Eyeball (1975) - full transcript

A maniac killer in a red cape and hood is killing off American tourists on a tour bus by gouging out their eyeballs.

I think you should buy another ticket.
It would be the best solution for you.

- Thanks!
- You're welcome.

- Destination?
- New York.

Exit 2. The flight is
boarding in twenty minutes.

It is non-stop, right?

Yes. It will land in New
York in seven hours.

Can I change my ticket? I'd
like to stop in Barcelona.

One moment.

There's an Iberia
flight in one hour.

It will arrive in Barcelona at 11:20.
Do you want me to change your ticket?

Yes, please change it.

Your water, miss.

Miss? Here's your water.

Thank you.

Attention, please.

To all passengers, please fasten your seat
belts and observe the no smoking sign.

We'll be landing at the airport
in Barcelona in a few minutes.

Thank you.

Welcome to Barcelona!

Three million inhabitants, second city
in Spain and the capital of Catalonia!

It's known as the pearl of the
Mediterranean, with good reason!

It's so beautiful!

Valencia to Barcelona in five hours.
How do you like old Martinez?

Let's hear it for Martinez!

Stop or I'll get emotional
and forget everything!

This is the historic town centre,
you can see the Palau Nacional...

...and the Plaza de Toros.

Not something you see
everyday back home, right?

What a strange tower.
Do you like it?

See? That's where I went to school.
It's a bank now.

Stop it, Robby, I've had enough.

Your house has been
turned into a hotel...

...your playground has been
turned into a parking lot...

...you've been bothering me since we left.
Why can't you be less trite?


Well, I thought you'd have
liked to see where I lived.


You can see the Gothic
Quarter on the left.

On the right you can see the
Cathedral of Santa Eulalia.

You're always sitting alone, Father
Bronson. Why don't you join us?

We could have a
little chat together!

Thanks, I'd love to. I'll
join you in a little while!

- Can you see better now, dear?
- Yes!

That statue depicts
Christopher Columbus.

Some people say he was Italian,
but I guarantee you that's a lie!

Listen to old Martinez, people: Columbus
was Spanish, definitely Spanish!

- Is it true?
- I don't know. What do you say, Ms. Stone?

Whatever he was, he should
have gone another way.

- It wasn't a big discovery.
- Why is that so?

Here we are!

- Your key, Mr. Hamilton. And yours.
- Thanks.

- Good morning.
- Good morning to you.

Hold the oranges.

Room 19.

One more thing, Ms. Stone. Someone
called you from Paris this morning.

- Paris? Are you sure?
- Of course I am.

I've answered it myself and said that you
weren't expected till early afternoon.

- Did you get a name?
- Sorry. I only spoke with the operator.

Good morning.

Don't forget Peggy's deodorant.

Peggy! What happened?

You've got an hour to freshen
up, we're going to the Ramblas!

- Mom, look! It's beautiful!
- Not bad, but don't stop.

- Are you having fun?
- We are.

Have you seen my granddaughter?

- I don't think so.
- If you do, tell her I'm looking for her.

I will, but don't get too worried,
Jenny's not a child anymore.

Exactly, that's why
I'm so worried.

See you later, father.

Excuse me, have you seen a young American
girl with dark hair and light eyes?

No, I'm sorry.

Thanks anyway.

Hold that pose, Naiba,
and give me a smile.

Do you like
chrysanthemums, Lisa?

What a silly question. You know
they're the flowers of death.

Hold it.


- Come on...
- Stop, there's too many people.


See you tonight.

Is it yours?



Let's get out of here.


What are you doing here?

I can't tell you now.

- What happened?
- That poor girl!

Quick, let's go!

- We must do something!
- Call the police!

God, I'll never forget the vision
of that poor girl's eye socket.

The other one looked as
if it was staring at me.

It's horrible. Try not
to think about it.

Here, drink.

A little better?

Why did you come, Mark? Why do
you want to complicate things?

When we were in Paris, me and
Alma did nothing but argue.

So, when the conference ended, I decided
not to go back to America with her.

I told Alma I'd join her in a few
days but I came here instead.

I wanted to see you again.

I wanted to be with you.

Not under these
conditions, Mark.

I already told you.

I want to compete with your
wife on an equal basis.

I don't want to take advantage of
your situation. I'd feel terrible.

We'll have this conversation again
when she'll recover from her illness.

I can wait.

That's not true and you know it.

The first time was a mistake
that won't happen again.

I don't want to
be your mistress.

To work for you and to be in love with you
is difficult enough. Try to understand.

Besides, I hate
making compromises.

Stop saying that, it's
just a matter of time.

Alma didn't go back
to Burlington.

I've convinced her to undergo deep
sleep therapy in a New York clinic.

She had a nervous breakdown. I'll tell
her the truth once she gets better.

She'll realize that divorce
is our only solution.

What are you going to do now?

Stay here with you.

There's going to be a lot of gossip.
All the others are from Burlington.

