Eyes Behind the Stars (1978) - full transcript

A photographer and his model are on a photo shoot in a forest when they get the feeling they are being watched. The feeling becomes so strong that they decide to cut their session short and leave. Later, when they develop the photos they took, they discover what looks like alien creatures in the background.

That should be enough for now.

You go and change, Karin.

I should be right back,
I'm going to look

- for another background.
- Okay.

- You ready?
- Mm-hm, you find something?

Yeah, a little glade.

It's not much, what can I do?
Am I all right?

Yeah, sure, that
outfit'll be fine, fine.

Let me just get some film here.

Well, let's go.

Oh, Peter, just a second,
I want to get the radio.

Oh come on, love,
you're wasting your time.

The battery's dead.

That's why it's making
all that noise.

I don't understand, I
just changed the batteries

the other day.

That's strange.

What's strange?

Well, what's the matter?

This, this silence.

Sure, we're in the
country and it's quiet, so?

Yes, but when I came
here before, there were,

I heard hundreds of
birds singing.

Well they've flown away.

Oh, it stopped, Peter,
what time is it?

Huh, ah.

That's odd, mine stopped too.

Listen, let's go away,
this place seems spooky.

No, now I'm not
gonna let a couple of watches

that don't work keep us from
finishing this assignment.

Come on, let's get
back to the job.

Oh, all right.

Nat, stop, stop
right there, hold it.

Turn around.


Now look left.

Now move into the light,
that's it, that's it.

Hold it.

- Oh, Karin.
- Yes?

Here, you
forgot your beauty case.

- Oh, you're right.
- Yeah.


Hey, don't forget now,
shoot at my place at nine.

Don't be late.
I know, I won't be.

- Okay.
- Bye, thanks.

See ya.

Now what the devil?

Let me in!

Please open the door!

Open up, let me in, please!

I'm coming, who is it?

Hurry, please
open the door and let me in!

All right, you, good boy.

- Let me in for God sake!
- I'm coming, just a moment.

Please, hurry,
I beg you!

- Good boy.
- Please hurry!

What do you want?

Thank you, may I use
your telephone?

What is it, young man,
is something the matter?

Please, it's most
urgent, may I telephone?

Of course, right there.

Quiet you, it's all right.

But your telephone, it
isn't working.

Why it was working perfectly
well a few minutes ago.

Try again.

Yes, I...

What the deuce is that?

You come here, what's
got into you?

Who's there?

Is there someone at the door?

I say, young man,
what's going on?

Hey, what are
you doing, sir, let go.

Give it to me, I'll do it.

Do what, tell me,
what is it?


Peter, where are you?


Really, Tony, I'm quite sure,
we didn't see anything there.

Well, but the camera sure did.

Hm, are you sure, Karin,

it's not one of Peter's
little jokes?

Why, what kind of a joke?

Besides, he left a note
saying he was going back

to the place to check
for himself.

And don't forget the
strange happenings

I already told you about.

My God, Karin, if these pictures

and what you told me is true,

do you realize,

this is the biggest scoop
in a lifetime.

Tony, what
are you doing,

those are Peter's negatives.

I realize that, don't worry,

but I'd like to keep
them for awhile.

When Peter comes back, tell
him to call me immediately

at the office and to do
absolutely nothing

until he's spoken with me, okay?


And Peter.

The police say it's abandoned,

Who did you hear it from?

From Albert.

He was at police headquarters
when the report was received.

Well I'm going up there
now, I'll be in touch

with you later, Monica.

What happened, Al?

The police found Peter
Collin's Land Rover

with the key and car
papers in it.

The Triumph belongs to
Karin Hale, the model.

Her personal documents were
still on the front seat.

Have they found them?

No, they seem to
have disappeared,

but nobody knows how or where.

Come on.

No photographs, please.

What are you doing, don't
touch that car.

I'm with The Daily Herald,
Miss Hale

and Mr. Colins are
friends of mine.

Don't touch anything, we
haven't taken fingerprints yet.

I won't, don't worry.

I'm sorry, you can't
go over there.

Why not?

