Eyeborgs (2009) - full transcript

Are government surveillance cameras intended to keep us safe actually killing people? Is it a plot by the government to suppress the opposition, or have our terrorist enemies secretly gained control of our security system and are now using it against us? Following another major terrorist attack the US instigates an intense government surveillance program in which every camera in the country is linked into a single, all-seeing network called the ODIN system (for Optical Defense Intelligence Network). The system includes millions of mobile, robotic surveillance cameras known as "Eyeborgs," which watch everyone for suspicious behavior, all in the name of security, law enforcement and keeping America safe. An agent for the Department of Homeland Security grows suspicious of the system after a series of odd murders in which the physical evidence doesn't match up to what the video records show. Now he must work outside the system to find out who is really controlling the Eyeborgs. With the help of a broadcast journalist and a purple haired Punk Rocker who turns out to be the President's nephew, he must stop a plot to assassinate the President during the final debate of the election.

With the passage of
the Freedom of
Observation act,

a new and mighty weapon
in the war on terror
was placed in our hands.

The first major step
mandated under
the new law

was to unite the vast array
of separate public and private
surveillance cameras

throughout our nation
into a single network--

the Optical Defense
Intelligence Network,

--named ODIN.

ODIN monitors every form
of domestic electronic

for criminal activity.

The most visible
and highly successful
addition to our eye line

has been the introduction
of a powerful new set

of state-of-the-art mobile
robotic surveillance cameras

known as Eyeborgs.

Lord, give me eyes
that I might see.

That's better.

What is he up to?
Terrorist bastard.

Yeah, I'm
looking at you.



I got something.

Something big.

Only--I don't
know what it is.

Show me.

What is
this, now?

Show me what
they've got.

Clear left
and zoom.

It's something new
they're developing.

It's something
we've never seen before.

We did it.

Come on.

We lost the signal.
Should we move in?

Negative. Hold positions.

We got company.



Now, I wonder
how it got in here.


Wait a minute.

Hey, you
don't think
that I brought--?

I think--
you just
got careless.

Damn it.

Move in, move in.

Go, go, go.

Go around back.
Here we go.

Key on us.

Find him.

All right, little
friend. Show me
what happened here.

You were so hot
on stage tonight.

I just
love your band.

What's it
called again?

Painful Daze.

Right, Painful Daze.

Brandon, you're
an awesome singer,

and out of
all those girls,
you picked me.

Well, you seem...


So, you got
the stuff?

Oh, God, oh, God.

Relax, it's
a friend.


Who's she?

She's cool.
So you got
the stuff?

You know what
you got to do.

I--I know. I'll
break it good.

Enjoy your stuff.

What was that?

Just forget
about it, okay?

Is that what
I think it is?

As promised.

Genuine homegrown...

North Carolina tobacco.

Oh, my God.

I haven't
had a cigarette

since the government
made smoking illegal.

God, you taste
like an ash tray.

You too.

That is so hot.

What was that?


Okay, Marsha.

All right. If Brandon
calls you or anything,

just let me know,
and I'll do the same,
all right?

Okay, thanks.

Nothing. He disappeared
with that chick after
the show last night.

Nobody knows where he is.

Painful Daze,
you're up.

Okay. Well, Jarett,
I hope you know
the lyrics,

because you just became
lead singer of the band.

What lyrics?
Nobody knows
the lyrics.

It's just a bunch
of incoherent screaming.

Thank you, guys, so very much.
You guys have been awesome.

Get ready to go
balls to the walls
with Painful Daze.

Sideshow 321 Alpha

through 411 Charlie.

No subs,
all sections.

Don't worry, man.

Hey, we'll find him.
We'll find him.

I just wish
we knew his target.


Um, hey.

We're Painful Daze,

like it says
on the drum.

Okay, let's,

Subject vehicle,
ID positive.

LB 5059 reporting.

Section C-47.

Full up.

He must be inside.

Pin down C-47.

Get me some eyes
inside that club.

Negative. Not
without a warrant!


Search warrant approved.

Send them in.

That's Sankur.

That's our man.

Let's let
the Eyeborgs
flush him out.

Attention, everyone.

A Department
of Homeland Security

emergency defense
operation is
in progress.

Everyone please remain calm
and follow all instructions
as given.

Once again, a Department
of Homeland Security

emergency defense operation
is in progress.

Everyone please remain calm
and follow all instructions
as given.


Everyone please
remain where
you are.

DHS, put the gun
on the ground!

Back off.
Back off.

Step away from
the girl, Sankur.

Don't make
this harder
than it is.

On the ground, now.


You can't stop me.

Away. Move,
move, move.

Stay away! Stay
where you are!

I mean it.

Take him down.

I'm doing
this for you.

Put your guns down.
This is for everyone.

Jim, suppression
fire only.

We need him alive, Jim.
We need him alive.

Suppression fire only.

Suppression fire only.

Suppression fire
only. Go, go!


Go, go, go.

Move out!

Suppression fire only.

Suppression fire only!

Stay down.

We've got
to stop them.

What was that?


What are you doing?

We needed him alive.

Well, you got your
target. It's this
punk kid over here.

Wake up, America!

The president is lying.

Are you hurt?

No, I don't think so.

Where is the truth?

They're watching us.

They're watching
us all.

They're watching
us all!

You're a lucky
son of a bitch.

That little Eyeborg
just saved your life.

Oh, God.