So what? Don't you
like taking risks?

It's my last week
as a policeman.

Eight days from now I'll stop chasing
criminals to start fishing trouts.

I've been waiting
years for this.

You can't wait to
take over, huh?

Well, inspector, I can't deny that.

When I was your age I was
chasing small-time crooks.

It was a different
time, of course.

I had to learn
everything on my own.

No police academies back then.

What can you tell
me about your men?

One thing at a time.

There's still a week to go. That can
be quite a long time, young man.


Yes, it's me.

Where did it happen?

The Ramblas?

I see. I'll be right there.

Actually, we'll be right there.

Did you ever witness an
autopsy during your training?

The blade entered the abdomen several
times from different angles.

The blows were inflicted
with great violence.

The liver was greatly lacerated, while the
lungs presented more superficial wounds.

What I don't understand is the
mutilation of the left eye.

I guess the killer wanted
to torture the victim.

Excuse me, doctor.

Are you saying we're
dealing with a sadist?

Yes, I wouldn't rule it out.

What kind of weapon was it?

A navaja knife, I'd say. Or something
similar like a long, double-edged blade.

What about the victim?

Her name was Pepita Barreiro.
She was 18.

Her father owns a flower
shop on the Ramblas.

It's very close to where
the victim was killed.

No witnesses?

No one except for a priest who
claims he heard her screams.

Where is he now?

If only I had arrived earlier,
I might have saved her.

You can't imagine how worried I was, Jenny
wandered off without saying anything.

When I heard that poor girl screaming,
for a moment I thought that...

Stop that.

Lisa, look.

Who's coming?

I'd like you to meet Mark Burton, the
president of the company I work for.

We bumped into each
other this morning.

What a small world.

You can sit down here. I can go to the
next table, there's an empty seat.

Don't worry, father. Me and my
secretary can sit at another table.

No worries at all, Mr. Burton.
Please sit down.


Are you from Burlington, too?

Well, not exactly.

I've been living there since I
became president of Murray & Sons.

So, what do you do?


And what does that mean?


- I'll give you an example.
- Let's see.

You know the prizes and free gifts you can
find in boxes of detergents sold in stores?

That's part of what
promotion means.

Yeah, I recognize him
now, that's Mark Burton!

I went to school with his wife and I
see her all the time in Burlington!

Poor Alma, she wouldn't like to see her
husband fooling around with that girl.

What do you mean, Mrs. Alvarado? Ms.
Stone is just his secretary.

Is that so, father?

- Come on.
- How much longer do we have to wait?

A gift for you, miss.

This is the Tibidabo, the
highest point in Barcelona.

What's the point of going to an
amusement park when it rains?

There's no point, but you can't
change the itinerary, right?

Did you get that? She's
always complaining.

I think I agree with your granddaughter.
There's no point.

I guess Mr. Burton agrees with your two.
He didn't show up.

He had some business to attend
to but he'll join us later.

Are we still doing
the photo shoot?

- Yes, of course.
- With this rain?

It might stop.

Here you go. On the house.

- Here.
- Thanks! You're too kind!

- Mr. Hamilton.
- Thanks.

- Miss Jenny.
- They look so nice!

Hurry up, Jenny!

- Let's go!
- Wait for me!


I think it's stopped raining.

- Peggy, have you seen Martinez?
- Yes, he was over there.

I'm gonna find him. I'm out of film
and I think he's got more on the bus.

Let's go to the haunted tunnel!
It'll be fun!


- You go, I want to get a roll of film.
- All right!

- Come on, let's go!
- Yeah!

My God, look!

- Where's my daughter?
- What happened?

- Don't let her see!
- Right!

What have they done to my daughter?
Let me see her!

Let go of me! I want to see her!

Peggy! Peggy!

Two murders with the
same modus operandi.

We haven't found it yet, but we're also
sure that the killer used the same weapon.

There's one more thing. You're
all connected to both cases.

Either the killer is
targeting your group...

...or the culprit is here.

That's absurd! We're all from Burlington
and we've known each other for years!

He's right, inspector. There
are no monsters among us.

Of course! The killer is probably
some maniac, or a boozer!

Something similar happened in Burlington,
too. You remember that, father?

One year ago, a maniac killed
a girl near the railway.

I remember.

They got him fast.

He was a beggar, a real nutcase.

Try to calm down, Mr. Hamilton.

No one's accusing you.

You're innocent.

This was found in
the victim's hand.

Is this yours?

Yes, it is. I lost it
yesterday in the dining room.

It's a lie! He had it this
morning, when we were on the bus!

That's not true!

He was always pranking all
of us, including Peggy!

He loved to scare us and got a
kick out of making people scream!

I didn't do anything! I told you
I lost the spider yesterday!

And now you're losing your head.

You're coming with us.

- Inspector Lara.
- Bring him in?


Enjoy the rest of the evening.

Are you travelling
with this group?

This is inspector Tudela. He's
investigating Peggy's death.

