Eyes Behind the Wall (1977) - full transcript

Ivano is a wheelchair-bound man with some strange perversions. He gets his sexual kicks by spying on Arturo, their tenant in the apartment next-door and forcing his sexy accomplice Olga to watch as well. To increase his perverse thrill, Ivano persuades Olga to seduce Arturo and to have sex him as he watches. Unfortunately for all involved, the sex game starts to get very deadly.

Help me!

- How are you?
- Fine. And you, dear ?

Do you want some?

Excellent wine.

Unfortunately its almost finished.
We should order more.

I'll take care of it.

Thank you.

So, are you satisfied
with the new tenant ?

Yes, sure.

I think I had great intuition
in relying on good Ottavio for the search.

- I think this is it.
- What about you work ?

- It isn't going anywhere.
- How come? He's never there ?

Quit the contrary.
He almost never goes out.

Maybe that's the real problem.
He's always there.

I really can't figure him out.


Thank you.
You can go now, Ottavio.

His behavior is quite mysterious.

What does he do ?

What does he do ?!
What doesn't he do !

Imagine that I still haven't
figured out if he works or not.

How does he spend his time ?

He reads and once in a
while he listens to music.

He's got incredible sounding records.

And afterward, he just lays
there in his bed...

...for hours, just staring
at the ceiling.

That's strange.


Thank you dear.

Olga, what impression did you have
of him when you met him ?

I thought he was a good looking.

More than good looking,
I found him interesting.

Of the many that came
to see the apartment

he struck me because
I found him peculiar.

With something special.

It's true, I agree.

But what is it
that's so peculiar ?

Strawberry mousse
and whipped cream !

- No, no. I've drank enough.
- Come on. It's not bad for you.

Yes, I absolutely agree,
he's a very interesting character.

But his behavior is quite puzzling.
I don't know what to write.

He only brings out questions.

I think, however, that his isolation and
loneliness have deeply rooted motivations.

Olga, why don't you help me
figure out what they are ?

I know that you are against it, but I'm
asking you for the sake of my motivations.

- How could I help you ?
- For starters you could take a look at him.

No, please.
You know I'm against that.

Please. There could be some things that
I missed, and that you could notice.

You think so ?

Let's go.

He's here.

Olga, come over here.


look at him.

- Can you see well ?
- Yes, yes, perfectly.

What I can't see is anything
out of the ordinary.


He moved the paintings around.

What really makes me mad is that, while this
apparatus puts him perfectly frames him,

I, on the other hand, can't seem to frame
his psychological profile in any way.

His behavior
seems very ordinary to me.

And yet you found him to be
somewhat out of the ordinary.

What do you expect an out of the
ordinary person to do ?

Put a record on
while standing on his head ?

I have to say that
this machine works perfectly...

They're incredible sounds, they have a
mystique all their own, don't you agree ?

Look, look, Olga.

Forgive me, Olga.

What are you thinking ?

I don't think it's right to violate
to this point a person's intimacy.

Sure, you're right. Something like this
would have disgusted me too in the past...

but how can I write
anything if I rely on the

perspective that this
wheel-chair affords me ?

That's why I need others,
to see them, to live their life.

Yes, I know. I've heard it before.

Fine. I find this Arturo
to be a very stimulating character.

I want to discover the
reasons for his loneliness.

What does he do ?
Even this is a mystery.

is there a woman in his life ?

These are all questions that
I would like to see answered...

...and wish would help
me to understand why

he lives the way he
does and analyze him.

I want to examine one of my
fellow men under the microscope...

...and focus in on his essence.

- Do you understand ?
- Yes, sure.

Why not sneak into his apartment ?

To see if we can find a trace, a clue
in his possessions. Would you do it ?

When ?

Even tomorrow, should he
decide to leave the house.

And then, at a second
moment, follow him,

or try to meet him
somewhere by chance...

...and find
an excuse to talk to him.

- Ok, we'll decide tomorrow. Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

Ottavio !

Oh, is my bath ready ?

Ottavio !

Ottavio, I'm done.

Ottavio, please tell Lucilia...

You disgusting idiot !

- What a strange person.
- Yes, he's hermetically shut.

- You couldn't find even a document ?
- Nothing. He must carry them with him.

I looked everywhere, even
though the excitement

of my first day as a
private detective...

...could have
made me miss something.

The list of books is precise ?

What do you mean ?
Every title is listed ?

Of course it is. You can check
for yourself. Look.