I've got a gig.

You're lucky
to be alive.

Any idea why
this guy would be
taking a shot at you?

No, I don't know.

What's your name?

Uh, Jarett.

I'm with
Painful Daze.

Jarett. Last
name, Jarett?



No. H-E-W-E-S.

You mean like--


Next you're
gonna tell me
you're related.

He's my uncle.

You seriously want
me to believe

that the president
of the United States
is your uncle?

Hey, he's serious.

You do have a gig,

playing for the president
of the United States
next week.


Well, he's
a good man.

He'll get
my vote again.

Yeah. Yeah,
yeah, me too.

Hey, listen, you think
we could just not tell
anybody about this?

I got enough nut jobs
coming after me
as it is.

Yeah. Our job
is keeping you safe.

Keep the family
relations quiet.

Okay, thank you.

Yeah, well,
we know where
to find you.


You don't suppose him
being the president's nephew
has anything to do with this?


Donut run.

Gunner, Gunner.

Agent Reynolds.

Yeah. Ms. Hoppy,
isn't it?

Barbara Hawkins.
What happened here
this evening?

Nothing. It's
all over.

We heard reports
of gunshots from
this establishment.

Yeah, there
were gunshots.

And why was that?

Because guns
were being fired.

Was there a reason,
or are you and
your men

just the sort to enjoy
shooting off their loads
while people watch?

Not if
you're filming it.
Good night, Ms. Harpy.


Just in the
nick of too late.

You know, they have
machines that'll do your
job now, minus the lip.

We're off.

To make the news.

You just
got careless.

I didn't do it.

Are you saying
I can't trust what I
see with my own eyes?

You're not seeing it
with your own eyes.

You're seeing it
with their eyes.

All right. Let's talk
about last night.

The kid. You were
trying to kill him.


The kid is
a stepping stone.

To the president?

He's not
the president.

He was never elected
into office.

Funny, I thought
we had an election.

Not an election,
a coup!

Computerized voting.
No paper trail.

The exit
polls showed him

trailing the whole day,
and then some computer

announces he's
our new president?

Oh, this guy
looks like

the love child
of Charles Manson
and Karl Marx. Ew.

He doesn't
look like a
Marx brother.

Oh, cute.

Their guy wins,
it's democracy.

Our guy wins,
it's a coup.

Actually, I voted
for the other guy.



Me, too.


You want
some coffee?

And the only way
we can take America back

is to kill
Benjamin Hewes.

President won't be
in town for another
two weeks.

And you knew you
didn't have
two weeks,

so you went
after the kid.

You're just putting nails
in freedom's coffin.

My job is to protect
freedom and the people
of this nation

from those
that would
do them harm.

In that case,
we're on the
same side.

What say we go after
that son of a bitch
Hewes together?

You realize
you're facing
federal charges.

Under the Freedom
of Observation Act,

it is a
government offense to
tamper with, disable,

or otherwise
interfere with

the operation
of an official
observation device,

which basically
means you're screwed,

'cause you're
going to pay for
that Eyeborg you shot.

Now, take some time
and come up with
some names

by the time
I get back.

How about Kyle?

And Sharon?

Damn shame what happened
to your family.

I am sorry about that.

I'm sure you are.

But if it wasn't for
what happened to them,

we wouldn't have
Eyeborgs to scrape
out scum like you.

Don't let
that freak
get to you.

He's not.

Go figure.

Well, ain't you
a cute little thing.

Oh, there he is.
Agent Reynolds.

Ms. Hawkins,
what are you
doing here?

I'm trying to get
a straight answer about
what happened last night.

I have no comment.

Oh, thank you,
thank you, thank you.



There was a
shooting last night
at a public facility.

Turn that
camera off.
No, don't turn
the camera off.

You have no right
to film in this
I do, I am
in the lobby.

Turn that camera off
or I'll shoot you.

- He can't shoot you.
- I will shoot you.

He is allowed
to be in the lobby.

Everybody wants
to be a comedian.
What's that all about?

Hey, drink up. First
they ban cigarettes.
This will be next.


Obviously, you're
hiding something.

- I'm not hiding anything.
- No! Turn that back on!

Hey, hey.

Oh, God. No,
no, no, no.

Security breach. All sections
initiate lock-down procedures

Initiate lockdown
procedures immediately.

Just stay here!

This is not a drill.


Ashley, talk
to me.

The subject is headed
toward the south hall.


Toward the west lobby.

East stairwell, now.

East stairwell.

Yeah, he's in
the west lobby.

There he is.
Up there.

Now in the
north stairwell.

Come on,
go, go, go.

Got you.


I need you to override
the emergency lock-down
on level six.

Overriding the lock-down
on level six.

Come on.

Come on.

Agent Warner,
are you in yet?

Hang on.

Let's go.

Override lock-down,
level seven.

Abort lock-down.
Come on.

No! No!

DHS agents are uncertain

how a suspect who was
in the process of
being interrogated

managed to escape
from the room and
commit suicide,

but an investigation
is under way.


Horrible turn of
events, Barbara.

Absolutely horrible.
Thank you, Barbara.

In other news,
President Benjamin Hewes...

My uncle's politics
take a turn to fucking
derangement land,

and people want
to take it out on me.

I mean, I haven't
even seen him since
I was a little kid.

I don't even
know him anymore,
you know?

I wouldn't vote for
the son of a bitch,
and we're related.

Jarett, at least
you're still alive.