My name is Mark Burton.

She's my secretary. I'm
in town for business.

I see. Keep yourself available, I
might have to ask you some questions.

What is it? Why don't you
take your clothes off?

Don't you wanna get into bed?

Leave me alone. I don't
feel like it tonight.

Yeah, I understand how you feel.
It's a horrible tragedy.

But you don't have
to get mad at me.

You think I didn't notice how
nice you were with Peggy?

You never missed a chance to
talk, caress or embrace her!

- Don't be silly.
- You liked her, don't deny it.

I wouldn't be surprised
if she refused you and...

Come on, spill it.

Where were you when Peggy was killed?
Tell me!


Forgive me, Naiba.

Stop crying. Please.

Forgive me, I didn't mean it.

Come on, stop crying.


This holiday has turned
into a nightmare.

I want to go home, Robby.
I can't take it anymore.

The killer has been arrested.
There is nothing to fear.

What if they got the
wrong guy, huh?

There's one thing I know, dear.

I've planned this trip for years
and I won't leave until...

...I visit the place where I
was wounded during the war.

- Wounded, you say?
- During a bombing. I told you that.

- Where did they hit you?
- On the back of my neck.

Gail, you cannot believe that...

I'm sorry to bother you, Mr. Hamilton.
My wife isn't feeling well and...

...I was wondering if Jenny might
have a tranquilizer for her.

Yes, we have some.
Please, come inside.

I was having a shave.

- Hello?
- New York's on the line. Speak up, please.

St. George clinic.

I'd like to speak to Mrs. Alma Burton.
I'm her husband.

One moment, please.

I'm sorry, she's not here.

She was due here on July
12 but she never arrived.

- Hello, did you hear me?
- Yes. Thank you.

Alma never went to the clinic.

- Yes?
- Everything fine with your call, sir?

Yes, thank you.

Miss, could you connect me with
Burlington, Vermont, please?

Number, please.

Two, three, four...

...six, two, five and one.

Hold on, please.
I'll dial directly.

What does this mean?

Why isn't she at the clinic?

I don't know.

I've got a dial tone.

I'm sorry, nobody is picking up.

Thank you.

That's strange, she's
not home either.

Why are you so worried?

She probably changed her
mind about the clinic.

And she's not home right now.
What's strange about that?

- I hope you're right.
- What's worrying you?

Nothing. Some weird thoughts...

I'm sorry, but I don't feel
like talking about it.

Hey, you!

Wait a sec! What are
you looking for?

Who are you? Quick, tell me!

Come on, tell me!

What happened, Paco?
Who's that guy?

Pepita's killer!
Call the police!

Mr. Burton! Mr. Burton!

I'm so lucky I ran into you.

The hotel received an urgent call for
you while we were eating breakfast.

Here's the message.

I wrote it down because
your secretary had left.

9.45, your wife called. She is waiting
at the Hotel Presidente, room 108.

Thanks, father. See you later!

Thank you.

Mrs. Alma Burton, please.

Room 108.

There must be a mistake, sir. The
guest in room 108 is Ms. Foster.

I'm sorry. Maybe you
got the wrong hotel.

Oh, how silly of me.
Burton is her maiden name.

- Would you announce me?
- Your name, sir?

Her husband.

In that case, you can go right up. Third
floor, the elevator is on the right.

Thank you.




The group is meeting at
the Montjuïc Castle.

Are you coming?

Maybe. I don't know.

What's the matter?

You're acting so strange.

Please, Paulette. Don't ask me
questions, at least not for the moment.

I'll tell you later,
at the right time.

See? You're admitting that
you're hiding something from me.

Why don't you confide in me?

I know this is a
bad time for you.

I could help you, but only if you
don't consider me a stranger.

At least you could tell me where
you spent the whole morning.

Was it so important to leave
me alone without a word?

That's enough! Stop
asking me questions!

I told you there's
nothing to explain!

Such a lovely day.

- You work too much. Here.
- No! No!

You hungry? Eat up.

- Have you seen Mr. Hamilton?
- No, I'm the first one here.

You go ahead, I'm waiting for my husband.
I'll tell Hamilton you're looking for him.


What happened?

Tell us!

Another murdered girl.

Robby, what happened to you?

- So, Mr. Alvarado...
- I already told you!

She was washing clothes at the fountain.
She wore a miniskirt.

I said something and
tried to touch her.

I admit my mistake. She got mad
and started scratching me.

And, coincidentally, right
after that she disappears.

Moreover, no one around here has
seen her or knows who she is.

Tell me, does it
seem normal to you?

I've had enough of this.
Arrest me if you want.

But at least tell me my motivation
behind gouging out that poor girl's eye...

...and behind killing Peggy and
the first victim. That's absurd!

Maybe. We still got to
prove who scratched you.

We'll see.

Hold on, inspector.

Look at all that mud. The
killer's shoes must be dirty.

That's probable.