I catalogued them starting from
the ones on top.

You did a great job.
How did you get to the highest ones ?

That's when I almost crashed
to the floor from the chair.

Academic books on sociology,
anthropology, ethnology.

Maybe he's looking for "man",
just like Diogene ?

Can you move the frame ?

Sure, go ahead, look.

Oh, he's back at it.

In the lower shelf,
easily reachable are...

the psychological and
psychoanalytic texts.

It might even be that the "man"
he's looking for is himself.

- But is it mad ?
- What did he do ?

He ripped a nail.

Among other books that are easily reachable
we have the sciences; physics, chemistry.

So he's either a firm
believer in science or...

Or what ?

Or maybe, he believes in the
arbitrariness of it all.

Or maybe,
there is a this hypothesis:

He might be studying
the philosophy of science.

But then he wouldn't be
wearing blue jeans ?

Don't tell me that you
believe in some sort

of dress code, I'd be
disappointed in you.

You're right.

See how this wheel-chair
limits my horizon ?

What kind of a hypothesis
can you come up

from a broken fingernail ?
Masochism ?

He certainly is a strange animal.

I thought searching
his apartment would

have turned up more clues.
You know ?

Where do you think he
gets his money from ?

Who knows.

Well, if he goes out today, I'd like
to follow him. What do you think ?

Sure, that's fine.

- But be careful. He knows you.
- Don't worry.

Get lost, Lucilia, get lost !

Why ? what did I do ?

- Go away !
- You're hurting me. Why ?

Get lost !

Why ?

You are all dirty whores.

- No !
- All of you!

- You keep your honor between your legs.
- No !

- Let me see your honor
- No !

What about your pride ? Where's your
pride ? That too between your legs !


- Ehi Blad, this is a friend. His name is Arturo
- Ah... cute !

- What can I prepare for him ?
- Give him a Tip-Tap.

Make that two.

- You're good. A good dancer I mean.
- Oh, I'm OK. Do you dance ?

OK, Blad.

If you can't dance,
it's just because you choose not to.

To dance you've got to feel
as if you've got wings on,

as if you were flying off the ground.

You shouldn't think too much.

That's your problem,
you think too much.

this will help you to take off.

You're destroying yourself
with thinking, listen to me.

How would you know
if I think too much ?

Shit ! You've gotten
it written on your face.

You worry about too much shit.
Forget about it !

Maybe, some romantic setback ?

- Forget about it.
- Tell me: what do you do ?

What the hell do you imagine I do ?

What the fuck does it matter ?
I don't give a shit about what you do.

Why are you always
asking questions,

always questions. Always
fucking questions.

I agree.

You know... I guess you're right.

- This is good shit.
- Joe !

- Hey !
- Darling !

I want to dance with you !
Nice piece of ass ?

Dance with me !

With me, huh ? With me !

- Come on Arturo, let's go !
- Coming.

So, how's it going ?

- She's a beautiful woman.
- Do you want to meet her ?

No, thanks.

- I think you're out of your mind.
- You just might be right on that.

You're just plain weird. Too weird.

And I'm also tired.
Very tired.

Hey man, you got a house ?

No, come on, stop.

That's enough.

- That can't be !
- Why not ? Come on look,

No, I don't want to.

- There's nothing inhuman about it.
- No, no I can't. I don't want to.

What do you mean you can't.
Don't act like a baby.


That's disgusting, disgusting.

You knew it all along, huh ?

- I had no idea !
- You knew !

- You did this on purpose !
- Olga !

You knew it, You knew it !

- Olga !
- You knew it !

Olga, please !

Olga !

I had absolutely no idea !

I swear, Olga.

Leave it there. Thank you.

Put it here.

You can go now, Ottavio.
I'll serve myself, thank you.

So, do you still hold me
responsible ?

Let's not talk about it anymore,

I hope your shock isn't
caused by moral considerations.

It would be quite
simplistic on your part.

For example, did you
notice that his

actions seemed awkward
and tentative ?

Not like those of someone who engages
in that sort of activity habitually


This doesn't take away the fact
that what I saw was disgusting.

These crostini are delicious.

Our judgment of certain
actions cannot be always

based on some notion
of good taste, Olga.

Those actions can
have deeper roots for

completely different reasons
Sure, perversions.

Reasons, roots, those are things that
might interest a writer, not me.

Why don't you try one, dear ?

Olga, suppose
that man is going through...