Those are my orders,

you'll have to ask
the inspector.

Oh, here he comes now.

Good morning, Jim,
how are you?

How are you doing?

How's it going?

Okay, how's it you're here?

I just got a call
from our boys on patrol.

But why do you have this
part of the woods sealed off?

Will you tell me what's
behind there?

Excuse me, Tony, I'm
late, I've got to go.

Why don't we have
dinner sometime?


Good morning, sorry
to disturb you.

I'm Inspector Grant.

You were the lady who called
the police last night.

Good morning, Inspector Grant.

, how do you do?
Good morning.

What exactly did you see?

Well, what I said.

You tell them, Cecil.

Well my wife saw those
two motor cars abandoned

in the glade and called the
local police constabulary.

What about you, didn't
you see anything?

No, nothing, but there
was a lightning bolt

and a high wall bolt.

Guess it was just a
local electrical storm.

That's all I remember, sir.

Inspector, Inspector!

- Sorry.
- Yes.

Thank you, I may get
back to you later.

Here it is, sir.

Mind the fingerprints.

Only one shell
was fired, sir.

Mm-hm, yes, fine.

Follow me, sir, this way.

- In the house.
- Yes.

The front and
rear doors are bolted,

we'll have to smash a
window to get inside.

All right, get on with it.

You'd better call your

He's still alive, sir.

Get an ambulance here,
right away.

It's very curious, Inspector.

The dog's alive.

He appears to be blind, sir.

Yes, it certainly is odd,

Well leave me alone with them.

You too, Tony, outside please.


Look here, Tony, because
of our old friendship,

I've put up with your
presence here

but as of now, I'm telling you,

Yes, sir.

Hello, this is Inspector Grant.

Emergency services, may I talk

to the chief of staff, please.

Very urgent, security
section, this is top priority.

- Monica.
- Yes?

Do you mind coming into
my office for a moment.

I have some notes I want
to give to you.

Be right there.

Good morning.

That was quick, sit down.

What did you do to your hand?

Oh, I burned myself
making my coffee.

Oh, I'm sorry, mind
typing these notes up for me

before I forget them.

What did you do, write
it in the dark?

I can't read a word of it.

I'll read it for you.

Thank you.

Telephone call, Karin, 9:20 p.m.

Cars found in woods,
around 2 a.m.

Photographer and model vanished.

Some strange sounds and
flashes were heard

and seen by people in vicinity.

Shotgun was found on front
lawn with one shell exploded.

Telephone found dangling
off hook but working.

As well as lights on the house,

all windows and doors locked.

Owner in shock, lying on
floor beside blind dog.

Prohibited from entering
large area of wood.

Authorities have requested
investigation by the military.

When you've typed those up,
leave them on my desk, Monica.

I'll need them for an
article I'm writing tomorrow.

And tell the editor to save
some space on the front page.

Do you think all these
facts are connected?

I don't know.

The only one who might be
able to give us anything

interesting in fact is
the man who owns that dog.

Wait a minute.

I am forgetting the most
important thing.

Of course.

- The man died.
- When?

Only an hour ago in
fact, his heart failed,

but there was something
strange in his case.

What was that?

Shortly after he arrived here,

it began appearing large
blotches on his face.

I'd say he seemed to be burned,

but the odd thing was, a few
hours later, they disappeared.

Then what?

Nothing, but it was
rather curious.

May I see him?

Oh, no, because we've
been given strict orders

no one's to see him.

But can you at least tell
me the diagnosis you've given.

We haven't reached one yet,
I'm afraid

and won't until the
autopsy's made.

You must excuse me now, I
have to go back to work.

Thank you.

Daily Herald.

Please, may I have Miss Styles

in the day editorial office.

Who's calling please?

- Tony Harris.
- Go ahead.

- Hello.
- Monica.

- Yes?
- Monica.

You mind looking in
your address book

for the number of
that UFO expert

that we consulted in the past.

A story on flying saucers.

The one that
sells antiques?

Yes, yes, that's right.

Coleman Perry, 70...


70531, that's his shop.