A little while ago, Paulette was
washing her shoes in a fountain.

They were covered with mud,
just like Inspector Lara's.

What shoes is she talking about?


It was hot so I decided
to put on another pair.

And you washed the first
pair in the fountain?

Yes, I didn't want to put a
pair of dirty shoes in my bag.

Inspector, I think we should send them
to the lab to check the traces of mud.

Don't you think so?

You see, Inspector Lara, all shoes
here are covered with dirt...

...and if Ms. Stone washed hers it's
obvious that we will find mud traces.

Don't you think so?

Inspector, none of us could
have murdered those girls.

The killer isn't among us.
I'm sure of it.

How can you be so sure?

Good morning. I'd like to talk to Ms.

- I'm sorry, she left an hour ago.
- What?

Are you sure about that?

She said she had urgent business in
New York. I booked her flight myself.

- What flight?
- The Pan American flight at 5.55.

- You're her husband, right?
- Yes, why?

Ms. Foster left
this in her room.


Excuse me, what is the gate
for the New York flight?

- Gate 3.
- That one?


Attention, please. Ms. Foster,
travelling on flight 320 to New York...

...please proceed to Gate 3. I repeat, Ms.
Foster, please proceed to Gate 3.

Yes, all right. Very well.
You're welcome.

Excuse me, what about Ms.

She has canceled her flight.

- When?
- I just talked to her on the phone.

- Do you know where she was calling from?
- She didn't say, sorry.

Thank you.


- You leaving too?
- I'm seeing the Randalls off.

First class. Non-stop
flight, if available.

Those poor people. I
feel so sorry for them.


Lisa, could you take
a look at this?

You're really photogenic.

Don't look at me. Take a
good look at the woman.

- Who is she?
- That's not important.

Just tell me if you're
willing to help me.

Yes, but I don't understand.

Listen, I know this is a weird
request, but I've gotta try anyway.

You're a professional
photographer, after all.

I'm sorry, but I just
don't understand.

Look at the woman, remember her face.
Better yet, keep the picture.

Now listen to me. This
woman is in Barcelona.

If you should meet her on the
street, you must take her picture.

I can't tell you
more at the moment.

Do you think I could see her?

There's a chance that she
might come to our hotel.

Will you help me?

You must not tell anyone.

Has it something to
do with the murders?

Where have you been all day?

Don't worry, I can assure you I
was not staring at young girls.

Where did you get this?

My hairdresser, I suppose.

These matches are from
the Hotel Presidente.

What were you doing there?

One of the best hairdressers
in town works there.

I had my hair done there.

Get out of here and
remember what I told you!

Don't worry, I'll keep my eyes open for
suspects! I even understand English!

- You can count on me, inspector!
- Go.

- Thank you!
- Get out.

It was a mistake to arrest him.

Just say it if that's
what you're thinking.

- That's not what I...
- But that's what I think.

The left eye. There must be a
meaning, don't you think, inspector?

Even the craziest of killers
follows some sort of logic.

No matter how absurd or insane,
there's always a logic.

If we find the reason behind
the mutilations, we...

...we'll nail the culprit!

Is that what they taught
you in the academy?

You better keep searching
for the murder weapon.

The chief is furious, the American
consulate is pressuring him for results.

Why don't we ask the consulate to
give us some details on the group?

- We could find something useful.
- Already done.

Already done.

I spoke yesterday with Mr. Williams,
the secretary at the consulate.

- I know you think I'm just an old fart.
- Inspector, I...

You keep investigating. You
know, I'm in this situation...

...just because this maniac started his
killing spree a week before my retirement.

Come in.

- Am I disturbing you?
- Quite the contrary.

Why are you avoiding me, then?

I don't want to start
arguing like yesterday.

You're right. I'm sorry.

We're all so nervous and, much worse,
we've even begun to hate each other...

...and to suspect each other.

- Are you talking about Mrs. Alvarado?
- And myself as well.

I wish I had never
come here, believe me.

I would like to be a million miles
away from here. To be in Burlington.


Do you remember what happened a year
ago near my home in Burlington?

I do. Hamilton was mentioning
it the other night.

The victim, Terry Moore, was
killed in the same way.

Yes, it happened near the
railway, if I'm not mistaken.

Did you know her?


These things happen everywhere, but in
that case they got the killer immediately.

I think he was a beggar
and an alcoholic.

That man killed himself
before they arrested him!

Listen to me, Paulette,
and don't interrupt me.

I know that he was innocent.

My relationship with Alma had
already become troubled...

...even though there was
nothing yet between you and me.

She had a total
nervous breakdown.

She knew she couldn't have children and
it made her more and more jealous.

She had hysterical fits and
she was always fainting.

I don't know if you remember.

I was often out of the office, back then.
I went home earlier that day.

The news of the
murder just got out.

They were looking
for the killer.

I was driving a Pontiac
Sedan then, remember?

I parked in my
driveway, as usual.

I was about to open the garage
door when, by the pool, I saw...