...breakdown in values,

so much that this breakdown
leads him to actions

like the ones that
disgusted you so much,

as if he wanted to self-destruct.

Would you still be so
eager to condemn him ?

I don't know.

Always, that's a very peculiar way
to self-destruct.

And besides, whatever
the reasons for his

behavior, why did I
have to witness it ?

He can do whatever he wants,

but I don't want to
be a spectator to it.

Point taken.

Make peace?

It would be interesting
to find if his

homosexuality is casual
or firmly rooted.

Or if he brought that
torture and pain on

himself as some absurd
need for suffering.

- What do you think ?
- I really don't care.

Let me rephrase my question then.

Will you continue to help me ?

I really don't see how I could
given what we've seen.

By meeting him in person ?

By the way, what had
you agreed on for the apartment ?

He still has to sign the lease. For the
time being he's just paid his deposit.

That's perfect !
You can bring him the lease to sign.

What if you lose interest in him ?
The lease

has to be signed for
at least six months.

Oh, I'm interested.

- Good afternoon. May I come in ?
- Of course. Please.

I brought you the lease.
Thank you.

- Please make yourself comfortable.
- Thank you.

- Do you like it here ?
- Yes, everything is fine, comfortable.

- Here's the lease.
- Do I have to sign it ?


Right here.

Aren't you going
to read it first ?

I'm sure it covers the
points we agreed on.

- Six months, right ?
- You should read it.

It's not necessary.

One copy is for you.

- Is the heating working well ?
- Yes, it's perfect.

Is something on the stove ?

I was making some coffee.
Would like some ?

Thank you.

- Would you rather have something else ?
- Coffee is great. Thank you.

Excuse me then.

- Sugar ?
- Yes, two, thank you.

- "Jardin dans le monde".
- Yes. Do you know it ?

I was looking at your books.
They intimidate me.

Your records don't.
I love classical music.

But apart from that I saw that you
also have some avant-garde stuff.

I also like contemporary music.

- Are you a music fanatic too ?
- Yes, even though of the ordinary kind.

Would like me to put something on ?
I can't

guarantee that you'll
like it though.

I'll take the risk.

If you like this kind of music, there's
a concert today that might interest you.

- Really ?
- It's avant-garde music.

I can't guarantee anything
either, though. I've

dedicated myself to
completely different genres.

Maybe that was a mistake. These sounds
have their own magical quality.

- At what time is the concert ?
- I think around 5. Will you go ?

I have got an idea.

I'm sorry. How stupid of me,
I got the days of the week mixed up.

It's OK. Don't worry.

Maybe next time

I know, but you can't
imagine how sorry I am.

Oh my God !
I think I even missed our turn.

We're driving away from the
centre of town. aren't we ?

Just keep driving, it's no problem.
We'll just drive around.

How stupid of me.

What a strange day.
It's gorgeous though.

There's a beautiful light.

Yes, it's definitely gorgeous.

You must excuse me, Arturo,
I need to make a phone call.

- Hello ?
- Hello ? Guess where I'm calling from.

- Hi
- From the lake.

The lake ?

- Yes, we're at a restaurant.
- No concert ?

Of course not. I knew very well that
there was no concert today.

It was just
an excuse to go out with him.

- Really ?
- Sure.

I tell you it's hard, though. He really
doesn't want to talk about himself.

Let's hope for the best,
I'll give it my best shot.

You're doing great.

Tell me. Do you like him ?

- Well, I must say he's really nice.
- You like him a lot, don't you ?

Olga, tell me truth.
You really like him ?

What kind of a
question is that ?

Well do you ?

Don't you realize that
you're embarrassing me ?

Olga, if we want to find
out more about him,

you have to establish a more
intimate relationship with him.

And if you do like
him, you know that,

I wouldn't mind seeing
you two together here.

If it's what you want,
it's fine by me.

- I don't know what to tell you.
- Olga, please.

Fine. Bye.

- We have delicious roasted trout.
- That sounds great !

Fine. And bring us some
white wine, a dry one.

She's so cute.

Come over here.

Don't be afraid.

Get away from there,
don't bother the lady.

She was so cute.

I like kids.
What about you ?

I do to.
Do you have any ?

No. And you ?

No, and I surely
wouldn't want to have any.

Why ?

It would be like a statement
to the rest of humanity.

And I don't want
certain responsibilities.

I already have enough
of them towards myself.

But why it's so pessimistic ?

I'd say I am a realist.
Or simply, aware of what's around.