- 70531.
- That's right.

And you can tell the
chief I'm sure this story

is a very big one.

- I'll do that, bye.
- So long.

Mr. Perry.

And you're Mr. Harris,
aren't you.


Your phone call has
made me curious.

Please follow me.

Please, do sit down. Thank you.

- You smoke?
- Yes, thanks.

I know that you're an expert,
Mr. Perry,

on the subject of flying saucers

and you've been
seriously studying that

and relating UFO phenomena
for several years.

Is that correct, sir?

Well, yes, to the
point where today

being an antiquity is my hobby
and ufologist my profession.

Then you've no doubt read
in the newspapers recently

about the strange disappearance
of that photographer

and a fashion model and
the inferences

and speculation concerning it.

Do you think, sir, that
a flying saucer

or extraterrestrial
space vehicle

could've landed in that wood?

It's possible, but one
must be very cautious

before stating it.

Am I to understand,
that you believe in UFOs?

Certainly, there has been
proof throughout the world now

their existence and we
have documentary evidence

which is irrefutable, I
might say overwhelming.

They might be secret
weapons which were made

here on Earth.


Then where do they come from?

There are various
opinions and conjectures,

but for the moment, no proof.

No one yet has been
able to determine

with any certainty where
they come from.

That is the greatest
mystery of the UFOs.

Then you'll, you are,
you're really sure

it was a flying saucer
which landed in that wood.

To be certain of what
actually occurred there,

one must be able to see
what is in that wood.

But I'm sure that for the moment

that is absolutely impossible.

If the military authorities
have been alerted,

they undoubtedly
have men posted.

They won't allow anyone
to go near there.

There's no mistaking what
they died of, it's radiation

and very intense.

And that was exactly

what we figured, Doctor.

Come in.

Wing Commander.

Marshal Thompson wants
to see you, sir.

Morning, sir.

Mith, read that article.

Who leaked that
information to the press?

Well I can assure you,
sir, none of us here

has talked with any newspapers.

I want to know how
this fellow Harris

got onto it.


I've been informed they're
taking over once again.

It's out of our hands.

As you can see, I
have a lot of material.

You know, it was of 1947,

the then Chief of Staff
of the US Air Forces,

General Hoyt Vandenberg,

instructed the
Intelligence Service

of the American Air Forces
to prepare a detailed report

on all confirmed sightings
known up to that time on UFOs.

To determine both their
nature and their origins.

The year after, the
report was completed

and presented to
General Vandenberg.

It was a voluminous
dossier entitled,

"Top Secret Estimate of
the Situation."

It was shown only to the
very highest political

and military echelons.

And what conclusions were drawn?

That the so called flying
saucers are a reality.

And that their origins
are extraterrestrial.

But shortly later,
General Vandenberg

ordered the report to be
destroyed, incinerated.

It was very clear from that
action that the political

and military wished to
minimize the facts

and even to deny them.

For what reason?

Because they believe
people would panic

were they known and in
order not to create mistrust

and the capability of
American Arms to respond

to a weapon which is,
to imply in mild term,

most revolutionary,
that's why they deny

the existence of flying saucers.

But they've
been seen here

in helicopters besides America.

Certainly, but
try to find one government

which has officially
acknowledged the existence

of flying saucers.

We're dealing with a
conspiracy of silence

on an international level.

Well, for me it's rather late.

Do you mind if I take
some of this material?

If you think
it will help you, please do.

Actually, I've never
given it to anyone,

but I believe I can trust you

and I would like someone,
especially a journalist,

to take this question and
report it seriously at last.

What is it?

I just happen to be thinking.

I had forgotten something,
you know.

Perhaps Inspector
Grant also has.

When he questioned those
people living in the area,

there was certainly a
distinct sensation on my part

that those two people knew
much more about the thing

than they were willing to say

or better, what the husband
permitted his wife to say.

I think it might be useful
to have a chat with them.

If you'd like, I'd be glad
to go with you sometime.

Well, thank you.

Well, good night.

And thanks for all your help.

Don't mention it, good night.

And I wanna set a date
for lunch with Perry.

