Pay me back
when you win the pool tournament.

- Deal?
- Okay.


It's 40 short.


- I owe you ten.
- Keep the change.

Thank you.


- We bought the scooter.
- Where is it?

- Here it is.
- Hello! Look!

Check the…

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Finally!
- Come on!

How did you get it?

- Send it back.
- No.

- Give it back.
- I won't ride it before paying for it.

How will you pay for it?

I'll win the pool tournament.

Pool? What are you talking about?

- Get inside.
- Tarek taught me how to play.

Get inside.

Close the door.

What are you doing?

I made a deal with her.

I teach her pool,
in return, she'll stay away from the boys.

Do you make deals with children?

They're the kids of the block.

They'll leave her alone
only if she steals for them.

What are you talking about? What kids?

You know them. Noqnoq and Abu Isba'a.

Let me deal with my children.

Why are you doing this?

What did I tell you?

A little bit to the left.

Come on, all at once.
I can't have babies anymore.

Who wants babies in this crisis.
Let's lift it.

It's all because of the Paris Treaty.

When Israel raise prices,
we have to follow.

Who can set the economy
of this country on the right track?

Lift eight inches to the left.

- Hey, guys.
- Hello.

- What's going on?
- We moved the table to the center.

- Help us.
- We moved it three times.

Let's move it the other way.

Five more minutes, and we're done.

Fine! I'll let the guys
move the table the way you want it.

- Calm down.
- You need a wife.

- Abu Anas?
- Coming!

- You can go.
- Tarek, help us here.

You go, Abu Anas.
I'll lift the table for both of us.

- Some things never change.
- To the right.

- Perfect.
- Perfect.

- It's perfect here. Thank you.
- You owe us a cup of coffee.


Don't stop.

What's this song? It's beautiful.

It's an Algerian song.
My mother sang it to me.

The country of a million martyrs.

One million and a half.

Excuse me.

Thank you for letting me know she's okay.

They used to leave her under my care.

Hoda was a great mother.

Well, Tarek,
it's your grandfather's rifle.

Look at these letters. Tarek wrote them.

Thank you, Salwa.

Maybe he forgot.

Listen to me. He's not coming.

- Will your friend pay for the delivery?
- No.

We always protect you.

We'll give you a bag.

Deliver it to our secret hideout.

- How will you pay me?
- Mother will be angry.

- What's in the bag?
- I can't tell you.

- It will cost you more.
- Will you deliver it or not?

Why don't you go?

Because I'm a boy, and I'm being watched.
But you're a girl.

Fine. I'll go.

Make sure no one sees you.

- This means trouble for us.
- No.

A gun? Close the bag!


- Where's Malak?
- I don't know.

- You don't know? Where's Malak?
- I don't.

- Where's Malak?
- I don't know.

- Don't be scared.
- I don't know.

What's wrong with you?

- What's happening to you?
- I need air.


You bastard!

Leila, we need to set a date,
for Malak's sake.


Ameer? Who's there?


Malak! Ameer!

- Who's there?
- I'm Tarek. Open the door.


- What happened?
- Are Malak and Ameer home?

Yes, inside.

What happened to you?

- Are you sure they're inside?
- Yes.

Leila, come here.

Don't marry Adel.

You know nothing about him.

He's a dangerous man.

It will sting.


For how long
were you going to keep your secret?

I had no choice.

At that time…

At that time,
taking risks was the only way.

Is the danger gone now?

He knows everything about you.

I've been running away from my dreams
for ten years now.

I can't sleep.

We live our lives awaiting death.

Anyone else would've done the same.

What are you saying? Kill or be killed?

Since when is resistance a crime?

It's a serious crime for them.

If it were a crime,
why didn't you report me?

What do you think?

I think you refuse the situation too.

I can't accept it.

I wish we can change the world.

What a nice haircut!

You're handsome without a haircut.

I look like a young groom.

- A real groom.
- Thank God you're safe!

- Excuse me, sir.
- Yes.

What made you go there at midnight?

Here! Take your money.

After reviewing the suggested plans
by the settlement commission,

the Israeli government included
the legal partnership,

of the settlements near Nablus.

I'm sure they found a dirty rat like them
to supply them with water and electricity.


My sweet Nour,

You'll read this letter one day.

I may not be around.

But I need you to know,

that I haven't stopped thinking
about you and your mother.

You may not remember me,

But I hope you never forget me.

Your father was a righteous man,

who tried to be true to his beliefs,

and hoped he'd give you a better future.

I couldn't be indifferent
to all this injustice,

and to leave you with no hope.

I didn't want you
to grow up, feeling weak,

and to be submissive.

The one who can resist,

will grow strong.

Remember my darling.
The history of freedom is long.

I pray to God you don't follow my path.

One day,

we'll be free.

Fight for your beliefs.

Fight for the best in everything.

Listen to your mother.

But first and foremost,
fight injustice for yourself

and any other person in the world.

You'll always be my beautiful daughter.

Till we meet again.

A big loving kiss from your father.

I'll kill you!

Kill me? Who do you think you are?

You made me cut
the water supply to your people?

What's going on?

You dare to accuse me!

Step back.


Listen to me very carefully.
I open my mouth,

and the bird goes back to its cage.

I'll give you an opportunity,

so you won't pay
the price again, understood?

What price, without land and water?

What's happening? Enough!

Is what he's saying true?

Did you really think that a water pipe

will make a difference?

I tried to salvage what I could.

They were going to take it anyway.

They already took the land.

Leave it.

It'll bring you luck.

Someone is shot.

What happened?

I told you it's a real gun.

You little brat!


- Malak!
- Tell her how easy this is.

Like father, like daughter.

You're like your father.

- Go on. Shoot.
- Malak, darling.

He's dead whether you shoot or not.


What happened?

- Let go of me.
- What happened?

Guys like me don't die.

What happened?

He ruined our wedding.

Where are you going?

I have no choice,

but to send him back to prison.

No one will hear of him again.

Where are you going? Stop!

Abu Anas! Wissam!

What's wrong with you? Stop him!

You crossed the line, Adel.

What I did was for my sake only?

Or for your sake?

It was for your sake, fools!

For all of you.

Who else will dirty his hands?

For your sake. Who gave you permits?

Right in the middle of the siege?


You needed permits for your sick children.
To whom did you turn?

To whom?

Say something, Abu Anas.

Did the cat eat your tongue?

Don't think that I'll leave you alone.

This land belongs to me.

I own every inch of it.

I make the rules.

And they're conclusive.

Subtitled by: Nidal Monzer

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.