...Alma. She was unconscious.

As I got closer, I noticed that her hand
was holding a dagger covered in blood.

It's true, it was a
dagger covered in blood.

And, next to her, a
soft, vitreous lump.

It felt like a nightmare.

I remember I cleaned the blade and
put it back in a drawer in my study.

Then I dragged Alma to her room.

It was 2 in the afternoon and the murder
had been discovered a half-hour earlier...

...about a hundred
metres down the road.

No, it's too crazy! Besides,
Alma has gone back to America!

She hasn't. Alma is
here in Barcelona.

- Have you seen her?
- Not yet, but I'm sure she's here.


Yes, I'll be right down. Thanks.

I have to go to the
consulate immediately.

Give me till tomorrow morning and
I'll explain everything. All right?

All right, Mark.

I'd also stay away from Ms.
Alvarado, if I were you.

Come on, Lisa. Let's dance.

I have a headache, and I
don't think we should dance.

I've never asked for anything, you
could make me happy once in a while!

Now listen, Naiba. You wanted to
come here tonight and here we are...

...so please stop
being so difficult!

I just don't get how you can think
about having fun after what happened!

So? Should we lock ourselves in our room
and wait for the killer to strike again?

You can leave if you want. I'm perfectly
able to make it back on my own.

And stop patronizing me!

Naiba, is that you?

I'll be right with you.

Just let me develop this film.

Lisa? Are you still
angry with me?

Can I come in? I
want to explain...


Where are you?

Gail? Gail?

Have you seen my granddaughter?

No, I can't find my wife.
What's going on?

I have no idea. I
heard a scream.

- What happened?
- Lisa Sanders has been murdered!

Call the police!

Please, stay calm.


There's someone in the garden,
hiding in the bushes!

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

Call the police!


This way!




No one goes near
her, understand?

Don't worry. She'll be
under heavy security.

So, you were reading in your room
when you heard Ms. Naiba scream.

Exactly. And I dashed out.

- Their door was open and...
- Did you see anyone in the corridor?

- No.
- Did you see anything unusual in the room?

No, nothing in particular.

Could you please
retrace your steps?

Unlike Robby, I couldn't sleep.

Without waking him, I went out in
the garden to smoke a cigarette.

I was on my way back when I saw
someone running out of the back door.

Did you recognize this person?

I don't know, it
happened so fast.

And it was too dark.

It looked like a red cat that sprinted in
front of me. It disappeared into the trees.

That's all.

A red cat, you say?

I see.

What about you, miss? What were
you doing in the garden so late?

Wait a minute. You
can't think that...

I think about a lot of things. Right
now, I'm not thinking about anything.

I'm just asking questions.

Come on. Answer me.

I sneaked out to go to
a club near the hotel.

I see. Could you
please put this on?

- You cannot...
- Give me a hand.

Excuse me, inspector, I know
it's not my business but...

...that's one of the raincoats I
gave to all passengers last Monday.


It was raining. The company gives
me about 50 of them for every tour.

They're all the same size.

You've all got one, then?

I threw mine away when
it stopped raining.

I don't have mine either.

I must have lost it.

What about yours?

I never had one.

I didn't go to the amusement park
with the others. I met them later.

I left mine on the bus.

Here's mine, inspector.



Yes, I recognize it.
It's Paulette's perfume!

It's nonsense!

- Don't listen to her!
- Why?

It's pretty simple.

Ms. Stone used it on Peggy's mother
to make her regain consciousness.

I accidentally bumped into her and spilled
the perfume all over the raincoats.

That's all for now.

I'm sorry but we're going
to revoke your passports.

You are not allowed to leave
Spain until this case is solved.

Don't you feel well?

It's too depressing.

I couldn't take it anymore.

I can't get over the
concept of death.

It's not just that, there's something else.
Something you're trying to hide.

Come on, tell me.

Why did you lie to me?

Don't accuse me.

But you lied to me about that girl
who was murdered in Burlington.

Terry Moore.

How could you not
have known her?

She was the daughter of Dr. Moore.
He was your family doctor.

She lived down the
street from you.

All right.

I might have seen
her a few times.

But I knew her like I know the milkman
or the traffic cop on the street corner...

...or the clerk
in the drugstore!

Please, be reasonable.

It's a whole lot of nonsense.

Okay. Let's stop
talking about it.

Any news about Alma?

Did you try calling her again?

Shall we go back to the hotel, Jenny?
Or would you like to take some sun?


Any news, inspector?

Your friend is still in shock. The
doctor wants her to stay at the clinic.

What about us?

You cannot force us to stay
in that horrible hotel.

I've had enough of this, believe me.
I want to return to America!

Please, calm down. That is
not possible at the moment.

But you're not forced to stay in that
hotel. You can go wherever you like.

Excuse me, inspector, but we were
supposed to go to Sitges today.

Go ahead.

Sitges is a small town and it'll be
easier for us to protect you there.