I'd like to learn some more
about those flying saucers.

From what you said about him,

seems he must be an
expert on UFOs.


Oh, he's engaged.

You try, I've got to
see the editor.



This isn't Mr. Perry's number.

What do you mean it's
not his number?


It's the one you gave me.

The number I gave you, I'm
sure it begins with a seven.

Instead, the one you have
here begins with an eight.


Ah, well there it is.

That's odd.

The door's open.

That's why his phone
was always busy.

God, what a mess.

Why all this?

There's only one explanation.


I'm sure someone came here
to find those negatives.

What negatives?

What sort of pictures were they?

Did they have anything
to do with UFOs?

Is that it?

Very well, Karin,
before her disappearance,

called and told me to
meet her here.

She showed me Peter's
photographs and negatives

which he had taken in the
wood that day she modeled

for him and in those pictures
were extraterrestrials,

creatures from outer space.

They were?

I took the negatives of
them, there were six of them.

Do you have the prints?

I didn't take those, I
left them here with Karin.

And you say you can see space
creatures clearly in them.


Do you have them with you?


But why didn't you tell
me about this before?

I think it's best if we
get out of here.

Who are you, what do you want?

Mr. Harris.

It would be better if you
decide not to report this story

now or in the future, you'll
gain nothing, so bury it.

We can be quite hard on those
who controvert our interests.

One more thing, I suggest you
forget about this little visit

we paid you, Mr. Harris.

Say Jim.

What's the idea of
getting us down here

at 8 o'clock in the morning?

Shut the door and come
in and sit down.

Now just before the sun
came up this morning,

someone did us a favor and
informed us that you three

have paid a visit to Peter
Colins' studio.

Now these two admitted it,
I'd like to hear your version.

I'm waiting.

Well, then you must
already know why we went

to Peter's place.

I want to know what
you didn't tell them.

Nothing more than what
they already told you.

I saw Karin Hale at Peter's
studio before she disappeared

and I took six frames
of a negative

on which some strange,
shining figures were visible.

Now how did you three
manage to get into the house?

Didn't they tell you that?

The door was open when
we got there.

What did you do with them?

Do with what?

Look here, Tony, now we've
known each other a long time,

don't try fooling me!

You know, you could be
in for a lot of trouble.

You know that don't you?

Now what did you do with
the negatives?

Where are they?

Afraid I can't tell you
that much, Jim,

it's your job to find out.

That's right.

And I'll do that, I can
also get a warrant

to search you and your friends'
houses, that's not all.

Have you ever heard of
The Silencers?

No, who are they?

They're special
undercover agents.

They're part of an
international organization

which is commonly called
the Group of Silencers.

The service is ultra secret,
they're concerned with UFOs.

They impose silence and
discredit all facts.

You're well informed.

I try, Inspector.

And in that case, they
weren't any of your men.

Who were my men?

The ones who came to
the house last night.

Ah, so that's what happened.

But they weren't able
to find those negatives.

And I bet neither will you.

As you like, anyway, I have
to continue my investigation

especially that man
and his wife,

you know the ones that
we questioned?

They'd been murdered.

You mean the lady that
telephoned and her husband?

That's right.

When did it happen?

It happened last night.

Do you know who did it?


Your guess is as good as mine.

And the bodies had injuries
on them that were the same

as those find as the owner of
the first house and the dog

and they were not the only ones.

There were six soldiers
guarding that wood

where the cars were found.

They all died of
radiation poisoning.

Hm, hm?

Now the three of you can
do me a big favor

and just get the hell
out of here!

Oh, I say, Tony, might I
ask you a favor

of giving me a lift, I'm without
my car, I took a taxi here.

Of course,
where shall I drop you?

To the shop, if you're
sure there's no trouble.

No, no trouble at all.

Monica, I'll see you
at the paper later on.

- Right-o.
- Good-bye.

Where's that?

- Good morning, madam.
- Good morning.

You mind if I browse around?

Please go right ahead,
take your time.

If you find something
that interests you,

just call me, I'll be
in the back.

I'll do that, thank you.