I mean, God
knows I never
thought I'd say this.

As much as those
Eyeborg things
creep me out,

you would be dead
if it weren't for them.


Look, I am sure
the guitar man
can fix her up.

Yeah, well, if
G-Man can't,
no one can.

I could use
a little fixing, too.


Oh, look.

It's your uncle.

As president, there is
nothing more important

than protecting the people.

Great. Now
he's cutting into
my sex life, too.

That is why I supported
the Freedom of
Observation Act.

Now, with my new law,

every camera
in the nation,

as well as millions
of mobile units,

have been linked
directly into ODIN.

Man, millions
of mobile units.

...a network
that never sleeps,
never rests,

and never stops
looking out for you.

Yesterday, the
State Department

issued yet another
terror alert,

this time citing the
nation of Zimbekistan.

What? Zimbekistan?

Are they
your next target,
Mr. President?

How many
more nations
will we invade

before you're
satisfied we're safe?

The final debate
will be held next week,

with our own
Winston Salem
playing host

to the
president's contingent.
Jamie Kell reports.

Jill, I'm
standing outside
the Millennium Center,

from which the president's
side of the debate
will be broadcast.

I'm gonna
be there.

I cannot believe
you convinced me

to play
this fundraiser.

Oh, stop whining.

He is desperate
for the younger vote,

and you
need the gig.

Just take advantage
of it and invite some
fans along.

Yeah, right.

He won't
even let me
bring the band.

He only speaks in front of
invited, supporting crowds,

for security reasons.

As with
previous debates,

the candidates are in
different locations

to create
a less centralized
target for terrorists.

What are you doing?

Do you remember
that wedding gig
you did last month?

The two ladies
who got married.

No, the other one.

Oh, the foreign guy?

There has definitely
been a bank error.

Come and
check it out.

Only individuals
especially invited
by the president

are permitted inside
the debate hall.

Obviously he
liked us.

Obviously a computer
hair-balled up a decimal
point in the wrong place.

I mean, I'll have
the bank fix it,

but do you remember that
terror alert on the news,
about Zimbekistan?


Well, that's where
all this money
came from.



Oh, shit!

Ronni, the last thing
I need is for the
government to think

that I'm in some
kind of business
with terrorists.

I mean, if Uncle B's
opponents get ahold of that,
this could be really serious.

I know, I know,
I will have it
fixed by tomorrow.

Look, who
never fails you?

My Ronni.

That's right.
Don't ever forget it.

I'm glad you
failed once.

Yeah, me too.

Or I'd have
never met you.

You know the
most romantic thing
you ever said to me?

Um, put on this collar
and bark like a dog?

No, but that was dope.

The first
time we talked--


Jarett, just shut up
and fuck me already.

Uh, yeah, that was it.

No, no, play it again.

That's not what
happened. I locked
that door.

I keyed in
the codes.

I got the
red light.

Not according
to ODIN.

Database confirms
what the cameras show.

You keyed the
unlock code twice.

Then the
database is wrong.

Are you postal?

There's nothing wrong
with the database.

You keyed the
wrong codes.

Video shows it, and
computer records
confirm it.

It's wrong.
I locked that door.

What are you saying? I
can't trust what I can
see with my own eyes?

Jim, you
were there.
What happened?

I'm sorry,
I didn't see it.

What do you mean,
you didn't see?

You were standing
next to me.

You were upset.

You've keyed
those codes
a thousand times.

This time, you
made a mistake.

And that's how
I'm writing it
up, all right?


Play it again.

George! George,
you can't do an end
of file on this one.


Because Sankur
was trying to
kill the president.

What if he wasn't
working alone?

No one was
working with Sankur.

How do we know that?

Because the head
office said so.

They've had
this fruit basket
flagged and monitored

ever since he checked out
The Anarchist's Cookbook
from the local library.

He was a lone nut.
Now he's a dead nut.

Well, at least
let Bradley and I
check out his apartment.

Jesus, Gunner!

We might find--

Don't you get it?

You've got
good friends
in high places,

probably because your
testimony helped get
the Eyeborg system on-line.

Aw, come on!
Don't pull that
on me, George!

But push
this too far--

and someone
may press charges
for negligence.

Don't let one mistake
ruin a great career.

I'm not ordering you
as a supervisor.

I'm telling
you as a friend.

Let it go!

What kind
of a tenant
was Sankur?

He was very,
very quiet,

and he was
very strange.

They always are.

Oh, am I gonna
be on television?



These doors
kind of stick.

Oh, there we go.

Thank you.
We won't
be long.

Oh, take your time.

You know,
I'm a fan
of yours.

Oh, thank you.


Thank you.
Bye bye.


Suddenly the clutter
in my apartment doesn't
seem that bad.

Gunner said they were done here,
but it doesn't look like
anybody's been in here!

There's got to be
something really
good here.

Ho, ho, ho.
Here's something good.

Mr. Deller's,
it's been such
a long time.

How are you doing?

Eric, don't even
look at this.

I've got it
under control.

It's like running
into your ex-wife.

Glad to be rid of her,
but there were some
good times.

Come on, Eric, give it--
You take this and I'll
take this.

Pry it loose.
Pry it loose.
Pry it loose.



Look at this,
look at this,
look at this.


This is the kid,

the punk rocker that
Sankur attacked
the other night.

He's related
to the president.

He's related to the
president. That's what
Gunner was hiding!