I have no intention
of submitting myself

to any form of a
biological blackmail.

Even though I can feel...

...I definitely feel certain
emotional impulses, certain drives,

I don't want to be responsible
for any other life.

It's my only weapon against life.

My refusal to create other passengers
of this abject bus !

Why don't you tell me something
about yourself, Arturo ?

That's all there is.

This is the conclusions
I have reached.

Have you ever been
in love, for example ?

If you do like him, you know that I
wouldn't mind seeing you two together here.

If it's what you want,
it's so fine by me.

Don't you realize that
you're embarrassing me?

As if I haven't seen you already.

God only knows if that time wasn't
more terrible, more dreadful.

The look on Ottavio face as he
described that nice family portrait.

As if I haven't seen you already.

And so, not being able to reconcile
a scientific understanding

of the world
with a purely political one...

...I've wasted away in my search
for the ultimate truth...

...or at least of that something which would
make me catch a glimpse of the truth...

...something that would give some
meaning to my life.

Unfortunately I've broken any ties
I've had with politics.

I couldn't be satisfied with dogmas;
they might have even been truthful,

but they were untouchable,

and I...

Yes, Thank you.

Two scotches, please.

I tried to believe only
in a science...

...then I discovered that it doesn't have
the capacity to justify it's own existence.

The whole argument is up for grabs,

but I don't think one can find
a reason to live...

...if these reasons don't exist.

I don't have them inside of me,
not even wanting to.

I feel useless, at
least the way I am now.

Do you want to smoke ?

Look at what I got for you, Lucilia.
Do you like them ?

I'll make some coffee.
Make yourself at home.

Thank you.

Here you go.

How come you recognized
my perfume before ?

I wouldn't know how to answer that.

I'll make more coffee later.

- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Why ?

Oh, nothing. I just feel
biologically blackmailed.

Don't tell me you think
I'm a blackmailer.

- Of course not.
- Yes, you think so.

you should be less serious.

A blackmail always involves
two people, One who

puts it into action and
the other one who...

No. Not there, no.

Love, no, no !

I think it would be best
if you left the house,

The sooner you'll leave
the better it'll be for everyone.

No, you're the only one
who doesn't want me there.


You disgust me, you are a pig !

- I saw you in the garden with Olga.
- And what did you see ?

Wretch !

Taking advantage of her weakness,
of her frailty ! You make me sick !

- What the fuck did you see ?
- I saw something repugnant !

You probably even fucked her,
didn't you ?

I'm not going to allow you to talk to me
like that, clad ! Are you out of your mind ?

Deny it, if you've
got the guts.

- It's not true !
- Liar, I saw you myself !

It's all your fault, You're the one that
drove her out of her mind !

Father, you're imagining this whole thing.
If someone is out of their mind, that's you.

I saw you !

It's not true !

Do you remember what you said today
about having children ?

You said that it would be
a statement to the world.

That's true, but there's no reason
the refuse it if it's a statement of love.

Arturo, I want a child from you.


Come over here, dear.
Come here.

Don't do like that.

Don't cry. I asked you to do it.

You shouldn't have.
I shouldn't have accepted.

Olga, aren't those your car keys ?

Look at that.

- My car keys ?
- I think I recognized your key chain.

There are two keys on it.

Yes, you're right.
They are my keys.

I was holding them when I walked into
the apartment. I must have left them there.

- Quick. Tell Ottavio to get the car ready.
- What's going on ?

I don't know. I might be wrong but we shouldn't
waste any time. Just do as I tell you.

- And get my coat !
- Ottavio !

Ottavio !

Ottavio was up. He's on his way.

What's wrong ? What's going on ?
Where are we going ?

Come on, help me.

Let's go, let's go !

Come on, Ottavio. Follow him.

Why did he stop ?

- What is he doing ?
- He wants to kill himself, dear.

- My God. We have to stop him.
- With what right ?

We have no right to interfere in such
an important decision.

- This is hideous. Hideous !
- Olga ! Olga ! Olga !

Come back here !
Olga !

Olga ! He's covered it with gasoline !
Olga ! Don't get any closer !

Go over there !

Start the car, you idiot !
Ottavio !

Olga ! Olga !

Olga ! Olga !

You're just imagining it.
How could I go to bed with my sister ?

It's not true !


You're the one who has an
unnatural relationship

with Olga, as if she
wasn't your daughter !

Watch out !


Olga !

Subtitles transcribed,
timed and fixed by davide466