There's another aspect,
perhaps it is the most enigmatic

and disturbing one.

You may not be aware of this,

but there have been mysterious
disappearances of people

involved with UFOs in
all parts of the world.

You can't imagine how many
were taken away in UFOs.

They disappear, literally vanish
from the face of the Earth.

They were probably
transported to the place

where the UFOs come from.

But for what reason?

I would say almost
certainly in order for them

to conduct biological
experiments on Earth people.

Other people instead,
man and women,

were only temporarily confined
aboard these space craft.

Where they underwent
complex chemical analysis

and were then released.

The death of James
McDonald is one of the most

striking examples among
many strange occurrences.

McDonald was an astrophysicist
of international fame

who conducted a vigorous
battle to affirm

the truth about UFOs

and with the
consensus of U Thant,

intervened at the Commission
for Space Affairs at the UN

where he accused the CIA
and governments in general

of conducting a conspiracy
of silence on the question.

Following that, the
scientist's lifeless body

was found in the vicinity
of Tucson in Arizona

in a remote area of the
desert near there.

Many of those who have
studied the case

are of the opinion that
McDonald was actually executed

on orders of Secret
Intelligence Service.

Anyway, we do know that the
investigation on his death

was rather hasty in summary.

The official version
declares it was a suicide

as the result of serious
family problems,

but these quick conclusions
are not very convincing.

Anyone who tries to
find out too much

sooner or later meets a
premature end.

I, too, am afraid that one
day or another,


Excuse me.

It might be better if we
interrupted this conversation.

We'll continue it at my
house tonight if you wish.


It'll be quieter there,
will eight be all right?

Mm-hm, eight
will be fine.

- See you tonight.
- Yes.

The death of
James McDonald

is one of the most striking
examples among many strange.

Tell him I'm working
on a follow up story

that's even more sensational
and say that I think

this should have a six
column spread.

I'm on to something very big,

but I can't tell you now.

- See you.
- Good bye.

Secrecy is violated once again.

I call it censorship.

I'm not interested in
what you care to call it.

We follow the instructions
of the war office.

Besides those at the Pentagon

putting a cloak of silence
over whatever we discovered

as well as falsifying
our reports and lying,

denying proofs, those are
the orders that we follow.

The directors of the war
office impose a silence

on anything which might
place in jeopardy

not only ourselves, but
other countries as well.

And it silences
anyone who refuses

to keep quiet about it.

They're individualists,
there's no room

for anyone like that
in this matter

and we must obey because these
things can land anywhere.

Besides, we're cooperating
with all existing

major military powers.

Everyone knows that this
thing is being maneuvered

by the Secret Service.

Putting it frankly, their
real scope is to convince

public opinion of the
inexistence of UFOs,

besides discrediting
whatever authentic sightings

there have been.

A ploy which will allow only
our country's Secret Service

to have power over us all.

The same method used by
the CIA and before that,

the Soviet Union as well.

You know that here in
England, for the public

and for the majority of
the military,

every official inquiry
into UFOs was terminated

with the closure in America
of Project Blue Book.

The 17th of December, 1969
and don't you forget it.

And even if in reality, we're
still pursuing the matter,

and we're continuing
with our investigation,

no one should know about it.

No one, is that clear?

And what of the news media?

They know of the UFOs
and what about the fact

that these space craft and
their occupants

are now making
themselves invisible.

That is an indication
that they possess

a technology far in
advance of ours

and consequently makes
them extremely dangerous.

Listen, I warn you,
you're to do what

what you've been told.

Silence is best for us.

Until we're able to
prove that the UFOs

have no motives.

In any event I find
your interference abusive.

Whoever has to
impose his will is.

But as of now, our most
important task is to employ

any means to prevent that
journalist from asking questions

that would be most
difficult to answer.

Remove his blindfold.

Good evening, Mr. Harris.

There are those who
deplore that we're throwing

a cloak of secrecy over
everything concerning UFOs.

They say that the public
has a right to know

the truth about them.

That the public is

and can easily be panicked.