Yeah, probably worried
you'd report it.

And risk losing
my reporter's license?

I don't think so.

Do you
think he's hiding
something else?

Yeah, he did seem
a little tense.

A little tense?
He threatened
to shoot me.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Sankur claimed this DHS
footage wasn't real.

Is it possible
that this
is fake?

Sure. I mean,
computers these days--

Anybody can make
a computer composite.

But to make it
and rendered in real time?

Now you're
talking some
serious processing power.

Would you check
it out for
me, please?

Worth a bottle
of Deller's?

No, it's not.

I'm kidding,
I'm kidding,
I'm kidding.

Of course I'll do it
for you, Barbara.

Come on!
We're off!

Off to make
the news, baby.

Hello, G-Man? G-Man?

You're supposed to stay open
till 5:00. Where are you?


El hombre de guitar.

Wind blows
open my door,

and who floats in
on the breeze?

None other
than the nephew of
the almighty himself.

Come on,
G, not again.

Still a little touchy
about being related to
the bastard-in-chief, huh?

You really wanna talk
politics to a guy with
purple hair? Seriously?

How's it hanging, J?

It's good. You?

Eh, long and limp,
but at least I can
walk on it.

Now what graces you
to my doorstep?

Check it out.

Let me guess--
Brandon bouncing around
on stage again?

Uh, no. Brandon's,
like, missing.


He disappeared with
some chick after the
High Point show.

Well, if not
him, then who?

A freaking
Lie-borg did this?

Hey, it saved
my life, man.

Really, I'm serious.
I know you don't
like them.

Don't like
them? That's
an understatement.

Look, I can count seven
or eight of them damn
things, right from here,

and every one of them
photon-sucking spy-bots--

Wired directly to
your uncle's office.

Yeah, I'm
actually pretty sure
the ODIN mainframe

is not sitting
in the Oval Office.

Might as well be.

We, the people,
sure don't run
this country anymore.

Looks like my uncle
wants me to play this
fundraiser next week.

Never figured
the C-in-C for
a headbanger.

Think you can
get her done?

Patience, kid, patience.

I love the extremeness
of your life, man.

As long as
those Eyeborgs
are around.

Dude, they're
just cameras.

An EB saved your
life, didn't it?

By taking a pretty
picture of you?

No. By
getting between
me and a bullet.

Wow. Pretty smart
move for a camera,
don't you think?


Here. Read this.

"The Freedom
of Observation Act?"

Are you kidding me?
Did you actually
read all this?

More than the stupid
senators and congressmen
that passed it.

Check out page 742.

"In the absence of any formal
law enforcement authority,

"a unit may act as needed
to obstruct a perpetrator

in the commission
of a crime. "

So yeah, if a terrorist
is about to blow up
a building,

and there's
no cops around
to stop it,

then an Eyeborg
can stop it.


What is wrong
with that?

What's wrong with it?


It's not limited to just
terrorists blowing
up buildings.

What if an
Eyeborg catches you
doing something wrong,

and no one's around
to stop it?

It can do
whatever it wants.

They're just
security cameras.

What if it's
not just a camera?

What if somebody
puts a weapon in it?

Think about it.

Robot soldiers
infiltrating society,

seeking out enemies
of the government.

This is America.

Things like that
can't just happen.

Man, you really had me
going there with all
that conspiracy crap.

It's not crap.
I was there

when they first used
robot soldiers to kill
people in GW2.

I'm telling you--

Eyeborgs keep
us safe.

"Those who choose
safety over freedom
deserve neither."

Benny Franklin, 1776.

Those who would play
for the president
need a working guitar.

Jarett, 5:27.

I'll get her all
pretty for you.
Don't worry.

All right.
Hey, thanks, bro.

See you.

Oh, God, look out.
My God, he's got a gun.

Ha. What
do you know?


Eric, hey,
what's up?

I did what
you asked.

I went over Sankur's
homicide video,

and guess what I found?


Pixel blending.

What does that mean?

If you create
a 3-D object
in a computer,

you can render it with 2-D,
but if the angle's too steep,

you get artifacts.

The only way to get
something like
that perfect

is to have a 3-D scan
of the person.

Without that,
there's always some
flaw to give it away.

In Sankur's clothing,
there's an area

where it looks like--
You guessed it--
Pixel blending.

So does that
mean the video
could be fake?

That's what I just said.

Oh, I knew something
was up. Beam it over
to me right now.

Um, this system's
not networked.

What, are
you in
the Stone Age?

It keeps from getting
viruses, all right?
Hold on. Okay.

Look, I got the chip in hand.
I'll come over and show you
what I'm talking about.

That's even better. I'm gonna
be home in ten minutes.
Go right now. Go.

What is this?

Barbara, I was
just kidding.

Jeez, you want
to get me fired?

Get off of me!

Let me go!

Let go of me.

What are
you doing?

What are
you doing?



Yeah, whoo!

Now that's how you
make the news, baby.

Thank you.

You have
been "dis-armed", baby.


Hell's a'popping.

See what you can find out.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

No, I'm okay.
I'm okay.

I'm okay.

We DLed Eric
leaving the station.

And these are from
the traffic camera.

Eyewitness said
he nearly killed her
when he ran a red light.

He was all over the road,
completely out of control.

Were you aware that
Eric had a history
of alcohol abuse?

Yes, but he was always
so definite that his
drinking was in the past.