That's what Mr. Burton
requested at the consulate.

Allow us to investigate. Try to
remain calm and do not panic.

We're closer to solving
the case than you think.

There's a fellow who'd never
get my vote in any election.

I'm sorry about Naiba. Do you think
she'll be able to rejoin the group?

Of course. Maybe tomorrow.

We're here!

A roll of film. I guess it
belonged to poor Lisa Sanders.

I wonder if it can
still be developed.

Give it to me, you
might lose it.

It belongs to Ms. Naiba now.

I'll give it to her.

- What day is today?
- Friday. Friday the 19th.

- Three days to go.
- Let's get a move on, then.

We've got to find out why
Lisa Sanders was murdered.

It's not complicated. He killed her for
the same reason he killed the others.

No, not at all.
This was different.

The other victims had their left eye
removed, while the photographer...

...was attacked from behind and had her
throat slashed with cold determination.

But you're forgetting that Ms.
Naiba interrupted the murderer.

It could be, but I'm
not totally sure.

I think the killer had a
different reason this time.

- What?
- I'm just taking a guess but...

...let's suppose that, by
pure chance, Ms. Sanders...

...found something that could
have framed the murderer.

Something she wasn't
even aware of.

The murderer sensed it
and had to kill her.

- But found what?
- That's the question. Come in!

Inspector, this is from
the American consulate.

It's in English!

It's the details we requested on the group.
Hamilton, Alvarado, Bronson...

Well, what does it say?

Wait a minute!

We have something here. Listen to
what they say about Mark Burton!

Why didn't you tell
the inspector?


That's easy to say.

It started with a doubt.

A terrible doubt I didn't
even dare tell myself.

What about later, when you
knew that she was here?

I couldn't prove anything.

Alma was nowhere to be found, and she
checked into that hotel under a false name.

I don't have any proof.

What about the dagger?
And the picture?

No, that's not solid proof.


Because I could have
brought them here myself.

There are my initials on
that dagger, it's mine.

We must get out of this
maze, no matter the cost.

Sometimes I think that
there's someone helping her.

Someone who's following
a precise plan.

An accomplice?

Well... I don't know.

Mark, can I ask you
something personal?

Could it be that your
wife found another man?

I asked myself that
same question.

I'm just guessing, but
it would explain a lot.

It wouldn't explain the
murders, of course.

What if someone is committing
the murders to frame you?

Maybe it's someone back home, some rival
who wants to damage your business!

Arthur Slater, for example!

Or maybe some corporation!

What are you trying to say?

That you haven't seen Alma in
Barcelona, and no one else has!

Someone did and got
killed because of that!

Like Lisa Sanders. Only Alma could
have ripped that picture in half.

There's something I
still don't get.

One detail regarding
Alma in Burlington.

I can't put it together!
It doesn't make sense!

Please, stop. We're
not playing a game.

You're right. We must
get out of this maze.

I'm going back to Barcelona
to see Inspector Tudela.

Just a slight fever.
Do you feel better?

I'm so tired but I can't sleep.

Take one of these.

It will help you sleep.

- Do you need anything else?
- No, thank you.


- Is she alright?
- Yes.

- Okay, very well.
- Good evening.


Excuse me, nurse, I would like to say hello
to Ms. Naiba. She's a friend of mine.

Room 24, father. But you'll need to get
permission to see her. It's so late.

Wait here.


There's someone who wants to see Ms.
Naiba. I told him to wait.

I'll talk to him.

- Let's go.
- Yes.

He was here a moment ago!



I don't understand. He
left the flowers and...

What did he look like?

Quite old. I think he was English,
maybe American. He wore a collar.

Connect me to the
police station, please.

That booth over there.

I forgot the sweets
I bought for her...

...so I went back to get them.

That's one big coincidence.

You came back here right
after the killer fled.

Well... I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, too.

Can you show me what's
inside that briefcase?

How often do you bring an
empty briefcase around?

Oh, never.

I bought this two hours ago
at a store down the Diagonal.

The price tag is
still attached, see?

- I see.
- May I return to Sitges now?

There's a cab waiting for me.

Yes, you're free to go.

- Are you sure you don't need me anymore?
- I'm sure.

No funeral Mass today.

How is she?

Much better. She
just needs rest.

Good. May I question her?

Of course.

Good girl.

Did you see his face?

Could you identify him?

Red. He was red.

You mean the red raincoat?

I understand.

Try to rest now. Get some sleep.

The window was ajar. Who
would have thought that...

Any footprints?

Nothing, I'm afraid. No
footprints anywhere.

What time is it?

It's 11:20.

Call Inspector Lara.

Tell him that the priest will
get there in about 15 minutes.

He must not tell anyone about
what happened here. Got it?

Yes, inspector.

Flamenco isn't just a
spectacle, it's an art form!

You can't visit Spain without
seeing it at least once!

Well... I don't think it would be
appropriate under the circumstances.