If we have decided not
to have certain facts

made known to the public, it
is because we are concerned

they would cause undue anxiety

and if we change fact
into fiction,

it is only because we
believe that the world

is entirely unprepared to accept
factual information on UFOS

and by suppressing
that information,

we believe we can avoid the fear

it could undoubtedly
bring about.

I hope now I've made
myself clear.

Those pictures can
cause a panic.

You can see that, right?

Now please, I want
the negatives.

What negatives?

I don't know what you're
talking about.

Why all this?

There's only
one explanation.


I'm sure someone came
here to find those negatives.

What negatives?

What sort
of pictures were they?

Did they have anything to
do with UFOs, is that it?

Very well, Karin,
before her disappearance,

called and told me to
meet her here.

She showed me Peter's
photographs and negatives

which he had taken in the wood
that day she modeled for him

and in those pictures
were extraterrestrials,

creatures from outer space.

They were?

I took the
negatives of them,

there were six of them.

I want to know
what you didn't tell them.

Nothing more than
what they already told you.

I saw Karin Hale at Peter's
studio before she disappeared

and I took six frames
of a negative

on which some strange,
shining figures were visible.

Fine, now how did
you three manage

to get into the house?

- You smoke?
- Yes, thank you.

His cigarette case, of course,
it was a tape recorder.

That bloody bastard.

What sort of pictures were they?

Yes, he's
working with them.

All right, where are
those negatives?

I really don't like to
resort to force,

Mr. Harris, but I will.

Where are they?

At your house?


Where are the negatives?

How do I know,
everything's upside down.

Why don't you look for yourself?


I'll give them to you.

All right.


I suggest you say
nothing of this, Harris.

And you better not report
anything else which you know.

- You're a bloody spy!
- You must be crazy.

You've been setting me up,
haven't you?

What the hell is this,
what are you after?

To give you some of
what your friends gave me!

What do you mean my friends?

I telephoned you telling you
not to come here this evening.

I never received any
telephone call!

Well call up your secretary!

I told her to tell you not
to come by here this evening.

But after I let your
antique shop,

I saw her at the office,
she didn't say anything.

Ask her now, go on, call her.

- Hello?
- Hi, Monica?

Did you receive a call this
evening from Mr. Perry?

Oh yes, I'm sorry,
Tony, I completely forgot.

You're sorry?

Are you satisfied?

Excuse me, I'm very sorry.

But why did you call
saying not to come?

Because I became suspicious
something funny is going on

and I'm not mistaken,
come, come and see this.

Look, they've taken the lot,
all of it.

27 years of research, all over
the world, all gone, look.

But how could they have
known about those negatives?

- Your negatives?
- Yeah.

They had a recording of
our conversation

when we discussed those
damn photographs.

When we were at Peter's
house and at the inspector's

and when we spoke, there
weren't more than three,

you, Monica and I.

You're forgetting your
friend Inspector Grant.

I believe your friend is working
hand and glove with them.

Thanks to you those men
worked me over.

Look, why didn't you tell me?

I was here and said I
was going to his house

after Perry telephoned
here and you say

that you forgot that.

I'm really sorry, believe
me, but I completely forgot it.


Oh, it's you.

Tony, I told you if you'd
given me those negatives,

you would've saved
yourself a lot of trouble.

Never mind, Jim,
I'm used to it.

Maybe so, but now you
can see what kind

of a mess you're in.

That's just
why I'm gonna dig

and get to the bottom of this.

Maybe to the bottom of a ditch.

Now I'm telling you, Tony,
forget it.

No, Jim.

Look, don't be stupid,
you're in over your head.

Now get out of it before
it's too late.

You know I can't do that.

Come in.

I know that girl, that's
the model who disappeared.

Where did you find her?

She was lying in a meadow.

About 10 miles from where
that flying saucer landed.

Hold on a minute, will you,



We tried questioning her, sir.

- Put her in the chair.
- She can't talk.

She can't even stand up and
doesn't react to anything.

I wonder if she can hear us.

She must've had a
tremendous shock.

I'd say so, she certainly has.

The things she's seen,
what happened to her?