Why did you call us?
This was a traffic accident.

What made you think
it was a DHS matter?

This is going to sound
a little crazy now,

but I had Eric analyze
the Sankur homicide video.


Sankur said
the video
wasn't real,

and Eric's a video expert,
so I had him analyze it.

He said it looked fake.

He was coming to show me.

Report from
the forensic guy.

Sounds a lot
less plausible
coming from a drunk.

But he didn't sound drunk.

Computer analysis.

Shows he had almost
a full bottle today.

I'm sorry.

But he
didn't sound drunk.


So how'd you
find me here?

My little
friend showed me.

Oh, yeah. I keep forgetting
you are the father of
the Eyeborgs.

That's not
my favorite title.

It's just that
everybody knows that
if it weren't for you,

the ODIN system
would never have gone
beyond the testing stage.

That's because I
testified in front
of the senate committee,

and you reported
how I felt.

Look, Gunner,
I had a story
to do,

and it was about
how you felt.

You weren't just another
law enforcement officer
bucking for a tool.

Your story--
What happened
to your family--

That is what
moved people.

I just wanted to catch
the bastard that killed
my wife and took my son.

I know. And you got
the Eyeborgs instead.

Yeah, and a very nice note
from the vice president,

thanking me
for my support
on his pet project.

Look, how
close were
you with Eric?

He was like a little brother.
He was a pest sometimes,

but I don't know
what I'm going to do
without him.

If he was drinking again,
do you think he would have
hidden it from you?

Like you hiding that the kid
who was attacked the other night
was the president's nephew?

You are on
a need to
know basis.

I couldn't have
his identity compromised

by putting his
name on the air.

Do you know
what this is?

A journalist's license.

When the government
started requiring

that journalists be licensed,
most of my colleagues quit,

but I stayed.
Do you know why?

Because my
husband was killed
in the last attacks,

and I swore I'd do
whatever I could

to prevent anyone
from having to feel
that kind of pain.

Other reporters
called me a traitor,

but I believe
in what I did,

so don't treat me like
I can't be trusted.

Are you certain that Eric
was right about the video?

Absolutely. I
am positive.

Because if you report
what I'm about to tell you,

we could both
be brought up on
Patriot Act charges.

Well then, I guess
it's all about trust,
then, isn't it?

I must be
losing my mind.

Fine. There
are things--

Small things,
but a lot of them.

... Vetoed pending legislation,

domestic deployment,

saying with the
ever-changing nature
of the terrorist threat,

it is vital to keep
all options open.

Earlier this afternoon,
Vice President Rutledge

introduced the latest
in a developing line

of military
killer robot soldiers.


These robot soldiers,

which are being
deployed today,

are designed to protect
our men and women overseas

and our children at home.

Why did the president
veto a bill

designed to prohibit
domestic deployment?

Terrorism knows no borders.
Now, the president and I

are gonna be exploring
every option available

to make sure that we protect
all the citizens of
this country.


You got to
stop the project.

Is your line encrypted?

It doesn't matter.
They know.

Where are you?

Look, I don't think
I have much time.

You--you got to
cancel the project.

David, calm down.

It's rigged
and ready.

Well, unrig it.
Unrig it now!


The president.

The Eyeborgs.
I know the truth.

What truth?

God help us all.

They're here.


Robot rats.

Come on, try
to get a piece of me,
you silicon psychos!

You little
binary bastards.

Little digital dingoes.



Hey, G-Man.

Hey, G,
You in there, man?

Hey, G, it's Jarett.

Hey, hey, hey.

Help, help, help.

Help. Hey, hey, hey.

Help, help. Help. Help.

Help. Hey. Whoa.

G-Man! G-Man!
Oh, God.

G-Man. I
need an ambulance.

I'm in Liberty
and Trade Street
behind Midtown Guitar.

Don't tell me
to calm down!

Want to go
over the part again

about what you
saw in the alley?

I saw an Eyeborg rushing
out, and it attacked me.

Eyeborgs aren't allowed
on private property
without a warrant.

I know that.

There's no
warrant issued
for this property,

so there's
no way there was
an Eyeborg inside.

Video surveillance
in the alley.

No, no,
that's not right.

No, it wasn't a man.
It was an Eyeborg.

It was one of those,
it was one of the
big spidery ones.

Yeah, but
I see a man.

But you're not seeing
through your eyes.

You're seeing
with their eyes.

I saw what I saw.

What are you doing?
Are you going nuts?

I'd like to know
if my partner's going nuts
before you get us both killed.

I don't know, Jim.

Just cut me
some slack.

I'm working
on something.

Is that the guitar
G-Man repaired?

Yeah. G-Man
was the best.

Can I take her?

Sure. It's
not evidence.

Try to stay
out of trouble.

I just want to go home
and be with my girl.

Guilty conscience
there, partner?

Is this a joke?

Come on.

Come on, son.
I'll buy you
some ice cream.

My momma warned me
about guys like you.

Thank you,
Iris. Ahhh.

Isn't this fabulous?

Sure you don't want some?

It's freedom vanilla.

What's the
deal, man?

Am I under arrest here?

I mean, every time
something bad happens--

I thought this would be
a safe place to talk.

And now
G-man is dead.

I thought this would
relax you a little bit,

because you
seem to be very
tense most of the time.

Now, of course, I'm eating
freedom vanilla ice cream

in an exotic car wash
with a DHS officer.