Come on, it's 15 minutes to midnight.
What do you say?

What do you think?

Well, I'd like to, but...

...I'm waiting for my wife. She
had to return to Barcelona...

...because she forgot
something at the hotel.

She'll be back any minute.

You three are up to
something, don't deny it!

Are you joining us?

With three old guys like you? Only
if you invite Paulette too.

- Deal?
- Of course, I forgot to ask her!

Could you please call room 78?

Ms. Stone is resting. She
doesn't want to be disturbed.

Okay, I see.


No luck. She's sleeping.

Good evening.

- Goodnight.
- See you tomorrow.

Are you joining us, father?

No, thank you.

- Hello?
- Yes?

Can you tell me whether Mr.
Burton is in his room?

No, he's not.

- Did anyone leave a message for me?
- Mr. Martinez.

Thanks. Goodnight.

- Keep the change.
- Thanks.

Have you seen Father Bronson?
There's a call for him.

He was in the lobby, I
think he went to his room.

- He's not in his room.
- He's probably around here somewhere.


I'm going to see if
my wife has arrived.

See you later.

Mind if I go to bed?

Of course not. Get some sleep.





Help me! Help!

Quick, don't let him get away!

Are you hurt?

Here, let me help you.
Give me your hand.


Try to calm down. It's over.

- Stop!
- Let go of me! Let go of me!

Does it hurt?

- A little.
- Jenny!

- Try to remain calm.
- Jenny!

Jenny, I'm sorry,
it's all my fault!

Are you hurt?

It's just a scratch,
don't worry.

Take her to the hospital. I'll
have an officer drive you there.

- I'm going too, inspector.
- Let me help you.

Let go of me!

He was near the wall. We
found this on the ground.

This is ridiculous. I was about to
catch the killer when they jumped me!

But your initials are on
the dagger, Mr. Burton.

That's incredible.

Two attempted murders
in the same evening.

Only Jack the Ripper
could have managed that.

I'm telling you I was
nowhere near that clinic.

I was in Barcelona to see you.

And tell me a crazy story about
Burlington, your wife...

...the Hotel Presidente
and the dagger.

But unfortunately, you
couldn't find me.

Should I believe you?

I've already told
you, inspector.

Alma couldn't control
herself anymore.

She kept fainting, she had
a nervous breakdown...

No. I'd say that she was desperate
after finding out who you really are.

She found out about your
sadistic tendencies!

What have we got on that girl
who was murdered in Burlington?

That she had a relationship with Mr.
Burton. A very intimate one.

It's a lie!

Terry was the daughter
of my family doctor!

Maybe she had a little crush
on me, but nothing more.

Let her in.

Come in. I'm sorry to
have bothered you.

- Please sit down.
- Thank you.

Forgive me, but I must ask
you a personal question.

Do you remember when that girl
in Burlington was murdered?

I do.

Did you already have an intimate
relationship with Mr. Burton?

Yes. But it wasn't the kind of
intimacy that you're suggesting.

I understand.

Were you aware of the relationship
between Terry Moore and Mr. Burton?


I never met that girl.

Thank you. You can go now.

Paulette, I'm sorry.

There was never anything between Terry
and me. You have to believe me.

You'd better confess, young man.
Listen to me.

Stop telling us
that crazy story.

Leave your wife out of
this, wherever she is.

Where do you think she
is if not in Barcelona?

Maybe she's on
vacation in Florida.

- Bronson.
- Thank you.

- Your passports, Mr. Hamilton.
- Thanks.

- Do you feel better?
- Yes.

- Alvarado.
- Finally!

Book the first flight to New York. I'm
going to see my analyst tomorrow morning.

Hello, Ms. Stone.

Why are you still here? Shouldn't
you be comforting your boss?

That's all?

One more thing: he's a monster.

They should sentence him
to the gas chamber.

Are you absolutely sure
that he's the killer?

Did you identify him?

Why don't you ask the inspector?

You shouldn't have
said those things.

It's not up to us
to judge, you see.

- And...
- And what, father?


To be honest with you, I am not entirely
convinced that Mr. Burton is guilty.

I think that poor Lisa
took to her grave...

...the truth behind
these horrible murders.

I don't understand.

What do you mean?

Didn't your friend
tell you anything?

Maybe she found something.

Not that I know of.

Did you develop that
roll of film I gave you?

They'll deliver the developed
photos any minute.

Search through her
things, listen to me.

You never know what
you could find.

We could find a clue, or a
detail you might have missed.

But why? Do you have
another suspect?

Hello? Hello, Burlington?

Yes, I'll hold.

Is this the Burton residence?

Nobody's answering?

I see. Cancel the call.

Wait! I need to contact the
best lawyer in Barcelona.

Just ask somebody!

Here he is, inspector.

- Good morning.
- Hello.

Sit down.

Do you know this man?


Where did you see him?

The Hotel Presidente, inspector.

He was looking for his
wife there a few days ago.