What must have caused this?

Better to get her to a hospital.

Call Mr. Valderez, the

I want him to examine
her at once.

Monica, please telephone
Mr. Perry for me.

Sorry, Tony, I was.


- Mr. Perry.
- Yes?

Monica speaking.

Mr. Harris wants to talk
to you, just a minute,

I'll connect you.

They just found Karin
Hale, they're bringing her

to a psychiatric hospital to
be examined by a Dr. Valderez.

I gather if she's being
taken to a hospital,

she won't be able to
tell us much.

She's probably in a
state of shock

and not yet that perceptive.

It's happened before but
I've got an idea.

Oh, what?

I'll explain later.

You're sure she's at the hospital
where Valderez practices?

Yes, I heard the inspector.

Then shall
we meet in the hospital?

But wait there, I'll
be by for you.

All right, good bye.

Well you've seen for
yourself, Inspector,

I'm afraid I can't add anymore.

I appreciate that but what
I can't understand is how...

I'll talk you tomorrow.

Very well, Inspector,
good night.

Tony, what are you doing here?

Where's Karin?

How did you know she was here?

Why, I heard you on the phone.

Then it's only
you besides me and my men

who knows that she was
found and brought here.

You and your friend Perry,

What the hell is eating you,

The girl has been kidnapped.

When, by who?

Half an hour ago, 10
minutes after she got here.

The Silencers?

Now just get out of my
sight and stay out of this,

the both of you.

Yes, someone
else knew she was there.

When we were speaking
on the phone before,

there was a sound.

Wonder who it was.

There's only one
who could've done that.

Who is that?

They just
found Karin Hale,

they're bringing her to
a psychiatric hospital

to be examined by a Dr.

You're sure
she's at the hospital

where Valderez practices?

Yes, I heard
the inspector.

Then shall
we meet in the hospital?



It must be awfully important

if it couldn't wait
until tomorrow.

What is it, Tony?

Bloody lousy spy!

Why, why?

No, no!

How much did they pay you?

You damn bitch, you!
I'm not a spy!

- How much was it?
- I wasn't paid!

I swear I'm not a spy!

Why, why?


No, stop!

How much did
they pay you?

You damn bitch, you!
I'm not a spy!

- How much was it?
- I wasn't paid!

I swear I'm not a spy!

This is what you use to
record our conversations.

You bastard!

Unless you want to die, you
tell me where I find Karin.

I'm warning you, Monica,
I'll blow your head off,

now where is she?

I'll take you there.

One false move and
you'll be shot.

Watch out!

Hands up, now back
against the wall.

Get Karin.

I came here because you're
a friend, we need your help.

But this girl
requires special care

and we don't have the
staff to cure her here.

All the right sort of equipment,

But I'm only asking you
to keep her here

for a couple of hours.

- No.
- Please, John.

Put her in room number two

and keep a good watch
of her head.

We might get into a bag
of trouble this way.

No, don't worry, we won't
need more than two hours,

I shouldn't imagine 'cause I
know this girl's who's psychic,

she's able to ask questions

and receive the answers

All right, you can have
two hours but that's all

but after that, take her
away, it's too risky for us.

Thanks, John.

Yes, I know now.

I saw a light.

And I saw,

I saw,

I saw,


No, I can't, can't
concentrate anymore.

I feel a signal or
someone's making it to me.

It's interfering.

It's going away.

There's someone who is
disturbing me.

Coleman, it might be
better if I wait outside.

Please go ahead.

No, there's still
someone between us.

There's someone in the way,
it's something which prevents me

from making contact with her.

It's coming from near and far,
from outside, strong voices.

What is it, Carol?

Can you describe it?

No, but I know its
presence, it's an orb.

I, we have been,.

Oh, I can't do it.

There's someone who is
trying to penetrate my mind.

It's powerful, I
can't resist it.

We interfered, she has
been made to forget all.

Now we are forced to do...

What's going on here?

Give me the pistol, Perry.

- What for?
- Give it to me, please.


I feel something strange
up there, in front of you.

No, Harris, no!