I believe you
saw an Eyeborg
the other night.

Thank you.

I can't be certain, but I think
someone hacked into
the ODIN system

and is controlling them.



Yeah, no, I know.
I thought there were--

I think someone's
trying to kill
the president.

Huh? Are you
kidding me?

No, I'm not.


Someone has compromised
our surveillance system.

Like who?

Like terrorists.

Ooh, terrorists.
I'm so scared.

The government made
the Eyeborgs, they
control the Eyeborgs,

but if something goes
wrong, it's never the
government's fault.

There's a traitor somewhere,
somewhere probably high up
in government office.

Maybe even inside
the DHS.

What do you want me
to do about it?

I need you
to contact
the president.

You have found
the wrong guy
for that.

We're talking about
his life here.

I can't do that.

Why not? You're the
only one that can go
directly to him.

- They won't believe me.
- Why not?

They won't believe me.
Look, there is an
entire branch

of government that's
set up to protect him.
You don't need me.

Listen, son.

Whether you want to be
involved in this or not,
you are.

Now, you, the president,
and anyone connected to you
could be in serious danger.

We don't know anyone
in Zimbekistan.

So what you're telling me

is that this money came from
the government of Zimbekistan,

and not a
private individual?

Well, you or somebody
higher up than you

is gonna get this money
back to Zimbekistan

if we have to be here till
Gulf War 7 breaks out.

All right, I expect to hear
from you within the hour.
Thank you.

Get--get out.

Get out.
Shoo. Get out!

You're not supposed
to be in here.

Fine. If you won't
get out, I will.

Call Jarett. Call--

Call Jarett.

I'm sorry, command
not understood.


Hey, baby,
you will never
guess what--

Jarett, help.


Ronni? Hello, hello?
Can you see me?

Jarett, help.

Yeah, you're breaking up.
I can't really see you.

What's going on?
Are you all right?


Ronni, I'm on my way.

I'm on my way
home right now, okay?

Hang tight.




Ronni? Ronni?

Ronni? Hey, Ronni?




Ronni, are you in there?


No, no, no, Ronni.

Ronni! Ronni!

Please, Ronni. Ronni.


They're calling
it a suicide

because she
had a history,
but I told them

what I thought I saw
on the phone-- An Eyeborg--
When she called me.

And what did
the police say
when you said that?

There was no record
that she called.

Did you speak
to your uncle?

No, I tried.
I can't get
ahold of him.

He's coming here tomorrow.
I need you to make
that meeting.

No, no. I
can't. I can't.

I can't do that.

Jarett, I know this is
really hard on you,

but think about
what happened to Ronni,

what almost
happened to you.

Your uncle could be
in extreme danger.

Well, that's not
my problem.
That's not.

No. That's not my
fucking problem.

You have no idea
what you're asking me
to do here, okay?

I never, I never
talk to my family.

I mean, I am so
far over on the other
fucking side of this--

And there's
no way--

I'm not.
No. I'm--

Jarett Hewes?


Please hold for
the president.

It's him.


Uncle Benjamin.

I heard about
what happened,

and I am so sorry.

Is there anything
I can do to help?

No, thank you.

Um, it's just...

I--I need to tell you something.
I need to talk to you
about the Eyeborgs.

Wait just a minute.

Will you excuse
us, please?

Now, Jarett, listen
very carefully to me.

This is not a secure line,
and I'm not in a position
to talk right now.

But it is very important
that you not mention this
to anyone else.

Just promise me
you'll be there
tomorrow night,

and we can
sort this out
face to face.

I really don't know
if I can be there.

Jarett, please.

At least let me see you
after what's happened.


Okay, I'll
be there.

I'll see you
tomorrow, then.

Okay, bye.

He sounded concerned.

It doesn't
seem like you're on
the other side, does it?

Okay. Okay.
I will play
that fundraiser.

It's what Ronni
wanted me to do.

But if I'm going
to walk in there and try
to convince the president

that security cameras
are killing people,

I need some
real proof.

I'll get you
the proof.

You just be there.



Let's go.

Live from 44 HD
election central,

this is campaign coverage
of Decision America,

with Jack Romero,
Jill Coppola,

Barbara Hawkins, Jamie Kell,

and the Eyewitness News Team.

Good afternoon to you.
I'm Jack Romero.

And I'm Jill Coppola.

Coming to you live
from our state-of-the-art
election central newsroom.

Today, Eyewitness News'
continuing coverage
of Decision America,

and the final presidential
debate of this election.

We begin our coverage
with Barbara Hawkins
at the debate site.


Thank you, Jill.

The day of the debate
has finally arrived

in Winston-Salem
at the beautiful
Millennium Center.

The president's limo
arrived moments ago,

and we've been informed
that he was escorted inside,

where a crowd
of invited supporters

awaits him
behind closed doors.


This is a great
idea you had,

checking out what's
his face's shop.


I know
what happened here.
I saw the movie.

Well, now you can
read the book.

Ha ha ha.
That's funny.

Take a look at that.

What do you suppose
made this?

Look, I know
what I saw
in the video.

Well, let's take
a look inside.

Although only supporters
are allowed near the president

for security reasons,

there are, in fact,
many protesters

demonstrating against
his policies here today.

For safety, such
dissenters are kept far
away from the president

in tightly regulated
first amendment zones.

Thank you, Barbara.

You ever think about
how easy the Eyeborgs make it

to get convictions?