He got the last name wrong but I
still allowed him to go to room 108.

Can you describe the
lady in room 108?

A very distinguished lady.

Is that her?

- Do you recognize her?
- Well...

There's a resemblance, but
I'm not completely sure.

- You know how many people we see...
- All right.

You're free to go, but remember
to be at our disposal.

Yes, inspector.

Do you believe me now? Are you satisfied?
I told you the truth!

Do you remember what colour
Terry Moore's eyes were?

Of course. They
were grey and blue.

See? I was right.

Well. The three girls killed in
Barcelona all had light eyes.

It's an important clue.


Here's the report on the injuries
sustained by Jenny Hamilton.

As you can see, apart from some minor
details, it's the same modus operandi.

The killer's right-handed. The blows
were struck in rapid succession...

...from a high angle.
Let me show you.

Look. The blows to the abdomen were
inflicted with great violence.

My wife is left-handed!

She could have never held the
dagger in her right hand!

You're right. And the victims were
killed by a right-handed killer.

This confirms that your
wife isn't the killer.

Someone put that dagger
in her hand, then...

The real killer.

It makes sense now.

Paulette was right! Someone is trying
to frame me with this crazy story...

...about Alma being
in Barcelona!

Someone from Burlington.

Now listen, Mr. Burton.

This box contains the eyes
removed from the victims.

Shape, colour... Look at them.

You could come up
with something.

They're just replicas
made of glass, of course.


Now I remember.

Why didn't I think of it then?

The eye I found when I opened that
drawer was identical to these!

I think I know who
the killer is.

Inspector, let's
call Burlington.

Come in.

Good morning. There's
something for you.

Thank you.

Father Bronson!

Father Bronson?

Excuse me, have you
seen Father Bronson?

He left about an hour ago.

He said he was going to
visit the old castle.

Where is it?

It's easy. It's right out of town,
on the hill. You can't miss it.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- Let's go!
- Yes!

Excuse me, father,
is this yours?

Yes, it is. I must have dropped it.
Thank you.

Forgive me, miss, but now that I see
your face I feel a little unsettled.


You look like someone
who's very dear to me.




The girl on my left.

It struck me when I
looked at your face.

You have the same eyes
as my daughter Martha's.

Where is she now?

She's dead. She was only 19.

Come on!

Let's go! Hurry!

- I want to sit in the back!
- Wait for me!

- Let's go!
- All aboard!

Father Bronson!

Father, I'm here!

Hello, this is Inspector Tudela calling.
Any news?

Nothing, inspector. We couldn't
contact that person in Sitges.


The person left the hotel
about half an hour ago.

The person is probably going to the old
castle like the two other tourists.

Any more orders?

No. That's all for now.


No! No!

Yes. I killed them. All of them!
Even the one back in Burlington!

Their eyes...

I couldn't stand their eyes!

I was like them once!
I was like you!

Before my best friend at school destroyed
my eye while playing with scissors!

She kept her beautiful
blue eyes...

Nobody punished her! Nobody!

But I punished them!

Don't look at me!

Don't look at me, I said!

Paulette, stop!

Let her go!

You've already
caused enough harm.

It's over.

No! No!

Go away or I'll slit her throat!

It would be pointless.

Just like it was pointless to steal the
dagger and the picture from my office...

...or pretend to be
Alma in that hotel.

Drop it!

It's all over now.

- Are you okay?
- Yes.


- Just in time!
- You took a big risk.

Father Bronson told me to look for
a clue, he suspected Paulette.

He saw her outside the clinic
the night I was attacked.

Paulette sensed the danger, followed the
father here and silenced him forever.


Thank you. I was so stupid.

Can you forgive me?

Burlington's on the line.
Speak up, please.

Hello? Mark, is that you?

Alma! Where have you been? I've
been trying to call you for days!

I'm sorry, Mark.

I didn't have the courage to
go to that clinic in New York.

I decided to visit my
mother in Florida.

It was good for me.

I feel much better now.

I need to see you and
explain everything!

Yes. Listen...

There's something I
need to tell you, too.

I was so upset when you
left the hotel in Paris.

That's when I decided to take
the flight to Barcelona.

So you were in Barcelona?

I didn't even have the courage
to leave the airport.

I took a flight
back immediately.

I had time to think
these past few days.

I agree to the divorce.

I love you, Mark. But I don't
want to ruin your life.

No, Alma. We've both made mistakes but
it's not too late to start all over again.

Mr. Burton!

I'm here to wish you
a safe journey.

Thank you, inspector.

Good luck.

By the way, inspector,
out of curiosity...

When you arrested me you said that my wife
was probably in Florida. How did you guess?

I didn't guess.

I simply got a call from a
colleague in Burlington.

I asked him to locate your wife.

Pretty simple, right?

- What day is today?
- Sunday.

You solved the
case just in time.


Now I can finally
start fishing trouts.


It's up to you now.

Good luck... Inspector Lara.

Thank you.