If you mean having video
of a crime as compelling
evidence, then yeah.

It's hard to
argue with video.

Exactly. No
cross examination.

Was there anything
on the computers?

Nothing. Our guys
went over it from the
last bit and pixel.

Someone that doesn't
trust machines

wouldn't put anything
in there.

He'd be doing things
the old-fashioned way.

You heard it here--

The president says
he understands and agrees

that we are way in
over our heads financially,

yet he continues to perpetuate
the problem by continuing

to put more money into
a system which is
controlling us,

and my goal
is to cut that out.

What are
you doing?

It's hollow.


There is one word

that the senator likes
to use a lot

with reference to ODIN,
and that's control.

There's a very big difference
between observation
and control.

Here. That's
it. Come here.

...the ODIN system.

And from conception
into development,

into manufacturing,
into implementation,

many, many jobs
have been created.

Good afternoon, Mr. Hewes.
Take that, please?

I think to the tune of
over six million jobs
have been created,

and ladies and gentlemen,
every one of those jobs
is within the United States.

We have greatly increased
the gross national product,

and increased the tax base
and the revenues of the
federal government.

It pays for itself,
ladies and gentlemen.

DHS to Secret Service,
Headliner has entered
the building.

What's this?

Look at these designs.

Weapons on the Eyeborgs?

They must be fake.

She's not lax at all,
and we both know that.

We just disagree.
We simply disagree.


We all know
how I feel
about it,

and I'm hoping one day,
she'll reveal how she
feels about it,

and what she wants
to do instead.

I want to
make one thing
perfectly clear,

and that is
I agree with
the president.

I believe
that we should
be protected.

I believe
that we do
need security.

However, there is
a very thin line

between being protected
and an invasion of privacy.


What's this?

Looks like C-4.

It's more like
a C-4 variant.

It's odorless
and malleable.

This could
get past the scanners
without a problem.

There's no scent.
The sniffers
would miss it.

G-Man had to get it
near the president. How?

We are not watching
the American people.

These are cameras
and mobile units.
They are not human.

They are observing
and recording behavior.

There are many levels,
and the first level
is behavior number one.

Number one is simply
normal human behavior.

There's no threat.
There's no red flag.

When a mobile unit
or a camera

sees behavior that indicates
possible criminal activity
is in the works,

it goes to level two.
Still, no human eye
is on the human being.

I can't
get a signal
down here.

Come on,
we've got
to warn them.

Let's go.

Jim, be careful.

What? Maybe
they can help
us get a signal.

Guys, we
need for you
to get us--






Come on, Ed.

Gunner, what the hell
happened to you?

Jim Bradley's dead.


The Eyeborgs have
been compromised.

How can the Eyeborgs
be compromised?

And that's not
our only problem.

Jarett Hewes,
the president's nephew,

has a bomb hidden
in his guitar.

The kid's already
in the building.

We'll secure
the perimeter.

You take a team in
and get the president
out of there.

Yes, sir.

Sanchez, get your
team together.

Let's not hurt the kid.
He doesn't know
he's been set up.

What's going on?
What happened?

Terrorists have control
of the Eyeborgs,

and Jarett's guitar is rigged
to assassinate the president.

That's not funny.

No, you're right.
It's not.

Round them up.
Move them out.

What's the situation?

The debates are
still going on

but we can't
contact anyone
on the radio.

Our first
priority is to get
the president out.


Let's go, commander.

Yup. Sanchez?

DHS, Secret
Service. Stand down.

Where are
the president's guards?

I don't know.
They should
be here.

We're taking the president
off-stage, then we get him
out of the building.

Gunner, wait. Let's
get a twenty on
that kid first.

Coyle, take a team.

I want
you to sweep
the building.

Sanchez, I want you
to do a perimeter
with a team,

and I want
the bomb squad--

Gunner, Gunner.

It's not real.

Oh, Lord.
He's not real.

What's going on?

Where's the president?

There is no president.


There is no president.

I don't understand.
Did terrorists--

There are
no terrorists.
No terrorists,

no election,
no president,
no more democracy.

ODIN has
been using us.

That's why we
invade one country
after another--

So it can breed.

You're recording
this, right?

Just keep recording

and sending it
to the station.

Where's Barbara's feed?

It must be some
kind of a problem

with the
robot camera
we gave her.

Have you called her?

There was no answer,

but there's nothing
for her to do until
the debate's over.

I suppose.

Well, no more.

Not on my watch.

I want that boy
out of here.

Ed, can you hear me?

Right here, right here.

What do
we do now?

High, low. On two.
One, two.

Ladies and gentlemen,
this is unbelievable.

There is no president,

no room of
invited supporters.

We've got to get Jarett
and that bomb out of
this building.

ODIN will go
to any extreme,

even kill our own
American heroes,

to keep it secret.


No one knows
how long this--



What are
you doing here?
You all right?

I can't move my legs.

We'll get you
out of here.

No, no,
have you found
Jarett yet?

He's somewhere
in the building.
I don't know where.

The basement.
They've got him
in the old jail.

How do you know?

I've done
a million stories
on this place.

It used to
be the old
federal building.

We've got to
get past them.

No, there's another way.
See that slot up there?

It's part of the old
surveillance tunnels.

They connect every room
in the building.

Oh. There's a door
behind that curtain.

You just get in there.

You can get
to the basement
and get Jarett out.

Sanchez, send
a bravo team.
Go with Gunner.


Leave me the nine mil,
another clip, and
I'll be fine.

Don't do
anything stupid.

We'll get you
on the way out.

Go, go,
go, go, go.

Where is Barbara?

We have gunshot fire
from within the
Millennium Center.

Communications have been
compromised. Let's go quietly.


Team, go!

I'm here.

Help, help.


You all right?

Oh, my God,
what's happening?
Where's Uncle Benjamin?

He's dead.

Probably has
been for years.

But he's
the president.

Not anymore.

What is this?

I don't know.
Some kind of 3-D
scanner or something.

Oh, God.

Ahh. Ahh.

Let's be
very careful
with this.

Thank you.

Don't thank me.
There's a bomb
in it.


Fall back.

What's happening
out there?

As far as we know,
the president is safe.

But we can neither
confirm nor deny
at this time.

What the hell
are those?

An Eyeborg
no human
ever designed.

Coyle, what'd
they do to
you, man?


Come on.


Gunner, take
the guitar.

Get him out.
I got you covered.

No, Sanchez.
Come back, San--



Jarett, son,
come here, son.

Come here.

Look at me,
look at me.

I need you
on your feet.

All right?
You understand?


All right,
give me your arm.

Come on.
Come on!

Gunner, what happened
to the others?

Doesn't matter.
We got to go.

Oh, no. Oh, God.

No, you
can't move me.

Yes, I can.

Take Jarett.
I can barely walk.

Come on,
we haven't
got much time!

No, you take
Jarett and
take these.

These are
the computer chips
from my camera.

They'll have everything
that happened today.

They'll be the last
recorded video.

It's the only
proof you'll have
of what happened.


I'm taking you out.

Promise me
you'll take
these out.

Promise me, Gunner!
Promise me!

I promise.

All right, look,
you promise
me something--

Whatever comes through
that door, do not move.

They are
programmed to
attack. Do not move.

And I will be
back for you.

I know. I know.

I know.

Come on, son.
I'm getting you
out of here.

Come on,
look at me.

Look at me.
You can do this.
Put your arm around me.

Again, I'm not sure
if gunshots have
been fired,

or if it's something
that sounds like gunshots.
Standing by.

Do you know
what I've
got here?

The delete key.


I, Thomas Rutledge,
do solemnly swear--

I, Thomas Rutledge,
do solemnly swear--

That I will faithfully execute
the office of president
of the United States--

That I will faithfully execute
the office of president
of the United States--

are looking at
history in the making--

Footage just released,
showing the former
vice president

in an undisclosed location
taking the oath of office

and assuming his position
as the next U.S. president.

Welcome to
Eyewitness News.
I'm Jack Romero.

And I'm
Jill Coppola.

The new
wasted no time

deploying a
coordinated assault

involving army, navy
and air force troops

against the
tiny, oil-producing
nation of Zimbekistan.

We have irrefutable proof
that Zimbekistan is involved

beyond the funds given
to the traitor Jarett Hewes

for his involvement
in this terrorist
assassination plot.

Sad to say that
we dare not
trust anyone,

not even our
own relatives.

My administration has
just begun implementing

security provisions

designed to protect you.

With that, God bless you,
and God bless America.


Thanks, man.
See you soon.

What about
that video?

Everybody knows
that videos can
be faked.

Regardless of the
motives of people,

they're designed
to confused you,

so you must ask yourself,
each and every citizen
of this country,

ask yourself one question
and one question only--

Who do you believe?

A government
that is sworn
to protect you,

or a
ratings-hungry media
beholden to no one?

Dude, this outfit
so does not work for me.

Eyeborgs use visual
pattern recognition.

Besides, you
look good in it.

Really, man? Here?
I mean, just--

It was either here
or the exotic car wash.

I thought this would be
better for your soul.

Hmm. Wanna know
my preference?

Oh, no, I don't.

The world thinks
I'm dead already.

Look, we go
public with this,

and I get out there
in front of cameras--

Trust me,
it's been done
with cameras before.

Gunner, I can't
just sit here
and do nothing

while people
are out there dying.

video has gone viral
all over the net.

It's spreading
like crazy,
going peer-to-peer.

can't stop it.

So what do we do?

Be patient.

People aren't
just accepting
what they hear anymore.

Things are changing.

We have to
stop the machine.

We will.

Have faith, my son.

Thank you, Father.

The Lord gave
me my eyes to
see for myself.

I don't need
yours anymore.

Coming up next
on Eyewitness News 44 HD,
a nation mourns the loss

of its longest-sitting leader
since FDR and recalls
his legacy.

All the while,
even under more
tight security,

the Vice President is sworn
in as the nation's new

Also, US condemnation of
Zimbekistan for the attack,

and threats of military
retaliation against
the tiny nation

in response
to the unprecedented--

No one knows how long
ODIN has perpetrated this--

And builds
a new coalition

A president that's merely
an artificial figurehead.


Uh, clearly some kind
of technical problem there.

Some kind of
a ghost-like--

We're not quite sure
what that was we
just saw.

Perhaps some kind
of practical joke

by somebody
with a very sick
sense of humor.

But I'm
sure the FCC
and this network

will investigate
and prosecute
those responsible.

Meantime, we apologize
for the interruption.

We hope you'll stay with us
through the break and into
our next program.

Stay tuned, and thank you.

Was that--?

Damndest thing
I've ever seen.

What do you believe?